The Only Products Still Made In America Are Fortune Cookies!

Ok… so this is a bit of an exaggeration.

But as I was siting at Fong’s Chinese restaurant a couple of days ago here in snowy Utah, I noticed that my Chinese food happened to be served on a plate – from China. Then I saw that my plastic water cup was also made in China. My knife and fork? China. The salt and pepper shakers? You guessed it… China.

Finally, at the end of my meal, I was presented with the bill – which was delivered in a fancy black folder similar to ones in many restaurants. Though it had no country of manufacture listed, it appeared to be made in “Mastercard”, since that was the only writing on the folder.

With the bill, of course, came a set of two fortune cookies.

Now, one of the most interesting things about fortune cookies is that they are an American tradition, with roots in… America. The Chinese don’t eat fortune cookies unless they are Americanized! Somehow this ritual of a deep fried batter cookie covering a tiny rectangular paper with a usually inaccurate fortune on one side and some randomly generated numbers on the other has become a tradition with the purveyors and connoisseurs of Chinese food.

Naturally, after attaching “…in bed” to the end of my otherwise typically droll fortune, I examined the wrapper to verify that everything I touched on this delightfully oriental evening had its origins in some other country.

But I was shocked to find out that these cookies were actually made in America! National City, Illinois to be exact. The Baily Fortune Cookie Company. Hmmm…

Now, one might think this was unimportant or hardly worth mentioning. But then I had some shopping to do, and went to a couple of different stores around town. As much as I don’t like shopping at stores like Wall Mart and Target, these happened to be the stores I frequented this night.

As I was searching for a few household necessities at my local “Super Target”, I began to read the labels of the things I was interested in, thinking that maybe I should start practicing what I preach and make sure that I am buying American made products. Now, this is not to be confused with products that are distributed by an American company, for that is just deceptive marketing to hide the country of export by these huge distribution companies that do not ever buy American.

And so, as I glanced at the labels to verify the pride of the U.S.A. in my purchases, I was… disappointed, to say the least. In fact, I was absolutely shocked! There were almost no products in Target that were made in America. Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other known sweatshop imported products filled the shelves. And while an occasional Made In America product was prominently featured, most of these were from tried and true conglomerates and mega-corporations that no doubt manufacture in such bulk that their prices can barely (just barely) compete with those of the enslaved third-world. And so the thought of seeing a mom-and-pop produced gadget or gizmo, or at least one that hasn’t been bought up by these large monopolistic conglomerates – who keep the “local” or “small town” name on their hostile taken-over products for marketing purposes – flew right out the window.

In the end, I couldn’t help but buy non-American. I wasn’t sure what I could do about this, but I wondered if this was the case at the other low-price stores…

Wall Mart…

Man, I walked into my local (and I use that word quite ironically) Wall Mart store – again a giant Mega Super Wall Mart – and was by now not so surprised to find the same situation – foreign products distributed by American companies at extremely low prices. On a side note, this whole Wall Mart thing is really eerie. The majority of people who shop there are… interesting. That’s a nice way of saying, “Oh my God! What the hell has happened to Americans?”

And just then, in the middle of a conversation with my roommate about plastic containers, a woman with high died red hair and big glasses buzzed by on a little scooter, slightly slumped over and almost zombie-like in her demeanor. Her legs were crossed and her foot was moving up and down in the passing air as if impatient to get wherever she was going, appearing to be lounging while in motion. We both stopped mid-sentence to bask in the surrealism of this sighting, as would the watchers of a rare bird on expedition. As the scooter traveled past us, contrasting the eerie silence of the monstrous store, we watched in wonder as she circled the center displays with her head unmoving – as if she were too lazy to look left or right. She preceded to circle one small display twice without stopping and then buzzed away into the vast expanse of the mega-store.

Once the belly laughing subsided, we carried on…

Besides the bizarre feeling of walking into this amazingly sterile and yet unfinished warehouse, full of helpers of which half could barely stand on two feet without a walker or some type of mechanical or other support structure due to their obesity or vast array of disabilities, the sheer size of this building was absolutely imperceptible. As I commented on the impossible depth of this particular Wall Mart store to the check-out girl on my way out, she actually noted as if it were a perfectly natural state of being that this was one of the smaller Super-Mega-Wall-Mart’s in the area! I couldn’t comprehend that statement, and so I left with the dour realization that the Made In America label was not to be found in any of these low-budget chain stores.

And so, out of a strict curiosity, mixed with a bit of alarmist disposition, I decided to upgrade…

I went to Macy’s!

Now, surely the reason that Macy’s is so damn expensive is that this chain store is as old as the history of department stores themselves. I mean, the store that is able to put on the all-American Macy’s Day Parade each year that is so cherished by America, must be because they are selling higher cost, well made American products instead of importing from sweatshops overseas… Right?


I was deeply disappointed to find out, as I examined the labels on most of their popular products, that these too were made in China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc, etc, etc…

Now, why is this such an important aspect of the economy of our great country, and important enough to devote the time and energy to write about this to the 3 regular readers of my humble blog?

Why indeed. Let’s start with what is being ridiculously called the “jobless recovery”. There are some words that cannot be used in a sentence. Jobless and recovery are two perfect examples of these types of words, especially if they are back to back. Of course, there are always exceptions to this rule, like: “How in the hell can you have a jobless recovery you stupid dumb-head num-nums?” I’d say in this case, the combination works.

But all jokes aside… the fact that we as the American people have been slowly manipulated into consistently buying foreign, cheaply made, disposable (to ensure repurchase) products is a most heinous consumerist conspiracy, whether is was intentional or not (and it was intentional), it is and has been slowly destroying the economy and the manufacturing and production value of our entire nation. And at this point, that value and pride of production is almost completely vanished. A whole generation is now being brought up thinking that this is somehow normal and acceptable. And these same kids will grow up with their only job options being in the service industry. Bankers, customer service, check-out clerks, police, government, forced volunteerism (Obama-corps)… or in other support functions such as IT, computer software, computer programmer, technical support, or any number of non-producing, non-relevant jobs. And as the products they continue to blindly purchase from increasingly less quality sources become more poisonous and more disposable, they wont have any frame of reference to compare their way of life and their consumerism to in order to save their own economic viability and for that matter, their humanity.

In fact, I’m not sure why this country is even still in business. The money is printed (electronically) out of thin air based on a fractional reserve system that recently decided to allow banks to make loans with zero percent monetary reserves in its accounts, meaning banks can now just loan all of the imaginary money they want at the behest of our government and the private corporate Federal Reserve with just a note in their little journals. Imagine that! Free money! Well, free except for the debt attached to that imaginary money that will enslave this whole generation of service industry workers to their beholden corporate-government rulers.

And don’t even get me started on the government’s derivatives, which will attach so much debt to this generation that their great-great-great-great grandchildren will wonder at the ignorance of their forefathers of today as they scrap for tidbits of food left over from the most recent bankers convention.

“All restaurants are now Taco Bell…”

I wonder at this phenomenon, sometimes as if I’m the only one that can see.

I hear my friends say: I love the Martha Stewart collection, and isn’t her show just wonderful? She can do so many things. And I have to stop what I’m doing and thinking and tear off into some angry rant! You think Martha Stewart cooks? Give me a break. Her people do that. You think those pre-prepared dishes are done by this Benedict Arnold of a Judas? You think Martha makes all of her clothing and accessories for the home? No… she sold her name like so many other celebrities for millions of dollars plus royalties to a conglomerate U.S. corporation that purchases everything that Martha Stewart ‘s name gets placed upon in third world sweatshops and factories. Then, while she laughs all the way to the bank, us stupid Americans consume these cheep foreign products without even a hint of their origin, as American companies continuously lay off their own factory workers who are then forced to shop at stores like Wall Mart for their low low prices, which then in a full Euroborus (snake devouring its own tail) type of circle forces more American workers to be laid off due to their purchasing of almost exclusively foreign made products.

I can’t go on. I see… but I am in a room full of blind people eating fortune cookies and I am trying to describe the color red… as in red alert!

God save us all.


Clint Richardson (

January 28, 2010

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  1. tim

     /  April 12, 2010

    I read this excellent article twice…. What bit of wisdom did one of your fellow American’s impart upon you in your fortune cookie ?


  2. kyle

     /  September 22, 2010

    hey, i know that bailey fortune cookie factory. it is near here. the owner is chinese-american. the workers are all mexicans!

    just thought you’d like to know.


  3. Cindy

     /  February 4, 2011

    Thank you for the great reading! A friend and myself decided just this morning that we need to BUY ALL AMERICAN made and nothing more from now on. We already kill our own meat for the most part, except for an occasional porkchop, bacon, sausage, and that is as well coming in the near future. I warned him we would most likely be going hungry unless we grow or kill it ourselves and not to mention naked unless we start making our own clothes, but then we must know the machine we use to make them would be made in the USA as well as all accessories we will need to make such clothing to wear. Not sure where this country is headed but know it’s definitely headed or is now in the basket to H$$$. Unless WE ALL do something to help this country get back on its feet, our grandkids etc. will have no idea what made in American is. We MUST stop shopping at these large discount stores that use sweatshops! We are allowing those poor workers in such shops to continue to be abused, as well as breaking our own country. It’s NOT up to our government to keep these American manufacturing companies open, it’s up to US the REAL AMERICANS to do so. Let’s take back American and only buy AMERICAN. Yes, we will have to do without many items unless we already have them in our homes and/or business, but it starts with ONE to change this country.


  4. Americans if they could work together and let’s say all the ones that were able could grow their own food. This would mean the gorcery stores would have to close stores. If people just quit buying all the junk made in these stores. I mean some people make it a weekend event wasting ours in these huge stores and those people dumb enough to pay to shop in these stores I believe it’s only done to keep the blacks and Mexicans out. Because there are very few in there. But the rip off is they don’t save any money in those places, because everything is name brand? Go to Sav-A-Lot and see how much money you save.Those huge stores are so huge, because they have so many different choices of one product. Plus so much of the stuff is junk like hot dogs, pizzas, and all the processed food that should be outlaed. If they have one brand of all products and only none proicessed foods you would have a store maybe the size og=f Sav-A-Lot stores. The big stores you also waste time walking through them and checking out. Plus most of the time you drive an hour to get to these stores.


    • What really bakes my noodle is that we spend Federal Reserve Notes on these products, which gives presumed consent to keep printing more! Even while we cry end the fed, we spend fed notes. Lol!


  5. Hi Clint,

    Very inspiring article. I just wanted to let you know that you’re not the only one who sees the bigger picture here. I, too, have been opening my eyes to the ways that consumerism has destroyed America. It would be wonderful if one could say, “Only the stupid people who don’t see what’s happening are the victims!” but the sad truth is that everyone is victim. Just because you know you are being abused and controlled doesn’t automatically give you the power to stop your oppressor.

    Some of us, like me, who are in our early twenties and have only recently started to see how our corporation-government has us all beat, we don’t have the resources to start turning the tide. Buying 100% American is like going 100% vegan. Without the knowledge of where to buy all the stuff you used to buy from Wal-Mart, and without the extra cash and the total determination, it is just such a steep, uphill battle! I would love to purify my purchases and make my footprint 100% sustainable. I just wanted you to know that others see it, but just as you found yourself in need of supplies and the only ones available were foreign made, you had to choose!


  6. SImoon

     /  June 29, 2012

    dumb-head num-num is my new favorite insult…


  7. I usually do not create a bunch of comments, however i did a few
    searching and wound up here The Only Products Still Made In America Are Fortune Cookies! REALITY BLOG. And I actually
    do have a couple of questions for you if you tend not to mind.
    Could it be only me or does it look as if like some of these responses come
    across as if they are coming from brain dead visitors?
    😛 And, if you are writing at other places, I would like to keep up
    with everything fresh you have to post. Could you list of the complete urls of your
    social pages like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?


    • My only websites are:

      I rely on good people like yourself to pass along my information, and no permission is needed to re-post or share. All is in public domain, and I receive no funding or money for my work.

      As for my readers, I appreciate every one of them, even the brain-dead ones. Perhaps if they hear it three times from three different people, some of those cells will become active???




  8. Pearl Stickler

     /  March 28, 2014

    I read your article and found it quite interesting. Yes, we do, as a country, buy a lot of foreign made products. The cry of “Buy American” goes out daily. But none of this takes into account the quantity of products produced in the USA that are sold overseas. We actually export more than we import. So, if we don’t buy their products, they won’t be able to afford to buy ours. Buying only American could put a large number of workers into the unemployment lines.


    • Just one problem… I found out that all of the vast amount of slave labor products made by prisoners in American prisons also carry the “Made In America” label. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. If that doesn’t alter your reality I don’t know what will!!!


  9. Kari Woods

     /  April 25, 2017

    I enjoyed the rant and I agree. My husband and I also try to buy only Made in USA products….it aint easy.



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