Weaponizing The Trivium: The Greatest Fallacy

When I was first introduced to the concept of the liberal arts and its revival called the Trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) and the Quadrivium (arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy), I thought to myself – at last, the keys to understanding the spelling and illicit word magic that so continuously are used against us.

I have not altered my opinion or understanding of this fact. For the attorney class relies on the use of master techniques of classic logical fallacy and coercion through word trickery for its profit in suit. The advertising industry relies on the public’s mass hypnosis through the lack of knowledge of the liberal arts and the inability to form logical thought processes to instantaneously recognize how advertising techniques rely on purely fallacious rhetoric without adherence to formal logic or correct grammar in order to sell concepts and products that no one actually needs (or sometimes really even wants).

Uncovering the Trivium means uncovering the nature of the logical fallacy and recognizing this word magic for what it truly is – an attack on reason.

Once applied in everyday dealings with the various corporate industries and government offices of devilishly puritan wordsmiths, the individual develops what can only be called a mental super-power against such tyranny and oppression. For the English language is naught but a mixture of Latin, Greek, and other such variations of language as law, altered into the psycho-Babel that the Bible speaks of in its Book of Genesis.

The story of Babel is an etiology (a narrative story) that explains the origin of why on Earth we have such an incredible variation of different languages and cultures on this planet. In the story (a warning of things to come), God saw that with one global language, not unlike today, humanity began to rule in God’s stead. They began to ignore the laws of nature, and to supplant God’s laws with their own statutory rules (Godlessness). In short, God saw that without adherence or respect to the laws of nature, and with overwhelming respect instead to legal fictions and person-hood (inequitable status above nature, God, and natural man himself), man began to destroy nature and attempt to replace God’s creation with his own. Thus, God was angered and scattered the people, forcing different languages across the Earth so that this plan against nature could not succeed; yet another allegory that so explains what is happening today in modern world with virtually 100% accuracy. For the English language is simply the fictional description and noun/name (artificial person, titled real estate place, or chattel property thing) of all things in nature today. It places all of nature into an artificial legal status by assigning false title (name/noun – see etymology) to be claimed and controlled by church and government – the self-anointed Vicar of God on Earth.

Perhaps most frightening to this narrative lesson from the Bible, is this depiction of the United Nations as that “Tower” of Babel:


File:Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Tower of Babel (Vienna) - Google Art Project - edited.jpg
Original painting, “Construction of the Tower of Babel“, Pieter Brueghel the Elder (1526)

A poster produced by the European Union.
It combines the 12 (inverted) stars of the EU flag
with the rebuilding (note the crane) of the tower of Babel.
It’s motto – Europe: Many Tongues One Voice.

An EU coin showing the sacred geometry
of the Pentagonal star symbol as infinitude.
The union of new Babylon.


And this brings us to the point of this writing… in the form of a question to all who read and enjoy the power of the Trivium:

Are you using it with responsibility, or abusing it for personal gain?

You see, amongst the men and women who have laid claim as the users and guru’s of the Trivium and Quadrivium has developed a most disturbing trend… the use of the Trivium as a weapon. This tool of free thought and expression without fallacy has instead been turned inside out as a defensive shield and offensive weapon that more and more is becoming a crutch rather than a useful contemplation and study of even ones own rhetoric.  Indeed, the Trivium is more often being used as a weapon; a fallacy of unbreakable proportions.

Even more troubling, the more one is vested into an otherwise unconscionable thing, the more the Trivium is attempted to be used to justify that thing. Almost unimaginably the Trivium method is creating a new form of cognitive dissonance – and the ego seems to be winning every time.

For instance, I often hear in an otherwise useful discussion or debate  the phrase: “I use the Trivium, therefore you are wrong (or I am right).”

In the mind of the one offering this fallacy, this may seem like a perfectly rational or logical argument. But in fact this is the ultimate fallacy. For it relies on the thought that all of the grammar one has accomplished is 1) correct, 2) not purposeful legal Babel, and 3) the only possible conclusion from all possible knowledge. In short, this is the anti-Trivium, for this is a doctrine. And yet the entire English language is based on a re-scrambled vocabulary, of which a vast majority of it has hidden legal dualistic meanings unknown to many purveyors of the steps in that Trivium. In the end, this creates a sort of arrogance that can only be blamed on the misuse of the very Trivium that is supposed to stop such doctrinal belief and ego.

And to this I declare the newest of modern logical fallacies – the Trivium Superiority Fallacy.

It combines many aspects of other well-used logical fallacies, such as the

ad homenim (you don’t have or use the Trivium, thus you must be wrong),

poisoning the well and the hasty generalization (you made a “guess”  without using the Trivium here and where incorrect, therefore nothing you say hence forth is of the Trivium),

appeal to authority (I use the Trivium, I was right before, therefore I’m right most or all of the time),

red herring (using unrelated topics or discussions about a subject you were right about previously to prove you are right in this one because the Trivium worked then, thus it must be correct now).

This ultimate fallacy of Trivium Superiority could probably be utilized as a method to espouse in some fashion most of the known logical fallacies while hiding behind the Trivium method, which is why it is in my opinion the most dangerous of them all.

Another example of the misuse of the trivium is the concept of burden of proof.

Sometimes one may challenge another to prove a negative, which is an impossibility even within the Maxim’s of law. Other times the demand (not request) for the burden of proof is used as a character assassination because the proof may be unavailable at the time of discussion. Thus, a sense of “winning” the argument due to the simple unavailable (but elsewhere existing) evidence may lead to the misuser of the Trivium fallaciously believing in his or her false superiority and knowledge of something that is patently false. And thus the well is poisoned for all future debates or discussions due to the simple lack of evidence demanded at that moment. And even when that evidence is presented later, the newly developed hyper-ego caused by Trivium misuse will not allow the “winner” to change his mind about a fact that is in fact provable later.

What I’ve witnessed is shocking with regards to the abuses leveraged in the name of the Trivium – enough to put an attorney to shame.

In the end, without offense intended to anyone, I would simply put out the request for those teaching and using the Trivium method to consider your responsibilities as a teacher. Such a powerful tool of enlightenment can and is being turned into something quite opposite of its intent. Remember that as a holder of great knowledge comes the duty to be responsible with that knowledge, lest those you teach and even yourself may devolve into that despicable “Lord Of The Rings” creature “Gollum”, who coveted the very thing that would make all men free from the fate of Babel and the attorney class.

Remember that your rhetoric is only as good as your comprehension of your source of grammar, and that your logic will be as false as the false dialectic and word magic and trickery that you base it upon. Language, it turns out, is often the greatest deceiver and creator of false prophets of all!

Never stop learning, for you can never learn everything…

Never believe you’ve obtained all there is to know on any subject, for knowledge hides around every corner, especially the uncomfortable places…

Never believe you are absolutely correct about anything, for a year from now you’ll regret it…

Never believe you have all the pieces of the puzzle, for the puzzle pieces are hidden in a million different places…

Never forget that a kindergartener has the Trivium too, and holds the truth about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny…

Never give up on imagination of what could be, for without it, the fiction will never become science and the Trivium is all but worthless…

And never become a religion of one; based on false belief in your own perceived doctrinal Trivium Superiority.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Monday, March 10th, 2014

How I Found Utopia

Sadly our beliefs often hide reality…

I cannot tell you how strange it is to be accused of seeking this seemingly fictional place called Utopia through my own personal writings, where this inconceivably insulting notion is actually used as an ad hominem attack against myself (the messenger) meant to belittle factual or idealistic information by making it seem impossible or impractical. It’s as if the search for the perfect harmonious way of life for mankind in commune with its natural surroundings (natural law) and with itself should be discouraged and belittled as adamantly as those slaves protected their only perceived livelihood from within Plato’s shadowed allegory of The Cave .

But as it turns out, utopia has been there all along, right under our noses! We’ve just been conditioned to believe it does not and can not exist.

My problem all along was that I have been overlooking the true nature of just what Utopia is. Instead, we have all seemingly been attempting to solve the equation of and locate this seemingly mythical Utopia from within the imperfect Dystopia we have all allowed to be created on top of and in its place.

But what if it was right under our feet the whole time?

Perhaps the answer is simply utopia defined…

The word Utopia, from the modern Latin, literally translates to mean “nowhere“, and was coined by Sir Thomas More in his book of the same title. It’s themed story was that of an allegorical imaginary island enjoying perfect legal, social, and political systems. It’s Greek reference is defined as “any perfect place“.

It was when I read this meaning and etymology of the word that I instantly recognized the Utopia all around me; as if a veil had been lifted.

Let me explain…

Have you ever felt the wonder and beauty of the Utopian perfection of nature, say while on a hike or camping amidst its lush forests and barren deserts? Nature is indeed a mathematical perfection – a perfect and necessary place within the ecosystem that sustains life. In this sense, volcanoes, floods, and hurricanes are equally perfect, bringing new possibility and life into the land and sea.

But isn’t it funny that when nature is left to thrive without our “help”, we ironically refer to that natural setting so as to be in “the middle of nowhere“. And so without even realizing it, we are literally stating aloud the English translation of this shunned Latin word, admitting that we are in the “middle of Utopia“. The truth is that under every bustling metropolis lays the Utopia of nature, trampled under the weight of man’s soul-crushing concrete, steel, ingenuity, and technology. And this, in its current form, creates an anti-Utopia, or dystopia. In other words, the dominant “thinkers” within the species human have created megalopolises, technology, and a standardized and corporatist way of thinking that is against nature; an anti-utopian realm.

The word dystopia was apparently coined  by J.S. Mill:

“Mill demonstrated an early insight into the value of the natural world – in particular in Book IV, chapter VI of “Principles of Political Economy”… “Of the Stationary State” in which Mill recognized wealth beyond the material, and argued that the logical conclusion of unlimited growth was destruction of the environment and a reduced quality of life. He concluded that a stationary state could be preferable to never-ending economic growth:

I cannot, therefore, regard the stationary state of capital and wealth with the unaffected aversion so generally manifested towards it by political economists of the old school.

If the earth must lose that great portion of its pleasantness which it owes to things that the unlimited increase of wealth and population would extirpate from it, for the mere purpose of enabling it to support a larger, but not a better or a happier population, I sincerely hope, for the sake of posterity, that they will be content to be stationary, long before necessity compel them to it.”

Of course Mr. Mill, like so many other philosophers, authors, and thinkers of the time, openly promoted eugenics and depopulation as the solution to less dystopian ways of life. In fact, the creators of our current dystopia have done so for power and wealth at the expense of this Utopia we call Earth, its creatures, its lifeblood, and its people.

Breaking this word dystopia down we read:

DYS – “bad, ill, abnormal”, from the greek dys meaning “to destroy the good sense of a word or increasing its bad sense”. Dys-funtion (abnormal or difficulty in functioning) , dys-lexia (abnormal or difficulty in speaking), dys-trophy (illness of defective nourishment).

TOPIA – from Latin topiarius and topia “of or pertaining to ornamental gardening”, and from Greek topia, plural of topion, originally “a field”, diminutive of toposplace“.

So have we designed our civilizations and meg-cities to flow with nature… or to dam (damn) and go against nature?

The answer should be obvious to anyone living in a modern city, or even downstream of one!

And so I am left to imagine just what a new Utopian city would look like, and what would actually entail its functionality with the natural topia around it…

The word Utopia is from the words:

EU – Word-forming element in modern use meaning “good, well,” from Greek word ues “good,” eu “well,” also “luckily, happily” and from PIE *(e)su- “good” (Sanskrit su- “good,” Avestan hu- “good”).

TOPIA – from Latin topiarius and topia “of or pertaining to ornamental gardening”, and from Greek topia, plural of topion, originally “a field”, diminutive of topos “place”.

It is interesting to note here that “natural law” is considered the perfection of human interaction with both fellow man and nature. It states that respect and protection of Utopia is the duty of man.

For instance, under the Maxims of Law we read:

“The Law of God (Natural Law) and the law of the land are all one, and both favor and preserve the common good of the land.”

“If ever the Law of God (Natural Law) and man are at variance, the former are to be obeyed in derogation of the later.”

“He who does not repel a wrong when he can, induces it.”

“Often it is the new road, not the old one, which deceives the traveler.”

“A man may obey the (man’s) law and yet be neither honest nor a good neighbor.”

“Enjoy your own property (land, etc.) in such a manner as not to injure that of another person.”

It seems the impossibility of perceiving a Utopia that includes the treading and intrusion of mankind into nature’s perfect existence is the real obstacle to imagining such a place on this Earth. Yet it sits all around us, covering the majority of Earth, staying just out of sight from the complicated web of blacktop roads and highways that stretch through its reaches. We are drawn to concrete and steel jungles we call cities for convenience and welfare, and yet the empty promise of both is reflected by the decaying flesh and bone of their inhabitants. A virtual war has been declared upon Utopia, even as it struggles to recover itself through the dystopian cracks in decaying sidewalks and infrastructure designed to eradicate it. We often call this struggle for life a weed or invasive species, applying the worst kind of poisons and pesticides to ensure that our particular brand of dystopia carries on unfettered. Yet we are watching, seemingly helpless, as our clever infrastructure and apparently great inventions decay over timelessness like a cracked scab ready to fall back into the fold of time, sediment, and overgrowth.

“Less Cities, More Moving People”, a song I recall by “The Fixx”, is perhaps apropos here. For could it be that our cohabitation is killing us slowly? Is that indeed the master plan? Do we not wonder at the fleeting feelings of refreshed vitality and mental clarity that are visited upon us only when our two weeks of paid vacation allow us to venture out into the un-tampered nature of that Utopia that surrounds us like an inviting audience full of hope and desire? And from our cubicles and tract housing developments do we not continuously long for that feeling of true natural freedom and possibility that only the middle of nowhere can offer?

So is it possible to live within a utopian society?

My answer would have to be a strong no.

Like an out of tune piano our collective concordance is physically impossible under current standards and methodologies. For society as we know it is arrogantly and purposefully designed to be dystopian in structure. Our resources are being drained and utilized not to promote inward harmony with our outward utopia, but to create profits at the expense of it downstream. And yet like junkies hooked on black tar, we seem to rejoice in our misery and addiction to total congregational dystopian hegemony.

Is it any wonder more and more “experts” are calling this particular point in the history of life on Earth the 6th extinction event?

There are 2,282,510,106 square acres of land in the continental United States at last report, the vast majority of which is Utopia. So why are we not repulsed like opposing magnets away from our cities and into the middle of nowhere?

That, my friends, can only be answered by you.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Sunday, February 23rd, 2014

It’s Time To Join The Reality Movement

There’s a funny thing about the word “truth”…

Well, it’s not that funny for those of us who seek to live in “reality”.

You see, the word truth is subjective. One man’s truth may be another man’s fiction. And yet both can’t help but be bound within reality, for reality exists regardless of perceived truth. While reality does not change, truth can be declared to be completely opposite of reality, reinforced by media, popular culture, and even the law to overpower and cover up reality.

Let’s use a hypothetical example.

Let’s say that in reality, you just murdered a man on camera in front of 2 witnesses. In reality, this fact exists despite what one man believes is the truth (think O.J Simpson). For instance, your mother might never believe you are a murderer no mater what evidence is put before her. She could literally watch you commit the act on that camera footage and still hold tightly to her own personal truth – that her son or daughter could never commit murder.

Now let’s say you are standing in court accused of murder. But lets also say that you have either killed or silenced through bribery or threat and duress all witnesses, and have managed to magnetically erase all film footage from that surveillance tape (with mother’s help).

Has reality changed?

No. You killed that man. There were witnesses. The murder was indeed caught on tape. Nothing has changed in reality, for reality can never be changed.

Has the truth and the re-presentation of truth changed?

Absolutely. For the truth is ultimately going to be decided by the final opinion of the jury in that courtroom, whom did not witness reality. The jury is not considering reality, only truth; no matter how far from reality that truth is presented. The jury’s consideration of truth is only as good as the evidence introduced into that court, and yet reality is not ever one of the things presented, for reality took place long before that court proceeding. History of reality is but the best accepted truth of past reality. In fact, a court is literally the re-presentment of a simulated history of reality based on nothing but current truth. But if the truth is a lie or a misrepresentation of reality, as it almost always is, then we are faced with a daunting reality…

That there is no truth!

There is only reality.

In the end, since no evidence of reality was able to be presented in court, the jury is literally required to base their opinion upon the truth instead of reality. And ultimately,  in this case of your murdering another man, the truth is of course the opposite of reality. And the reality is that you just got away with murder based on a lack of representative proof of reality…

Or you could say that the truth has just indeed set you free!

In fact, this pretty much sounds like the reason government appears to operate legitimately. After all, government is a fictional entity that controls reality by manipulating the truth about its own reality. And of course government controls the courts that ultimately decide on the reality of truth. Thus, it could be said that the fictional, de facto (illegitimate) government acts in the realm of purposefully corrupted truth, and is thus immune from reality. This, in a word, can be defined as “sovereignty”. Government is only as real as the belief of the people in its truth.

But let’s really pin this down by taking a look at how these words are defined in the dictionary:

Truth (from Webster’s Dictionary of English Language, 1828)

1. Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be. The truth of history constitutes its whole value.
2. True state of facts or things. The duty of a court of justice is to discover the truth. Witnesses are sworn to declare the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
3. Conformity of words to thoughts, which is called moral truth. Shall truth fail to keep her word?
4. Veracity; purity from falsehood; practice of speaking truth; habitual disposition to speak truth; as when we say, a man is a man of truth.
5. Correct opinion.
6. Fidelity; constancy.
7. Honesty; virtue.
8. Exactness; conformity to rule.
9. Real fact of just principle; real state of things. There are innumerable truths with which we are not acquainted.
10. Sincerity.
13. It is sometimes used by way of concession.

Wow! Truth is conformity to fact, words, or thoughts? What if the fact, words, or thoughts are not based in reality? After all, it was a true fact that the Earth was flat, and that sailors might foll off the edge into space. But this truth was not reality. Truth is a “correct opinion”? Really? What about the opinion of the court, which is always by law correct until altered (as if reality can be altered)? What about when the court’s opinion was that citizens should be subject to eugenic sterilization? Was that truth? And if truth is honesty, what do we call it when an honest man states a lie while believing it to be the honest truth? Many men have known the truth, only to find later that they were incorrect in their assumption. And yet reality never changed, because reality is not based on current, past, or future “truth”, but is in fact immune from the perception of truth.

It would be equally accurate to say God’s existence, whether real or not, is also completely immune from the many thousands of truths called religious beliefs and doctrine. God needs not man’s truth (belief) to exist in reality… or to not exist.

Half-Truth (From Black’s Law 2nd Edition)-

A deceitful act where only part of the truth is told where all of the truth will lead to a different conclusion.

So there can be a half-truth… and yet there is no such thing as a half-reality…

Reality, n. (From Webster’s Dictionary of English Language, 1828)

1. Actual being or existence of any thing; truth; fact; in distinction from mere appearance. A man may fancy he understands a critic, when in reality he does not comprehend his meaning.
2. Something intrinsically important, not merely matter of show. And to realities yield all her shows.
3. In the schools, that may exist of itself, or which has a full and absolute being of itself, and is not considered as a part of any thing else.
4. In law, immobility, or the fixed, permanent nature of property; as chattels which savor of the reality.

So while the truth can sometimes in happenstance mirror reality, the truth does not have a requirement to be true to or describe reality. Truth may be a belief that is not steeped in reality, and yet still be believed to be reality. And truth may be manufactured to appear to be reality, even though it is not… and that truth will be believed over reality. While truth needs not be created with intrinsic value, reality is the definition of something intrinsic. Reality cannot be un-intrinsic or false, while the illusion of truth may certainly prevail over intrinsic reality. And while reality has only one disposition, which is reality itself, the truth may have multiple dispositions – some of which even contradict each other.

So, in reality, the truth really only has one post-requisite requirement to be accepted as reality… belief by others. And preferably in politics, this is a belief by the majority of the masses.

Isn’t it time to retire the “Truth Movement” for a better and more realistic alternative? After all, how many truths are there about 9/11?

Isn’t it time to comprehend that “truth” will never be officially recognized as reality?

Isn’t it time to stop letting the reality of crimes and criminals be masked by the false-truth that government courts spew out to protect those crimes and criminals?

Isn’t it time to become the “Reality Movement”?

For truth is the Matrix!!!


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

CAFR School Week On The Corporation Nation Radio

For those interested in the subject of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of government (in any country or nation), I’ll be doing an extensive in depth history of and explanation of governments audited financial statements. I’ll take phone calls with questions about your own individual line items and balance sheets and help with your comprehension of the terms used in this organized criminal “creative accounting” fraud.


Tune in to The Corporation Nation radio show
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CAFR SCHOOL Part 3 – coming soon!


The following are links to study materials and films from all my previous research posted to this blog, some of which I’ll be using for the show. Here lies an immerse learning library representing my now greying hair!

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Special thanks to Walter Burien at CAFR1.com.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Monday, January 20, 2014

How All Presidents Are Related To King John

In my attempts to expose the genealogical “royal” bloodline – the passing of pure blood type as opposed to mere genealogical “family tree” relation – I came across a researcher from Ancestry.com named Tim Dowling. On his site, and reproduced below, Mr. Dowling has connected the trees of all U.S. Presidents to the Plantagenet King John circa 12oo A.D.

DIRECTIONS: To see the full charts or tree for each president, click on the “Relationship to King John” link below, and then on the next page click either the “tree” link or the link below that which looks like this:

Ancestry of George Washington, President up to John of England, King   See

This presentation will hopefully satisfy those who were not satisfied with my previous presentation of mere cousin relationships between all U.S. Presidents, which can partially be found at this link: http://www.geni.com/blog/look-whos-related-george-washington-and-all-the-presidents-325451.html

Please click on the links in this chart for detailed geneology connections to the “royal” blood, and remember…

“It should be noted that Americans whose ancestors came from continental Europe in the colonial period and the 19th Century are unlikely to easily delineate descent from Charlemagne in their background. There was a separation of classes in Europe and the blood of the rulers seldom flowed legitimately into the blood of the nobility and commoners…”

–Jewels of the Crown – “A newsletter of the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne in the United States of America”

Passing legitimate blood type is not the same as being “related” or cousins…


1 9th Cousin, 10th Cousin of First Lady George Washington 1789-1797 Relationship to:
King John of England
2 5th Cousin, 9th Cousin of First Lady John Adams 1797-1801 Relationship to:
King John of England
3 11th Cousin Thomas Jefferson 1801-1809 Relationship to:
King John of England
4 8th Cousin, 9th Cousin of First Lady James Madison 1809-1817 Relationship to:
King John of England
5 13th Cousin James Monroe 1817-1825 Relationship to:
King John of England
6 6th Cousin, 10th Cousin of First Lady John Quincy Adams 1825-1829 Relationship to:
King John of England
7 11th Cousin Andrew Jackson 1829-1837 Relationship to:
King John of England
8 23rd Cousin, 24th Cousin of First Lady Martin Van Buren 1837-1841 Relationship to:
King John of England
9 7th Cousin, 6th Cousin of First Lady William H. Harrison 1841 Relationship to:
King John of England
10 10th Cousin John Tyler 1841-1845 Relationship to:
King John of England
11 14th Cousin James Polk 1845-1849 Relationship to:
King John of England
12 5th Cousin Zachary Taylor 1849-1850 Relationship to:
King John of England
13 5th Cousin, 5th Cousin of First Lady Millard Fillmore 1850-1853 Relationship to:
King John of England
14 5th Cousin, 10th Cousin of First Lady Franklin Pierce 1853-1857 Relationship to:
King John of England
15 14th Cousin James Buchanan 1857-1861 Relationship to:
King John of England
16 6th Cousin Abraham Lincoln 1861-1865 Relationship to:
King John of England
17 14th Cousin Andrew Johnson 1865-1869 Relationship to:
King John of England
18 6th Cousin, 12th Cousin of First Lady Ulysses S. Grant 1869-1877 Relationship to:
King John of England
19 6th Cousin Rutherford B. Hayes 1877-1881 Relationship to:
King John of England
20 6th Cousin, 7th Cousin of First Lady James Garfield 1881 Relationship to:
King John of England
21 8th Cousin, 12th Cousin of First Lady Chester Arthur 1881-1885 Relationship to:
King John of England
22 7th Cousin, 15th Cousin of First Lady Grover Cleveland 1885-1889 Relationship to:
King John of England
23 8th Cousin Benjamin Harrison 1889-1893 Relationship to:
King John of England
24 7th Cousin, 15th Cousin of First Lady Grover Cleveland 1893-1897 Relationship to:
King John of England
25 16th Cousin, 4th Cousin of First Lady William McKinley 1897-1901 Relationship to:
King John of England
26 8th Cousin, 6th Cousin of First Lady Theodore Roosevelt 1901-1909 Relationship to:
King John of England
27 7th Cousin William H. Taft 1909-1913 Relationship to:
King John of England
28 13th Cousin, 9th Cousin of First Lady Woodrow Wilson 1913-1921 Relationship to:
King John of England
29 7th Cousin, 5th Cousin of First Lady Warren Harding 1921-1923 Relationship to:
King John of England
30 9th Cousin, 8th Cousin of First Lady Calvin Coolidge 1923-1929 Relationship to:
King John of England
31 10th Cousin, 17th Cousin of First Lady Herbert Hoover 1929-1933 Relationship to:
King John of England
32 6th Cousin, 9th Cousin of First Lady Franklin D. Roosevelt 1933-1945 Relationship to:
King John of England
33 13th Cousin, 9th Cousin of First Lady Harry Truman 1945-1953 Relationship to:
King John of England
34 15th Cousin, 9th cousin of First Lady Dwight D. Eisenhower 1953-1961 Relationship to:
King John of England
35 18th Cousin John F. Kennedy 1961-1963 Relationship to:
King John of England
36 13th Cousin, 17th Cousin of First Lady Lyndon B. Johnson 1963-1969 Relationship to:
King John of England
37 7th Cousin Richard M. Nixon 1969-1974 Relationship to:
King John of England
38 8th Cousin, 13th Cousin of First Lady Gerald Ford 1974-1977 Relationship to:
King John of England
39 14th Cousin Jimmy Carter 1977-1981 Relationship to:
King John of England
40 15th Cousin, 9th Cousin of First Lady Ronald Reagan 1981-1989 Relationship to:
King John of England
41 9th Cousin, 9th Cousin of 1st Lady George Bush 1989-1993 Relationship to:
King John of England
42 19th Cousin William J. Clinton 1993-2001 Relationship to:
King John of England
43 10th Cousin George W. Bush 2001-2009 Relationship to:
King John of England
44 11th Cousin Barack Hussein Obama 2009-2015 Relationship to:
King John of England


President Obama is:



Again, special thanks and credit to Mr. Dowling long before that little bloodline 12 year old girl made international news.


Now go about your day…

Nothing to see here…


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Monday, January 13th, 2014

The George Carlin Experiment

You could say I grew up watching George Carlin.

He was always my favorite rhetoric-ist. The most logical. The most reasonable. He was in effect my only access to what I now know as the Trivium.

In my first 25 years of life, George Carlin’s material truly made me laugh at what could only be defined as Carlin’s hyper-realistic perspective stand-up routine. It was the most harsh and abusive form of truth intervention for the entire human species – and yet it was masked brilliantly as comedy.

At around age 25, I attended an event in Las Vegas that was the beginning of my own transformation and incremental arrival into the over-exposure of hyper-reality Carlin spewed. This event was George Carlin, live at the Bally’s Casino resort. How wondrously excited I was to see up close and personal one of my few Idols in life. And the show went on…

But something was different.

Something just didn’t feel right.

George wasn’t the problem, for he was delivering his material just as rehearsed-ly as he always had, mentally re-ciphering eerily associative memory poems with endless lists of material and anecdotal stories with an almost autistic flair.

No, the problem laid elsewhere… It was the crowd. And it was myself.

I realize now as I listen to archives of the HBO and large older productions of Carlin’s televised stand-up routines that the audiences were given a bit of help. Laugh tracks were used to either replace or augment the seemingly jovial nature of the large audiences. Years of working in Hollywood sound departments helped my ears confirm the false stereo and room placement effect of certain “callers” within the otherwise echo-effected hall – their outbursts were out of place and sometimes non-situational. In other words, fake laughing was added to create the typical sitcom fake audience.

As I listened intently to and watched the live body language of the same old Carlin I was used to up on that stage, it seemed to me that somehow the material had changed… yet inevitably it had stayed exactly the same, with the same timeless delivery.

Have you ever wanted something so bad that in your mind you allowed it to be what you expected, even when you knew it was not? This was how my own cognitive dissonance played havoc on my conscious that night. For I realized something very disturbing as this man spoke with contempt.

George Carlin is not being funny. He is not telling jokes. In fact, George Carlin isn’t actually funny.

His disturbing truth is such a blow to anyone-whom-might-be-listening’s ego that the accepted response is a nervous laughter to match that of the crowd. I would bet that Carlin’s last thought before he received his standing-ovation and final laughs and cheers for the night was that each and every audience member out there cheering, at one time during this routine tonight thought to him or herself: “Yeah… the asshole he’s joking about right now is me…”. I’d even imagine he could feel and almost taste the difference in tonal quality between those who laughed genuinely and those who laughed to cover up their horror and dissonance relating to Carlin’s hyper-accurate satire.

For truly, no man has ever laid out the reality of the American way of life than did this man. No common blood man in his right mind can possibly think that anything Carlin stated about the actions and control by elite forces of the common man could be even close to funny. For George was revealing nothing but the rawest of reality, tearing it wide open, and relinquishing it upon the audience like a plague of truth. And I would imagine that George, if impossibly presented with this statement today, would simply and logically conclude that: ‘this very reasonably must mean that none of them are in their right mind. My statements, that are not jokes but instead a guide to the revelation of hell on earth, are greeted with belly-laughing and idiotic group-think cheers by 90% of the population?’

And so I laughed miserable and false laughs all night, wanting to fit into the crowd, and sometimes without really smiling, while in my heart I was taking in everything this brilliant commentator projected as his world view. In short, as far as comedy routines go, this one was horrific. I could sense the same reaction throughout the arena; while much of the audience went through the familiar simulation of comedy. But his words rang true, and I couldn’t help but notice the same disappointed sentiment traveling randomly throughout the audience.

Now, many years later, I know what I was feeling was not disappointment in a show that was not necessarily very funny, but instead I was empathizing with George’s live emotional state. He never laughs at his own “jokes”. He seldom tells any jokes, other than to cleverly end one of his painfully real appeals to reason and logic with an anecdotal happenstance.

No, the problem wasn’t George’s material, it was that his material was working on my soul… and it wasn’t funny.

And so I ask you to take the time to do a little experiment on yourself, like I did.

Here is a video of Carlin’s finest political satire and truth telling with laugh tracks added for effect. Click it and see if you laugh at his truth-telling. Perhaps the question “are you awake” fits nicely here, for those awakened to the truth of Carlin’s words would never justify laughing at not only their own sick society-based disposition but the very sickness of society and the government that kills to protect that sickness.

Maybe it’s just me, but I found this to be more sobering than any State of the Union speech ever delivered:

No smiles…

No laughs…

Just an agonizing presence and sobriety on stage mixed with hopeless comedic simulation with visions of a fat paycheck at the end. Here, truly was a man without hope, abandoning his faith in humanity long ago.

Now you might go watch the pain and contempt we call the comedy of Bill Hicks and see how it feels. I stopped laughing at him too.

This is the George Carlin sanity test – an experiment for the analysis of your own state of mind. I hope you passed, and I wish I could personally tell George I get it man… I finally get it. And you are not a funny man. Just a misunderstood brilliant prophet of the times.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Saturday, January 11th, 2014



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