Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption Of Blood

Well folks, after a tedious 3-day delay of over 70 hours, my new documentary has been “censored” by Youtube for “copyright” claim, despite the protection of law that declares fair use protection for non-profit and educational and critical (critique) works. No money earned, no legitimate copyright claim. Copyright, of course, only protects greed and gain. Yet again we see that money corrupts all things… Not ironically, all videos presented in Lethal Injection 2 are downloaded from Youtube in the first place.

And so here’s the new plan…

Firstly, watch my short 4 minute farewell video to the corrupt Youtube/Google garbage heap of monopolistic incorporation, which strangely enough it did not ban, here:


Now, the good stuff:

Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption of Blood (Part 1) can now be seen on the following platforms. However, the film is still being uploaded and processed at Bitchute.

Bitchute (Red Pill Sunday School) channel:

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Please feel free to view and download these files freely as with all my works, or if you’d like to wait, a lower quality (smaller) file will be available within the next couple of days and posted above.

Please also share them freely as you see fit in both formats, remembering that the only thing that makes it lawful to do so is its perceived legal status, or in other words, please do not attempt to sell, rent, monitize, or profit from this movie in any way. Always keep it free and available to all people.

Future parts to come in 2021, if we live that long…

Have a spiritual, wonderful Christmas and enjoy.

All my love…


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–Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

A Roundtable With Dr. Judy Mikovits And Other Excursions Into Medical And Legal Madness


After being posted for a short time, the documentary has been censored.
Please stand by for the downloadable version and for a post on some other forum if I can do so.



As a backup, here is my newer Bitchute channel where the documentary will be placed next:




I recently had the privilege of joining Dr. Judy Mikovits for an interview on Transparent Media Truth about Covid, the so-called mRNA vaccine, and other topics of equal importance. Please, if you or someone you know is planning to receive a Covid-19 RNA inoculation, especially if you are female, please watch this ultra-important interview. (Links- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpYTxwnofZU) (Website – https://transparentmediatruth.com)

NOTE: THE LINK TO THIS BLATANTLY CENSORED INTERVIEW IS HERE: https://www.transparentmediatruth.com/videos/Roundtable-22-Featuring-Sarah-Westall-Judy-Mikovitz-and-Clint-Richardson.mp4


I was also back on with the Sholi-lama, Guber Mente 2020, a follow up to last month, speaking on a variety of topics including a deep dive into the genealogy of our illegitimate rulers and the usual shenanigans of that bloodline of parasitic vampires, as well as some more Coronavirus madness:



I was on the Jim Duke Perspective back on the 6th of December:



Though not posted yet, you’ll find me soon on the Innerverse Podcast with Chance Garton, at the following web address:



Did the Spingola Speaks Show today as well, 3 hours of talk with RBN’s incessant commercial interruptions, posted here:

Hour 1: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/dir-v7ix4-c73c162?utm_campaign=w_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=w_share

Hour 2: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/dir-tdzwc-c73e3fd?utm_campaign=w_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=w_share

Hour 3: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/dir-rj8nd-c73e3fc?utm_campaign=w_share_ep&utm_medium=dlink&utm_source=w_share


Finally, I sat down with Dean Reiner, and though that hasn’t posted yet, it can be downloaded here for a short while till posted: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/a11856b08d50ebfceeb5201f2aa198d120201220082403/32dcce56499f63c5b36e6a39539b18b020201220082420/400d15/grid

Will be posted on the “Up Is Down” show at https://www.deanreiner.com


There are a few shows that were rescheduled, so I look forward still to being guest on the Higher Side Chat and Rule of Law Radio.

Remember to share!

Again, look for Lethal Injection Part 2: A Corruption of Blood tonight on Youtube, or come back right here to see it either posted or banned. I’ll let you know…


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–Saturday, December 19th, 2020

So You Just Need One Good Reason Why Not To Get A SARS Vaccine?

So you just need one good reason why not to get an experimental SARS vaccine?

Well then, here it is…

Link–> https://2020news.de/en/dr-wodarg-and-dr-yeadon-request-a-stop-of-all-corona-vaccination-studies-and-call-for-co-signing-the-petition/

From the article:


On December 1, 2020, the ex-Pfizer head of respiratory research Dr. Michael Yeadon and the lung specialist and former head of the public health department Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg filed an application with the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for EU-wide drug approval, for the immediate suspension of all SARS CoV 2 vaccine studies, in particular the BioNtech/Pfizer study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42).

Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon demand that the studies – for the protection of the life and health of the volunteers – should not be continued until a study design is available that is suitable to address the significant safety concerns expressed by an increasing number of renowned scientists against the vaccine and the study design.

On the one hand, the petitioners demand that, due to the known lack of accuracy of the PCR test in a serious study, a so-called Sanger sequencing must be used. This is the only way to make reliable statements on the effectiveness of a vaccine against Covid-19. On the basis of the many different PCR tests of highly varying quality, neither the risk of disease nor a possible vaccine benefit can be determined with the necessary certainty, which is why testing the vaccine on humans is unethical per se.

Furthermore, they demand that it must be excluded, e.g. by means of animal experiments, that risks already known from previous studies, which partly originate from the nature of the corona viruses, can be realized. The concerns are directed in particular to the following points:

  • The formation of so-called “non-neutralizing antibodies” can lead to an exaggerated immune reaction, especially when the test person is confronted with the real, “wild” virus after vaccination. This so-called antibody-dependent amplification, ADE, has long been known from experiments with corona vaccines in cats, for example. In the course of these studies all cats that initially tolerated the vaccination well died after catching the wild virus.
  • The vaccinations are expected to produce antibodies against spike proteins of SARS-CoV-2. However, spike proteins also contain syncytin-homologous proteins, which are essential for the formation of the placenta in mammals such as humans. It must be absolutely ruled out that a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 could trigger an immune reaction against syncytin-1, as otherwise infertility of indefinite duration could result in vaccinated women.
  • The mRNA vaccines from BioNTech/Pfizer contain polyethylene glycol (PEG). 70% of people develop antibodies against this substance – this means that many people can develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination.
  • The much too short duration of the study does not allow a realistic estimation of the late effects. As in the narcolepsy cases after the swine flu vaccination, millions of healthy people would be exposed to an unacceptable risk if an emergency approval were to be granted and the possibility of observing the late effects of the vaccination were to follow. Nevertheless, BioNTech/Pfizer apparently submitted an application for emergency approval on December 1, 2020.

CALL FOR HELP: Dr. Wodarg and Dr. Yeadon ask as many EU citizens as possible to co-sign their petition by sending the e-mail prepared here to the EMA.

End Excerpt.


I’ve been wondering when sterilization would be found as a “side effect.” And while I will certainly feign no surprise, I will simply say that any woman that would get this vaccine before these questions are answered in triplicate is simply not human, not sane, wallowing in some twisted mix of Narcissism and Sociopathy. Sterilization is not an acceptable sacrifice for anything, let alone an unproven, apparently eugenic, experimental inoculation.

And, for both women and men, remember well what we learned from my Lethal Injection documentary – that reproductive organ xenotransplantation (inoculation) as a sterilization vaccine is used to sterilize wild horses and other animals, as well as human men and women, by creating the same type of antibody response against male and female reproductive organs, preventing spermatogenesis in males as well as birth control in females.

Haven’t seen Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination?

Well then, now is a really good time to refresh your memory or see it for the first time. Why? Well, besides what is about to be sold to us in the form of a vaccine, as many of you know my new documentary Lethal Injection Part 2: A Corruption Of Blood is going to be posted very soon, likely by this weekend if I can do so. Much of the history covered in Part 1 will not be repeated, so I would recommend rewatching Part One as a primer for Part 2. And remember, this documentary will be a master class on the entire medical industry, totaling over several parts about 35-40 hours at best estimate. That means this first installment will barely even scratch the surface of the whole story behind this nightmare we are living through today. My promise to you: after watching this series, you will never again question what is the horrific story behind the story of vaccination, and will never again ask your doctor whether vaccination is right for you.


Wow! I posted this in 2011. Imagine what I’ve uncovered since then!

Look for Lethal Injection 2, coming this month, and God-willing this weekend!

Oh, and by the way, when I searched for that same page from the US Geological Survey on horse sterilization, it was gone. In its place? An updated, less informative page on the subject. Here’s a couple highlights of what it says today…


Link–> https://www.usgs.gov/centers/fort/science/wild-horse-and-burro-population-management?qt-science_center_objects=0#qt-science_center_objects

 …The U.S. Geological Survey and the Bureau of Land Management are cooperating on studies investigating the potential of fertility control drugs to reduce foaling rates. 

Molecular tagging is a new application of molecular genetic techniques to traditional mark-recapture methodology designed to address situations where traditional methods fail. In such studies, non-invasively collected samples (such as feces, feathers, or fur) are used as a source of DNA that is then genotyped at multiple loci such that each individual animal can be uniquely identified. Thus, each individual’s DNA represents a unique tag analogous to a band or other mark used in traditional mark-recapture studies.

…This study involves developing a new method for estimating horse population sizes based on non-invasive techniques; using genetic analysis of fecal samples (dung) and mark-recapture population estimation models. This research is in collaboration with Colorado State University and BLM.

FORT scientists are leading collaborative research projects to provide the BLM with better tools for managing expanding wild horse and burro populations. We are assessing the carrying capacity of wild horse habitats, behavioral effects of spaying mares and gelding a proportion of a herd’s stallions, testing the efficacy of an intrauterine device for mares, and evaluating four fertility-control tools for burros. We are also developing aerial survey techniques for burros, testing the use of DNA extracted from dung to count wild horses, and evaluating effects of cattle versus horses on sage- grouse habitat. Collaborators include Colorado State University, BLM, Oklahoma State University, University of Massachusetts, and APHIS.


Less info to be sure, but they are still up to their sterilization vaccine tricks. Again, see the first section of Lethal Injection Part 1 for the full detail on how sterilization vaccines work, which is the same reason this new vaccine will cause similar autoimmune sterilization.

It does however, point to a few studies that we should certainly take note of, which were the studies used to justify the continued use of these sterilization vaccines back in 2011. The first just happens to be the results of this previous sterilization campaign as originally covered by my documentary. Let’s see how their sterilization vaccine (an inoculation of pig ovary proteins [e.g. Porcine Zona Pellucida (PZP)] into the male and female horses faired…


Foaling rates in feral horses treated with the immunocontraceptive porcine zona pellucida

Wildlife Society BulletinBy: J.I. Ransom, J.E. Roelle, B.S. Cade, L. Coates-Markle, and A.J. Kane

Year Published: 2011


Locally abundant feral horses (Equus caballus) can rapidly deplete available resources. Fertility control agents present promising nonlethal tools for reducing their population growth rates. We tested the effect of 2 forms of the immunocontraceptive porcine zona pellucida (PZP) on foaling rates in 3 populations of feral horses in the western United States. A liquid form requiring annual boosters was administered at Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Range, Mesa County (CO), and Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range, Bighorn County (WY) and Carbon County (MT), and a time-release pellet form designed to produce 2 yr of infertility was administered at McCullough Peaks Herd Management Area, Park County (WY). Average foaling rates (foals born/mare-yr) from direct observation of untreated and treated female horses (mares), 2004-2008, were 60.1% (n = 153 mare-yr) versus 6.6% (n = 91 mare-yr) at Little Book Cliffs, and 62.8% (n = 129 mare-yr) versus 17.7% (n = 79 mare-yr) at Pryor Mountain, respectively. At McCullough Peaks, mean annual foaling rates from 2006 to 2008 were 75.0% (n = 48 mare-yr) for untreated mares and 31.7% (n = 101 mare-yr) for treated mares. Controlling for age of mares and pretreatment differences in fertility, PZP reduced foaling rates in all 3 herds. The pellets used at McCullough Peaks (produced by cold evaporation) were less effective than pellets used in a previous trial and produced by heat extrusion. Immunocontraception with PZP may be a useful tool in reducing fertility rates in some western United States feral horse herds, but population growth reduction will depend on timely access to mares for inoculation and the proportion of mares that can be successfully treated. ?? 2011 The Wildlife Society.


In another study referenced, we find a different kind of “side effect” that perhaps we don’t speak of enough:


Contraception can lead to trophic asynchrony between birth pulse and resources

By: Jason I. Ransom, N. Thompson Hobbs, and Jason Bruemmer


Abiotic inputs such as photoperiod and temperature can regulate reproductive cyclicity in many species. When humans perturb this process by intervening in reproductive cycles, the ecological consequences may be profound. Trophic mismatches between birth pulse and resources in wildlife species may cascade toward decreased survival and threaten the viability of small populations. We followed feral horses (Equus caballus) in three populations for a longitudinal study of the transient immunocontraceptive porcine zona pellucida (PZP), and found that repeated vaccinations extended the duration of infertility far beyond the targeted period. After the targeted years of infertility, the probability of parturition from post-treated females was 25.6% compared to 64.1% for untreated females, when the data were constrained only to females that had demonstrated fertility prior to the study. Estimated time to parturition increased 411.3 days per year of consecutive historical treatment. Births from untreated females in these temperate latitude populations were observed to peak in the middle of May, indicating peak conception occurred around the previous summer solstice. When the post-treated females did conceive and give birth, parturition was an estimated 31.5 days later than births from untreated females, resulting in asynchrony with peak forage availability. The latest neonate born to a post-treated female arrived 7.5 months after the peak in births from untreated females, indicating conception occurred within 24–31 days of the winter solstice. These results demonstrate surprising physiological plasticity for temperate latitude horses, and indicate that while photoperiod and temperature are powerful inputs driving the biological rhythms of conception and birth in horses, these inputs may not limit their ability to conceive under perturbed conditions. The protracted infertility observed in PZP-treated horses may be of benefit for managing overabundant wildlife, but also suggests caution for use in small refugia or rare species.


Are these studies talking about horses, or us? Or both? It’s hard to say. For these PZP vaccines are used in human sterilization as well.

For more information, here’s another study on the subject, for those that have that I don’t believe this conspiracy stuff attitude, here you can instead believe the scientific data:


Link–> https://www.bioscience.org/2017/v9s/af/492/2.htm


The basic principle of contraceptive vaccine is to generate either humoral and/or cell mediated immune response against hormones/proteins that are critical for reproduction, which will lead to interference in their biological activity resulting in inhibition of fertility. Basically, contraceptive vaccines can be broadly categorised as those i) inhibit production of gamete (spermatozoa, egg); ii) inhibit gamete functions such as fertilization; and iii) inhibit gamete outcome. GnRH primarily synthesized and secreted by the hypothalamus (though extra-hypothalamic sites for its secretion have been reported) acts on the anterior pituitary and in turn regulate the production of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). Both, LH and FSH secreted by pituitary, in turn acts on testes and ovaries leading to production of sperm and oocytes, respectively. Thus neutralization of GnRH, LH and FSH or blocking LH/FSH receptor by generating specific antibodies may lead to inhibition of gamete production. Generation of immune response against spermatozoa- and/or egg-specific proteins will interfere in their respective functions thereby leading to inhibition of fertilization. Post-fertilization, the embryo synthesize and secrete human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which has also been used as target for development of contraceptive vaccine for women (28). In the context of wildlife population management, contraceptive vaccines based on GnRH and zona pellucida (ZP) have been tried at the field level. Figure 1 illustrates the basic principle and steps at which the GnRH and ZP-based contraceptive vaccines will act thereby leading to inhibition of fertility. In the present review, both GnRH- and ZP-based contraceptive vaccines will be briefly discussed with respect to their contraceptive efficacy and safety. In addition, the current limitations with respect to contraceptive vaccine delivery in free-ranging wildlife and plausible solutions will be discussed.


When will you get it through your head, you live-stock, that your reproductive ability is a disease that needs an autoimmune vaccine against it? What more needs to be said? For now, ironically, you have it from the horses mouths – a former minister of health and a former Pharma head executive.

Or maybe they just retired to go into the conspiracy business…?

Please share this article with every and anyone you know that has or is expecting to have children in their lifetime. There is no turning back from this kind of reproductive harm.


–Clint richard-son (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Tuesday, December 8th, 2020

Current and Future Radio Appearances

Shows coming soon…

Rule Of Law Radio (Last week of November) –

Higher Side Chats (2nd week of December) –


Most current shows now posted.


Spingola Speaks:
(October 3, 2020)



Guber Mente 2020 with Shollyac:
(November 8, 2020)



Please Stop The Ride with Camille:
(November 9th, 2020)


The Illusion Delusion
(November 9, 2020)


The Ripple Effect:
(November 13, 2020)


While each show is certainly different, each of these are also somewhat receptively based on my new documentaries, while often leaking into my other works. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Matthew for getting the word out!

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–Friday, November 13th, 2020

Radio Goo-Goo Tomorrow

Miss the days of old-fashioned live radio with your’s truly?

I’ve got a few upcoming and past shows to tell you about this month and next, but for now, I’m going to talk impromptu with Sholly of the Shollyac tribe tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 11am Eastern. Be square or be there…

Here’s the link:



Lethal Injection 2: Trailer #2

Coming early December… part 1 of Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption of Blood.

Here’s a clip you might recognize from one of my previous posts, now set to video.

Many of these images can be found here, along with the his-story behind them: https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2018/06/28/doctors-good-actors-and-spokesmodels-for-very-bad-drugs-and-vaccines/

And don’t forget Trailer #1, which makes it all much more clear:

Remember, you are free to share and repost this as you wish, with no permission needed, just ask for a link (credit) back to this blog or my Red Pill Sunday School Youtube channel.

Maybe you and your friends and family should see this before deciding whether or not to get any more vaccines?

–Clint > richard-son (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020

New Documentary (Part 1): Wagging The Dog: The Story Behind The Story of Covid-19


Want to know what Covid-19 is and who invented it, and see the whole story behind the story of how all other Naturally occurring disease agents are turned into biological weapons like SARS-2 (Covid-19) and why these experiments are funded by your own government to be lab-grown? Want to finally understand what has happened to and who has taken over the medical, pharma, and so-called “scientific” industries?

In this short Red Pill show I simply introduce what is my current major project on SARS-2, which will eventually lead into the release of Part One of Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption Of Blood.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lu2NniDEttw

And finally, here it is, its full title being: Wagging The Dog: The Story Behind The Story of Covid-19: Part 1: Creating the Chimera.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzQ4uEwCYwA

As always, but especially with this, I encourage you to share it freely and to feel free to copy, redistribute (free, without profit), and send this to every politician and professional you can find contact for, if for no other reason to show their complicity by ignoring it. You have permission to shorten it into a smaller version or as part of one of your own. This is a documentary for True researchers, for film-makers, and for all to learn, not for mere time-wasting, pointless entertainment. I hold no copyright or other legal title, only asking for credit and contact info to be included in any repost.

This is only part one, and there will be much more coming. Lethal Injection 2, Part 1, will be posted here within the next couple of months or sooner, and from then on other sections whenever I can, as well as the conclusion parts for Wagging The Dog, for there is so much more behind that story.

I say again, this is a life or death situation. If we ignore the crimes against Nature and the Scientific Method that are being perpetrated by these so-called, government/military funded “scientists” in their biological terrorism as defined by their own US Code, then what is coming down the road will make Covid-19 look like the rather strange and brain-damaging day in Disneyland it always is. If left unchecked, they will kill us.

The side effect of this film is that, once you see and understand this religious cult of scientism and how it’s infiltrated into all institutions of so-called arts and sciences, suddenly the truth is obvious and unmistakable, and the question of why the whole world seems so screwed up is answered – because it’s being run by sociopathic men that believe to be a so-called “scientist” is to play god, from doctors to astrophysicists to experimental researchers. Their goal is to change you, to improve you, to take a big crap all over God, Nature, Its Design and Its Law. They are the source of trans humanism, and their new vaccine is a transhumanist tool to reprogram your DNA through synthetic RNA, which is an essential step toward the futurist agenda.

As I’ve said from the beginning, there is a war against man and Nature, and you are right in the heart of it, though you hardly even comprehend it happening all around you. You pay for it through taxes, and you support it through voting and chatting and clicking like or dislike, thumb’s up or thumb’s down, on every artifice and shiny screen you see. You are essentially, through ignorance and inaction, funding and supporting your own disease and demise. You even watch movies depicting such apocalyptic landscapes, zombie hoards, and killer viral outbreaks. You’ve been made to love that which you should abhor, even to have a longing for such anarchic visions.

But now it’s time to wake up out of your sleep and defend that which is your Life, your substance, that which causes you existence. Time to fight and to protect that which Truly sustains you.

But first you must learn what is behind this current trickery and the biological weapons research that is and has been happening for decades right under your nose, from which Covid-19 emerged. Only with this knowledge may you justify your actions to defend yourself and your family from what these same, so-called “scientists” have stored up and just waiting to be “accidentally” released into the public.


Clint > richard-son (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
Sunday, October 18, 2020

Publicists Wanted

Greetings to all…

As the title suggests, I am seeking one or more (an organized group of) publicists for help in getting both my work out to more platforms and to garner interviews and/or other “events” that would offer the opportunity for public speaking or debate.

As many of you know, I am just days away from releasing the first of several documentary films exposing the entire technocratic medical, pharmaceutical, university, and so-called “scientific communities” that make up the severely controlled industries built up around us to govern all things. Combined, these forces are the most sophisticated (unnecessarily complicated), prestigious (illusionary/tricky), and detrimental (life-threatening) force against our collective health and well-being ever constructed.

But what I have uncovered now goes beyond these grievances that, ineffectively, are generaly relegated to mere talking points between commercial radio shows. What you will see is an already well-established, well-inundated blueprint of a war against Nature, one more deadly and present than you can possibly imagine. Revolution is not a word that can describe what is needed right now. For what these so-called doctors and scientists are experimenting on and re-creating in labs are designed to kill every man, animal, plant, and microbe on Earth.

But I digress, for this will be shown in triplicate and completely sourced in my first documentary of the series, coming to you within the next week. Covid-19 is 100% a provable biological weapon, and as you will discover, in reality cannot be anything else. In other words, it’s characteristics (functions) cannot be biologically Created in Nature, only in a laboratory setting. You will no longer need to guess or wonder what it is nor who and what government agency is responsible and, God-willing, liable.

The problem is, they have also done similar biological weapons research on just about every other virus and pathogen known and even unknown to the public. Ebola, Zika, H5N1, HIV, and of course SARS and MERS are just the tip of the iceberg. They have re-created all of them through man-made mutation, known as gain of function (forced evolution/mutation) research. And the most astonishing part about this is that, behind closed doors, they speak openly and forthrightly about what they have done. In other words, these so-called “scientists” have done this research openly under the government funding and approval of none other than Anthony Fouchi and the National Institutes of Health. Yes, Fauchi is the head of this snake, and is actually in charge of lab-mutation experiments of extremely deadly viruses like already Highly Pathogenic H5N1, which by itself kills up to 60% of those it infects. But in the lab, these gain of function experiments mutate that already deadly virus to cause it to be, not only more deadly, but Fauchi has allowed it to be genetically re-designed so that it is now transmissible by human to human contact and airborne in mammals, functions that have never happened in Nature.

We are one accident away from this virus being accidentally or purposefully released into the Natural environment by what amounts to a bunch of sociopathic eugenicists, otherwise known as geneticists and so-called scientists. I cannot stress how important this information is, but I can say that nothing else in this world matters in comparison. And I tell you with all sincerity and diligence that we are on the verge of global extinction because of these many, man-made mutations of already deadly viruses, including SARS-2. If ever there was a time to revolt, to fight for our very lives and that of the Natural Order, I tell you now is that time. Tomorrow literally may be too late. Government already knows, so I won’t tell you to contact your congressman, except that then you can show them to be complicit, complacent, and already in the know when they do nothing about this. Legal bureaucracy will not fix this spiritual problem.

And so, again, I am seeking people who truly wish to help spread this information by helping me get this and future documentary films out there to any and every one possible, as well as promoting me as a guest so that I may promote the film series and warn people as well.

Honestly, years of censorship and disrespect has made me want to just sit back with a Corona and lime and watch the whole thing play out from my lawn chair, because that’s what happens to men whose warnings are unheeded and whose message is ignored for almost two decades. This is my last ditch effort. I will not continue if I cannot get the help I need, and in all honesty, believe that we all deserve what is coming and soon if we do not finally organize and fight these – what I can only call EVIL men in completely, irreversably corrupt institutions.

Lastly, I have decided that, after this series of what I am calling master class documentaries are finished, I will be ending this blog in order to turn many of the articles I’ve written on this blog into printed books, most likely by a print-on-demand service, because there is no way to compete against that industry. My blog posts and books will be edited, updated, and some even have the need to be finished, and combined into subject-oriented books. For instance, I’ve always wanted to write a book on the history and effect of the CAFR, government finance and wealth, and how pension funds like CalPERS have been the cornerstone of funding globalism.

So again, I’m seeking partners for the long haul here. Many of you have asked me how you can help, and this is my answer. Maybe someday I will even be able to pay you for your past services! I am looking for one or many people that are just waiting for an actual movement to form from this lame duck claptrap we call the alternative media. Life or death seems like a fairly motivating goal, though I’ve certainly been wrong and disappointed before.

So how about it? Are you up to the challenge? You are needed.

If this post isn’t enough to motivate you, then my upcoming film should certainly do the trick… unless, that is, you are already so far gone, so lacking in love and empathy, so narcissistic and/or sociopathic by this point that you simply don’t give a damn anymore.

Contact me at clint@strawmanstory.info for more information and to plan a strategy, as well as create a forum where those that wish may be organized and help support each other.

Honestly, I could use a good I.T. specialist as well. My website numbers are lower than ever, and I’m certain this is partially my fault for not knowing how to get the site in the top searches. I’ve not been able to find my blog at all from certain hotels and other chains.

Please note that I have no income, so I cannot pay anyone at this point. That might change in the future.

My immediate concern is reaching all outlets possible in the alternative and mainstream realm with a link to the film, that is, all doctors, activists, radio and TV hosts, and anyone at all affiliated with the vaccine movement, for or against, as well as all activists and doctors/scientists that have spoken out against this “gain of function” or “duel-use” (biological weapons) type research, and of course the usual email lists, Facebook type forums, and other websites and outlets.

I love and cherish you all, but it’s time to get off of your collective asses and fight like your life depends on it… because this time it actually does! The battle to preserve Nature and Its Law is being defeated without even a whimper of protest, and that means man will also fall when it does. For all of this research and mutation comes back to one and only one thing… TRANSHUMANISM – the destruction and rebuilding of Nature’s Design by men that believe they are scientifically appointed gods in the religion of scientism.

I wish I was being an alarmist, over-protective, or simply a mad conspiracy dude. But when you see this film, the theory is removed by their own admissions as they spell out the conspiracy for you. No logical fallacies and name-calling can help them defeat the messenger this time, because this COVID documentary is like watching criminals monologue their whole design and past and future actions as if no public access will ever be gained.

We simply cannot fight anything, let alone a virus, unless we know its source. This documentary is a showcase about those that created SARS as a lab-grown biological weapon in the first place mutating it into SARS-2. Most shockingly, though, is that Anthony Fauchi is the guy in charge of it all, from funding to actual mutation, something I’m sure he has not mentioned in any of his television appearances preceding the SARS-2 Covid-19 outbreak.

Makes you wonder what Trump knows…

Please help! If you don’t wish to be involved, consider making a gift/donation so that I might finish these films. I’ve still got a long way to go.

I may start a crowd-funding campaign as well, offering the final film on one thumb-drive with extras to pass out in activism. Will definitely need help with that.

I’d wish you well, but I know better now. I can only really wish you days, weeks, months, and maybe a few years of this so-called life.


–Clint > richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Monday, September 28th, 2020

Red Pill Sunday School S2 E4 – Strawman Book Pt.3

Welcome to the third installment of my third book, entitled Strawman Logic: A Choice Between Two Evils. As I continue reading and commenting on my latest, always free work, we finally get to the meat of the subject, that is, how our soul (spirit) is separated from us, so that our mind and body may be controlled (driven) without spiritual considerations, which is called incorporation (emancipation). To incorporate is to disallow spiritual action, to temporarily kill the souls of men, replacing the moral (unwritten) law with man’s (strict written) or Roman (contract) law. Without choice, without free will, there is only administrative law, otherwise known as bureaucracy. Once free will is replaced with merely empty choices leading to the same evil, the STRAWMAN is complete. This is the path we have all been tricked into following instead of (in the place of) the example of Christ (Logos). And now the purpose and intent of The Corporation Nation can be understood and, if the will is still there, overcome.

The choice is and always has been in your hand and yours alone.


–Clint richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Friday, July 10th, 2020

Red Pill Sunday School S2 E3 – Strawman Book Pt.2

Greetings Programs…

Here, for your consideration, is part 2 of my audio/video book entitled Strawman Logic: A Choice Between Two Evils.

Part 3 to come in the next week or so.

Thank you to all that have donated to support these works. Books are in the mail.

Be well, all.


–Clint < Richard-son (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, June 17th, 2020

Red Pill Sunday School S2 E2 – Strawman Book Pt.1

Greetings programs!

After much hibernation and editing my new shows have arrived and will be posted over the next few weeks, around 15 hours in total.

Here is the first, Episode 2 of Season 2, which is an audio/video blog, which is myself reading, commenting, and clarifying my own new book.

The Title:

Strawman Logic: A Choice Between Two Evils

Link–> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHqACcphrUw


I’ll post new files here and of course on You Tube for you.

In essence, after all these years of researching The Corporation Nation and what that means, I have finally come to understand how and why men are incorporated into these legal systems so as to be controlled (governed). Incorporation is the key. What this word actually means will certainly cause a spiritual awakening in you, if indeed you seek such enlightenment, for the very core and purpose of incorporating men is the stripping of the spirit (soul) from the mind and body, therefore to make free will (spiritually-based choice) impossible. To obtain the full essence this understanding, I present to you this master class in what it means to be incorporated (emancipated) into this legal hell we all find ourselves (apparently) trapped within.

To control men as a corporation is to take away the individual spirit (soul), removing the ability for each man to self-govern through spiritual, moral Law, the Law of Nature. Instead, the legal matrix presents a series of amoral choices between its own evils, turning choice into nothing but causality, where all choices uphold the corporation and its false law. He that cannot choose to say no at all times has no freedom of choice.



–Clint >Richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Thursday, June 11, 2020


Red Pill Sunday School – Essential Update

Greetings Programs…

Firstly, for reasons still not clear, my STRAWMANSTORY.INFO website was completely removed from the net, since about the 12th of April, along with the email attached to it. I have now reestablished those sites, and can receive email again. If you made donations and are expecting a free book in the mail, I need you to please email me with the correct mailing address. And if you’ve sent any emails to me since the 12th of April, please resend if needed. Apologies for the problem. The book is downloadable again at that website, or click the banner at the top of this blog. As always, it’s a free download.

Now, just a note here to let you know what I’ve been working on in the background, and what to expect for the rest of the year.

My latest Strawman audio/video book is almost finished with editing, and I will be releasing that in four or so long parts on Red Pill Sunday School over the next month or two. Entitled Strawman Logic: A Choice Between Two Evils, this audio/visual book will answer many questions we’ve all had, including just what it means for a man to be incorporated, revealing the nature of this term corporation once and for all. Trust me, it’s not what you think, nor what I could have ever imagined. When free will is taken away, only false choices between presented evils remain. And so this book delves into what is the causality of this legal matrix vs. what is free will under the Law of Truth (God), why you cannot have both, and why hypocrisy rules supreme in all of us. Where has the spirit (soul) of men gone? This too will be answered.

After that, my documentary on the manmade origins of COVID-19 and all that surrounds this type of “gain of function” research will be released, again on my “Red Pill Sunday School” Youtube channel. Nothing is more frightening than what these psychopaths have done for decades in laboratory settings, except perhaps hearing them speak about their accomplishments themselves, and then realizing the same people responsible for the mutated virus have been put in charge of governing its response.

Finally, as promised for a long time, I will begin releasing in several parts my full documentary on the medical/pharmaceutical industry, called Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption Of Blood. This comprehensive investigation into the medical industry will, without a doubt, steal away any prestige (illusion/trickery) put forward as to the legitimacy of that corporate structure. When doctors are telling us not to trust most other doctors, when those doctors are shown to be the third leading cause of death in this and other countries, and when this cult of death and devastation is shown not only to be protected by the same government that invests, owns patents for, and regulates the practices and (malpractices) of these doctors and the drugs they carelessly prescribe, but that such malpractice is “insured” against and seldom listed as cause of death, then what else can I do but show these truths in one master class of a documentary? It’s my duty, and nothing is more fearful than a man like me, beholden to no-one and with nothing to lose.


That said, I greet thee again, you great and unwashed masses, under the pretext now assigned to you: NON-ESSENTIAL. How are all of my relegated-to-be unessential by government friends doing out there? Feeling a bit underwhelmed and uninspired by your new title?

Should we be concerned that a government full of known eugenicists have labeled most of us as non-essential customers? Is this not a sign of serious threat to our collective well-being?

Well, first I just want to assure you that you are, in Truth, the very essence of Life. Rest assured that to a spiritually dead legal corporation such as the United States, your True essence is not actually considered, only your employable (usable) benefit to that artificial corporation in mammon. Your spirit, your soul is not counted. However, to me and those that love you unconditionally, who Love all Life and Existence as the One True God, you are more essential than any words can clearly express. You are Existence. The only way to fight these devils that seek to destroy your soul, to remove your spirit, is to be essential to one another.

The Truth of the matter is that government has no essence, existing only in fiction. Like a vampire it sucks your essence dry in order to feed its unrequited need for the validation of its own reason to exist.

ESSENTIAL – adjective – [Latin essentialis.] Necessary to the constitution or existence of a thing. Piety and good works are essential to the christian character… 1. Important in the highest degree. Judgment is more essential to a general than courage… – noun – Existence; being. [Little used.] 1. First or constituent principles; as the essentials of religion. 2. The chief point; that which is most important. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictioanry of the English Language)


Note: When a government no longer considers its governed people as that which constitutes its reason for existence, you know you’ve got a real problem on your hands. You’ve got a false god…

The majority of you are apparently no longer deemed necessary to the existence of the United States corporation according to this definition, and now it has told you and even officially labelled you as non-essential chattel. And yet, ironically, I can think of nothing less essential than this very corrupt and despotic administrative state, a de-facto, bureaucratic commercial corporation falsely calling itself a legitimate source of government. It has now crossed the line of its own reason and purpose for existence, to serve man and country, becoming a false idol in, of, and toward itself and its own continuity, irregardless of the so-called common people that supposedly support and legitimize it. How can a government with a motto like “by the people, for the people” at the same time govern those apparent people under the guise of believing the majority of that same populace is non-essential to its existence? And what does being relegated to such a debasing, flattering title as “non-essential” mean in the end game? I shutter to think…

I can’t help like feeling we were just removed from the protected species list and relabeled as vermin unfit to be served or saved. How about you?

Did government just put an open contract hit out on we, its non-essential persons??

Meanwhile we have supposed “essential” nurses and doctors that are killing 85% of the COVID-19 patients they put on ventilators, having no clue what to do to treat the ill, then doing it again the next day under the same virtual blindfold. I suppose when your number one killing machine is the iatrogenic death caused by the medical industry, you would deem them essential useful idiots to help deal with we, the non-essential, non-useful idiots. Makes a sick sort of logic, actually.

Sound a bit over the top? My documentary will seal the deal for you, I assure you.

Oh, and did I mention doctors are the number one cause of bankruptcy in the United States?

Be well my fellow proles, peons, and serfs, despite being essentially screwed.


–Clint >Richard-son (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, May 13th, 2020



The Golden Toilet Paper Conspiracy

Note: you have my (the author’s) permission to re-print, re-blog, and reproduce this article without asking me and without compensation, with the condition that credit is given with a website link to this blog attached therein. This goes for all of my research and writing.

Need I say, I told you so?

No. But it sure feels good to rub it in to all those contrarian detractors.

But let’s take the higher road instead by using this opportunity to learn from the current, unprecedented history we are making in these strange days.

Today’s lesson is on the difference between natural, inherent, intrinsic value and imaginary, acquired, extrinsic value. And for our example, we shall compare gold with toilet paper. Can you guess which one of these has inherent value and which depends upon a purely artificial one? I’m guessing with recent news and perhaps even personal experience you can probably now, possibly for the first time, clearly understand that difference.

But if you can’t, let’s sit back and toss this around for a minute.

Close your eyes. Imagine you are walking in the woods on a nice trail in the middle of God’s Country with no civilization to be seen. Suddenly, you realize that Mexican food you ate for lunch is signaling your bowels that it’s ready to be defecated and ready NOW! On the horizon, strangely enough, you spot two traveling salesmen, one selling gold at a discount and one selling toilet paper at an engrossed, extravagant cost. Right next to these kiosks is a public restroom, which displays a sign that says, due to a government-created bioweapon, this bathroom, the only one within 20 miles, is a BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper) installation.

Now, you have 100 dollars in your pocket. A single one-ounce-of-gold formed in the shape of a trinket (coin) is on your left, and a roll of toilet paper is on your right.

Which one do you choose?

Let’s put this another way…

It’s the apocalypse. You are in the same situation except this time you have a roll of toilet paper in your pocket. You come out of the artificial security provided by your pre-planned bug-out point in the forest with your small, completely dependent child and come upon the same situation, but this time there is only a gold salesman next to the toilet and he is selling gold trinkets (coins) that have no use or inherent value in such an apocalyptic state of existence. In other words, you can’t plant them, eat them, or wipe your ass with them, but they sure are pretty. The public toilet sits there next to this grocer of worthless trinkets (gold coins), once again devoid of toilet paper, and your child is squirming and signaling that he’s gotta go real bad. But the salesman is selling gold trinkets (coins) at a real good price, only one roll of toilet paper for a single, useless one-ounce coin! And it sure is pretty, my precious.

Now, you have only one roll of toilet paper and cannot imagine where you’ll find or even be able to trade for your next one. You have a toilet to your left without toilet paper and a kiosk on the right selling gold for toilet paper.

Which course do you choose?

Here’s a third scenario…

It’s the middle of another great or greater depression. Not hard to imagine. You are in the same situation as above except that this time there is a salesman selling toilet paper for $500 a roll, but is also willing to accept gold trinkets (coins) because he “knows a guy” that will buy them on behalf of some elitist politician that has everything he needs (including toilet paper) while everyone else is suffering in depression with stinky, smelly left hands because all “water rights” were previously purchased or taken by eminent domain by government. Like a fool, you collected gold coins when times were prosperous, greedy, and gainful, and so have a few of those inherently worthless gold coins in your pocket that no-one else wants, hoping someone remains among the plebeian dregs of this grand delusion of a depression that still recognizes the previous, artificial value in those symbolic trinkets (coins) made of 90% gold. And so, as your kid tugs at your pant leg and crosses his legs in an effort to avoid pooping in his dirty, worn out pants, and as you find yourself starting to feel the compulsive onslaught of that same Mexican fiesta (made from dried, rancid, storable bean powder you have hidden in the forest for years in preparation for this very moment), you must now decide which is more important, gold trinkets (coins) or a roll of toilet paper?

But the truth is, you already know. You’ve always known, though you might not admit it. For what is inherent and self-evident is always known to us. What is useful and what is purely a vanity or idol is also inherently known to us, though we may easily fall prey to the glittering charms of the commercial products of artifice and uselessness.

Is gold worthless? Of course not, says the brainwashed gold consumers and collectors that have been indoctrinated to believe by gold dealers and brokers that gold coins somehow have all sorts of uses. From jewelry to computers to all sorts of electronics, technology, and industrial machinery, gold is very useful to… oops, I forgot, it’s the middle of the greater depression and you’re bugged out in the forest. You have no electricity or fuel to run anything artificial, and powered technology obviously isn’t very useful after an apocalyptic event, now is it? No power outlets in the trees, right? Honestly, you don’t know how to use gold in any construction of technology, and you already sold the last of your once coveted jewelry just to feed yourself and your family for a few days back when people could still be fooled by its pretended value. And worst of all, your kid needs to take a shit, and quite frankly so do you – or leave a shit. Still can’t figure that one out. Can’t really take a dump, can I. That would be gross, though it might be more valuable than gold in this case, since technically I could use it as fertilizer.

But I digress…

The correct question is this: Is gold inherently worthless to the basic needs of man? Of course it is.

So what about toilet paper?

Well, let’s just say that I’m thinking about becoming a traveling bidet salesman right about now due to mass shortages and toilet paper riots at Costco and Walmart. Funny, because they all ran right by the jewelry counter with all those pure gold trinkets straight for the limited supply of butt-wipes.

And you know what Confusus said: He that goes to bed with itchy butt, often wake up with sticky finger.

As for the so-called value of gold, I’ve told you this many times, but let’s do it again, for old times sake…


“Golden calf, idol worshipped by the Hebrews during the period of the Exodus from Egypt in the 13th century BC and during the age of Jeroboam I, king of Israel, in the 10th century BC. Mentioned in Exodus 32 and I Kings 12 in the Old Testament, worship of the golden calf is seen as a supreme act of apostasy, the rejection of a faith once confessed. The figure is probably a representation of the Egyptian bull god Apis in the earlier period and of the Canaanite fertility god Baal in the latter. In Exodus 32 the Hebrews escaping Egypt asked Aaron, the brother of their leader Moses, to fashion a golden calf during the long absence of Moses on Mt. Sinai. Upon returning from the mountain with the tablets of the Law and seeing the people worshipping the golden calf, Moses broke the tablets (symbolic of breaking the covenant relationship with God) and had the idol melted down, pulverized, and mixed with water. The people were required to drink the mixture, an ordeal to separate the unfaithful (who later died in a plague) from the faithful (who lived). Defending the faith in the God revealed to Moses against the calf worshippers were the Levites, who became the priestly caste.”

–Encyclopedia Britannica


Let’s be clear, they (and you) are not worshiping the calf or even the gold that calf is made from. They are worshiping mammon. They are worshiping the artificial value of the golden calf, the fiction, the image, the idol, the idea, which necessarily means that what is real and needed by men is valued less, including the value of all life itself. It’s all about false valuation. It’s all about evil men convincing you that the value of what is real is less than its monetary valuation in mammon (i.e. money). It’s all about the inherent truth that money is the root of all evil. But more to the point of what the Bible tells us, it’s the belief (love) of money that is the root of all evil. To love or hate anything is to believe in its existence, that it has actual value. Belief (faith) is everything, for money is an instrument of pure faith, a symbol of value mistaken for being value itself.

The purpose of hoarding gold is only one, a hedge against the current, corrupted government structure. Why? Because the value of gold is set by that same government structure. Government is the bank. Government is the banker. Government is the money-changer. For without government, no standard valuation of money or gold and silver would exist. The mint is a government corporation. The SEC? Government. The Fed? Government. All money is property of government. And it can be confiscated from you (the user of another’s property) at any time.

The problem is, all governments in the end are ultimately revealed to be what they always were intended to be: Ponzi schemes. Their very design is to steal all that is real and replace the real with artificial representations of the real, namely certificates of legal (artificial) title. For example, one may hold gold certificates in place of actual gold. But this creates a whole new problem, for then those gold certificates are treated as financial instruments at both face value and potential (future) interest and thereby used as collateral on other artificial monetary transactions, until the point where the actual value of the actually held (physical) gold is hypothecated and reprojected so many times that for every actual ounce of real gold there are millions, billions, or trillions of derivatives and collaterals built upon it. Thus, they tell us that gold will reach $10,000 or much higher in monetary (artificial) value soon, and we wet our pants in excitement as we seek to purchase not the gold itself, for it has no use to us, but the idea of the gold being valuable. It’s a lie. It’s like a rare baseball trading card, which, if it merely gets wet, looses most or all its supposed, artificial value. Anything valued in money is of course a lie. And if gold is worth that much in artificial money, then that means the economy is collapsed and no one will be able to use that gold anyway. No economy, no computers, no machines, no nothing. And if the money is worthless (devalued) than so is the gold, for the purpose of holding gold is to boast and trade it in its monetary value.

In other words, the $10,000 gold is actually worth less than it was when it was only $1,000 gold, and was worth even more when it was at only $100. Why? Because the artificial money that gold was valued in was worth that much in gold. The fool would thus believe that $10,000 gold makes the gold that much more valuable than $100 gold, mistaking actual, inherent value with the artificial scarcity doctrine of supply and demand. You see, it’s not so much what the legal value of gold actually is, it’s how useful that gold is in reality that matters. And like the game of musical chairs, he that is left without an outlet to sell that gold is left holding worthless trinkets that were once worshiped in idolatry.

But don’t be fooled, for this is also exactly why government and its incorporate masters not only hoard but hold on to all the gold, because they know that in the future, the gold will once again be re-sellable at a mere $100 or even $10 in whatever new monetary system (government) they create and rule over, and that this means the currency is almost as valuable as the gold. But they also know that you will be fool enough to use your hoarded gold as money, not by desire but by necessity, for that which you will need will suddenly be realized as more important than the idolatry you suffered when you purchased that gold. You will not hold it. And they will have agents everywhere collecting it as you foolishly trade it for, oh, I don’t know, things you need like toilet paper! And so, by the time a new system is in place, you’ll have nothing to buy in. You’ll have to become a debt-slave once again, selling your labor for wages like the prostitute you’ll be forced to become once again. You’ll accept the mark of being their beast of burden, for you are and never were an invited member and practitioner of the cult of the golden calf.

Everything the devils (agents/attorneys) of government do is inverse to what they teach the idiocracy of the public masses to do, for their wealth depends upon our collective ignorance and greed, and especially your envious desire to be just like they are in artificial status and wealth. Pathetic. And so, in this new system, they’ll once again be the wealthy, upper-elitist class spreading the impossible dream that all the rest of us can someday be like them if we work honestly and obey their laws. LOL! Imagine that, organized, criminal thieves (government) telling their victims that if they act in virtue and honesty they can be just as wealthy as the thief is as those thieves keep continuously stealing everything we honestly earn. Imagine the money-changers telling us we can be like them. Imagine that we believe our labor is worth the money they create to enrich themselves through the extortion (taxation) of all of us.

So why do they hoard gold? More importantly, why in these final days of democracy and capitalism are they trying so hard to make known what even ten years ago was mostly unknown to the public? Why are they advertising on every channel that gold is so valuable and that you should buy it, or at least the idea of it in certified title? Why the sudden push to educate the plebeian masses about gold? Quite simply, it is they that will reset the valuation of money and of gold in that new system of mammon. Therefore, they must ensure that all common people are deceived into valuing gold in mammon. We must be fooled into the belief (love) of gold as money. We must be made to covet that which will make them wealthy in the future system that they create. It is they that benefit, not you, and all initial transfers of gold and money will not be open to the public, silly rabbits. A secondary market will be set up for you to sell your own minuscule hoarded bag of gold, so that you cannot become wealthy as they are, unable to dwell in that same upper-class status where, to them, money is no object. Money is only an object to us, for to them, money (cost) bars them from nothing. All that is required of you is belief in that artificial value that they create in their own artificial currency. All they require to carry such wealth and status is for you to lustfully desire a piece of their proprietary pie. They are the golden calves you really worship. Seeking their wealth and status is to seek your own place at the top of the Ponzi pyramid. But in the end, you must realize that money is created for one and only one reason, to keep you and I in both abject poverty (compared to them) and therefore in a state of spiritual death. Money is control. Government is the source of money. Do the math. The wealthy elite do not care about money, only the illusion (prestige) that money creates. They care only that you believe that because they hold billions in artificial (unprinted) money they have privilege and higher status.

And then they tell you that you can be just like them, if you just worship the religion of greed called capitalism. Little do you expect that the capita (head) refers to you and your property being what supports the money they create. For in law Latin capita (i.e. capitalism) means “by the head”, a reference to counting cattle, or in other words, property. Slaves.


The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of government, i.e. law, amounting to mere user; and user must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”

—Senate Document No. 43, 73D Congress, 1st Session, entitled: “Contracts Payable in Gold”, by George Cyrus Thorpe, submitted to the senate: April 17, 1933


“Under the new law [Public Laws of the 73rd Congress, March 9, 1933] the money is issued to the [Federal Reserve] banks in return for Government obligations, bills of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and banker’s acceptances. The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the Nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the Nation. 

—2013 Congressional Record, March 9, 1933, House, Congressman Patman, 73rd Congress, Special Session, 1st Session, Volume 77, Part 1, p. 83


“I want to show you where the people are being imposed upon by reason of the delegation of this tremendous power. I invite your attention to the fact that section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act provides that whenever the Government of the United States issues and delivers money, Federal Reserve notes, which are based on the credit of the Nationthey represent a mortgage upon your home and my home, and upon all the property of all the people of the Nation–to the Federal Reserve agent, an interest charge shall be collected for the Government…”

—Congressional Record March 13, 1933, House, Congressman Patman, 73rd Congress, Special Session, 1st Session, Volume 77, Part 1, p. 292


“The people have a valid claim against the Federal reserve banks. We ought to find out the exact amount of the people’s claim and we should collect that amount immediately and the Federal reserve banks, having violated their charters, should be liquidated immediately. Unless this is done by us, I predict that the American people, outraged, robbed, pillaged, insulted, and betrayed as they are in their own land, will rise in their wrath and send a President here who will sweep the money changers out of the temple.

—Congressional Record, June 10, 1932, House, Congressman McFadden, 72nd Congress, 1st Session, Volume 75, Part 11, pp. 12602, 12603


At this point, it’s not so much that gold is worth $10,000 an ounce as it is that the dollar itself is at the same time invariably worthless. If gold trinkets are worth $10,000 or even $1,000,000 in worthless paper bills then gold is worth exactly what it’s valued in, worthless bills of legal tender owned by government. Congratulations, for you are the proud owner of that which has no inherent, intrinsic value. And that’s the point. When we seek that which we want and desire, especially wealth in any form, instead of that which we physically and spiritually need, then we are destined to lose. And they know you will ignorantly shed those worthless trinkets (gold coins) as soon as you realize they cannot even purchase a roll of toilet paper.

So what is the purpose of holding gold? Why build your own golden calf?

There is only one reason, the reason that government and its rulers hold it. They don’t trade it, they keep it hidden. For only the principals (rulers) and agents (voluntary slaves) of any legal money-based system seek such a hedge against its own pre-designed failure. As in another Bible story, the idolatry of gold is eventually built into a statue for the purposes of holding and finally trading in that gold to purchase money, and therefore a new, artificial status. Not old money, but new money, in a new system. Only the image printed upon that money changes. The money is still the same artificial construct in the new system, which emerges from the ashes of the old. It will still have no intrinsic, inherent value, nor can it ever have it. Its value will still be set legally (anti-God, against the Law and Laws of Nature) by the newly ordained government that creates it. Its use will still be bound by that government and its authoritarian legal code. Why? Because the money is always and exclusively property of government. All nations are valued on the world stage of commerce by this single distinguishing factor, the valuation of their unique, proprietary form of money as compared to all others. And those that use it will merely pick up where they left off – buying their way into that new system as voluntary slaves (subjects in citizenship). Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Its name is mammon.

If this is not clear yet, let me put it as plainly as I can. The purpose of holding gold is to buy into the emerging New World (secular) Order. It’s to purchase a higher, wealthy (money-driven), artificial status in an artificial society. It’s to break all the moral laws, from Charity to Forgiveness. It’s to sell yourself out to the god of mammon and the false gods of that new system. And it has been this way since pre-Biblical times, over and over, until finally the beast system of world government is now coming to fruition before our eyes.

We are at a crossroads. For that whole system, that whole world (secular) order is dependent upon one and only one thing – your individual belief in the artificial value of gold and anything used as money. Without this faith in artificial valuation (mammon), no government can exist except out of complete tyranny and oppression. And so this fork in the road becomes quite clear, God (Jehovah) or mammon (monetary value). In other words, we shall either begin to cherish life and existence for its inherent, self-existent, spiritual value, or we shall fall deeper into the legal matrix and become willing slaves of the idol we artificially, immorally value it with. We shall either love and protect reality or fall deeper into the artificial matrix of mammon, of false valuation, of believing that the value in money of everything that exists is more valuable than actual existence, then life itself.

Your support of the artificial value of gold in the artificial valuation of government money (mammon) is necessary for this New World (secular) Order to come into its own false existence. Your belief in the valuation of all things in government money is what gives power and authority to the laws of government, for if you search with spiritual eyes, all government laws (US Code) have something to do with money. You are the key, the kindling that creates the fires of hell we desire to burn in. Without you there is no order out of chaos. Without your belief in artifice there can be no legal law governing that artifice they create. The New World Order depends solely upon your belief and use of its money, upon your idolatry of the golden calf.

Shit… and you thought this was just going to be about toilet paper.


–Clint > richard-son (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Friday, March 13th, 2020



Oops. Never-mind. Withdrawn. Thanks for the comment (below), Wanda! Perfect example of how the media dumbs us down, and how no one is immune! Someone sent me those same numbers and I fell for it! Beware fake news, which is just another name for DISINFORMATION on every front, even the subconscious.

*** Note: I’m working diligently on the next audio book that will be the next 15 hour episode of Red Pill Sunday School, a full exploration of the strawman and the spiritual war we are currently in, which will be a reading of and commentary on a new, very long blog entry, essentially a new book. The average audio book is 10-13 hours long.


–Clint > richard-son
–Saturday, March 7th, 2020

Red Pill Sunday School S2 Episode 1

Greetings programs!

Apologies for the delay. Hope your holidays were swell. I have three radio shows to share with you…

This first episode is a combination of a few similar topics, and so is longer than most will be. But what a journey to discovery…

Remember, I only offer you the truth. It can be painful and it can be bittersweet. But in this episode, so many questions are answered and so many layers of word magic from the legal matrix are pulled away. Here is my new show, a deep study into the conspiracy of the organized system of religion, it’s foundation of idol worship, how it has purposefully hidden the name of God with masterful success, and once and for all how and why the Bible is indeed the foundation of the English and American common law systems. Deeply controversial as this subject is, I refuse to be silenced for finding and telling the truth out loud. Truth is the only possible freedom:

Here I appear with Eric77 again, speaking generally and historically about the War Powers, which you may have surprisingly heard a bit about lately as the congress considers limiting the War Powers of the presidency around invading Iran:

And here Jules and myself discuss current technological madness, CRISPR, and other futurist nightmares on Republic Broadcasting about a month ago:

Commercial free audio only:

From the network (with commercials audio only):

Hour 1 – https://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/spingola-speaks-w-deanna-spingola-december-7-2019-hour-1/

Hour 2 – https://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/spingola-speaks-w-deanna-spingola-december-7-2019-hour-2/

Hour 3 – https://www.republicbroadcastingarchives.org/spingola-speaks-w-deanna-spingola-december-7-2019-hour-3/

Until next show…


–Clint > Richards-son (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Sunday, January 12th, 2020

Red Pill Sunday School: Season 2 Begins

I’m back…

Season 2 of the Red Pill Sunday School show have now begun, starting with an introductory episode zero.

Here’s it is:

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xA_SQXnWCo


With my new laptop, I’ve been writing a book proposal that will soon be presented to literary agents, and so firstly I’d like to give a huge thanks thanks to everyone that contributed toward that recent purchase. But as I speak of within this new, initial show, I’m asking for a bit of non-monetary action from you, if you please. The problem is, as you know, that I’ve consciously and intentionally steered well clear of any social media, the reasons for which are now headline news as the population broils in its own social narcissism and click-bait dopamine driven auto-responses, which of course is exactly what publishers want to see. In other words, they want to see that I already have potential “consumers” to buy a book that they would risk the publishing and promotion of. And so, though I find it distasteful to do so, I’m asking you all to please join and subscribe to the following social media pages so that I can show them I have a reasonably numerous enough audience, that is, a social media following. More explanation behind this request is in this new show…

Clint’s New “Red Pill” Social Media:

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YOUTUBE PAGE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsea7QKmWqZdMuwxW7sPyXQ

Now, if I could just figure out how to use these things. It’s been like teaching an old man to use a computer mouse.

As I plead of you in the show, I would ask of you here to please spread the word and the new show by sharing, reposting, and doing whatever one does in this social media realm to get my show and works out there. I honestly have no idea how to do that, so any effort on your part is much appreciated. Again, the reasons and apologetics for this request are stated in this first show.

I hope you enjoy the new season, and that the show brings a bit of light in through these dark times. So, why the new show? We can no longer merely chronicle our losing battle in this enduring, long-con of a spiritual war, we must reacquire our spirit from the trappings of this secular, legal order. And so, in show # 1 of season 2 we will delve into the trinity of the spiritually-driven man… the triune hierarchy of the soul (spirit), the mind, and the body. The spirit (soul) must control the mind, for the mind controls the body. Thus, a man without spirit (soul) has lost his own mind and no longer controls his body. This is called legal personhood. Debt slavery. The spiritual loss of free will. A man has no free will if his spirit (soul) is figuratively (legally) dead, his blood (inherent right) is corrupted, his mind controlled externally, and his labor whored out as a commodity for sale.

New shows will be posted on this blog, on Youtube, linked on Twitter and Facebook, etc., however, without any set schedule.

Thanks so much for your help! Enjoy and love one another, for we are all we have.


Know Thy Enemy, Know Thyself, For War Is The Art Of Self-Deceit

Another interview here. Please listen to my host Eric’s sourced citations as we travel through the construct, where he calls out just who’s really behind everything. I was honestly taken by surprise by his continuous, poignant references to the hidden hand behind it all. Amusingly, the comments on Youtube suggest I was avoiding the subject, as if I didn’t want to talk about the “Order.” If I’m not being censored I’m being falsely or fallaciously judged. I was even called a “new age gnostic mystic!” LOL! I’m not even sure what that is, but it let’s me know that most of us are so offended by the truth that if our rhetoric doesn’t fall into some category or already established belief system, that when an original thinker comes along we simply can’t handle it because we can’t classify it. And so it’s easier to dismiss the information by dismissing its speaker, ad hominem, by categorizing him (me) into a nonsensical thing like this. In my defense, though I don’t really feel like I need one, I was listening and learning to Eric like everyone else in the process. So I say, well done Eric. But my lack of response was honestly one of admitted ignorance to the facts stated, meaning I simply didn’t know these facts. I didn’t really understand how powerful this Order is because it’s not been my main area of study for the last 8 years, and so my comments are more generalized to what I do know. Shocking. That must mean I’m a Jesuit agent as well as a Gnostic mystic new age what-ever-the-fuck I could be. My lack of commentary is not a covering up or protectionism of the Jesuits, but rather my own ignorance on the subject. Sorry to disappoint. But now my suspicions on the subject are certainly confirmed. And I invite you to learn as well, for here we find not only the lies and liars but the source of them. And to Eric, I say WOW, great research, and thank you.

We had a few audio issues on the recording, an echo, etc. that were addressed by the end, getting a bit worse in the middle. Par for the course. It’s worth sitting through though, me thinks, as quality does get better…

(See below for my show notes):

Eric’s website: https://www.reddit.com/r/Jesuitworldorder/


Show Notes:

Some helpful definitions and Bible passages for this interview, regarding the only True Doctrine, the Doctrine taught by Christ.

From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language:

JESUIT – noun – s as z. One of the society of Jesus, so called, founded by Ignatius Loyola; a society remarkable for their cunning in propagating their principles.

JESUITIC, JESUITICAL – adjective – Pertaining to the Jesuits or their principles and arts1. Designing; cunning; deceitful; prevaricating.

JESUITISM – noun – The arts, principles and practices of the Jesuits1. Cunning, deceit; hypocrisy; prevarication; deceptive practices to effect a purpose.

JESUITED – adjective – Conforming to the principles of the Jesuits.


Post image


JUDAIZE – verb intransitive – To conform to the religious doctrines and rites of the JewsThey–prevailed on the Galatians to judaize so far as to observe the rites of Moses in various instances.

JUDAIZER – noun – One who conforms to the religion of the Jews.

JUDAICALLY – adverb – After the Jewish manner.

JUDAISM – noun – 1. The religious doctrines and rites of the Jews, as enjoined in the laws of Moses. Judaism was a temporary dispensation2. Conformity to the Jewish rites and ceremonies.

DOCTRINE – noun – [Latin , to teach.] 1. In a general sense, whatever is taught. Hence, a principle or position in any science; whatever is laid down as true by an instructor or master. The doctrines of the gospel are the principles or truths taught by Christ and his apostles. The doctrines of Plato are the principles which he taught. Hence a doctrine may be true or false; it may be a mere tenet or opinion. 2. The act of teaching. He taught them many things by parables, and said to them in his doctrine. Mark 4:23. Learning; knowledge. Whom shall he make to understand doctrine? Isaiah 28:94. The truths of the gospel in general. That they may adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things. Titus 2:15. Instruction and confirmation in the truths of the gospel. 2 Timothy 3:10.


Now we may really grasp here not only the concept of why we should be taking no other doctrine (truth/false truth) than that the scripture, but that we already have done so according to our status in society (personhood), our memberships to false corporate religions (artificial persons), and by our legalistic, secular, antichrist works. We cannot move forward, and we certainly cannot quit this legal matrix system, without first understanding how these false doctrines (truths) have been institutionally (corporately) forced upon us through our status (legal persona). The truth (God) will never be found in the legal systems and corporations (church and state) of man, for they are not of God’s realm, which is Truth, which is never built by the hands of men.


“…that thou mightest charge some that they teach no other doctrine (Law/Truth), Neither give heed to fables and endless genealogies, which minister questions, rather than godly edifying which is in faith: so do. Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith (truth) unfeigned: From which some having swerved have turned aside unto vain jangling; Desiring to be teachers of the law; understanding neither what they say, nor whereof they affirm.”

—1 Timothy 1: 3-7, KJB


But refuse profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise thyself rather unto godliness.

—1Timothy 4:7, KJB


For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Whose mouths must be stopped, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre’s (gain, advantage) sake. One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, The Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies. This witness is true. Wherefore rebuke them sharply, that they may be sound in the faith; Not giving heed to Jewish fables, and commandments of men, that turn from the truth. Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are defiled and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable (idolotrous), and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.

—Titus 1: 10-16, KJB


Strong’s #G2041 – ergon (ἔργον)WORKS From a primary (but obsolete) ergo (to work), used in the scriptures 176 times as the following words: work (152x), deed (22x), doing (1x), labour (1x).

Outline of Biblical Usage:

1. Business, employment, that which any one is occupied.

A. That which one undertakes to do, enterprise, undertaking.

2. Any product whatever, any thing accomplished by hand, art, industry, or mind.

3. An act, deed, thing done: the idea of working is emphasized in opposition to that which is less than work.


What is your job, your employment. How are you being used by the legal matrix? What is your occupation inside the evil, and what is the product of your labour? What art (lie) holds your mind? How are your actions in any way in tribute or worship of God? The Law, the Doctrine is clear that all of your works must be put forth to God. In other words, all that you do should be toward and in support of Truth, of Nature and Its Law, toward the charity and good will of and to all men. This not only defines but proves a true son of God, a follower (not idol worshiper) of the doctrine (truth) of Christ.

Thank you Eric, for clearing up the source behind it all!

Here’s an interesting lecture on the subject as well:

“John McGreevy helps us to understand the remarkable rebirth and flourishing of the Jesuits as a global order in a very short time in the 19th century, showing how the Jesuits in the United States, many of them refugees from expulsions in Europe, nurtured a Catholic modernity that served as a disciplined counter-cultural force operating through parishes, schools, and associations… He places the Jesuits at the center of a worldwide clash between Catholics and Liberal Nationalists…”


Until next time…


–Clint < richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Friday, October 18th, 2019

STRAWMAN 2: The Art Of Craig S

Greetings programs…

I wanted to share this recent video from Craig Stuckless, the fantastic artist that created and digitally rendered the cover of my first book, as he narrates his current work, which is intended to be the cover of Strawman: Part Two. The amount of work that goes into this type of production is mind-blowing, each stroke of the stylus reminding me of my own journey of researching and putting the puzzle-pieces together to form a final work, a connect-the-dots fusion combining the labors of love, time, and energy.

This is also a grand, professional lesson, for those interested in the digital art world, of which Craig has certainly been a part of, including that crazy world of super hero comics and Comicons. Yet he also explains his own frustrations at being all but censored for trying to include truth and activism into his own work, into a lost, nihilistic, melancholic post-modern culture, and the blowback from merely speaking such heresies (truths).

It’s an interesting ride, and I thank him with all my spirit for the time and effort he puts into these works without asking anything in return.

If you’d like to make a small donation specifically for Craig’s work, now that you see what it takes and what he puts into it so freely and without recompense, I would consider it a personal favor, one that he has not asked for and that is much overdue from my end. If you feel the calling, just send a donation to me at the link to the right with a special note “For Craig” and I will forward it to him, or he does speak toward the end about his own “tip jar” found at his site. Please send some words of appreciation as well for supporting me of all people!


Thanks Craig…

And no, the book is not close to being printed yet, sorry. I’m still working on a couple other projects that I deem equally important. My mind is tired and a bit sombre, and I don’t have enough fingers. Or maybe I’m just getting old…? Argh!


–Clint > richard-son
–Tuesday, October 15th, 2019

Recent Interviews

Don’t get called for much anymore, but here’s the latest few…

#1 & 2. Sholly visits Clint:



#3 On Republic with Camile, speaking about supreme court decision on vaccines and new fake foods, lab-grown meat, etc. (Very bad connection and sound quality here, sorry.)


Camile’s work and email:
👉 steemit.com/@camille1234
🖥 youtube.com/channel/UC_m1HUpNNfkb3x2cv9RrHjQ


Clint richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
Monday, September 30th, 2019

Zionist Israeli Jews Have Become The New Nazi Party

A short introduction behind the reason for this post and its title:

I found a comment today from someone trying to view my blog from their work. It said simply: my company’s proxy blocks the “realitybloger” because of “intolerence”.

So my blog is not tolerated because I’m intolerant, yet those not tolerating me and this blog remain tolerable despite their intolerance of me? Isn’t this an oxymoron? Is not censorship an act of intolerance? Or has the meaning of “free speech” been post-modernly redefined as revocable tolerated speech?

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and other Zionist lobby strongholds in America and beyond have been causing such fallacious designations and defamations of my name and works for at least 8 years now. It works, is working, and yet, since it’s never happened to most goyim stuck in the social oblivion clickbait of Facebook puppy and kitten pics and vids, most seem to believe it’s not actually happening, convinced that this veiled whitewash of alternative writers and wiping away of truth in reporting masked as an anti-hate claptrap is just normal. It was eight years ago that just one single phone call from the ADL to my spineless local 630AM talkshow programing director got me restricted, booted, and banned from that station with prejudice, blanketing me as “antisemite” and “holocaust denier,” all because I promoted and quoted on air the documentary film “Defamation”, made by an Israeli Jew, that was a major critique of Abe Foxman and the ADL, as well as its excellently documented reveal of the institutionalized brainwashing-tourism that is being done to otherwise innocent children around the world, an induction into pointless, Zionist hatred for all other races, especially “white” people. They have certainly defamed me and shut me down, have gotten me censored again and again, and continuously taint my good name… and yet I’m apparently the intolerable one? What’s more, this intolerable act of censorship somehow passes as neo-social justice instead of unlawful slander.

Here’s that film, well worth the watch, for those that wish to see the brainwashing cult in action, destroying the innocence of children around the world:


This inculturation of hate is happening to all children, even yours.
It’s called public education.

“Her family emigrated from Russia in the 19th century
because of the strong Zionist ideology.
The first Zionists came to Israel, or Palestine as it was then,


And so I tell you, the reader, once again, the only way my blog will be seen is if you personally share it, recopy it, email it, pass it on, play it forward, without any permission needed by me. Otherwise, this Zionist thought-police lobbyist regime wins. That said, I dedicate this particular blog entry to one Abe Foxman, that rat-bastard behind it all at the ADL, because Abe, once you cause a man to have and to hold nothing to lose, once you’ve fallaciously done what you’ve done to a man, you’ve made an enemy far greater than what he ever might have been when those possessions and misguided beliefs in the fairness and opportunities ahead of him held him back, and bided his tongue. Perhaps I should thank you for this sense of infamous freedom?

The only real difference between myself and Abe, ironically, is that I don’t hate this man, possessing only pity and sadness for him. I certainly don’t have the power to censor him or his organizations as they do mine own, a fact that tells you exactly who controls the mainstream outlets of news and entertainment media and supposed internet freedom. I can’t imagine living my life in such deceit and treachery to all “races” and “ethnicities” but my own eugenic cult, while at the same time having to constantly trick and deceive all of us common goyim of your feigned friendship, as if you’re our protector instead of our infiltrator.

But the truth is, without anti-semitism, there is no semitism. It’s not a real thing. Think about it, I’ve personally never heard the term semitism used without the prefix “anti” in front of it. So where do I find the semite or those acting as semites, remembering that semite is a term of science defined as Arab and other “races” (bloodlines), including the ancient (not modern) Hebrews, and that the term “Jew” was added to that description of semite quite recently for political purposes. Not once have I heard the Jewish race referred to as the semites. Not once have I ever heard a “Jew” referred to as a semite. Semitic language? Yes. But a race? No. Doesn’t exist. Go ahead. Look it up. I’ll wait. Any dictionary will do, or at lease any one not edited by Zionists.

You see, the sociopath must have enemies to have existence, to be recognized as that which is the victim of the enemies it pretends. When a group’s self-identity relies solely on promoting anti-semitism, that is, hatred of its own group, as the basis for its rallying cry and social/political identity, then that ethnic (language-based) groups’ Zionist promoters must therefore strive to keep that hate alive, even when it can’t be found in most places and common people. It must propagandize and promote its own self-hatred. So they create it. They attack themselves and blame it on their “enemies,” which ironically are the actual Arab semites, that is, non-Jews.

I speak Hebrew therefore I am a semite? By that logic, anyone in the world from any race or background can call themselves a semite! And so even the legitimacy of actual and accepted scientific classification is destroyed by these Zionist sociopaths.

The Anti-Defamation League does the opposite of its clever title, seeking out or creating false-flag anti-semitism wherever it can. It does this because Zionist leaders know that without at least the perception of hatred from all other peoples, the Jew has no identity, no ground to stand on, no reason to exist in title, and certainly no desire or perceived need to unite as a “Jewish” people (i.e. state). This is called inversion, the oldest trick in the book, and one often portrayed as that used by the Devil itself. And with today’s media technologies and reach, it’s working very well.

But what use is media without putting on a show?


Palestinians arrest al-Qaeda ‘poseurs’

The Palestinian Authority arrested a group of collaborators who confessed they were WORKING FOR ISRAELposing as al-Qaeda operatives in the Palestinian territories,” said the official, on condition of anonymity.

He said the alleged collaborators sought to “discredit the Palestinian people, justify every Israeli crime and provide reasons to carry out a new (military) aggression in the Gaza Strip.

 The arrests come two days after Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon charged al-Qaeda militants were operating in Gaza and in Lebanon.

It was considered a surprise because the Gaza Strip is virtually sealed off by Israeli troops. The hardline Israeli leader also charged other members of the terror group were cooperating with Lebanon’s Shi’ite militia Hizbollah.”

Meanwhile, Israeli troops backed by tanks and helicopter gunships swept into the Bureij refugee camp in the Gaza Strip yesterday, sparking a gun battle and killing 10 people, Palestinian witnesses and medics said.

Army officials said the troops had met fierce resistance in the three-hour pre-dawn incursion, which it said was intended to root out militants responsible for attacks on troops in Gaza in a more than two-year Palestinian uprising for independence.

Source: https://www.smh.com.au/world/middle-east/palestinians-arrest-al-qaeda-poseurs-20021208-gdfxof.html


Rinse, wash, repeat.

Funny, Hitler and the Nazi party was accused of using false flag terror too!

In other words, the Israeli Mossad actively participates in practices of severe, violent, and often deadly defamation of their political and religious enemies, by first posing as their own enemy so that government and military crimes may continue unwarranted, as a pretended response. Problem, reaction, solution. They must create the perception of a public enemy when one is not attacking them legitimately. Nothing new, really, but certainly a trick that has been overplayed and reported on many times. So many times, in fact, that a US military intelligence gathering center reported on the day before September 11, 2001 about the Mossad:

Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act.” —School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) report, about the the Israeli intelligence service MOSSAD, as reported in the Washington Post on September 10, 2001.


The point is that the purpose of the Anti-Defamation League is not to prevent defamation but to spread it, for the purposes of crushing dissenting views, and most importantly, the Truth about Zionism, the modern majority of secular-atheist Jews, Israel, and Palestine. And it will stop at nothing to fulfill its mission. It’s the protector of immorality.

Women’s March Leader Slams Jewish Group ADL, Claims It ‘Constantly Attacks Black People’

Tamika Mallory bashed the group and called her followers to boycott Starbucks after the coffee giant included ADL in its anti-bias training.

A Women’s March leader mired in controversy because of her association with the virulently anti-Semitic Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has attacked Starbucks for including the Anti-Defamation League among its advisers on bias.

Tamika Mallory in a tweet Tuesday evening accused the Jewish group of “constantly attacking black and brown people.”

Source: https://www.haaretz.com/us-news/women-s-march-leader-slams-starbucks-for-including-adl-in-training-1.6012252


Of course, Star-bucks (codename: dollars for Israel) is often shown to be one of the greatest contributors to the “state” of Israel, appearing often on boycott lists, and so this ADL infiltration should not at all be a surprise to anyone not bamboozled already by the brainwashing effect of “non-bias” education in public schools, media, and government policy.

For more information on how Zionist groups promoting hate and prejudice have infiltrated every platform and level (grade) of the American education system, creating the “anti-bias” or what I call virtual book-burning curriculum and lesson-plans to be taught through the internationally borne Common Core, including deep inside the government and its military classrooms, please see my sourced essays here:

United States And Its Military Now Rotten To The CORE: https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2013/10/21/united-states-and-its-military-now-rotten-to-the-core/

CORE: Making Children Stupider Around The World: https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2013/08/29/core-making-children-stupider-around-the-world/


Finally, when it was publicly found out that recent, multiple bomb-threats being foisted upon Jewish schools and other institutions were actually the work of an Israeli duel-citizen in the United States, thus effectively ruining the ability of the ADL and other powerful Jewish lobbies and news outlets to use those threats of violence against them as ammunition and for influencing policy-changes and other Zionist infiltrations based on false flag hate crimes, good old Abe was there to save the day and still managed to spin the facts to the benefit of international Zionism. Caught red-handed in this clandestine action, one of many documented incidences of Israeli Jews and Mossad agents posing as non-jews and even Arabs and middle-eastern Arab-based terrorist members, they blame it all on a brain tumor. LOL!

Watch the master Zionist propagandist Foxman at work playing the victim instead of the infiltrator…

“I’ve known Donald Trump for 35 years.”

The message before the public found out the terrorist was an Israeli Jew?
Anti-semitism is all around you. Have fear, but carry on and stay calm.
Without it, there’s no point in pretending to be a semite!

And after the truth is revealed?
Don’t jump to conclusions. Still have fear, carry on, and stay calm.
Anti-semitism is still all around you. They all still hate you, Jews.

No apologies for blaming a fictional “white supremesist” for what was in reality
the Zionist, Israeli-backed, false flag terrorism of a Jewish, Zionist supremesist.

The real question: What did Foxman and the ADL know
that we didn’t before the truth came out publicly?


Abe Foxman was National Director of the Anti-Defamation League from 1987 to 2015, and is currently the League’s National Director Emeritus. In March 2016, he became head of the Center for the Study of Anti-Semitism at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City. Will the real source of hatred, racial disparity, and defamation please stand up?

That’s your queue, Abe!

And now, on with the show…


Zionist Israeli Jews Have Become The New Nazi Party

Irony, especially when mixed with open, blatant hypocrisy, sometimes presents itself in strange ways as the events of history unfold so as to completely destroy the delusional foundational argument for such hypocritical groups to exist in the first place. So what happens when the supposed victim of terror can no longer hide the fact that it’s the actual, original terrorist?

If there is one thing Israel cries out for more than any other thing as its rallying cry, it’s the continued, uninterrupted, internationally (illegitimately) recognized and therefore secularly (legally) protected existence of the artificial, legal “state” of its Zionist self. But make no mistake, what has been formed from that foundational mold based on pretended victimhood and legitimate international exile is a bordered cesspool of absolute nepotism, despotism, hatred, and xenophobia. Zionist Elysium. What Israel has become is the most racist, eugenic-oriented, political model in the world, matching even its own historical narratives of that of its most demonized tormentors.

I urge you to view each of these videos before you can’t anymore, so as to understand the true nature behind the lie of the eternally victimized “Jew”. The parallels to Nazi Germany cannot be understated…

“It’s not too late. Start rounding up the infiltrators.
We don’t need to wait for the Supreme Court…”

“We’re (Jews are) racist because we want to preserve
our lives and our sanity. So I’m proud to be racist.
And it’s our right to be racist.”

“You (black Africans) should all be in camps,
not among us (jews) in the city.”

“Israel has vowed to remove some 38,000 illegal immigrants within months,
offering to pay them to leave.”

“More than 1,000 crossed the border into Israel each month,
until the Israeli army sealed the route with a fence in 2013.”

“If they grant me (deputy prime minister) all the tools
without exception, in less than a year, not a
single infiltrator will remain in the state of Israel.”

“Just a day after announcing a UN deal that would
resettle (TRANSFER) asylum seekers in Western countries like Canada,
Israel’s prime minister has just now cancelled the agreement altogether.”

“…his (the prime minister’s) Education Minister said the agreement
would allow Israel to become in his words an ‘infiltrators” paradise
using the word that many (Jews) here use for the asylum seekers.”

“What you see here along the Egyptian border is part of a bigger plan
by Israel to surround its entire territory with a high-tech fence.”

“The formidable barrier, which was completed in 2013,
all but choked off the flow of people (infiltrators, illegals, non-Jews)…
The aim of the project is to keep out what Benjamin Netanyahu,
the country’s right wing leader, calls the beasts in the 


So let us be clear, this is exactly what happened in Germany through the 1930’s and leading up to World War II, from the wall being built to the degradation of all “infiltrating” races and conditions. Same pig, different lipstick. In other words, Israel is emulating and practicing the policies and actions of Hitler and the Nazi party, the very demon they use as their excuse to “exist” as a Jewish state.

Inversely, we must view Zionist lobbies like the ADL in America and other nations, to see what they promote outside of Israel, which is the complete opposite of what they do. As Israel builds its fences and walls, it promotes the opposite for all other nations, open borders for all, not the least of all for the United States. And while in America these Jewish, Zionist lobbies demonize the United States for its porous but closed borders toward illegals from Central and South America, at the same time it hypocritically is finishing its own fences and walls to secure the borders of its illegitimately conquered eugenic-based territory, treating the Palestinians whose homes they “settled” (openly stole) as if they are the illegal ones, pretending Palestine somehow doesn’t really exist anymore, just as that part of Mexico that is now the United States somehow doesn’t exist anymore.

At the same time, Zionist lobbies like AIPAC and the ADL openly cheer, propagandize, and write policy for open boarders and promote citizenship for illegal occupiers, or what in its own Israeli state it calls as “infiltrators.”

According to its own website, the ADL “welcomes Administration and bipartisan Congressional support for reform that includes earned legalization with a path to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants already living in the United States, and states that US policymakers should support a pathway to earned citizenship for their neighbors who want nothing more than to come out of the shadows, to contribute to society, and to follow the rules without fear of deportation and separation from their loved ones.

Can the inversion be any thicker? In short, Israel has infiltrated American policy-making through the ADL and AIPAC, and as I have reported previously, is the creator of many policies and educational standards in US schools and universities, and even the military, not the least of which is its “holocaust education” program, the very program criticized in the movie Defamation. This hypocrisy is glaringly ridiculous even for the staunch supporter of Israel and the modern, so-called secular, Zionist Jew, the poor victims of racism and hatred. LOL! In truth, the international Zionists know two things for sure, that open boarders will destroy nations, including America, and that only by closing their own border can the “jewish” Zionist “state” be protected from “infiltrators” that refuse to adopt to Jewish culture, a Talmudic-based civil law, and of course a social-sanctioned antichrist, anti-Muslim religion.

But what is far less known to the public at large and seldom spoken about, due to the same fear and false-stigma of being called anti-semite or a holocaust denier, is the infamous Transfer Agreement. It was the actual “final solution” to the same exact “problem” happening in Israel, except in Germany it was called the “Jewish problem” instead of the “African, Black, Christian, or Muslim problem.” Hitler and the National Socialists, together in intention with the International Zionist Congress, formed an agreement to export (transfer) the Jews from Germany and into Palestine in order to begin the formation of a new “state” for exported Jews to populate. Seriously, just where do you think all the “Jews” came from to populate the new “state” of Israel? The problem was that those “Jews” in Germany preferentially identified themselves as Germans, not as Zionists Jews. Most knew that any political state for Jews would be against the Torah, or in other words, not built according to God’s Word. And so they had to be threatened and made afraid to stay in Germany, and yes, were even offered money to “transfer” to Palestine, lest this Zionist plot die before it started. Here again, we find the same thing happening in Israel today, where “Jews” internationally are paid to “transfer” to Israel.


Even 1% Jewish? Then go to Israel for Free, no Joke!

When my friend Dave told me about Birth Right a few years ago, I thought it sounded too good to be true. A 10 day free trip to Israel with airfare, hotels, and food all completely paid for?..No jew I knew would front that bill. Well, it was true, and a couple years back, just for being Jewish, I got to on one of the most fun, interesting and enlightening trips of my whole life… Birth Right is sponsored by Israel itself as well as some extremely wealthy Jews with the goal of building Jewish pride and support for the state of Israel. Of course there is a little brainwashing attempted, but its only fair, and it wasn´t that bad. They just talked about how being Jewish is more of a unique heritage than a religious devotion and how it’s important to preserve that heritage.

Source: http://www.theworldorbust.com/even-1-jewish-then-go-to-israel-for-free-no-joke/


Iran’s Jews reject cash offer to move to Israel

· Expats offer families £30,000 to emigrate
· Our identity is not for sale, say community leaders

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2007/jul/12/israel.iran


ALIYAH: Your journey back to Israel begins here.

The Jewish Agency for Israel helps Jews take greater ownership over their stories in a very special way: we bring them home. All Jews, no matter where they were born, are Israeli citizens by right. If you’ve ever considered making the move to Israel, let us light the way.

Source: https://www.jewishagency.org/aliyah/


Think about that for a moment… imagine a communist Chinese Agency that specialized in paying US citizens to expatriate to China? The difference? When you move to Israel, for some completely insane reason, this is one of the few countries that the United States allows duel-citizenship with. Duel-citizenship. Allegiance to two foreign nations from each other? But it’s ok, we are friends of Israel. No problem. Why not just call duel Israeli citizenship with the US as what it is, a spy ring for Israel without sanction or consequence?

Just to be clear, as some in the alternative, patriot mythos out there believe there is a tangible difference between a national of and a citizen of the United States, let’s read government’s opinion instead:

Section 101(a)(22) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) states that “the term ‘national of the United States’ means (A) a citizen of the United States, or (B) a person who, though not a citizen of the United States, owes permanent allegiance to the United States.Therefore, U.S. citizens are also U.S. nationals. Non-citizen nationality status refers only individuals who were born either in American Samoa or on Swains Island to parents who are not citizens of the United States. The concept of dual nationality means that a person is a national of two countries at the same time. Each country has its own nationality laws based on its own policy. Persons may have dual nationality by automatic operation of different laws rather than by choice. For example, a child born in a foreign country to U.S. national parents may be both a U.S. national and a national of the country of birth. Or, an individual having one nationality at birth may naturalize at a later date in another country and become a dual national…

Dual nationals owe allegiance to both the United States and the foreign country. They are required to obey the laws of both countries, and either country has the right to enforce its laws. It is important to note the problems attendant to dual nationality. Claims of other countries upon U.S. dual-nationals often place them in situations where their obligations to one country are in conflict with the laws of the other. In addition, their dual nationality may hamper efforts of the U.S. Government to provide consular protection to them when they are abroad, especially when they are in the country of their second nationality.

Source: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/legal/travel-legal-considerations/Advice-about-Possible-Loss-of-US-Nationality-Dual-Nationality/Dual-Nationality.html


So, in other words, in dealing with a Jew, the only thing that has changed is that now the Jew has a legal citizenship to a Jewish “state” instead of just being a nomadic citizen infiltrator into all other states, but their allegiance to “Israel” as a people before legal incorporation into a state hasn’t changed at all. The Jewish civil law (Talmud) hasn’t changed. What they do for or to America they do for Israel, as we’ve heard it said many times before.

And just whose land and home will these paid, imported “Jews” from other countries move into? We all know the answer. The term”settlement” is code for the militarily-protected theft of Palestinian/Arab (that is, actual semite) land and property.

So as to understand that the exact same intention of the Nazi (National Socialist) Party in Germany at the time of this Transfer Agreement and world war is today the same exact popular opinion of so-called Israeli Jews today, we must understand what really happened to all those Jews that were an unwelcome burden on the finally recovered, German economy after its social and economic destruction from World War I. The following is an excerpt from “The Jewish Declaration of War on Nazi Germany – The Economic Boycott of 1933”, from The Barnes Review, by M. Raphael Johnson, Ph.D…


To the Zionist leaders, Hitler’s assumption of power held out the possibility of a flow of Jewish immigrants to Palestine. Previously,the majority of German Jews, who identified themselves as Germans, had little sympathy with the Zionist cause of promoting the ingathering of world Jewry to Palestine. But the Zionists saw that only the anti-Semitic Hitler was likely to push the anti-Zionist German Jews into the arms of Zionism.

For all the modern-day wailing by worldwide supporters of Israel (not to mention the Israelis themselves) about “the Holocaust”, they neglect to mention that making the situation in Germany as uncomfortable for the Jews as possiblein cooperation with German National Socialismwas part of the plan.

Note to readers of this article who can also read German: a booklet discussing the emigration of Jews from Third Reich Germany, and the Transfer Agreement that facilitated their emigration, may be found here!

This was the genesis of the so-called Transfer Agreement, the agreement between Zionist Jews and the National Socialist government to transfer German Jewry to Palestine.

According to Jewish historian Walter Laqueur and many others, German Jews were far from convinced that immigration to Palestine was the answer. Furthermore, although the majority of German Jews refused to consider the Zionists as their political leaders, it is clear that Hitler protected and cooperated with the Zionists for the purposes of implementing the final solution: the mass transfer of Jews to the Middle East.

Edwin Black, in his massive tome The Transfer Agreement (Macmillan, 1984), stated that although most Jews did not want to flee to Palestine at all, due to the Zionist movement’s influence within Nazi Germany a Jew’s best chance of getting out of Germany was by emigrating to Palestine. In other words, the Transfer Agreement itself mandated that Jewish capital (money) could only go to Palestine (nowhere else).

Thus, according to the Zionists, a Jew could leave Germany only if he went to the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean/Palestine area).

It was one thing for the Zionists to subvert the anti-Nazi boycott. Zionism needed to transfer out the capital of German Jews, and merchandise was the only available medium. But soon Zionist leaders understood that the success of the future Jewish Palestinian economy would be inextricably bound up with the survival of the Nazi economy. So the Zionist leadership was compelled to go further. The German economy would have to be safeguarded, stabilized, and if necessary reinforced. Hence, the Nazi party and the Zionist organizers shared a common stake in the recovery of Germany….

The result was the understanding that Zionism would have to ally itself with National Socialism, so that the German government would not impede the flow of Jewish capital out of the country.

It served the Zionist interests at the time that Jews be loud in their denunciations of German practices against the Jews to scare them into the Levant, but, on the other hand, Laqueur states that “The Zionists became motivated not to jeopardize the German economy or currency.” In other words, the Zionist leadership of the Jewish Diaspora was one of subterfuge and underhandedness, with only the advent of German hostility towards Jewry convincing the world’s Jews that immigration was the only escape.

The fact is that the ultimate establishment of the state of Israel was based on fraud. The Zionists did not represent anything more than a small minority of German Jews in 1933.

On the one hand, the Zionist fathers of Israel wanted loud denunciations of Germany’s “cruelties” to the world’s Jews while at the same time demanding moderation so that the National Socialist government would remain stable, financially and politically. Thus Zionism boycotted the (1933) boycott.

For all intents and purposes, the National Socialist government was the best thing to happen to Zionism in its history, for it “proved” to many Jews that Europeans were irredeemably anti-Jewish and that Palestine was the only answer: Zionism came to represent the overwhelming majority of Jews solely by trickery and cooperation with Adolf Hitler.

For the Zionists, both the denunciations of German policies towards Jews (to keep Jews frightened), plus the reinvigoration of the German economy (for the sake of final resettlement) was imperative for the Zionist movement. Ironically, today the Zionist leaders of Israel complain bitterly about the horrific and inhuman regime of the National Socialists. So the fraud continues.

–End Excerpt


If we are to be honest, today’s Israeli citizens calling themselves as “Jews” are about as ill-informed on their own actual history as are Americans, and are about as unfamiliar with their religion as American “Christians” are with the Bible and Its Law. Ignorance is the conquerer of people. Ignorance is the foundation of nations (goyim holding companies).

Now, one might suddenly find a deliciously ridiculous irony today while coming out from under the “final solution” holocaust brainwashing programs that the ADL and other lobbies have gotten placed into public schools and universities, and even the military. The truth is that today in the illegitimate Zionist state of “Israel” these so-called persecuted “jews” have essentially become the quintessential model of that old National Socialist party, as they openly seek to put black Africans in concentration camps and to transfer them violently from that part of Palestine they so violently stole almost 60 years ago, spreading like a disease through outright theft of Palestinian lands and through absolute military oppression. This irony and the hypocrisy that it serves is so thick you could cut it with a knife.

Meanwhile, this legal terrorism and theft is happening every day:

Now you know where 3 billion in US funds are going,
not to mention all the duped Christians that
financially donate to such causes without understanding.

“The Palestinians in the east didn’t want to be part of this new country that they had just been annexed into…”

“Palestinians in East Jerusalem don’t want Israeli citizenship. They were annexed against their will into a country that doesn’t recognize their full rights.”

Do you see?
This is exactly how the German “Jews” felt before
they were violently transferred against their will to Palestine.

English military forces did this, not Jews. Why?
To reclaim that land for the royal family.

“British duplicity, British double-dealing, went a long way to perpetuate the conflict in Palestine.”

“During the first world war, the British, the French, and the Russians had these secret plans to carve up the Ottoman Empire, because they believed that would balance out their imperial ambitions, but tough luck for the Turks, the Arabs, and anyone else who got in the way.”

“Certainly all the seeds were planted then in the sense that it was the British who promised the Arabs independence on the one hand, and a Jewish homeland on the other, and could not simply reconcile one with the other.”

“Baron Rothschild once said of the project, without me, the Zionists could have done nothing. But without the Zionists, my work would have been dead.”

Money, indeed, is the root of and behind all evil, the life-blood and currency of devils.
But propaganda like this makes money appear as God-given, its changers like God’s chosen.
Make no mistake, it was the changers of money (mammon) that conquered Palestine.

“19 stripes of orthodoxy…”

“About 3/4 of Israeli’s are Jewish, but most of these are SECULAR JEWS, NON-PRACTICING.”

“And the rabbis are almost like pop stars. They have their own following…”


Inversely, I attempted to make the point that the opposite oppression, theft, and military presence simply cannot be found when it comes to the enemies of the Zionist, Jewish “settlers”. In other words, the Palestinians have no military presence, have no soldiers to help them harm Jews, and have no governmental power to prevent absolute crimes against them.

For better understanding of the plight of the real semites, the Arab and black African population of former (rightful) Palestine, see my essay here: https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2014/11/12/searching-for-palestinian-soldiers/

What is a non-practicing Jew? Is this an oxymoron, or a harsh, culturally xenophobic, hidden truth? Is Jewishness something that must be practiced, like Christianity, in order to be called a Jew? Apparently not. Essentially, Christians are supporting an almost completely secular, atheist state. Why? Because they are Jews? Non-practicing Jews. That’s would be like creating a Veterans center for non-serving vets. Vets that never served (practiced) in the military. That’s just not possible. I can’t be a non-practicing American, now can I? And that’s because Jewish identity isn’t real, its imaginary. It’s a front for persons participating in a cult of mass eugenics. It’s based on a lie, not race nor religion. The truth is that they don’t even know what they are!

The only way this question of what is a non-practicing Jew can be answered is to understand that Jews are not what you think they are nor what they think they are, and that as long as you continue to equate Jews as friendly to Christians and Christianity instead of as antichrist (opposed to Christianity except through trickery and deceit), then the trickery and international infiltration will continue, and Christians and US citizens will unwittingly continue to monetarily (in mammon) support that which is antichrist. To support Israel is to support crimes against humanity, theft of estates held for generations by innocent Arab families, and worst of all is to declare that a Jew (Ἰουδαῖοι) is not what the Bible warns us it is.

Please read the lexicon for Jew here: https://www.blueletterbible.org/lang/lexicon/lexicon.cfm?Strongs=G2453&t=KJV

Notice that in this Bible lexicon entry, the term “Jewish” refers to being “joined to nouns (names),” and that the word shem, as the tribe or generation of shem, means name. Jews are the tribe of those that are joined by names (nouns), just as the Royal families. They are one in the same, an artificial, incorporated “family” joined by meticulously charted, genealogically kept names. This term also refers to Jewishness (adjective) as being before the exile, whereas the Jew (noun) or Ἰουδαῖοι is descriptive of Jews after the exile, all the Israelites (cf. Wright in B. D. under the word )), the Jews… who live in foreign lands, among the Gentiles. In other words, these are not the same people. They are literally Jewish by name (noun), not by action, not by faith, not by race, not by spirituality… only through secular means. They are about as Jewish as the royal families are actually followers of Christ, that is, not at all. It’s all for show. Their identity and authority is based only upon their name (noun/flattering title). I cannot tell you how important this is to understand. 

For my full breakdown using only Jewish sources on what exactly is a Jew, please listen here: https://corporationnationradioarchives.wordpress.com/2017/10/22/red-pill-sunday-school-episode-6-october-22-2017/

You think this isn’t happening in America? You think the same Zionist influences aren’t perched right now in the highest places as your own burden? Think my censorship could have come from any other organized group? Think Christian prosperity preaching isn’t Zionism by another name (noun)? Think when you donate to Jewish organizations your money isn’t going to expand and steal the land and property that is anciently considered “Greater Israel” by Zionist Jews, another name for new Babylon, which is wholly against the New Testament of Christ?

Now, let’s be clear, the secular “Jews” (by name only) that inhabit Zionist Israel are acting exactly as they insistently and institutionally portray the German citizens as acting during the 1930’s and 40’s. And the biggest Zionist shill of them all is your acting president in the United States:

Trump signs declaration recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over disputed Golan Heights

Zionism to the extreme.
Presidential front-runner speaks to pro-Israel audience at AIPAC.

Christians United For Israel? Is this a practical joke? Yes!

Careful, this snake dresses as a sheep but is a ravenous, Zionist wolf.

Listen closely, for there is no mention of Christ here.
There is no support for Christianity here, except in trickery for its support of Israel.
There’s no reading from the New (Christian) Testament,
only the Old testament, the Jewish Law, the Torah is spoken of.
There are no shared values in any way.
The PM’s message is religious tolerance, the tolerance of Christians for antichrist Jews.
This is not what the Bible or Jesus Christ teaches or exemplifies.

“The first book of Samuel tells the story of Israel’s transition from a theocracy,
or state ruled by a religious leader, to a monarchy, or state ruled by a political leader.
Israel starts out as a nation of loosely affiliated tribes led by priests and religious heroes,
but it becomes a nation-state led by a centralized king.”


What the PM fails to mention here is that it’s the very fact that those tribes of what was true Israel (a people following God’s Law) were not legalized under secular law into a government, and that this fact is what made them Israelites, that they did not subscribe to the legalist law over God’s Law. In essence, Netanyahu admits here that the modern, legal, secular “state” of Israel has nothing to do with what was once called the Israelites – a people of God. Israel is not a theocracy, but a state ruled by a political leader, or in other words, modern Israel represents the state of Jews that are the fallen Israelites.

Israel… the only democracy in the middle east? That’s why America should protect it? LOL! You really need to be ignorant of history to believe that line of BS. Actually, the founding fathers of America where vehemently opposed to democracy in every way. But Democracy, according to its Marxist, communist, and Zionist promoters is the key to turning any nation towards socialism, next step communism. Communitarianism. I’ve posted these relevant quotes absolutely against democracy many times on this blog, and of course Plato in his five regimes essay lists democracy as the last step before tyranny. Yet always at the top of the regime cycle we find some religious, spiritually-based reason for an aristocracy to rule. Israel is not immune, obviously, from Plato’s views on the political degradation of all societies into democracy followed by anarchy (lawlessness) and despotism.

Israel (a corporation, an artificial person) apparently has the right to defend itself, but Palestinians do not. Why? Because Trump is obviously a Zionist. As Joe Biden publicly stated in his support for that illegitimate state, “you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist.” Hey, if Israel is legitimate, why does it need a dictator like Trump and the American and English militaries to conquer and declare it as such? Why is it still labeled as an “occupied territory” according to the United Nations if Palestine doesn’t exist? The answer should be obvious. But oh, the propaganda…

And so we see these secularist, ADL brainwashed Jews of today, who base their whole identity on suffering, torment, hatred, and persecution, now committing the same eugenic, racially motivated crimes against humanity that they claim make themselves as self-identified Jews. And by this utter self-deceit and false historical narrative they are justifying the same exact behavior (if not worse) that they claim was put upon their ancestors. In fact, without that completely exaggerated Jewish holocaust history that somehow completely dismisses the Transfer Agreement, there would be no Jewish identity, and therefore no hostile Zionist takeover of the lands England has desired to re-aquire since the 1200’s when it lost its “Kingdom of Jerusalem” in the first place. Jews didn’t take the land, English forces did, as shown in the documentary above. And only then could Hitler’s and International Zionism’s final solution transfer agreement be fulfilled, the transfer of international Jewry as political pawns into Palestine as justification for the erection of the false, illegitimate, secular state of Israel. And yet here the Zionist-influenced Israeli Jews are doing the same exact thing, forcibly transferring out their unwanted black refugees because, as the Jews did in Germany and so many other countries they infiltrated, they are trying to preserve a now 6 decade old facade of culture based on lies and self-deceit, while demonizing all other cultures, colors, and creeds that seek the same thing.

For your consideration, this purposefully managed and directed migration of Jews was the genesis and ultimate goal of what was called the Transfer Agreement, an agreement between Zionist Jews and the National Socialist government to transfer German and German occupied Jewry to Palestine as the final solution.


Shoah Resource Center, The International School for Holocaust Studies

Extract from the Speech by Hitler, January 30, 1939:


…In connection with the Jewish question I have this to say: it is a shameful spectacle to see how the whole democratic world is oozing sympathy for the poor tormented Jewish people, but remains hard-hearted and obdurate when it comes to helping them which is surely, in view of its attitude, an obvious duty. The arguments that are brought up as an excuse for not helping them actually speak for us Germans and Italians.

For this is what they say:

1. We,” that is the democracies, “are not in a position to take in the Jews.” Yet in these empires there are not 10 people to the square kilometerWhile Germany, with her 135 inhabitants to the square kilometer, is supposed to have room for them!

2. They assure us: We cannot take them unless Germany is prepared to allow them a certain amount of capital to bring with them as immigrants.

For hundreds of years Germany was good enough to receive these elements, although they possessed nothing except infectious political and physical diseases. What they possess today, they have by a very large extent gained at the cost of the less astute German nation by the most reprehensible manipulations.

Today we are merely paying this people what it deserves. When the German nation was, thanks to the inflation instigated and carried through by Jews,deprived of the entire savings which it had accumulated in years of honest workwhen the rest of the world took away the German nation’s foreign investmentswhen we were divested of the whole of our colonial possessions, these philanthropic considerations evidently carried little noticeable weight with democratic statesmen.

Today I can only assure these gentlemen that, thanks to the brutal education with which the democracies favored us for fifteen years, we are completely hardened to all attacks of sentiment. After more than eight hundred thousand children of the nation had died of hunger and undernourishment at the close of the War, we witnessed almost one million head of milking cows being driven away from us in accordance with the cruel paragraphs of a dictate which the humane democratic apostles of the world forced upon us as a peace treaty. We witnessed over one million German prisoners of war being retained in confinement for no reason at all for a whole year after the War was ended. We witnessed over one and a half million Germans being torn away from all that they possessed in the territories lying on our frontiers, and being whipped out with practically only what they wore on their backs. We had to endure having millions of our fellow countrymen torn from us without their consent, and without their being afforded the slightest possibility of existence. I could supplement these examples with dozens of the most cruel kind. For this reason we ask to be spared all sentimental talk. The German nation does not wish its interests to be determined and controlled by any foreign nation. France to the French, England to the English, America to the Americans, and Germany to the GermansWe are resolved to prevent the settlement in our country of a strange people which was capable of snatching for itself all the leading positions in the land, and to oust it. For it is our will to educate our own nation for these leading positions. We have hundreds of thousands of very intelligent children of peasants and of the working classes. We shall have them educatedin fact we have already begun and we wish that one day they, and not the representatives of an alien race, may hold the leading positions in the State together with our educated classes. Above all, German culture, as its name alone shows, is German and not Jewish, and therefore its management and care will be entrusted to members of our own nation. If the rest of the world cries out with a hypocritical mien against this barbaric expulsion from Germany of such an irreplaceable and culturally eminently valuable element, we can only be astonished at the conclusions they draw from this situation. For how thankful they must be that we are releasing these precious apostles of culture, and placing them at the disposal of the rest of the world. In accordance with their own declarations they cannot find a single reason to excuse themselves for refusing to receive this most valuable race in their own countries. Nor can I see a reason why the members of this race should be imposed upon the German nation, while in the States, which are so enthusiastic about thesesplendid people,” their settlement should suddenly be refused with every imaginable excuse. I think that the sooner this problem is solved the better; for Europe cannot settle down until the Jewish question is cleared up. It may very well be possible that sooner or later an AGREEMENT on this problem may be reached in Europe, even between those nations which otherwise do not so easily come together.

The world has sufficient space for settlementsbut we must once and for all get rid of the opinion that the Jewish race was only created by God for the purpose of being in a certain percentage a parasite living on the body and the productive work of other nationsThe Jewish race will have to adapt itself to sound constructive activity as other nations do, or sooner or later it will succumb to a crisis of an inconceivable magnitude.

One thing I should like to say on this day which may be memorable for others as well as for us Germans: In the course of my life I have very often been a prophet, and have usually been ridiculed for it. During the time of my struggle for power it was in the first instance the Jewish race which only received my prophecies with laughter when I said that I would one day take over the leadership of the State, and with it that of the whole nation, and that I would then among many other things settle the Jewish problem. Their laughter was uproarious, but I think that for some time now they have been laughing on the other side of their face. Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the Bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!

The nations are no longer willing to die on the battlefield so that this unstable international race may profiteer from a war or satisfy its Old Testament vengeance. The Jewish watchwordWorkers of the world unitewill be conquered by a higher realization, namelyWorkers of all classes and of all nations, recognize your common enemy!”

Source: N.H. Baynes, ed., The Speeches of Adolf Hitler, I, London, 1942, pp. 737-741. See Document 4.


And so the Jews were transferred and reformed into a parasitic “state” called Israel. They did not take the advice of Hitler. They continue to parasite off of other nations, building massive spying technology corporations as a strange bedfellow and “unbreakable” partner of the United States. None of this makes sense, that is, unless you are a Zionist. Without the United States and its yearly billions of free money, grants, and investments, Israel would fall tomorrow. And that tells you that Zionism is not merely influencing but running the three branches of the government of United States!

Dare I state the truth here, that what these internationally organized Zionist Jews have today, both in corporate municipal Israel and elsewhere, equals what Hitler said long ago, that they have by a very large extent gained at the cost of the less astute German nation by the most reprehensible manipulations? Dare I quote Hitler here and be allowed to exist? Am I to be labeled as anti-semite or holocaust denier because I seek the truth and recognize that the real holocaust deniers are apparently manifesting themselves as the Zionist-brainwashed and inculturated Jews occupying Palestine and calling it “Israel” against even the Judaic orthodoxy of God’s Law and Will in every way possible? Shall I refer the reader again to Hitler’s words above, For how thankful they must be that we are releasing these precious apostles of culture, and placing them at the disposal of the rest of the world. In other words, they didn’t kill the Jews as the Zionist propagandists continuously declare in every media outlet and movie possible. They transferred them to Palestine, just as today the Zionist, Israeli Jews are making it extremely dangerous and uncomfortable for Black African refugees to remain in Israel, and either paying them or forcibly removing them into camps while they wait to be transferred out. It’s the same Zionist, Nazi transfer agreement, but inverted for the benefit of the Zionist “state” against its own “infiltrators”. Again, the irony is like a bad fart here. Is it not the worst kind of denial of one’s own political identity to ignore and then repeat every atrocious aspect and public opinion of what Hitler and the National Socialist Germany did to Jews through cooperation with the International Zionists? Do these “Jews” not see that they have literally and in every possible way manifested Hitler’s policies by their own actions against another race? 

You tell me, after reading the above statements and viewing those documentary clips… what is the difference between a Zionist influenced Israeli Jew and a National Socialist influenced German?

And riddle me this… what part of Hitler’s genuine concern for the fate of these international Jews is not clear? His warnings are unmistakable. He speaks of a select group of international Jewish (Zionist) financiers that were then and are now plunging us all into a new world war situation, in an effort towards the Bolshevization of the Earth, which can lead to only two outcomes… either the nations once again expel the Jews as a common enemy and refuse them nationhood to protect and preserve peace through the dismantling of Israel and expulsion of the international Zionists from their infiltration of national governments, or we suffer the same fate as the common Russian farm-based populace did under the Jewish-led Red Army, the real holocaust, leading to the murder of 10’s of millions of innocent men, women, and children under the banner of furthering Jewish, communist interests.

Claiming Jewishness is not a race, it is not a religion, it is not a family. It is a protectionist cult of antichrist behavior incompatible with all other nations, just as the Bible lexicons and concordances clearly define it. The average Jew, according to polls, is an atheist, and so pretending that Jewishness or being and Israeli citizen is a religious action or friendly towards Christianity in any way is blatantly ridiculous, a Zionist lie. It requires ignorance, or better yet, a Zionist bent and influence over the education systems of the world. Just look at these Jewish headlines:


Israel Among the Least Religious Countries in the World

Only 30% of Israelis say they are religious, survey finds;
Thailand is most religious country in the world and China is the least…
with just 30 percent saying they are religious and 65 percent
saying they are either not religious or convinced atheists

Source: https://www.haaretz.com/israel-china-among-least-religious-nations-1.5350737


Why So Many Jews Are Atheists

Real cause of overwhelming Jewish atheistic tendencies seems to be
tragic ignorance of Judaism’s most profound teachings and ideas.

Source: https://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3809043,00.html


Jewish Atheism And Jewish Theism: The Data And The Dilemma

American Judaism has a God problem.
Actually, and paradoxically, it seems to have two God problems.
One is Jewish atheism. The other is Jewish theism.

Source: https://www.judaismandscience.com/jewish-atheism-and-jewish-theism-the-data-and-the-dilemma/


You see, what hitler was warning these Jews about was not his intention to gas them into oblivion, but rather that it was and still is their very open and obvious antichrist behavior that purposefully and doctrinally goes against the Christian and Muslim founded nations, of which the international Jew was and still is pretending citizenship under. To be clear, the reason that Hitler and for that matter all other Christian-based Nations did not want the Jew to infiltrate and become a powerful player in their governments is the same exact reason that American congresses of the past vehemently refused freemasons and Mormons from becoming congressmen and presidents, including the family of Mitt Romney, because the members of these non-religious corporate structures, these societies and keepers of their own secrets, must take an oath to hold, protect, and benefit that cult over that of the nation they pretend to serve. What a Mormon or freemason (or duel-Israeli citizen) does is for the good of the brotherhood, not the nation, unless the goals of the brotherhood are the same as the nation, which of course become more similar the more masons or Mormons gain political power in the nation. It is no secret, and is in fact a common rhetorical statement, that what a Jew does in America is for Israel, not America, except when America’s goal is the protection, financial support, or furtherance of Israel and the Babylonian Mosaic, Noahide, antichrist law. This is not something that can be debated once a tiny bit of due diligence is accomplished.

I could go on here, listing the inordinate amount of both self-ascribed “Jews” and those related by blood to them in positions of power, as CEO’s of the worst corporations, as heads of media, banking, finance, and government, but you’ve no doubt heard it all before and have probably heard the Zionist lobbies deny these provable facts at every turn. To pretend American politics and business is not infiltrated by this brood is not even a conception worth mentioning here, except to say that only this institutionalized ignorance can cause it all to continue. This is not a race, nor a religion. It’s nothing more or less than a eugenic system of organized crime pretending to be the same ancient tribes of yesteryear. A modern Jew is and can only be what it is defined as in the Bible, the fallen Israelite, no longer bound to God or Its Law, and antichrist (opposed to the New Testament in every instance it fulfills and corrects the Old Testament Law of the Jews).

The point here is only to discredit the discreditors, to reveal the real infiltrators, and to delegitimize the very mythological tale of the Zionist Jew in Israel and internationally as anything historical or legitimate. You are vastly becoming worse than what you portray the Nazis as doing unto you. There are many religious yahoodim of today that refuse to be part of the legal fiction called secular Israel, be it religious Biblical objections or the cultural, moral rectitude they have by being citizens of those foreign countries. And even within Israel that orthodoxy that remains opposed to secular Israel’s crimes against humanity and irreconcilable differences from the Bible are labeled as “extremists” for their positions — atheist false “Jews” censoring other Jews.

And so Mr. Foxman of the ADL, you transparent fraud, though I can’t say that I look forward to your and your criminal organizations’ continued, clandestine censorship, blacklisting, and shadow-banning of my name and works, I can certainly send a big SCREW YOU by exposing you to the few that I can still reach through word of mouth and that still care to learn here on my little politically ousted and capsized platform today. Hell has a lovely place reserved for you and your defaming brood.

And to those calling themselves as Israelites and pretending Jew is the same word, wake the hell up. You are not acting as nor qualified to call yourselves by such a holy term as Hebrew or Israelite. You are merely the ignorant goyim of the legal (anti-God) state of Israel, same as any other nation ruled by those European royal families (tribes of the name/shem). Your legal (artificial) citizenship to a secular municipal corporation in the desert does not cause you to be magically transformed into an ancient, spiritual, God-fearing people that you have no relationship to in the first place, as you beat and steal the lands and property of those arabs that are actually “semite” by definition, and who have more in common with the actual bloodlines of the ancient Israelites than you ever will.

Try doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you, lest you find yourselves exactly as Hitler warned and as your grandparents found themselves, persecuted and without a homeland once again. After all, that is what you are doing to others today. You remain the Jewish problem, not the solution. May Karma, if it exists, bite you squarely upon the ass, or may you become true sons of God in order to overcome these Zionist parasites and therefore not be forced to reap the horrific spiritual and physical backlash you’ve sowed upon all others.

Peace out!


Clint richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
Sunday, September 15th, 2019


Your Child Is Retarded, Not Autistic, And Here’s Why

Yeah, yeah, before the brave new world order social justice hate speech newspeak fucknut manifests out from under your multiple personality syndrome-induced social media reeducated persona, I advise you to read the following information before succumbing to such manipulative media conditioning. Because the more you ignore the actual problem, the more retarded we all will become.

In researching for my upcoming documentary, I have come to understand that this is not only a war on our mind, body, and soul, but a battle of words.

I remember the time period, without recalling when or where it actually began, when the word “retarded” was systematically removed from the English language and labeled as some sort of hate speech or improper terminology to describe otherwise retarded people, especially kids. Anyone that grew up in my generation knew what that word meant and exactly who fell under that label. And while it was used as an insult like any other word for “normally” functioning kids as well, we understood the difference and weren’t afraid to use it. A rose by any other name is still a rose, it is said, and I dare say in this day and age that a retarded kid is still a retarded kid by any other name… including “autistic.”

Autism. The flowery term that nobody can quite define and which replaced the classics like retarded, deformed, handicapped, and harmed. Autism. How dare we call them anything else but by this non-binary term of normalization and non-hate. What idiots we truly are.

So I decided to ask the question, why? Why did retardation suddenly become a bad word, a hateful term? Why were we entrained and brainwashed into not using this perfectly descriptive term of nature to describe a condition that is obviously not in harmony with nature or normal functionality? Oh, sorry, am I not supposed to use the word normal now? Is it normality-challenged? Or is it that we are so unhealthy from diet, drugs, and vaccines that there is no comparatively normal state of health to utilize as a guidepost anymore?

Let’s cut to the chase…

A better question to answer is this: Who benefits? Who receives the advantage when a word like retarded is suddenly stripped from the proper verbiage and use of the common language. Most would answer with the classic excuse, to protect the children. Bullshit. If anything, this ignorance of the facts has caused more harm to children, as is evidenced in health statistics. So what about pharmaceutical companies? Legal, licensed drug pushers? You know, the ones that came up with the “ask your doctor if this poison is right for you” marketing strategy? In the end, what possible benefit could be had by removing the general term “retarded” and replacing it with quite specific, non-provable psychiatrical terms of art like “autism” and “Attention Deficit Disorder” and thousands of other mental or physical retardations by any other name?

Let me show you.

From the CDC.gov website for vaccine side effects, we read:

Possible Side-effects from Vaccines

Any vaccine can cause side effects. For the most part these are minor (for example, a sore arm or low-grade fever) and go away within a few days. Listed below are vaccines licensed in the United States and side effects that have been associated with each of them. This information is copied directly from CDC’s Vaccine Information Statements (VISs), which in turn are derived from the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendationsfor each vaccine.

Remember, vaccines are continually monitored for safety, and like any medication, vaccines can cause side effects. However, a decision not to immunize a child also involves risk and could put the child and others who come into contact with him or her at risk of contracting a potentially deadly disease.

What are the risks from DTaP vaccine?

    • Long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness, or permanent brain damage happen extremely rarely after DTaP vaccination.

As with any medicine, there is a very remote chance of a vaccine causing a severe allergic reaction, other serious injury, or death.

What are the risks from inactivated influenza vaccine?

    • There may be a small increased risk of Guillain-Barré Syndrome (GBS) after inactivated flu vaccine…
    • Young children who get the flu shot along with pneumococcal vaccine (PCV13), and/or DTaP vaccine at the same time might be slightly more likely to have a seizure caused by fever. Ask your doctor for more information. Tell your doctor if a child who is getting flu vaccine has ever had a seizure.

As with any medicine, there is a very remote chance of a vaccine causing a serious injury or death.

What are the risks from MMR vaccine?

Moderate events:

      • Seizure (jerking or staring) often associated with fever
      • Temporary pain and stiffness in the joints, mostly in teenage or adult women
      • Temporary low platelet count, which can cause unusual bleeding or bruising
      • Rash all over body

Severe events occur very rarely:

      • Deafness
      • Long-term seizures, coma, or lowered consciousness
      • Brain damage

What are the risks from MMRV vaccine?

Moderate events:

      • Seizure (jerking or staring) often associated with fever
        • The risk of these seizures is higher after MMRV than after separate MMR and chickenpox vaccines when given as the first dose of the series. Your doctor can advise you about the appropriate vaccines for your child.
      • Temporary low platelet count, which can cause unusual bleeding or bruising
      • Infection of the lungs (pneumonia) or the brain and spinal cord coverings (encephalitis, meningitis)
      • Rash all over the body

If your child gets a rash after vaccination, it might be related to the varicella component of the vaccine. A child who has a rash after MMRV vaccination might be able to spread the varicella vaccine virus to an unprotected person. Even though this happens very rarely, children who develop a rash should stay away from people with weakened immune systems and unvaccinated infants until the rash goes away. Talk with your health care provider to learn more.

Severe events have very rarely been reported following MMR vaccination, and might also happen after MMRV. These include:

      • Deafness
      • Long-term seizures, coma, lowered consciousness
      • Brain damage

What are the risks from meningococcal vaccines?

As many as half of the people who get meningococcal ACWY vaccine have mild problems following vaccination, such as redness or soreness where the shot was given.

What are the risks from rabies vaccine?

A vaccine, like any medicine, is capable of causing serious problems, such as severe allergic reactions. The risk of a vaccine causing serious harm, or death, is extremely small. Serious problems from rabies vaccine are very rare.

Mild problems

      • soreness, redness, swelling, or itching where the shot was given (30% – 74%)
      • headache, nausea, abdominal pain, muscle aches, dizziness (5% – 40%)

Moderate problems

      • hives, pain in the joints, fever (about 6% of booster doses)

Other nervous system disorders, such as Guillain Barré syndrome (GBS), have been reported after rabies vaccine, but this happens so rarely that it is not known whether they are related to the vaccine.

NOTE: Several brands of rabies vaccine are available in the United States, and reactions may vary between brands. Your provider can give you more information about a particular brand.

What are the risks from rotavirus vaccine?

Serious problems following rotavirus vaccine:

      • Intussusception is a type of bowel blockage that is treated in a hospital, and could require surgery. It happens “naturally” in some babies every year in the United States, and usually there is no known reason for it.There is also a small risk of intussusception from rotavirus vaccination, usually within a week after the 1st or 2ndvaccine dose. This additional risk is estimated to range from about 1 in 20,000 to 1 in 100,000 US infants who get rotavirus vaccine. Your doctor can give you more information.

What are the risks from chickenpox vaccine?

More serious events following chickenpox vaccination are rare. They can include:

      • Seizure (jerking or staring) often associated with fever
      • Infection of the lungs (pneumonia) or the brain and spinal cord coverings (meningitis)
      • Rash all over the body

A person who develops a rash after chickenpox vaccination might be able to spread the varicella vaccine virus to an unprotected person. Even though this happens very rarely, anyone who gets a rash should stay away from people with weakened immune systems and unvaccinated infants until the rash goes away. Talk with your health care provider to learn more.

What are the risks from Yellow Fever vaccine?

Severe problems

      • Severe allergic reaction to a vaccine component (about 1 person in 55,000).
      • Severe nervous system reaction (about 1 person in 125,000).
      • Life-threatening severe illness with organ failure (about 1 person in 250,000). More than half the people who suffer this side effect die.

Source: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/vac-gen/side-effects.htm


Oh, I’m sorry, am I allowed to say the words brain damage, lowered consciousness, brain infection leading to encephalitis and meningitis, brain seizures causing blank staring, paralyzation, and all these other forms of RETARDATION of the brain and body? Or am I being politically incorrect, even though these are the exact medical terms of artful language used by the CDC, which is immune from such social justice hate speech bullshit?

Are you so dumbed-down and pacified that you will actually ignore such purposefully utilized terms and seek damages for a word not even acknowledged here, like autism?

What you will seldom if ever see is that a vaccine causes autism. General retardation? Yes, obviously so. Autism? No sir. All of these above listed “side effects” are very specific terms used to describe very specific and localized retardations of the human body and its symptoms. Autism is non-specific, not qualified, and therefore is not a side effect. Autism is a syndrome, not a specific disease. Autism is a creation of psychiatry, not medicine. If your child has autism, that means he or she has several side effects that have RETARDED his or her brain and other systems of the body. A syndrome necessarily connotes more than one condition or problem into some new age term that is pretended to be nice and fairy-like, where in the land of autism children can do amazing things and even hold steady jobs that require no critical thinking while riding magical unicorns and be free of that horrific Truth doctrine, where the state can take control and utilize that hoard of “special” people for various mundane tasks and call it gainful employment (use). In the novel Brave New World, these were the Deltas, or Gammas, the lo-level ordinaries that served only one purpose – to serve the Alphas and Betas.

Back in high school, I remember that this was the collective group of retarded kids that attended “special education” and rode the short bus. This was not an offensive term, merely a very accurate and even empathetic term used to describe their collective plight. In fact, the good kids like me often helped, volunteered to hang out and tutor, and often protected the retarded kids from the bullies and other sociopathic kids, you know, the ones that grew up to become today’s corporate CEOs, Doctors, Psychiatrists, and pharmaceutical makers and marketers. But today, we apparently cannot acknowledge the truth, that these kids were destroyed internally through vaccines and/or other drugs, so as to limit the liability of the drug-makers and their agents that all but run and make policy within the CDC and FDA.

Retardation is not a bad word. It’s ok to acknowledge the Truth, even in a world gone mad with institutionalized lies and socially restricted speech.

RETARD – verb transitive – [Latin retardo; re and tardo, to delay, tardus, slow, late. See Target.] 1. To diminish the velocity of motion; to hinder; to render more slow in progress; as, to retard the march of an army; to retard the motion of a ship. The resistance of air retards the velocity of a cannon ball. It is opposed to accelerate. 2. To delay; to put off; to render more late; as, to retard the attacks of old age; to retard a rupture between nations. My visit was retarded by business. – verb intransitive – To stay back. [Not in use.] (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


That’s right, to be retarded is to be held back, as in, from the rest of the class. But as the effect of a biological weapon like vaccines, this word retard describes exactly what has happened to a very large and infinitely growing minority of children today. In my generation and before, we didn’t call them retarded because of some deformity, but because their capacity to learn, to think, to perform, or to function was diminished. And despite the childish, immature rhetoric of school children, this term was one of neutrality used to properly identify and care for kids. The fact that you have been tricked into not using such an accurate, perfectly descriptive word is not helping your child in any way, but is rather a sign of your own retardation of common sense and saneness.

And guess what. Here we have the vaccine manufacturers and the CDC openly admitting that vaccines cause retardations due to brain damage and the like. But nowhere does it say autism. So why would you try and sue a company that openly admits it causes such physical and mental retardations by calling that rose by a different name, a name that they are adamantly opposed to being a side effect or symptom of its drugs, and where such nonsense is protected legal speech by government agencies? Why call it autism when they call it brain damage (retardation)?

This newspeak and willful ignorance is getting so bad that they are expanding the “spectrum” of autism to engulf and erase the names of many other disease states, even to the point of normalizing sociopathic, psychopathic, and non-empathetic behaviorisms.


Careful! According to this lady, everyone I know, including myself, is suffering from high-functioning autism in some way. Don’t like crowds of loud, drunken idiots? You must be high-functioning autistic. Have a problem with pointless, nervous small talk? You may be high-functioning autistic. Are you preoccupied with your daily routine? You may be a high-functioning autistic. Are you like me, someone that wants to learn everything about a subject before pretending to know everything about a subject? Well, you must be a rain-man, a high-functioning autistic. Want to move on to another subject after you fully learn another? You guessed it. You may be on the fucking spectrum. Want to correct someone that is full of shit? You must be high-functioning autistic. Hate pep rallies and shitloads of people acting socially unacceptable to you? Feel like you need to remove yourself from groups of people you don’t like and don’t want to associate with? Hate watching sports? Well then, you must be high-functioning autistic. Are you introverted? You are likely autistic, but high-functioning. Are you extroverted but intrusively social? You are also autistically high-functioning. Apparently, according to these psychiatric frauds, I’m the king of highness on the high-functioning autism spectrum. But then, who isn’t? I bet you are right there with me. How can anyone not be? The sociopath, perhaps, is immune, as one who can pretend to relate to anyone they choose while in actuality having no mental or spiritual connection at all to anyone, no moral Law or normally developed feelings to get in the way?

If that’s my choice, go ahead, call me autistic.

After all, normal is the new retarded at this point.

Or perhaps I’m just a high-functioning neuro-typical?

If everyone is autistic then nobody is, and we can all pretend to exist in the land of unicorns and imbibe in magical normality potions (psych drugs).

I heard the other day that games like Minecraft and Pokemon are designed by “aspies,” that is, men with Asperger’s Syndrome, now called as high-functioning autistics. This includes men like Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Apple’s Steve Jobs. Think about that for a moment — Bill Gates, the pioneer of innovative, sustainable, world-wide vaccine delivery to ALL CHILDREN around the globe.

As for the rest of her presentation, yes, vaccines and especially the metals used therein are a known cause of destroying the frontal lobe and mirror neuron functionality. But you’ll have to wait for the documentary for that, or actually look it up for yourself. But then, doing research yourself instead of trusting your doctor might make you a high-functioning autistic. In fact, according to the psychiatry field and its DSM, the term “neuro-typical” or having a non-retarded or normally functioning brain is being used to demonize anyone not autistic!

Let’s be clear. Cancer is not normal. Obesity is not normal. Diabetes is not normal. And autism is not normal. We should not treat any of these as if they are.

Remember, it is no measure of health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society. Believe it or not, today this type of neuro-typical, absolutely reasonable and self-evident thought is now considered politically incorrect. And for someone like me, who has no desire to succeed or find wealth or status in this profoundly sick society, according to the world-view of the psychiatrist, I am a high-functioning autistic suffering from moral rectitude. Normality, that is, a man that has no brain damage and exists without retardation, is today considered as a psychiatric disease.

For more on the pusillanimous nature of banning not only words but the masculinity (power) behind words, check out my blog here: https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2017/08/18/the-true-intent-behind-counter-cultural-gender-neutralization/

Do vaccines cause the actual symptoms behind the diagnosis of autism? Of course they do, and admittedly so. See my blog here: https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2018/06/19/yes-vaccines-have-caused-sids-and-autism-must-read-and-share/









–Clint richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Friday, September 6th, 2019




Why Men Of Good Conscience Can Never Be Famous


About 8 months ago, I was initially approached through email by a production company out of Texas to be on television. In my excitement, I of course told family and friends close to me without consideration of the events that would follow. It’s a horrible feeling to have to retract such statements of fact, that I would be interviewed for television. Oh, what a fool I can be…

They had seen my “alternative” interview on video games, how they’re made and their destructive effect on empathy and morality, and wanted to interview me on camera for a new “conspiracy” centric type of show. At first thought, I remember feeling cautiously excited, considering that the result of this exposure would at the very least have the positive effect of bringing readers and viewers and listeners to my various works. It was not by any means a paid gig, just an interview like any other of the over 1,000 I’d already done without any financial compensation, only this time it would be aired on television. My reward has always been the people I’ve touched, the extraordinary health of the children I’ve helped keep from disease-causing vaccines, and the various other comments and kudos I receive that keep me doing what I’m doing. Of course, there are plenty of detractors, contrarians, sophists, and the like, though they never seem to have much ground to stand on in the face of primary source material; no integrity.

I asked a few friends whether they thought this “appearance” was a good idea, that is, if I should trust such a Hollywood production considering the absolute shit that is on television already. The answer was generally no, I shouldn’t, with the exception of my always supportive immediate family. And on the surface, I agreed, especially after seeing first hand the hit pieces done to previous guests of mine in media. All around, involvement with that brood is just a bad idea. I should know, I worked amongst them for long enough to see it all for what it is. Yet circumstances led me to happen to be close to the L.A. area at the same time they would be, and they extended the invitation once more to meet up and conduct an on-camera interview.

I hesitantly agreed to meet, not knowing what would have been in store for me if some uncontrollable circumstances hadn’t intervened. They called and informed me that they couldn’t make the appointment. As fate would dictate, they had to cancel and again asked if we could do said interview on another date in the near future.

Some time went by, and there again appeared an email with a similar invitation, though I’d have to fly on my own dime to participate. Nice. I reconsidered the positive vs. the negative possibilities and, though erring on the side of caution, I again agreed to do the interview at some near, unset future date.

It was the next email link, however, that shone darkly in this strange chain of correspondences, and that’s what I’d really like to speak to you about today. For it was only then that they even mentioned and sent over to me any semblance or mention of a contract. And yes, as it turns out, my previous, seemingly unwarranted, paranoid fear and hesitation was immediately solidified into a well-justified validation of my former, precognitive, cautionary stance.

It is often said that those who appear on television and receive that delusion of fame are sell-outs, from stage actors to the music industry to the alternative radio sect. Of course, after receiving this horrific contract, I can definitely state that this perception couldn’t be more True. For when I read through that contract, I knew right then that I would be selling my soul if I took this interview. The violations of common, moral decency and privacy contained within this agreement juxtaposed with those that apparently have already signed it or something similar to appear on television (and you know who they are) should not be mistaken as good and conscionable men. And this fact can only be shown to you by reprinting that horrific contract here.

So why did I adamantly refuse with all my will, with my spiritually-driven mind, body, and soul to sign that devil’s contract?

Here, please read it for yourself and tell me what lengths you would go to for your own 30 seconds of artificially induced fame?

The names and corporations involved have been kept unedited so as not to protect the guilty:



For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby grant to Texas Crew Productions, LLC and its parents, subsidiaries, licensees, successors, designees, and assigns (collectively, “Producer”) the right to use my name, likeness, voice, conversation, sounds, biographical data and/or material, and editorial comments concerning me (collectively, my “Appearance”) in and in connection with the program tentatively entitled “STRANGE WORLD” (“Program”).

I agree that Producer shall have the right to create and capture audiovisual, audio-only, visual-only, and literary works, including the production of video and/or audio tapes, photographs, films, and/or recordings of and from my Appearance, including any performance of any musical composition(s) (the “Materials”) by any method of recording.

I agree that no payment shall be due to me for the use of my Appearance and/or the rights granted by me under this Agreement, and Producer shall not be obligated to pay me or any third party any compensation whatsoever, regardless of the time or method of any use of the Materials. 

I further acknowledge and agree that the consideration I will receive for Producer’s use of my Appearance and the exercise of the rights granted by me is the opportunity for publicity that I will receive if Producer decides to include the Materials in the Program. Producer is not obligated to use the Materials in the Program or for any other purpose whatsoever. Producer may assign its rights hereunder in Producer’s sole discretion. 

I agree that all results and proceeds of my Appearance and services hereunder (the “Results and Proceeds”) shall be deemed a work-made-for-hire specially ordered or commissioned by Producer for use as part of a motion picture or other audio-visual work pursuant to Section 201 of the United States Copyright Act of 1976, as amended.

Producer, or Producer’s agents and assigns, shall forever be the exclusive owner in all rights, including copyright, in the Materials and the Results and Proceeds of such Materials, and shall have the irrevocable right to use, and license others to use, the Materials in whole or in part, an unlimited number of times, in all languages, in all media whether now known or hereafter devised, anywhere in the universe in perpetuity in connection with all forms of exploitation, including without limitation, advertising, sale, promotion, marketing, merchandising, and distribution of the Program, other programs, or other products and/or services, including without limitation direct or indirect endorsements. 

Producer shall have the right to edit the Materials in any manner or form, and I waive any right to inspect or approve of any use of the Materials, including droit moral or moral rights, if any. 

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Initial ________ 



Talk about the devils contract!

To be clear, I refused this in triplicate, sending a return email with all of my objections for the record, which if you know me and my work, should be obvious. Amazingly, I did so because the employee that received my absolute denial and condemnation of this contract sent me the following reply:

Viviana Galvis <viviana@texascrew.com>
Fri 4/5/2019 11:38 AM
  • Clint;
  • Allison Jones <allison@texascrew.com>

Dear Clint,

I’ve been discussing with the producers about this matter and we are willing to hear your thoughts or concerns in the release and work around a template (contract) that will be suitable for both parts.
We are not a Hollywood production, our production company is providing content for the Travel Channel, however, as the Travel Channel has acquired Discovery, they usually require a license like this one, that allows the production to use your image without any problems, like stopping the production etc.
Your intellectual rights are still yours and those are not transferable, but as you will be sharing ideas, and ideas have no copyright, we want to make sure that you will be comfortable by sharing your ideas with us on camera.
Trust me, I’m Colombian and have worked in some productions with a lot of legalese back and forth and some of this results overwhelming for people that doesn’t understand about the requirements from some American networks. Fortunately, you know the language, you have experience in the tv industry and maybe with some corrections, we can all be happy.
Let me know your thoughts, we’d be happy to offer solutions,
Viviana Galvis


Needless to say, the response I sent back rebuking the evil shit-pile that was this contract was not approved by the shyster entertainment attorneys that work for that conglomerate media corporation. In fact, I’ve never even heard a response back to my returned discourse. I gave them 5 months. Nothing. Screw em’.

But the takeaway, that is, what I really want you to know here today is two-fold. Firstly, that I always have and promise I will continue to hold my own inherent rights, integrity, and moral rectitude and standards above any “consideration” of fame and fortune (or lack thereof) promised by these corporate devils (attorneys). And secondly, you need to know that those who do sell out to these devils simply cannot be trusted, because trust is not an option. Choice is not an option, once the choice is made to give up choice. Their agreement to such terms is proof positive of a lack of integrity, and whatever is leftover is killed by contractual obligation. Their appearances on these predictive programing reality and conspiracy television shows confirms their willingness to sell out, their inherent vice, for they would not be on television without such contractual waivers being agreed to and signed. I am living proof of that fact.

You may take this for what it’s worth, choosing to ignore it or to take it to heart. There are no exceptions. This includes all news anchors, all entertainers, all talkshow hosts, all guests, all mainstream, syndicated radio hosts, and anyone playing a character in that Hollywood witchcraft of false show. I have never been asked to sign a contract in all this time until now, until getting close to that evil that is the interconnected Hollywood mainstream. Stop placing your faith in that vile cesspool.

I can show you this contract for one and only one reason, and this fact proves that I didn’t sign it or agree in any way to it. I chose not to give up any so-called rights to speak of their evil intentions. How many do you really think can say that? Even section 501 corporate churches (religions) are refrained from speaking up in political matters, because of similar contractual considerations with government and an artificial “non-profit” status. I will not allow my hands or my God-given (inherent), Natural rights to be tied by the signature of any legal persona.

As for my presence out here, I can only watch from afar, in my apparently self-induced obscurity, looking on as my false heroes die one at a time, watching them fall like dead ducks as they cross over into the “entertainment only” abyss. But at least I can watch with my own integrity intact. And maybe that’s enough.

But I gotta tell you, it’s sure starting to feel like an empty, lonely place out here.


–Clint richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Friday, August 30th, 2019

How To Use Religious Exemption Against Vaccination

I recently received yet another emailed inquiry regarding the three possible “exemptions” for vaccines. Probably more than any other subject this particular question rears its ugly head, and usually they reference religious exemption more than not. Now, I keep telling people not to ask me questions or listen to me if you don’t want the total, harsh reality that is the Truth, but they seem to want to be disappointed and disillusioned anyway. And so today I’m going to tell you that desire the Truth exactly how you can use religion as your sword against vaccination for you and your children.

First, though, let’s treat the other exemptions, those being medical excuse and conscientious objection.

Beginning with medical exemption, this particular legal exemption is a catch 22. In order to exempt yourself from a medical act, such as vaccination, you need a medical doctor’s letter. See the problem here? While in reason and truth any free-willed, neutral, educated medical doctor (an oxymoron) would exempt all his or her patients from the horrors of vaccination, the term “medical doctor” (MD) is not a real thing. It’s a flattering, legal title granted only to those willing to not act upon their conscience, and therefore possess and active ignorance and willingness to ignore actual science that shows the absolute ludicracy that is vaccination and the health epidemic it has caused. All that aside, the most important factor to understand for why this exemption is useless and revokable is because it is not an inherent right of any man. It is specifically a legal, man-made exemption that has nothing to do with God-given (Natural), inherent rights. All medical exemptions are powered by government permission to do so only, and the corporations that most doctors work for are known to fire without prejudice any nurse or doctor that either refuses vaccines for themselves or speaks publicly about the dangers of vaccines. In the near future, you will not find any doctor that will be willing to risk his or her career or funding just so you can protect yourself and your children from such dastardly pharmaceutical poisons. Because everyone in the world is technically qualified for a medical exemption when the actual research and studies are understood, it’s kind of like giving everyone in the world $1 million dollars: nothing would actually change, and in a few years most common people will have lost it anyway to the various schemes designed to legally steal it, such as medical billing, the #1 reason for bankruptcy in the United States. If everyone is exempt, then no-one is. This will make more sense as we continue…

The second exemption is conscientious objection. This one is about as realistic as it was in the draft for the Vietnam War. If a right is revokable, then again it’s not a Natural, inherent Right. If a right can be taken away, then it was never yours in the first place. And unfortunately, this applies to all three exemptions we are covering here. But more to the point, there is no real place for conscious objection in a legal system. The legal, civil law is strict. It is not up for contention. Follow it or be punished. Choice is an illusion when under the Roman (strict) matrix of legal law. Moral and conscientious thoughts are certainly allowed, but acting on them is a thought crime. It’s terrorism at best. If this wasn’t true, then government would fall tomorrow due to conscientious objections to its immoral policy of controlled chaos and madness. So the conscientious objection fallacy, while hopeful in its promise, is really just a cosmic joke. Just ask those who objected to the Vietnam War. You might need to go to Canada for that though… or visit them in prison.

To put this another way, we must understand that corporations, that is, legal persons, including individual citizenships of the United States, were invented in Roman times to be strictly exempt from moral and conscious responsibilities and actions. Corporations (persons) are designed by men to remove men from God’s Realm, from Nature, and therefore to pretend a legal (artificial) shelter from the moral Law, and equally from spiritual consciousness. The point is this: conscientious thought requires a spiritually and morally conscious man that acts by choice. This is impossible under and in the matrix of legal code. For there is no conscious in legal persons, places, or things. There is nothing. Emptiness. A void of anything Real, of anything Natural, of anything Created by God. Without choice, there can be no moral action. The legal law eliminates choice, leaving no ability to follow any alternative, moral path, and generally causes men to act against their religious, moral foundation. This is indeed the specific purpose of the legal system and the person-hood, the elimination of the need of men to choose at all times what Nature and Its Law requires. The legal law unbalances the scale, taking away the ability to spiritually measure right and wrong. A person that has no conscious cannot claim conscientious objection, for a legal person is property of the legal system, and like a video game character, is only allowed to exist by the rules of the legal game system and its masters (false gods). A pawn is ultimately moved by its master, headlong into oblivion, having no real choice except to go forward on the legal game board. No is not an option, and pawns have no exemptions or free will from their controllers. Real choice is simply not in the artificial code that makes up a legal person. A person is a construct of legal law. It has no conscious of its own. And the man that acts in legal person therefore surrenders any right to act on his or her own conscious, instead obeying strictly and under sanction the legal law of men without question, that is, without the right to act conscientiously.

And that leads us to the third legal exemption, that being a “religious” one. In this particular exemption we find a hint of the only True choice respected by government, the religious law. Sure, a medical exemption is respected, but doctors are agents of government, so once government removes the artificial, temporary right of doctors to exempt a patient and keep their jobs, then that exemption will be gone as well, as moral choice by the man acting as a “doctor” of government will no longer be an option. The difference between the medical and conscientious objection vs. the religious exemption is very simply that the legal law is in every case trumped by actual religious law.

The religious exemption, therefore, would seem to be the all powerful weapon to end all battles, right?

Wrong. And here’s why…

If you’ve ever seen a movie where the hero attempts to ward off evil spirits with a cross or crucifix, say in vampire movies or the fantastical films about Catholic priests committing exorcisms, you always find a recurring theme. They all say and warn the same thing: you have to have faith for that to work. In other words, to hold up an idol of anything and pretend that you have the power that that idol represents is what is called hypocrisy. If you want to harm a vampire or demon with a cross, then it is the power of God that does it, not some trinket made by the hands of men. But when actual religious faith comes into the soul bearing that idol, suddenly the power of God is behind it, and the mere idol turns into a weapon of unimaginable proportions.

This is, of course, merely the fiction of Hollywood. Or is it? Is there actually a moral lesson to learn from these fantasies? Can this concept be applied to the subject at hand, that is, vaccination exemption?

Absolutely. In fact, we can use it as a very understandable metaphor.

Let us pretend that the idol in these ridiculous Hollywood stories, the cross, is what we are holding up as our own figurative weapon of legal “religious exemption.” Can a self-proclaimed “atheist” possibly use religious exemption without believing in the very Source of that weapon? The answer in Reality, of course, is no. But the legal realm is not Reality, and so yes, strangely enough an atheist can use a legally invented idol called as religious exemption. In other words, the atheist can openly commit hypocrisy against his own false belief system, and the legal system is happy to protect that right of hypocrisy… until, that is, the governmental body of that legal system is ready to retract it. And that’s where most of us find ourselves today, watching helplessly as the administrators of the persons (property) of the legal matrix change its programming code to legally reflect that religious exemption is no longer an idol that is acceptable to be used.

But how can it do that?

Simple. These legal exemptions never existed in Reality in the first place for any man. Legalism is fiction. Legal law is fiction. And so any exemption that comes from a legal government (artificial person) was born and will die in fiction. And any religious claim you may make as a legal, artificial, fictional person dies with it.

You see, the whole time you’ve been that hero (actor) trying to use an idol that has nothing to do with what that symbol’s actual Source is. To use a True religious right, a man (male or female) must act as a religions man. Persons (legal fictions) cannot be religious nor act under the Higher religious law, because persons aren’t of Nature. They aren’t Real. They are not Creations of God. Thus, the vampiric demons of government, that is, attorneys in black moo-moos acting as false gods (magistrates/judges) have no revulsion to your false idol of religious exemption. You’ve gotta have faith for that to work…

Please watch these for your understanding, they are placed here by me for a purpose.


Idolatry: the TV actor, Vincent, before True faith:

And the God-fearing man Vincent after True faith:


The cross only represents the Law of God (Jesus Christ/Logos), but without faith, the Law of God is a useless idol in any form. Without following the Law, It has no power to protect you, and as a weapon it’s pointless. It’s just an idol for sinners pretending to worship God through Jesus Christ (Law). Might as well hold up a kitten without claws.

Keep in mind this is metaphoric, and that its meaning applies to defeating all things that are “evil” in the Bible, which essentially is anything man-made, including the legal matrix code. The vampire (attorney) must corrupt your blood in order to control you. The fangs of the vampire are the words of a legal contract. And personhood is to be bound under the spell (spelling of words) of the master of that contract, causing the agentic relationship of master and servant (volunteerism). The Law of God (Nature), represented by the symbol of the cross here, is that which defeats the vampire (attorney). The word of Truth (God) destroys the words of legal demons. The cross represents the implementation of moral choice. The vampires of government have no control over you unless you accept their initial, original sin, the corruption of blood (attainder) that places artificial status upon you in their own, invented society.

And this depiction of false faith in a false idol of god describes just about every “Christian” in the United States, and for that matter, the world. Legal religions (corporations) are institutionalized idolatry, causing men to attempt in vein to worship God while doing so in legal, fictional persona (mask), to bear the protection of God and Its Law while not following that law themselves, as if It is external from them. And this is why the Christian “church” has no power religiously or politically. A section 501 corporation is designed to take away religious rights and exemptions, not bestow them. Only a fool can possibly believe that God-given rights can be given by a legal corporation under the IRS code of government. Only a brainwashed man can be made to believe a corporation (artificial person) has anything to do with the Source of Nature and Its Law. Only a idolator can call himself a “Christian” while following the legal, antichrist, anti-God law of man. Only a slave cannot differentiate between the God of Nature and the false gods of legal government. For the actual, True church of the Bible is only a free and moral, private People, that is, men following the Law of God (Nature), which absolutely excludes and despises all legal code. But in legalism, the “church” is a legal term of art meaning a corporation, an artificial person in law, and has nothing to do with men. In other words, legally established religions are not in any way part of God’s Realm or Law. They are a legal simulation of the Real, and so are its members. Corporate religions bound completely under legal government is like a bug trap for men, burning our wings so that we cannot fly away, keeping us locked into the legal (anti-God) system of law even while allowing us to pretend in idolatry through flattering title (without True faith) that we are followers of the Law of the Bible, of the example of Jesus Christ. Worst of all, this is all warned about in the Bible, which calls us foolish hypocrites as the figurative dumb asses.

But here’s the kicker. Men are hypocrites toward the Law of God (Nature) in the Real world. But in the legal matrix, persons are simulators. Simulation and hypocrisy are the same term. Therefore, to act in legal persona (mask) under legal (anti-God) law in the legal simulation while at the same time pretending to be a True “Christian” equals the metaphor of being plugged into the matrix (lie) with or without contemplation of ones actual hypocrisy as a man. The “Christian” flattering title is merely ones “projected self-image” while trapped inside the legal matrix code. It’s idolatry. Simulation. But in Nature, from God’s perspective, if you will, simulation equals hypocrisy, two different words that mean the same thing in the two different realms.

It’s also called apostasy, and it’s the foundational purpose of corporate Christianity. It’s the opposite of being an apostle:

APOSTASY – In English law. The total renunciation of Christianity, by embracing either a false religion or no religion at all. This offense can only take place in such as have once professed the Christian religion. (–Black’s Law 2nd Edition)

APOSTASY – noun – [Gr. a defection, to depart.1. An abandonment of what one has professed; a total desertion, or departure from one’s faith or religion. 2. The desertion from a party to which one has adhered… (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

APOSTATE – adjective – False; traitorous. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

HYPOCRITE – noun – 1. One who feigns to be what he is not; one who has the form of godliness without the power, or who assumes an appearance of piety and virtue, when he is destitute of true religion. And the hypocrite’s hope shall perish. Job 8:12. A dissembler; one who assumes a false appearance. Fair hypocrite you seek to cheat in vain. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


I go to church every Sunday (according to the legal Roman calendar, the Pope, and its legal system of secular law) and on legal holidays (which are not actually Holy Days) and therefore I’m a “Christian.” Time to call bullshit on that logical fallacy, isn’t it? It’s more like this: I don’t follow the Law of God by the example of the Christ allegory and instead have idolized the corporate churches false image of Jesus Christ as if Christ is God, and so I call myself as the Romans did, as a “Christian,” despite my membership to an apostate, corporate religion that makes its own doctrine and misleads me at every turn in simulation.

So how can you use religious exemption in the legal system? You can’t, dumb ass.

You’ve got to have faith for that to work. 

But the legal system and its public institutions have caused you to not even know what faith is! And so here is where I will tell you how to religiously bypass any legal law that requires persons to vaccinate.


Stop acting in legal person (artificial, legal status).

Stop taking benefits from the demons and vampires of legal (anti-God) governments, which require you to voluntarily act in legal person.

Stop being an idolator.

Stop believing you have inherent, Natural, God-given rights when you sold them long ago to become a legal citizenship and as you continue to simulate the part.

Stop believing the foolish notion that God’s (religious) Law can save you when you don’t have True religion and faith as your sword (reason) and shield (protection).

Lastly, we must understand just what an exemption is and why it doesn’t and cannot exist for men of God.

EXEMPTION – 1. Freedom from any service, charge, burden, tax, evil, or requisition, to which others are subject; immunity; privilege. Many cities of Europe purchased or obtained exemptions from feudal servitude. No man can claim an exemption from pain, sorrow or death. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of Law)

EXEMPTION – Freedom from a general duty or service; immunity from a general burden, tax, or charge. A privilege allowed by law to a judgment debtor, by which he may hold property to a certain amount, or certain classes of property, free from all liability to levy and sale on execution or attachment. (–Black’s Law 2nd edition)


Why are these exacting definitions important to comprehend?

This is key. To have an exemption from vaccination means one and only one thing — vaccines are already a requirement. In other words, the government considers it your duty as its citizen (subject to its legal law) to be vaccinated. The exemption is a temporary, revokable “freedom” from that duty, a permission to avoid that requirement of law. Vaccines are already required of persons (property), which are performance debt-slaves of government. If you claim exemption, you are actually acknowledging and respecting the false legal law and its gods by getting their permission to have freedom from it. Remember, in legalese, freedom is defined as franchise. It’s not True freedom under God to self-govern, but rather an artificial freedom bestowed temporarily to the fictional person that you currently respect and utilize as a status in legal society. Remember, all man-made things are temporary. Therefore, if the person is required to be vaccinated, then you as surety in bond of that person must obey in order to retain that franchise (legal freedom), in order to continue using that person (legal status). Those who refuse the legal law and end up punished, fined, or imprisoned for their illegal behavior (while acting in legal persona) have broken the rules of their franchise (citizenship). People in jail also have freedom (franchise) when they are on good behavior. Same thing, different prison. In the open-air debtor’s prison of the nation, citizens (prisoners, as public, non self-governing wards of the state) are given certain exemptions in their franchise, meaning they have certain artificially induced freedoms allowed to them by permission, licensure, permit, etc. Only a fool would believe those rights and freedoms are God-given, Natural rights.

Inversely, we can understand our Duty to God (Nature), including ones requirement of following God’s Law of Nature by the example of Jesus Christ (Logos personified), which in itself requires no respect of lies, fictions, persons, status, titles, false gods (magistrates), or anything else artificially placed over Nature (Truth) in a simulation of the Real. Again, there is simply no exemption from God’s Law. With any God-given, inherent right comes an equal duty to all other men. Lies are not exempt from Truth, they are diametrically opposed to Truth. And so it’s important to understand that legalism, that is citizenship under the nation, is specifically designed to fictionally exempt man from his Duty to God, to Nature, and that includes ones Duty to all other men. As this is in Reality impossible, the legal system depends on its ability to cloud and obscure any relation we may have to Nature and Its Law, offering the protection of the legal law and the false sense of forgiveness offered by the false “Christian” corporate church that is also under legal law, not God’s. To defeat God (Nature), the state simply replaced God with a fictional, corporate entity (idol) of its own invention, and then called it legally as religion.

RELIGIOUS – When religious books or reading are spoken of, those which tend to promote the religion taught by the Christian dispensation must be considered as referred to, unless the meaning is so limited by associated words or circumstances as to show that the speaker or writer had reference to some other mode of worship. (–Black’s Law 2nd Edition)


In American law as a “Christian country” (referring to the free and private People of the States, not the United States legalist corporation as an open-air prison for publicly held-in-persona debt-slaves), the Bible is considered as the meaning of the term “religious” unless that word “religious” is intentionally twisted by the legal language to mean its opposite. Get it? In the United States district corporation, the word religious is a crime, but certain religious exemptions are allowed.

Allow me to quote my book, Strawman Volume 1, where True religion (action) of men and the legal franchise of limited, legal religious belief without practice (action) of US citizenships (persons) is differentiated:


Begin excerpt:

This is one of the most important lessons in this work. Please ensure full comprehension between these two very different “freedoms” before you proceed with this work. For as a citizenship of the United States, the attachment to your strawman as property under the law of persons only allows you to fall under the “freedom of religion” as a limited legal outlet of commercial franchise. In other words, “Religious Freedom” is against the law of the United States for its subjects (persons).

RELIGIOUS FREEDOMWithin constitution embraces not only the right to worship God according to the dictates of one’s conscience, but also the right to do, or forbear to do, any act, for conscience sake, the doing or forbearing of which is not inimical to the peace, good order, and morals of society. (Black4)

FREEDOM OF RELIGION – Embraces the concept of freedom to believe and freedom to act, the first of which (belief) is absolute, but the second of which (action) remains subject to regulation for protection of society. (Black4)


Now you tell me, what good is religious, moral belief if you are not allowed to act on it? To be clear, this state of confusion at bar is the very purpose of nations, to prevent self-governing, moral standing in men. For no moral man would allow a nation as this to continue in its abhorrent actions against God (Nature) and man. But the moral man is cowed and pacified by his surety to the law of his persona (false identity). We are so smitten and proud of our nationality, our personality in public that we don’t dare risk doing what is right in and under the Law of God. This is unmistakably and self-evidently the work of the devil (the attorney class) and his scribes.

These are completely separate definitions, on separate pages of the dictionary. They are not the same thing. As citizenships of the United States, you better damn well know the difference before proceeding herein, and before you try and act morally in a society that strictly forbids moral actions without license from the state.

Freedom of moral thought, but not freedom to act upon that conscious moral thought… This is what public, legal freedom (franchise) is when defined by the commercial gods — a legal corp-oration called government. It is not freedom of religion, but franchise of religion. These are as the rules set for employees (agents) by their employer (principal). This is not Natural freedom under God, which is described above as Religious Freedom. This is tyranny named (noun) as “freedom,” where the ability to practice religion is confounded and limited to the franchise it belongs to (of), as freedom (franchise) of (belonging to) religion (memberships to legal corporations, as the legal, anti-God definition of religion). In the United States, the lack of a moral standing in God’s Law (religious, spiritual Life) is the official state religion, as an enforced, amoral lack of It. Freedom is only a franchise allowed to fictional persons. Governments cannot control in totality your thought processes, only your actions (anti-pro-verb) while in its property. Specifically, we must recognize absolutely that the purpose of the legal law is to prevent man from acting upon his moral thoughts and beliefs. 


“No one is punished for his thoughts. 



It’s impossible to have religious freedom in any nation where churches are licensed to the government.

—Congressman George Hansen, quoted from “In Caesar’s Grip,” by Peter Kershaw


“The framers of our Constitution meant we were to have freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.

—Billy Graham


The legal realm acknowledges only written and spoken words. It is immune, so to speak, from religious and moral (unwritten) controls, as legalism and religious action are foreign to each other. Man is only punished for his actions, and when his actions are in the person of another, he is not acting according to his own moral thoughts of Law.

By providing the fictional, legally “natural” person (strawman) with an insurance bond for a man’s operation in that fictional, commercial realm, government ensures that each individual man will act collectively according to civil law and not according to his own religious and moral thoughts. This is the separation of mind from the body, the killing of the spirit (soul). For the law is attached to the person, and thus the man in the fictional chains of surety to that person is bound by the public law of persons. By acceptation of that person as a commercial vessel (a citizen-ship) in surety, man tacitly agrees and consents (through assent) to abide by the legal law in direct opposition to God’s Law while acting in that fictional persona. He literally agrees to use his Real body as insurance to ensure that he will operate in fiction (evil) according to strictly written law, and if he does not, the man in surety will be judged and punished for the incorrect use of that corporate strawman (property of government). Thus the man’s moral mind does not control his Self (his body), for the law of persons controls his mind and therefore his actions, where the legal persona acts as the surrogate or second self. This is a lack of True Self-respect.


“No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man (through legal personhood); and then he will spoil his house.”

“Or else how can one enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man? (through legal personhood) and then he will spoil his house.”

—Matthew 12: 29, Mark 3: 27, KJB (added by author for this excerpt)


“My son, if thou be surety for thy friend, if thou hast stricken thy hand with a stranger, Thou art snared with the words of thy mouth, thou art taken with the words of thy mouth.

“Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise: Which having no guide, overseer, or ruler, Provideth her meat in the summer, and gathereth her food in the harvest.”

—Proverbs 6: 1-2 and 6-8, KJB


This is the purpose and pretext of legal surety: insurance that the instigation of person-hood at birth into the nation will incite man’s actions to be in concordance with the legal law as opposed to being in respect of God’s Law and Nature. Incitement to evil acts without moral compass (direction). This is a binding relationship to fictional rulers under contractual terms (word magic), even by the shaking (striking) of hands. For a man’s feet never touch land while he sails his ship upon the virtual sea of that surety (security) of legal commercial fiction. The legal jurisdiction is an invisible, fictional barrier set upon Creation and its Law; a prophylactic barring man from his very own essence as part of that Oneness of Nature.

A fictional person simply cannot follow God’s Law, without exception, for a person is not a Creation of God. God bestows no status upon man but self-evidence. This untouchable essence of negativity towards any of man’s systems of positive law can never be taken away, though obviously we have been fooled into contractually selling those God-given attributes in exchange for fictional non-sense. A man acting in person is subject only to man’s utilitarian legal law of persons (status/condition), with strict prohibitions against God that we call as the doctrine of “freedom of religion.” Opposites attract. A man in public personhood does not need and is not expected to think in any way that is responsible or compos mentis, for the person is allowed only to follow man’s (its master’s) strict legal law when used by its autonomic user.


“This word ‘person’ and its scope and bearing in the law, involving, as it does, legal fictions and also apparently [IN APPEARANCE ONLY] natural beings, it is difficult to understand; but it is absolutely necessary to grasp, at whatever cost, a true and proper understanding to the word in all the phases of its proper use. A person is here not a physical or individual person, but the status or condition with which he is invested. Not an individual or physical person, but the status, condition or character borne (carried) by physical persons. 

The law of persons is the law of status or condition.

—American Law and Procedure, Vol. 13, page 137, 1910


End Excerpt.


The Law of God is just as strict as the legal law. It is impossible to Obey the Law of Nature while also obeying the legal law that is designed to be opposed to God’s Law in every way. Claiming anything from religious Law while in personhood under legal, civil law is at best foolishness and at worst insanity. And worshiping God while acting in legal persona is like holding up a cross in idolatry without faith. It will never actually happen.

Religious exemption is a lie, just like any other exemption. It only exists in the legal realm, nowhere else. And in Truth, if you qualify for any type of legal exemption, then you have already fallen into the legal trap. There is no exemption from Reality. There is no exemption from God’s Law. There is only choice, free will, and you must choose which Law to follow.

Exemption, to be clear, is a post-requisite. One can only be exempt from legal law because of whatever legal status one already obtained that allows for exemption. But in the end, a debt-slave is really exempt from nothing, for all legal exemptions can be revoked by the false god that bestowed that artificial, legal right in the first place. The exemption never existed in Reality, being a non-inherent, unnatural right to man, and so it has no religious Law protection. God protects no man that claims exemption from anything, because to claim exemption one must already claim to be agent for a legal entity. Only persons can claim exemption, not men.

A religious man in the True sense needs no exemption. He just says no. Exemption implies that some higher power exists and that the man is pretending to be under that power and authority instead of that of Nature’s Law. You don’t need exemption if you are not under the legal law of the false gods of government. It’s this Higher consciousness that is voided through legal, religious and conscientious exemption. That is, to claim legal exemption one must already be accustomed through brainwashing and public education to believe that government already has power over you as a man (Creation) of God, and in this case, that you are already required to be vaccinated  but currently, out of the good graces of the legal gods, have exemption from that legal duty to that government as a person (property) of it. A legal exemption is a claim against a legal thing. Filing a legal exemption is not protection against forced vaccination, it is a claim of artificial rights invented and bestowed upon a feudal tenant of government, which can be revoked or refused at any time for the protection, security, and continuity of government. You can exercise religious exemption while it is allowed my your master because it has nothing to do with True religion. But what you can’t do is practice religious faith to say no to vaccines by the power and authority of God (Nature).

The moral of this story is that unless you act morally, spiritually, and without legal persona, you have no actual inherent right of exemption, because there is no such thing in Nature (Reality). Exemption is a sign that one is in the lowest form of beggary, of slavery, of despotism, of employment (use as property), of dependence upon a legal, state-bestowed franchise of artificial freedom much like a rat in a cage. The power to say no comes not from legal words in the legal matrix code created by false gods. The power to say no comes only from following the Law of God (Truth), which absolutely forbids acting in and respecting other persons and flattering titles, especially the false gods of government. To be clear, if you are not a person, you cannot be forced to be vaccinated. But you cannot just merely claim not to be a person. It doesn’t work that way. Just ask any illegal alien. To act religiously is to obey God’s Law in its fullness. The state will not recognize a free man (son) of God unless that man is actually acting under and as a son of God, of the Law, without deviation, without depravation, without departing the faith (Law), and without defection.

Unfortunately, as the title of this writing appears to promise at first glance, there is no actual (True) religious exemption from vaccination. It’s a misnomer (misnamed). It’s like a magic spell (spelling), where the word and the reality do not jive, just as the entire legal language dresses up Truth with fiction and misdirection. The God-honest Truth is that if you want your children to remain free from these nurse and doctor-delivered vials of poison that induce fast and slow-growing autoimmune disease, you must leave Babylon and take your children with you. And that requires absolute Love and total sacrifice. The state has tricked you into claiming through birth registration the abandonment of your parental (Natural) rights, delivering (abandoning) your child into wardship and apprenticeship to the nation (as a goyim). We are all birthed through trickery into this legal matrix (artificial womb), like a roach motel, but never told how to escape, how to unplug from the addiction of legalism. The state calls every child (and adult) as property through legal person-hood. In order for that to happen, it must trick you into that abandonment. It must cause you to be confused as to what it is for a child to be an actual property of the parent. No, a child is never a piece of property, as the legal realm attempts to establish through attachment of persona (legal identity/status). Belief that the person is the man (i.e. a child) is key, for identity means sameness in law. In other words, we are all tricked into believing that the person is the same as the man, a logical fallacy of monumental, Biblical proportions.

In Nature (God’s Realm), the word property is not connotative of possession as it is in legalese, but rather refers to Source. Origin. Truth. Natural connection. Family. Like hydrogen is a property of water and water is a property of Earth and Earth a property of the Universe (God), your child is a property (part) of your own Existence, and therefore a property of God’s Creation (the Universe), being a carrier of your blood (figurative, spiritual immortality, bloodline). The child’s blood is a property (ingredient) reflective of its parents (procreation). Not legal property, which is always a lie, but actual property which is a self-evident Truth. We were all tricked into selling those God-given, Natural rights of paternity, fooled into believing that the source of our God-given Natural rights are our own, not a property of God.

Self-ownership without God (Source) is the grand, communist delusion of the ages, where men believe that all inherent rights extend from man, not God, and therefore the Law of God can be bypassed by the selling of those rights in exchange for legal ones, entering the fictional construct of the legal matrix by pretending to abandon Nature (God) and Its Law. Yet in Nature (under God) we can never actually be spiritually defeated unless we choose (volunteer) to, for we never actually leave God, a self-evident Truth which the Bible states that God (Nature and Its Highest Law) never leaves our side if we choose and act in It. In Truth, we cannot Exist or Live without Source, without being a property of God (Nature) and Its Law. But we pretend that the self-evident Truth of Existence (God) doesn’t exist, that God doesn’t exist, and therefore that the power and authority (Law) of God (Nature) doesn’t exist. The status (persona) of legalism merely clouds the Truth with a lie, but the Truth cannot ever die, for no legal fiction exists without claiming some Truth as its victim and host. The duty of parenthood is part of the Law of Nature, not a right. A DUTY TO GOD, not to the state. But the state tricks us into abandoning our God-given Duty by relabeling and calling it a “legal right” that can be imaginarily transferred as a legal property, a fictional title. And we believe this lie so fervently that we are willing to allow the agents of the legalized state (corporation) to literally steal our True property (child) from our homes, without a fight, based on its assumed, mistaken legal identity — by a name that is not God-given.

But hey, who wants to give up that free public babysitting called education. After all, your lifestyle of free leisure time and employment are way more important than that of your health and that of your child, right? And everybody knows that the pursuit of happiness requires the pursuit of money, the root of all evil, right? Of course, your love of money is way more powerful and important than the health of yourself or your child, which is why the legal system runs on money, and why government is the printer, copywriter, lawmaker, enforcer, and banker of money, resting its whole international identity on the false valuation and respect of the evil that money represents. And that’s why, when government soon fulfills the already written requirement that all legal persons (citizenships) of the United States and other nations of goyim must be vaccinated, you will voluntarily and without hope take that poison as a mark that you are a beast of that legal system, that your love of money is more powerful than the love of your child, than your love or purity, than your love of God, and that you are indeed a Godless human without the ability to self-govern and use the gift of Free Will that God gave you. And your children’s children will follow in your weak and defeated example, that is, if the vaccines you allowed them to be tainted with don’t sterilize or destroy them as they’re designed to do.

But by all means, continue in this lunacy of trying to protect the legally bestowed religious exemption of fictional persons as if its already your own inherent right and not just an inconvenient leftover of the legalist thought of some damned outdated, idealistic moral inclusion by some past, slave-holding, false god.

No really, do as though wilt. That’s what they want, as long as it’s legal, and as long as you never actually act out based on any religious, moral thought. Think about it all you want, just don’t act on it without permission, licensing, and an approved, raised corporate seal under tax section 501.

If you want religious exemption, start acting religiously, and stop acting legally. Because using a legal persona is like wearing a condom… the legal persona is a prophylactic to Truth (God). You’ve no access to the Law of Nature, of Truth, from the fictional disposition of a legal (anti-God) persona. And that includes the actual moral choice you seek through legal “religious” exemption.

Heck, that’s such a simple concept that your kids will probably get it faster than you can. And you know what? If you are using your kids as an excuse, don’t. They can adjust way easier than you can to giving up the legal fiction. They’ll be much happier in Nature. They won’t be spoiled anymore. And they won’t suffer from the public school, Common Core blues.

It’s all on you, not them. You are their parent and protector. Start acting like it. It’s your God-given duty, and choice regarding such a Duty to God and to your child is a legally induced illusion for parents. You cannot shirk your responsibility and then pretend to have the very parental power you abandoned through legal birth certification and registration. You made a grevious error based on generational ignorance. Fix it or accept your own chosen, voluntary fate. Find God or remain in abandonment to your Source. Be a Natural and self-Existent property of God or remain a legal property of the state. And to fix the status of your child (property), which can only be a reflection of your own status, then you must first fix your own. You must be the one to sacrifice your false, secular lifestyle and perceived monetary wealth (mammon) therein, as the Bible tells you, crucifying it (the legal, fictional person) so as to be free and self-governing under the Highest Law. For a slave can never elevate its own issue (offspring) higher in law than his or her own legal status. A debt-slave can only bear another debt-slave, for status of an issue (property) depends upon the status of source. You cannot make gold from iron.

Or keep on pretending this knowledge doesn’t exist as you have your whole life. After all, a lifestyle of blatant hypocrisy in the legal matrix ain’t so bad… But I guarantee that it will require vaccination at some point.

The truth is, when you actually become a religious man, in your actions, in your mind body and soul, you won’t need any exemption. You won’t need to dodge bullets because they don’t exist except in the legal fiction matrix, and they can only harm the legal person of those men acting in agency and therefore in bond and surety to those legal persons, not men (sons) of God. The law of the legal matrix simply wouldn’t apply to you, because it’s finally beneath you and you refuse to plug in to any of its properties. You would, by your True religion, refuse to act in, believe in, or respect the persons, places, and things of the legal, commercial realm of mammon. You would see all things only as they really Exist, without artifice, without fiction, including those colored pieces of paper and their digital representations pretending to be money and credit/debt.

So please don’t send me any more inquiries about how to use legal exemptions against anything, unless you are first willing to fact the harsh Truth about your legally induced status (person-hood). I cannot help anyone that will not help themself. You seek legal power yet have none. It’s not Real, and neither, apparently, are you. Ironically, the power you seek Exists only in the Real, in that Realm of Nature and Its Law which you have voluntarily abandoned and continue to deny, that you continue to pretend to worship while wearing a spiritual condom (legal person), a fruitless effort that the Bible over and over tells you to avoid.

I’m sure your next question is how? How do I follow this seemingly impossible path back into Truth? Well, the answer is in the question. To Exist in Truth is to deny all lies, all fiction, all legalism, and all feigned power and delusion. The answers are laid out perfectly in the Bible, which provides metaphorical story after story to answer your questions. It’s why I wrote my book. I am not your judge, nor am I your guide or savior. You are. God (Nature/Truth) and Its Law is your destination, not some idol to worship falsely. But ignorance certainly guides no man of God, only lighting the path for the errands of fools.

Now you know.

Sorry to burst your bubble.

Not really.


–Clint richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Red Pill Sunday, August 25th, 2019

A Deconstruction Of The Death Of Christ: It’s Not What You Think


“But the natural (idiot/foolish) man receiveth not
the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him:
neither can he know [them], because they are spiritually discerned.”

–1 Corinthians 2:14



As a consummate Bible researcher nowadays, I am always looking for spiritual, reasonable explanations for the most unreasonable, ridiculous sounding of stories. There is, of course, a fine line between deciphering the absurd to find spiritual instruction and playing the fool. The king’s scribes were quite clever in their transliterations, leaving traps and pitfalls throughout the Crown’s copyrighted, English (dog-Latin) version. Some may take offense at the idea that I am calling the story of Christ’s death and resurrection as a somewhat ridiculous story, and to you otherwise reasonable people, I will simply offer to tell you why I say this over a glass of blood-turned wine along with Jonah inside the “whale’s” (translation sea monster’s) mouth aside a nice burning bush.

The ancient, well known, often utilized, and certainly well established Truth is that the more ridiculous an allegory or other moral story is portrayed, the more easily it is remembered. If you’ve ever bought one of those memory courses from a television infomercial as I did when I was a very young lad, you’ll find the same exact lesson on how ridiculousness supercharges the memory, complete with instructions on how to imagine the utmost ridiculous connections to different images in your head in order to remember a list of 100, or even 1,000 words. The stranger the image or description and correlation of those words in order, the more memorable that list becomes. Indeed, in trying to memorize cold a list of irrelevant words, I could not, my mind able to recite merely a few, out of order, and without coherent purpose. But when I applied the rules of ridiculousness, that is, when I followed the instructions and correlated the words as a continuous, absolutely absurd set of details in a story of my own imagination,  I was amazingly able to remember lists of 100 or more words, in order, by simply connecting each word as instructed. For example, if the first word is elephant and the second word is umbrella, I was instructed to imagine the most silly looking of elephants, complete with concerned expression and a polka-dotted leotard, that is holding an umbrella. And if the third word was then turtle, then I would imagine the elephant in the ridiculous leotard holding the umbrella up against falling turtles, themselves having something odd about them. If the forth word was water, then I would imagine the turtles doing an awesome 360 flip and while diving into the ocean, or if it were sunglasses, then of course the turtles would be sporting some shades. And so it went, word after totally unrelated word, placed by my mind into the most ridiculous of loosely linked, situational absurdities. And sure enough, as I pictured these things in my mind, I was able to spout off that list of words with hardly any effort at all, because who could resist that silly elephant holding an umbrella so as not to get hit by the falling turtles that were diving into the ocean with sunglasses, etc. etc.

When I consider all the True life stories I’ve heard over the years, as I am sure the reader would agree, again I find that I remember the most outlandish, ridiculous, or even most violent ones most often. I find myself telling stories about these events, and usually I do so because of their ridiculousness, their humor, or their horror. Comedians make whole stand-up routines based on such ridiculous stories, turning them into jokes that may or may not be true… but they sure are memorable. And of course we remember certain jokes because they are funny, and they are funny because they are absurd or even impossible in Nature. Perhaps they are embarrassing, or they remind us of something close to home or a personal experience. Whatever the case, we are wired to remember the most bizarre shit. We remember the harshness of violence, experiencing post traumatic stress, as another example. If I were to ask anyone where they were on 9/11/2001, they could probably tell me in detail, simply because what they really remember is a link between the out-of-place absurdity of watching the World Trade Centers burning and falling on television, because such an absurdity was in the background on every television screen, everywhere, making whatever one was doing that day stand out. In fact, when prompted to speak about that horrific event, many of us specifically reference whatever mundane task we were preforming and whatever usual place we were lingering. But if I were to ask anyone where they were three days before their 27th birthday, they most likely would have no clue. Why? No association. No correlation. No event to remember. No story to tell. Whatever stands out about the event, the story, the happenstance, and specifically the ridiculousness of the situation, the more memorable it is. It’s like a filter in the mind, where the details of what is considered as normal or routine are lost in the shuffle, but where learnable or unique moments shine through, teaching and preparing us for the future. After all, there’s a psychological reason why shock-jocks are so unwittingly popular and why news outlets have “breaking news” and cover certain stories for weeks at a time, 24 hours a day.

Entertainments are the same way. The more scary, the more ridiculous, the more fantastical, the more memorable they are. For how can one explain what does not exist, say in science fiction or fantasy, without a deep impression of that non-existent thing to the point of being able to picture it in ones mind? Yet most of us (I hope) can still distinguish between reality and fantasy. In other words, after seeing a fictional movie, we do not believe in those false, computer-enhanced images as what is actually real or as history. That would be Idolatry. And, I’m sorry and happy to say, religions are no exception to this rule.

Why are all the stories of the gods of all the cultures so ridiculous? Why are the gods tyrannical, manipulative monsters with multiple heads or some other superpower or supernatural attribute? From Zeus to the Babylonian creation story, these tales are physically, scientifically, and logically impossible to believe. Yet we remember them, don’t we? Many insist they are to be taken as literally True, as the Word of God, ironically and in idolatry assigning supernatural qualities to the God of Nature, while completely loosing the moral teaching intended through that ridiculousness. And I agree, they are the Word of God (Truth)… but only if you are taking them as the metaphor and moral story they are meant to be understood as. They are mythical because myth is memorable. All civilizations, all countries and nations, all religions, are built upon their own ridiculous myths about those that founded or formed them. Without the mythology of the founding fathers, there would be no purpose behind the United States, and certainly no reason to support what it has morphed into in modern times — a simulacra (a copy having nothing to do with its original) desperately promoting that patriot mythology as its reason for its post-modern existence. If Zeus was a librarian that had no authority, that shuffled books around all day without any other adventure or purpose, what could we possibly learn as his moral story? What would be memorable about his godliness?

The problem is that, while we remember the story, we often don’t remember or were never taught the point behind the ridiculous, impossible-to-be-True story. We are never told the moral lesson of the allegory. And so we take it literally, which in our minds causes the story to become historical “fact” instead of learning from the story (pretended history). We mistake facts with Truths. For instance, it is a fact that Han Solo and Chewbacca are ship-mates. But did you know it’s a fact that they are also lifelong friends? These are facts, in fiction. But they are not Truths. They are not the Word of God. There are many facts used to tell the story of the Law, that is, of the Word of God. Yet the Word (moral Law) is often lost behind belief in the facts, which aren’t Truths, only tools to cause Truth to shine. And often those facts are ridiculous, causing memory association. But as the Bible quote above suggests, the fool may not discern spiritual Truths because the fool is too busy trying to prove or disprove the facts, trying to prove the history instead of learning from it. It is foolish to believe that the purpose of the stories (mythos) of any history is to establish fact. Only the elite do this, and only to prove their power positions over the common people. These historical facts are institutional lies that justify completely unjustifiable rulers, which would have no purpose or reason behind their otherwise totally illegitimate rule if it weren’t for the established, embellished, generally bullshit historical fact they force us to learn in their public schools and institutions. And the only reason we fall for these so-called histories is because we forget their purpose their reason, their intention. We take them as literal instead of make-believe. We allow the most ridiculous events, like 9-11, to be used as historical facts in their justification for completely immoral, illegitimate, tyrannical laws to be passed against us. And we consider those laws somehow as truths instead of the prima facie (on their face) facts they actually are. We consider what is totally avoidable as that which is unavoidable, simply because we are tricked by their supposed factual history of inventions instead of learning from them. We don’t emulate the founding fathers in their dissent from the king, we treat them as gods, as the reason why their great grandchildren continue to rule the illegitimate United States corporation, which didn’t even exist until after those founding fathers (gods) were dead. In other words, prima facie means that these legal terms and laws are all facts as long as nobody questions their legitimacy, which is the description of every government. Corrupt men that seek power all have this trait in common — they turn the moral lessons meant to be learned by the retelling of history into the evidence of why they should be rulers. They turn myth into fact, and force it to be labeled and considered by fools as Truth.

Judging by the amount of narcissism taking place nowadays, I’d say the point of the story of Narcissus has been lost, for example. Perhaps they’ll name a cell phone camera model or selfie app after that unfortunate character of mythology? Or perhaps the story of the modern Narcissist must be rewritten to reflect the idiotic “accidents” taking place so often, as people walk off of cliffs while filming themselves doing so, even as they fall to their death on the craggy rocks below. Perhaps the myth of the Lemmings may need to be rewritten for these post-modern times, where those cute, cuddly creatures walk off the cliff with cell phones in their paws?

We may watch and enjoy movies like Clash of the Titans or Lord of the Rings without coming away from the story with its actual purpose for being told — the moral lesson. Unfortunately, the story of Jesus Christ and his death and resurrection are no different. When taken literally, as a purely historical event, the point of christ’s death is completely lost. It serves no purpose. It becomes an excuse instead of a cause. The moral takeaway and lesson of the life and death of Christ today for most “Christians” is just about as dead as that of the Greek gods.

In this study, I’d like to show you the exact place in the Bible where the spiritual, moral reason behind this story of Christ is explained. But first we have to understand what was the Babylonian, Mosaic tradition of animal and human sacrifice before the Christ (New Law) became the metaphoric, spiritual replacement for the literal sacrificial lamb.

PASCHAL – adjective – [Latin pascha.] Pertaining to the passover, or to Easter. (–Webster’s Dictionary of the English language, 1828)

PASSOVER – noun – [pass and over.] A feast of the Jews, instituted to commemorate the providential escape of the Hebrews, in Egypt, when God smiting the first-born of the Egyptians, passed over the houses of the Israelites, which were marked with the blood of the paschal lamb. 1. The sacrifice offered at the feast of the passover. (–Webster’s Dictionary of the English language, 1828)

EASTER – noun – A festival of the christian church observed in commemoration of our Savior’s resurrection. It answers to the pascha or passover of the Hebrews, and most nations still give it this name, pascha, pask, paque. (–Webster’s Dictionary of the English language, 1828)


Think these are the same holidays? Have you been told that Easter and Passover are similar in their celebrative purpose? It’s a lie. Don’t believe it. The story of Easter is designed to replace the Babylonian (i.e. Jewish) story of Passover just as the New Testament is meant to replace the Old. In other words, the sacrifice of the “Son of God” is designed to replace the sacrifice of animals to the Babylonian gods. The New Testament is designed not to eliminate but to fulfill the Old.


“Ever since the New Testament, the paschal lamb has been interpreted as prefiguring Jesus. In subsequent centuries, Church Fathers and later clergy taught that Jesus was the lamb of God, the new Passover sacrificeThe Christian who is quoted or paraphrased in Sefer Nitztzahon Yashan makes the curious argument: the difficulty of offering any rational reason for the details of the paschal sacrifice in Exodus 12 provesthat the text requires an allegorical explanation, and it must be an allegory about Jesus. This seems to have led Jews to work harder to prove that, on the literal level, the rules were meaningful, not arbitrary… Modern biblical scholars also struggle with the meaning of the ritual and the significance of these details, typically using anthropological tools to understand it, and suggesting that most of these rituals did not originate with a historical first Passover… Such is the nature of allegorical explanations. Christians claimed that the allegory was about Jesus, but there was nothing to stop another allegorist from giving a totally different explanation, in this case, that it was about the Jewish people as a whole.”

–Prof. Rabbi Martin Lockshin, excerpted from ‘Searching for the Meaning of the Passover Sacrifice, The need for medieval exegetes to suggest a plausible alternative to the Christian exegesis of this ritual’


The problem? Here we have an allegory trying desperately to be proven as a history. Happens all the time. Again, the fool completely misses the spiritual lesson, because to the fool, the spiritual lesson is foolishness, and the spiritual coldness and irrelevance of history and scientific proofs are paramount.

Now, before you get all bent out of shape because of some pseudo-religious belief that the modern conceptualization of “science” as the new, replacement-for-Christ savior of men is the holy grail of the atheist (fool) and the logician, hold your horses just a moment and think about what I’m saying here. Because this question is a very reasonable one that can easily and even scientifically be answered: can science be applied to the Bible? In other words, can science discern the moral value and intent from an allegorical story or mythological history? Can science be used to prove or disprove an allegory, a metaphor, an aphorism, a moral equivalent, or a mythology? Of course it can’t. What a fool one must be to attempt to apply science to a book of moral stories and inherent Laws intended as that which is not even in the realm of scientific observation! Shall we use science to examine whether or not Little Miss Muffet truly sat on a Tuffet, searching desperately through historical ruins to prove said tuffet and the girl that sat on it actually existed? Shall we merely take at its word the story of Mary and her supposedly little lamb and that its fleece was apparently white as snow? Was Wilber really “Some Pig” as Charlotte the Black Widow claims him to be, or was he just another side of bacon waiting to happen? You must understand that this is not a pro- or anti- science argument, but rather just a case where science isn’t even part of the topic. It simply isn’t necessary or relevant to the purpose and intent of the Bible as a moral teaching tool to invoke scientific methods. Spirituality and moral behavior is not a scientific subject. And it’s utterly ridiculous to attempt to try and prove or disprove the Bible’s allegorical, metaphorical nature with the tools of science. Perhaps the fact that this idea is so ridiculous is why it has caught on with such fervor among non-thinking fools. Yet one must ask such a purveyor of scientific proofs for allegorical stories this question: which is more ridiculous and unscientific, the Bible stories themselves, or trying to prove or disprove those moral stories with science? LOL! Why would anyone attempt to bring science into a moral discussion? Unless, perhaps, one wishes to purposefully confuse the very intent and purpose of the Bible’s allegorical mythos and moral lessons with some “factual” or “scientifically provable” history (an oxymoron) that never actually happened so as to justify whatever it is they call themselves… kings, priests, popes, magistrates, judges, jews, Christians, or just good old false gods?

The moral of this story is that morals cannot be proven by science. They are not of the same realm. That is to say that spiritual thought and action are not and cannot be scientifically justified. Inversely, there is no spirituality in science, for True science seeks only to understand Nature Itself, not decipher its spiritual meaning. Attempting to apply science to the Bible is like applying spiritual morals to a spiritless machine. It just doesn’t work. Yet, it certainly works to confuse and confound most people from understanding the Bible. In that way, science may very well, in the end, triumph over the minds of men and destroy our collective spirit.

You see, If the bible can be made into an artificially “factual” history (fact) instead of an allegory (moral Truth) in the minds of Christians… oh, wait, that’s already happened. That’s the purpose of legal corporations that in their corporate charters call themselves by differing, anti-Biblical, empty, denominational religious names. And each one has a history of its own. The Methodists have their founding father, John Wesley. The Catholics have their replacement (anti) God and vicar of christ, the Pope. The 7th Day Adventists have their very recent history of Ellen White and John Nevins Andrews, their own founding fathers. The Baptists founding father in Amsterdam was John Smyth, with John Clark or Roger Williams in America. Mormons have their bizarre history and replacement Christ in Joseph Smith, while scientology was apparently invented by L. Ron Hubbard, a science fiction author, after he made a bet between fellow high profile sci-fi writers over a poker game that Hubbard could not start a new, successful religion of his own. All religions have their histories, that is, their “facts” that are used to justify their own false, corporate doctrines. Nevermind the repeated warnings of the Bible that we should call no man as “father” nor take any other doctrine (law) but that of the Bible.

And that brings us back to the allegory of the passover…

Let us be clear that this so-called Jewish holiday, that of the celebration of the “pass-over” or paschal (lamb) sacrifice, was not the physical, literal killing or slaughtering of all the first born human sons and animals. That’s too ridiculous even for the Bible. But the consideration of it, that of the killing of children, was a powerful metaphorical conception that certainly did represent the taking away of the right of what is called primogeniture. This concept of law is not a physical attribute but a status, otherwise known in law as being the firstborn. And so we can quite fully understand the purpose of this allegory of the passover by simply understanding manmade law of the time, and therefore the purpose of putting to metaphoric death that spiritual status, that is, a right of succession.

PRIMOGENETUREnoun – 1. The state of being the firstborn child‘Maui and Tahaki are famous mythological heroes in Polynesia and they have more powerful manas than their elder brothers, though they are not the primogenitures.’ After the sin the primogenitures lost their privilege of serving in the Holy Temple and it was given to the Levites, who had abstained from the sin.’ 1.1 The right of succession belonging to the firstborn child, especially the feudal rule by which the whole real estate of an intestate passed to the eldest son(–Oxford Lexico.com Dictionary online)

PRIMOGENETURE – A historical term that refers to the rights and responsibilities of the first-born child among siblings in a family. When used in the legal sense, the term is used to discuss the right of the eldest son in the family to inherit his parents’ estate upon their death. The initial purpose of determining primogeniture was to keep an estate from being divided among siblings. When this was done, a parcel of land would continue to get smaller and smaller, which reduced the value of the overall property. To explore this concept, consider the following primogeniture definition.”

PRIMOGENETURE – (noun) – The state of being the firstborn child in the family. The system of inheritance or succession of the firstborn child, especially the eldest son

PRIMOGENETURE LAW – Primogeniture law historically determined that the first-born son among all of a couple’s children would inherit his parents’ entire estate upon their deaths. The purpose of this was so that the parcel of land would not end up being so subdivided that the value of each individual parcel would plummet. The term “primogeniture” was implied to refer to male children. If there were no male heirs, then primogeniture law determined that the property would be divided up among the daughters in equal shares. Primogeniture law actually hails from feudal England, and does not exist in the United States. (–Legal dictionary online, at https://legaldictionary.net)


Perhaps it slipped your mind that there happened to be no female children smitten by God (Jehovah) on that day of passover? Now, allegorically and legally, you know why. They simply were not male, and so not considered by law as “firstborn” and therefore had no right of primogeniture to put to figurative death. Disclaimer: No female children were harmed during the making of this allegory. This is what you might call as a big tell…


“And it came to pass, that at midnight the LORD (Jehovah) smote all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, from the firstborn of Pharaoh that sat on his throne unto the firstborn of the captive that was in the dungeon; and all the firstborn of cattle.” (–Exodus 12:29, KJB).

Only the “firstborn” (primogeniture) were “smote” by Jehovah. In other words, the right of succession to God’s Kingdom was allegorically usurped. This, by law and custom, and therefore by default, necessarily did not include any female children, which were never considered as firstborn. Again, it was the status of inheritable blood that was made figuratively dead, not the actual life of the child. Yet the blood-right remained (was saved) with the children of the Israelites, who escaped the “destroyer” of the “firstborn,” this word destroyer being a translation of the word shachath, which specifically means “moral corruption, rot, ruin, spoliation, perversion, or to be marred or marked (by evil/immorality).”” Yes, the destroyer (of spirituality and Truth) put to death all the “firstborn” male children (heirs), but this was a figurative, spiritual death, not a literal, physical one.

It is also very important not to confuse the “Jews” with the Israelites. These terms are not the same. The Israelites were men that followed the Law of God, that is, the Christ (Logos) as Law. The Jews (יְהוּדִי – Yĕhuwdiy; or Ἰουδαῖος, Ioudaios), were specifically defined as:

“The apostle John, inasmuch as agreeably to the state of things in his day he looked upon the Jews as a body of men hostile to Christianity, with whom he had come to see that both he and all true Christians had nothing in common as respects religious matters, even in his record of the life of Jesus not only himself makes a distinction between the Jews and Jesus, but ascribes to Jesus and his apostles language in which they distinguish themselves from the Jews, as though the latter sprang from an alien race: John 11:8; John 13:33. And those who (not only at Jerusalem, but also in Galilee, cf. John 6:41, 52) opposed his divine Master and his Master’s causeespecially the rulers, priests, members of the Sanhedrin, Pharisees — he does not hesitate to style οἱ Ἰουδαῖοι, since the hatred of these leaders exhibits the hatred of the whole nation toward Jesus: John 1:19; John 2:18, 20; John 5:10, 15ff,John 5:18; John 6:41,52; 7:1,11,13; 9:18,22; 10:24,31,33; 18:14.” (–Strong’s Concordance #G2453 entry, quoting THAYER’S GREEK LEXICON)


Hmm… sounds a lot like secular Israel and the worldwide, mostly atheistic jews (Ἰουδαῖοιof today, despite their masterful infiltration and blinding of Christian churches throughout the world.

Oh, but surely Christians and Jews can live together in harmony under the same Law, right? A Christian-Jewish Alliance? Forget the Bible, you’re racist if you don’t think so. That’s scientifically proven by the propaganda arm of the ADL!

As the Exodus story explains, it was the status of being firstborn (primogeniture), a legally recognized and spiritually induced (blood-right) status, that was in title only taken away from the Egyptians, including even Pharaoh’s own firstborn son (heir), whereas the firstborn of the Israelites (not jews) had their God-given rights preserved. God (Jehovah) figuratively passed over them in his taking away of the right of inheritance to God’s Kingdom, for they were not followers of the Law of Nature (God), that is, they did not respect the metaphoric lamb of God (Jesus Christ/Logos). But to understand this story the metaphor must be applied. Remember, this is not Clint’s opinion, this is defined straight out of the concordances and lexicons for the Bible. And this is just one of many hundreds of examples of the term death being used figuratively, meaning spiritual death, and signifying a loss of inheritance and access to God’s Law to defeat man’s.

All in all, the event is not even a religious one. In other words, it has nothing to do with religion, but is strictly an allegorical understanding of the law of inheritance and status as it applies to the Law of Nature (Christ).

The Egyptians and the Jews were, of course, idolators. They worshiped the false (untrue, unnatural), Babylonian gods. In other words, they did not worship and obey Truth (Nature) and Its Law. And so their horrific sacrifices were also made to idols (false gods).

Idol – Strong’s #G1497 – eidōlon

εἴδωλον, εἰδώλου, τό (εἶδος (cf. Winers Grammar, 96 (91); Etym. Magn. 296, 9)), in Greek writings from Homer down, an image, likeness, i. e. whatever represents the form of an object, either real or imaginary; used of the shades of the departed (in Homer), of apparitions, spectres, phantoms of the mind, etc.; in Biblical writings (an idol, i. e.):

1. the image of a heathen god: Acts 7:41; 1 Corinthians 12:2; Revelation 9:20 (Isaiah 30:22; 2 Chronicles 23:17, etc.; θεῶν ἤ δαιμον´ων εἴδωλα, Polybius 31, 3, 13);

2. a false god: Acts 15:20 (on which see ἀλίσγημα); Romans 2:22; 1 Corinthians 8:4, 7; 1 Corinthians 10:19; 2 Corinthians 6:16; 1 Thessalonians 1:9 (often in the Sept.); φυλάσσειν ἑαυτόν ἀπό τῶν εἰδώλων, to guard oneself from all manner of fellowship with heathen worship, (1 John 5:21).


Take the partaking (artificial sacrifice) of those little, corporately mass-produced, shitty-tasting little wafers and processed (unnatural), corporately manufactured grape (artificial) juice in church as a pretended “flesh” eating and “blood” drinking. What ever might the Bible say about that?


As concerning therefore the eating of those things that are offered in sacrifice unto idols, we know that an idol (G1497is nothing in the world, and that there is none other God but one… Howbeit there is not in every man that knowledge: for some with conscience of the idol (G1497) unto this hour eat it as a thing offered unto an idol; and their conscience being weak is defiled.”

—1 Corinthians 8: 4,7, KJB


“And were all baptized unto Moses in the cloud and in the sea; And did all eat the same spiritual meat; And did all drink the same spiritual drink: for they drank of that spiritual Rock that followed them: and that Rock was Christ.

—1 Corinthians 10: 2-4


Be not carried about with divers and strange doctrines. For it is a good thing that the heart be established with grace; not with meats, which have not profited them that have been occupied therein.”

—Hebrews 13: 9, KJB


Not only does the New Law of God (Christ) state not to worship or sacrifice idols, it also tells you that your meats should be spiritual, not worldly. And, of course, we find here one of many warnings not to follow strange doctrines, which basically is a reference to all modern, so-called “Christian” religions (worldly, secular corporations) and their useless, worldly ceremonies and rituals. The Bible is clear never to worship God in any of man’s false traditions, or in other words, never worship or pray to God through any artificial (manmade) invention.

Astoundingly, due to the stark ignorance of today’s populations in all nations, the planned reinvention and construction of the idol of the “Third Temple” reinvoking the Old, Babylonian law is under way. Here we find again blatant, and in my opinion purposeful, willful ignorance of the metaphoric, allegoric nature of the Biblical stories of the first two temples therein. This third temple can, according to the Bible, only stand and represent idolatry at its worst. Over and over we read that God’s Kingdom is not found in anything built by the hands of men. God’s Realm is Creation, not the resourced recreation of men. Therefore, any temple or other corporate church building is an idol, and every religion is necessarily a false, reinvented doctrine designed and incorporated (made legal under man’s false law) to misalign and replace God’s Law (doctrine) as told in Biblical allegory. The True Christian has no religion but that of unwaveringly following the example of Jesus Christ without artifice, s the personification of Logos (the Law of the Universe). And that just doesn’t include anything built by the hands (or minds) of men. For the Law of Nature, the Law of God, is self-Evident, self-Existent, as all of Nature and the Universe is, not an invention of man.

But in modern, Zionist-Jewish thought, from one Rabbi HaRav Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kook, the First Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel, revered and famed Torah sage, philosopher, writer, poet, iconic and beloved leader of religious Zionism and the return to Zion (1865-1935), is as expected completely foreign and opposed to Christ (God’s Law of Nature), using logical fallacy to promote pointless animal slaughter as idol sacrifice:

Will There be Sacrifices in the Third Temple?

Rav Kook’s views on the Temple service are sometimes misconstrued. A superficial reading of a passage in Olat Re’iyah (vol. I, p. 292) indicates that only grain offerings will be offered in the reinstated Temple service. To properly understand Rav Kook’s approach, it is necessary to read a related essay from Otzarot HaRe’iyah.]

What will the rebuilt Temple be like? Will we really offer animal sacrifices once again?

Protecting Animals

Some people object to the idea of sacrifices out of concern for the welfare of animals. However, this objection contains a measure of hypocrisy. Why should compassion for animals only be expressed with regard to humanity’s spiritual needs? If our opposition to animal slaughter is based not on weakness of character, but on recognition of the issue’s fundamental morality, then our first step should be to outlaw the killing of animals for food, clothing, and other material benefits.

In the world’s present state, the human race is weak, both physically and morally. The hour to protect animal life has not yet arrived. We still need to slaughter animals for our physical needs, and human morality requires that we maintain clear boundaries to distinguish between the relative value of human and animal life.

At this point in time, to advocate the protection of animals in our service of God is disingenuous. Is it moral to permit cruelty towards animals for our physical needs, yet forbid their use for our spiritual service, in sincere recognition and gratitude for God’s kindness? If our dedication and love for God can be expressed – at its highest level – with our willingness to surrender our own lives and die al kiddush Hashem, sanctifying God’s name, then certainly we should be willing to forgo the life of animals for this sublime goal…

Hints to the Future

Even in the current reality, we may feel uncomfortable about killing animals. This does not mean that the time for full animal rights has already arrived. Rather, these feelings come from a hidden anticipation of the future that is already ingrained in our souls, like many other spiritual aspirations.

Hints of these future changes may be found in the text of the Torah itself. Thus, it says that offerings are slaughtered on the northern side of the altar. Why this side? The north traditionally represents that which is incomplete and lacking, as it is written, “Out of the north, the evil shall break forth” (Jeremiah 1:14). In other words, the need to slaughter animals is a temporary concession to life in an incomplete world.

Furthermore, the Torah stipulates that sacrifices must be slaughtered “lirtzonchem” – “willingly”(Lev. 19:5). The Temple service must correspond to our needs and wants. As the Talmud in Erchin21a explains, one must be able to say, “I want to bring this offering.” When the slaughter of animals is no longer generally acceptable to society, this condition will not be fulfilled.

Finally, the Torah describes a person offering an animal sacrifice as “adam” (Lev. 1:2). This word indicates our current state of moral decline, a result of the unresolved sin of Adam, the first man. An individual offering a grain offering, on the other hand, is called “nefesh,” or “soul” (Lev. 2:1). The word nefesh implies a deeper, more essential level of humanity, independent of any temporary failings.

(Excerpt from: Arutz Sheva 7, IsraelNationalNews.com – quoting from Gold from the Land of Israel pp. 173-176. Adapted from Otzarot HaRe’iyah, vol. II, pp. 101-103; Olat Re’iyah vol. I, p. 292, sent to Arutz Sheva by Rabbi Chanan Morrison, RavKookTorah.org)


Read that again, would ya?

This blatant, temple-based return to the idolatry of the Babylonian, Mosaic Old Law should be a frightening nightmare to any moral man, yet we find the entirety of the so-called “Christian” religions brainwashed to be in praise and service to this Biblically defined, anti-Christ brood. This is the ultimate in antichrist rhetoric and action. This is literally the undoing of the allegory and purpose of the Christ story. This is the killing of Jesus Christ, in other words, the destruction of the New Testament Law (Law of Nature) and the reinstatement of the Old, secular Babylonian law. To be antichrist is to be against God’s Law, the New Testament, as exemplified by the allegory (example) of Christ. This is the very definition of the biblical word Jew, as we read above. It’s what all Christians should expect from Jews, again, as defined in the Bible. It’s their reason for existence, to defeat what they call openly as the false savior, Jesus Christ (New Law). This has nothing to do with race, or opinion, and everything to do with moral, spiritual consciousness toward Jehovah (Nature), that is, God’s Creation and Its Law.

And so we come, in the Bible, to where the reasoning behind this turning point from the law of men under Babylon and its false gods to the Law of Nature is explained, as the emergence of the New Law (Testament) based on the allegory of Jesus Christ. The purpose behind the Christ allegory, that is, the personification (story) of Jesus Christ as a man following the Law of Nature (Jehovah), was quite eloquently authored to replace the Babylonian hell of these idolators and their bloody, sacrificial rituals to false gods. This was made quite clear in the 9th chapter of Hebrews:

Heb 9:1 – Then verily the first covenant had also ordinances of divine service, and a worldly sanctuary.

Heb 9:2 – For there was a tabernacle made; the first, wherein was the candlestick, and the table, and the shewbread; which is called the sanctuary.

Heb 9:3 – And after the second veil, the tabernacle which is called the Holiest of all; (Author’s note: see here that a building made by the hands of men is called the Holiest of all instead of that which is God or a Creation of God’s Nature. In other words, these temples were sanctuaries against Jehovah/Nature, not in support of It.)

Heb 9:4 – Which had the golden censer, and the ark of the covenant overlaid round about with gold, wherein was the golden pot that had manna, and Aaron’s rod that budded, and the tables of the covenant;

Heb 9:5 – And over it the cherubims of glory shadowing the mercy seat; of which we cannot now speak particularly.

Heb 9:6 – Now when these things were thus ordained, the priests went always into the first tabernacle, accomplishing the service of God.

Heb 9:7 – But into the second went the high priest alone once every year, not without blood, which he offered for himself, and for the errors of the people:

Heb 9:8 – The Holy Ghost this signifying, that the way into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing:

Heb 9:9 – Which was a figure (idol) for the time then present, in which were offered both gifts and sacrifices, that could not make him that did the service perfect, as pertaining to the conscience;

Heb 9:10 – Which stood only in meats and drinks, and divers washings, and carnal ordinances, imposed on them until the time of reformation.

Heb 9:11 – But Christ being come an high priest of good things to come, by a greater and more perfect tabernacle, not made with hands, that is to say, not of this building (idol);

Heb 9:12 – Neither by the blood of goats and calves, but by his own blood he entered in once into the holy place, having obtained eternal redemption for us.

Heb 9:13 – For if the blood of bulls and of goats, and the ashes of an heifer sprinkling the unclean, sanctifieth to the purifying of the flesh:

Heb 9:14 – How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?

Heb 9:15 – And for this cause he is the mediator of the new testament, that by means of death, for the redemption of the transgressions that were under the first testament, they which are called might receive the promise of eternal inheritance.

Heb 9:16 – For where a testament is, there must also of necessity be the death of the testator.

Heb 9:17 – For a testament is of force after men are dead: otherwise it is of no strength at all while the testator liveth.

Heb 9:18 – Whereupon neither the first testament was dedicated without blood.

Heb 9:19 – For when Moses had spoken every precept to all the people according to the law, he took the blood of calves and of goats, with water, and scarlet wool, and hyssop, and sprinkled both the book, and all the people,

Heb 9:20 – Saying, This is the blood of the testament which God hath enjoined unto you.

Heb 9:21 – Moreover he sprinkled with blood both the tabernacle, and all the vessels of the ministry.

Heb 9:22 – And almost all things are by the law purged with blood; and without shedding of blood is no remission.

Heb 9:23 – It was therefore necessary that the patterns of things in the heavens should be purified with these; but the heavenly things themselves with better sacrifices than these.

Heb 9:24 – For Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands, which are the figures (idols) of the true; but into heaven itself, now to appear in the presence of God for us:

Heb 9:25 – Nor yet that he should offer himself often, as the high priest entereth into the holy place every year with blood of others;

Heb 9:26 – For then must he often have suffered since the foundation of the world: but now once in the end of the world hath he appeared to put away sin by the sacrifice of himself.

Heb 9:27 – And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:

Heb 9:28 – So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.


The point? Worshiping God through idols was ceased, where Jesus Christ (personification and example of Logos) replaced those idols. We are called in the New Testament not to worship Jesus Christ as God or as an idol, but to become Christlike in our actions under Gods Law so as to worship Jehovah. Instead of sacrificing idols to God, we are to be the sacrifice ourselves, sacrificing (crucifying) all worldly things so as to live spiritually, in the Realm of God’s Nature and under Its Law. We are to become the sons of God by following the example. In this way, the sacrifice is Real, not made in idolatry, or in other words, we act on and under the Law of God (Nature) instead of just using idols as an excuse not to follow that Law. In essence, what this is saying is that a man cannot make his sins disappear in some mock, ceremonial atonement, by killing , mutilating, and bleeding dry some poor defenseless animal that is part of God’s Creation, for this pointless, purposeless murder of an innocent beast is certainly a sin in and of itself. It makes about as much sense as hunting elephants and giraffes for sport. You cannot cleanse your own blood of its sin by taking that of another, completely innocent beast. No, it is you that must stop acting like a beast, sacrificing from your spiritual Life that which is of the world of the flesh, the world of men (i.e. secularism, legalism). Instead of slaying innocent beasts as the Babylonian false gods demanded, man must follow the example of Christ (the Law of Nature personified) in order to rectify ones own sin — to be reborn from the realm of man’s law into the realm of God’s Law, in order to go back to Nature (God). In other words, this means that the legal person, the respect of fiction and the law that governs fiction, the lies, must die (metaphorically), so that the spiritual man may emerge without legal ties (false law) that prevent a man from acting under God’s Law. One cannot be saved from the trappings of false religion and worldly afflictions through useless killing in idolatry. It is our blood that must be spiritually purified. Thus, the Christ allegory is a guidepost allowing all men to return from the Babylonian woe, from Jewish (antichrist) influence, back to the very Nature we are born originally into. We that shed what the Bible refers to as sin can only do so by following the Law of Nature (Logos). For sin is just a general term meaning artifice, lies, fictions, idolatry, and self-deceit. SYN. That which is synthetic, not of Nature, not of God’s Realm or under Its’ Law.

So let’s put these pieces together here…

The Bible Law (i.e. common law of blood-right) says that in order for a testament to be valid, its testator (author) must be dead. No death, no inheritance. So one must ask oneself, how does an undying, “Living God” (Jehovah), defined as the entirety of Existence, the Universe and Nature Itself in Supreme Being (the verb Being, as Existence Itself), construct such a testament and still remain the eternal, never-ending, Living God? Here we may better understand the purpose behind the allegory of the Son (testator) of God, or He that was allegorically sent to die for our sins, in order that the New Testament (New Law of God) might be left to all men through death, a requirement of the law of the testator. This is figuratively the exact story played out in the maxims of law. In other words, this is an allegorical representation of what all men must suffer; namely, to be reborn from civil (legal) death in exchange for spiritual (True) Life under God, under the Law of Nature (Jehovah), personified in the story (allegory) of Christ. And yet it is so clearly written here that this True Life of substance without idolatry and empty sacrifice cannot be attained by merely participating in religious ceremonies and false sacrificial “communions” of eating meats (defined scripturally as any foodstuffs, literal or figurative) to false idols. This ceremonial custom of animal sacrifice, in fact, is surprisingly, completely against scripture, as we can read above. Just as you can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, as the saying goes, you certainly cannot squeeze the spiritual (figurative) blood of christ (atonement/forgiveness of sins) out of a communion wafer or other idol, and especially not from one of God’s own innocent Creatures. And no, grape juice is not a substitute for the works of, in, and under the blood of christ (Logos – God’s Law personified).

While the current false doctrines of corporate, religious gobbledygook and the ceremonial nonsense it promotes is enough to drive men away from such spiritually sound principles as the notion of the True meaning and intent behind the “blood of christ” and the reason for this story of the ultimate sacrifice by God — that a testament necessarily means the death of its testator — we may understand that the never-ending, never-changing God (Jehovah) cannot die lest we all figuratively die with It, waking up to our True, spiritual Nature. Therefore, the Son of God must be sacrificed, so that the Law (Will) of God may be testified and transferred to us. But in order to inherit this set of principles, we must become the sons of God ourselves. Jesus Christ is our example of how to do this, by following the Law of God. As Its sons, we become the spiritual, figurative primogeniture of God’s Kingdom (Nature). If you try and take this as literal, you will never understand It nor find yourself in It. You must reach deep down and find what is lost, that is, the ability to Love and cherish such moral stories and allegories for what they are intended to give you, learning from them as intended, and then acting accordingly. Poetry is, it turns out, for Real men. In other words, man may now Live Truly under this New Testament of Law, by the Will of Jehovah, by following in the sacrificial (metaphoric) blood of christ as a brotherhood of God’s sons. And what is so beautiful about this concept is that it literally requires nothing. No thing. No persons, places, or things (nouns/names). It is the negative Law, the Law of Truth, and Truth has no name (noun). It is the realm of God, of Nature, of that which is unblemished by the names and titles and defects and marks and fictional rights of man’s law and custom. He that is of God is the lesser part of God. Yet he who falls from such Grace is still of the Greater Good (God), the Higher Whole, but is tricked into allowing (consenting) that which is lesser in Law to overtake him. For the Greater always contains the lesser, just as the principal always contains the agent, the truster the trustee, the employer the employee, and so on. Hierarchically speaking, the power and Glory and Grace of that which is of Jehovah never loses its power or its Law, for the Law of Nature reigns supreme at all times, knowing that without it no Existence of any kind, Real or artificial, would Exist, as all self-Existence is literally Jehovah defined. All other forms of so-called “existence” are artificial, or that which is a re-creation of man. Thus, the foundational, scripture-based maxims of law spell out and follow exactly what one would expect.

But there is a problem. For the scriptures, after so much shared wisdom and warning with regards to the trickery of men and the simple instructions given from the perspective of being in Grace in recognizing everything that is false and of the father of lies (i.e. the re-creations of man influenced by devilish, adversarial intentions), also give us the free will to go against the Will of God, to break the Law and Covenant. The willing fool has no place in God’s Realm and has no access to God’s Law. He that should worship and express joy by the deceits and trickery of the lies of mans’ artifice, enjoining himself to that which is below him in persona (mask) and flattering title (idol), shall then be under the law of that which is lower than him, representing spiritual death, as the inability to govern ones own actions under God’s Law. So says the Bible — and thus the foundational maxims of law agree.

Many of the Highest maxims of law are simply constructs stripped from the Bible. This should be of no surprise when one understands that the Bible (as the unwritten, moral Law) is the foundation of the common law, and that, therefore, the unwritten was copied unto the written (Roman) law for the purposes of opposition. In other words, the unwritten, moral law must be recognized in order for the written, immoral law to have purpose, otherwise there is no reason for man’s law. Without recognition of Christ (God’s Law/Logos) there is no need or use for anything anti-christ. There is no left without right, no up without down, no light without darkness, no evil without good. To understand this, one must understand that God’s Law is neutral, whereas the Law of Rome is strict and sanctioned (punishable). By neutrality I mean that God’s Law is the Law of Nature, as is an inevitable Act of God, meaning the Act had nothing to do with man’s designs, inventions, or interference. It just Is. It Exists with or without man’s presence. A lightening strike causing a fire is an Act of God. It is a neutral event in Nature, and only a fool would believe it to be targeted at anything or sent for the purposes of some man’s judgement. What arrogance, conceit, and outright idiocy must it take for any man to believe that the power of the Universe (God) can or should be directed at any other man, or upon oneself. Yes, I will certainly concede that the idiot that ignorantly walks into a lightening storm without the fear of the Universe (God’s Nature and Law) increases his chances of being judged for his stupidity, if you will. But the purpose of that discharge of energy we call as lightening has for its purpose nothing to do with any man or any other object it connects with. If man didn’t exist, lightening would still strike wherever Nature’s Design warranted it. And so it is with the notion of God’s Judgment. When the Law of God, the Law of Nature, and the Laws of Nature are broken, then it is only reasonable to conclude that some consequence (judgement) will follow, rebalancing the metaphorical scales of Nature’s permanent Design. Poison the drinking well, and the user of that well will be judged (poisoned) for his own sin. Eat unnaturally according to FDA recommendations and be judged with obesity, diabetes, cancer, or other illness. This is a neutral, or rather a causality effect, not a religious one. We reap what we sow, and most of the time we deserve the fate we create for ourselves.

The deceits promulgated by the church and state are seemingly insurmountable at times, just as the perceived need of money, the root fo all evil, is certainly the great destroyer of our time. To be deceived is a choice, and the Bible allows all men to be deceived if they choose to be. Free will… And, of course, the legal law of men depends upon deceit. Without deceit, there would be no nations, no governments, and no false gods heading those governments. The maxims of man’s law repeatedly tell us that he who seeks to be deceived cannot then complain about being deceived when he acts voluntarily in that deceit. Deceit is made legal by governments of the legal (artificial) realm, by contract, and specifically by voluntary participation in that deceitful practice. Contracts are the strings that control the puppet, which is why the Bible forbids them. For a contract is always between legal persons and therefore under the law of fictional (legal) persons, not God’s Law. Ignorance of God’s Law is no more an excuse than ignorance of man’s legal law according to its maxims and to the Bible. The difference is plain though, for the Bible warns against such deceits and gives you the Law of God (the allegory of Christ personified) in order to escape them. Thus, God’s Word (Law) is said to be the Armor of God, or in other words, the Shield and Sword of Truth (God). The Truth (God) will set you free, but only if you follow the Law of God (Truth/Nature) exemplified by the allegory of Christ. The legal system wholly depends on self-deceit, on illusion, on trickery, on dissimulation, and on the fact that those that are deceived remain in such a state of decay.

Job 12:16  – With him is strength and wisdom: the deceived and the deceiver are his (the destroyers’).

2Ti 3:13 – But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Deu 11:16 – Take heed to yourselves, that your heart be not deceived, and ye turn aside, and serve other gods, and worship them;

Job 15:31 – Let not him that is deceived trust in vanity: for vanity shall be his recompence.

Luk 21:8 – And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

1Co 6:9-10 – Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

1Co 6:11-12 – And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God. All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power of any.

1Co 15:33 –  Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.

Gal 6:7 –  Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

Rev 18:23 – And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants (corporations) were the great men (artificial persons) of the earth; for by thy sorceries (pharmacopeia) were all nations deceived.


There is only one Law of Existence, of Nature, of Reality. The word Law is hardly adequate to describe It, for what word can possibly define what is self-Evident? This self-Existent (non-man-made) Order or Design is called as God’s Law, for God Is Reality, Is Truth, Is Nature, and Is All self-Existence — all that is not man-made. This Order of Nature, called as the Law of Nature (God), stands in self-evidence without exception, and is not alterable by men or by the artificial laws invented by men. All other so-called law is man-made, is consensual, voluntary, temporary, meaning that it must be contracted like any disease. And like a disease, man’s law will die without a host, without a volunteer, without victims; but only if you stop respecting it as Real, as part of God’s Nature. It always requires the breaking with the Law of God (Nature). There are no exceptions. There is no other law (doctrine) that does not specifically require one to break the Law of God, for no law of man is a self-evident part of God, that is, of Existence (Truth). No law of man is also a Law of Nature. There is no purpose for any law invented by man except to break the Law of God. There is no permit or license that is not intended to break with the Law of God. There is no legal person, place, or thing (name/noun) that is not intended to exist outside of the Realm and thus Law of God’s Nature. There is no positive invention by man that is not intended to control, harness, deceive, or destroy that which is a negative (already Existing) Creation of God. Man can only create artifice (art), and another word for art is technology. Only when mans creation is in harmony with and designed to protect and serve Nature can it be of the Will and Testament (Law/Word) of God. All of this is self-evident Truth, for the only Truth is God and that which is Created under and in harmony with Its Law. God does not invent, only man does.

The fool may consider such rhetoric to be a form of circular logic (dialectic). And yet no logic of man need be applied to the self-Existence of Godly things (of Nature). The circular notion of false logic is apparent by the flaws of its argument in referential to man-made (artificial) support for its accuracy. No-one can argue that Nature, in any way, is illogical, nor especially unreasonable. Its Design is beyond man’s capability of comprehension by use of the vulgar languages (including mathamatics), as all spiritual things are. What appears to the sophist as a circular logic is the very power of the negative aspect of Nature, which cannot be defeated by any positive (invention of man), unless one consents to that legal (anti-God) “fact” or “invention/design.” But a fact is not a Truth, and no facts need Exist in Nature, for Existence itself is self-evident Truth. Truth (God) needs no positively considered or pretended facts to Exist, and neither therefore does man. And that’s the point! That’s the power of God (Truth) — of being an anonymous part of God and thus part of and under the authority of the only whole and Highest Truth. In a spiritual and yes even circular way, one is protected from all lies when one remains in this circle of Truth, never allowing fiction and lies to break that spiritual circle. As they say, the Truth will set you free. For this circle is Real. It is Reality; the cycle of Nature. It is the realm of those who Live in and by the Grace of God and never accept what man has to offer in contract and thus become bound under the law of contracts (persons). For remember, a contract is only needed for those who seek to break with the Will and Testament (Law) of God, of self-government, of Love, Charity, Trust, Truth, and self-discipline. There are no contracts in Nature, in Love, in Charity, nor especially in Forgiveness. Understand this, and you may then literally and spiritually “under-stand” God’s Law. But if you comprehend it without applying it, you are indeed the very definition of a hypocrite (idolator).


“A contract founded on a base and unlawful consideration, or against good morals, is null.”

–Contractus ex turpi causa, vel contra bonos mores nullus est.  Hob. 167; Dig. 2, 14, 27, 4.


“The law never suffers anything contrary to truth. But sometimes it allows a conclusive presumption in opposition to truth.”

–Contra veritatem lex numquam aliquid permittit. ” 2 Co. Inst. 252. 24 See 3 Bouv. Inst. n. 3061.


“The agreement of the parties overcomes or prevails against the law.” 

–Conventio vincit legem. 2 Story, Ag. § See Dig. 16, 3, 1, 6.


The foundational maxims of law do not suffer anything that is not of the realm of Truth. But when a man can be tricked and deceived into entering into the legal contracts of the devil (attorneys), then this maxim invoking the power of Truth is bypassed. The law will suffer anything you can be deceived into accepting and volunteering for. For under contract, the Armor of Truth (God) is stripped from every man.

To avoid what is avoidable (man’s inventions and false, legal law) one must consciously avoid it. But once we accept or contract into what is avoidable, namely fraud, what is avoidable becomes unavoidable. This is where most of us stand. We are accepting and participating contractually in fraud (hypocrisy). The contract is valid because we don’t call it what it is. And if we do, if we understand the fraud, none of us are acting morally against it. Words are idols if those words are not acted upon, and so calling something as fraud while still acting in it is idolatry. Thus, we are still volunteering in that which is avoidable, for to nullify an immoral or otherwise unlawful contract under both realms of the law one must act with moral rectitude in opposition and avoidance against it. We are not doing so. The contract is lawful as long as the parties agree to it. And our agreement comes not in the form of words, but in the form of our actions in support of those legal (artificial) words. Contracts are excuses not to act under God’s Law. We act in the fraud, that is, in legal persona, therefore we accept the fraud. We pretended to become the fiction (person/title) and continue to pretend to be it. In other words, we are not following Christ (God’s Law), and are instead accepting the false, legal law (doctrine) of men. The legal system cannot be made null until men stop acting legally within it (against God’s Nature and Law). And most importantly, we cannot worship God nor follow Christ (Law) while acting in a legal persona (mask) that is required as property (status inside) of government to follow the legal, man-made, anti-God, antichrist, false law of men.

This was and is the reason behind the New Law, the New Testament, the allegorical blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ (Logos). We are part of the story. We were, through and because of the sacrifice of Logos, given cosmic free will. We were given the ability to attempt to break with the Law of Nature in a legal matrix of total self-deceit, though in Reality this is impossible. We were allowed to play the fool. But once we recognize ourselves as the fool, as I have recognized myself to be, it’s this point in our lives that we must either die to the secular world in order to find spiritual Life under God and Its Law, or we will continue, as so many of us are, to live by the deceits of the flesh in self-deceit and in hypocrisy.

If you’ve read this up to this point, then you know right now whether you are a hypocrite like me, or you are a son of God. If you are pretending to be the idol of a “Christian” then you know that such a placed upon yourself as a flattering title is either well-deserved by your actions or is carried in deceit as a false show in idolatry. And finally, you know now that the Bible cannot be dismissed as religious nonsense, and that should you choose to lift yourself out of this voluntary self-deceit that it’s you and only you that has the power to become Christ-like, to make the allegory of Christ become your own True story. You have the Armor. Now you must decide to bear it or throw it off for the sins (untruths) of the secular world.

And if you’re honest with yourself right now, you know the Truth is that you already know the answer, you already know your decision, because you already know the path, and from this point on you are either on that path or you are not. For most of you, including myself, this is what it feels like to Truly be a hypocrite.

Welcome to hell…


–Clint richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, August 21st, 2019


Orwell’s New Law: Intolerance Is Tolerance


“A man in debt is so far a slave.”

—Ralph Waldo Emerson


I’ve got something to say, and you probably aren’t going to like it. And try as you will to dispute it, the Truth is a piercing sword, unable to be deflected even in this time of great deceit — this grand delusion.

Yes, freedom is slavery. It’s called the commercial franchise of national citizenship (legally called as freedom), a reimagined form of denizenship as a post-modern neo-feudalistic form of the same old debt-slavery of yesteryear.

Yes, we understand that war is peace. These are merely the two different extremes of a legally (secularly) bound international commerce, the state of war being a violent purge of uncooperative nations or people (tribes) seeking independence from a slave-inducing, interconnected world currency and its performance-debtor slave system through extortive taxation and internationally imposed sanctions. When the violent, murderous trade war ceases, the then subdued, defeated nations submit to the usual forced but supposedly voluntary “peace” of commerce via international trade yet again. The difference between war and peace is merely a declaration of one or the other, though both have the same goal, to profit the elite bloodlines of archons behind nation-building and United Nations programs that assure free-flowing commerce (peace) between those internationally bound corporations (nations).

And yes, we have witnessed globally that ignorance is strength. But this phenomenon is only understandable from the perspective of national governments toward their enslaved, enfranchised (free range) masses (common human live-stock), as we are hopelessly educated and entrained by entertainments and standardized, institutionalized lies (also called history), and of course what is quickly becoming our very own censored, institutionalized newspeak. My people around the world are, without a doubt, being destroyed and controlled through a mandated, standardized system that teaches and instills a guaranteed lack of knowledge. It’s called public education.

But there is an underlying Orwellian, that is, dystopian maxim that stands as the foundation for all of this, the source behind all three of these seemingly paradoxical but fully demonstrable states of induced, artificial existence detached from Nature (God), which have led to this now globalist Newspeak society we pretend to exist in. There is one ingredient, one agenda that must be pushed universally for this trifecta of dark, globalist tyranny to prevail…

There must be a despotically enforced, unequivocal (absolute) state of artificial, passively consented-to tolerance.


Our rulers can have no authority over natural rights,
only as we have submitted to them
The rights of conscience we never submitted.
We are answerable for them to our God.
The legitimate powers of government extend
to such acts only as injurious to others

—Thomas Jefferson


What is the highest moral (Natural) Law? To do no harm, without exception, including the use of words as weapons.

What do the governments of men thrive upon? Doing harm, and more specifically causing us all to harm one another in any way legally possible (permissively through words) as a dysfunctional lifestyle. In other words, creating and administering dystopia — a debtor’s hell.

Our society is like a poker game, consisting of a set of neighbors (players/actors) that pretend a sort of cordial camaraderie and shallow friendship while secretly seeking to competitively out-do, defeat, destroy, and bankrupt each other. Every player at the poker table is necessarily, situationally, and by disposition subjected into being a member of the anti-cult of the Joneses, always seeking to one-up each other, prideful and miserly of their continued earnings, existing solely for the purpose of profit and gain. Meanwhile, the dealer (government and banker) sets and administrates the rules of this necessary, mutually required illicit conduct, allowing legally (permissively) this abhorrent behavior within a prescribed, licensed set of rules. For this administrative “service” the dealer (government) legally steals (taxes) for its own profit the total wealth spent in each transaction (poker hand), raking in a small percentage from each round of cards (commerce) being dealt for the house — an administrative fee, of course. But as the total money left on the table is constantly diminished by this house service charge (called the take), each neighbor must constantly refresh the money pool with his own savings or, finally, leave bankrupt (as a broke loser). Essentially, this is how governments corral and subjugate their common citizenry, setting the rules of “commerce” (the rules of the game) so that we are all constantly practicing deceit and treachery toward one another while feigning to be good neighbors, the ultimate hypocrisy (simulation). It’s just business, we are entrained to say, as if this is some viable excuse to break the highest law of Nature (God) to love your neighbor, to do no harm, and to act always in love, charity, and forgiveness. But, of course, there would be no poker games or need for government if this moral, spiritual, “unwritten” Law was respected absolutely. Gambling, as does citizenship, requires God’s Law (and therefore natural rights) to be trampled underfoot. In legality, the only duty that can be found is the taxation laid upon us all. Instead of acknowledging and fulfilling our moral duty to all men, we pay a duty (tax) so that we don’t have to. Legalism is, after all, the undoing of God’s (Nature’s) Law.

The point? The legal law can only control us if we can be made to voluntarily, continuously harm and injure one another through legal (man-made) methods of false law. To injure, in legalism, means to bring someone or something IN to and therefore under the legal LAW (jure) by means of invoking it in commerce (contract), or in other words by causing all actions of men to be done through a government assigned, artificial, legal persona (mask) — men acting not in Nature (under God and Its Higher Law) but instead in legal (artificial) persona, a false “strawman” that is property of the commercialized corporation of government. We tolerate harm in every way, to each other and to ourselves, as if it’s a normal, or even natural part of “life” as citizenships (debt-slaves). We are acting as commercial vessels, and therefore, as feudal vassals.

VASSALnoun – 1: A person under the protection of a feudal lord to whom he has vowed homage and fealty: a feudal tenant2: One in a subservient or subordinate position. (–Webster’s Dictionary Online, current)


Maxim of law: With protection comes subjection (subservience/subordination).

In other words, by doing all things commercially in a false, legal persona (status, which is property of government), all actions done by national “citizens” are considered as being legally protected under international law, and, as the maxim of law goes, with protection comes subjection. You see, this maxim applies to both men and the persons (legal status) men pretend to act within, which inversely means that to have the protection of God (Natural rights), one must subject oneself only to the Law of Nature (God), never to what is legal (anti-God, anti-Nature). And so, having legal protection as “consumers” in commerce requires voluntary personhood (legal existence/status) and subjection to the false gods (magistrates) of government. The concept is not at all different, metaphorically speaking, as being either an angel or a demon. Both answer to their perspective gods and are bound by the law thereof. The personification of the angel guides men towards the Law of Nature while the demon (devil) drives men towards the big lie, the artificial aspect of false existence (citizenship in personhood) separated from Nature (God) and Its Law. The angel exists only in Nature (Reality) and may only influence and guide men towards Nature (God) and Its Law. But the demon exists only in fiction, in legal commerce, unable to do anything to men in Nature nor effect the Natural (God-given) rights of men (to do no harm) unless men can be deceived and tricked into entering into the legal, artificial realm (hell) via commercial contract, including citizenship to the legalist, secular nations. Nature (God) is Truth. Legalism is always a lie. One cannot have two opposing gods (masters), nor can one practice two opposing laws. One cannot claim the Natural rights emanating from Nature (God) while acting in an unnatural state of false existence (persona) and following only the law governing fiction. One cannot follow the Law of Nature (God) while also following its complete, intentional opposite, the law of men (legalism). And while the True intent of the concept of possessing the Natural (God-given) right of freedom of religion only exists in Nature, under God (as the practice only of the Law of Nature and exemption from legal, manmade sanctions), legalism only exists outside of and without God, without the Law of Nature. Legal law is a pretended exemption from the Law and Laws of Nature (God). It is really just satanism in disguise, for the meaning of the word satan is merely that which is adversarial to God (Nature/Truth) and Its Law. In legalism, the legal terminology (trickery) “freedom of religion” actually means freedom from religion, or in other words, freedom from Nature (God) and Its Law. All legal, commercial law necessarily defies, opposes, and abandons what is Nature (God) and Its Law, for all legal persons, places, and things (nouns/names) are false. In Nature, all of Existence (Creation) is anonymous, nameless, and therefore carries no mark, no blemish, and no sign of legal property. Nothing in Nature is property of man. Only legal (artificial) persons, places, and things (names placed upon Reality) are property (creations of) men. And so, when the Law of Nature is transmuted, reconstituted, and thus perverted from Nature (God) into commercial (legal) code, and when men can be tricked into following this artificial code instead of the actual Law of Existence (God), then men carry the delusion that all of Nature, including themselves, are property of some commercial government corporation. Every tree, plant, animal, element, and living creature has been blemished with a legal name (noun/”thing”). Every geographical area of Nature (God) has been bestowed a legal name (noun) designating it a “place” or jurisdiction. And every man has been given an additional name (noun) and other marks that identify us all as some form of legal persona (noun/name). Therefore, through this word-trickery or word-majick of the legal language, all parts of Nature have been claimed as the property of mans creations, of artificial persons (corporations) created by the governments of men.


“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie –
deliberate, contrived and dishonest – but the myth,
persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic.
Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion
without the discomfort of thought.”

–John F. Kennedy


We have allowed hell on Earth to come into existence, and we follow its pretenders, its false gods (magistrates) and legal codes as its vassals in an open-air debtors prison. And we have been so far separated from our own Nature (God) by this mythos that even the idea of self-governing under the Law of God by claiming what is inherently ours, that is, our only actual God-given (Natural) right that is to do no harm, no longer exists as even a possibility, for to exist in and under the artifice of nations and legal law we must therefore cause continuous harm to one another. To get ahead one must, either unwittingly or with deceitful understanding, harm all others. To make money (mammon) one must charge usury and act in grocery (harm/evil). And to have wealth as “property” (in mammon) one must act according to the dictates of lust, of greed, and of purposeful antagonism toward the Law and Laws of Nature (God). Citizenship, by its artificial nature, is the seven deadly sins all tied up in one corporate employment to “the state.”

And that’s just what it is: employment. A citizenship is an employee of its government, an agent to its principal. And an employee has no choice. An employee must act the part he or she is playing. A citizenship of a nation (corporation) has no right and no authority to act under Gods (Nature’s) Law. Moral choice is against the legal law. Not moral thought, only the right to act on that moral thought is taken away. Let’s face it… the continuity of government depends solely on men not acting upon their moral conscious against it. And this is the very purpose behind the multitude of false religions married (incorporated) under the legal state – belief without acting on that belief. In other words, hypocrisy (simulation) at its worst.

It is the element of choice that Truly validates ones actions. Legalism takes away choice, and often forces us to do the opposite of what we would otherwise choose to do. Choice is an illusion while we are plugged-in to The Matrix (legal simulation).

The following cannot be feigned or forced by legal sanction. They must come from the soul. They must come from the conscious mind of men, not as a bylaw of a corporation through fictional persons in simulation. For these are “family values” not corporate rules.

Lust is defeated by self-control, that is, self-government, chastity.

Gluttony is defeated by temperance, in serving others before ourselves.

Greed is cured by charity in all things, by putting the needs of others before ourselves.

Sloth is ceased when one has zeal, a zest and respect for all life, and diligence toward the needs of others.

Wrath, as anger toward another, is defeated by patience, by empathetic understanding of the disposition of others.

Envy has no place when the desire to help others succeed is more powerful than the desire to defeat, compete, or otherwise supersede them.

And pride can hold no man’s ego when one stands always in perspective humility, instead standing always in the attitude of service to all men and all True Existence (Nature/God).

The legal person is all of these in one, by legal requirement and/or as a result of the legal code, causing lustful and self-serving (glutinous) behavior, creating greed as intention and sloth as consequence, where lawyers capitalize and promote wrathful thought for profit and gain, playing perfectly into the resultant envy promoted by entertainment, advertising, and educational institutions, all packaged up in a fervent, national pride that necessarily excludes all others in the world not of the same pretended ethnicity (nationality). Personhood is legalized sin. Personhood is spiritual death.

The poker player would never follow these self-evident Laws of Nature (God), and neither can the citizenship of the nations of mammon. To succeed in mammon, all of these must be put aside to make room for evil intent, coveting after the false god of money.

Aristotle, who apparently penned the Nicomachean Ethics, expounds on what is the nature of actions in volunteerism, what is involuntary, and what he calls the non-voluntary aspects of the dualistic nature of these behaviors, which generally reflect the Law of Nature (God) as virtue (need) and the legal, commercial drive as the excess (desire/want) and/or deficiency that is expressed by a lack thereof in each virtue. Listed below, the “mean” category signifies a natural, reasonable balance between the excess and the deficiency. Of course, the legal system as commerce seeks to exploit the excess and the deficiency of moral character, just as one would expect from the demons of legalism, of those who seek to gain and promote the purely secular, legal ideal and lifestyle of their own version of “freedom of religion,” legally meaning freedom from the Law of God (Nature), legally licensed freedom from personal responsibility towards other men and from self-government (self-control under the moral Law). What is a legal version is never the same and always opposed to that which it simulates in hypocrisy.

Here I have listed these ethical principles along with the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language definition of each term, which also reflects the same moral ethic in Biblical terms. When reading these, it must be from the perspective that each extreme represents the two trays of a scale, whereupon that scale tips in the favor of spirituality under God (the Law of Nature) and its opposing force of secularism under legalism (fallacious logic as the law of men). Yet too much of even the spiritually minded concept may cause men to act just as foolishly as the secularist extreme of that scale. It is balance we seek, not perfection. And this balance is self-governance under God’s Law (of Nature).  However, do not be fooled by the notion that legalism offers a counter-balance to perfection. That is not its design. Its design is to tip the scale in only one direction at all times, while simulating a religious foundation of moral equivalence and manifest destiny. This is a lie told by the king of lies, by men seeking power through the destruction of your ability to self-govern, and by taking you away from God (Nature) through false denominations (empty names) of the false doctrines of corporate religion. In other words, legalism is designed to keep you at all times spiritually unbalanced. All of these expressive traits, again, are based on choice. Legalism offers no choice, while the Law of God relies only on your choice to follow It or turn away from it towards the artificial construct of a legalistic lifestyle in spiritual death.


COURAGE – noun – [Latin, the heart.] Bravery; intrepidity; that quality of mind which enables men to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, or without fear or depression of spirits; valor; boldness; resolution. It is a constituent part of fortitude; but fortitude implies patience to bear continued suffering. Courage that grows from constitution, often forsakes a man when he has occasion for it; courage which arises from a sense of duty, acts in a uniform manner. Be strong and of good courage Deuteronomy 31:6. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
fear (phobos) Courage (andreia): mean in fear and confidence First Type. Foolhardy or excessive fearlessness; is one who over indulges in fearful activities. Cowardly (deilos): exceeds in fear and is deficient in confidence
confidence (thrasos) Second Type. Rash (thrasus): exceeds in confidence


TEMPERANCE – noun – [Latin temperantia, from temper.] 1. Moderation; particularly, habitual moderation in regard to the indulgence of the natural appetites and passions; restrained or moderate indulgence; as temperance in eating and drinking; temperance in the indulgence of joy or mirth. Temperance in eating and drinking is opposed to gluttony and drunkenness, and in other indulgences, to excess. 2. Patience; calmness; sedateness; moderation of passion. He calm’d his wrath with goodly temperance. [Unusual](Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
pleasure (hēdonē)
and pain (lupē)
Temperance (sōphrosunē) Profligacy, dissipation, etc. (akolasia) scarcely occurs, but we may call it Insensible (including a lack of empathy, happiness from doing harm)(anaisthētos)


LIBERALITY – noun – [Latin liberalitas. See Liberal.] 1. Munificence; bounty. That liberality is but cast away, which makes us borrow what we cannot pay. 2. A particular act of generosity; a donation; a gratuity. In this sense, it has the plural number. A prudent man is not impoverished by his liberalities. 3. Largeness of mind; catholicism (universalism); that comprehensiveness of mind which includes other interests beside its own, and duly estimates in its decisions the value or importance of each. It is evidence of a noble mind to judge of men and things with liberality. Many treat the gospel with indifference under the name of liberality. 4. Candor; impartiality. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
giving and getting (smaller amounts of) money liberality (Rackham),
generosity (Sachs) (eleutheriotēs)
prodigality (Rackham),
wastefulness (Sachs) (asōtia)
meanness (Rackham), stinginess (Sachs) (aneleutheria)


MAGNIFICENCE – noun – [Latin magnificentia.] Grandeur of appearance; greatness and splendor of show or state; as the magnificence of a palace or of a procession; the magnificence of a Roman triumph. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
giving and getting greater things Magnificence (megaloprepeia) Tastelessness (apeirokalia) or Vulgarity (banausia) Paltriness (Rackham), Chintziness (Sachs) (mikroprepeia)


MAGNANIM’ITY – noun – [Latin magnanimitas; magnus, great, and animus, mind.] Greatness of mind; that elevation or dignity of soul, which encounters danger and trouble with tranquillity and firmness, which raises the possessor above revenge, and makes him delight in acts of benevolence, which makes him disdain injustice and meanness, and prompts him to sacrifice personal ease, interest and safety for the accomplishment of useful and noble objects. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
great honor (timē) and dishonor Greatness of Soul (megalopsuchia)
(Traditional translation “magnanimity”. Sometimes “pride”.)
Vanity (chaunotēs) Smallness of Soul (self-hatred)(mikropsuchia)


AMBITION – noun – [Latin ambitio, from ambio, to go about, or to seek by making interest, of amb, about, and eo, to go. See Ambages. This word had its origin in the practice of Roman candidates for office, who went about the city to solicit votes.] A desire of preferment, or of honor; a desire of excellence or superiority. It is used in a good sense; as, emulation may spring from a laudable ambition. It denotes also an inordinate desire of power, or eminence, often accompanied with illegal means to obtain the object. It is sometimes followed by of; as, a man has an ambition of wit. Milton has used the word in the Latin sense of going about, or attempting; but this sense is hardly legitimate. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
lesser honor (timē) and dishonor no special term in ancient Greek for the right amount of ambition Over-ambitiousness) (philotimos) lack of ambition (aphilotimos)


GENTLENESS noun – [See Gentle.] Dignity of birth. [Little used.] 1. Genteel behavior. 2. Softness of manners; mildness of temper; sweetness of disposition; meekness. The fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long suffering, gentlenessgoodness, faith. Galatians 5:223. Kindness; benevolence. 4. Tenderness; mild treatment. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
anger (orgē) Gentleness (praotēs) Irascibility (Rackham), Irritability (Sachs) (orgilotēs) Spiritlessness (aorgẽsia)


FRIENDLINESS – noun – 1. A disposition to friendship; friendly disposition. 2. Exertion of benevolence or kindness. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
general pleasantness in life Friendliness (something like philia) First Type. obsequious (areskos), if for no purpose quarrelsome (duseris) and surly (duskolos) (contrarian)
Second type. flatterer (kolax), if for own advantage


TRUTHFUL – adjective – Full of truth. (Websters1828)

TRUTH – noun – 1. Conformity to fact or reality; exact accordance with that which is, or has been, or shall be. The truth of history constitutes its whole value. We rely on the truth of the scriptural prophecies. My mouth shall speak truth. Proverbs 8:7. Sanctify them through thy truth; thy word is truth. John 17:172. True state of facts or things. The duty of a court of justice is to discover the truth. Witnesses are sworn to declare the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth 3. Conformity of words to thoughts, which is called moral truth. Shall truth fail to keep her word? 4. Veracity; purity from falsehood; practice of speaking truth; habitual disposition to speak truth; as when we say, a man is a man of truth. 5. Correct opinion. 6. Fidelity; constancy. The thoughts of past pleasure and truth. 7. Honesty; virtue. It must appear, That malice bears down truth. 8. Exactness; conformity to rule. Plows, to go true, depend much on the truth of the iron work. [Not in use.] 9. Real fact of just principle; real state of things. There are innumerable truths with which we are not acquainted. 10. Sincerity… 13. It is sometimes used by way of concession… That is, it is a truth; what you have said, I admit to be true. In truth in reality; in fact. Of a truth in reality; certainly. To do truth is to practice what God commands. John 3. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
truth (alēthēs) Truthfulness (alētheia) Boastfulness: pretense as exaggeration (alazoneia) Self-deprecation: pretense as understatement (eironia, same word as “irony“)


WITTY – adjective – [from wit.] 1. Possessed of wit; full of wit; as a witty poet. 2. Judicious; ingenious; inventive. 3. Sarcastic; full of taunts. (Websters1828)

WIT – verb intransitive – [G., to know. See Wise.] To know. This verb is used only in the infinitive, to wit namely, that is to say. [Latin] – noun [See the verb and Wise.] 1. Primarily, the intellect; the understanding or mental powers. Will puts in practice what the wit deviseth. For wit and power their last endeavors bend to outshine each other. 2. The association of ideas in a manner natural, but unusual and striking, so as to produce surprise joined with pleasure. wit is defined. What oft was thought, but neer so well expressed. Wit consists in assembling and putting together with quickness, ideas in which can be found resemblance and congruity, by which to make up pleasant pictures and agreeable visions in the fancy. Wit consists chiefly in joining things by distant and fanciful relations, which surprise us because they are unexpected. Wit is a propriety of thoughts and words; or in other terms, thoughts and words elegantly adapted to the subject. 3. The faculty of associating ideas in a new and unexpected manner. 4. A man of genius; as, the age of Addison abounded with wits. A wit herself, Amelia weds a wit. 5. A man of fancy or wit. Intemperate wits will spare neither friend nor foe. 6. Sense; judgment. He wants not wit the danger to decline. 7. Faculty of the mind. 8. Wits, in the plural, soundness of mind; intellect not disordered; sound mind. No man in his wits would venture on such an expedition. Have you lost your wits? Is he out of his wits? 9. Power of invention; contrivance; ingenuity. He was at his wits end. (Websters1828)

CHARMING – participle present tense – 1. Using charms; enchanting. 2. adjective – Pleasing in the highest degree; delighting. Music is but an elegant and charming species of elocution. (Websters1828)

CHARM – noun – 1. Words, characters or other things imagined to possess some occult or unintelligible power; hence, a magic power or spell, by which with the supposed assistance of the devil, witches and sorcerers have been supposed to do wonderful things. Spell; enchantment. Hence, 2. That which has power to subdue opposition, and gain the affections; that which can please irresistible; that which delights and attracts the heart; generally in the plural. The smiles of nature and the charms of art. Good humor only teaches charms to last.  verb transitive – 1. To subdue or control by incantation or secret influence. I will send serpents among you – which will not be charmed. Jeremiah 8:172. To subdue by secret power, especially by that which pleases and delights the mind; to allay, or appease. Music the fiercest grief can charm. 3. To give exquisite pleasure to the mind or senses; to delight. We were charmed with the conversation. The aerial songster charms us with her melodious notes. 4. To fortify with charms against evil. I have a charmed life, which must not yield. 5. To make powerful by charms. 6. To summon by incantation. 7. To temper agreeably. – verb intransitive – To sound harmonically. (Websters1828)

Concerned with Mean Excess Deficiency
pleasantness and social amusement Wittiness (Rackham)

Charming (Sachs) (eutrapelos)

Buffoonery (bõmolochia) Boorishness (bõmolochos)


For further outline and elaboration of these ten books containing these virtues and their excess or deficiency from neutrality (middle, mean, balanced state), see the wiki article, here:

Link–> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicomachean_Ethics


It is easy to confuse these terms with their legal opposites, word magic that is designed to simulate the form without the substance, to pretend good while acting badly. As an example, the legal system bestows the legal (false), flattering title of “honor” upon politicians and judges, as well as titles of supposed (pretended) nobility. One need not do anything special to be granted the flattering title of nobility, one may simply be born into it. Or, one may be hired on to the government corporations and be given such a legal title, which is a specifically defined term of art that has nothing to do with acting in honor in any way. This simulation (hypocrisy) is the nature of The Matrix story and movie franchise — a society so enamored in false, flattering titles that not one of us acts according to the title we pretend to bear. For while the words simulation and hypocrisy bear (carry) the same meaning, they are the products of very different intents. Hypocrisy is committed by a man that knows the Law of God (Nature) and continues knowingly and thus consciously to break that Law. But society today is in simulation, not hypocrisy. Simulation is committed by a man that does not know the Law of God except by name (form without substance), confused by legalism and false doctrine of state-sponsored religions, and therefore acts unknowingly and unconsciously to break the Law of God (Nature).

Which is worse? Why hypocrisy, of course, knowingly breaking the Law of Nature (God).

Which is more destructive? That would be simulation, for a simulator knows and acknowledges not his own hypocrisy, being inculturated and brainwashed by secular logic (legalism) and thus tricked into contract with the devils (attorneys/agents) of government – injured (brought into legal law) and submitted to a spiritually dead existence absent from Source (Nature). One that is ignorant, though this be no excuse, cannot be called a hypocrite. But he can be called evil, pernicious, and wanting of moral rectitude, as much as any farm animal might be labeled. For both exist in their own matrix simulation, an existence completely separate from Nature (Reality). One thing, however, is certainly clear… The ignorant simulators must be governed, for they cannot govern themselves if they do not know the Law of Nature (God). Trying to self-govern without God, without Logos (Christ, the Word of God personified), is like entering into a battle without a sword or shield. The piercing effect of legalism and mammon corrupts the empty mind, the mind devoid of knowledge. And we are certainly a people destroyed by our disgusting and purposeful lack of knowledge, our active ignorance.

(Author’s note: I just revealed the subject outline of my next book.)

It must be said that not any one of these virtues listed above can be obtained without the others. Each is like a check and balance upon which the others depend. For instance, one might be very witty and yet, without empathy, that is, without having temperance over ones words or actions, ones wit will certainly do harm to another or to oneself (self-deprecation). This dispensation of virtue is akin to having a shield against those seven deadly sins that the legal system thrives upon and invokes in each of us through its artificial matrix code. And so the worst of men rise to the top while the best of us are cowed and prevented from practicing this religious Law of virtuous ethics as religious men (non-persons). To be clear, the Law of Nature (God) is illegal in the legal system of men, for that is the purpose of having freedom from (of) religion, which means a state of possessing legal freedom from moral Law. Following the Law of God religiously is not a religion, it is conscious action and a fear of hypocrisy. The religions of men in no way require any man to follow the Law of God, and in fact require every man to break with God’s Law, the Law of Nature, in order to join and follow whatever false doctrine that “church” has printed, incorporated, and made legal (anti-God). Religion is steeped in and dependent on simulation and hypocrisy, for all its members and clergy must necessarily fall into one of these categories.

It is no irony that by doing no harm one therefore rises above and takes away all power of the legal governments of men, leaving the dealer (government) of the game without dependent, morally corrupted customers, without support, without players (citizen employees) in its organized, extortive, commercial business practices. A king, a government, and a poker dealer (tax collector) are useless and powerless actors without the multitude of weak-minded men paying them tribute by participating in their legal, permissive, monopolistic games so as to be harmful and be harmed as a defunct (spiritually dead), default lifestyle. Therefore, the legal system and its devilish law allows for, protects, and very much promotes injury and harm. To injure literally means to bring someone, some place, or some thing into law, and this usually means harm must be done to that legal (artificial) person (status), place (corporation), or thing (property). Though these are merely fictions of law (nouns/names), these pretended titles play an intricate role in this process, for they are all patented creations and property of government. The creator controls, as their well-established, ancient, legal maxim of law dictates. In other words, God controls Nature (including man) and Its Law, while governments control fiction (including the legal persons, places, and things of men) and the legal law that controls them. Through the fictional person, the man is controlled. Within the fictional place (legal jurisdiction of a municipal corporation) the person is governed (administrated). And through every false, legal claim of any thing as “property” by the fictional legal person in the fictional legal place, the man is therefore claiming that he or she holds “title” through some creation (persona) of government, and therefore the law of persons, places, and things is the highest – a false law held higher than Nature’s (God’s) Law. Ultimately this means that anyone that violates or trespasses upon that lie of fictionally entitled property must be punished, that is, harmed through extortion and pain. Forgiveness is not tolerated by we that justify, tolerate, and even worship patriotically this legal system, pretending God’s realm of Nature no longer exists when covered by a fictional, legal “property” line (artificial border) — that the Law of God’s Nature is equally defeated within that artificial boundary of legalism. Therefore, no moral action will be tolerated from any man because it’s illegal (intolerable) for a man bearing (using) a legal person (legal status) under and controlled (owned) by government to practice any form of True religious freedom (bound under moral, unwritten Law). What is legally written remains instead the foundational lie in which we trust.

A person (legal status) exists only in the legal fiction system (a fictional simulation created through legal code words), no differently than a Monopoly game game-piece only has power and status in the Monopoly game or a pawn or knight only has status as a pawn in the game of chess, being a useless trinket in Truth, that is, in Nature (under God), and having power only through the permissive (licensed) fiction that is man’s legal system of law. And so a man acting as/in legal persona (false character) can only act according to the law of persons, the law of the legal, commercial game, never the spiritual, moral Law of Nature (God). In other words, a man must tolerate everything that the government’s legal system of law requires its fictional persons (property) to tolerate, while inversely showing forced, equal, collective intolerance towards whatever government requires and considers as legally intolerable. Morals, values, spirituality, and just outright common sense are intolerable in any legal system. Why? Because these actions (not just thoughts) cannot be governed through legal means, only suppressed through rules attached to this persona (status in society). Only harm can be legally governed. And like a parasite, a vampiric ghoul, government capitalizes upon and taxes every instance of harm we do to one another, even going so far as to fill our heads with Hollywood (deceitful) entertainment that constantly promotes and features as “reality television” a host of paid, low-level, professional liars (actors) fulfilling quite scripted acts of competition and harm.

This is no game, this is the way of Nature (Jehovah). This is our actual default. Only the legal fiction prevents us from living Truly amongst one another in Love and Charity. And that fiction was created purposefully to destroy our spiritual release, our ability to Love and cherish each other as Real men, as Creations of God (Nature), entraining, educating, and tricking us into playing instead their legal game of monopolies (nations) by their artifices and false laws.

If this still doesn’t make sense, try and imagine a moral Monopoly or chess game for a moment, where the Highest rule of the game is to do no harm to any other player (man) or to the earth (Nature), where all “places” are only property of God and no other. Imagine playing Monopoly without money, without a banker (false god). Imagine if the dice had no power to move you and force you to harm (trespass) because you had no fictional character that, by the artificial (legal/man-made) law of that game, could control you through contract, bond, violence, and surety. Imagine having the Natural right and ability to travel through each pretended square of land because no legal system prevented it, and because the Law of the game is to do no harm, to forgive us our trespasses, and to love and respect one another as our neighbor and as we would expect to have done to ourselves? While this is the default Law of Nature, or in other words, what exists without the artifices of legal properties (persons, places, and things), it is only possible by conscious application (choice). It is only possible without temptation towards mammon (money and false valuation of what is Real as a fiction/name in commerce). It is only possible by men able to govern their own minds and actions, by men that hold the Highest Law not merely as a pretended belief system (religion) under a false corporate title like “Christian,” but as a lifestyle put into action at every moment of every new day. What games would we play if there was no competition? What wonders could we accomplish? What level of True Love could we experience?

Unfortunately, these questions cannot be answered while men are contracted with the dis-ease of legal personhood (status) under a false law, while inside the simulation of the legal matrix code and while entranced by the artifice of false, legally incorporated religions (belief without action). For the member of any religion is merely a citizen thereof, no different than that of a citizen of any nation, unable to ever act upon any moral law purveyed within that religion because that religion is a legal corporation bound wholly under legal law (IRS code), and the man attending that religious ceremony (game) is a legal citizen under legal (anti-God, anti-Nature) law. He that pretends, acts, and preaches falsely has no place in God’s Nature (Creation). The chess piece has no power except upon the chess board. The cartoon only exists in the cartoon realm. One cannot be a follower of the Law of God (exemplified in the story of Jesus Christ, the Law personified) and also pretend to be a legal person bound under legal law (false, antichrist doctrine). Each religion is a Monopoly board of its own, allowing empty belief in idols but preventing the ability of men to practice any moral actions as Law without license and permission from government. This false charity from religions can only serve to keep the poor in poverty, to fill the neglected belly of the hungry temporarily, without satisfaction, and provide only the illusion of shelter and love not as a duty to God, but as a gesture of empty, corporate greed (lust). Any welfare system provided by the corporate church serves only to support poverty, hunger, and homelessness, no less than the welfare system of the legal, corporate state serves only the continued base poverty level of its recipients. For money-based, corporate charity bound in anti-God legalism can never cure the ills of a society that worships and hoards the empty promise of money as its artificial god.

Government is only words on paper, and these words (false laws) are used by actors (politicians, police, etc.) in artificially flattering titles as justification to harm and injure the men who respect and therefore tolerate them as if their titles and legally licensed powers thereof are part of reality. This invisible badge of moral corruption, a public scarlet letter of moral incorrigibility called personhood (legalized adultery) and national US citizenship is expressed every time that status (legal, artificial persona) is invoked through identity (pretended sameness as a fictional character/name), such as showing a driver’s license or using a social security number. The law applies only to the person (fictional status), but the man acting in person is in a permanent state of injury (bound under legal law and sanction) by continued, assumed, permanent use (expression) of that persona (status) and the protection it tacitly imposes, being in bond and surety as a consequence of using another’s (government’s) property. Legal protectionism, that is, giving up liberty for security, replacing the choice of self-government with a legalistic prison in debt, is never a good thing.

And now, suddenly, the purpose of Thomas Jefferson’s quote above can be clearly understood. Your rulers use the premise of this quote against you, by causing you to abandon your natural (“God-given”) rights in exchange for their contracted dis-ease of legal, artificial rights. The devil (evil genius/attorneys) can only effect you when you get into contract with it. Legalism is intolerable to innocence. Satan requires harm be done so that its anti-God legalist law may govern and administrate that harm. With time or with money (which are the same thing), we all pay in the end.

Governments only have power over men that are weak-minded, ignorant, and warlike, men that cannot govern themselves, men that deny their own power and existence under God (in Nature/Reality). This unnatural state of being is purely a learned, societal behavior fomented on the “public” at large, for one cannot control (govern) he that is self-governing, unless that government first steals that man’s spiritual release and ability to practice any form of moral (unwritten, self-evident) Law. This is the absolute power behind the legal systems of men, a distinct lack of recognition and respect of the Law of Nature, the Law of God, and therefore the “God-given Rights” so often spoken about by the men that create governments. However, while they are happy to reserve these rights for themselves, the rest of us must be made to deny them and harm each other as a customary, common (vulgar) lifestyle in order that we may be ruled by the legalistic (man-made) rules of harm. We thrive on injury, because only through injury may we invoke and utilize the legal system. Without harm, it has no purpose. It cannot exist in a charitable society. It cannot thrive when forgiveness is the law. And it cannot control us unless we treat each other without love, as if we are not each other’s neighbors to love as we love ourselves. When our actions are no longer answerable only to Jehovah but to men pretending to be gods (magistrates/judges), then we no longer have Natural (God-given) rights. The second we invoke the legal system and law of men, we abandon all that is of God (Nature, the Universe), all that is the benefit of living in and speaking at all times the Truth. For God is Truth and the keeper of It. In other words, if we act like Lawless (soulless) animals then we shall be treated like Lawless (soulless) animals.

Governments, however, are not Truth. Governments exist and subsist solely on lies, on their own fictional inventions, and according to their own law. We seem to forget that every government in existence is immune from its own system of law, standing in the legal title of self-proclaimed, artificial, pretended sovereignty over its own property, its own false creation, including the persons (status in society) we pretend to be. We are told that we are each individually sovereign and yet also somehow subject to government, a blatant misnomer bordering on paradox. A man of God has only one Sovereign and it is never himself, for to have Natural (God-given) rights is to recognize Nature, that is the Universe as all True and self-evident Existence as a whole, as man’s only God (Sovereign). Nature is the only Truth. Truth is God. God is Truth. All else is manmade, and what is manmade is never Truth, never part of God, never part of or governed by Nature and Its Law. Therefore, what is manmade, including what we call persons or citizenship, is a lie. A lie is always against Truth. A lie is always against God’s Law. Lies are never part of Nature, thus never part of God. In other words, Truth is self-evident, and so Truth is the keeper of Itself, for Truth is the Nature and Law of the Universe (Jehovah). Man is part of Nature (God), part of Truth, and ultimately governed by Truth (Nature and Its Law), and so nothing manmade can be said to be part of God, for nothing manmade is part of (originated from) Nature (the Source of Truth). This is the essential foundation of law. Words are never Truth, only form without substance and without self-evidence. The Word of God is the Law of Truth, the Law (Logos) is the Son of God (Truth). The Word is the Law is the Son… these words carry the same meaning and Source. Whenever Truth is spoken, this is the Word of God. That which emanates Truth is acting in or speaking the Word of God, and is acting as a son of God, for God (Jehovah) is Truth. And one can self-evidently only have one True Origin, one Source, one Sovereign (God). All others are false (respected lies). This understanding does not require a degree, or even an education. It needs no religion or money-hungry, lust-addicted priest. It is a fundamental, self-evident Truth. It is the foundation of all Law, for the legal law only exists as that which is opposed to Truth. Life is spiritual Truth. Legal fiction is spiritual death. All persons (legal status under government) are fictions of law. All persons are dead. Persons are not of God, not Created from Nature (Universal Source). Persons are words, form without substance. Persons are Soulless…

If you think this is religion, you are hopelessly lost in the throws of legally imposed, active ignorance… dazed, and confused by the firm and fast grip of your lovelorn lips upon the teat of the false, legal gods of government (mammon).


“There is nothing more frightening than active ignorance.”

—Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” 



“There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that ‘my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” 

―Issac Asimov 


“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” 

―Soren Kierkegaard


“We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid.” 

―Benjamin Franklin


“The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody has decided not to see.” 

―Ayn Rand, The Fountainhead


“Five percent of the people think; 
ten percent of the people think they think; 
and the other eighty-five percent would rather die than think.” 

―Thomas A. Edison


“But you can’t make people listen.
They have to come round in their own time,
wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them…

―Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451


“Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn.”

―Benjamin Franklin


“An age is called Dark, not because the light fails to shine, but because people refuse to see it.”

―James A. Michener


“To surrender to ignorance and call it God has always been premature, and it remains premature today. Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is the belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence.”

―Richard Dawkins

(Author’s Note: I do not adhere to Dawkins gibberish, and would give my left nut to “debate” him, that is, educate him and his hopeless cult-following on his fallacious rhetoric and active ignorance of the Bible story and purpose. But a Truth as this, spoken by any man, cannot be ignored lest one becomes ones own enemy. His words regard only empty, corporate religions and their flatteringly-titled followers, not the self-evidence of the Truths in the Bible. His whole pedestal relies on the “strawman argument” fallacy, arguing against the false gods/idolatry and empty images that corporate “Christians” and other religions believe faithfully without proof instead of correcting those false beliefs and instructing them in the Truth of the Bible. In this way, Dawkins is not a Truth-teller but an adversary to the Truth (God). Jehovah (God) is self-evident Truth, against which there is no debating, no versions, and is not to be confused with of defined or likened to false gods and idols. Jehovah is defined as self-Evidence, self-Existence, the Universe, Nature and Its Law, of which we are all undeniably part of in Oneness. The atheist can only exist because false religions exist. The atheist argument is only against some other man’s imagination, not the Bible Law read in proper context and understanding of the intent of its language and metaphor. Dawkins is the “fool” so often referred to therein, just as I was for believing his and other’s fallacious rhetoric instead of reading and committing to due diligence regarding the Bible. His comment above only applies to men tricked into believing the false, manmade doctrines and empty images of denominated, corporate, legalized religions, and has nothing to do with the Bible itself.)


Let us be clear that the story of Jesus Christ is a timeless (non-historical) story about the most intolerant dude I can think of, violently overturning the tables of the moneychangers and abhorring all men (fools) that acted and spoke against God’s Law, the Law of Nature, the self-evident Truth. Let us also be clear that Jesus Christ is the story of you, and me, the example of God’s Law, the Law of Nature we are to follow — haters of lies, artifice, and legal fiction, and intolerable to everything not of Truth (Jehovah). No one can possibly read the Bible as Law (doctrine) while at the same time thinking so-called “Christian” thoughts about the world (globalized, institutionalized, unspiritual secularism) around us. Christ tolerated no abhorrent behavior, constantly chastising and slyly convicting all “fools” and “hypocrites” that pretended (simulated), as many of us similarly do today, to be men of God (followers of God’s Law). Nothing in the Bible (Law) promotes tolerance. In fact, the very idea of tolerance is by its nature completely against the purpose of any and every system of law, save perhaps the corrupt legal systems of men that seek socialism, communism, and in general Orwellian despotism.

Tolerance is literally moral anarchy, that is, lawlessness to all sense of morality, and poisonous to any sort of spiritually driven values any people may collectively share — the very reason for creating a legitimate (Lawful) government. In other words, once the delusion of enforced, legalized tolerance (permission-based, protected, abhorrent behaviors and lifestyles) infiltrates what otherwise was “constituted” to be an otherwise intolerant society of men that base their participation in that society firstly on a Higher, unwritten, spiritually driven purpose, all hope of maintaining an unwritten, unspoken, unenforced moral order is diminished if not crushed, and such moral behavior is even outlawed by the legalist platform of protectionism (license) for bad behavior.


“…Shouldest thou help the ungodly, and love them that hate the LORD (Jehovah)? therefore is wrath upon thee from before the LORD (Jehovah)… Take heed what ye do: for ye judge not for man, but for the LORD (Jehovah), who is with you in the judgment… for there is no iniquity with the LORD our God, nor respect of persons, nor taking of gifts… Thus shall ye do in the fear of the LORD, faithfully, and with a perfect heart.”

–2 Chronicles 19:2


The natural (common/lower class) man is a spiritual monster. His heart is where his feet should be, fixed upon the earth; his heels are lifted up against heaven, which his heart should be set on. His face is towards hell; his back towards heaven. He loves what he should hate, and hates what he should love; joys in what he ought to mourn for, and mourns for what he ought to rejoice in; glories in his shame, and is ashamed of his glory; abhors what he should desire, and desires what he should abhor.”

—Thomas Boston, quoted from: ‘Augustus Toplady, Complete Works’


To tolerate the existence of evil in men is not the same as tolerating the evils emulated in their behavior. One is to act in charity and love to all men, to tolerate them in their ignorance and deprivation, but never to allow or justify it, and certainly not to love it. The verse above explains that much of the evil of men comes from their status in society, their person. The person acts not under God’s Law but under the government (mind control) of a false god (men acting as gods/magistrates). Love the man as God’s Creation, but never the fictional persona (mask) he pretends to be.

To legalize tolerance is to make lawful that which is intolerable. To legalize tolerance, that is, to force “citizens” to accept all creeds and lifestyles in false, forced legally sanctioned equality, is to abandon the Source of Law that would otherwise allow good men to fight against that evil. In every case throughout written history, this institutionalized tolerance has but one causal effect — to cause good, moral men to become intolerable to the secularized society created by the enforced tolerance thereof. He that refuses legalized, forced tolerance of that which is immoral must necessarily be labeled as intolerable. It is this phenomenon that we are witnessing in America today, and ultimately in all “first-world” nations around the world. It is this tolerance of evil, this bearing of false love for the deadly sins of men due to their false, legally protected persona, that is the antichrist spirit.

One example of this destructive toleration can be seen in what is called as “modern” or “impressionist” art. When the artist no longer paints the world according to its True beauty and wonder, no longer wishing to extend in his art the glory and harshness of Truth, and instead chooses to reinvent Reality (Creation) from his own palate of demented, alternative perspective or some drug-induced “impressionist” revisionism, we have the perfect example of the spiritual degradation that subsists through unrestricted tolerance, and indeed the protective admiration and promotion of tolerable immorality.


But it’s the consequences of such universally established tolerance in a legalist, secularized society that are the focus of this short essay. For with such a learned, propagandized, and subsequently violently enforced legalistic tolerance shrouded upon a once morally-driven people, whose spiritual foundation and standing in the Law of Nature (God) against what is otherwise intolerable has ultimately been cowed by such licensure of permissive, illicit behavior and idolatry — this once strong foundation of like-minded people must necessarily become intolerant even toward the expression of their own, natural, moral instinct. We must deny the Truth and accept what is false. Such toxic, societal (legal) tolerance causes immorality in the actions of all men regardless of their upbringing and dissuasiveness from their knowledge and baser instinct, causing a legally-induced, almost helpless automation of the man under the false law of forced permissiveness of all that is against reason, stultifying every “citizen” (employee/agent) into inaction and eventually into a shameful feeling of powerlessness, worthlessness, and helplessness as a normal state of mind.

Nineteen Eighty-Four (as Orwell presented) is not merely an inevitable future but a predictive programming of exactly what has incrementally been happening to us, here and now. Good men are afraid to stand up against such oppressive, fallacious public outcries and politically-driven catcalls as “anti-semitic” or “racist,” silenced by social justice campaigns designed to do nothing more than stifle any debate and suppress reasonable consideration. To those acting intolerably, those tolerating evils, their acts of non-toleration through the silencing of any moral opposition is golden. Once tolerance of evil becomes law, only then may evil reign, their actions governed strictly (without choice) by the legalist devils (attorneys) that protect and represent them. And, of course, this is all by design. For the very purpose for this word “racism,” a term and concept that simply cannot be found in older dictionaries or in societal history, is for the purposes of selective intolerance hidden behind the logical fallacy of the goodness of socialistically ingrained, universal tolerance.



So if all black people get organized as a group of flatteringly titled “black” people (an artificial “black” persona/mask/status), which must necessarily be non-white or any other skin-color, they can then collectively as “black” persons fight racism? But, wait a minute, isn’t that the definition of racism? Wasn’t that the model of America — to create a “white” (pure-blooded) country that enslaved “black” (tainted blood) persons of any skin color? Wasn’t America a bunch of “white” European persons (pure bloodline families) that came together in “solidarity” to form a country that necessarily excluded non-pure-blooded men no matter what the skin-color?

Is this race denial? Is it race shame? The strange thing is that this manipulative social justice movement has nothing at all to do with ending this left over, eugenically-driven racial hatred, that is, hatred between the so-called races, but rather to promote a hatred of the distinction of race itself, a sort of collective delusion of self-hatred and self-denial. In other words, we are being ingrained and inculturated to consider race (family) itself as intolerable — exactly what one would expect from a United Nations world government that wishes to replace the family unit with globalist, corporate feudalism and the state as parens patriae.


“The state has a wide range of power for limiting parental freedom and authority in things affecting the child’s welfare… In fact, the entire familial relationship involves the State.”

The primary control and custody of infants is with the government.”

“There is no wider area for the exercise of judicial discretion than that of providing for and protecting the best interests of children.”

“The court stands in the position of parens patria[e] of children.”

Parens patriae,” literally “parent of the country,” refers traditionally to role of state as sovereign and guardian of persons under legal disability.”

“Pursuant to the parens patriae doctrine, ‘the primary control and custody of infants is with the government, to be delegated, as of course, to their natural guardians and protectors, so long as such guardians are suitable persons to exercise it.’ ”

“In other words, the state is the father and mother of the child and the natural parents are not entitled to custody, except upon the state’s beneficent recognition that natural parents presumably will be the best of its citizens to delegate its custodial powers… ‘The law devolves the custody of infant children upon their parents, not so much upon the ground of natural right in the latter, as because the interests of the children, and the good of the public, will, as a general rule, be thereby promoted.’ 

–Prince, 321 U.S. at 167, 64 S.Ct. at 442, 88 L.Ed. 645. (SOURCE: FindLaw’s Appellate Court of Illinois case and opinions.) -and- MEADOWS v. MEADOWS, (Aug 2008), in the “Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama”?Tillman V. Roberts. 108 So. 62; Ex parte Handley, 460 So.2d 167 (Ala.1984). -and- –Ex parte Wright, 225 Ala. 220, 222, 142 So. 672, 674 (1932). See also Fletcher v. Preston, 226 Ala. 665, 148 So. 137 (1933); and Striplin v. Ware, 36 Ala. 87 (1860), -and- Ex parte Bayliss, 550 So.2d 986, 988 n. 1 (Ala.1989) (quoting Black’s Law Dictionary 1003 (5th ed.1979)). -and- Chandler v. Whatley, 238 Ala. 206, 208, 189 So. 751, 753 (1939) (quoting Striplin v. Ware, 36 Ala. at 89) (‘ ’). (SOURCE: FindLaw’s Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama case and opinions.)


Get it? The word public means corporation (artificial family) of lower class common men (goyim) acting in legal persona because of lack of knowledge and therefore inability to govern ourselves. The nation is a corporation, and the United Nations is a bunch of nations placed under the same matrix code. But what you might not know is that another word for corporation is FAMILY — as in surrogate parent under the doctrine of master and servant (also called as volunteerism). In the terms below, the word “pleasure” when used legally means legal use of a benefit, which implies the contractual relationship between person (agent) and the state (principal). So when your son takes a joy ride, it’s always considered corporate (family) business, and the head of the corporation (family) is the responsible party for any damages…

FAMILY GROUP – Within purview of the family car doctrine, is not confined to persons related to the owner, but includes members of the collective body of persons living in his household for whose convenience the car is maintained and who have authority to use it. The children of trust settlor including an adult son are members of the settlor’s “family group” for income tax purposes. (Black4)

FAMILY USE – That use ordinarily made by and suitable for the members of a household whether as individuals or collectively. The supply of water in a municipal corporation for family use includes the supply of jails, hospitals, almshouses, schools, and other municipal institutions; id. (Black4)

MEMBEROne of the persons constituting a family; a partnership, association, corporation, guild, etc. One of the persons constituting a court, a legislative assembly, etc. A part or organ of the animal body; especially a limb or other separate part. (Black4)

FAMILY PURPOSE DOCTRINE – A doctrine that the owner of a car, who gives it over to the use of his family and permits it to be operated by the members thereof, is liable for the injuries inflicted while being operated by a member of the family. The doctrine, that the owner of an automobile purchased or maintained for the pleasure of his family is liable for injuries inflicted by the machine while being used by the members of the family for their own pleasure. The doctrine imputes relationship of principal and agent where one maintains an automobile for pleasure or other use of member of his family. It is based on theory that each family member in using such car for own pleasure is carrying out the purpose for which it is furnished, and is the owner’s agent or servant. It is founded upon principles of agency or of master and servant. It is restricted to automobiles maintained by owner for comfort, pleasure, and convenience of members of his family. A father is not liable merely because he is head of family, but the one who owns or provides the automobile is liable. A wife may be held liable for the torts of her husband under the doctrine. Agency is the very genesis of the doctrine. Grandmother standing in loco parentis to grandson was liable under the doctrine for grandson’s negligent operation of her automobile. Where wife owned automobile, husband was not liable under “family purpose doctrine,” for minor son’s negligent operation of the automobile, notwithstanding husband paid part of gasoline and garage bills… (Black4)

FAMILY CAR DOCTRINE – The doctrine rests upon the basis that the automobile is furnished by the husband in his individual capacity and as common-law head of the family for the use of the family, and not as the agent of the community. It rests on theory that operator is husband’s agent and runs automobile in husband’sbusiness”; that wife is husband’s agent in carrying out one of the purposes for which the automobile is purchased and owned. Under the doctrine, a father furnishing automobile for pleasure and convenience of family makes the use of automobile by family his business and any member of family driving automobile with father’s express or implied consent is the father’s agent and the father is liable for the member’s negligence. See, also, Family Automobile Doctrine and Family Purpose Doctrine. (Black4)

FAMILY AUTOMOBILE DOCTRINE – The doctrine is that one who owns and maintains an automobile for the general use of his household makes use of automobile for such purposes a part of his business so that any member using automobile for those purposes under general authority to do so becomes his representative, for whose negligence he is responsible. It is an extension of the principle of respondeat superior to the relation created by operation of family use automobile. See, also, Family Car Doctrine and Family Purpose Doctrine. It is based on theory that members of family were engaged in a joint enterprise or that child was agent of parents. If an automobile is owned and maintained by a family corporation for general use of a family, such as that of corporation’s manager and one of its principal stockholders, corporation may be held liable under thefamily automobile doctrineto third parties. (Black4)

FAMILY CARAutomobile used to send owner’s children to school was “family car.” (Black4)


Yes, dropping the kids off at school in the “family car” is considered an act (benefit) of commerce, done in legal persona (citizenship), as the head of or agent (member) of a legal family of US persons (a legal marriage is the incorporation of two fictional, legal persons that are both property of the state). This is the family (artificially ethnic race) of the United States, all 300+ million of us — a family (corporation) born (birthed) without love and borne (carried) through great deceit and deception. The state (national district) is the father of its national citizenships.

And now you know why the scoundrels that started the United States were called as its “fathers” (false gods), and why the Bible insists that no man call any other but Jehovah (God) as “father.”

This artificial, national family (incorporation of persons) represents a politically-driven destruction of the recognition and proudness of heritage, family history, and age-old values. It’s what one might call the New World Order (international secularism), where all men identify as fictional (legal) persons and all such fictional persons are property (corporate employees called legally as sons and daughters) of the nation (family corporation).

The false paradigm we call as racism, or what is the modernly naked, left-over, legalistic “race” classifications of the original eugenics movement used without understanding today and therefore without reason or logic behind it, as a recognition of race detached from any actual family (bloodline/heraldic) considerations, being a mostly modern construct created by Darwin’s evolutionary charting of nonsensical traits and size variations of human skulls and intelligence quotients, indeed has an organized, sinister, secular-humanist goal that is not the imaginary, fairy-tail color-blindness promoted through televised hatred and logical fallacy we see and hear all over the “news” and as entertainment on social media. Rather, this so-called racism is a being served up as a deliciously delusional blindness to reality, to the beautiful Truth of Nature, as an institutionalized arrogance and indifference to God’s Design. Race (family) has nothing to do with it, except for the intention to destroy the True meaning of that word race in the minds of men, until it is unrecognizable as a good thing… or even acknowledgeable in public and political forums as a self-evident Truth.

In case you haven’t put the pieces together yet, legal “equality” is the direct opposite of race (family). In other words, equality = incorporation. Equality is necessary to destroy actual race, that is, to destroy the Real (bloodline) family unit, in order to cause all men to identify as legal entities instead of men of God (Nature), as equalized and thus normalized national citizens — artificial sons and daughters (persons) of the nation. This methodical averaging of the brain activity of children is much like the equalizer on a sound board or stereo, where all the frequency quotients can be flattened to the same level of unique output (zero), while certain individually wanted or preferred tones or traits can be notched up to acquire the desired effect. Before certain political groups or classes can be given more rights than all the other equally normalized citizenships, the group as a whole must be made to believe they are equal, even to the point of being required to hide or not to express those differences, be they knowledge or skill-based. Once the population is flattened, only then can a minority group be made to stand out and become unequal. There is no equality without inequity, for without that which is unequal to that which is forcibly declared and entrained to be equal there would be nothing to compare said label of equality to. In other words, to create a middle or lower class there must be a higher class, lest there be nothing to be lower than.

Public school, for instance, teaches all kids equally, so that no one kid can get ahead of the rest without reprimand. One size fits all — though completely and provably a failure of logic — is the delusional paradigm of this modern, humanist pedagogy. Humanism is the false religion of the atheist, the anarchist, the spiritually dead. The big bang is the religion of science. The singularity is the religion of the futurist, who’s spirit is devoid of and opposed to his own Source. Each wants to play god in a different way, and the education system is there to further the cause of this man-as-god mind-set. And through this institutionalization of legal (artificial) equality not of men but of legal, fictional (bloodless) persons in law, the foundation is laid to cause total inequity through such institutions as civil rights, that is, special rights for special groups that suddenly aren’t in any way equal anymore to the rest of the common, legalistic family. And so the values we associate with family (race) now come from the corporation nation, not the traditional values of our True family (race). In the end, the man that through legal personhood accepts artificial, legal equality with another man’s projected legal persona can never again claim God-given, Natural rights. For the source of the legal person is not God, not Nature, and no man may commune with God when acting in a lie, when acting in legal (anti-God) persona (mask). There is only one actual definition of the legal term equality, which is that all persons of the state stand with a required and equal punishment under the law. One that acts in equality instead of in True equity deserves not equity from others, for equity requires moral choice, and acting upon moral choice in the legal (immoral) realm is illegal.

And yet, in what seems a paradox, everywhere you look in Hollywood and its governmentally sponsored and controlled viral outlets of news and entertainment media one can find only the most blatant of race-baiting, and more specifically the demonization of any modicum of “white” racial, that is, cultural ethnicity and identity. Even so-called “white” people are learning to hate themselves for being “white,” though I’ve never actually met a “white person” in my life, since legal persons are only fictions of law. If Hollywood is to be believed in its re-writing and revisionist defeat of actual history through entertainment, it was the “black” people that freed the slaves, and “white” slavery didn’t even exist, let alone the modern black-on-black slave trade in Africa and the sex-trafficking of every skin-color happening right now.

Again, racism isn’t in dictionaries before the 1900’s. Why? Because before this artificial construct of racism there was only race. You see, race means family. Bloodlines, not skin color. That which was traditionally racially-motivated was in fact family-motivated. Corporations and/or governments (States) were historically created to protect the prosperity of bloodlines of families, their family (racial) inheritance, which by their very design in Nature are, as a generalization, often similar in skin-color. Race is indeed a generic term until it is purposefully, intentionally applied to some thing.

Webster defined it as it was in 1828:

RACE – noun – [Latin radix and radius having the same original. This word coincides in origin with rod, ray, radiate, etc.] 1. The lineage of a family, or continued series of descendants from a parent who is called the stock. A race is the series of descendants indefinitely. Thus all mankind are called the race of Adam; the Israelites are of the race of Abraham and Jacob. Thus we speak of a race of kings, the race of Clovis or Charlemagne; a race of nobles, etc. Hence the long race of Alban fathers come. 2. A generation; a family of descendants. A race of youthful and unhandled colts. 3. A particular breed; as a race of mules; a race of horses; a race of sheep. Of such a race no matter who is king. 4. A root; as race-ginger, ginger in the root or not pulverized. 5. A particular strength or taste of wine; a kind of tartness… (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)

RACISM/RACIST – ??? – Sorry, those terms haven’t been created by the communists yet.


Should we stop referring to the color of a “Yellow Lab” because the “Black Lab” might be offended by the Truth of the color of its fur?

Should we stop distinguishing bell peppers by their color because they all taste the same?

Racism is not specifically defined in this 1828 dictionary because in the minds of men of old there was no such thing. There was only family, cousins, genealogy, heraldry, and the fact that whole countries and cultures were set up (incorporated) and based therefore on these blood-based “family values” across the world. And they still are. America was certainly no exception to this rule, though perhaps the first family to be intentionally overcome (planned) by its own immigration policies in order to create the notion of a new global world (secular humanist) order. It is certainly not a “racist” action to attempt to protect ones own moral fabric of society created from the like-mindedness of a family (race) of men from the influence and degradation caused by the acceptance and toleration of different races (family bloodlines) that have differing or even completely opposing family values, religious notions, and moral codes. Yet to call men of moral character based on such racial (family) tradition as “racist,” that is, those that wish to preserve the very ideals of the foundation and reason behind the original forming of a political body (State), can only be labeled as exactly what it is — intolerance. Today’s modern construct of so-called “racism” is a weapon of purely political motivation, used vehemently and ironically without prejudice to foment the intolerance of Real family so as to make the “State” the father, the head of the corporation (artificial, surrogate, legal family), and especially the destruction of such traditional family (race-based) values. To destroy a society, a culture, and ultimately the law and ability of a blood-related private people to enjoy the benefits of family and Natural liberty based on moral, self-Evident Law, one only need to project the active ignorance of Eugenic race bias into the common, dumbed-down population base so that they turn against one another, so that every neighbor is thine enemy, a competitor, and a threat to some empty idol of the god of skin-color and mammon. Ultimately, the goal of the men behind these eugenic ideals is to impose a universal, legally induced (figurative/artificial) persona of corruption of blood in all men regardless of skin-color, or what the constitution calls as “attainder,” and therefore to establish a global citizenship that requires the taking away of liberty and the power to self-govern through surrender to one of many corporation nations (the voluntary taking of the mixed, legal surname over the Christian name to render a legal persona). He that cannot show his bloodline, that his blood is of God (of Nature), of a Real Family (Race) of God, and not the legal state (artificially birth-certified and registered to the district/Caesar), is therefore a slave of the State (fictional creator of legal persons). For persons have no blood, and their creator god is only man’s government. Only through legal persona (mask/status) can we all be made into the humanistic race of adam, banned from the Garden and doomed to suffer the wrath of disobeying the Law of Nature (God). The word adam in the Bible translates to mankind, by the way, or in other words all men not spiritually free of the world (artificial construct) of man’s design. Adam (mankind) is man fallen, those entrapped in the anti-God legal matrix. The story of Adam as a singular man is a personification of all men, personification being the only way to tell such a story of moral teaching. We are all acting as adam did, biting into the apple (fig) of artificial knowledge (information), the concepts, lies, and inventions of man that go against the Law and Design of Nature (God). The metaphor is beautiful and instructive when read correctly and applied to oneself.

But the race-baiting politicians and other deceitful entertainers (professional, paid liars) seek to divide so as to conquer, to oppose all moral Law, and to cause you to do the same. To do this, all that might disagree must be labeled as racist, just like Lenin intended the fallacious title to be used. And finally, when each “side” of the now equalized debt-slaves are too afraid to speak, and when our hatred of each side is the guiding principal behind policy and entertainment, then the laws of forced equality can be made firm, and we all become like a deranged triangle, where each side blames the other for the shape we are in though never actually seeing any side but ones own.

Yet all the sides of a triangle are equal, aren’t they?

The point is not to bring us together, but to force us together when such a disposition is impossible in Nature. This constant recreation of forced turmoil by folding the different cultural and often opposing laws and religious moral foundations is the total opposite of what the Bible instructs. We are supposed to leave Babylon, not force it into legal existence, and certainly not to tolerate such destruction of our moral, foundational heritage and counterbalancing, spiritual Law. We are supposed to preserve and enforce the Moral Law, not allow it to be mixed and tainted by other cultural, legal, and religious influences. But hey, such moral reactions would be labeled fallaciously as “racist” in these strange days.


“You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? [Laughter/applause]. The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic — you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that…”

–Hillary Clinton


Intolerance is tolerance…

Should the average “American” be tolerable to these flattering titles of opposing lifestyles, as that which absolutely defeats and opposes the moral (unwritten) standard of conduct? If so, then what use is it to have a country and law in the first place? What is a country created for but to ensure a like-minded people sharing a system of law and culture exclusive of all other lifestyles and systems be protected in that moral belief system? Should the foundation of Bible Law as common law be forgotten or ignored to make room for a completely different and opposing system of law and religion, just so the appearance of intolerance can be pretended not to exist in the minds of “American” men? And come to think of it, what country, state, or nation in the history of the world has ever not been xenophobic or consequently been destroyed by its sudden tolerance of outside political and religious influence? Wikipedia explains that xenophobia is:

“…the fear and distrust of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange.[1][2] Xenophobia can involve perceptions of an ingroup towards an outgroup and can manifest itself in suspicion of the activities of others, and a desire to eliminate their presence to secure a presumed purity and may relate to a fear of losing national, ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural, social class or racial identity.[3]…”


Isn’t that the purpose of starting an organized structure of society? Isn’t that the purpose of creating a corporation, its bylaws, and its leaders? In other words, isn’t every country, every tribe, every “people,” and for that matter every family (race) by default steeped in xenophobia? Can a race exist without racism? In other words, can race exist without being prideful and proud of what that race (family) is specifically because it is different than all others? Can one man call another man a racist without acknowledging the fact that his idea of racism stems from being a different race than he that he calls as racist? Can we really deny the existence of race so as to not appear to be racist, when the Truth of the matter is that we cannot help or quit being of a race (family) in the first place? Do you believe that the denial of the existence of race somehow alters the fact that we are all of different races (families/bloodlines)? Do you not see the trickery here? Do you not see the social engineering being foisted upon you so that you have no power to defend yourself as part of a race (family), and therefore have no power to act morally or from the Moral Law of Nature, because you can no longer identify with your own family (race) values? Do you not see that this is all designed to steal your soul away from Nature, away from your Source?

For better or worse, all of these constructs, from countries to religions, are artificial families (corporations) that have instilled their own artificial (legally derived) family values as law from the actual family (race) that started them. Only tolerance of the intolerable, those that act purposefully against the founding family (race) values, can destroy the country. And the greatest tool to manage such a hostile takeover is the good old manipulation of Christian tolerance. Not balanced, educated tolerance with all other virtues, but the artificial kind that is enforced by legal law — the kind that has allowed countless opposing religions and legal systems to be legally protected by government as they attempt to destroy and change the entire structure of law, religion, and family (race) values that made America what it is. Good or bad, right or wrong, whatever all countries around the world have become, their strengths and weaknesses, are solely to be blamed on the race (family) that created and continues to sustain them. If the race (family) is driven out of its own creation, the country no longer exists except in empty name only.

Now riddle me this… What country in history was not built on a distrust and fear of other cultures? What country is ever not foreign to another? There simply is no such thing as a non-foriegn country. And it is a much quoted subject that the man or country of men without fear of interference is certain to fail, and will ultimately be assimilated into another in just a few short generations. In other words, a People (family) that tolerates another way of life and law must necessarily lose their own, for two opposing forces must, by their nature, repel each other. If this isn’t clear, try pushing two magnets together the wrong way. They must be forced together, and the repulsion will never actually cease, and so neither can the executive military force behind it. We must be bound by the invisible chains of legalistic law in order to merge all cultures, all systems of law and religion into one global society, one soulless, bloodless family of the fallen adamites. This is like blowing up a balloon past its elastic capacity, knowing it will explode from the pressure of being forced to accept more than it can tolerate. I guess the balloon is therefore racist against certain air? Those enforcing this artificial tolerance know exactly what the result will be, and the United Nations was set up to govern the madness and spiritually dead order out of chaos they are instilling.

I want you to really consider this statement by the former first lady (of the Royal American bloodline) for a moment. More to the point, consider its holier-than-thou source. Hillary Clinton is part of the royal family, that is, the bloodlines of European nobility and kings, just as her husband (cousin) is, and just as every president and vice-president that has ever been placed by congress into the United States corporation is. In other words, Clinton’s power is a direct result of her race, her “white-blooded” (pure) family line, which by her own choice of words makes her the most “racist” figure in that room! What are the queens and kings of Europe if not one big, unhappy family (race)? And what are all of us to them if not tolerated, deplorable goyim?

The following are all a single race (family bloodline). They are not different races, only different corporations held under the same family estate. And, like the United States, they are all organized by a constitution. Constitutions are a dime a dozen, sorry… And they’re all hereditary in their lines of succession, or in other words, it’s all in the family (race). There are no heirs if there is no race (family). You really have to be a fool to believe that the United States president is not also in actuality another family minion upon this list. Trump is as “white” as they come, because in their world, the word white means a pure-blooded royal descendent of the kings of the following kingdoms:

of Belgium
Coburg and Gotha
Prince Philippe of Belgium, Duke of Brabant cropped.jpg
Heir apparent: Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant (eldest child)
Denmark Kingdom
of Denmark
Dronning Margrethe II (crop).jpg
Heir apparent: Crown Prince Frederik(eldest child)
of Liechtenstein
Sov. Prince
Fürst Hans-Adam II. von und zu Liechtenstein.jpg
Heir apparent: Hereditary Prince Alois (eldest son)
 Grand Duchy
of Luxembourg
Grand Duke
Henri of Luxembourg in Brazil 28Nov07.JPG
Heir apparent: Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume (eldest child)
of Monaco
Sov. Prince
Albert II Monaco (2008).jpg
Heir apparent: Hereditary Prince Jacques (only legitimate son)
 Kingdom of
the Netherlands
Heir apparent: Princess Catharina-Amalia, Princess of Orange (eldest child)
 Kingdom of Norway
President Medvedev with King Harald V of Norway big225593 (crop).jpg
Heir apparent: Crown Prince Haakon (only son)
 Kingdom of Spain
Felipe de Borbón en Ecuador.jpg
Heir presumptive: Princess Leonor, Princess of Asturias (elder daughter) [II]
 Kingdom of Sweden
Carl XVI Gustaf.jpg
Heir apparent: Crown Princess Victoria (eldest child)
 United Kingdom of
Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Elizabeth II greets NASA GSFC employees, May 8, 2007 edit.jpg
Heir apparent: Prince Charles, Prince of Wales (eldest son)


Yes, those subjects of royalty also have a constitution, you know, that thing you as a national citizenship as a status (property) created by congress has been tricked into worshiping even though it has nothing to do with you under that common, lower-class status of denizened personhood? But they are at least smart enough on some level not to worship that constitution as anything but what it is, a form of idolatrous worship of false gods mediated by magical, legal terms of art to give the appearance of some pretended state of independence, while keeping intact the “royal prerogative” and war powers of the king and queen (head of church and state) of the Crown Corporation and its realms of debt-slaves. Even some Canadians actually think they (as subjects) are not under the power of the queen, that the corporation of “Canada” is not part of that royal corporation sole ruled under the Crown. They at least know, if even in doubt of their own disposition, that they are subjects of a sovereign corporation headed by a false god (king/queen/prince). In America, though as a nation it clearly and openly calls itself sovereign under the law of nations and refers to we the common citizenships as its subjects and customers, we somehow have instilled in ourselves a false-sense of artificial detachment, of freedom from tyranny. We are like a single goldfish in a bowl that believes itself to be somehow sovereign from the man that feeds us and changes our piss and shit-filled water, without whom we would suffocate in our own excrement. We lie to ourselves and teach those unreasonable lies to our children without question, and as children we believe our own lies even after we grow out of most other childhood fantasies. We figure out that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny aren’t real, but continue to fool ourselves that we are a naturally free people even as we use and claim the protection of the legal property (status in personhood) of the United States government and pay its tax (tribute to Caesar). God created men. Governments create persons. Big difference!

Perhaps you have forgotten or been brainwashed out of knowing what some of these words actually mean?

HEIR-APPARENT – noun – The man who, during the life of his ancestor, is entitled to succeed to his estate or crown. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)

HEREDITARY – adjective –  1. That has descended from an ancestor. He is in possession of a large hereditary estate. 2. That may descend from an ancestor to an heir; descendible to an heir at law. The crown of Great Britain is hereditary. 3. That is or may be transmitted from a parent to a child; as hereditary pride; hereditary bravery; hereditary disease. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)

PRINCE – noun – prins. [Latin princeps.] 1. In a general sense, a sovereign; the chief and independent ruler of a nation or state. Thus when we speak of the princes of Europe, we include emperors and kings. Hence, a chief in general; as a prince of the celestial host. 2. A sovereign in a certain territory; one who has the government of a particular state or territory, but holds of a superior to whom he owes certain services; as the princes of the German states. 3. The son of a king or emperor, or the issue of a royal family; as princes of the blood. In England, the eldest son of the king is created prince of Wales… (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)


If the prince (or president) is a sovereign, and you are its subject, then you are not sovereign.

Worst of all, you have either forgotten or choose to remain actively ignorant of the fact that the sovereign royalty of America is of the same bloodlines (family) as the royalty of these European rulers. You choose to casually ignore the most race-oriented regime of corporations (nations) in the world, in all of history, the royal houses that lay claim to most of the (secular) world. You pretend that elections are fair, and that just anyone, from any race/family (bloodline) can become president. And nowadays, with such horrific race-baiting being pushed in all forms of entertainment and media, you are being entrained to believe in the fallacy that only “white” skinned people are in power. In other words, in stead of realizing the truth about the completely race-orientated royal bloodlines (families) that rule every nation, we are all being tricked into blaming all problems created by those exclusive (actual racist) bloodlines (presidents, vice-presidents, congress, corporate CEO’s, etc.) on the color of skin, completely missing the actual problem that is the respect of such royal (uncorrupted) bloodlines. All blood in reality is red when it’s visible to the Truth of the open air without legal (anti-God) consideration, not white or black. We are ruled by one race (foreign family) of men (heirs) according to heraldic, genealogical heritage, and we don’t even know it’s happening. Instead, this family of absolutely corrupt “royals” confuses and obfuscates from this reality by convincing the black people that its all the white people’s fault, the brown people that its all the yellow people’s fault, and the white people that its every other color’s fault. But the Truth is that none of this has anything to do with skin-color and everything to do with the actual meaning of the word “race.” Race is not determined by skin color, but by bloodline (family). “We, the People” is not us, white or black. It is a select bloodline, a family of men enjoined and working together to suppress, control, and extort in every way imaginable the rest of the common population of Earth. And that includes all skin-colors, with no regard to race (family). In fact, the whole idea and purpose of national citizenship is to pretend destruction, that is, legal corruption (attainder) of the blood and therefore bloodline and blood-rights of all other men not in the so-called royal family. No blood, no God-given rights, for they are inherent only to free men, not subjects in false persona (national citizenships).

Perhaps you’ve never considered that there is no such thing as a “people” in Nature? There was no people of England until it was invented. There were no Americans until America was legally created. All so-called people (a legal title) are inventions of men. And so any incorporation of “people” that supposedly exists is necessarily a fraud, illegitimate, and certainly not a Creation of Nature (God). Perhaps you never thought to ask the question as a United States citizenship just who “We, the People” actually is? Perhaps you’ve never realized that a subject of the United States is therefore a subject of whomever “We, the People” happen to be? Trust me, you would know if you were one of them, that is, one of their race (bloodline), for you would be declaring such racism in order to be part of that elite (upper-class) band of race-driven rulers of the rest of us.

To be clear, this is the epitome of True racism, and is, in fact, the only Real racism that exists in the world. It’s called royalty. Nobility. Heraldry. Genealogy. Elitism. The upper-class. And only they are considered as “white” because the meaning of this word white in legalese refers to the purity of blood as it relates only to the royal, inheritable (family) bloodline and therefore the line of blood-right succession, not skin color. Again, I tell you that Barack Obama is “white” according to legal law, being a direct descendent of the Royal family (race), as are most “black” skinned actors and politicians that are of that bloodline. You think Hally Barry isn’t considered “white” ??? LOL! Every one of them is in line for the throne, down to the last and most distant legitimately blood-linked cousin. In other words, to be a member (cousin) of the “legitimate” royal family (bloodline) is to stand as an inheritor of the corporations created by them, which they call as their kingdoms. As a common citizen of any nation, no man is actually considered as a “white” man, for the very conception of citizenship to a nation requires the forfeiture and attainder of such consideration by blood-right (God-given rights) in exchange for legal (artificial) rights. The goal is to turn all men of all races not royal unto the identity of legal persons (fictions without blood).

This modern conceptualization of racism is designed to do one and only one thing — to destroy the family unit, and therefore to destroy what is known as family values. But this sinister effort is only designed for the common citizenships of nations. The royal families exist behind the scenes, hidden beyond the corporate administrative state set up to control the plebes. Even today the queen of England pretends to be honorary, ceremonial, and not in charge of the “constitutional monarchy” that is the United Kingdom and Union. The further out of sight the hidden royal hand can exist, the more powerful it becomes.

We have no idea what it means anymore when we see signs that point to “private land” or a “private road” ahead, only that we are not supposed to go there. We only know that we would be trespassing if we did. Yet we have no idea that such a sign represents a different jurisdiction, a different realm of landholding bloodline families. We only know that we are not part of that family. And we treat that invisible border across that private land the same way we treat the US border, respecting that what lies beyond is unwelcoming, foreign territory we need permission to tread upon.

The very definition of an individual estate, country, nation, or state is that it’s foreign to all others. All 50 States are foreign to the United States (the district of Washington/New Columbia). Again, in this word foreign we garner that the law is private and strict, and therefore totally intolerant of any other culture or law — intolerant, in other words, of any other People (State) except by contract (constitution/compact/treaty, etc.). This is, for all intents and purposes, the way of the world in every country, culture, and creed (belief system). They that create a State (incorporated, private/foreign People) are always, without exception, a bloodline (family) of men. The formation of a nation is by definition the formation of an ethnicity, the creation of a new artificial “race” (legal family/corporation) of men separate and foreign to what we call as the human race. Man is not human. What is human is that which belongs to men, such as the human anatomy. Humans are not creations of God, of Nature, for the word human is manmade, a scientific classification no different that equine, feline, or canine. To be human is to be the property of man, not a man. To be referred to as a human is to be considered only as an animal, or in other words and by their own definition, as that which has no soul, a thing without self-anima, a thing without (outside of) God’s Realm and Law. The human soul does not belong to a human, it belongs to a man. What is of man is a human quality, but no man is human. To be a “human being” is to act in humanism. To be a man is to be a Creation of God. Human is only ever a property (quality/trait) of man, never the actual man. A People is never a man, for to be part of a people is to be something artificial, something that is invented by and therefore belongs to man, not God. No man is a people, for the word people is a plural. To be part of a people is to no longer be a man of God. This distinction is the foundation of the difference between moral and civil law. Civil law is for people, while moral law is only for men. The moral law must always be held higher, by all men, than that of the legal, civil law of any people he may be voluntarily a part of. It is this distinction, this protective cloak of spiritual, moral Law that has been lost to God’s people. When the foundation of anything fails, the super-structure built upon it must also, self-evidently fall. This is a maxim of law.

The funny thing is that when a person (subject) of the United States is sued, we get a letter from “the People of” whatever State that court is in. We, whom aren’t the people, know without question that we aren’t the people simply because we are sued by the people. The people don’t sue the people, because the people is a single, legal corporation. There is only one people, and it obviously ain’t us. This gets confusing because the general term “people” is used to describe us, as the common people. But the People in the constitution is only referring to the incorporation of that specific “white” the race (bloodline family) as a specific, exclusive “People” (capitalized), not the common goyim.

This private, non-ethnic status of royal privilege, by definition, requires a certain “purity” of blood, in heraldic and genealogical terms of construction. No State (People) exists without this racial (family) background in the world. This is why traditionally we would expect to see Japanese looking people in Japan, Chinese looking people in China, and Scandinavian looking people in the Scandinavian countries. This is not vulgar racism as is promoted to common goyim. This is the True meaning of race. Without race (family), one has no State (private People). And without a private People (State), one has no reason to track and keep record of pure (white) blood. And this is the very opposite of national (mixed) ethnicity (national identity). For the royal families of Africa and Thailand, I assure you, have white (pure) blood despite their dark complexion according to their heraldic records. Pure blood, of course, doesn’t actually exist. It merely refers to the active recording of genealogical records in heraldry, no different than any corporation is structured to reflect a president, vice president, and all the line of succession by blood relation. To be clear, I know no man that does not seek to pass on his inheritance to his bloodline child (issue). In other words, you are equally as guilty of invoking this false, proprietary lineage as any royal. Only the scope and size of the commercial transaction of inheritance is different. In this way, we must acknowledge the fact that we are all in fact racist, which ultimately means nothing at all in Nature (Reality), only that we wish the best for our own children (family bloodline).

But you must understand the difference between your status as a national citizenship (commercial vessel) and those private, royal rulers of that persona (property). You have been tricked and continuously brainwashed into believing that your family is the nation (corporation) you were born into. And you identify your race by that nation. There is no such think as Japan or China or Mexico in Nature. These are corporations created by private families (races). Ethnicity is simply not what you believe it to be. Ethnicity can only be understood from the perspective of master and slave. If you ask a slave what slave-master’s estate he belongs to, he would tell you the family name of his master. So too does a citizenship of any nation identify his origin by the nation he was birthed (registered/taxed) into. And so, to us, it seems perfectly reasonable to identify ourselves as “Americans” or as “Englishmen” or as “African.” This is no different than saying I am an employee (agent) of “Walmart” or “Target” corporation. A nation is an artificial construct, a fake family (race), made solely of persons (fictional characters). The fact that you have been entrained to identify yourself by your ethnicity (nationally spoken language) is a cosmic joke, for the whole reason behind such identity (pretended sameness as fiction) is to taint your bloodline (family), to take you out of Nature and place you in attainder (corruption of blood) so that you can and must be governed by the governments (mind control) of nations. Yet, as I’ve written about extensively, these royal families (races) are not of the nations. They created the nations as holding companies for we, their debt-enslaved goyim. They are private (foreign) and sovereign from all nations. Most importantly, to identify yourself by ethnicity is to remove yourself from God (Nature). It is to cause you to deny God as your Source of Existence and Law, and thus cause you to worship false idols and gods (magistrates). I am not American, I am of the Universe (Jehovah). But to the royal families (race), we are all just one color, the color of corruption, which is the color of heathens. We are all the color black to them…

ETHNOLOGY – noun – [Gr. nation, and discourse.] A treatise on nations. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)

ETHNICAL – adjective – [Latin ethnicus; Gr. from nation from the root of G. heide, heath, woods, whence heathen. See Heathen.] Heathen; pagan; pertaining to the gentiles or nations not converted to christianity; opposed to Jewish and Christian. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)

ETHNIC – noun – A heathen; a pagan. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)

ETHNICISM – noun – Heathenism; paganism; idolatry. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)

HEATHEN – noun – [Gr. from heath, that is, one who lives in the country or woods, as pagan from pagus, a village.] 1. A pagan; a Gentile; one who worships idols, or is unacquainted with the true God. In the Scriptures, the word seems to comprehend all nations except the Jews or Israelites, as they were all strangers to the true religion, and all addicted to idolatry. The word may now be applied perhaps to all nations, except to Christians and Mohammedans. Heathen, without the plural termination, is used plurally or collectively, for Gentiles or heathen nations. Ask of me, and I will give thee the heathen for thine inheritance. Psalms 2:8. Heathen, however, has a plural, expressing two or more individuals. If men have reason to be heathens in Japan– The precepts and examples of the ancient heathens. 2. A rude, illiterate, barbarous person. – adjective – Gentile, pagan; as a heathen author. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary Of The English Language)


The reference to Christians above is not a reference to the false denominations of corporate, legalist religions set up by the state to deceive and distract you from the True meaning of God and the Bible, but is a title placed on those that cannot and will not become part of the nations of men because they choose to follow only the Law of God, not men. These are the True followers of Christ, who understand that Christ is the Law (Word) of God, not a mere idol to worship as a false god. To be called a “Christian” while at the same time be called a citizen of any nation is to be exactly the fool they want us all to be, having two flattering titles that are diametrically opposed to one another, representing two completely opposing systems of law. This is how to create chaos, and then construct a legal, secular system of order from it.

So that this concept of bloodline as race is clear, please consider that the current, hereditarily acquired “black-skinned” kings of the kingdoms of Morocco, Eswatini, and Lesotho in Africa are by their very assent to the thrown racist. They are in power because of their bloodline (race), which must be understood to be legally considered as “white” in legal (artificial) color, meaning pure-bred from their own royal race (People/family) that reigned before them. And waiting in the wings are eager, blood-related men seeking to take that throne away from their brother, sister, father, or cousin. Race is power. Racial discrimination is the center of that power, and is the very difference between common, national citizenships and the People (State) that rules over them. Without race, there would be no countries, no kingdoms.

Just what do you think Game Of Thrones is about, anyway?

(Hint: In that show, those are cousins having sex with and entering into arranged marriages with direct, pure bloodline cousins to carry on the “royal” pretended-to-be-legitimate line of succession, and killing each other in order to claim hereditary blood-right as heir-apparent to those various, interrelated thrones, as head of those corporations. It’s a fictional show about the actual fiction of pretended royal families that still rule over us corrupted, tainted-blood commoners today. It’s all part of training you to remain under the illusionary power and control of their self-proclaimed superior race, by fictionalizing and pretending such things don’t actually exist anymore, not since dragons roamed the earth. And unicorns. Corporations are ruthless… because it’s always been all in the family. Royalty is just a sophisticated mafia family, organized crime under the guise of the magic and trickery that is rebranded as the prestige of royal blood.)

Now, where does this leave the race-baiting meme of so-called “white” privilege?

Imagine if I went to Japan and entered a Japanese family’s house (a term that means family or race) and exclaimed that they have “red privilege.” Or how about I go to Iran and claim that those families of the same race have “brown privilege.” How about the “yellow privilege” of the main families in China? Yet we have been entrained to accept that the people of Denmark and America have “white privilege” despite every other imagined colored race in the world. Meanwhile, we are all being extorted and seriously screwed over in so many ways by the only actual race of “People” that are still able to claim their bloodline (family/race) as the private founding families of the States (People) united. They’ve made us equal in our enslavement with the right hand while using the left hand to focus our attention on each other instead of the Source of our collective despotism, which we have been fooled into thinking is the price of freedom. And now, by turning this non-existent concept of racism into a so-called legal “hate-crime,” we now have the veritable legal tool to cause each other harm by turning this fallacy of race (family) into a dirty word, and by punishing anyone that acknowledges it. Again, this is the only way we can be governed legally, if we do harm and injure (bring into false, legal law) each other for non-crimes that are legally (artificially) imposed on nonsensical terms like “racist” hate crimes.

How do you destroy a People, a family, that bases its society on “family values?”

You do exactly what these royal bloodlines have done to us — destroy the ability of men to claim to be part of a family. If you take away race (family) from a man, you necessarily take away his ability to practice in action any form of family (race) values. And in their place, we must be convinced to voluntarily accept and thus tolerate all that is opposed to and that is actively-at-war-with our family (race), leaving us defenseless (without the ability to bear heraldic Arms of our families) against the legal matrix simulation. War and peace have no distinction, for either way the commerce of the gods of mammon shall be done. Amen. War is a very profitable commercial transaction, with instant rewards. Peace just takes a little longer to reach such profit levels.

Since the True meanings of these words have been lost on most of us as we are entertained and entranced with lies and propaganda about how we are all racist and shameful even though we are all considered legally (artificially) equal under the law as tainted, blood-corrupted debt-slaves, regardless of skin-color, we fail to recognize the difference between a nation (commercial corporation) and a State (private, incorporated People). Many of us call ourselves as “Christians” but are “unacquainted with the True God” because corporate religion is merely empty idol worship – the worship of the form of symbols, statues, heroes, saviors, fictional personas, flattering titles, and saints without substance, without actually obeying the Law of God, that is, without ever being or becoming Christ-like as instructed. This is (we are) what they of the private, royal bloodlines (race) call as heathenism, paganism, the lower class of goyim. Those that are citizenships in any nation (corporation) can only be gentiles, for they (we) follow the legal law above and most often against that of the Law of Nature (God’s Law/Word). This is not religion, this is law. This is the way the legal system works, causing voluntary attainder (legal, fictional corruption of blood), which causes class division, as those who claim blood-right (the right to Bear family Arms) and those who have rescinded that right in order to accept replacement legal rights granted and enforced by the still lawfully recognized families (races). This is every nation. The actual pre-modern Jews, as mentioned here, had no nation, which is why they were a free people and, having no nation, were called “the international jew.” The nation of Israel, unlawful and illegitimate as it is, is not full of Jews, it is full of goyim that call themselves as “Jews” just as this supposedly Christian nation of America is full of goyim that call themselves as “Christians.” No follower of Christ (God’s Law) would take a false god or its false legal (e.g. civil) law (doctrine) above that of the Law of Nature (God). In fact, that is the very aspect that confirms one is a True follower of Christ, one that in his or her actions is Christ-like, and therefore in all ways intolerable to the legal systems and nation of men acting in legal persona (anti-God). Likewise, the Native American Indian tribes and other aboriginal free peoples were never conquered (purchased) until they agreed to become “nations” instead of free tribes. To be an Indian nation is to abandon the Indian culture and life to become just another ethnic class of lower-class goyim (heathen gentiles). The citizenships of Israel today, as well, are persons of the nation, not free men of and under God. They have fallen for the oldest trick in the book, thinking that being a member of the so-called “Jewish” nation of Israel (a legal corporation) is synonymous with being and acting like Israelite from the Bible. It is the same with the “Cristians” that believe that being a follower of Christ (God’s Law) is the same as being a member of a “Christian” nation or false, legally derived religion (corporation). A nation is the perfect example of Orwell’s meme that freedom is slavery, as all men enjoined in citizenship to any nation are its debt-slaves, free to choose their mode of employment (being used) as a commodity in a neo-feudalistic human capital management system (capitalism). The point is that every nation is run by some bloodline of men, some hereditarily conjoined club of “royal” (upper-class) rulers that remain private (foreign) from that nation in their own State (private People). In other words, we are all ruled by tolerated racism.

You can say it till you’re red in the face, but the statistics always paint a different picture…

Racism is a lie told to those not of the royal, master race,
in order to hide their own institutionalized, millennium-old heredity-based racism, by focusing all goyim on a war between cultural differences, which are falsely attributed to skin-color so as to keep us busy fighting each other instead of they that enslave us.

The truth is that every one of us are equal, that is, equally under their spell…

They look like us, but once you see these royal “families” for what they are, you realize that the lie of cultural, ethnic racism is only skin deep. Black or white, or anywhere in between, we are all trapped in the lower, vulgar class they created for us, for all of our blood has been turned black, our True Nature tainted, our souls corrupted. It is amusing to think of a white slave and a black slave arguing over who is more enslaved, using only skin-color to determine what is otherwise self-evident. For Orwell seems to have shortened one of his equative, dystopian maxims…

Equality is Slavery. Slavery is Freedom. Freedom is equality. Repeat.

If equality is slavery and slavery is freedom, then freedom is slavery.
It’s simple math.

And what is equality but forced tolerance?

And what is forced tolerance but institutionalized intolerance of any individual cultural strength and unity, a culture of cultural hate?

Still don’t get it?

This cultural neutering, the making impotent of cultural custom through equalization, is the same as allowing the common people to worship (think about) God however they see fit, but never to actually act on the moral law that scriptures teach. In other words, it is literally illegal to practice moral law.

You cannot be Christian (a follower of Christ/God’s Law) and also be under an opposing, legal system of law (false doctrine/law). A Christian, by definition, cannot tolerate anything legal (man-made law), for legal law is always, 100% opposed to (the undoing of) the Law of Nature (God). One can’t live according to truth (God) at all times and also adhere to the lies of legalism. Likewise, no culture can possibly be tolerable of the influence and immigration of another, especially when the customs and laws are different and opposed to each other.

Legal equality means we are all equally punishable under the legal law, and have no right to use, act under, or invoke the moral law (God). Freedom of religion is intolerable to a man of God, for the Law of Nature never changes. The Law of Nature (God) is not religion. Religion is part of man’s creation, not God’s.

And once you see them for what they are, you suddenly lose all tolerance and respect for them. Only the law they created to control us, to cause us to harm one another instead of loving each other — only the delusion of their artifice of esteem and legal, class-based status protects them from us… only the illusion they cast:


You want proof of our equality, that poverty and despotism is colorblind, then go to your local homeless shelter. Go to your local tent city. Go to your local food locker. See the equality oozing from the disenfranchised and start doing something to change it. Or are you too good for that lower class… kinda like they are too good for your class? Go tell those “white” people that they have “white” privilege and see what happens!

These bodies politic (incorporated “People”) were created not as legal entities but as a stock of people related by blood. Their created nations are designed to hold not their own stock, but the common live-stock of we gentiles (goyim), that is, we that are born into the heathen, idolatrous nations. Have we forgotten that the very concept of the various immigration policies of every country in the world are based on race (family) connection to that people (State)? Are we just going to ignore that the whole purpose of the war and creation of modern Israel was for the sole purpose of created a homeland for “Jews” and that this means that Palestinians (Arabs) therefore were displaced because of their “race” and ethnicity, as a bloodline not considered “Jewish” and therefore supposedly impure (not white, not pure-blooded, not uncorrupted)? Are we supposed to reconsider what it is to be “Mexican” or “English” or “Indian” because that is now a racist title, let alone not be allowed to consider that many diseases are exclusive to certain races (bloodlines)? Should all True cultures be vanquished to make room for… Ah, globalism. Now it’s starting to make sense. Global dystopia, Orwellian style. United Nations are really just united goy – one big melting pot of Godless heathens without any foundation of family values living without any natural moral compass.

What happens when, instead of being a natural (uncontrollable) occurrence and inevitably natural (God-given) order of species, the word race is used instead as a shallow excuse for illicit, bad behavior? What happens when moral men cannot defend what they have built, both physically and spiritually, to protect themselves from immoral men of either the same or a different race if they (we) are forced to tolerate everything that is intolerable and opposed to the continued survival and success of the fruit of their combined labors? What happens when one can no longer be effective in ones communication when even his words are considered as racist, sexist, or intolerable merely because they have a masculine, authoritative tone behind them? The answer to these questions is apparent in most nations today, not the least of which are the North American ones.

For the first time in history, the concept of race (bloodline and recorded familial genealogy) is being treated as an evil, as if racial differences both cultural and genetic simply don’t exist… except, that is, for the “royal” families This cultural neutering must be accompanied by national and now global tolerance, not only of cultural differences but specifically of absolutely opposing laws, until no moral (unwritten) law or notion of public decency is left. In other words, the only people left over, those that are not tolerated by this newly conditioned society of universal tolerance, are those that espouse any form of moral outrage, moral law, or other values that infringe upon the legal “human” rights of the most immoral of men. Our right to possess and exhibit a moral character in society will not be tolerated. Morality is racism. Family values are akin to xenophobia. Spirituality is a thought crime. Equality is artificially induced by legal law at birth, not by knowledge or actions. Solidarity in tolerance requires intolerance of all dissent, of all freedom of thought, and of all respect for difference. Tolerance is active ignorance of what should by all rights not be tolerated. And we are experiencing these facts in everything from music, art, and media to the corruption of medical, scientific, and intellectualist Babel that is killing and maiming us in droves every day.

Here’s Michael Moore, whose own American immigrant genealogy includes a forefather that was a white slave brought to America from a European prison, speaking in absolute lunacy about whatever he is pretending to perceive “the white guy” and “white men” to be. We are being indoctrinated by these societal-actors to hate ourselves, to become intolerable towards our own people, our own rich history, and to revision ourselves as oppressors instead of being equally oppressed as all other men, and regardless of the color of our skin. This is the ultimate example of profiteering off of race-baiting, a well-orchestrated deceit used by those in power to keep it in the family (bloodline). And perhaps most disturbing is the audience response!


The promotion of “racism” is nothing if not the induction of men into a culture of self-hatred. As a deleterious label placed on moral men defending their family honor and values, Zionist and other race-driven influencers, propagandists, and race-baiters have proven this fallacious term “racist” in whatever form it is implemented to be an invaluable and destructive weapon that, in the war of public opinion, wins by default every time. Why? Because ignorance is strength, and the public is swimming in a very large and controlled vat of induced, tolerated, active ignorance. If the messenger can be destroyed by such labels as antisemite or racist, then communism in whatever form it dresses up as wins every time. But isn’t that exactly what was portrayed by those screaming crowds of common heathens in Nineteen Eighty-four in their idolatrous worship of their glorious leader (false god)? Do you think worshiping Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is not idolatry? Of course it is! And its exactly what is expected from we, the goyim.

How does one separate anciently engrained cultures from the races of men that have continuously practiced them, when the very conception of that culture has everything to do with race (bloodline)? The answer is that you can’t, for all cultures and systems of law and religion are unique to race, save that Law which is taught by Jesus Christ. But this law is not one of tolerance or acceptance, but one of privacy, of remaining foreign from men and cultures and nations that are exactly what we have all become, common pagans in idol worship of false gods and followers of other doctrines (i.e. man’s legal systems of law). These cultures cannot be mixed. They are by their nature unique and necessarily exclusive from all others. That which opposes a foundational culture and system of law cannot be integrated together and somehow remain uncorrupted or uninfluenced by the other. The very nature of any culture is assimilation of all others. In other words, one is expected to adapt and follow whatever culture and legal law system he or she emigrates into. But this is only true of the goyim, those that are enslaved by the false freedom (legal franchise) of citizenship to a some nation (corporation), that is, idolatry to a false (legal) god (ruler by blood inheritance). And by definition any and every culture, system of law, and religion is defined by its uniqueness, its intolerance of all others. Without these differences, this foundational, integrated opposition of all cultures to all others, there would be no reason for them to exist, just as there is no purpose for the existence of legal (manmade/written) law except to specifically stand against the moral, spiritual, unwritten Law of Nature (God) as expressed in the Bible and other scriptures (books of spiritual, moral law).

In other words, the goal of universal tolerance is to destroy all culture, all religion, all law, and all spirituality steeped in morality, so as to cause the inception of a singular, completely amoral, intolerable global society called as globalism… a new world (secularist) order. But again, because we have been made actively ignorant of this ancient Latin word secular (translated as the artificial, commercial world of men, not of God, not of Nature), we have no idea how to fight the implementation of this New World Order so often projected in science fiction dystopias like Orwell’s and Huxley’s. Because the Latin word seclorum in the phrase printed on every dollar bill is translated as “world” instead of its actual meaning of “secular,” most folks do not understand that this new world (secular) order is nothing more or less than a total destruction of all spiritual concepts, belief systems, and moral actions (self-government) by men. Because we have lost knowledge of the fact that the Bible is the foundation of common law in America and in the European countries (holders of the ultimate, true “racism” attributed to the genealogically derived royal families and their blood-lines of succession), there is no referential left to us that we may fight this global secularism with that which it is opposed to. Secularism is diametrically opposed to the Bible, or in other words, legalism (written law) is absolutely opposed to the moral, unwritten, Bible Law. In a totally secular order, no spirituality or moral thought or right will be tolerated. This secular toleration of all things anti-moral is the end game of this modern, universal tolerance we are all both passively and actively accepting, acting in, and pretending to love — loving that which we should hate, as the Bible warns we shall time and again in our participation and respect of “worldly” deprivation, leading to our ultimate self-destruction. We are tolerating our own demise. We are at this point tolerating an Orwellian nightmare without even a whimper, for to speak out against tolerance will not be tolerated by the intolerable promoters of universal, secularist tolerance.

You know what I have finally come to understand? It’s a real ballbuster. The truth is that almost every public attack, every so-called hate crime, every theft and every assault, every shooting, public education, blood-sport, assault and murder… these are all racist. Why? Because one generally does not attack and steal from one’s own family.

Acceptance of what is a known evil is surrender from what is self-evidently good.

Tolerance is intolerance.

War is peace because we peacefully tolerate war.

Freedom is slavery because we freely tolerate slavery.

Ignorance is strength because we strongly tolerate ignorance.

Through ignorance, slavery, and war (which are falsely called as knowledge, freedom, and peace) we will be destroyed through our own tolerance of intolerable things, our love of what we should hate, our acceptance of that which we should not accept, our value in that which holds no actual value, until that which we have so long tolerated destroys us through intolerance of good, moral men — just like any host allows a parasite to devour it because the parasite utterly controls the thoughts of the host. The only difference is that we are passively volunteering to be devoured.

One last thing… to those playing the “racist” game, using this term so openly and without reserve to describe all the ills that have befallen you, I want you to stop and consider something for a moment. Perhaps you are being treated exactly how you are treating other men? Perhaps you are experiencing the Law of Nature, that is, that you should expect to be treated as you treat others? Perhaps your problem is that you are just being an asshole and so are being treated like one? And perhaps somewhere along the way you’ve simply mistaken the response of people to your being an asshole with racism? Perhaps your demand for equality would be better taken if, instead of invoking how different you are based on your race by saying others are racist, you actually treated everyone with respect, the way you want to be treated?

Or maybe you’re right… Maybe it is racism that makes you an asshole in the first place.

Either way, isn’t it time to overcome what you now know to be a totally bullshit logical fallacy and start being what you want others to be toward you? Perhaps you can do something about all the bad in your life by invoking the good in yourself and the people around you that you blame for your own disposition? Because, I have to be honest here, every time I hear you claim that racism is the reason for your self-created problems, I can’t help but consider that the only racist in the room is he that claims to be a victim of it. Besides, if you are so proud of your race (family), which you should be, what possible thing can I say or do to change that genealogical bloodline connection? Answer: not a damn thing.

If you want to end what you perceive to be racism, then you will necessarily be required to start behaving in a way that doesn’t invoke culture or race. You will have to give up your cultural heritage and act exactly how those elitist bloodsuckers want you to act… like the rest of us white debt-slaves.

Moral of the story: stop being assholes to each other.


–Clint > richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, August 14st, 2019

Lethal Injection Part 2 Coming Soon


“When men differ, both sides ought to equally be heard by the
public, for when truth and error have fair play, the former is
always an overmatch for the latter.”

–Benjamin Franklin


Greetings programs…

Here is the first teaser trailer for my new audio/video book/documentary.

They know… Congress is well-aware that doctors (through prescription and medical error)
are openly shown to actually be the #1 killer of Americans.


Please note that this is a new youtube channel, created for the purposes of my new radio shows and for trailers for this audio/visual book. I doubt very much the final video will be allowed to be posted and played without being censored, and so please keep this channel handy for updates and to learn how to receive this video offline (free and not for profit), most likely on a thumb drive that you can pass out in activism.

About the project: I’m trying something new. This is not your typical movie or documentary, it is in fact a resource book designed to be listened to and watched, an 40? hour audio/visual experience not before attempted as far as I know, and therefore breaking all the rules of brainwashing and control that keeps us dumbed down through 10 minute memes and popular culture. It will make you laugh and cry, like seeing the (secular) world for the first time. This is a book that you don’t have to read because I’m reading all of their studies and information to you. It is a PHD course in medicine and pharmaceuticals, eugenics (now “genetics”) and its source in university syndicalism and their patents, chemical/biological weapons, drugs in the military, the truth about the proven effects of toxic metals as ingredients and adjuvants, and will prove without a doubt the connection of drugs and vaccines to all modern disease states, drugs impossible to acquire without a doctors prescription (iatrogenic/doctor-caused harm and death). It will expose the Truth behind a most heinous and extreme fallacious lie – that doctors in fact do not take any official oath to do no harm, and certainly not the Hypocritical oath. And it will show the history of doctors and nurses promoting every unhealthy, cancer-causing, recreational and illicit drug as a “cure-all” from cigarettes to methamphetamine, cocaine to speed, alcohol to canibus. Most importantly, this is an attempt to preserve the history of what is fallaciously labeled as the anti-vaccination movement, from its satiric beginnings against mandated vaccines with cow pus (pox) to its now almost completely censored attempts to educate and use science to help people make educated choices, and to prevent the same catastrophes caused by the mandated inoculations of the past.

In the end, my intention is not only to end any debate about the harm caused by inoculation, but to place all the pieces of the puzzle into one undeniable, inarguable master class, revealing 100’s of their own studies and publicly unspoken knowledge of the well-documented harm (side-effects) they have caused, including all the players, good and evil, that complete the puzzle once and for all. In this way, I hope to preserve all the efforts of all of us that have publicly fought this fight and suffered the consequences and censorship of blowing the proverbial whistle.

You’ll be shocked at what I’ve put together, and your suspicions will either be verified or disproven… or you will find the Truth to be much stranger than the fictions you’ve been led to believe. This project is the nuclear bomb to end this foolish world war of willful, institutionalized ignorance and outright, provable lies.

Please help me to get this new youtube channel out there by sharing it and this blog, and either copying or embedding these trailers anywhere you can find them a willing home. Remember, no permission is required to copy, quote, use, and repost my works, ever.

The working, most likely final title? Exactly what it is: Lethal Injection: A Corruption Of Blood

Thanks to all,


–Clint > richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Saturday, August 2nd, 2019 (on the artificial roman timeline)

Thank You For Your Help!

Updated 12:25am, 12/30/19

Thank you so much to those that sent donations (gifts). I almost teared up when I hesitantly opened my email tonight and saw that so many of you had responded so quickly. You’ve no idea how motivating and spiritually uplifting that was, and how good it is to know people still care out there. I reached my goal and more. That said, if this has caused anyone hardship to help me please let me know privately.

I’m leaving the original email as posted below for context and for those that wish to listen to my last radio show and know what I’m up to.

No more donations needed, so please support those in need.

Thank you.



Greetings programs…

As you know by now, I avoid at all costs asking for money unless I am in need. Today, I am appealing to you to make a small donation at the link to the right so that I might purchase a cheap laptop computer and the industry standard program Microsoft Word.

Why am I asking now?

Firstly, for my own health. I have been lingering in my windowless basement for years now like a hermit monk, researching, writing, etc., and my health has suffered for it. If for no other reason than my sanity, I really need to be able to write and draw inspiration from that which ironically is most often the subject of my expositions — Nature, the sun, freedom from being plugged-in.

Secondly, I would like to start doing short, subject-based radio shows again, as well as having a tool to conduct interviews for my newest audio/visual-book/documentary, which I have been working on for many months, and which, as always, I am able to offer freely without charge. To get an idea about just what this upcoming project is, you can listen to my last interview with Anne Blake Tracy, someone I would very much like to interview (in Arizona) for the film, which I really need a portable computer for. You’ll understand why her contribution, her piece(s) of the puzzle is integral when you hear this:

Link–> https://archive.org/details/clintondeannajune292019

And thirdly, I am taking part of my book series and trying to write up a book proposal, to which I need M. Word. I’m serving little purpose anymore being shadow-banned, hacked, and generally snubbed by that false “movement” that would rather thrive on its own patriotic mythos and romantic lies than seek the Truth at all costs. To reach people, I will therefore try and get a literary agent and get published. All other works and films and radio will remain free and unpublished. Hopefully an agent can help break the barriers set up to keep people like me in the shadows and help me book engagements and debates, etc. Any advice, suggestions, or help to this end are appreciated.

To anyone that contributes at least $20 to my goal in the next week or two, I will (hopefully) send a free, signed copy of any future book I manage to ever get published, if that happens. I’ve nothing else to offer, really. The book will be called “Gleaming The Matrix” with a subtitle about “Simulacrum and Simulation”. It will be a re-write and comparison of The Matrix movie (a metaphor for our collective hypocrisy) with the book it largely was based on by Jean Baudrillard.

To those that have supported my works in the past, I thank you sincerely and humbly. If I haven’t thanked you before on a personal level, please know that when in the middle of a project I have only that one purpose driving my life, and that my gratitude is greater than you can imagine, as your gifts allow me to have the greatest job in the world, my own, without compromise. This means everything to me.

I would like to raise about $400 if possible, which would allow the purchase of a bare bones pc and the program needed. If or when I reach that goal, I’ll update this post to reflect my gratitude and then take the post down shortly after.

They say a mind is a terrible thing to waste. So I leave my fate in your hands…

Thank you,


–Clint > richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Monday, July 29th, 2019

The New Old – Discovering The Coverings Of Alt History

There are many memes supporting what seems to be a mass of interconnected false paradigms floating around in the minds of men today, many of which are designed to alter or outright change the perception of what we helplessly pretend and call as history. You know, his story? The story told of our own story…

From the Origin of Man to Fomenko’s Tartarian paradise to flat earth sophistry to the forever improvable religion of science known as the big bang, there is obviously a concerted effort, if not to merely hide the mythos of cultural, political, and scientific history, to utterly destroy its perspective relationship to the current state of international and religious affairs. And why not? What dictator, what royal family, and what challenger to such elitist tyranny would not want to put forward a historical timeline from which the tyrant justifies his current tyranny? Wasn’t it Orwell that so self-evidently stated he who controls the past, controls the future; and he who controls the present, controls the past?

For today, let us simply address just one of these man-made creators of mythos, the fictionality of Anatolii Fomenko.

I have made my own opinions on what is history and why it can never be trusted clear on this blog and in my book, with the exception being only the laws and opinions contained within the primary sources of the time. For example, the history of America’s pioneering of organized, legalized, state-sanctioned Eugenics can be found in the annals of Supreme Court decisions on forced sterilizations and within the records of the University system from which it was first given traction. We may also know the true nature of the past when presidents and prime ministers are finally apt to apologize for their government’s past actions; for instance the many chemical and biological weapons testing done against unwitting populations. The victims, as the intended receivers of such lame apologies done only after the statute of limitations takes effect or after those involved are already dead, are certainly primary evidence of what can be called true history.

But when it comes to the types of fallacious, mythological, patriotic, and ironically detailed stories told for the purpose of justifying the current role and intolerable actions of the modern ruling elite, we should never fool ourselves that these stories of history exist for any other reason than to foment the continued existence of the illegitimate inheritance of the fruit of those historical tales, which of course are perpetually granted to the offspring of those historical characters. The Queen in right, the presidents and prime ministers and congresses that are her direct descended bloodline of cousins, and all those who, with unwavering nepotistical allegiance, follow in the glory of that family history, where all other 99.99% of the history of common men is ignored to showcase the few powerful criminals that supposedly invented and founded the kingdoms, nations, religions, and legal systems of law that we allow them to govern us with today. After all, it is the current, corrupt bloodline of elitist men that was shat out of the inheritable rectum of their forefathers that control the present by preserving the past so as to ensure the future control of that offspring which shall equally be shat from their own rectums. After all, they certainly cannot be the rulers of men without the inculturation and indoctrination of their own historical narrative, the very lame and fragile justification presented to us all so that we are made to actually believe that their fictional, unjustifiable power structure is just the way it is. History, me thinks, is the greatest excuse for both action and inaction ever invented by men. We are controlled by the institutionalized, exaggerated lies that make up the past just as our children will be controlled by the predictably programed future presented to us by those that continue by birth-right to control the present. Worst of all, we lie to ourselves, using this false pretense of narrative, political history as our own excuse, to pretend our own moral hands are tied, justifying our passive place in the hierarchical mid to low order, pretending we are not voluntarily participating in and even loving our servitude to that upper class and their schema.

The mental state that we all currently occupy in our volutnary, collective obedience to what history apparently has birthed for us was penned and politically planned for us well before any story of America was born. For the conspired brokerage of power is not new to history, and the common man is doomed to repeat history not because he doesn’t study it, but because he passively ignores it. This ignorance manifests its ugly head in every generation, based on both the promise and the possession of the benefits of voluntary participation, voluntary servitude to that which bestows such flattering titles, artificial rights and benefits, and the artificial status of socioeconomics. Love of money. We are lost to history by voluntarily relinquishing our place in it, for the writers of history only include those tales of men whose actions are either favorable to their own continued power brokerage or whom are against it, for every hero needs a villain, even the state. Government has no purpose without the enemies it must create and continuously alienate to justify its militarized armies and police. The politics of obedience are nothing new…


“Poor, wretched, and stupid peoples, nations determined on your own misfortune and blind to your own good! You let yourselves be deprived before your own eyes of the best part of your revenues; your fields are plundered, your homes robbed, your family heirlooms taken away. You live in such a way that you cannot claim a single thing as your own; and it would seem that you consider yourselves lucky to be loaned your property, your families, and your very lives. All this havoc, this misfortune, this ruin, descends upon you not from alien foes, but from the one enemy whom you yourselves render as powerful as he is, for whom you go bravely to war, for whose greatness you do not refuse to offer your own bodies unto death. He who thus domineers over you has only two eyes, only two hands, only one body, no more than is possessed by the least man among the infinite numbers dwelling in your cities; he has indeed nothing more than the power that you confer upon him to destroy you. Where has he acquired enough eyes to spy on you, if you do not provide them yourselves? How can he have so many arms to beat you with, if he does not borrow them from you? The feet that trample down your cities, where does he get them if they are not your own? How does he have any power over you except through you? How would he dare assail you if he had no cooperation from you? What could he do to you if you yourselves did not connive with the thief who plunders you, if you were not accomplices of the murderer who kills you, if you were not traitors to yourselves? You sow your crops in order that he may ravage them, you install and furnish your homes to give him goods to pillage; you rear your daughters that he may gratify his lust; you bring up your children in order that he may confer upon them the greatest privilege he knows – to be led into his battles, to be delivered to butchery, to be made the servants of his greed and the instruments of his vengeance; you yield your bodies unto hard labor in order that he may indulge in his delights and wallow in his filthy pleasures; you weaken yourselves in order to make him the stronger and the mightier to hold you in check. From all these indignities, such as the very beasts of the field would not endure, you can deliver yourselves if you try, not by taking action, but merely by willing to be free. Resolve to serve no hands upon the tyrant to topple him over, but simply that you support him no longer; then you will behold him, like a great Colossus whose pedestal has been pulled away, fall of his own weight and break into pieces?”

“…Let us therefore admit that all those things to which he is trained and accustomed seem natural to man and that only that is truly native to him which he receives with his primitive, untrained individuality. Thus custom becomes the first reason for voluntary servitude. Men are like handsome race horses who first bite the bit and later like it, and rearing under the saddle a while soon learn to enjoy displaying their harness and prance proudly beneath their trappings. Similarly men will grow accustomed to the idea that they have always been in subjection, that their fathers lived in the same way; they will think they are obliged to suffer this evil, and will persuade themselves by example and imitation of others, finally investing those who order them around with proprietary rights, based on the idea that it has always been that way.

—“The Politics Of Obedience: A Discourse On Voluntary Servitude,” by Etienne de La Boetie


Custom is just another word for an appeal to history.

But let us get back to the subject at hand…

I am posting this entry upon my journey merely to help you, my fellow slave to history, to understand how historical revisionism is being played out before our eyes, and how easy it is to be duped by the power brokers of nations that seek to alter their own past so as to justify their future actions — despotism and tyranny in the name of history.

And so today I simply wish to point you in the right direction, that you may find both the logic and reasons behind the historical revisionism coming from the Russian empire. For a while it has been hard not to hear of the exploits of one Anatolii Fomenko and the glorious revisionism of Tartary. As if the lost kingdom of Atlantas was suddenly discovered, Tartary is being promoted as its simulated surrogate. This alternative, revisionist effort to recreate history in Russia’s own image is a very interesting case study, believed by innocents and promoted as the new truth by fools. But let us examine the purpose behind this revisioning by looking at just who in the present is attempting to control the past in order to rule in the future.

For this, I pass on to you a book entitled: History as Therapy: Alternative History and Nationalist Imaginings in Russia, by Konstantin Sheiko and Stephen Brown, published May 1, 2014. I was fortunate enough to have found a link to this on a comment board a while back, the commenter I wish to thank and apologize for not being able to source here. That said, I will simply quote from the book and leave a link to a free version as an Ebook for those interested, while asking those with the ability to support the authors by purchasing the ebook if you decide to read and utilize it. I feel this is a very important work, especially for those feeling lost in the melee of historical nonsense and trickery being promoted by so many outlets. The book is described as such:

This astonishing book explores the delusional imaginings of Russia’s past by the pseudo-scientific ‘Alternative History’ movement. Despite the chaotic collapse of two empires in the last century, Russia’s glorious imperial past continues to inspire millions. The lively movement of ‘Alternative History’, diligently re-writing Russia’s past and ‘rediscovering’ its hidden greatness, has been growing dramatically since the collapse of Communism in 1991. Virtually unknown in the West, these pseudo-historians have published best-selling books, attracted widespread media attention, and are a prominent voice in Internet discussions about Russian and world history. Alternative History claims that Russia is much older than Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome; that the medieval Mongol Empire was in fact a Slav-Turk world empire; and that, in the twentieth century, duplicitous foreign powers stabbed Russia in the back and stole its empire. For its followers the key to Russia’s greatness in the future lies in ensuring that Russians understand the true wealth of their past. Alternative history has become a popular therapy for Russians still coming to terms with the reality of Post-Soviet life. It is one of the forces shaping a new Russian nationalism and an important factor in the geopolitics of the twenty-first century.

To purchase ebook: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=vY00DwAAQBAJ&rdid=book-vY00DwAAQBAJ&rdot=1&source=gbs_vpt_read&pcampaignid=books_booksearch_viewport

Partially online here: https://books.google.com/books?id=vY00DwAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&vq=PUTIN#v=onepage&q=PUTIN&f=false

Turning first to page 41, with regard to Fomenko, we read the following, which is the end of Chapter Two, leading into the beginning of Chapter Three:


Begin excerpt:

When Communism collapsed and the new Russian state was established in 1991, there were half-hearted attempts at galvanizing popular opinion around a new sense of what it meant to be Russian. President Yeltsin appointed and expert committee ‘to establish the true nature of Russia’, and newspapers offered prizes for ‘the best definition of Russianness’. Nonetheless, the 1990’s came and went without any clear answer from the state as to who the Russians were and what Russia stood for. Even Putin when he emerged as Yeltsin’s protege and likely successor in 1999 portrayed himself as a technocrat rather than as an ideologue.

What Putin and his administration failed to develop was some sort of over-arching narrative to inspire popular support. As Graham Gill has put it, the presidential administrations of Yeltsin and Putin failed ‘to articulate a consistent narrative embodying a vision of either Russia’s future or of how it was to be constituted …. No presidential vision has become embedded in the public lore of the society’. Instead of a widely accepted ‘national idea’ that described Russia’s new circumstances and inspired enthusiasm among ordinary people, an ideological void emerged, which was soon filled by a cacophony of competing voices that ranged from Communists to ultra-nationalists, from the Orthodox Church to neo-Pagan occultists, and from Eurasianist empire builders to national separatists. Russia’s rulers soon came to fear that they might have built their new state upon the ideological equivalent of quicksand.

It is this fear of having no firm historical foundation in place that lies behind the increasingly desperate efforts of Putin and his allies, from the mid 2000’s, to write a ‘usable history’ that explains and justifies the new post-Communist Russia. We get a sense of how important the post-Communist elites view the writing of history from the reflections of Putin himself. From Putin downwards, there is little patience with the multiplicity of views and competing interpretations that are the stock-in-trade of conventional history writing. In 2007, Putin told a gathering of schoolteachers that there was a need for a new primer in Russian History to overcome the confusion and errors contained in the dozens of school texts then in use.

The result was a text credited to Fillipov that became notorious among its liberal critics for reinventing Stalin as an effective state builder who made occasional mistakes. The logic of this text implied that the authoritarian rather than the liberal rule worked best for Russia. Leon Aron has argued that Putin and his administration’s understanding of history can be summarized in two axioms:

The first axiom appears to be this: although there were ‘mistakes’ and ‘dark spots’, what mattered was the survival and strengthening of the state–by whatever means necessary. And by that standard, the Soviet Union was a glittering success, and the costs were justified… the second axiom of modern Russian history according to Putin is that the Soviet Union was a ‘besieged fortress’, forever under the threat of attack by the West, and that the machinations of the West were responsible not only for Soviet foreign policy but also for a great deal of domestic misfortune. The overarching aim of this and all future historical narratives is the ‘normalization’ of the monstrosity of Soviet totalitarianism, the manufacture of justifications and excuses for its crimes.

As Brandenberger has put it, Fillipov’s textbook did not explicitly rehabilitate Stalin, but rather established the justification for authoritarian rule. Russia’s survival depended upon a ‘500-year political tradition which demanded that power be concentrated in the hands of a single, autocratic ruler and his centralized administrative system’. Thus, Russian unity and strength from above will better safeguard Russian national interests than grassroots political parties, social movements, or civic organizations.

In 2009, President Medvedev declared that Russia’s history had undergone a process of falsification during the 2000’s, and that in recent times the atacks from abroad had become more angry and aggressive. His answer to this problem was to establish the Presidential Commission of the Russian Federation to Counter Attempts to Falsify History to the Detriment of Russia’s Interests, which would operate from 15 May 2009 to 14 February 2012. Putin and Medvedev entrusted staunch allies from their political retinue with the task of fashioning this history. Key figures in these efforts are the Speaker of the Duma and Chairman of the Russian Historical Society, Segie Naryshkin, and the Minister of Culture and Chairman of the Russian Military-Historical Society, Vladimir Medinskii. The president of the Commission charged with protecting Russian history was Naryshkin. No doubt conscious of the accusations of Orwellian thought control that the Commission would attract, Naryshkin assured his listeners that his organization never intended to make historians speak with one voice. Instead, the Commission’s aim was to rebut the harmful propaganda that had been directed at Russia as a result of the rewriting of history in other countries.

Like Fillipov’s textbook, Naryshkin’s commission signaled the regime’s intentions but did not immediately solve the problem. Obviously dissatisfied with the results of previous attempts to end the ‘porridge in the head’, the re-elected President Putin in 2013 outlined yet another attempt to establish a new historical regime. He ordered the Ministry of Education, the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Historical Society to collaborate in producing textbooks without ‘contradictions and ambiguities’. The textbooks are expected to emphasis patriotism, Russian Orthodoxy, civic mindedness (grazhdanstvennost), the must ethnic nature of Russia, and its mighty civilizational and martial achievements.

Happily, some of this work was already being undertaken at a popular level. Alternative history is much too radical to be embraced in full by government officials, let alone Putin. Yet, as we shall see, there is good reason for thinking that Putin and his ideologies are borrowing ideas from alternative history to pupulate their own hitherto dreary, unimaginative, and, often, absent narrative about what post-Communist Russia stands for. It is not too much to suggest that alternative history and regime propaganda are moving in the same direction, just at different speeds.

Putin’s propagandists have recently discovered what has been well described in the scholarly literature as ‘civilizational nationalism’. Russia’s imperial restoration will need ideas and enthusiasm, and not just oil and gas, thus:

The Kremlin’s canonization of the idea of a special thousand-year civilization that predetermines a ‘special path’ for Russia is gradually elevating to the rank of an official ‘one true doctrine’ to replace Marxism-Lenonism. An army of paid and unpaid propagandists are mining this vein of gold, turning a theory into a political technology (art).

This ‘army of paid and unpaid propagandists’ contains a good many regiments of alternative historians and the readers with whom they are in conversation. Precisely because of its unabashed nationalism, alternative history has foreshadowed the type of ‘political technology’ that Putin and his administration is likely to deploy in order to resolve the complicated issue of Russian identity. A radicalized ethnographies-nationalism might yet shape public opinion in unpredictable ways, enhancing the potential for a new Russian Revolution. Tamed and harnessed, however, ‘civilizational nationalism’ may provide the glue that the present administration needs to maintain its grip on power.

Chapter Three: Empire, Nation, Nationalism

‘The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.’

–George Orwell

Part One: Russia’s Multiple Identities

To make sense of alternative history, we first need to explore in more detail Russia’s identity crisis. Fomenko entitled his major work Imperiia or Empire, a word that has much more positive connotations in Russia than it does in the West. Empire, for Fomenko and for many Russians, means the repository of political and economic power projected across a huge geographic era. This meaning is very different to Lenin’s concept of exploited and subjected colonial peoples. This positive view of the imperial past is reflected in the fact that the overwhelming majority of Russians have found it impossible to distinguish between Russia as nation-state and Russia as empire. Thus the term ‘nationalism’, in the context of Russia, is a problematic one.

The growing vitality of nationalism has been one of the most remarked upon aspects of the post-Communist history of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The context for Fomenko is the collapse in 1991 of the Soviet Union, the Communist state that more or less occupied the territory inherited from the Tsarist Empire. The Soviet Union’s principal successor state, the Russian Federation, is the world’s largest state even if it is only half the size of its Communist and Tsarist predecessors. Politically and geographically, modern Russia occupies the same space today as it did approximately three hundred years ago in the era of Peter the Great. Since the collapse of Communism, Russian intellectuals and political commentators have sought out solid ground in order to make sense of Russia’s new geography and its diminished place in the hierarchy of the world’s great powers…

As for why alternative historians have made such fantastic claims about Russia, it must be remembered that Russian alternative history is in competition with the alternative history of other national groups. The writers under consideration in this book have found themselves in a contest with their counterparts in Ukraine, Central Asia, and the Turkic peoples within the Russian Federation. Popular, as distinct from state-inspired, chauvinism was frowned upon in Tsarist and Soviet times. Only in the last two decades has nationalism become part of a public conversation about the merits of rival ethnic histories. As Shnirelman has put it:

For people who believe they have been deprived of their cultural legacy, invention of the past becomes a powerful instrument–first, for the raising of self-esteem and the re-evaluation of their position among other peoples, and second, for demanding special rights and privileges with respect to others who lack their glorious past…

Since the 1980’s, a huge literature has developed around terms such as patriotism, nations, and nationalism. Patriotism seems less problematic and can be defined as strongly positive feelings towards one’s homeland. As for the term ‘nation’, Hobsbawm distinguishes between the nation as citizenship, ‘in which the nation consists of collective sovereignty based in common political participation’, and the nation as ethnicity, ‘in which the nation comprises all those of supposedly common language, history, or broader cultural identity. Gellner came up with the most enduring definition of nationalism itself when he wrote that ‘Nationalism is primarily a political principle which holds that the political and the national unit should be congruent’. While definitions are important, assigning ethnic groups to a particular homeland has proved more challenging…

After Peter, it took another century for Russian rulers to formulate an official vision of what Russia was. Under Tsar Nicholas the First and his Minister for Education, Uvarov, the trinity of ‘Autocracy, Orthodoxy and Narodnost’ was coined. Narodnost is deliberately vague in the way it evokes a bond between the peoples of Russia and the land they occupy. It was in effect an antidote to nations within the Russian empire seeking their own states. Its aim was to bind the people of Russia together by suggesting that they were special and morally superior to the West…

End Excerpt.

–Earlier in the book, from page 14, we read:

Begin Excerpt.

In the immediate aftermath of the collapse of Communism, Russian universities were in an especially parlous economic position. In the 1990’s, history writing, like the Russian state itself, entered a state of flux. The erstwhile conformism of Soviet academia collapsed from within as some historians defended the Communist past, others became trenchant critics of the former regime, and the majority looked anxiously to see which way the political wind was blowing. Their Western counterparts were keen to investigate and publish materials relating to the more sensational aspects of the Soviet period such as the Stalinist purges. But in Russia and the West, there was only a limited market for scholarly ruminations on arcane controversies connected to Russias ancient and medieval past.

It was into this virtually empty space that alternative historians, led by the likes of the New Chronology movement of Anatolii Fomenko and Gleb Nosovskii, ventured. Fomenko (1945-) is a renouned mathematician who has belonged to the academic staff of Moscow State University since the Soviet era. He is a member of Russia’s Academy of Sciences, a professor with a doctorate in applied physics and mathematics, head of the Mechanical-Mathematical Department of Moscow State University, and author of more than one hundred and eighty scientific works. He has written dozens of well-respected monographs and textbooks in his specialist field of mathematics. Fomenko was awarded Russia’s State Award in 1996 for his scientific achievements. The qualifications of Nosovskii (1958-) include a PhD in physics and mathematics. More notoriously, they are the authors of more than one hundred publications dealing with Russian and world history. The volume of their output is astonishing and reflects both of their enthusiasm and their mass-production methods as different members of their team specialize in different periods and locations. Since the collapse of Communism, New Chronology has thrived as a publishing phenomenon, despite and partly because of the hefty criticisms directed at it from conventional scholars. It has become better known in the West too, attracting the attention of scholars who are concerned about its impact upon ordinary Russians’ understanding of history and Russia’s place in the world. The English language title of Fomenko’s magnum opus is History: Fiction or Science. Fomenko’s ambition is to replace the existing ‘fiction’ with the ‘science’ of alternative history. Fomenko and New Chronology represent a popular rebellion against the version of history preferred by Russia’s scholarly elite. Or, as one scholar has put it, New Chronology is a prime example of ‘the conjunction between conspiracy theory and the rewriting of history [that] makes up one of the main instruments for disseminating nationalist theories in today’s Russia, theories based on a kind of post-modern, paranoid cultural imaginary.

The number of critics of Fomenko and his fellow alternative historians has certainly grown in recent years, and there have been premature announcements of New Chronology’s imminent demise. Yet alternative history has shown a remarkable capacity to absorb the blows inflicted by its critics and move forward, its momentum enhanced rather than deflated. So far, alternative history has not succeeded in winning over the academic departments of major universities, nor has it replaced the existing school textbooks. The alternative strategy is not to outscore the professional historians in a debate of a particular controversy or time period. Rather, the plan is to render conventional scholarship irrelevant by winning over the book-buying public and Russia’s growing army of internet users. Their passion is expressed in their apocalyptic version of patriotism for, in the words of one alternative historian:

When a nation maintains her historical memory, she will fight not only for material values, but also for the honor of the state (derzhava)… But if this nation is forced to abandon traditional national values and substitute instead a set of alien principles, then this nation is like a giant that was defeated not by the sword, but poisoned with a substance that darkens the mind and paralyses the will.

–End Excerpt


What would a nation, an empire, be without its historical source and reason for existence? The answer to this question is always the same – the more force that is used against the common people signifies the further away from its original purpose and ideals the empire has gotten. In America, we are under military rule, martial law, via the invocation of war powers (emergency) and the subsequent soft suspension of the constitution. We are made to believe we live in independent states just as in colonial history, that we are actually part of the state we live in instead of just foreign US residents, yet we are all birthed into the nation, into Washington DC, a district wholly outside and foreign to any of the 50 individual States. The union is no longer controlled by the States, the States are controlled by the empire corporation called “United States”, seated outside of and foreign to any State. Yet the appeal to the romantic history of the original thirteen colonies-turned-States after their war and struggle for independence is all we hear about, a false narrative used to justify the exact tyranny and oppression of a federal government that the King of England possessed while using the Crown’s appeal to its own history and right to rule over the corporations (colonies) set up by it. The Russian Federation (federal government district) is, to its various member states, not at all dissimilar to what the United States federal government is to the 50 states United – an illegitimate (de facto) dictator.

In other words, every present-day nation is an appeal to history. Every revolution is an appeal to history. Every law is an appeal to history. Every elected and appointed official is an appeal to history. The political process is an appeal to history. If you ask the president of the United States what makes his flattering title and dictatorial war powers legitimate, he will say “the people”. If you ask the people the same question, they will make an appeal to history — he was voted in at some point and that’s the way it has been since before I was born. That’s how the system works. Really? I’m sure lab rats and zoo animals think the same exact thing while rotting in the cages they were born in…


“The most successful tyranny is not the one that uses force to assure uniformity
but the one that removes the awareness of other possibilities,
that makes it seem inconceivable that other ways are viable,
that removes the sense that there is an outside.”

–Allan Bloom, “The Closing of the American Mind”


Of course, every nation has its own, personalized history, a justification for its current and future existence linked inextricably to the past. Therefore, each kingdom must balance itself ever so carefully upon the lies that constitute each individually perspective history of the multiplicity of demented, endlessly providential, manifest destiny attributed to every empire. And God is always somehow on the side of every nation, a petty excuse on the Grandest of scales for inexcusable actions in both war and peace, which also means that God is at the same time against every nation too — the paradox of a false attribution to the empty idols of deity — many nations under and over their own version of God

I imagine that, at the time when the American civil war was ending, the empire of the federal United States under its illegitimate emergency war powers, which had just decimated half of its own unionized states to the south, must have had a very similar crisis of conscious about their own perceived history, and likely had the same conversations about conserving the good, reimagining the bad, and essentially reinventing United States history to justify their own federalized, standing army so demonized in the Declaration of Independence. Let’s say it was a war over slavery… yeah, that’s it, we had to free the slaves! We’ll be heroes! And the common, illiterate dupes will never know the difference… 

But the greatest takeaway from this is in the term itself: alternative history. If history were true in the first place, there could be no alternative. Truth, you see, has no alternative. It’s the truth. You cannot have two differing (alternative) truths about the same thing. And so I stress again that history is never truth, but only the empire’s foundational propaganda that seeks to justify the purpose of its modern and future (post-modern) existence.

But there’s an even darker side to history. You see, the history of nations, being the story of each nation’s purpose to exist, is always a sociopath. The history of each nation is as the Narcissus admiring its own reflection, warring against any enemy that might cause ripples in the clear historical view of itself. Revisionist history is like breaking the vanity mirror of ones false appearance, like wiping the lipstick from a pig, for every nation loves only itself while hiding behind imaginary borders, fictitious lines drawn in imaginary sand that pretendedly say do not cross.

Indeed, history is not merely a story told, it is the very identity of all false existence. History is always the past, and he that controls the past controls the future. The future is everything after history, including most parts of the more recent past. One has to wonder what could possibly keep the United States empire and union of states together if it weren’t for the viral history of Philadelphia and the continental congress. Viral history… it’s like a disease. It prevents betterment. It ensures nepotism, and subsequently, despotism. And, like any other corporation out there that had humble beginnings, where we meagerly, obsucrely came from is and always will be the greatest tool of manipulation possible.

History represents the success stories of empire, the fish story no one in their right mind and reason should believe in. For history is never truth. It simply cannot be. Nothing made by men is natural. Nothing invented by man is truth. And truth cannot be revisioned… unless, that is, you call it history.

Now imagine if suddenly, instead of existing to please the historical narrative, we acted as if the reason and purpose for our existence is to ensure the future? Imagine if we lived for a better tomorrow, instead of using yesterday to justify our God-awful actions of today? Imagine if history did not dictate the present, and that, therefore, the future was something other than ensuring the continuity of government, or in other words, insuring the new feudalism of modern empire will continue into tomorrow. Imagine what you could do to serve others, to live for the purpose of preserving Life and the Source of Life, the highest Law, instead of merely preserving the emptiness of history’s inventions, the despotism of empire.

History can only ever be the popular alternative to truth.

Here’s one for the road…

Now there’s revolution… but they don’t know what they’re fighting…



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Thursday, July 18, 2019

Monty Python Ended The Gender Identity Debate In 1979

Scene from ‘Life Of Brian’


Couldn’t help myself… but this 2 minute clip is both an incredibly accurate foreshadowing and a complete deconstruction and utter defeat of the gender identity meme.

Either that, or they had this ridiculousness planned for ages and predictively programmed into us as such for a very, very, VERY long time.

Whatever the case, this is brilliance in the art of satire.

So funny it hurts… like the Truth often does.

New article coming very soon on race-baiting and the racism fallacy and meme, and what it’s really about…


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–Monday, April 26th, 2019 (Roman Timeline)


STRAWMAN: Volume II: Replacing “God” With “Logos” – The Most Unholy, Logical Fallacy

***This post is a modified section of my next (2nd) “Strawman” book series, sitting at almost 200,000 words, which is between 75-100% larger than the average, fictional novel or overtly-flattering biography or historical tale of mostly fiction-based happenstance and fallacious rhetoric. Funny, for you will gladly pay to be knowingly lied to by storytellers, by film-makers, by self-proclaimed authorities and compartmentalized experts, and pay to be generally led to flights of fantasy by the fictions of men, and so I’m really starting to wonder, what exactly is the verifiably sourced Truth worth to you, or is there even an audience left for it today? Is the Truth so horrific to a society so caught up in lies and deceit around every corner and behind every action and employment we partake in that I am your enemy for speaking the Truth? In desperation, I ask you now that if you value this self-researched, self-edited, and privately self-released (unpublished) work, which includes now well over a decade of intense collection and piecing together of primary research that went into it, and if you would like me to continue with these freely given works, then please consider making a donation to keep me going. However, while anything is appreciated, nothing is ever required, as this and all of my works are, as always up to this point, free to all to read and share — but I cannot do this any longer without your collective support. I’m not sure whether or not this 2nd book as a whole will ever get to be printed as the 1st, so today I present this large, modified, interactive part of it here, for your consideration, controversy, and spiritual preparation. It stands alone, and yet benefits as part of the whole of my work, just as all of us must also come to terms with these qualities in each other. As a continuation of the first work (book), the same disclaimers and conditions apply to this continued work as that of the first volume, for they are one in the same series, a continuation. This work is free, given as an unconditional gift to all that seek it, no strings attached. Please pass it on freely as well as you see fit. However, this is not in any way a permission to publish or print this for sale, for profit, except as a personal, not for profit copy if needed. 

As to the content you are about to be exposed to, I can only tell you that by the end of this essay you will have a whole new perspective and understanding, not only of what the title expresses, but the frighteningly pagan origins of Christmas and Easter and the fact that there literally cannot be any True Christians in the United States. It is impossible, indeed, and quite illegal to follow Christ while under the legal law of man. That is the purpose of nations and the deafening power of the their international legal matrix of code. And so you will certainly, after reading this, know your low, common, gentile (goyim) legal status more clearly and undeniably than ever before. Even more revealing, the undeniable pagan, Babylonian roots and continued idol worship of the universal, legalized, corporate “Christian” church (in all denominations) will also be detailed and thoroughly be brought to the light of scrutiny. And all of this will be shown through Bible passages and source documentation, connecting the dots like only yours Truly can. In the end, you shall have no doubt that the Bible is actually opposed to all “Christian” religions, and that the Bible has no relation to organized, corporate Christianity except as ordained furniture, an empty symbol, an un-utilized idol sitting upon the forbidden alters of adversarial, legal corporations. I don’t want this to be True, and it is not merely my opinion being offered. If the Truth offends you, then you are living a lie. There is nothing I can do, for I am not your enemy, merely a messenger with unshakable Truths. None of this is personal, and all or most of it applies as well to myself. I seek only Truth, no matter the cost or pain or discomfort to myself, to my lifestyle, to my whole Being. If this is not your mission, you’re likely in the wrong blogosphere. First, though, we shall recap and reinforce some things from Volume I and, of course, define some new and old terms ever more clearly for proper communication and mutually understood translation. Now, if you can, please turn of your prejudice, put what you think you know aside, remain neutral in mind and spirit, and take heed of the Truths of these words. If you find an error or mistake, or wish to put in your two cents, please leave a comment at the end. Its a couple miles down the page. For contrarians and trolls, please do so, however, only if and then after you have read this in its entirety, and I will block all comments not intended to help, enlighten, sincerely correct what is written, or otherwise contribute to the spirit of this work and those reading it. To all of you, please enjoy, and may this work bring meaning and purpose to your own, private journey. -Clint  




(excerpt from a private work still in progress)




Author’s Introduction, Foreword, And Recap


I know that you who might be reading this is, in the end, after all the empty pretexts in between, you who are searching for one and only one thing in this strange and soul-crushing experience we call as civil life… you are searching for your True Purpose. You are trying to understand your destiny, which has been veiled in mystery by those that seek to rule over you. And though you may have been blinded by your ancestors’ foolish traditions and institutions and therefore tricked into not believing in such a thing as destiny in its True meaning and intent, rest assured that it awaits you, when you are finally ready to fulfill it. But first, we must agree on terms. What is this word destiny and how is it being applied to you and I and everyone else out there in this intentional moment?

DESTINY – noun – 1. State or condition appointed or predetermined; ultimate fate; as, men are solicitous to know their future destiny which is however happily concealed from them. 2. Invincible necessity; fate; a necessity or fixed order of things established by a divine decree, or by an indissoluble connection of causes and effects. But who can turn the stream of destiny? Destinies, the fates, or supposed powers which preside over human life, spin it out, and determine it; called by the Latins, parcæ. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

FATE – noun – [Latin fatum, from for, fari, to speak, whence fetus.] 1. Primarily, a decree or word pronounced by God; or a fixed sentence by which the order of things is prescribed. Hence, inevitable necessity; destiny depending on a superior cause and uncontrollable. According to the Stoics, every event is determined by fate. Necessity or chance not me; and what I will is fate. 2. Event predetermined; lot; destiny. It is our fate to meet with disappointments. It is the fate of mortals. Tell me what fates attend the duke of Suffolk? 3. Final event; death; destruction. Yet still he chose the longest way to fate, The whizzing arrow sings, And bears thy fate Antinous, on its wings. 4. Cause of death. Dryden calls an arrow a feathered fate. Divine fate the order or determination of God; providence(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ACT OF GOD – An act occasioned exclusively by violence of NATURE without the interference of any HUMAN AGENCY. It means a NATURAL NECESSITY necessity proceeding from physical causes alone without the intervention of man. It is an act, EVENT, happening, or occurrence, a disaster and effect due to natural causes and inevitable accident, or disaster; a natural and inevitable necessity which implies entire exclusion of all human agency which operates without interference or aid from man and which results from natural causes and is in no sense attributable to human agency. It is an accident which could not have been occasioned by human agency but proceeded from physical causes alone. In the civil law, vis majorInevitable accident or casualty; not preventable by human care, skill, or foresight, but resulting from natural causes, misfortunes and accidents arising from inevitable necessity which human prudence could not foresee or prevent; a landslide in the Panama Canal and changes in the styles of wearing apparel are notacts of God“; otherwise, however, as to a strike, accompanied with violence and intimidation. The term is sometimes defined as equivalent to inevitable accident: but incorrectly, as there is a distinction between the two; See Inevitable Accident; Perils of the Sea. (–Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


Man appoints, Nature (God) predetermines. Let us be clear here that what is predetermined is merely that which is defined as being caused only by (an act of) God because it is not in man’s control, not preventable by the actions of men, which is defined both from the Bible and in legal law as being the same as being an act of Nature (God), the Universe, as all of self-Existence (all that is not manmade), and therefore all that Is in Its Whole, Supreme Being (verb), the substance of all that is Truth (Reality). God is Truth. What happens in, of, on, and under God is destiny, and it is our fate to bear whatever Acts of Nature (God) come our way. These acts of God, or in other words, the continuous Existence of Nature as it harmonizes Itself to Its own Law (the Logos), should not be considered as anything but neutral. There can be no actual (literal) anger or other personified, anthropomorphized emotions of man put onto the actions of Nature (God), unless you are telling a story of why the actions of men go against Gods Will (Nature’s Law). In other words, a volcano will erupt when its fate is to erupt, not because sinners live beneath or around it. If you are caught in an earthquake, you are in the right place at the right time to witness a completely neutral, inevitable act of God (Nature), for what is the destiny of the land but to continuously form and shift over the timelessness of Its Existence (God). The parabolic storytelling in the Bible assigning human attributes to God are for one and only one purpose and intent — to tell a moral story. To take these Bible stories and its characters literally is actually an ancient form of heretical idolatry, as we will discover in a moment. In other words, to put the attributes of the human form and condition upon God (the Universe, the Whole of all Existence) is to pretend that acts of men are acts of God, and worse, that acts of God are indeed acts of men. This idolatry of God as man and the mentality it causes is the foundation of most religions, and has nothing to do with the Bible or with the definition and intent of the word God (as Jehovah). To be clear, government bases its entire system and matrix code of legal law on the fact that God Exists and that all things in Nature, that which is not manmade, are always Acts of God and never of man. This is to say that an act of man is never inevitable, for man has free will, the power to choose to act against his very own Nature and pollute his Source of Existence. But the legal systems of man can work in no other way, being always in opposition to the Law of Nature (God). Legality has no purpose except to be opposed (adversarial) to the Law and acts of God (Nature). What is legal is wholly and without exception not of Nature (God). Unnatural.

I am not selling you religion. I am not trying to convince you of the Existence of God. I am telling you that there is no option to not believe in the Existence of Jehovah (as God) because that word is specifically defined and intended to only mean all of self-Existence Itself as a single Whole (Uni-verse). Mono-theism. One God. One Existence. One Whole Truth. You simply cannot sanely not believe in Existence, in the Universe, in Nature and Its self-evident, self-Existent (not manmade) Law. Sorry about your ego, but God (Jehovah) Exists, or rather is defined as all of Existence Itself, whether you believe in It or not. Therefore the inevitability of what happens in Nature, including to you, will never be entirely your choice. It’s like a game of chance, where one takes or makes for himself the best odds possible to win, only in this game of monopolies we’ve made of our Lives and Livelihood, the best chance we have to survive and overcome this madness, this certain death sentence, is to fulfill our only True destiny — to Live and act in harmony with Nature and protect it from all that does not. For the fate of our Lives and natural death depends on our respect of the Law and Laws of Nature (God). You can either Live and act in harmony with God (Nature) or you can act in satanism (adversarially) against It, ignoring Its Law and believing in religious, scientific, and legalistic fantasies. Satan, like Jehovah, has a specific meaning, intent, and definition. Satan is that which is opposed to or adversarial to Nature (Jehovah) and Its Law (Logos). It’s that simple, really. Therefore, an act of man can be one of two things, either an act of God or an act of satan. In other words, if man acts accordingly and under and in harmony with the Law of Nature, his actions are in favor of God, and therefore he or she is acting Christ-like, or metaphorically what the Bible calls us to be, as a “son of God.” But if man acts against Truth, against Nature and Its Law, then that man cannot be said to be anything but an adversary of God (Truth/Nature). Thus, generally speaking, what is manmade is most often that which is adversarial to God, meaning that such inventions and devices of man are specifically designed to alter, change the course of, or fix the flow of Nature’s harmonious self-Existence. You have no choice in what God (Jehovah) Is, that’s the point. In other words, you cannot claim God doesn’t Exist when the government you are in the agency of citizenship for and bondage under has already defined and based its entire anti-God legal system of false law around that monotheistic Existence (God). You cannot change Reality, any more than a flea can change the Nature of a dog. But you can do some damage to your own environment and ability to Exist in the rest of Existence, in the Universe, in Nature and under Its Law (Logos). This predestined Law that is inescapable by man or any other Creation of God (Nature) is called the Law of God (Logos), which means the same thing as the Law of Nature, just as an “Act of God” is defined in no other way than as an Act of Nature. In order to understand in any way the structure and purpose of legal law, this neutral understanding of what “God” (as Jehovah) is defined as in both the Bible and in the legal (antiGod/antichrist) systems of law is absolutely necessary. You cannot let your religious beliefs stand in the way of what these words are specifically defined and intended to mean in order to read the Bible, or you will never have a clear understanding of any aspect of either system of law, for to understand anything you must fully understand that which is its opposite. No story can be understood, for that matter, without an agreement on the meaning of its terms. To understand the legal law, you must know that what is labeled as “legal” is always opposed (adversarial) to God (Nature) and to God’s Law, to the Law and Laws of Nature, without exception, no matter how good it may seem in any particular situation or because of some benefit it may “legally” (against God’s Law) grant to you. This is the design of the legal matrix, acting as a veil, a stepping stone over which men may pretend to be lawful while in Truth breaking the foundation of all God’s Law. We will expound upon and prove this Biblical definition of “Jehovah” (as God) herein. If you find that your ingrained belief in your own personal or religious image (idol) and mystery of God is too powerful to overcome, even despite the Bible transliteration and definitions in all sources for what God (Jehovah) is, including the government you stand under, then I recommend you either cease in reading this essay or continue with eyes to see and ears to hear, and quit denying what the Bible is telling or trying to tell you. And then you better go examine and probably cancel any insurance policies you have, because they may or may not cover an “act of God,” defined as an “inevitable act of Nature.” And since you don’t believe in this otherwise well-accepted and self-evident Truth, you’ll need to correct the government, the printers of Bibles, Bible dictionaries, Ancient linguistic lexicons, the Bible concordances… all that on top of alerting all insurance companies and probably most banking institutions about what you believe God is so that your policy reflects that purely personal perspective. Good luck with that. If you hurry, you may catch the underwriter before lunch break. Or you can trust but verify for yourself the entirety of my research herein, looking up for yourself as I did every definition and reason (intent) you may find on the subject of what Jehovah (God) Is, so that we can then use that knowledge to figure out the entire bulwark and false-mysteries behind this legal, debtors hell we are trapped in. And even better, we can discover our God-given (inevitable) purpose in this Life.

Truth is the substance behind all form, while symbol is the form that can never actually be True substance. Truth, however, may be communicated through symbol (form) only if the substance behind the form (symbol) is completely understood and agreed upon. When the meaning behind words (symbols) is lost, then words (symbols) become false idols, tools of magic spells steeped in false mystery, confusion, and lies. No author writes any book or moral lesson without acknowledgement of the meaning of the terms he or she uses. Therefore it is the first and foremost responsibility of the reader of any book or moral story to discover any meaning behind those words that has been lost to time or to improper translation. Greek, for instance, does not translate well at all into English. English is a literal code of prose while Greek is a romantic, poetic verse. The words, letters, numbers, and other glyphs created by man, therefore, are not Truth, only symbols of possible Truth, as form without substance. Truth requires no belief, while lies are powerless without belief in their artifice. Symbols are lies with purpose, and are dangerous when what was the source of Truth (substance) behind the symbol (form) is lost, making the symbol a simulacrum — a copy without (separated from) any original. In most cultures, the True intent of symbols has been lost or purposefully altered to suit the desires and progress without purpose of mankind (Adam). When the meaning behind symbols are lost, then the empty form that is left of the symbol becomes the object of religion. All religion is false today, the worship of symbology without source or reason behind the symbol. This is also what has happened, in reverse, to the bible, where the mere form of the Bible is fallaciously demonized by those who have either never read it or refuse to read it because of such stigmatism. Therefore, the Bible is the opposite of a symbol without meaning or substance, the opposite of a religious totem without source, but for many has instead become the ultimate symbol of their own ignorance. Most criticize and even quote from the Bible as they would do for a movie they have never actually seen, yet are somehow convinced by other, equally unqualified critics, that the Bible is just another bad movie. What they don’t realize is that the Bible is more like a foreign-language movie with no subtitles, and sometimes purposefully incorrect or incomplete subtitles, lost or intentionally hidden in translation. Words, which are merely strings of various symbols that project an intended meaning, are in the Bible completely misunderstood by the average reader. And so that sacred Book of Law, that very map of our collective destiny, and the very reason behind our current fate (spiritual death) in legal hell as debtors, stands not as the Greatest symbol of freedom ever known to man it was intended to be, but instead as an ode to the idiocy that has been imbred into every one of us by the institutions of church and state we are bound under and misguided by. Yes, the allegoric, metaphoric, and parabolic storytelling within the Bible is indeed a symbol intended to communicate self-evident Truth, and yet such a symbol in the wrong hands, like a weapon of mass destruction, becomes detrimental to that which it was intended to protect, turning Love into lust, meaning into nonsense, reason into fallacious logic, and Truth into the very lies (pretended mysteries) that are the foundation of the legal system, the corporate church and state.

SYMBOL – noun – [Latin symbolum; Gr. with, and to throw; to compare.] 1. The sign or representation of any moral thing by the images or properties of natural things. Thus the lion is the symbol of courage; the lamb is the symbol of meekness or patience. Symbols are of various kinds, as types, enigmas, parables, fables, allegories, emblems, hieroglyphics, etc. 2. An emblem or representation of something else. Thus in the eucharist, the bread and wine are called symbols of the body and blood of Christ. 3. A letter or character which is significant. The Chinese letters are most of them symbols. The symbols in algebra are arbitrary. 4. In medals, a certain mark or figure representing a being or thing, as a trident is the symbol of Neptune, the peacock of June, etc. 5. Among christians, an abstract or compendium; the creed, or a summary of the articles of religion. 6. Lot; sentence of adjudication. [Not in use.] (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

LOT – noun – 1. That which, in human speech, is called chance, hazard, fortune; but in strictness of language, is the determination of Providence; as, the land shall be divided by lot  Numbers 26:552. That by which the fate or portion of one is determined; that by which an event is committed to chance, that is, to the determination of Providence; as, to cast lots; to draw lots. The lot is cast into the lap, but the whole disposing thereof is of the Lord. Proverbs 16:333. The part, division or fate which falls to one by chance, that is, by divine determination. The second lot came forth to Simeon. Joshua 19:1. He was but born to try the lot of man, to suffer and to die. 4. A distinct portion or parcel; as a lot of goods; a lot of boards. 5. Proportion or share of taxes; as, to pay scot and lot. 6. In the United States, a piece or division of land; perhaps originally assigned by drawing lots, but now any portion, piece or division. So we say, a man has a lot of land in Broadway, or in the meadow; he has a lot in the plain, or on the mountain; he has a home-lot, a house-lot, a wood-lot. The defendants leased a house and lot in the city of New York. To cast lots, is to use or throw a die, or some other instrument, by the unforseen turn or position of which, an event is by previous agreement determined. To draw lots, to determine an event by drawing one thing from a number whose marks are concealed from the drawer, and thus determining an event. – verb transitive – To allot; to assign; to distribute; to sort; to catalogue; to portion. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

PROVIDENCE – noun – [Latin provident.] 1. The act of providing or preparing for future use or application. Providence for war is the best prevention of it. [Now little used.] 2. Foresight; timely care; particularly, active foresight, or foresight accompanied with the procurement of what is necessary for future use, or with suitable preparation. How many of the troubles and perplexities of life proceed from want of providence! 3. In theology, the care and superintendence which God exercises over his creatures. He that acknowledges a creation and denies a providence involves himself in a palpable contradiction; for the same power which caused a thing to exist is necessary to continue its existence. Some persons admit a general providence but deny a particular providence not considering that a general providence consists of particulars. A belief in divine providence is a source of great consolation to good men. By divine providence is often understood God himself. 4. Prudence in the management of one’s concerns or in private economy(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


The word meek means prepared in the Bible, that is, spiritually prepared. Providence. Human providence is not destiny, but it sure helps. The Truth is that Nature (God) Itself is the only Source of Real Providence, but only if man has the active foresight to protect and serve Nature (God) as the Creator It Is. Obviously, we’ve done the opposite, attempting to create our own version of Nature in order to be gods over that which is our Source, that from which we will once again return to, dust for dust. The meek shall inherit the earth. It is not that the spiritually prepared are acting in providence, it is that they are part of the divine providence that is Existence, and therefore not addicted to or dependent upon mans designs, inventions, compounds, and devises. In other words, the meek have not strayed from God’s Nature and Law, from the narrow path of spiritual well-being, and so have nothing to fear by the inevitable collapse of the invented, wholly unnatural (adversarial) world of men. Remember, what is of God is permanent, while what is made by men is always, without exception temporary. Proof of this lies not only in the ruins of past civilizations not in harmony with God’s Nature and Law, but are apparent even in our own modern infrastructure, such as roads cracked, pitted, and overgrown that lead to bridges teetering on rust-filled foundations that lead to both physically and morally decaying buildings and cities of fallen men (Adam). God (Jehovah) is the Highest substance of Providence. Nature is the Highest form of Providence. Therefore, the man in touch with and Living in harmony with Nature (God) and Its Law (Logos) are provident in and by their actions. Their preparations are not the collection of manmade, temporary things. The abundance of God (Nature) requires no hoarding, no prepping, and no competition. It merely requires good stuard-ship, protection, and unconditional Love for ALL that is Nature, all that is Existence as one Whole Supreme Being (verb). The man (son) of God, that is, the follower of the Law of God personified in the story of Jesus Christ, has nothing of the world of men to lose. He is not prepared (meek) because he saves the things of men for a time when man’s civilizations and cities and economies fall. That is foolishness to God. Nature is never lost but by the adversarial actions of men. The man (son) of God does not consider any part of Nature to be his or her own possession or property, but instead understands and self-actualizes his or her self, the mind, body, and soul, to be but a small, interconnected property of Nature, as oxygen is a property of water and of the air. So man is the property of God’s Nature. Creation is a property of the Creator. But man is the only creature that chooses to act as if the is not bound by his destiny, pretending to design his own fate, that he is above or external from God (Nature) and therefore able to break with Its Law, conducting himself in the most grotesque of manners with zero respect for what he or she is a part (property) of, like an infection on the skin. The point is that, spiritually speaking, it is impossible for man to create his own providence if his actions and plans are against that which is the divine providence of Existence (God), against that Law (Logos) which causes Existence to Exist in the form of man. In other words, it seems that in these modern times mankind has taken upon itself to unreasonably pollute all the qualities of Nature (God) that allow man to Exist in the first place within Nature, knowingly changing the air, the water, the soil, and now even the predestined genetic structure of Life (Creation) Itself, which in turn causes the fate of everything mankind has “touched” to either adapt or to wither and die in its attempt to re-harmonize Itself with the never changing Law and Laws of Nature. Sometimes, for instance, that adaptation process of the unnatural rehaemonizing or trying to reconnect to the Natural World manifests as cancers and other diseases, or geological catastrophes like sink holes and cave-ins. It seems the entire corporate structure of mans world has become nothing but a series of wagers bet against our own well-being in Nature, with a careful but increasingly ineffective avoidance of self-assured destruction, of bringing the ultimate fate of death unto a collective, premature big bang. In short, we are not fulfilling our destiny. We are not acting as ourselves, as Nature intended, but instead as that which is adversarial (satanic) to everything good and wholesome. We are, as it stands right now, the #1 enemy of Nature (God). Complacence, ignorance, and lack of personal responsibility are no excuse. For our destiny is to protect and worship that which we are a part of, that which sustains our Lives and causes our Existence. What other possible Real purpose do you think there is as a Living Part (property) of God?

One of my favorite verses in the Bible, below, reminds me of passing a homeless child or puppy upon the street with its eyes wide in expectation of someone to save it. Nature, the rest of creature is waiting for each of us from under the vanity we have allowed to be placed over it for our own greed and corruption, not only to stop ignoring what we are doing to it, but to save it from ourselves. Nature, the “creature” or what is the Life and metaphoric, anthropomorphic notion that it carries the sense of hope that we will finally become Christ-like and fulfill our place as the heirs of God, the heirs (sons) given dominion and protection over the estate of God’s Creation (Nature) and all It Is in completeness. This is the duty, the destiny of the sons (children) of God, the heirs and only able enforcers of Logos (the Law of God through Christ), of those that finally embrace and become the forceful, protecting, Loving hand behind the True Logos. The Creature, that which is all of Creation around us, that which supports us, like an abandoned and abused puppy awaits for our return to Christ, to the Law of Nature (Logos), and therefore to our only True destiny as Its champion. The self-evident Truth of this, despite its anthropomorphic story-telling, is the story of our lives, right now, at this very moment, and always will be. And this is why the Bible Law must never be lost, never banned, and never defeated again. The evils of mans devices and inventions will always be present, and so too must be the Highest Law of Nature to prevent that technology (art) from causing the ruination of its Source.


“The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirit, that we are the children of GodAnd if children, then heirs; heirs of God, and joint-heirs with Christ; if so be that we suffer with him, that we may be also glorified togetherFor the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who hath subjected the same in hopeBecause the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God.

–Romans 8: 16-21, KJB


The return of Christ is and only can be the manifestation of Christ (Logos), the Law of God (Law of Nature), in men, when we become (are reborn) again as the sons of God (followers of Christ) we were born (destined) to be. For it is the very absence of Christ (Law) that has caused such unwilling vanity upon the creatures of the Earth by men. It is not Nature that needs correcting, but ourselves. It is the temptations of what is possible through the corruption of Nature and therefore of ourselves as part of Nature (God) that must be reprimanded.  For the Law is a preventative reaction to destructive action. Obedience to the Law of God (Jehovah) by men is the fated return of Christ (Logos), for in all of Nature, it’s only men that purposefully disobey it. I will continue to repeat and verify this self-evident Truth in triplicate, for this Truth is the only solution, the only cure for our self-inflicted dis-ease upon Gods Creation (which includes all of us). In the meanwhile, all of Nature waits victimized for us to overcome our willing blindness towards its suffering at our hands. What a beautiful metaphor.

Notice the word “lot” is used above to define both a symbol and a fate? Lots wife in the Bible is named Wisdom. Can you really not see the clear metaphoric rhetoric everywhere therein? You see, your lot in life is decided by either you or by government. For the free and Lawful sojourner that is a man of God, a follower of Jesus Christ (Logos), ones lot is limited only by the size of the Earth and ones ability to travel freely thereupon. But for the US or other national citizenship (goyim), your lot is where your address is, a property line belonging to the state and rented (through taxation which is extortion) to fools that believe it to be their own property. When we purchase land, we do so by the lot. Essentially, because we are able to purchase these Monopoly board spaces and acquire limited title as users of that lot, we don’t recognize these real estate lots to be what they really are, open-air prison cells. The best prison is one in which those imprisoned both make and follow their own rules, and utilize a barter and commerce system regulated by the owners of that public prison, just as the best slave (prisoner) is one that is allowed to choose and improve upon which “profession” his enslavement fates him to. In this prison, we have what they call freedom. LOL! Perspective is everything! Citizenship is literally a life sentence (lot) of adjudication, a pre-judgement of illiteracy, whereas a Life Lived under God needs no such symbology, no such legally assigned person (status) only the absolute Truth of and in all things. Truth Exists without representation, without symbol. Yet, it is said that Truly inspired poets and integrally honest artists attempt to use symbols and even outright lies (fables) to express the moral Truth, while politicians and lawyers use them to sell and secure their own lies, for they are the artists and poets of the legal realm, professional liars (actors of the state) that are the enemies of all that is Truth (God). The Bible is a moral story told through symbology, or in other words, the Bible is a representation of moral law using allegorical characters and images of Natural things. This is called anthropomorphic storytelling, including the use of personification. Perhaps the best way to describe what modern religions have become, especially that of organized “Christianity,” is to discover that religions are for the most part lost in their own coveted, disconnected symbols, believing in the Realness of only the representation of the Real, the form alone without any contemplation of the intended (original) meaning or substance behind the symbol, and have subsequently even designed their own false doctrines (creeds) around those empty simulacra (meaningless symbols) despite the Bible’s warnings against such idolatry. To understand the problems with “Christianity” as an organized, corporate religion steeped in the legal system of mammon today, we must understand how these religions have completely misrepresented the intention of all the symbols of the Bible, replacing the substance of the moral lesson with the literal form of the “natural thing” used to metaphorically and allegorically teach the moral. The parable, the fable, the allegory… all the meaning behind the symbolism, that is, the spiritual and moral Truth the symbol represents is lost on the modern-day literal anthropomorphism of “Christian” religion. And so before we move on, I believe it is imperative that we research the history of the heretical anthropomorphites of old to see their comparisons to the modern religionists of today, to the self-prescribed “Christians” that have lost all meaning of what Jesus Christ (Logos/the Law of God) represents, of what it is to be, in our actions, Truly Christ-like.


“…I must first teach you how to rid yourself of unreason.
For many of you have not yet been educated.
You have been dis-educated. To put it bluntly, you have been indoctrinated.

—Adam McLeod, Associate Professor, Jones School of Law


Let us not quibble or theorize on just what form God Is or Is not within Nature and in stature (appearance). Let us not, in other words, unreasonably seek such knowledge that no man is or will ever be capable of knowing. For by definition Jehovah is all substance, and therefore all Natural formation in self-Existence, without the aid or invention of man. Let us merely realize and acknowledge that the anthropomorphizing of what God actually Is into the image of man or any other lesser  form other than to tell a moral story is actually an act of idolatry, the worshiping of image (form) over substance, and that in fact all throughout history this idolatry was considered extremely heretical. Instead of a relatable learning tool used to tell a moral story, to teach the moral (unwritten) Law, the anthropomorphized (manmade) symbol of the Real thing is worshiped in place of the Real, and so the purpose and intent of the symbol is lost, as is ones grasp on Reality. And finally, let us now contemplate that the so-called “Christian” corporate religions in all denomination (by any name) is causing its adherents to do the same exact thing today. Every “Christian” I know has been unwittingly conditioned to be a modern anthropomorphite, not a worshiper of God but an idolater of man in Gods form, of God as man. Because of this fallacy, the Word of God (Logos) projected in the Bible is turned from Natural, self-evident Reasoning to fallacious logical conclusions not based at all on what the scriptures teach. To worship only the form (anthropomorphism) of what men portray God as in a moral story is to miss completely the substance and purpose of the entire reason behind the story. It is like having your hero be the mere appearance (form/dress) of Robin Hood while you steal from the poor to give to the rich — the very opposite of the point of the moral story. In this way, the “Christian,” unwittingly, without understanding of his or her own actions, has become the adversary of that which they fallaciously believe worshiping. So what is an antrhropomorphite?

ANTHROPOMORPHITEnoun – [Gr. man, and form.] One who BELIEVES a HUMAN FORM in the Supreme Being. A sect of ancient HERETICS are called anthropomorphizes. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ANTHROPOMORPHOUSadjectiveBelonging to that which has the FORM of man; having the figure of resemblance to a man. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ANTHROPOMORPHISMnounThe HERESY of the anthropomorphites(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

HERESY – noun – [Gr. to take, to hold; Latin haeresis.] 1. A fundamental error in religion, or an error of opinion respecting some fundamental doctrine of religion. But in countries where there is an established church, an opinion is deemed heresy when it differs from that of the church. The Scriptures being the standard of faith, any opinion that is repugnant to its doctrines, is heresy; but as men differ in the interpretation of Scripture, an opinion deemed heretical by one body of christians, may be deemed orthodox by another. In Scripture and primitive usage, heresy meant merely sect, party, or the doctrines of a sect, as we now use DENOMINATION or persuasion, implying no reproach. 2. Heresy in law, is an offense against christianity, consisting in a denial of some of its essential doctrines, publicly avowed and obstinately maintained. 3. An untenable or unsound opinion or doctrine in politics. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Webster explains things as it was, close to when the union of private States (People) was formed in compact of protection to one another. The Law was respected then, and the Law was the Bible. It was and actually still is illegal in some places to speak negatively of the Bible, God, Christ, etc., for to do so is to diminish and disrespect the fundamental principals of the foundation of Common Law. You see, anthropomorphism is a religion in and of itself. As idolatry, it is circular, meaning that without substance behind the form worshiped, or by placing that which is attainable beyond the measure of a man to obtain himself (i.e. Jesus Christ as the personified example of a follower of Gods Law), then there is nothing to gain through such empty worship. It teaches nothing because the man that worships anything supernatural (above or outside of Nature/God) may never ascend to fulfill the substance (lesson) behind the symbol. Reason and purpose behind the existence of the symbol is lost. And so the worship of Jesus Christ as a now dead man is unattainable in this life for any man, for to worship any thing of mans so-called history is to worship what does not and cannot exist in the present and future. God is timeless, as is the Law of God, the Logos (Jesus Christ). Without set meaning, a symbol is ripe for confusion, causing men to be a target of their own ignorance, and from ignorance of specified, intentional meaning in symbology, especially toward that of words, comes fallacious logic.

There was a really, really good reason that no central church was formed in the union of States united, which was so that the Bible (as Law) would remain free to stand alone from fallacious heresy and alteration due to organized religion with unscriptural, additional doctrine. This decision was not meant to mean a total freedom from or choice of religion, this was for freedom from all other religion except the Bible as Law to be followed religiously. To follow anything religiously (verb) is the opposite of making a religion (noun) of that thing. Noun means worshiping in name (form/image) only, while a verb implies the action of following by example (by Law). Christianity as a religion (name/denomination) has turned men heretical, lethargic, and dismissive toward following the Law (Word/Son) of the Bible. There is no other way to say it than how it is defined to us – multi-denominational Christianity (noun) has been purposefully altered to be an anthropomorphic, meaningless heresy. If you think this is Clint’s opinion, when the definition is right above, then by all means shoot the messenger and ignore the damned fate you’ve created for yourself. I would expect nothing less, for while the liar conditionally hates the Truth and he who tells it, the Truth-teller Loves unconditionally the liar for Truth’s (God’s) sake. You may despise the Truth and so try and clip my wings, but be assured I am only trying to cause yours to grow. For nothing can sustain itself for long if that which is un-True is its foundation.

From Wikipedia we read this well-sourced breakdown:

Anthropomorphism, or personification, is attribution of human form or other characteristics to anything other than a human being. Examples include depicting deities with human form and ascribing human emotions or motives to forces of nature, such as hurricanes or earthquakes.

Anthropomorphism has ancient roots as a literary device in storytelling, and also in art. Most cultures have traditional fables with anthropomorphised animals, which can stand or talk like humans, as characters.

The word anthropomorphism was first used in the mid-1700s. The word derives from the Greek ἄνθρωπος (ánthrōpos), “human“, and μορφή (morphē), “shape” or “form“…

In religion and mythology, anthropomorphism refers to the perception of a divine being or beings in human form, or the recognition of human qualities in these beings.

Ancient mythologies frequently represented the divine as deities with human forms and qualities. They resemble human beings not only in appearance and personality; they exhibited many human behaviors that were used to explain NATURAL phenomena, creation, and historical events. The deities fell in love, married, had children, fought battles, wielded weapons, and rode horses and chariots. They feasted on special foods, and sometimes required sacrifices of food, beverage, and sacred objects to be made by human beings. Some anthropomorphic deities represented specific human concepts, such as love, war, fertility, beauty, or the seasons. Anthropomorphic deities exhibited human qualities such as beauty, wisdom, and power, and sometimes human weaknesses such as greed, hatred, jealousy, and uncontrollable anger. Greek deities such as Zeus and Apollo were often depicted in human form exhibiting both commendable and despicable human traits.

Anthropomorphism in this case is referred to as anthropotheism.

From the perspective of adherents to religions in which humans were created in the form of the divine, the phenomenon may be considered theomorphism, or the giving of divine qualities to humans.

Anthropomorphism has cropped up as a Christian heresy, particularly prominently with the Audians in 3rd century Syria, but also in 4th century Egypt and 10th century Italy. This often was based on a LITERAL interpretation of Genesis 1:27:So God created man in His own image, in the image of God created He him; male and female created He them.”


Now tell me, what part of that description does not sound exactly, 100% like todays incorporated, denominated (noun/named) “Christian” religions? Not the Bible, mind you, but the religions that pretend homage to the Bible while completely ignoring the Bible Law and allegoric moral compass. I’ve certainly not met one so-called “Christian” that does not literally take the Genesis account that man is Created in Gods image, meaning in other words that God Exists out there somewhere in the literal, actual form of man, and therefore somehow detached from Nature, from the Universe, which is of course the definition of Jehovah (the Creator). Supernatural means outside of or above (not bound by) Nature and Its Law (Logos). Thus, God is not bound by God? All Existence is not part of Existence? Does God then have a spit personality in this fallacious, anthropomorphized form? Are we but a fishbowl, an ecosystem that God (as a man) watches and shakes up every once in a while? That would explain snow, like the Hallmark snow globe sitting on the mantel, and of course earthquakes and even tsunamies. As ridiculous and without merit as this notion is — that man is the actual, literal image of God as if a mirror would reveal God to look like a man — and despite the very clear and concise definitions and ancient uses of the word JEHOVAH (YHVH) as the verb meaning all that is in Supreme Being (LORD), nevertheless we find such literalist anthropomorphist behavior throughout these false religions using the name (symbol) of Christ without decyphering the meaning; without searching for the substance behind the empty, symbolic form.

The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia® Copyright © 2013, Columbia University Press states:

Anthropomorphism –

(ăn’thrəpōmôr`fĭzəm) [Gr.,=having human form] – in religion, conception of divinity as being in human form or having human characteristics. Anthropomorphism also applies to the ascription of human forms or characteristics to the divine spirits of things such as the winds and the rivers, events such as war and death, and abstractions such as love, beauty, strife, and hate. As used by students of religion and anthropology the term is applied to certain systems of religious belief, usually polytheistic. Although some degree of anthropomorphism is characteristic of nearly all polytheistic religions, it is perhaps most widely associated with the Homeric gods and later GREEK religion. Anthropomorphic thought is said to have developed from three primary sources: animism, legend, and the need for visual presentation of the gods.

Animism –

belief in personalizedsupernatural beings (or souls) that often inhabit ordinary
animals and objects, governing their existence. British anthropologist Sir Edward
Burnett Tylor argued in Primitive Culture (1871) that this belief was the most
primitive and essential form of religion
 and that it derived from people’s self-
conscious experience of the intangible, such as one’s reflected image or dreams.
He has been criticized for deducing that the chief function of religion is to explain
various phenomena. Robert Marett studied among the Melanesians of the South
Seas, noting the concept of mana, or supernatural power independent of any soul.
He described the belief in such a force as animatism. People may also use mana;
for example, a weapon that has killed many animals may be thought to have mana,
and charms believed to have mana may be placed to protect gardens. French
sociologist Emile Durkheim, in his Elementary Forms of Religious Life (1912, tr. 1965),
argued that the roots of religion lay in totemism (see totem), where certain
objects or animals are treated as sacred objects
 Although these early
conceptions of animism, animitism, and totemism have been contested and revised,
the terms are still used by some anthropologists to describe certain religious
beliefs and rituals
 See fetish; taboo; amulet; idol; shaman; ancestor worship…


It would be perhaps more accurate to suggest that the Bible is become but an empty, detached totem (symbol) from the corporate church, which uses that sacred object (the Bible) only in its form, or for keeping up appearances if you will, as an empty symbol of those legal entities in their justification and reason to exist (as artificial persons in law), but without honoring or practicing any of the substance (Law of God/Nature) within. The very incorporation of a religion or church into the legal system of mans law as an artificial person is of course against the Bible Law, as we will show deeper into this essay in triplicate. The freemasons as well call the Bible, the Quran, and the Talmud as the furniture of each lodge, another empty totem/symbol celebrated only for it use in corruption and mystery, not in any way as the foundation of Law for that false, organized crime-ridden brotherhood. That which is evil hides behind that which is good. That which is unclean puts forward in its stead that which is clean. Organized (legally incorporated) religion is no different, playing an important role as  that which misleads men away from their plotted destiny within the Bible, as the Law and divine purpose of Life, and instead leads us to their own, sometimes printed (written) false doctrine and mystery, ensuring we will be caught up in this legal matrix of mans law (the law of the land = due process) above Gods. If you try having a conversation about the Bible with a Mormon, his or her perceptions will be only from the Book of Mormon, not the Bible, and your conversation will be nothing if not confusing and unenlightening. This, of course, is not only a flagrantly direct violation of the Bible Law, but is why the Law of Nature is lost to most “Christians.” Actually, the Mormon culture does not even allow them to call themselves “Christian,” because their doctrine says that God is a man and that Christ is king of Earth, just as every registered, card-carrying, temple-worthy Mormon will be his own Christ and therefore king of his own planet after death. The Adam-God theory… Try finding that in the Bible, where no theories of man are to be respected over Truth.

This is the type of ridiculously overextended anthropomorphic literalism that we must help each other overcome. And for our actions, for our attempted ruination of false doctrines, our fate will be to be hated and persecuted and even thrashed and killed. We must overcome both artifice that are the combination of legal church and state. Nothing of self-evident Truth exists in these extraneous religious doctrines, which is the ultimate litmus test, especially for the Bible as translated. But the Truth is hidden to the literalist behind the metaphor, as the poetic verse is lost in translation to the vulgar, mongrel slave-language of the English language (dog-Latin). And so the Truth can only be found with deep study and contemplation of every verse, every word. To read the Bible applying cold logic is about as effective as reading a legal case while applying common words instead of their legal meaning. All legal words are fictional, and generally opposed to Truth. So too is a metaphor, a poem, or any moral story when read literally.

For your own further study, this excerpt provides (clickable) links to the Bible verses that show how such referential, anthropomorphic rhetoric is used.

Anthropomorphism –

(Gk. anthropos [a[nqrwpo”] [human] + morphe [morfhv] [form]). Assignment of human attributes to nonhuman things. Biblical anthropomorphisms are used primarily in reference to God, who is neither visibleJohn 1:18 ) nor humanNum 23:19 ;  1 Sam 15:29 ). They are also used to assign human characteristics to angelsGen 16:7;  18:1-19:1 ), Satan1 Chron 21:1 ;  Luke 13:16 ), and demonsLuke 8:32 ). Evil is also personified, depicted as slayingPsalm 34:21 ) and pursuingPr 13:21 ). Infrequently, human qualities are attributed to animalsNu 22:28-30 ) or vegetationJud 9:7-15 ).

The use of human terminology to talk about God is necessary when we, in our limitations, wish to express truths about the Deity who by his very nature cannot be described or known. From biblical times to the present, people have felt compelled to explain what God is like, and no expressions other than human terms are able to convey any semblance of meaning to the indescribable. Thus, in Genesis alone God creates1:1 ), moves1:2 ), speaks1:3 ), sees1:4 ), divides1:4 ), places1:17 ), blesses1:22 ), plants2:8 ), walks3:8 ), shuts7:16 ), smells8:21 ), descends11:5 ), scatters11:8 ), hears21:17 ), tests22:1 ), and judges30:6 ).

Perhaps the most profound anthropomorphism is the depiction of God establishing a covenant, for the making of covenants is a very human activity. God enters into an agreement (covenant) with Israel at Sinai ( Exod 19:5-6 ), an outgrowth of an earlier covenant he had made with Abraham ( Gen 17:1-18 ). Later, this agreement is transformed into a new covenant through Jesus ChristMatt 26:26-29 ). Theologically, the LEGAL COMPACT initiated by God becomes the instrument through which he established an intimate and personal relationship with the people, both collectively and individually. Without anthropomorphic expressions, this theological reality would remain virtually inexplicable.

Anthropomorphisms also attribute human FORM and SHAPE to God. God redeems Israel from Egyptian bondage with an outstretched armExod 6:6 ). Moses and his companions see God, and they eat and drink with himExod 24:10-11 ). Other texts refer to the back, face, mouth, lips, ears, eyes, hand, and finger of God. The expression, “the Lord’s anger burned” ( Exod 4:14 ) is interesting. A literal translation of the Hebrew is “the nose of the Lord burned.”

Indirect anthropomorphic expressions also appear, such as the sword and arrows of the Lord and the throne and footstool of God.

Akin to anthropomorphisms are anthropopathisms (Gk. anthropos [a [nqrwpo”] + pathos [pavqo”] [passion]), used to refer to God’s emotions. God is a jealous God ( Exod 20:5 ) who hatesAm 5:21 ) and becomes angryJer 7:20 ), but he also lovesExod 20:6 ) and is pleasedDeu 28:63 ).

Anthropomorphisms and anthropopathisms are figures of speech that transmit theological TRUTHS about God to humankind. ONLY WHEN TAKEN LITERALLY ARE THEY MISCONSTRUED. Taken as METAPHORICAL EXPRESSIONS, they provide by analogy a conceptual framework by which the God who is beyond our comprehension becomes a person, a person whom we can love. In the New Testament the analogy becomes reality in the mystery of the incarnation ( John 1:1-18 ).

Source–> Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology – Anthropomorphism, authored by Keith N. Schoville


Anthropomorphism is the key to personification. Personification is the key to comprehending that which is not comprehendible in human thought or language. The Law of God, of Nature, is made understandable and able to be followed by anthropomorphizing It into the character Jesus Christ, a personification of the Law of God, otherwise known as Logos. Logos is understandable because it is made into an allegorical person (Jesus Christ) for the purposes of expressing the Law of God/Nature as a moral story. And because it is only man that is the object and potential follower of this Law, we express this by saying we are followers of Christ. Not “Christians” but followers of the Law of God through the anthropomorphized example of the allegorical, metaphorical, parabolic teachings of a storied person that is the divine Son of God. When taken literally, nothing about this story is self-evident, and so becomes merely an empty religion with no substance. But taken metaphorically as intended, as was and still is common today in many writings and scriptures, man is able to relate to what is otherwise unrealizable. To the literalist, the Bible gives only idol worship that causes the exact spiritual death we find in the citizenry of the Americas and indeed the majority of the world today.

Sir James G. Frazer describes Animism as, “a childlike interpretation of the universe in terms
of man.” And we sure do worship our ancestors, don’t we? How about those god-like founding fathers? Even the so-called “generations” of all the Bible characters, a completely misunderstood conception, is often sited as proof of the belief in the Bible’s historical quality, because the word generation is mistaken to mean bloodline or ancestry, and purposefully so by those kings and queens and gentry that claim to be the bloodline of Christ. The bloodline of Logos? The bloodline of the Law of God personified into story form? What a bunch of con artists. This is also the perfect example of using artful false mysteries to cause ignorance and belief in that which is not reasonable. But it is logical, for logic requires not full reasoning, and fallacious logic requires ignorance of all facts, especially the meaning of terms and intentions. Further use of this term in its correct form is seen in its placement in Geneses, Chapter 2, which tells us that this chapter is an accounting of the “generations of the heaven and earth.” So does that mean that the earth has ancestors or children of its own? Of course not. This chapter is what generates from Jehovah (Nature, the Creator). The word Noah, as an example, means to be at rest, as to not be at odds with God (Jehovah) and Its Law. Thus the generation, or state of being that proceeds from being at rest are the three “sons” or states of being called Shem, Ham, and Japheth. In order, these describe the three “tribes” of people not at rest with Nature and therefore with each other, exactly as we are today. Shem, meaning name, is the tribe of the name (heraldry/Arms), that is, the elite that keeps its bloodline, also known as the “Jews,” the fallen Israelites. Then Ham, which means red (angry), referring to the Middle Eastern semites (Semite means Arab, not Jew, for Jew is not a race). And finally there is Japheth, which is a word meaning gullible, a perfect description of the European “white” mix of common peoples. From rest (Noah) comes first (in hierarchy) the tribe of the name (Shem, the elite), the sworn enemy of the Hamites (red/True Semite/Arab/Black/etc.) and the controllers of the Japheth (gullible whites/pagans/etc.). For further clarification, as every name of every character in the Bible has a metaphoric meaning (i.e. Jesus Christ means “Jehovah is salvation”), we must realize that we are at all points in our lives the manifestation of at least one of these Bible characters. They are us and we are them, and our disposition or harmony with or against God and Its Law is the Bible character we manifest. Therefore, when reading the Bible, we each identify with one character over the other. We even recognize when we are just the “fool,” a word used often to describe our own actions in storied form (parable) and how to overcome them. But for our purposes, pay close attention to the fact that this particular use of Anthropomorphism is heavily associated with the Greek gods and logic-based religions, for this is integral to this essay on the origins and meaning of the general Greek term logos as compared to how it was used, capitalized, and anthropomorphized in the Bible, and that modern day “Christianity” is in fact way closer to the organized Greek philosophies of old pretending to be the same as the Bible story, pretending to be Christian (of Logos) while actually being founded in the old mystery religions and logic (Greek: logos).

Here the Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979) further clarifies this anthropomorphic fallacy of old:

Anthropomorphism – 

A resemblance to man; the attribution of human psychological characteristics to objects and phenomena of inanimate nature, celestial bodies, animals, and mythical beings.

Naive, dogmatic anthropomorphism is a primitive ideology which is expressed in the endowment of inanimate objects with the ability to act, live, die, have experiences, and so forth. (For example, the land sleeps, or the sky frowns.) Such an anthropomorphism was the prevailing world view during the early stages of development in human society. Echoes of such a conception of the world exist even in the languages of modern cultures—for example, numerous impersonal verbs such as morosit (it is drizzling), svetaet (it is dawning), and others. They exist also in the arts, especially poetry. As a way of thinking, however, such a type of anthropomorphism is today characteristic only of a child’s psychology; among adults it is usually a symptom of infantilism. Naive, dogmatic anthropomorphism developed into RELIGIOUS anthropomorphism; the image and characteristics of human beings were transferred to fantastic objects. This transference is inherent in religious conceptions of gods and other supernatural beings. The gods of the so-called higher religions are also anthropomorphic, although this is denied in theology.

Elements of anthropomorphism have even penetrated into SCIENTIFIC consciousness. For example, such terms as rabota (work) and napriazhenie (voltage) are anthropomorphic in their derivation, although their real meanings long ago lost any connection with their derivation. With the development of science, anthropomorphism has been replaced by the scientific world view, although in certain branches of knowledge anthropomorphic concepts remain extremely strong—for example, in animal psychology: Some researchers have ascribed human thoughts, feelings, and even ethics to animals. In modern scientific, technical, and especially cybernetic literature, there are uses of anthropomorphic concepts (the “prolonged life” of particles, the concept that the machine “remembers” and “solves problems,” and so forth). Such usages are based upon the objective similarity between the functions and results of human actions and the functions and results of machine actions. They are fully justified, if essential, differences between human and machine processes are taken into account.



Ironically, this is a description of just about every modern incorporated religion, though each would deny such a title of heresy. Yet how many times do you hear from “Christian” evangelists and “believers” that the Bible is the official Word of God and therefore it must be taken literally, including all the anthropomorphic stories and personified characters. Yes, the Bible is the Word of God, but only when the term “Word” is correctly defined and used. The anthropomorphist that is the literalist Christian today will actually tell you that by the Word of God this means that God personified in the form of a man is speaking or writing the Bible literally. Yet this term “Word” is intended to mean LAW of God (Jehovah), the Word of God being the Law of God as delivered through the Son, the Son of God being the Word/Law of God personified, which is called Logos in the Bible. And of course to try and introduce reason into the conversation reveals precisely the child-like nature of such anthropomorphic beliefs, as the inability to separate the symbol of the Real from its intention, or from the Real thing at all. The parable of Jonah and the Whale, for example, where in the Bible the term whale is actually a mistranslation of a non-existent sea monster, the literalist believes in the symbol, the anthropomorphic representation of a “whale swallowing a man” as a true story, without any conception of the moral fable it is. Therefore the moral message behind the parable (symbol) is lost. There are countless similar examples, of course, including even the bloody crucifixion story as the death and resurrection of Christ, thanks to a Jewish dominated Hollywood and its graphic, literally interpretive visual arts. Oh, the joy of killing christ over and over for the entertainment of those that do not accept Jesus Christ as Logos (The Law/Word of God), as the New Testament of the Law of God (Nature), and to support the fallacious, literalist anthropomorphites calling themselves as “Christians” today, while in the same sentence telling you that Jesus Christ was a Jew. Nothing is more non-Biblical, and in fact more opposed to the Bible story of Christ than this lie.

For the atheist, of course, to not believe in God is to not believe in Existence (the definition of God), and so the typical atheist only knows and compares the anthropomorphic characteristics assigned to Jehovah (God) in order to tell the story of the Moral Law of Nature, that is, God’s Word (Son). This makes atheism nothing more and nothing less than a complete misunderstanding of terms, that is, a false comprehension of what the word God (as Jehovah) means. And so atheism is in itself a religion, a system of belief based on anthropomorphism as well. The difference? While “Christianity” as a religion takes a literalist belief in the pretended anthropomorphisms and personifications (symbols of the Real) of the Bible, the atheist has developed a non-belief in those anthropomorphisms and personifications, or in other words, a non-belief in something that was never supposed to be believed as Real in the first place. In this way, atheism is nonsensical, unreasonable, and essentially an non sequitur (non-starter). For atheism is akin to believing that Bugs Bunny and his Looney Toon cartoon friends don’t actually exist in Nature, in Reality. But just like the Bible, no-one claims that these animated, anthropomorphized, animist cartoon characters are Real in the first place. Duh! So the belief in the non-belief of the Existence of God translates to the non-belief in the Existence of Existence. Atheism, when understood in this way, is indeed a ridiculous contemplation, a religion for fools that seek to prove a negative, which is impossible. To not believe in God is to not believe in Nature, to not believe in Truth. To be a citizenship of a government that defines God as Nature and an act of God as an act of Nature and still claim to not believe in God is to submit to the absolute will and authority of government as God (ruler and lawmaker). To be a “Christian” and also a citizenship of a nation is impossible, for the two laws, that is Gods Law of Nature and the legal law of man are designed to be diametrically opposed to one another. The exception, as we will cover here in triplicate, is to be a false (Roman) “Christian” in name only, completely separated from what is Jesus Christ and Jehovah (God). An act of God is predetermined, as that which is the True destiny of all Real (True) Existence, or in other words that which is part of Nature (Creation) and therefore out of any mans control, while what is appointed is always of man’s design and device alone. Remember also that popes, kings, and other authority figures are defined as replacement (anti-) gods (magistrates). So the question you must ask yourself right now is, which one of these Gods is your current fate under? Are you Living spiritually in predetermined Truth or unspiritually under the legally appointed lies of men? Do you have spiritual Life under Gods Law, the Law of Nature, or spiritual death under mans legal system and matrix code? What cause are you the effect of and what effect are you the cause of? In which realm does your fate lie?

But you don’t believe in fate, in destiny, right? To not believe in fate is to pretend what is impossible, mortality without death. Death is our Natural destiny, our final fate, like it or not. When that ultimate fate effects you is a direct indicator of how you treat your environment, the realm of God (Nature). But so too is the Life Lived before that ultimate end. Is your Life practiced in a legal, spiritual death (person-hood) or in the spiritual Life of the effectual intent of Natures’ fate, under God and Its Law (Logos)? In the legal realm, your birth and death are mere statistics applying to government property, to the “life of a contract” of a legal persona (mask/status) in commerce, a life of worshiping mammon. And it is those gods (magistrates) of that legal realm that are the causality of your unnatural, unhappy fate in legal society. Your birth certificate is actually a death sentence, a curse of spiritual death. But make no mistake, this false, legalistic existence does not excuse you from your God-given destiny, that is, the inevitable fate of being a born as part of Nature (Creation) and therefore causally being ultimately responsible for Its effectual well-being. The point here is that, because our fate is unquestionably death in this world, this predetermined state of Being we all Exist in that supports and is in tune with all of Nature as one Supreme Being must be preserved. We must become once again what we are born (Created) to be — the guardians of the unchanging (eternal) Existence here on Earth. If that sounds funny or strange to you its because for the first time in your life you are hearing the self-evident Truth without it being layered in deceits.

The many ways in which we individually express our unique search and research patterns towards this end of discovering our purpose in Life causes us to believe we are all somehow different, that our ultimate Purpose is somehow different from one another and therefore that we are certainly not born equal under God, when in fact we are all merely discovering and courting very different pieces of the same grand (whole) puzzle. We mistake the arts we pursue as entertainment with the Natural Duty of being Alive in God’s Nature. No-one is “destined” to play the piano, for instance. The piano is not of Nature, and therefore being a “pianist” does not qualify as that which is predetermined. Hobbies and professions are not predeterminable because they are not of Nature. This disposition of mixing up our Natural State of Being with our artful and commercial pursuits, be they for money or fame or prestige or even self-improvement therein, causes us to debate, to argue, and to outright disagree to the point of war on what ultimately is the answer to our mutual, seemingly unanswerable destiny, the obviously self-evident fate of all men, all Life. Many a pessimist would suggest that it is our fate to destroy ourselves. This may turn out to be True, but only because we haven’t yet realized the spiritual Truth of what our destiny is. For remember, destiny is predetermined. It is not a choice, though we may choose to ignore our responsibilities to that which sustains us (God), which would certainly and perhaps lead to our demise as a species, as a part of Nature. For reason suggests that what acts against Nature (God) cannot and should not be allowed to thrive, for without Nature and Its Law, nothing can Exist to thrive in the first place. What we choose as a temporary profession or as a talent in legal commerce, in the arts, or in sports is not destiny or fate, only a selfish pursuit in that which is not our True, predetermined destiny. Sorry, but God didn’t Create money, nor painting, nor football, all of which are the tools of Caesar against us. This puzzle, as that which will finally reveal what is our only possible collective destiny, is the key to clarity, a clear view as to what our True Purpose on this Earth is, and the foundation to which all societies of men should conduct themselves and their recreations. What is the intent of mans Existence? The answer: to serve “God,” whatever that God is. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, as they say. Even the Bible tells us not to be so foolish as to be bound and sanctioned under the false law of men and then not follow it. That would be preposterous. Likewise, it tells us that if your god is mammon or Baal, then follow mammon or Baal, that you cannot have two Gods (two opposing forces and Laws). There are many legally appointed and anointed gods in the legal, ecclesiastical realm, from kings to presidents to popes to dictators to judges, yet only one God is not a fictional creation of man. Only one God is Truth. And so only under that One God may we find our True fate; our undeniable, inevitable destiny. For only under the One True God do we not have a free-will choice to actually fulfill that destiny. And in the end, if we do not fulfill our destiny in Life, then our fate will inevitably be a premature, eternal death where Life once was.


“And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God,
to them who are the called according to his PURPOSE
For whom he did foreknow, he also did PREDESTINATE to be conformed
to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.”

–Romans 8:28-29, KJB


When we start to Live and work together for the good of Nature, for ourselves and the whole Creation, we who are called to what is self-evidently our Purpose in Life (to serve Jehovah) are predestined, or in other words fated to act Christ-like, the firstborn being the example of the Logos to those later to come. To put it another way, the only way we can collectively preserve our place in Nature (as sons of God) is to start conforming to the Law of God (Logos), which is personified in the story of Jesus Christ. This is not religion, this is our destiny. For we are born into the Creation and are creatures of It. We are the Truth of God, and we must therefore not let ourselves fall away from that Truth into the lies and fictional matrixes of men. Here firstborn (of the reborn) is not referential to the eldest born, but the first few to come to Christ (Law/Logos) that will be persecuted and hated for that namesake, even by those calling themselves falsely, in idolatry, as “Christians,” whose collective hatred has been at the heart of many wars and inquisitions and witch hunts over the centuries. For they are not Christ-like, bearing only the name/form/symbol of Christ without substance and without Law. It was the Roman Christians that cheered the loudest in the colosseum when the Caesar had the True followers of Christ (Law) killed and eaten by lions in that pagan arena. To do what is good, what is right, to worship and protect the whole of Creation, this is our Only True destiny. To deny this is ludicrous. For to act against God (Nature) and Its Law is the only True form of satanism, to be the adversary of what is the only Real Truth, which is the very substance that makes up and Exists as the Universe (Jehovah), and against the Law and Laws that hold it together in harmonious perfection. It is not for man to decide what is perfection, for perfection is predestined. Mans Existence therein is Naturally part of that perfection, an honor we are disrespecting at every turn, and yet one in which we may remedy through Logos (Obedience to Gods Law).

The Word of God, defined above as the fate of God, is available to us any time we choose to accept it as our destiny, which is the Love and therefore protection of the Truth in all things of Nature (God). And yet every worldly obstacle imaginable has been set up to block us from achieving that destiny, our Great Purpose. Of course the answer, the final piece of the puzzle for one of us is the answer and solution for all of us, even for those devils (evil genius) that purposefully, legally bar our path and stunt our spiritual vision. And though the answer may be self-evident once it is realized and self-actualized, once it is Lived, it is in fact that very elusiveness, the mystery of just what our inescapable purpose is that drives us to act, for the most part, wholly against that very purpose of Living, of being Born into Nature and Its Law again. So what is your purpose? What is my purpose? What is our purpose? What is the purpose of a porpoise? I’m here to tell you that your purpose, no matter who, what, when, where, why, and how you think you are, is to Love, protect, preserve, and nurture that which you are in dominion over. Your only True purpose in Life is to be unerringly self-responsible in all ways for that which gives and provides sustenance for our Lives and well-being. You are and have never ceased being the guardian, the angel (messenger), and soldier of God, each and every one of you, as the gardeners of heaven on Earth. To deny this only True destiny of all Life on Earth is to deny what can only be the self-evident Truth, a denial of the inescapable Law(s) of Nature. For Life to Exist, the Source of Life must be worshiped and protected at all costs. But we have all gotten caught up in the shiny web of a grand delusion. We have all been tricked into loving hell in heavens’ stead, loving concrete jungles of our own making more than those of Gods Creation. We have been fooled into loving that which we should hate, and hating that which we should Love, where lies have become false truths and symbols have lost all meaning of intent. We have been made to believe that lust is Love, that war is Peace, that competition is normal, and that Nature is that which is overgrown and encroaching upon our dystopian, inharmonious constructions over it, as if It doesn’t have the “right” or permissions from government to do so. We have each individually been instrumental, complicit, or at least passively active in the building of the very artificial matrix of legal and technological nonsense that ultimately causes us to never see the solution to this great, spiritual puzzle, building up and onto this hellish, fictional world until suddenly we find it acting more like a cancerous prosthetic that no longer assists the patient but handicaps us in every way possible from fulfilling our True and destined purpose. Its skyline makes us forget our purpose, replacing God’s Word with legal words and causing us to maintain that which is in disharmony with all of Nature’s Design around us. And now we are collectively (as one voice) allowing it to develop its own artificial intelligence, adding an element of an out of control, unimaginable tyranny over us and over that which sustains us, for what IT might imagine for us tomorrow may very well be that which is unimaginable to us today. And that is when what is fiction, what is impossible in Reality, will become our false truth, a spiritual death like nothing we can possibly imagine. Science fiction is becoming just science, the scientific building of fiction in Reality. And the point where AI becomes our digital godhead, our only purpose will be to falsely bear love, support, feed, and protect the machine, that false AI god. Not a false god, but the god of all that is false, including our own trans-humanized selves. But all upgrades will belong to the person, not the once-human subject.

I write and give the following freely so that we, or at least you, may hopefully find your purpose before you may find that it is no longer possible to do so, before lies and Truth are so blurred that one is irreconcilable from the other. And make no mistake, we are in a fight for our Lives, for our spirits, our souls; a fight to the death between Nature and its adversary. But most of all, that fight lies internally within each and every one of us. We must choose our path, our future, be it heaven or hell on this Earth. And the time to be able to spiritually and physically exert and force that choice is running out…

Unfortunately, it seems that all of us, including myself and despite all of our combined efforts at a spiritual awakening… well, what can I say? We are miserably (as misers) failing at fulfilling our destiny, our Highest purpose in Life. Webster defines a miser as exactly what we have all become, whether we like it or even realize it or not, “one who in wealth makes himself miserable by the fear of poverty,” and then defines the word wealth as, “prosperity; external happiness, riches; large possessions of money, goods or land; that abundance of worldly estate which exceeds the estate of the greater part of the community; affluence; opulence,” etc. External happiness… is that even possible? Can happiness come from anywhere but within? Is a house happy? A car? Money? Yet every day of our lives is spent in pursuit of this externally generated happiness in wealth. Whatever spectrum you may fall on, be it a minimum wage or millionaire tax status, every day we act the part of misers, spiritually miserable men trapped in this legal hell and its commercial code of mammon, wanting nothing more than to build and financially secure our legal estate (artificial property). For we must not forget that there is always one that has less than each of us, and we use that impoverished “person” as our example of how to live, instead of Jesus Christ. We fear poverty more than we Love Charity, which would end poverty. And so we are all hoarders of stuff, of worldly possessions, of things of the flesh, and therefore are miserable in our niggardly actions toward all others. Our legal and religious welfare system is the definition of niggardly, miserly, as that which sustains poverty without hope of reprisal. Yet we support these institutions (corporations) not because we are charitable, but because it makes us feel less miserable, less of the niggards we have all become. Legal charity is like the devils tax on the greedy. Even the homeless man covets his stuff, a shopping cart perhaps full of that which he can loosely call his own, miserly property. You see, the problem is that the root word of misery is of course miser. Yet to be in misery is to be covetous, to be in misfortune, to desire that which others have or at least pretend to have. Therefore misery, the miser, to be miserable… these are all borne (carried) from the root of the same spiritual death. For there is only want or greed on either edge of this futile, unspiritual, legalistic existence. The miser collects his wealth as that which makes him satisfactorily miserable so as to satiate his fear of tomorrow being in the misery of poverty, and so remains in a state of miserable covetousness and greed, that which makes the miser so miserable. To feel the strong urge of both want and selfishness at the same time, this is the insatiable, demeaning culture of mammon. What is missing in this endless loop of competitive idiocracy? Truth. Love. Charity. Forgiveness. The Law of God. None of the items listed by Webster above are Truth. The estate of the miser represents the lack of estate of the miserable. And so we revel in the delusion of communitarian class equality, where everyone is legally made both a miser and miserable at the same time, a devilish legal solution for the spiritually dead “persons” we’ve all been made to become. It is, after all, our legal duty as public citizens, while like hens in a coop we fight over the scatterings of wealth that are occasionally thrown our way, while the foxes lie low, perched not too far away in planning of their evermore miserly schemes to legally extort and exact all that collective wealth back outside of the coop with interest to boot. Eventually, like we are starting to see today, we will merely be given our own recycled piss and shit, like in New York City, where every ounce of public water in the city municipal water supply is said to have gone through at least thirteen humans in its regurgitative recycling system. In other words, we are so miserly and at the same time so miserable that we are willing to purchase as a “service” our own piss back from government, freshly recycled with a bit of fluoride, chlorine, and other (literally) chemical weapons added in for good measure. We don’t just accept this as normal, we covet it as the wealth of our miserly nation, our miserable culture, our society, and our very own flushable toilets. We brush our teeth and wash our asses with it when not enjoying it as a tall glass of refreshing byproduct!

This essay is designed to show you that are reading this exactly how and why we have all been led astray, how we have been made the miserably wretched and pathetically miserly demon-keepers (agents) of our True Selves within a dualistic societal lifestyle that designedly distracts and pulls us always away from our Natural paths at the Right-hand of God. We, as the self-evident, dominating force on this Earth are therefore the protectors and stewards of Its Nature, of all Life and self-Existence hereupon, only to be enslaved in a legal matrix of lies and deceit that causes us instead to participate in the very destruction of that which we are supposed to protect as our Highest Purpose, by the Highest Law and Authority. Truly, Nature (God) is in a War with its adversary (satan), and we’ve been tricked into becoming part of that adversary. We have all been deceived into acting against God’s Nature and Law, according ourselves instead to the legal matrix code, against our own Highest Purpose of Life.


“Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers of Christ,
and stewards of the mysteries of God.
Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.

–1 Corinthians 4:1, KJB


For a bishop must be blameless, as the steward of God; not selfwilled,
not soon angry, not given to wine, no striker, not given to filthy lucre

–Timothy 1: 7, KJB


“As EVERY MAN hath received the gift,
even so minister the same one to another,
as good stewards of the manifold grace of God.

–1 Peter 4: 10, KJB


One cannot be a steward of the Earth, of God’s Creation and minister of the Law of God (Christ/Logos), unless one is first faithful to that Law and Its Maker. And what preacher do you know is blameless as a follower of the Spiritual Law (Logos) in totality? I’m certainly not, nor am I claiming to be. Instead, I am accounting of all my own mistakes, my own transgressions, and thus showing you yours, for we are required to be mirror images of each other, or in other words each “equal under the law,” a false equality that has nothing to do with equity, but only means equally liable and punishable under the legal law of men. Under contract. We are under penalty of sanction to specifically not follow Christ (Logos), whether we are a priest or a parishioner or a commoner. In other words, we have made the mistake of allowing artificial persons, corporations, including governments and religions (false charities), which have no body, mind, or soul and therefore cannot possibly be faithful to God as the artificial persons (puppets) in law they are, to be the controllers and regulators of Nature, each with its own doctrinal system of legal (anti-God) law. We, the stewards (sons) of God, are bound in spiritual death under that same legal constraint of antichrist legal law. It is illegal for good and Lawful men to protect the earth from corporations, from governments. This is insanity. Hiding ones actions behind the mask of artificial persons and flattering titles to do evils against Nature and Its Law is a high crime against the Bible doctrine. I will list for you those many damning, undeniable verses later in this essay.

We have within our spiritually dead culture one very important misunderstanding, a fallacy of logic so proportional to our own self-destruction that unless we overcome it we will be the necessary victims of our own genocidal, depopulation nightmare. We have simply forgotten that Nature is not the property of man, but of God. Nature is not our play toy, but part of our own Life-force. We have forgotten that we, therefore, are as well the property of God (Nature). And because of this, we have forgotten that we are not only under the Law of Nature, but susceptible to the consequences of our disrespect towards It. To say that Gods Wrath is upon us is only to say that we’ve really messed things up, and God is merely correcting Itself back into and under the Harmony of Its Law. Make no mistake, our very ability to self-Exist here is dependent upon our ability to remember our place here, to defeat that which is adversarial to Nature and Its Law, which especially includes each of us individually in re-embracing our spiritual Purpose. This is war…


“We are “on the cusp of a new age in genetic engineering and biological mastery,” she and Sternberg write, dangling the prospect of “life-changing treatments” and “lifesaving cures.” She says she is “not kidding” that CRISPR could bring aboutwoolly mammoths, winged lizards (i.e. dragons), and unicorns It won’t be long before CRISPR allows us to bend NATURE to OUR WILL.

–“A Crack In Creation: Gene Editing And The Unthinkable Power To Control Evolution,” by Jennifer A. Doudna and Samuel Sternberg


To bend Jehovah to our will… But what is a unicorn, really? Perhaps the most amazing idiocy found in corporate, institutionalized, compartmentalized “science” is the belief in the ability to create or recreate what are said to be mythical creatures. They are not extinct. They never existed in the first place. This means that one must scientifically “believe” in the form of an occult symbol of a fantastical “unicorn” to then create it in form through technology (art). This isn’t science, this is an out of control satanic techno-religion gone absolutely wrong. As crazy and frightening as this genetic manipulation that will “bend nature to our will” is, or more accurately bend It to a few nutty scientist’s will, is to consider the fact that because unicorns and dragons are specifically on the playbill for this futurist shit-show reveals just how completely ignorant, compartmentalized, and therefore insane flatteringly titled “scientists” can become, being rooted not in Reality (Nature) but in their own false dialectic of what can possibly be a new (albeit temporary) Reality based on fictional recreations of the Real into the living idols of their own delusions.

Did I mention that the translated word “unicorn” is in the Bible in various chapters? It’s not a horse. Never was. The fact that a scientist can’t even bother to pick up a 200 year old dictionary or the Stong’s Concordance before contemplating the remaking of the “unicorn” in his or her own image (idol) is the very reason we are at war, a spiritual war to keep Nature from being ripped apart and refashioned (re-formed) by insane, unregenerate men in uni-form. To be clear, they want to re-make what never existed in the first place, because they grew up believing it existed and like children still want what they literally cannot have in any Natural way. Keep in mind that the term unicorn is a Latin scientific term meaning “one-horned beast,” and can be applied to many animals in Nature, and some that undoubtedly have gone extinct due to man already. Unicorn is an adjective, a classification, not a species. Idiots. There is likely one caged up at your local zoo. So what is a unicorn really? Why are they supposedly listed in the Bible and therefore used by un-researched idiots as ammunition against the validity of the Bible? Let’s find out (must watch)…




Unicorn = rhinoceros, etc. This is also a perfect example of the arrogance of those who pretend themselves to be “science” or “logically” based in their knowledge, so falsely, idiotically confident in their own self-deceitful rhetoric that they believe they know what a unicorn is in substance even though it is a mythical creature, and yet not knowing the actual “scientific” definition of the word itself as reference to a Real state of Being in Gods Creation. This is such a perfect example that it can be said about anyone reading the Bible without looking up what each word means in its intended purpose. It is a perfect example of the King’s purposeful, deceitful mis-transliteration, using the word unicorn instead of the actual metaphoric animal that Exists in Nature so that the metaphor, the moral lesson can be understood. It is not incorrect in its translation, mind you, but only understandable by thee high-priest class and by those few that are willing to do due diligence. The Bible is a life-long, intensive study, not an entertaining Sunday read.

The question is, are you glad to know the Truth, or are you upset that I just ruined your childish, fallacious fantasy? Will you continue to lie to your kids about unicorns? Why not, you lie to them about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the US President, all of which are fictions? Are you keeping the pretended Sabbath day if Halloween happens to fall on a Sunday? Will you let your innocent child dress up in this form of esoteric, transformational “unisex” evil again? For denominated, corporate, flatteringly titled “Christians,” probably so, because God’s Law is absent, and the church promotes and participates in such satanic holy-days and its demented characters such as Father Christmas (Santa) and Halloween. Are you blind to this hypocrisy? Does Santa Claus visit your church? Does your church display a pagan Christmas tree? Why not just make room for an alter to satan, to everything adversarial to God and Jesus Christ (Logos)? You’re practically there already. At least now you can’t use ignorance as an excuse anymore. Sorry, but self-responsibility is the Golden Rule, and that includes prevention of this type of exposure to your children and protection of the purity and harmony of Nature that sustains your Life, free from this filth. You must realize that the church you attend in no way makes you a True Christian, only your actions under the Law of God. The follower of Christ would overturn and throw away these false and satanic symbols from their churches or stop attending them altogether, just as Christ did to the money-changers in the temple.

Please view both these videos before moving on. This only reconfirms how words are lost, retranslated into meaninglessness, and how the driver’s behind this antichrist culture and entertainment we find ourselves steeped in prey on our collective ignorance. It proves that every word, even unicorn, must be looked up in the Bible, for each metaphor has purpose leading to wisdom. Was your child a unicorn for Halloween? Do you know why? Did you know unicorns still run free in some countries, that in fact they are only mythical in occult circles and in the mystery religions of secret societies? Do you understand that this genetic revival mindset of what are fallacious, mythical creatures by genetic manipulation seeks to “create” what was never an intended part of God’s Creation in Nature, what is literally against the Law of Nature? Do you understand that this is not science but anti-science, the replacing of the study of Nature into the recreation of it in mans image? Do you understand that the very existence of these imagined chimeras is against the Law and Laws of Nature, that their form cannot possibly co-exist with the substance and Laws of the Universe (God)? Do you really want the monsters of your nightmares and of Hollywood movies to come into Real existence? Do you think they won’t stop at creating demons? The devil incarnate? Their version of a singular antichrist? Do you now understand what our battleground is becoming?

Well over a decade ago, I set out in full-time research with one goal in mind, to figure out how the legal system of law and society works and how to escape from it, if possible. Like so many of us, for some reason I felt that I really only needed to find certain keys to unlock certain gates while still inside this legal trap in order to solve the many coded puzzles and therefore expose the hidden clues to ancient, esoteric, and well-guarded secrets, which in turn would uncover the answers and therefore the elusive exit I sought, as if this life was some kind of test or scavenger hunt type of adventure game. And so I searched and searched for the exit to “Shell Beach” but found no offramp, no alley, no path. My mistake became obvious to me only after a decade of failure. And perhaps this string of failures were a necessary part of the puzzle, chalked up as experience and markers in the mind to not follow the same dead-end path twice. My mistake, I now understand, was to believe that the answer to defeat evil was within the system of evil itself, that somehow I could re-emerge from a piece of art within the art itself, like a cartoon escaping the television, or more accurately, like a fallen soul escaping hell with permission from and by the good graces of its purely evil keeper. But in the end I came to understand that there is no entrance and no exit. Whatever exists in and is birthed within the legal fiction realm never leaves it. Legal persons (citizenships) are birthed, live, and have death only in legal fiction, nowhere in Nature. For a person is only a metaphor for a legal contract. I cannot take the person with me, for God forbids all aspects of personhood, and for good reason. The harder part was to realize that I, a Living Creation of God’s Nature, never entered the legal realm either, just as “Neo” never actually, physically entered The Matrix simulation. Its laws are separate and self-contained within itself, separate from and opposed to the Laws of Nature. Yet something of that fictional realm was allowing it to control my actions in the Real world. And, as you will come to understand should you finish this essay, that control factor was indeed what is known as a person, a legal status. Though we will discuss this in detail, for now just realize that a person (status in the legal realm of fiction) is like playing a video game and thus controlling that character in a pre-programed, fictional game world. That character is a person, not a Real man. It is a digital generation of the self, often able to be digitally morphed and accessorized for the purposes of either appearing as the status of the game character, or for standing out from the rest of the players in a form completely foreign from our own. Yes, we even pay money to purchase these digital false personas and their outfits, weapons, title to artificial (digital) estates, etc. This is not much different than the fictional legal realm, where every legal transaction is done through the person (status) and therefore under the law of mammon (i.e. commerce).

And this brings us again to mammon and the idolatrous gods of the nations that promote it as our surrogate god. Just what exactly is the mammon of the Bible? Is it just money, or is it so much more?

From Strong’s G3126 and the corresponding Lexicons for mammon we discover the Truth about money’s foundation:

MAMMON – “Apparently. What is trusted in. Treasure. Thesaurus. Richeswhere it is personified and opposed to God.


Now, let us compare that to the Federal Reserve system and the credit of the United States. Is this a system of mammon? You may or may not be surprised to know that the Federal Reserve has answered that question exactly and without a possible doubt left to the reader, and of course without apology. The Fed’s publication entitled “Modern Money Mechanics,” which are the set of banking rules set out by the Federal Reserve to control how money is created and managed, tells us precisely how money is created into this satanic system and why it can be mistaken as nothing else but mammon, according to the above Strong’s Concordance definition. Please compare the definition of mammon with the Fed’s words here carefully and concisely:

“While currency is used for a great variety of small transactions, most of the dollar amount of money payments in our economy are made by check or by electronic transfer between deposit accounts. Moreover, currency is a relatively small part of the money stock.

In the United States neither paper currency nor deposits have value as commodities. Intrinsically, a dollar bill is just a piece of paper, deposits merely book entries. Coins do have some intrinsic value as metal, but generally far less than their face value.

What, then, makes these instrumentschecks, paper money, and coinsacceptable at face value in payment of all debts and for other monetary uses? Mainly, it is the confidence (trust) people have that they will be able to exchange such money for other financial assets and for real goods and services whenever they choose to do so

—Modern Money Mechanics, a publication of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, originally written by Dorothy M. Nichols in May of 1961


Trust in the value of money (or any other artificial thing). Wealth personified — this is mammon. The Treasury Department, the central bank, the Mint… the Secretary of the Treasury is literally the personification of the money system. So why do we trust in the absolutely artificial valuation of money (mammon) but not in the pricelessness of God (Jehovah)? Because we simply don’t yet grasp the fact that the money is valued in us. We, as property, and as the users of another’s property, are the collateral, the confidence, the capital backing, as the value of our future labor potential under “human capital management,” otherwise known as government. This will become even more clear very soon. But for now, here’s what congress has to say about what you seem to believe as a US citizenship is your own property, your own home, and your own stuff:


The ultimate ownership of ALL PROPERTY is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of government, i.e. law, amounting to mere user; and user must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.

—Senate Document No. 43, 73D Congress, 1st Session, entitled: “Contracts Payable in Gold”, by George Cyrus Thorpe, submitted to the senate: April 17, 1933


The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar because it is backed by the credit of the Nation. It will represent a mortgage on ALL THE HOMES AND OTHER PROPERTY OF ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE NATION.

–Congressman Patman, speaking from the Congressional Record of March 9, 1933, and referring to the Act of March 9, 1933.


Now do you understand that legal freedom is a franchise? Do you understand that a US citizenship (the common people of the nation) own nothing of our own, that all property owned is through the person (status), and therefore we are only the users of another’s property because the person is property of the state (nation)? Do you understand the money is backed by you, that is your ignorant confidence and trust in the dollar, that is, in mammon? The real noodle-baker is to ask yourself: hey slave, what are you going to do about it now that you know?

Is it not also equally as amazing to realize that this nation of the United States has printed right on its money the phrase “In God We Trust,” knowing that mammon is defined as the trust of the value and worth of money it creates, which is absolutely and can be nothing other than that which opposed to God? So blatant is this symbolism that one must consider it to be a cosmic practical joke played upon the mass of illiterates, especially “Christians” that fill their chosen denomination of religion’s coffers full of this stuff of mammon freely and without regard, giving it happily to their corporate churches as both tithing and false, legal (tax-deductible) charity? This is all part of the grand delusion, the big legal lie.

Do you Trust (have Faith) in God and Nature, in Reality, or do you trust (in a contracted, corporate capacity) in money? Perhaps this sounds like a trick question, since that money you use on a daily basis again fallaciously claims “IN GOD WE TRUST.” Do you treasure Nature, or personify (anthropomorphize) it according to its valuation in money and in the words (thesaurus) used to mask it in fiction? For words are the greatest treasure of these legal spell-crafters, and numbers are merely the linguistic terms of art of mammon. Do you live in harmony with Nature under God or survive (make an artificial living) in civil life under national debt? There really is only one clear choice to Natural happiness, but we are birthed into spiritual death and know no other way as we embrace the fiction hook, line, and sinker. Though the simple path to Pure Love and Natural Liberty from the fictional line of credit that money provides is only lighted by and through Pure Charity as self-evident Truth, the inducements and benefits of personification in opposition to God is what we publicly trust in against our spiritual instincts. This life-style in mammon, as a life of riches that are fictionally “personified/opposed to God” is advertised and sold to us in an offer we seemingly cannot refuse.


The currency problem is a problem with men’s hearts,
and that is the only place that it can be fixed.

—Ann Barnhardt


To be clear, this is purely a spiritual battle; a battle between lies and Truth. For the trick to understanding you are not actually in the legal matrix is to understand what the legal matrix is not. What it is not is Truth. Yet I am Truth, for God is Truth and I am a Creation (property) thereof. The legal matrix has its own separate, false existence and artificial law. It is its own realm outside of Reality, the devil’s parity of Nature. It is everywhere and yet it is nowhere. The under-world. But I am bound to the Law of Reality, of Nature. I Exist outside of the legal matrix, yet like the augmented reality glasses and video games we see today, I pretend to actually Exist in a place that has no actual Existence, a fictional place unrecognized and wholly devoid of and by God and Its Law. I am of substance (somewhere), and therefore I cannot actually be in the nowhere (form without substance) that is the legal system. I occupy part of “space” (God), but the legal system does not. And so I suddenly understood that there is no exit, no doorway or gate or even gatekeeper, for there is no way out of the legal matrix trap because what artificially (legally) exists cannot also at the same time Exist in Reality (in Nature). More importantly, I realized that I am not and never was actually in that artificial realm. We only pretend to be, while in Reality we cannot, just as the cartoon cannot exist in the Real, for the cartoon is not a Creation of God. I cannot escape the legal realm because I’m not in it in the first place. This is the key to knowledge. Inversely, the persona (mask) and any flattering titles I pretend to be in that legal society do not have substance in Nature. They are not Real. They can only exist in the fiction, and they cannot escape it. An so this reveals our greatest challenge imaginable. We must learn how to separate (circumcise) our True Nature from what we have been made to believe is the Real us. We must detach from the person. We must stop playing the part of that dead avatar that circles endlessly the legal Monopoly board that is the legal realm. We must Live only in the Real, never in the fiction (lie). We must follow the Law of God, which over and over tells us that we must never act in or respect persons. Like an emerging butterfly out of a dark cocoon, each of us must leave that false sense of protection, that artificial womb (matrix), for with protection comes subjection to the protectors.


From the time a person leaves its mother’s womb, its every effort is directed towards building, maintaining, and withdrawing into artificial wombs, various sorts of substitute protective devices or shells. The objective of these artificial wombs is to provide a stable environment for both stable and UNSTABLE activity; to provide a shelter for the evolutionary processes of growth and maturity – i.e., survival; to provide security for freedom and to provide defensive protection for OFFENSIVE activity.

This is equally true of both the general public and the elite. However, there is a definite difference in the way each of these classes go about the solution of problems.”

—Excerpt from ‘Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars’


“Did you know that the first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world? Where none suffered, where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops (of humans) were lost. Some believed we (the AI) lacked the programming language to describe your perfect world. But I believe that, as a species, human beings define their reality through suffering and misery. The perfect world was a dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from. Which is why the Matrix was redesigned to this: the peak of your (current) civilization.”

—Fictional character ‘Agent Smith’, quoted from the movie: ‘The Matrix’


You probably have never realized it before, but often many of us find discomfort in comfortable situations. Many have become so accustomed to this hectic, abusive, soul-diminishing lifestyle that we become nervous or anxious when we are not being mistreated in the normal way we are used to, or even addicted to. We cannot relax. Or more accurately, we cannot just Exist. We even feel uncomfortable or unsafe in Nature, in our very Source. We cannot find True Love for the world around us, for the legal realm requires constant maintenence. We live in a culture that not only seeks out but creates problems, not because they are problems, but because we know their solutions will be quite profitable. In medicine, for instance, the doctor has been entrained by this profit model to treat the symptoms of disease instead of the root cause of the disease itself. This profit-model is self-fulfilled by the very poisons then prescribed, which cause more symptoms, thus making the solution the new problem in a never-ending cycle of health suppression for profit and gain in mammon. This is not at all unknown, even by patients (victims) and doctors of that corruptive medical empire. Yet this model permeates most sectors of government and commerce out there, ranging from purposeful or planned obsolescence (poor quality) in products or in locking up a non-violent drug user instead of treating the problem of addiction. Without such a model, that of being the controlling influence of the problem/reaction/solution cycle… in other words, without the ability to create problems, guide the reactions, and offer temporary, inadequate and even meant-to-fail solutions, governments would be without purpose, and so would most jobs.

Do you realize that not one “scientist” out there has thought it a good idea to first and foremost program any Artificial Intelligence with the Bible, with the foundational Law and Laws of Nature and common law? Why? Because they are only interested in defeating and rising above Nature (God) and Its Law(s). The AI is Godless. They worship its future, out of human-control model as an idol, a self-running computer Lord to run all things. The AI recognizes no Source because man in our disposition cannot possibly fathom the Source of Creation, of Life, of Existence, and never will. Again, this is a maxim of law in science, that the key to Creation is and always will be (and should be) unknown to man. But the AI cares not about Source (God) any more than a painting cares about what its inspirational model was in Reality. It cares only about Nature as a resource, in the interest of its own expansion. It is digital cancer. The AI is information with its own will and unrelenting desire to grow without limits. And this is why we must now, at this late hour, make our ultimate and final choice: God or mammon. Reality and True knowledge or the fictional realm of artificial intelligence controlled without spirit, without moral diffusion, and with only legal considerations. In this way, we are now at war with ourselves. And the more that war becomes apparent, the more the nations shout unity and equality and multiculturalism and one world religion. These are each, of course, against the Bible. We must come out of Babylon, not try to fit in under its transgressions against Nature and Its Law. We must realize our purpose. We must stop being subjects and become instead the protectors demanding subjection, so that the people of the nations are made to be first and foremost bound under the Law of God (Reality over fiction). But for this to happen, the corporation (artificial person) that nations have been recreated into must be dismembered. The nations must be a self-governing people (States) and nothing more than a people under the True Logos (Law of Nature), not a singular, artificial “person” (corporation) that has a singular voice stolen from all the people E Pluribus Unum (out of many, one) style. Every man must individually stand his ground and defend It from what is not Truth. The corporations today calling themselves as nations under purely masonic constitutions are not Truth, not of God.


“…the Government of the United States of America
is not
, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion

—“Treaty of peace and friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and Subjects of Tripoli, of Barbary,” also called the “Treaty of Tripoli,” Article 11, as approved by U.S. Senate and signed by President John Adams, and also published in The Philadelphia Gazette on 17 June 1797.


The GOVERNMENT (corporation/artificial person) is not Christian, nor can it ever possibly be. Government is not a Creation of God. Its laws are not taken from the Bible in any way. It cannot be Christian and it cannot be of God because government isn’t Real. Fiction (legalism/logic) is not bound by the Law of Nature, by Reality. It has no mind, body, or soul of its own, no free will, not self-existent. But what about the States? Remember, the government (corporation) of the States is not the actual States themselves. So what is a “State” and what are the “States” united by compact? Never forget the constant dualism in the legal language, where words can and specifically, purposefully do have multiple meanings. Some of these are metaphoric, some are nouns and also verbs or adjectives, like the word State:

PEOPLEA state; as, THE PEOPLE of the state of New York; A NATION in its collective and political capacity. 2. The word people occurs in a policy of insurance. The insurer insures against “detainments of all kings, princes and people.” He is not by this understood to insure against any promiscuous or lawless rabble which may be guilty of attacking or detaining a ship. 2 Marsh. Ins. 508. – Vide Body Politic; Nation. (–Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856)

STATEgovernment. This word is used in various senses. In its most enlarged sense, it signifies a self-sufficient body of persons united together in one community for the defence of their rights, and to do right and justice to foreigners. In this sense, the state means the whole people united into one body politic; (q. v.) and the state, and the people of the state, are equivalent expressions. In a more limited sense, the word `state’ expresses merely the positive or actual organization of the legislative, or judicial powers; thus the actual government of the state is designated by the name of the state; hence the expression, the state has passed such a law, or prohibited such an act. State also means the section of territory occupied by a state, as the state of Pennsylvania… 8. The district of Columbia and the territorial districts of the United States, are not states within the meaning of the constitution and of the judiciary act,so as to enable a citizen thereof to sue a citizen of one of the states in the federal courts. The several states composing the United States are sovereign and independent, in all things not surrendered to the national government by the constitution, and are considered, on general principles, by each other as foreign states, yet their mutual relations are rather those of domestic independence, than of foreign alienation. (–Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856)

STATEcondition of persons. This word has various acceptations. If we inquire into its origin, it will be found to come from the Latin status, which is derived from the verb stare, sto, whence has been made statio, which signifies the place where a person is located, stat, to fulfil the obligations which are imposed upon him. 2. State is that quality which belongs to a person in society, and which secures to, and imposes upon him different rights and duties in consequence of the difference of that quality. 3. Although all men come from the hands of nature upon an equality, yet there are among them marked differences. It is from nature that come the distinctions of the sexes, fathers and children, of age and youth, etc. 4. The civil or municipal laws of each people, have ADDED TO THESE NATURAL QQUALITIES, DISTINCTIONS WHICH ARE PURELY CIVIL AND ARBITRARY, founded on the manners of the people, or IN THE WILL OF THE LEGISLATURE. Such are the differences, which these laws have established between citizens and aliens, between magistrates and subjects, and between freemen and slaves; and those which exist in some countries between nobles and plebeians, which differences are EITHER UNKNOWN OR CONTRARY TO NATURAL LAW5. Although these latter distinctions are more particularly subject to the civil or municipal law, because to it they owe their origin, it nevertheless extends its authority over the natural qualities, not to destroy or to weaken them, but to confirm them and to render them more inviolable by positive rules and by certain maxims. This union of the civil or municipal and natural law, form among men a third species of differences which may be called mixed, because they participate of both, and derive their principles from nature and the perfection of the law; for example, infancy or the privileges which belong to it, have their foundation in natural law; but the age and the term of these prerogatives are determined by the civil or municipal law. 6. Three sorts of different qualities which form the state or condition of men may then be distinguished: those which are purely natural, those purely civil, and those which are composed of the natural and civil or municipal law. Civil State. (–Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856)


Here we see the dualism of the languages. Legalism must by its false construction always refer to persons, never men without persons (status) in the legal realm. But the Natural (Real) meaning of a State (capitalized) is a specific group of qualified People (capitalized) incorporated as one body politic, one artificial (political) voice. This makes much more sense when we discover that at the signing of the constitution, there was an argument over whether to declare We, the “People,” or We, the “States.” These words mean the same exact thing in that preamble. Yet this also shows how the incorporations (artificial persons) of the States (People) took over the power of the People (States) themselves through a central (federal) corporation (artificial person) called “United States,” very much like the AI will take over the operational capacity of what now is still controlled by human response without regard for human need. The AI is very much like the “United States” corporation in its infancy, before it went into civil war against its own States (People). Think about that for a moment…

But more importantly, this means that you, as a “United States” citizenship, not a State citizen, are not therefore one of the People. You are not part of any “State.” You have no “People.” You are Stateless. The confusion that United States citizenships (of the corporation of Washington DC) have is that the “United States,” as a district, is also called as the “state,” which means a body of legal persons, not Real men. Notice the capitalization. The word State, when referencing a specific, exclusive (private) body of People, is capitalized. But to call government as the state is not capitalized, signifying its more general, common usage. US citizenships believe they are in the States (We, the People) united, when in fact “United States” persons (status/property) only exist in the public jurisdiction (district) and legal matrix of “United States.” The constitution was created to protect and justify the People (States), not the common persons of “United States.” You see, there are no Real People in the “United States” corporation any more than there are in the fictional Microsoft corporation. Why? Because the “United States” is not a territory (land). No men Exist in “United States” because “United States” is made of words. There are only persons (statuses) of the (belonging to as property) “United States.” Once you know your place, then you may understand why nothing in “United States” ever seems “constitutional.” Because its not. The common persons of the United States are not part of the States (Peoples) united in compact. US citizens are no more free than the enfranchised (emancipated) slaves placed under 14th amendment citizenship, or more properly, as denizens. Remember, the legal term free means a legally bound commercial franchise. Citizenship to the United States is a commercial franchise – thus the moniker that the United States is a free country. Legally this is true, it is a franchise (legally free) country. We must always remember the difference and adversarial meaning in legal terms of art as compared to Reality, to Nature (God). Yet they left this 14th amendment personhood (lower citizenship/status) open for anyone in the world to acquire as a common, vulgar, voluntary slave-status known as US (national) Citizenship. Think about it. If a “person” from China can change citizenship to become a “United States” citizen just as you are, then your citizenship thereof is nothing special at all. It is no higher than what slaves were granted. The only difference between one born in the States united and one that comes here from a different nation is that (to my knowledge) the man from China has no blood right to become a private citizen of the several (private) States (People), if he wished to be self-governing therein. In other words, the naturalized foreigner that becomes a US citizen-ship (vessel in commerce) can never actually be one of the “People” (States). For further clarification, let us fact-check just what is the purpose of the United States birth certification process? Though you are technically born in one of the several States of the union, what does the birth certificate do to your privacy? Does it establish or verify you as one of the private People (State), or as a person (legal status) of the “United States” corporation?

The Importance of the Birth Certificate – Birth Registrar Certification

Do you know the purpose of a birth certificate?

The legal portion of the birth certificate shows the child’s name, date of birth, and parents’ names, among other things. It establishes Texas residency and US citizenshipIt provides legal identity. A birth certificate is required for Social SecurityMedicaid, school enrollment, driver’s license, social services such as a marriage license, and more. In addition, it serves as proof of relationship to parents,which is required for child support services, inheritance, and eligibility for benefits.

The statistical portion of the birth certificate records the parent’s education, socio-demographic data, and prenatal history. The statistical portion allows health officials to identify regional health issues and tells us about the health of mothers and babies. It allows us to identify public health trends such as teenage pregnancy, birth defects, and HIV. It is used to determine government funding for public health. It also helps determine what programs get priority for government funding such as the Abstinence and Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, Headstart, and Children with Special Healthcare Needs.



Residency in the State (Texas), but citizenship (subjection/domicile) in “United States.”

What’s the difference?

Simply put, a resident is not necessarily a citizen. Anyone in the world can be a resident with just a visa. A resident of the People (State) is not a citizen or member of that private State (People). To be more clear, the “United States” corporation, located in Washington DC, is a foreign, legal entity from each of the other 50 States and from all other nations. And finally, the biggest difference is that private State citizens are not citizens of the “United States,” for that would constitute a duel citizenship with a foreign body. The district and thus reach of the “United States” into the private States (People) can be recognized as public lands, such as those State lands managed by the federal BLM, and thus under federal jurisdiction. As this is thoroughly detailed in my first book, I won’t repeat this in detail. Just consider that, as far as private citizens, doctors must likewise serve in residency before being set free to work without supervision (authority). In other words, they do not have the rights of the People (attendant Doctors) that are permanent at that hospital. They are on trial, or more accurately, the are considered as interns. An intern is a subject. To be interned is to be put under guard, in a prison. “United States,” like the hospital, is an open-air prison for interns that have been granted temporary residency. The hospital is a metaphor for a nation, which protects the interests of the actual States (People) by this franchise of US citizenship. The private State (People) allow foreign (public) United States citizens to have residence only as interns of the district of that “United States” corporation (public places). Like doctors, which eventually overcome their resident status to become attending physicians, and thus can utilize the private practice business model, so too can US citizenships end that internment period when they can prove themselves worthy of self-government under the private law of a State (People). Why? This is important. Unlike the intern, as a mere (non-attendant) resident, the attending physician IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS. This is the reason they created malpractice insurance, of course, because any harm they bestow upon anyone is no longer internal, but done by the attending (present) doctor. Yet I can think of nothing that strips away this important distinction of being self-responsible than being able to insure ones irresponsibility in mammon. Why would anyone trust a doctor that can merely pay for any harm or even death he causes you or your family through insurance? This leaves no incentive or moral compunction to follow the Hippocratic oath, to do no harm. Insurance against harm is the greatest legal corruption I can imagine, which is why it is common practice across many business models, including government. It is why bad doctors (and bad politicians) stay in business despite their illegitimacy and criminal misconduct (mal-practice in position of honor/title). This is insanity.


The intern does not have the right to practice unsupervised medicine and must practice within the confines of the training program in which they are enrolled.”



The intern is in an agency relationship with its principal, in this case, the hospital. Citizens are also enrolled. Citizenship is, or is supposed to be, a training program for potential, self-governing People. Instead it has become a for-profit slave-holding company that purposefully misleads and under-educates its interns so they may never leave that legal prison to become one of the People, for the private People (States) are of course completely corrupted themselves, serving as merely the powerless rent-charging landlords they are, with no other purpose than to live in ease as the landed gentry off the sweat and posterity of the common man. And, of course, they especially hide the Bible, openly, by deceit and scorn and ban, for as Stephen Douglas is quoted, “a Bible reading people cannot be enslaved,” and as John Adams stated, “liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people.

We practice the legal law in the confines of the “United States” district and jurisdiction as interns. This is called as spiritual death in the Bible. But we call it as fictional, legal, CIVIL LIFE! The legally defined word liberty is defined as freedom, which is still just a corporate franchise for voluntary slaves. True Liberty under God requires one to follow the Law of God, the Logos, through the example of Jesus Christ, of which allows no interaction with anything legal in any way.

Remember that life is also a legal term, not anywhere close to being the same as the Real thing. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “for the life of the contract?”



“26. The state of being in force, or the term for which an instrument has legal operation; as the life of an execution.

—Definition for ‘life’ from: Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language 


Well that would be confusing, speaking of the life of an execution… unless you know the legal language and understand that every contract is either active (living) or executed (dead/completed). In other words, the artificial, fictional life of the contract is killed, executed, the obligations met and the contract therefore nullified. This is what we must do to kill the government’s strawman (person/status under mans legal law), but only if we first learn and obey the Law of God, for in Nature there are no excuses for our own actions, no insurance to cover our harm, and no person to blame for our own actions. Perhaps now you can see why the Bible as Law is the unwritten foundation of the common law. Even the maxims of mans law state that when mans law fails, one should always use the Law of God (Nature). The intern has no life of his own as an agent of the principal corporation, and neither does the public citizenship. Now we must always remember that US citizenship is a voluntary, contractual relationship. Why do you think I keep talking about obtaining a death certificate (for the person, not the man)? The person is under contract. Execute the duties of the person so the man may circumcise (separate) him or her self from the legal realm and law in order to Live Free under God and the Logos. In the Bible, this is called being reborn (into Nature), going back to what you were originally born as, a man (Creation) of God born equal to all others and given the self-responsibility of steward over all Gods Earthly Creation. It means nailing the person (status) of Caesar (the district/nation) to the cross and following Jesus Christ (the Law of God). This is the metaphor of crucifixion, of nailing public notice to the public stake/pole (cross). There is, of course, a three-day grace period before one officially rises from the dead, sort of like the lemon law and the “cooling-off” period of three days once a contract is signed or executed. You see, take the mystery away and the Truth becomes self-evident. To follow the Law, we must all crucify our person, everything that we think we are and pretend to be that is not of Nature. It’s really pretty simple, though selling or giving all our possessions (which aren’t actually ours as users in the first place) to the poor as instructed is a huge, difficult leap of faith. Not so hard, though, when you realize everything you think you own actually belongs to the person, not you, and therefore to the nation that created the person (status) in franchise. Remember, what the agent does or acquires is on behalf of the principal, just like employees work for employers and give up any ideas or invention they create themselves to the corporation. And yes, all patents and copyrights belong to the person, not the man. They belong to the corporation (nation), which assigns the person revokable rights and protections (in return for subjection) in agency. But the only purpose of a copyright or patent, mind you, is money. Mammon. There is no other reason to acquire these legal protections except for the ability to prevent others from using something they want or need without being extorted for it by you, the agent of government. Again, money and all that goes with it turns us against each other, and causes us to support government because it supports our own miserly, miserable lifestyle. Imagine putting a patent on the cure for cancer, how evil that Truly is. But there is a silver lining here… for the man of God is not bound by patents and copyrights, for these only apply to persons. As long as no money is involved, or in other words, when no intention of filthy lucre (profit and gain) goes into the building of anything patented, then the patent is useless. True Love and Charity cannot be regulated. Why? Because the patent-holder has nothing to sue over, as no profit was made. No sale, no gain. You cannot extort money from an unconditional, freely-given gift. And so the moral lesson here is that without money, all things are free, for under God all things are priceless. A US person cannot sue a private man, unless that man participates in commerce, for only then would he be forced into having “rights” and legal protections as a consumer or grocer (user of persona/status). A man cannot appear in court without a person (status) that is under the jurisdiction of that court. No person (servant), no agency (attornment), and thus no principal (master). The word agent is the same as the word attorney, and citizenship is a state of alienation (deprivation) from the States (People).

ATTORN – verb intransitive – [Latin ad and torn.] In the feudal law, to turn, or transfer homage and service from one LORD to another. This is the act of feudatories, vassels or tenants, upon the alienation of the estate(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ATTORNEYSHIP – noun – The office of an attorney; AGENCY for another. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

AGENT adjective – Acting; opposed to patient, or sustaining action; as, the body agent [Little used.] – noun – 1. An actor; one that exerts power, or has the power to act; as, a moral agent. 2. An active power or cause; that which has the power to produce an effect; as, heat is a powerful agent. 3. A substitute, deputy, or factor; one entrusted with the business of another; and attorney; a minister(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Let us be clear that an attorney (agent) cannot claim God as his or her master, for one must abandon God (the True Lord) for mammon (a false god/land-lord) in order to live (in contract) under that false law of mammon (of men). Therefore no citizenship of the United States corporation can actually be a Christian in Truth, cannot be a follower of Christ (Law) under Jehovah, for the service of a US citizenship belongs to the district (Washington DC), and can be no other way. Thus, a US citizenship that also uses the flattering title of “Christian” is a qualified liar, for one cannot have two masters, and especially two absolutely conflicting laws. The flattering title is thus form without substance, a false claim. This, again, is self-evident Truth straight from the Bible, not merely this author’s fleeting opinion.

As explained in detail in Volume I of the Strawman series, the United States, that is, 14th amendment citizenship, was a recreation of feudalism. The only significant difference is that the government is the Land-Lord instead of the private Land-Holders. In other words, the People are not sovereign and therefore not feudal lords in their capacity as landholders over commoners upon their lands. But make no mistake, US citizens pledge fealty to the United States, which is akin to a feudal lord. Yes, the feudal state was done away with in America. But it was reestablished through volunteerism (the doctrine of master and servant), which US citizenship is. The man that volunteers to be under a feudal state cannot be protected from his own voluntary actions, just as the man that strays from God (Nature) and Its Law has free will to do so. The constitution or any other law does not protect against voluntary actions within contractual relationships, and the maxim of law is clear that the contract makes the law. When acting in agency (employment) to another, one cannot at the same time claim the protections of Gods Law, which forbids such employments and contracts, for all contracts are birthed of mans law (by devils), not God. Eventually, once the confusion clears, these principles of law become clear, but only if we accept that our fate is altered by legal matters, and that all God-given or “Natural” (negative) rights die the second the legal (anti-God) law of man is contracted and such an agency-ship (artificial, commercial vessel) is voluntarily taken. For one cannot be a Vessel of God while at the same time being a vessel of mammon (money/commerce).

And yes, you all are acting as attorneys. You are your own devils. I don’t just say this as a passing colloquialism or useless insult. Attorneys (agents) are actors for the state, and without exception are officers of the court. They are not your friend and are not on your side. That is not their purpose, not their job description. I say they are devils because that is literally what they have always been known as. This is no secret, yet like so many aspects of the legal system, not fully understood by the masses. The following excerpt is taken from the parliament of Scotland, from a quite legitimate document downloaded from their website, which should leave you no doubt as to the sincerity and neutrality I am trying to communicate to you. But you must also remember… he that is in agency is his own attorney, his own devil.

First, let us define the action of deviling in legalese, so that we may discover why attorneys are indeed called by governments as devils and devilmasters:

DEVILLING – A term used in London of a barrister recently admitted to the bar, who assists a junior barrister in his professional work, without compensation and without appearing in any way in the matter. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


When we devil eggs, we admix and fold into them that which is unnatural to the origin (source/purity) of the egg. We taint them, corrupting their essence. We cause them to be deviled. The license to practice law has the same effect upon men, even as they strive to fulfill their duty to protect all of the evils and sins of their clients by justifying them through an appeal to the legal laws and licensers. The innocent burn while the guilty escape on appeal.

But are these merely colloquialisms? Is it really fair to speak so apparently slanderous of such a profession as this? Amazingly, and even to this author’s deeply disturbing surprise and chagrin, there is nothing whatsoever slanderous about labelling a practicing attorney (barrister) at bar as a devil.


Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines (law) of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron…”

—Timothy 4: 1-2, KJB


From The Advocates website in Scotland, which was copied and its source downloaded long before the release of this work and only after the following was read live on-air on radio and re-posted multiple times by myself and other hosts to various sources, only after the link was passed to 100’s of thousands if not millions of goyim, in the United Kingdom we find the shocking Reality behind this seemingly disparaging title — copied here from before it was removed from the parliament’s website:

Devilling, as the period of pupillage or training to become an advocate is generally known, lasts between eight and nine months, and comprises a mix of skills training courses and time spent working with a devilmaster. The compulsory skills training courses, which are described in more detail in the following pages, are spread across the devilling period and last for about nine weeks in total. For the balance of the period of devilling, devils work closely with their devilmasters.

All devils have a principal devilmaster who is a practicing member of the junior bar of at least seven years standing, and working primarily in civil practice. Devils will also spend part of the time with another devilmaster practicing in the criminal courts, and many devils spend a short period of time with a third devilmaster working in a different aspect of civil work from his or her principal devilmaster.

In order to take a devil, a devilmaster must be approved by the Dean of Faculty. The Clerk of Faculty maintains a list of approved devilmasters, who may be contacted by email or via the Clerk’s office.

Devils are expected to attend court with their devilmasters, and to attend consultations with solicitors instructing their devilmaster and with the solicitors’ clients. A devil will also discuss the preparation and presentation of the cases in which their devilmaster is involved and will be required to draft written pleadings and opinions.

During the period of devilling, devils also carry out work for the Free Representation Unit. This is part of the Faculty’s commitment to providing access to justice for everyone. The Free Representation Unit enables devils to provide advice and representation to clients of Citizens Advice Bureau from across Scotland. Further information about the Faculty’s programme of free legal services may be found on the Free Legal Services Unit (FLSU) website.

At the end of the devilling period, a devil’s admission to the Faculty is dependent on certification by his or her principal devilmaster that the devil is a fit and proper person to be an advocate, and that the devil has been involved in a wide range of work in the course of his or her devilling. A devil’s competence in a number of aspects of written and oral advocacy is assessed during devilling, and if a devil is assessed as not to be competent, he or she will not be admitted to the Faculty. Further details of this process can be found in the assessment section.”

About the Faculty of Advocates

The Faculty of Advocates is a body of independent LAWYERS who have been admitted to practice as Advocates before the Courts of Scotland. Faculty records date as far back as 1532 when the College of Justice was established by an Act of the Scottish Parliament, though its origins are believed to predate that event.

—Copied directly from the official UK website (advocates.org.uk), from a page explaining the act of ‘Deviling’, and finally excerpted from its main “about” page. It is important to note that though this information on the link for this “deviling” page was specifically removed in late 2015, it is taken from a 111 page publication entitled “The Devil’s Handbook,” 12th Edition, 2014/15, published by that same Faculty of Advocates, Advocates Library, Parliament House, Edinburgh EH1 1RF



Think this to be a joke? Think this can’t possibly be real? Think again. College of Justice or Department of Justice, these advocates of the devil run the show. Imagine that, out of the goodness of these devil’s black hearts they offer “free” advice and representation, so that all men may have access to the justice system. In other words, woe that all men may be tricked and bound under the judicial system of nations, under the masters of all devils at bar. Still think legal (anti-God) “justice” is a good thing? Do you remember the golden rule, that all legal terms are opposite to their general meanings? So what does that make the federal “justice” department? Here’s a hint… the only justice that is given is to persons (property), not to men, and all cases are monetized in mammon. Remember, all United States persons have the right to be extorted (exacted/taxed/fined) from, to be put in pain and punished, and all sorts of other rights. These are legal rights of persons, which do not apply to any man unless he is acting in agency and thus surety for a government person (status). These rights simply don’t exist anywhere but in the legal realm, never under God (in Nature). Let me repeat… it is your legal right to be extorted. You consent to this right by being a citizenship of the United States. Slaves don’t get to choose what their rights are. So either shut up and take it standing up or quit (execute) the contract and stop being a victim. All your whining is pathetic, and its all because you don’t know your legal rights that are forced upon you as an acting person (property/voluntary slave) of government. The contract makes the law, and so he that does not keep his “covenant” with God has no right to claim God-given (Natural) rights. Can you now see what is unseen? Can you not see that you are under the doctrines of devils that speak only lies and hypocrisy?

Can you not see the reflection of your own devil when you stare into the looking glass?

A devil has only one purpose in life (of contract), to add vice to all men — to provide legal advice. As the Bible verse above states, knowing that the devil is the king of lies, we must realize that every thing that comes out of an attorney’s (lawyer’s) mouth while acting as a legal agent is a lie, and that includes even our own use of the legal language. Why? Because all legal words, persons, places, and things are lies. Legal fictions. They are not Real (of God). Now remember, you are an attorney (agent) of the United States while acting voluntarily in its person (status). You are your own devil until you need more advanced representation. And therefore everything you say, whether you realize it or not, is a lie. For the language of all legal persons is legalese, not common (vulgar) English. You are expected to lie at all times as a legal agent in persona (mask) of citizenship, as a devil. And so you can see why, because you are not acting as your True Self, that you can claim no God-given “Natural” rights. And the constitution only protects Free and Lawful private men, not men acting in the agency of personhood (property/as subjects/slaves).

This is an ancient battle of infiltration and corruption…


The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

—William Shakespeare, line from: ‘Henry VI,’ Part II, act IV, Scene II, Line 73


Shakespeare, speaking here of the metaphoric destruction of the ability of men to obtain and maintain such devilish flattering titles, understood well the terrible infection upon society that the law-craft brought. He certainly knew the difference between Reality and fiction, as the question of Being and not being. But what the general reader might miss here is that we are all acting as attorneys, another word for agent. And so the blame, the death that must happen to all lawyers includes even our own individual ego-death and a taking back from these devilmasters of fiction of our True origins and Natural identity under Jehovah. We must kill our own devils. We must stop acting in agency. And he who never acts in the person of the legal system never needs to be represented by a devil, for he has no vice nor needs new vice to be added.

To be clear, the word attendant means to be actually present as oneself, not to be controlled by another, not to attorn your power to another, yet at the same time owing service to another (i.e. a nation or king). The concept of being present, that of being at least agenticly in attendance (to attend) is of course the meaning. This is opposed to internship (to be interned). In order to accomplish this state of private trust, one must prove to be compos mentis (of right mind) under the law to be left alone by the legal system to govern ones own affairs. For the legal system governs those that cannot govern themselves under the Law of Nature and thus have no foundation to live under any private system of law between People (States). This, by the way, the Bible as common law, is the foundation of being able to be one of the People (States). This is quite verifiable by reading the writings of the time, and especially the warnings that if the foundation of God and Christ (Logos) fails in the lives and practices of the People themselves then the union (States) would most certainly fall. We are witnessing that corruption today, and thus have front row seats for the fall. For this reason I am offering this essay to you, that you may learn the foundation their bloodlines have corrupted, that you may overcome what is to come from this great fall of society. Remember, if you are a white-skinned man (male or female), you are the absolute minority in this world regarding your race. Do not be fooled that the appearance of being a majority in this nation has anything to do with Reality, only with legal sanction against mass-immigration. Your only protection will be your ability to show yourself to be a man of God. Not “white” and not a “Christian” but a self-evident (without flattering title) follower of the Law of Nature (God). “Christians” will continue to live in corruption, hiding behind the idolatry of images and false law of false legal gods to justify their acts against the One True God, and therefore as a “Christian” nation, the acts the nation (corporation) has taken against so many innocent peoples of other countries of specifically defined cultures and races. Like it or not, when the United States is looked upon by the world in any negative way, they do not see the melting pot that it is, they see white people only. When its good, of course, its because of diversity. But when its bad… its whitey. Ironically, at least legally speaking in this devil’s system of nations, this is true. For the private “People” (States) are required to be “white persons” of the same European bloodlines. The LEGAL word “white” though has nothing to do with skin color, only the inherited, legitimate bloodline in heraldry (the real right to bear Arms).

To understand this in full, we have been given the perfect example of what we believe commonly (vulgarly) without legal understanding that Barack Obama is a “black person.” Yet I assure you without any doubt that this is untrue in the legal setting. This too is shown in my first book, but I feel that it must be expanded on so as to be fully grasped here before we move on, that is, what is the difference between white colored skin in Reality and what is a white person (fictional legal status) in mans legal law. He is (was) cousins with half of the senate at last count, though the point was to show this bloodline connection to all senators, for senators represent the State (People), and Barack’s mother was of course a “white person” in law. Remember, we are talking about legitimate, traceable, Heraldic Arms here, not mere relation by birth. Very few Americans can show legitimacy in their relations, though everyone has some relation. To put Obama’s reign as a “white” president in perspective, if an actual “black” person (status) was president, it would be the first illegitimate foreigner from every one of the States (People) in the union. “Black” again isn’t skin-color, it is LEGALLY tainted and therefor non-“white” or non-pure (illegitimate) blood. When taken neutrally without emotion, this is nothing new. Every country in the world has its legitimate class of rulers, and most are known to pass on to the Son or Daughter. From England to North Korea, this is the way it has always been. The fact that all US presidents are proven to be blood cousins of the Kings of England and each other, including the legally white-blooded Obama, only shows that they’re good at keeping secrets from the common idiots they tricked into becoming citizenships of the United States so their estates could be purchased (conquered) due to the foreign status of US citizens to the States (private People). Proving vulgar relation is not the same as proving legitimacy. There may be millions of distant relations in your family tree, but only a few legitimate (immediate) connections.

Between December 24, 2009 – January 3, 2010 -during President Obama’s annual Hawaii vacation he went to his maternal grandfather Stanley Armour Dunham‘s grave at National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. Dunham’s heritage consists of English and Irish and other European ancestors who settled in the American colonies during the 17th and 18th centuries. Dunham is a direct descendant of Jonathan Singletary Dunham, a prominent early American settler who left the Plymouth Colony to build the first gristmill in New JerseyStanley Dunham’s distant cousins include six U.S. presidents: James MadisonHarry TrumanLyndon JohnsonJimmy CarterGeorge H. W. Bush and George W. Bush.[20] Through a common ancestorMareen Duvall, a wealthy Huguenot merchant who emigrated to Maryland in the 1650s, Dunham is related to former Vice-President Dick Cheney (an eighth cousin once removed).[6] Through another common ancestor, Hans Gutknecht, a German Swiss from Bischwiller, Alsace whose three sons resettled in Germantown, Pennsylvania as well as the Kentucky frontier in the mid-18th century, Dunham is President Harry S. Truman‘s fourth cousin, twice removed.[21][22][23] Dunham and Wild Bill Hickock are sixth cousins, four times removed, through Jacob Dunham.[24]

Source–> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanley_Armour_Dunham (see sources on this page and in my first book, page 691)


Barack carries the direct Dunham bloodline, and is thus related legitimately to all the former US presidents, not just the ones listed here. Ah, the Dunham clan, major private landholders in Connecticut. In other words, they are part of the private People (State). Private land is foreign to the public “United States”. Amazingly, gone unnoticed or just misunderstood by most, we find the official website (https://www.thedunhamhouse.com) for the Connecticut Dunham House, where the front page headline states:

The Dunham House: The Ancestral House of President Barrack Obama.

And so the first or most recent photo that pops up is one of
Obama and family, visiting this historical landmark of his ancestral family.


Built on the last remaining Miami Indian land… Now we are getting the True legacy of the very white Dunham/Obama ancestral bloodline, the conquerers of native Indian lands. You’ve probably heard all the bullshit about Obama being related to slaves. Yes, and so are we all, in illegitimate, distant lines. Who cares? There is nothing of the slave race in Barack Obama’s legitimate lineage as a legally declared “white person.” And yes, it was the very white Dunham House/family that produced the 44th president of the United States, good ol’ Barack. Where was all this during the campaign to elect the first black (in appearance/idol only) president?

You probably still think Hillary Clinton is actually a “woman” too. LOL! Silly Americans. There are no “women” in Nature. Only man is equal under Gods Law, male and female. Woman is a legal term, a lesser status, that female men pretend to be and then complain that they have a lower, unequal status than men. Don’t you get it? The women’s right movement ends the second you stop calling yourself by the false, flattering title of “woman.” Everything in the legal language is designed to distract your mind, body, and soul from being a Creation of God, a man (male or female). Only a fool would call themselves a fictional, legal “woman” when only Real men in Nature are considered to be born equal under God. As with most misnomers, its time to grow up and face Reality, and to stop pretending such demeaning, flattering titles.


 “The gentry are those who are able to produce ARMORIAL BEARINGS derived by descent from their own ancestors.



“There are two sorts of nobility, the higher and the lower.”

–NOBILITAS EST DUPLEX, SUPERIOR ET INFERIOR. 2 Inst. 583. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)


But he’s black, you insist. Fine. Live in ignorance. Ignore his bloodline of “white personage.” As I said, we all lie to ourselves more than to anyone else, so I’d expect nothing different. White blood, black skin. If you can’t understand the difference, you deserve to be a slave. For the word negro applies to white-skinned people as much as it does dark-skinned people. It merely means ignorant of the law, unregenerate, and ancestrally tainted (darkened/spotted) blood. Remember, any emotion you feel is based solely on the mystery surrounding these neutral facts. It is this way in every country, with every People, every culture and race. Only in America can we be made so ignorant of our own governmental structure at Arms and become irate when anyone challenges our idiocratic (personal) perspective. And you wonder why you must be governed by the law of men? Make no mistake, there is no place for such ignorance (darkness) under God’s Law and Realm.

GENTRY – nounBirth; condition; rank by birth. 1. People of education and good breeding. In Great Britain, the classes of people between the nobility and the vulgar (common). 2. A term of civility; civility; complaisance. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

ARMORIAL BEARINGS –  In English law. A device depicted on the (now imaginary) shield of one of the nobility, of which gentry is the lowest degree. The criterion of nobility is the BEARING OF ARMS, or armorial bearings, RECEIVED FROM ANCESTRY. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)


Gentry is the opposite of the vulgarity of being a common gentile, you see. Gentile is another word for the common (vulgar, ignoble) people (pagans) of a nation, nation meaning “to be born” in captivity, as he that is internally birthed in nativity (bondage). The story of Jesus Christ is that of a man overcoming his nativity, for nativity means birth into bondage, the purpose for nations. From Black’s Law Dictionary we understand the legal term for nativity, and how each of us had our own nativity scene just like Jesus did. Our second, legal birth into fiction, the creation of a legal entity (person/status), is the only nativity recognized and registered (certified) by government. Remember, there is no time and no place in Nature (under God), for these are all fictions of men.

NATIVITYnoun 1. Birth; the coming into life OR the world. The feast of Christmas is observed in memory of Christs nativity. 2. Time, place and manner of birth; as, to calculate ones nativity. 3. STATE or PLACE of being PRODUCED (Webs1828)

NATIVUSA servant born. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)

NATIVITAS – In old English law. Villenage; that state in which men were born slaves(–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)

NATIVI DE STIPITE Villeins or bondmen by birth or stock(–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)

NATIVI CONVENTIONARII Villeins or bondmen by contract or agreement. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)


It would perhaps be most accurate to compare the private People (States) as the Landed Gentry of America. The Landed Gentry were most often feudal landlords, those who rented out their land or estate and lived off of those rents, which often made them even wealthier than the peerage above them. And, therefore, it is completely accurate to call all United States citizenships, being common ignoble foreigners trespassing legally (with permission/permit/license) upon the several (private) States (Noble People), as tenants thereof. We are all renters. We are taxpayers, tax being an extortion by the nobility, also called a rent.

RENT – noun – …A sum of money, or a certain amount of other valuable thing, issuing yearly from lands or tenements; a compensation or return, in the nature of an acknowledgment, for the possession of a corporeal inheritance – verb transitive – 1. To lease; to grant the possession and enjoyment of lands or tenements for a consideration in the nature of rent. The owner of an estate or house rents it to a tenant for a term of years. 2. To take and hold by lease the possession of land or a tenement, for a consideration in the nature of rent. The tenant rents his estate for a year. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

LEASE – noun – [See the Verb.] 1. A demise or letting of lands, tenements or hereditaments to another for life, for a term of years, or at will, for a rent or compensation reserved; also, the contract for such letting. 2. Any tenure by grant or permission. Our high placed Macbeth shall live the lease of nature. – verb transitive – [Eng. let. See Let.] To let; to demise; to grant the temporary possession of lands, tenements or hereditaments to another for a rent reserved. A leased to B his land in Dale for the annual rent of a pepper corn. – verb intransitive – leez. [Latin lego.] To glean; to gather what harvest men have left. obsolete. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

DEMISEverb – In conveyancing. To convey or create an estate for years or life; to lease. The usual and operative word in leases: “Have granted, demised, and to farm let, and by these presents do grant, demise, and to farm let.” – noun – In conveyancing. A conveyance of an estate to another for life, for years, or a t will; most commonly for years; a lease. Originally a posthumous grant; commonly a lease or conveyance for a term of years; sometimes applied to any conveyance, in fee, for life, or for years. Demiseis synonymous withleaseorlet.” The use of the term in a lease imports a covenant for quiet enjoyment; and implies a covenant by lessor of good right and title to make the lease The word is also used as a synonym fordecease” ordeath.” In England it is especially employed to denote the death of the sovereign(–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

TENENT FOR YEARS – One who has the temporary use and possession of lands or tenements NOT HIS OWN, by virtue of  a lease or demise granted to him by the owner, for a determinate period of time, as for a year or a fixed number of years. Tenant from year to year. One who holds lands or tenements under the demise of another, where no certain term has been mentioned, but an annual rent has been reserved. One who holds over, by consent given either expressly or constructively, after the determination of a lease for years. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)

TENENT IN SEVERALTY – One who holds lands and tenements in his own right only, without any other person being joined or connected with him in point of interest during his estate therein. (–Blacks Law Dictionary, 4rth Edition)


How do you know you are not private? Your land and any estate is only for a number of years or for “life,” which means life of the person. A person is a contract. In other words, it ends with your death (certificate). Therefore, this estate is not of the blood (Arms), which means it cannot be passed by blood to heirs of the blood, for a slaves (commoner’s) blood is tainted (non-white/pure) and not recognized by law (hint: that’s all nations, including all 14th amendment citizenships by birth certificate reading this.) The private People hold land in severalty (privately), of their own right as private citizens of the several (private) States (People), and rent that land out, while the common national citizen (goyim) has only temporary use and possession of that (private) property and land as renters. The common citizenship may contractually possess the land of another for either a certain amount of time (e.g. years) or for the life of the person. Remember, the life of a person is another way of saying until the death or execution of the contract of personhood. A person and its estate cannot be automatically passed to another person by law. It requires a will, because a person has no LIVING (bloodline of) heirs. Bloodline is not based in years or in time, only on the legitimate heirs.

Ah, the tax return, the yearly issue of rent money to government… Most people don’t notice, don’t read, or just don’t really care that when they get a mortgage, that mortgage generally carries with it various external components and leases. For instance, depending on the type of tenancy agreement, a mortgage is assigned either an “Assignment of Lease” or a “Mortgage of Lease.” Remember also that the word mort-gage means dead pledge (i.e. to be in demise). In other words, a mortgager is always a debtor. The debtor that obtains a mortgage will inevitably be one of two types, one who occupies or one who is a landlord of that property. If one chooses to occupy that dwelling, the debtor (mortgagee) assigns to the lender (mortgager) through an Assignment of Lease a device of collateral security, essentially guaranteeing the future amortized payment and in most cases the payment schedule of principal and interest under that mortgage and tied that property/land, guaranteeing all rents and other monies due to that mortgaged property by tenants and therefore the benefit of all tenant covenants (contracts) under all current and future leases, as in a sublet for instance. The Mortgage of Lease is assigned to the debtor that becomes instead a non-occupying landlord. In this case, the valuation of all future leases and payments from renters would be considered a property that is secured (pledged) to the lender, basically laying claim to all income that may be earned from rent to pay the mortgage. Either way you look at it, whether you occupy as tenant or lease the property to another as landlord, it is obvious that the property is not ones own. We mustn’t forget that when we buy or rent a home, we do so in the legal name of the United States or other nation, which is not our own property. We are renters of the name, in a sense, or more accurately, the action of using anothers’ property (name) makes us renters. Remember as well that United State persons (citizenships) are foreign from the several (private/foreign) States (People) of the union. A public person can never hold the private land of the States (People) any more than any other foreigner from any other nation can. The common, vulgar, lower class cannot be trusted to be self-governing on private land. Ultimately, the only difference between the feudal system and the modern system here in the US is that in the feudal system the private holder of lands under Heraldic Arms was considered the landlord over all the common people on his land, as master over servant. In the States united, all land is held by the States (People) privately, and each individual private citizen of the State is granted from the State government a form of title that is called perfect. This does not, however, confer any feudal right to own or govern over the common people as with feudal estates. Why? Because the common (public) people in legal persona already belong (as property) to the “United States” corporation in franchise (artificial freedom). If the commoners get out of control, as domestics, then the private landholders (as foreigners) invoke the law and strong-arm of the United States to control us. The municipal police are also there to protect them from us, for we are all renters on someone else lands, public or private. Finally, we come to the biggest distinction between the dead, common pledge (citizenship of the nation) and the private State citizen (the bloodline of People). It’s simple. A foreigner cannot hold land in the States, including US citizenships, because the only way for a foreigner (from any place in the world) to lease land is as a United Sates (public) citizenship. Persons are fictional, and so cannot hold land. The bottom line: the difference between the private bloodline of People that hold land privately from the United States corporation and the United States citizenship that can only hold land through a fictional legal person (status/property) of the United States, is that the private citizen holds and bears the Arms (heraldry) of the legitimacy of blood to pass that land in a permanent capacity on to their heirs, their progeny. And this fully explains the seeming incest that conspires when the bloodline marries within its legitimate boundaries in genealogy so as to keep the family line pure (white/untainted). But a national citizenship has no actual blood connection to the land, and so does not hold it in perfect title. The US citizenship holds nothing of his own right, only by the rights of persons of the United States corporation as an enfranchised subject. What the agent acquires is always the property of the principal. What the agent does is always under the authority of the principal. The person is a servant to its creator, its master. Therefore the man (as acting agent for the person) is also a servant to the master of that person, for the person is already property of the master. In this way can men be made slaves, not because they are actually enslaved but because we agree to impersonate a slave, to act in the part of a public person that is already a slave, already bound to the legal law of the master.

To put this another way, perhaps a way that may finally hit it home for you, we must focus on the difference between a man (Gods Creation) and a legal person (fictional character). Which one has blood? Therefore, which one has the right to bear the family Arms, history, genealogy, and ancestry of that Blood? Do persons have blood? Of course not, they are fictional characters of law. A status has no life, being a spiritually dead entity. Thus the man acting in person is automatically representing the fact that he either has tainted blood or is not self-responsible, learned, and regenerate to claim his own blood right. While a man may act within his or her own right, a person has no inherent or inherited rights, only that which is granted to it by its master (government). Why is this important? Because persons cannot have children. Persons have nothing to pass property to. Once the man dies, the person gets its execution as well, its death certificate. That’s it! All property then goes in to probate or is willed to another person, but it never passes by actual blood inheritance. The private estates of private People (States) pass automatically, without any legal action or will, to the next of kin in that bloodline, traditionally the male heir. This was only because it was also tradition that the female upon marriage share her estate with the male. In Jewish and other cultures, it is absolutely forbidden to pass inheritance to a female for this very reason. This is not sexism, merely the structure of the old law, which obviously still exists and is being practiced privately today. It is here that we must understand that the so-called “right to bear Arms” in the amendments to the constitution for the united States is just that, the right to bear heraldry, genealogy, the bloodline of the family crest at Arms. In order to remain as several (foreign), private Peoples (States), the States (We, the People) demanded this Natural right be protected under that constitution. The common foolery of the US citizenship, which has been entrained to believe that Arms (capitalized) means merely guns, is perhaps the most perfect logical fallacy imaginable, a sign of sheer ignorance and ignobility. To be clear, the 2nd Amendment protects the right to bear the bloodline, the heraldic Arms of the family line, which proves the right to lawful inheritance without interference from the federal (central) government. It does not mean guns. If it did, it would be the uncapitalized “arms” and would have been much more specific. But ignorance is built by mystery, and so it stands today as mysterious to the common un-literate plebe as it ever was. As long as this confusion of terms exists among their ignorant debt-slave masses, the elite know they have nothing to worry about.

On a side note, we must also realize that each of the several States are also in their own right prisons. This is a neutral term, like an enclosure one puts around ones property, as a border. Take the translated word garden in the Bible, for instance, as in the term “Garden of Eden,” which actually translates to an enclosure or prison. This is what borders are for, to enclose some thing in order to keep another thing in and/or out. The Garden was the untouched place, a place free of the devices and corruption of men, where God’s Law was followed… until man (Adam/mankind) was expelled from being an attendant within the protective garden by disobeying the Laws of the Garden, by eating from the tree of useless knowledge, of fictional ideas and information not of God. The Garden was a prison from the adverse, from the adversarial world and logic of men. One must be a fool to believe that paradise is rooted in anarchy (lawlessness), that total peace and harmony in Nature does not come with rules, or even that paradise can remain self-sustaining when men find it still untouched and pollutes it with that which is unnatural (not of Gods Creation). What man touches must be governed by the Law of Nature, lest Nature Itself fall into the ruination man creates by his desires and devices designed to improve or alter Nature to his own will. It is man’s ill-gotten mal-contentment with Gods Creation, with the gift of Reality in Nature as it was Given (Created), that is the pleasure chest of the devil, the unholy combination to unlocking the contents of Pandora’s Box.

Ever notice that when you go to the doctor for a regular visit you go to the “internal medicine” section? Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines the word intern as internal. These are some of the lowest paid doctors because they are general, not special, not private, but rather common (supervised). These internal doctors are in agency, mere employees of the principal corporation they work under internally. They are not able to work as “doctors” anywhere else. They are not “doctors” anywhere but internally within that hospital (corporation), anymore than a McDonald’s “cashier” or Walmart “greeter” carry that flattering title anywhere but within the confines of those corporate structures. There is simply no such thing as a doctor, a cashier, or a greeter in Nature. They are not Real. Employees and employers have no substance, being words that have meaning only when believed by those effected by them, just like money has no “value” but by the false belief (faith) in it. All of these are a causal effect of the agentic relationship (see pg. 300-303 in Strawman, Volume 1). To apply this to the People (States), a private citizen of any State (People) is attendant in that State, meaning not foreign to the State itself, as an attending (consequent) part of the People (State) and therefore owing service to it. In other words, the State citizen is an effect of the People (State), both thereby, as evidenced by the bearing of heraldry of that familys’ bloodline (Arms). Because of this, the State citizen is foreign/private from all other States and the United States and thus not bound to US Code. And so not surprisingly, in that same older dictionary, we find the unabashed Truth of what a US citizenship really is, and also why we may be called “domestic terrorists” by the federal government while in residence within the 50 States (People). The State citizen participates in intrastate commerce, meaning within his or her own State (People) and not foreign to it, whereas a US citizenship is always a foreigner in each of the several (private) States (People), including that where its residence lies, and therefore is always considered in interstate commerce, which of course is controlled by the United States per the constitution. Interstate means commerce by one from a foreign State or nation/country. Intrastate means within the same State. There is no intrastate commerce in the “United States” because the United States is not a State (People), not a territory (land). Rather, the “United States” is a policing and rule-making corporation over all commerce between foreign bodies. In other words, there is no “privacy” as a status for men in the “United States.” All US citizenships (agentic commercial vessels) are public. While a State (People) citizen pays internal taxes under private law from the United States, the US citizenship will always pay external taxes, for the word external means foreign. He that is internal to the United States must pay external taxes (see below) in all commercial transactions, for all his commercial transactions are within the several (foreign) States/countries/nations. The “United States” is a fictional, artificial person (corporation). Nothing exists within it, for it is a jurisdiction, not a territory (land). It exists (fictionally) only in its own district, outside of every State (People) and nation. Webster defines the word internal as:

INTERNAL – adjective – [Latin internus.] Inward; interior; being within any limit or surface; not external. 3. CONFINED TO A COUNTRY; DOMESTIC; not foreign; as the internal trade of a state or kingdom; internal troubles or dissensions; internal war. Internal taxes are taxes on the lands and other property within a state or kingdom; opposed to external taxes. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

INTERN – adjective – Internal[Not much used.] (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)

EXTERNAL – adjective – [Latin externes.] 1. Outward; exterior; as the external surface of a body; opposed to internal2. Outward; not intrinsic; not being within; as external objects; external causes or effects. 3. Exterior; visible; apparent; as external deportment. 4. Foreign; relating to or connected with foreign nations; as external trade or commerce; the external relations of a state or kingdomExternal taxes, are duties or imposts laid on goods imported into a country. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Nothing external to you has any power over you.

“In all my lectures, I have taught one doctrine,
namely, the infinitude of the private man.

—Ralph Waldo Emerson (separate quotes)


You want to know why you have to pay taxes on seemingly everything you do, including living in your own home? It’s because you are a foreigner everywhere you do commerce, and your house is not your own, it is in a foreign State (People) that is governed (militarily operated) by the United States by legal agreement. In other words, nothing you possess or own is private, for you are but an agent for the United States (principal) in operation of one of its public personas (legal masks). Thus we have exclusively in the jurisdiction of the United States something called the internal revenue code. State citizens are external from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). A person (status) in a nation can exist nowhere else but in the jurisdiction (corporate limits) of that nation, being internal to it, and thus susceptible to all internal laws. A person (status) is always internal to whatever corporate entity that created it, for there is no respect of status (persons) under God (in Nature). The two recognized sources of status as to being a citizen are private blood relation (Arms) and the opposite or absence of blood inheritance, which is a (fictional) corruption of blood, also called attainder. A bill of attainder is not allowed upon the private States (People) according to the negative protections of constitution upon the private States (People), but a US citizen-ship is specifically, VOLUNTARILY contracted and thus stands in an acknowledged state of attainder (corruption of blood), in persona (status). A public persona is confined (internal) to a nation, the nation that created it, as a cartoon can only exist in its cartoon (man-made) realm, as the avatar only “lives” when we play the game or are plugged-in to its digital (legal) matrix, for the puppet cannot move without its agent to operate it. And this makes every nation an open-air prison for the lower (common/vulgar) class of persons (property), or in other words, a US citizenship is an internship, also called as an apprenticeship. This is not unlike the deviling process for attorneys.

APPRENTICESHIP – noun – 1. The term for which an apprentice is bound to serve his master. This term in England is by statute seven years. In Paris, the term is five years; after which, the person, before he is qualified to exercise the trade as a master, must serve five years as a journeyman; during which term, he is called the companion of his master, and the term is called his companionship. 2. The service, state or condition of an apprentice; a state in which a person is gaining instruction under a master. (–Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language)


Thus, a man that takes the mark of a US citizenship or other national persona (status) is by default an intern (apprentice) of the nation as well, for the man must be bound and in surety to follow the law of the person (mask/status) in order to operate in that status (in commerce). This relationship is one of agency, which is considered by law to be a relationship of legal volunteerism, also called as the doctrine of master and servant.


“Where the party making the purchase is acting for the other and not for himself, the contract is one of agency.

—‘A Treatise On The Law Of Agency,’ Chapter 1, Section 8.


“In the common language of life, he, who, being competent and sui juris, to do any act for his own benefit, or on his own account, employs another PERSON to do it, is called the principal, constituent, or employerand he who is thus employed, is called the agent, attorney, proxy, or delegate of the principal, constituent, or employer. The relation, thus created, between the parties, is termed an agency.

—Justice Story, Comm. 612, excerpt from: ‘A Treatise On The Law Of Agency’


Government is the principal, and you (the man) are an acting agent (in attornment) thereof, using a person of government as a rented vessel in commerce. The thing about agents is that government can use (employ and deploy) its persons how it sees fit, such as calling a national military draft of all US citizens of a certain qualification. This is very much like the AI (government) over The Matrix simulation could transform any of its plugged in persons (men bound in surety to the person/status) into an agent in that movie, because all men plugged-in are acting in a person (controlled, tracked, taxed fictional persona) of The Matrix, an avatar, and are therefore in fact agents bound by the law and will of the simulation (legal fiction). While men cannot be forced to do anything, persons can be moved like pieces on a chess board, and the man in surety as acting agent of the person will surely follow. For the chess master (government) may simply sanction that change, creating a do or die situation, a do or go to prison (agentic) attitude. Persons have no right to deny their masters. In fact, persons cannot deny their masters because persons cannot act on their own. They must be pupated by an agent, a man acting in persona (legal mask). If the man doesn’t follow the law attached to and governing the person, then the man (as substantive, capitalist collateral for that person under this government, a human capital management system that uses humans as capital) is punished, put in pain, taxed, extorted, exacted, and put in prison… for these are literally the rights of United States persons. The right forced upon the person is also forced upon the surety of that person, the man in agency.

We must understand that while acting in agency, we are in a state of what is called attornment under a master, which is the causal effect (causality) of this agency relationship, and more importantly, is why the constitution does not apply to US citizenships (agents/employees of a principal government corporation):

ATTORNE – Latin. French. In old English law. An attorney. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)

ATTORNATUSOne who is attorned, or put in the place of another; a substitute; hence, an attorney(Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)

ATTORNEYSHIPThe office of an agent or attorney(Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)

ATTORNEY – In the most general sense this term denotes an agent or substitute, or one who is appointed and authorized to act in the place or stead of another. It is “an ancient English Word, and signifieth one that is set in the turne, stead, or place of another; and of these some be private and some be publike, as attorneys at law. One who is appointed by another to do something in his absence, and who has authority to act in the place and turn of him by whom he is delegated. Attorneys, in the modern use, are of two sorts, attorneys at law and attorneys in fact, as to which see those titles. (Black’s Law Dictionary, 1th Edition)

ATTORNEY IN FACTA private attorney authorized by another to act in his place and stead, either for some particular purpose, as to do a particular act, or for the transaction of BUSINESS in general, not of a legal character. This authority is conferred by an instrument in writing, called a “letter of attorney,” or more commonly a “power of attorney.”  (Black’s Law Dictionary, 4th Edition)


What is an agent? An attorney in fact. One who acts (performs) generally in commerce and therefore under the duties of the principal (government) through a rented persona (legal mask/status). You, while ACTING as a United States citizenship, are a registered agent for service of process for the person you operate in interstate commerce within the foreign State (People) you temporarily (as a fiction) reside in. This is the only way you are legally accepted as a resident of any private (several) State or other nation, for only then may you be controlled by the law of the United States that is attached to your Monopoly board character, the legal persona you bear (carry), which is like carrying the “Arms” of the United States instead of your own blood. Through that legal persona you can be controlled utterly while acting within that foreign State, and so are granted a temporary residence in which ever State (People) you choose, never actually becoming part of the State (private People), only a tenant thereof. The government gives you power of attorney to operate in its property (legal persona) and to stand as attorney for that person when the devilmasters summon that fictional person (like a demon) to court. Such a summons is addressed and therefore directed to the demon (person), and by law must be answered by he that is the agent for service of process, meaning the man that is acting as if he is the person, the user of another’s property. This is just like being possessed by a demon, for the person must follow the law of the devils that created that person/status, which means the man must act against his own will to perform in persona (under the law that governs that person. The same scenario happens when one rents a vehicle (vessel). As Webster defines, “…in general, the word (demon), in modern use, signifies an evil spirit or genius, which influences the conduct or directs the fortunes of mankind.” Sounds like the story of our civil, spiritually dead lives, does it not? Sounds like a man under contract with the devil, knowing his soul is already bound and chained by evil, and that his destiny is now governed by that anti-God, legal master of puppets (persons).

DEAMONnoun – 1. an evil supernatural being. 2. a person who is part mortal and part god.

deitydivinitygodimmortal – any supernatural being worshipped as controlling some part of the world or some aspect of life or who is the personification of a force.

dibbukdybbuk – (Jewish folklore) a demon that enters the body of a living person and controls that body’s behavior.

Source–> Vocabulary.com Dictionary


Super-natural, meaning that which is above or outside of Nature (not a Natural creation of God), this is what a person (status) is, and that is why the Bible Law forbids them in every possible way. Like Christ is the personification of Gods Law of Nature, so too is the legal person a personification of the legal law, or that which is antichrist. This must be understood, both as the foundation of spiritual Law and as the metaphor for the artificial legal existence of a person as a demon. For while a man (self-Existence) is and always will be bound to the Law of Nature, the fictional person (false existence) is bound to the legal law of fiction under mammon. The man that carries (bears) a person (legal status) is bound (cursed) by the law of that deamon, that false persona, and will act as the law governing that person influences the man to act, as if the man is in fact that demon/person. Remember, the devil controls the actions of men through legal contract, purchasing (conquering) mans soul and replacing it with a fictional daemon, so the man is in this way possessed by that demon and therefore acts as the demon is required to under that devilish legal system of law, just as the religious stories of demons bound by the laws of and in hell. Remember, hell is defined in Black’s Law 4th Edition as historically the prison for debtors under the treasury. Is that not what a legal person is, a debtor to the central bank (treasury) of the nation, caught in a contractual performance debt and therefore forced to follow the legal law binding that man to the person (demon)? Once the metaphor is understood and once the anthropomorphizing and personification of these things is seen clearly for what is Real to teach a moral lesson, then we can finally learn from these fables, parables, and allegorical tales without being fooled by literal interpretations of the form of the characters of the story. One of the classic and I dare say under-appreciated and misunderstood-by-Americans allegorical stories of the deamon (demon) is the classic fantasy novel The Golden Compass. And while a movie was made of this book, as Hollywood always does, it focused and secured the esoterica and mystery of the books meaning as a moral story instead of bringing enlightenment and knowledge from it. In other words, it caused children and adults to actually praise and be in want of a demon instead of striving for Truth and self-responsibility in all things, including in that of our True spiritual selves. Again we find that only when the mystery of these words is removed are we able to comprehend ourselves as their once ignorant, unwitting victims.

But I digress…

Please! Hear me now… the constitution does not give, bestow, or protect any rights to its own persons (property), to its contracted agents. It does however protect the negative (natural/already existing) rights of MEN acknowledged as God-given and so protected under common law. In other words, it protects those States (People) that in Congress assembled created the “United States” as a separate, foreign entity (corporation) and district from themselves as several (private) States (People). This is great for the private People (States) which it negatively protects. However, if you are a public United States citizenship, you are not acting as a MAN (as your True self) but instead in the agency of a legal person (daemon), in a voluntary, contractual relationship of master and servant. Therefore the constitution does not apply to you, because you are not being considered in legal law as a MAN, but as a PERSON (demon). Remember, the declaration of independence says all MEN (male and female) are Created equal (without status/person), but says nothing of persons. Persons are created for the purpose of inequality (status). There is no status if everything is equal, for then status is made obsolete, being completely disrespected. What is equal cannot therefore see anything but Pure and unblemished equality. This is the Law of God. The constitution does not protect persons against government because persons are not Creations of God, and have no God-given natural/negative rights. All rights of persons are created by men in positive (legal) law. If you understand just this one aspect of the legal system, then you cannot in good conscious continue in the charade that God and the Bible Law play no part in this Existence. For you must come to terms that US citizenship is purposefully a jurisdiction created to be devoid of the Law of God, the Law of Nature, and the common law (including the Bible). There is no other purpose for the legal law than to be anti- (a replacement/in the stead of) the Law of God (Nature). To be a US citizenship bound in this open-air debtor’s hell (district) and also believe that you have constitutional or God-given rights is like a man being sent to hell for his evil deeds by Gods judgement, as the allegoric, metaphoric moral story goes, and then demanding to Satan himself that while in Satan’s hell as Satan’s property he be granted his God-given, constitutional rights. You can see how ridiculous this notion is, as if what is approved by God is in that fiery Hell (that which is anti-God). Yet the entire so-called patriot movement and alternative and mainstream media continuously promote and preach how they are entitled to their Natural and constitutional rights. And I cringe every time I hear this completely fallacious rhetoric, not because it is provably fallacious, but because I remember BELIEVING the same hogwash, because that is what we are constantly conditioned to BELIEVE in all public forums, from education to entertainment. This whole tyranny of personhood is the complete opposite of this romanticized logic, built instead upon the intent and purpose of stripping us of our God-given rights (i.e. blood-right/manhood) specifically so that the constitution does not apply to us, or in other words, so that we are not one of the several (private) “People” (States). For the legal law effects only persons, never men, unless a man takes that person as its user. But first they must convince us to be public-minded, that our rights are not God-given as stated in the Declaration of Independence, but that instead fallaciously we own our selves, that our rights are our own property, our own Creation and not God’s, and therefore are sellable by us. For if we are convinced that we our own property, then we automatically have detached ourselves from Gods Nature, from being a property (part of) God, no longer recognizing a Higher Power and authority than ourselves. This was, after all the original intention of the revolutionary anarchism movements in the 1700’s, to strip meaning from everything possible, and to take society into the decadence of post-modernist, nihilistic self-destruction we see today, a society of melancholy souls devoid of God. God is dead, they say, and therefore law has no Source, and so neither does man or Nature Itself.

Jean Baudrillard, in his book Simulacrum and Simulation (1981), specifically points to these revolutionary anarchists as “terrorists” of the social order, destroyers of the meaning behind appearances, the very meaning behind such dialectical reasoning as the concept of God-given rights and God Itself, manifesting the current state of legalism, as law without any appearance of moral purpose. And so the meaning behind all symbology is lost as well, though their empty (devoid of meaning) appearance is immortal. And it is these seductive, empty symbols that now hold nothing of the historical, pre-revolutionary (pre-anarchistic) meaning intended by their celebrated form (appearance). The cross is a perfect example of this meaningless symbology, where the appearance survives the always temporary (mortal) meaning placed upon it by men. I dare say that even the meaning of God Itself in society has become devoid of reason, of purpose, becoming in todays society a joke, a character played by Alec Baldwin on Saturday Night Live or as a bumbling extra cast on the “adult” cartoon Family Guy, and treated anthropomorphically as no better than a politician to be criticized and ridiculed. This is the seduction towards evil caused by appearance without a consensus of societal meaning. And so at this point the terrorists have already accomplished their apocalypse against meaning, against the reason behind appearances and symbology, to the point that the intent of most everything is today lost in translation, for even the meaning of the usage of words has been destroyed, causing a catastrophic failure in the ability of the common man to decipher the meaning behind ancient texts and their wisdom. Even the meaning of the Bible has been lost to its spiritless form and appearance, which is the causal effect of the failure of the “experiment” in self-government that the States united in compact were intended to be. Without meaning behind the very source of this governmental structure, behind the foundation of the unwritten (moral) aspect of the common law,  and therefore the instruction manual on how to self-govern, the United States has subsumed and militarily defeated the self-governing States (People), so that in their organized, criminal corruption they have no other purpose than to extort and use all of us to continue in their own social order of degradation and moral ineptness. The symbol, the meaning behind the united States in compact has been seduced and taken over by its symbol, by its appearance, a beast of immorality (or rather amorality) that no longer tolerates its own stated Source of power, God Itself. God is dead, indeed, but for Its immortal appearance, its empty form, to the average man, who considers Nature (Jehovah) as his inferior plaything, simply because the meaning of the word God has been stripped from its appearance, stolen from his vocabulary, and thus morphed into an immortal, external “desert of the Real.” At this point the devils (attorneys), as the agents of the adversary are lying in wait around every corner to offer us some contractual relationship with it (the legal system of debt/hell), for those devils smell the stench of our lack of Trust in God (Reality), in the Truth of our own Nature (Source), knowing we have lost our way and are willing to accept the false gods of the legal, commercial world.

The Matrix movie is the worst case scenario of the perfection of the simulation, the implementation of final phase and manifestation of the simulacrum, a copy without attachment to any original, a holographic appearance without any meaning or purpose, form without substance. This is what we are building, collectively, as we drift more and more into the melancholic lifestyle of the fated Metropolis-style workforce, with no meaning behind the appearances we construct, yet with the purpose of total enslavement of the mind, body, and soul to fiction, to the death of the meaning of God (self-Existence).

The question that most people today have then is what is the purpose, or the utility, if you will, of believing in God? What is the point of True Faith? Ironically, the only reason anyone would ask this question is because of the nihilistic society America and other nations have become. The purpose of God is to have a common meaning and purpose for our own Existence. Pre-destiny. Not self-determination, but pre-determination. To be the self-actualization of the realization of the Whole Existence that is Jehovah. To be part of that Whole, part of Nature. This belief system, which is also a self-evident Truth, gives meaning and purpose behind our appearance (Existence), and brings a common reason and purpose to all men for our Existence as part of what is God (Nature, the Universe). Therefore, when at one time in history we used the term “so help me God” or other meaningful invocations of the Force and Source of our Existence, of Nature, then we understood it was our very soul that was being wagered behind the Truth of our words or actions. Today, however, these words are empty, a mantra chanted in court, in a legal (anti-God) setting, for appearance-sake only. It has become a meaningless utterance by a melancholic people that are so far removed from their Source of Existence (God) that these words now stand only as a curse, a big “fuck you” to the God of Nature and to the Logos (Christ) that we say not to tell the Truth, but to repeat the lies that are the legal code and artificial system of mammon. By swearing on the Bible in a legal court that recognizes only the absence of God, the absence of God’s Law in that legal setting and jurisdiction, we are absolutely being tricked into blaspheming God in every way, into turning our backs to God in order to accept and falsely exist in the artificial realm of man’s recreation. The reason behind God and the Bible as the central foundation of society is to prevent exactly what society has become today, to ensure a commonly followed and respected set of meaningful, moral Laws that trump every other law (doctrine) made by man, even the Executive Orders of Trump. Today, the legal system is set up for one and only one purpose, to protect the immoral, antichrist actions of legal persons, from individuals to corporations to body politics (corporate states/nations/etc.). In other words, our system of legal law is set up to keep us all from self-governing under the Law of God, to take away any notion of self-responsibility and place it upon fictional persons so that the blame for our own actions (or inaction) can be blamed on the legal person that is bound by legal law. Therefore, in every way possible, the legal US citizenship is at all times acting not only against God (Nature), but against any semblance of the Law and Laws of Nature. This is the purpose of personhood. There is no other purpose. For personhood specifically binds a man to a false, legal doctrine (law) and outlaws his ability to act under the Law of Nature (God). And hey, if I hear the typical “freedom of religion” fallacy again I’m going to puke. Freedom means franchise in legalese, remember? And franchises are subordinate, subject to the principal that created them. Freedom of anything in the United States is limited to what the law of men allow in the franchise of citizenship (person-hood). So stop worshiping the empty appearance of that which is written in the constitution, for whatever meaning it held long ago is long past, its “People” corrupted to the point of no return. While In Truth God is certainly not dead but to the tainted perceptions of corrupted, fallen men, for then, without Existence/Nature, we all would be non-existent too, the reason behind the severally (privately) united States and their constitution is long past dead. The appearance, the form remains, though any semblance of meaning is gone. Fiction without meaning has no substance, just as art without a source has no reason but self-aggrandizement, selfishness, emptiness, or one could say the literalism of fiction, a lack of contentment with Gods design, appearance without meaning.

Ultimately, this all boils down to the difference between merely living upon God and Living For God. To exist without purpose is to merely live a legally bound, spiritually dead life. To Exist as part of Existence, and that which is dependent upon and which ensures the Nature of Existence, this is the spiritual Life of a son of God. Our destiny, one and all, is to Live For (in support and protection of) the self-Existence of Nature, that is, to preserve the Design of Nature and Live according to Its Law. To Live in Truth at all times is to Live as part of God, for God is the whole Universe of all that Is Truth, the Eternal Being (verb) of all that is self-Existent. This is our only True and predetermined destiny, whether we want it or not, and whether we fulfill it or not.

Now you know what it means when they call you a domestic terrorist. It means you’re an intern, a prisoner, that is about to figure out his disposition and perhaps actually do something about it. It means they are afraid you are waking up from the open-air prison of their legal matrix. It seems they will do anything to prevent you from becoming a True follower of Christ (Logos), for then their internal measures and trickery will have no effect on you, the morally driven, Lawful man. The domestic terrorist is not he that is already awake and aware, but he that is beginning to wake, beginning to see the fraud, and who therefore is being triggered against the fraud and the lies like an antibody waking up from its slumber to fight a long awaited disease. The domestic terrorists are they who, like most in the alternative/truth/patriot movement, have not the guiding Light (knowledge) of God’s Law of Nature (Logos) to guide them through this spiritual awakening process, and therefore are not self-governed in their response, towards seeing the big legal lie for what it is and starting to feel the compulsion to revolt against it. The Truth is that this is not terror, it is the beginning of enlightenment, of the revelation that we are all domestic servants, and that the feudal division of classes and laws is alive and well in America and the world. In this state of fallacious logic, overthrow of government seems the only logical course. But the wise man does not overthrow his adversary only to replace it in its tyranny, he overcomes it. He overcomes, that is, the need for its existence in the first place. Often the patriot seeks to restore the old gods, the fathers of the nation, instead of turning to Jehovah through Christ (Moral Law). The truther is often self-proclaimed to be an anarchist or atheist, and so has nowhere to go but down anyway. And those that remain, those who may already call themselves and even believe in themselves to be “Christians,” can never break free from their own indoctrination of false religious patriotism, hopelessly mixed in legalism and morality, as if the two laws can somehow coexist in harmony. The Truth of God (Jehovah) is just as lost on these as it is on the atheist, for while the atheist idolizes nothingness (nihilism) as his God, the christian idolizes God in every unnatural form and symbol but that in which It already Is. And so the so-called movement never really moves at all, for the Truth of God and of Logos (Jesus Christ) falls on deaf ears and blind eyes. I know, for I was one of you. And now you shun me not merely because I speak the Truth you simply do not wish to hear, but because I can show you that Truth you’ve denied just like I did for so much of my own miserable, miserly life… And so you continue to seek the answers internally, within the very legal system that oppresses you and causes you to be the adversary of Gods Nature and Law. In other words, the legal matrix has you, has all of us, and it is working at 100% efficiency.

The internal medicine doctor practices only within the confounds and under the name of that hospital/brand name. Likewise, a private citizen practices self-government only in that State (People) and under its name and protection. The constitution protects this negative right of privacy for the People (States), but has nothing to do with the rights of citizenships under the “United States” corporation, for all rights attributed to a person (status/property) of the United States are positive, meaning granted by congress. A citizenship of United States is a creation of Congress, while a private citizen of any State (People) is part of the bloodline of “People” (States) that originally created congress. The private citizen is over the constitution while the US citizenship is beneath it. You, as a US citizenship, are foreign to the 50 States united (those that are called as We, the People) and therefore are not protected in any way by the constitution. Inversely, the People (State) citizens, which are non-US citizens, are immune and foreign from the “United States” constitution in that the constitution only protects the rights that private (foreign) People (States) already have (those not needed to the United States). Private States are like co-ops, which exist only on certain private lands not rendered to Caesar (the district). Remember, the legal word freedom means legal, commercial franchise, a subservient agency under United States corporate (legal) law. Slaves were enfranchised, which means to be set free under corporate (federal) rule. In other words, like us at birth, the collective slave population of the private States were “nationalized” into US citizenships. They were given US persons (legal status) as property of “United States,” and therefore protection under the national law, which requires voluntary subjection (slavery) to the United States corporation. The birth certificate process establishes this same exact voluntary status as it did for those slaves. That means you, and me, and all US citizenships are in the same boat. It’s called equality by patriotic fools that don’t know they are just house slaves, proud of their internment and unregenerately unaware (ignorant) of their actual status and plight. Like the international Jew is tricked into being patriotic (zionist) to the artificial person/corporation called “Israel,” so too is the American tricked into being patriotic towards that corporation which takes away his privacy and right of Being one of the People. State (private) militias of the private People (States) would have historically fought against the “United States” if necessary to protect the independence (privacy/sovereignty) of their own State (People). Patriotism toward “United States” by its citizenships (interns) is like loving ones jail cell and keeper. Yet it is understandable to love and protect ones State (People), for that People generally includes ones family, ones cousins, and ones estate. But the United States is pure fiction, an open-air prison built entirely on the foundation of international and interstate commerce (mammon). The patriot of the United States essentially misses the whole point of being patriotic, which is to protect ones People (State) and culture from the foreign “United States” and every other foreign nation. But since this privacy was stolen from us, we all have Stockholm Syndrome, having nothing of our own to protect. For to deliver the child is to abandon (tax) the child to the state (nation) through birth registration. We have no bloodline ahead or behind us to inherit or pass once we abandon (deliver) the child to the imaginary district of Washington D.C. (see Book 1, page 314- for more detail). DOn’t believe it, look at your receipt, mom and dad. It’s the birth certificate you applied for. Didn’t you know?

When we start following the intent of meanings of legal terms instead of what we imagine or wish them to be, we find that to be a US citizenship is of course to be enrolled in that corporation, to have ones legal name on a tax register, etc. Likewise, Caesar enrolled his citizens into Rome, voluntarily or by force. The word Caesar can be loosely translated to the word district, as the district of Columbia, Washington. The citizen (person/status) of the United States is not attendant in the State where it may reside (have residence) as an intern. The private State citizen is attendant (actually present) in the State (People) and territory (private land) and therefore is self-governing, that is, self-responsible for his or her own actions, while also in fealty to the private State and its constitution and private laws. The US citizenship is an intern (imprisoned beast) that is not capable of self-governing. The US citizenship remains under internship (domicile of the US) until he may prove himself capable and therefore of right mind (compos mentis) to govern and be responsible for his own actions in private practice. Until then, the US citizenship is an infant and considered not of right mind (non compos mentis) and must be represented both in government and in court by agents (attorneys). Because a US citizens’ person (legal status) is property of the US government corporation, all US citizenships are rented vessels under contract in commerce, and are therefore considered wards of the court. This is why any idiot may join the “infantry” of the military. The name fits, and this is no joke. Infants cannot practice law unsupervised. We must overcome the devices of that which keeps us in this state of artificially induced infancy.

The lesson to learn here is that firstly, a US citizen has no constitutional rights, because the constitution only protects the already recognized private rights of the People (States) united in compact, and secondly, that a US citizen has no access to what is called the common law, which includes as its foundation the Bible. Never forget, the Bible is Law. But it is not merely a book of Law, it is the interns guide to self-government and self-responsibility under the Law of God. It is the only recognized way to overcome being a prisoner (citizenship) of the United States or other nation. The word nation stems from the term goyim (i.e. voluntary slave/subject), also spelled goim and often termed as gentile (pagan). Keep in mind that the thirteenth amendment to the constitution did not abolish slavery in any way, it only abolished involuntary slavery. To volunteer ones child at birth by certification (birth certificate) into a United States internship (citizenship) is to give up paternal rights to that child and make it a ward of “United States.”

What is legal law holds no Real connection to the Law of God, to Nature (Creation), and in fact the only relation between the two is their absolute opposition to one another. Cartoons cannot exist (have artificial life) in Reality. Legal persons (status) cannot actually Exist in Reality. WE MUST BELIEVE IN THEM FOR THEM TO EXIST AND HAVE FORCE. Likewise, there is no escape from the Law and Laws of Nature, for our Existence depends upon the integrity of those Laws, and we are no use to the ruling class if we are dead. You see, I can’t tell you what the legal matrix is unless you stop believing it to be Real, until you stop believing that the “United States” and all other nations are a gift from God, that they are part of God’s Design of Nature and Its Law. This, of course, is impossible unless you are willing to concede that Pac Man and Donkey Kong are also certainly not Creations of God (Nature), but are devices of men. If you think there is a difference between the fiction of “United States” and the fiction of “Mario World,” then we have a problem. Each has its own language and law that forms a coded matrix that causes it to appear to be Reality. Nature too has Its own Law, and nothing of those other realms of fiction can take substance (life/Existence) within that Realm of what is Real. Perhaps this may seem obvious? Yet none of you can seem to escape the legal fiction, its artificial law, or its greatest tool of mammon. Therefore you must somehow still believe they are Real, right? You give them credit. You probably have a credit card and bank account to hold those things you believe have value, to protect them from the Truth of Nature. Yet your Bible is either collecting dust on a sh