Want Peace? Update The Geneva Convention!

After delving into the world of the Geneva Conventions and other war crimes bills, I have come up with an idea. A good idea.

You see, the Geneva Conventions don’t effect the occupations and invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan due to the fact that no official declaration of war was made by Congress. This make these so-called ‘wars’ illegal and unconstitutional. More importantly, it makes the war crimes, torture, and murder of innocent men women and children, including some of our own troops, not bound by these Geneva Conventions. (read full research: here)

The idea is quite simple. And yet it would put a stop immediately to the occupations happening now, and would halt the movement of troops into Iran, potentially stopping World War 3!

This, I know, is a bold statement… but please hear me out.

I think we should look into amending the Geneva Conventions to state two things:

1) These conventions shall include all signatory states and all peoples, in wartime or in peacetime, in regards to any use of military, police, or private forces for foreign or domestic purposes, and shall not be circumvented by rhetoric and “peace-keeping” efforts or undeclared war efforts, occupations, or invasions.

2) These conventions shall be retro-active to the date of their original, pre-amendment writing, and shall make all who have knowingly violated these conventions and continue to do so, bound by and subjected to the fines and punishments therein.

This simple amendment would solve a lot of our problems, and force legaly out of office and into exile or jail, and even the execution of many old war criminals and current politicians who have been complacent or complicit in said war crimes against the Middle East and around the world. This includes Mr. Bush and his father, President Obama (who is now attacking Pakistan and weeks away from entering Iran) Clinton, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the countless others in the gang of war criminals who, until now, have gotten away with murder most foul simply because the peoples of the world are semantically unprotected by these conventions and human rights ideals.

It would also reign in our soldiers, and for that matter Blackwater and other private security firms, since the Geneva Conventions require that the State (country) is responsible its soldiers actions, and punishable there in.

If you don’t yet see the profound impact this one amendment would have on the world and the stopping of Americas unconstitutional killing fields in the Middle-East, let me explain:

Since the president and his cabinet are currently not constrained by these conventions – since we are not officially at war – they are free to do what ever they want, and will continue to pass heinous legislation and commit fraudulent acts of terror in undeclared wars against all countries, including our own. They will continue to be able to snatch anybody they please off of the streets in the act of rendition and imprison them, unconstrained by any human rights violations treaties. This is why they are able to torture and not be charged with war crimes.

If the Geneva Conventions were to be made to include all conflicts, wars, undeclared wars, invasions, prisons, prison camps, occupations, and anything else related to military and private security forces and prisoners or “detainees” and “enemy combatants” where ever they go, there would be no more war… unless Congress legally and constitutionally declared it, in which case their actions would be scrutinized under Geneva Conventions anyway.

This means peace, plain and simple.

This means that the crimes of 911 could be heard in a Geneva Conventions forum, no longer covered up by Americas fraudulent media.

This might also mean that our media might be complicit in the cover-up, and therefore indirectly responsible for the propagation these war crimes.

This means that anyone currently or whom was in the past involved in these illegal war crimes will be immediately punished and removed from office, and this would let loose the strangle-hold that the elites, corporations, and hopefully the United Nations have on our once legitimate system of government.


And so, I need help… Anyone that can tell me where to start with this or help me to get this idea going into reality would be greatly appreciated. Or, if you want to take it and run, by all means do so. Just keep me informed.

Any volunteers?

Contact me at: (tailgunnerblog@yahoo.com)

Thanks for reading,


Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)

Monday, October 12, 2009

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  1. cruxofnull

     /  October 12, 2009

    Is it possible to send down information to troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq/Pakistan to disobey unlawful orders and mutiny when faced with discipline? With a Nation Designate to take the mutineers as “safe haven refugees” until the conflict can be resolved. Canada was a haven for draft resistors, and many deserters went to Sweden. When could it be possible for a Nation to serve in this status under United Nations Emergency Mesures?

    This happened spontaneously in Viet Nam, but times and the Army have changed. Service with US Armed Forces is now voluntary.


    • Possible, but since the whole thing is unlawful I think it would take all soldiers just to drop their guns and walk away, like a strike! They’re all unlawful orders…

      Canada is still a haven for AWOL soldiers who don’t believe in Americas fake-wars.

      If service was voluntary, as you say, then there would be no punishment for quitting, right? No court marshal for going AWOL? And no repercussions for disobeying orders…

      I think in order to make this illegitimate, we need to change the rules to include the U.S. in times of peace (now) as well as war. Then they have the whole world of signatories to answer too.


      • Once you sign the dotted line, it’s mandatory.

        The voluntary part is everything that happens up until you sign on that dotted line.

        This is why billions and billions are spent on advertising and marketing for the armed services.


  2. Brilliant! You’ve mastered the art of playing THEIR game of chess! Freakin’ genius. It’s amazing how simple this really can be. Outstanding!


  3. robert

     /  October 13, 2009

    I went to Viet nam and am proud i did . the draftes can stay where they are . i have no use for them . the troops that are over seas i support them all the way . Send the people who come to the U S of A from mexico over to Iraq . If the draft would to come back and the same thing were to happen then the U S of A should Take the ones who left there bith certificates and burn them .


    • Wow. I am curious what you are proud of ??? Please make a list for me, and be specific. And by all means, share all the good deeds you did for those, oh… what did you call them then… gooks?

      And now, back to the subject…


  4. Various of people talk about this subject but you said really true words!


  5. HelloHello

     /  January 11, 2010

    all i can do is THANK YOU so much!

    i stumbled upon this and “america never declared war, so war crimes dont apply?” and all i can say is you are very persuasive and informed.. im glad i stumbled upon this while trying to find info for my politics summative XD keke..


  6. Christopher Girard

     /  March 23, 2010

    There should also be a law here in the U.S. that forbids Executive or Legislative rhetoric that refers to anything as a “WAR” that is not, in fact, a war that is declared by Congress, like our “war on drugs” or our “war on terror”.


  7. Reblogged this on My Love of Cats and commented:
    I want peace


  8. there should be a law in England that bans my brothers legs,
    he kicks everyone in the head



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