Chicago’s Olympic Dreams Dashed? Well Of Course They Were!

Yippee! The 2016 Olympics are going to be in Rio!

Good for Brazil…

Yahoo! The corrupt president of America didn’t get the Olympics for the lobby in his most corrupt town of Chicago, where such anti-Christ candidates as Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Henry Kissinger bred him to be president!

Good for Earth…

But let’s look at this reasonably.

Why aren’t the Olympics going to be in America in 2016?

The same reason, I would imagine, that the World Trade Center isn’t being rebuilt in a hurry. The global powers that be know there won’t be a United States standing by 2016. Why waste the money building stadiums, aquatic centers, malls, city centers, and other temporary and extraordinarily expensive landmarks for one event that only lasts around three weeks. Nobody will want to travel half way around the world to enter a horrific police state in a 2nd or 3rd world, completely indebted country as the future America will no doubt be, whatever its name by then or how many parts it gets split into.

The Olympics lost any appeal it might have had for me when it was instituted many years ago that professional athletes could compete in lieu of amateurs. This dashing of Olympic hopefuls who work their whole lives to get onto the teams that go to the games really angered me. I was extremely happy when the Dream Team got beat. The ideal of the Olympic Games has been swallowed up by pomp and circumstance, corporate advertising, and something other than dreams.

And as for Rio… well, I imagine a wall will be built to hide the slums from public view – similar to China’s Olympics – but not high enough to obscure the mountaintop art deco statue of Christ the Redeemer (Portuguese: O Cristo Redentor) as he no doubt frowns upon the corporately sponsored games. And in 2020, after the wall is removed, and as the once grand, now abandoned and unused structures are decaying in the humid ocean air, the beautifully downtrodden and hungry people of the Morro da Babilônia favela (Rio slums) will no doubt wonder at how much that billions of dollars in Olympic funding could have helped the real economy of that country on a more permanent basis.

And O Cristo Redentor will no doubt continue to hold out his hopeful but empty hands over the Rio slums… in a permanent state of false hope.


Clint Richardson (
October 3, 2009

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  1. When your c ountry goes to Europe and destroys the only country that could have destroyed Communism and then allows the Commies to come to America and none of them have been deported even though they all lied on their immigration papers. No they torment people like John Demenyak. They will deport some Ukranian because he painted a gate at a camp or guarded the camp. Our country strips these people of the citizenship when they are 90 and send them to a country they haven’t seen in 60 years. Even though they have been productive here.

    Then the govenrment taxes companies so much they go to other countries. In my area there are no big plants anymore. Plants that employed 500 people are not around. They all moved to Mexico. This is being done to destroy this country. People will be begging for jobs very soon.

    When they elected Bill Clinton who had raped women and screwed prostitutes as Governor and even fathered a child with a black prostitute, but the Jew media never informed us.

    The poor people could bring this country to a halt, but everyone would have to refuse to do anything. Poor people make the country run. If everyone knew they were going to commit another attck and then declare martial they would all leave here. Especially the dissidents who will be first on the list.

    Your country is done. They have slowly been destroying it since WWII. The drugs and cheap alcohol have taken their toll. Drugs will stop when the Commies take control you won’t be able to find cigs.



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