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This post, which is now over 6 years old, signifies my first flirtation with the STRAWMAN concept of personhood. I invite you instead to read a free copy (.pdf) of my new book, released June 17th, 2016, by going to this link –>

I leave this post up for posterity, a glimpse into my own former ignorance, and wish readers to know that my knowledge has increased two-fold since this was written, and I do not, I repeat, do not in any way support the SPC or other commercial routes. Please read my book, for what is missing in this post.

Its title is: “STRAWMAN: The Real Story Of Your Artificial Person.”

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I would also highly recommend these two sites for further evidence that indeed, the United States is in bankruptcy, via The Emergency Banking Act, March 9, 1933, 48 Stat. 1, Public Law 89-719; declared by President Roosevelt, being bankrupt and insolvent, and H.J.R. 192, 73rd Congress m session June 5, 1933.

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I must admit as I write this today that I was wrong. This doesn’t happen often (me admitting I’m wrong I mean…) and so historical notation might be suggested.

You see, I’ve been studying the law: constitutional, maritime, Universal Commercial Code (UCC), common law, etc, and I am absolutely astounded at what I have uncovered.

I’ve learned there is a huge difference between what is lawful and what is legal.

I’ve learned that the courts must always follow the law above what is legal.

And I’ve learned that the courts, judges, attorneys, and even police officers usually follow legal procedure, but not necessarily the law.

What does this all mean? Well, to put it simply, it means the difference between what is a right and what is a privilege. It means the difference between living as a free man with God-given rights and living as an indentured, indebted corporate slave with privileges granted by the state. And it means that any one of us at any time can use the law to release ourselves from legal requirements and legal (but not lawful) debt.

And this is the very thing I was wrong about. For in my previous post I did not understand the full extent of the law, nor of the corporate structure of not only the U.S. government, but of our very lives and how they relate to this corporate government. And so, I am going to rectify that now.

By understanding the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting system (CAFR), and how all corporations including our government must report their monetary holdings and investments, you will then be able to understand what I’m about to tell you now. And my apologies to anyone who thought that I had belittled this information with my previous post, but with the disclaimer that I still believe that this freeman status still depends on the current system of government to be in place for the protection of these basic God given rights, until such system be replaced or removed with a viable replacement – that simply being the true Republic of America kicking out the corporation that has us all in a stranglehold thru taxation, collateral, and debt.

On that note, I’d like to share what I’ve learned about what freedom actually is, and what the constitutional liberties and the pursuit of that freedom (that most of us take for granted) really means.

Let’s start with a little history lesson that came as quite a shock to me…

This country is in its fourth (4th) bankruptcy since its humble beginnings. Huh?

1.    The first (1st) bankruptcy was officially declared in 1791. This was a time of many changes in America. Perhaps most notable of these, was the signing of the Bill Of Rights representing the first ten amendments to and the final passing of the Constitution for the United States, which happened December 15th of that year, shortly after our first bankruptcy. This is of course significant as our God given rights are solely dependent on this document, though they were generally accepted common law rights throughout the world long before America existed.

During each bankruptcy, a war is fought (the revolutionary war in this case) and a new form of currency is always established, since the old one becomes essentially worthless in the new corporate re-structure of each bankruptcy. With the new country, came new money. Several monetary systems were proposed for the early Republic of America. Congress approved the first dollar on August 8, 1786. Once passage of the U.S. Constitution was secured, and the 1st bankruptcy and restructuring was in motion, the secretary of the treasury Alexander Hamilton turned the government’s attention to monetary issues once again in the early 1790’s. On Hamilton’s recommendations, Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1792, which established the dollar as the basic unit of accounting for the United States. At this point, the dollar was still backed by gold.

2.    The second (2nd) bankruptcy took place exactly 70 years later, in 1861. The main reason for this is that the restructuring that takes place in a bankruptcy can by law only last or 70 years without being settled. And so in 1861, the country was declared bankrupt once again. Of course there was much more to this planned event in history. As carpetbaggers claimed and stole the land of southern property owners, and the banks and governments bought up land and farmland for pennies on the dollar, the civil war broke out in this year when the southern states began to say no to the northern government and these carpetbaggers. This is often referred to (by southern states especially) as the War Of Northern Aggression. And most southerners will also say that there was certainly nothing civil about the Civil War! And this was quite true when considering that the government is housed in the north (British Columbia and Washington D.C.) and that their aggression was the takeover and corporate restructuring of America. This was not a war over slavery to be sure… and the assassination of Abraham Lincoln happened only after his attempt to depose the central banking structure and establish greenbacks: congressionally printed and controlled money. But in 1863 during the American Civil War, the National Banking Act was passed. This act and its later amended versions essentially taxed states’ bonds and currency out of existence. And so through corporate government legislation in the newly reorganized country, the dollar became the sole currency of the United States (which was still backed by metals then) and remains so in an altered (and worthless) form today.

3.    And now we come to the third (3rd) bankruptcy in our countries history, which was 70 years later in 1931. This was the big one. This was the time after the industrial revolution, when population, lawful immigration, jobs, and opportunity were in abundance. The money system was still in real money; meaning trade was done in precious metals like gold and silver coins. Even the paper money was backed by and redeemable for gold and silver at its face value. But, as the anticipated bankruptcy loomed closer and closer, steps were taken by the government to ensure that a new restructuring of the country could take place, ensuring the same bankers and corporate crooks would remain in power. The stock market was deliberately crashed, and the great depression ensued. The population was broke, and their land and property was once again bought for pennies on the dollar by the banks and newly reorganized government. Transfer of wealth is the name of the game, and a new game is played every 70 years.

But during 1933 and 1938, as the reorganization of our government and finance laws took place after most small banks were deliberately collapsed and fell into the holdings of the larger banks, a very important thing happened that changed the landscape of our nation: the gold standard was removed and replaced by the Federal Reserve Note (dollar). The House of Representatives accomplished this when they passed House Joint Resolution 192. This new legislature actually outlawed the use of real money (gold and silver) to pay a debt, actually making it illegal to require real money to pay for a debt. The dollar (now called the Federal Reserve Note) became “legal tender” and was backed by the supposed full faith and credit of the U.S. Government. However, this paper money – or fiat currency – was in fact worthless due to the absence of real money backing its value.

The dollar is nothing more than an IOU, and only has value if both parties in an exchange verbally or contractually accept it as payment for goods and services while remaining under the illusion (or blind faith) that the government or institution which issues this paper has the power, wealth, and credit to back up this currency. In fact, a few years after this third restructure of the U.S, the government mandated the confiscation of all gold from its citizens – and the transfer of land, property and real wealth was accomplished yet again. Many people say that World War II is what seemingly brought the U.S out of the great depression. In fact, many people recognize that in the past America usually prospers in times of war and shortly thereafter.

4.    Flash forward another 70 years… it’s now 2001. People are prospering. Goods and services are in abundance. The world was at peace (excepting the military black ops and economic hit man type of destabilization of many countries for strategic and natural resource confiscation). Now any good conspiracy buff might note the interesting and overwhelming coincidence in this being the year of the 4th restructuring of our corporate government. Indeed, one might be even more aghast when one realizes that the anniversary of the last bankruptcy from 70 years ago was in fact September 10, 1931, or the day before the destruction of the World Trade Center buildings 1,2, and 7 along with the supposed “attack” on the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. War is both a great distraction and a profitable venture for the corporate world governments, and this obviously isn’t the first time war or false flag events have been used in this manner, as a tool for the restructuring of the U.S. government. And we have watched over the last nine years as the dollar crashed, as the real estate and property bubbles burst and are once again being taken over by our government and banks (in a typical transfer of wealth), a complete corporate takeover of the country – which started about 70 years ago with the introduction of the CAFR system – which is now culminating into the nation being completely owned through collective investment by the government owned corporations… we are about to see the dollar become completely worthless right before our eyes (if it isn’t already) and a new form of U.S. currency or world bank currency will likely take its place – right on schedule!

This is the real U.S. history that isn’t in your textbooks.

Ok. So let’s talk about this corporate structure of government. If you haven’t learned about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and how it is used in corporation and corporate government reporting, see my article about it here:

And, to see what I am apologizing about (with disclaimer) go here:

Also, to learn from the man himself – Mr. Walter Burien – go to: http://CAFR1.COM.

These resources explain and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the U.S. government is indeed a corporation which owns most major and fortune 500 corporations, most of the countries land, utilities, municipalities, parks, golf courses, malls, movie theatres, and so on and so forth.

But let’s talk about who or what the U.S. government really is, besides the most powerful corporation in the world…

So, what is the United States of America?

This is the name of the country in which we all live. It is a collection of 50 unified yet sovereign states which make up the union of the Republic of United States of America.

What is the UNITED STATES?

Ah… now here is where it gets tricky. You see, when a corporation is created, it is always and without exception created using an ALL CAPITAL LETTER name. Thus, while we all live in the United States of America, we are bound by the government of this country, which is the corporation of the UNITED STATES.

For reference and so that there is no doubt of this being true as we continue down the rabbit hole, the definition of the UNITED STATES in Black’s Law dictionary is “…a corporation”. Also, you can look at the UNITED STATES CODE (this being in all capital letters due to its corporate structure representing the codes of the UNITED STATES corporation). The code is: U.S. CODE/TITLE /28/3002/15 (A) (B) (C). These codes state that the UNITED STATES is unequivocally a corporation.

We live in the United States of America, but we do commerce and follow the regulations, statutes, and legalities (which are not actually laws) of the corporate UNITED STATES, for which we are born, or birthed into as debtors and are used as the collateral of this corporation. We are all used as collateral for the government (the corporation) of the UNITED STATES as stated by our Birth Certificate. Because you are a corporate entity of this trust and not a sovereign individual of the Republic, you are susceptible to things like selective service, the draft, income tax, property tax, many other unlawful taxes which only go to fund the corporation and do not in any way fund public interests or services, and other unlawful statutes and rules (which again are not actual laws) like CPS (child protective services) which is in the business of kidnapping children – and even get bonuses for blond haired blue eyed kids, which is why there is such a high turnover rate in that particular job…

Wait a minute! Why am I a corporate entity of the UNITED STATES?

Basically, when my mother and father were married, they signed a marriage contract and received a marriage certificate or license (as did yours and everyone else’s parents, and as did you when and if you were married). If you still have yours, you should get it out and read it.

It states clearly that: The product of this union belongs to the UNITED STATES

What does this mean, “a product of the UNITED STATES”?

It means that your children are the property of the UNITED STATES. It means that your parents, their parents, your children and your children’s children are or will be a vessel of commerce that is owned by the UNITED STATES corporation. You are an indentured corporate debt slave, who is assigned as collateral for the good faith and credit of the UNTITED STATES as soon as you are born.

And when you are born, you are assigned a corporate number. Actually, because the UNITED STATES commerce laws are in Maritime Law and UCC code, you are really birthed, very much like a ship at sea is birthed into a U.S. port and assigned a number of import. Your birth certificate is that contract. It is a contract that is assigned to you as the product of the union of your mother and father, and it indoctrinates you into the UNITED STATES as collateral and assigns you a trust account in which all of your credit and debt is assigned and allotted.

If you’d like to verify this as accurate, I would invite you to try and retrieve your original birth certificate from the UNITED STATES government. You’ll notice that no matter how many times you try and no matter how much you insist, you will never be able to attain the original document that is your birth certificate. You are, however, imbued the privilege of receiving a certified copy of said certificate. Your original certificate is housed in the District of Columbia, Washington D.C, in the ten mile stretch of land which is the corporation of the UNITED STATES. Understand too, that Washington D.C. is not part of the United States of America, and is a corporate structure completely separate from the rest of the country. In short, it is not one of the 50 United States of America.

The average citizen of the UNITED STATES is assigned a value when he/she is born for collateral and credit purposes. After years of inflation, that trust value is up to about 7 million dollars or so at birth. If you would like to verify how much you are worth as a corporate entity of the UNITED STATES, simply take your birth certificate number into your local stock broker and ask him to look up your number.

We also receive a social security number (a corporate number) for which we conduct trade and commerce and are allowed the privilege to start businesses with… and with which we are legally but not necessarily lawfully taxed.

Whew! Let’s slow down a minute. What is the difference between lawful and legal?

This is very important to understand.

Law – God’s law (whether you believe in God or not) is to do no harm to others or their property. This is the basic definition of law. It is also the definition of freedom, for all men are free under God’s law in the United States of America until the point where we break that law. You cannot break the law unless there is a living victim for which you do harm, or do harm to their property.

Legal – The word legal or illegal is a corporate term used to represent a state of being when related to statutes, rules, codes, mandates, and posted limits that are assigned to you by the UNITED STATES. While something can be unlawful, it can be legal. But remember, law always trumps legality. In the case of something being illegal, no living victim is required under corporate legality, and so the STATE assumes the role of the victim. More on this in a minute…

The Constitution For The United States  – is the original document and declaration of independence that was written by our founders.

The CONSTITUTION OF THE UNTITED STATES is the legal corporate document that was created by a treasonous Congress in the “Act Of 1871” and which the UNITED STATES continues to fool us all into believing is the same document that our forefathers wrote for our God-given independence. I assure you, it is not. It is a corporate document for a corporation that operates outside of actual constitutional law.

Now, if all of this is alien or too hard to comprehend… believe me I understand. But an easy way to show you how in “the matrix” you really are is this: Go get your wallet, any contracts you’ve signed – like cell phone or rental – any bills you have (which originated with a signed contract or with your social security number), and take out any credit cards or other forms of ID. Now look at your name. Notice it is in all capital letters…

This is your STRAW MAN (unnatural, commerce, corporate) name. Remember, all corporate entities have this capital letter naming structure. This represents the trust account that was assigned to you at birth, and when you were assigned a social security number. This is why the UNITED STATES on your marriage and birth certificate, as well as your name, is printed in all CAPITAL LETTERS. To prove this is true, you can simply take your birth certificate to a stockbroker and have him look up the value of your STRAW-MAN corporate number (the number on your birth certificate). You’ll find that you, or at least your corporate trust, is worth millions or billions of dollars. And if you learn how, you can access that trust account and eliminate all of your debt lawfully, since that debt was a trick of contract by the lending institutions that have already sold that contract. But only if you declare your sovereignty!

You must take the steps to declare yourself a sovereign individual, and declare yourself a “secured party creditor”. But you have a lot of studying to do first. And I’ll update this site as I progress…

What does this declaration of sovereignty do… what benefits does it have?

Whew! Too many to list here…. But here’s one I can’t wait to practice:

Say I run a red light or make an “illegal” u-turn, and a police officer pulls me over. I simply hand him my UCC paperwork, and give him no more than 10 minutes to verify the authenticity of the paperwork and let me go. Because I have declared myself sovereign and immune from the corporation of the UNITED STATES and its rules and regulations, I am not bound by these rules and regulations, nor the fees (taxes) assigned to the violation of them. Lawful and legal are two completely different concepts. I am only bound by God’s law, which is defined as doing anything you what as long as you don’t do any damage to another individual or his/her property – a victim. In the case of making an illegal u-turn, I have not broken God’s law, and there is no living soul as a victim, therefore a police officer that works for the corporate state (UNITED STATES) has no power or jurisdiction over me as a sovereign individual. The victim must be a living, breathing human being. But in the case of traffic rules, the victim is the corporate state, and therefore no individual human being was involved. In other words, no one was harmed by my actions, and so I cannot be detained or fined (taxed) according to the law – which trumps corporate legality. There are no victimless crimes, remember? The kicker is, the reason this is so is because I am on this day not a legal driver but a lawful traveler.

Semantics are everything…

My driver’s license is a permit (not a right, but a privilege) to “drive” for corporate reasons, as in a company car with you being the sub-corporation under the main corporation (UNITED STATES). But as a sovereign individual with God-given rights as afforded by the Constitution For The Untied States, not the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES – as a sovereign individual I am a traveler who is lawfully traveling in the United States Of America, and not a driver who is driving under the corporate auspices and legal permission of the UNITED STATES.

And so if the cop detains me unlawfully, meaning more than 10 minutes, or harasses me in any way by unlawful (but legal under STRAW-MAN names) search, seizure, or slander, I can as a sovereign (not straw-man) individual take the cop to court in what is called a negative averment and sue him for his bond, which is millions of dollars, at which point he will never be able to be bonded again, meaning he can never be an unlawful yet legal cop again. The same holds true with judges and attorney’s, who are legal entities that are bonded by the courts and have no jurisdiction over you in said court unless you are still representing and using only your all-capital name. If your case is not immediately dismissed, you can sue them for their bonds and they will not be attorneys or judges ever again.

By the way… judges are nothing more than glorified attorneys, and therefore have the same bond issuance.

What I’m telling you is that the police, the courts and their judges have no power or jurisdiction over you, and actually you have a higher power than them and can control them, but only if you declare your sovereignty. Everyone else is under their power and jurisdiction simply because they acknowledge that they are in fact the corporate representative of the all capital letter STRAW-MAN name that is on their contracts, licenses, and Id’s.

Let’s talk about attorneys…

Attorneys are cockroaches. They are what you might refer to as corporate yes-men. And you know what? About 70% of our politicians and legislators are BAR attorneys.

So what is an attorney that is a member of the BAR association?

They are employees of the court system (the corporation) of the UNITED STATES and have loyalty only to the courts. They are sworn by oath to uphold the “procedure” (not the constitutional law) of the court system first, always above your needs. They are there to assure that the court doesn’t make a mistake in its legal procedure, where you might win your case, and they are there to ensure continued taxation by fees and decisions.

Never hire a “BAR” attorney. By accepting a BAR attorney to represent you in court, you are literally assigning all of your rights away and admitting incompetence to represent yourself, making you a ward of the court due to mental incapacity. The only exception is an attorney who is not a member of the BAR association.

But what will really blow your mind, and the most devastating element of a BAR attorney is this: The BAR association is located in London, England!

Even more scary is that the small part of London that houses Parliament, the House of Commons, The Crown, and the Bar association is not a part of England or London, but a completely separate state (or country – a corporation), as is Washington D.C. (District of Columbia), and the Vatican in Rome… all independent corporate states.

This ultimately means that an attorney takes an oath to the Queen/Crown of England, meaning the queen and all that she represents. And since judges aren’t really judges, and are actually attorneys, you know where their loyalty lies as well.

And remember, 70% of our higher government officials are attorneys who have sworn allegiance to the Crown, who owns the UNITED STATES, and runs the BAR.

The original 13th amendment to the Constitution for the Untied States says:

“If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive or retain, any title of nobility or honour, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

Originally written in 1810, much debate has ensued on whether this amendment was ratified or not. Most constitutional scholars say yes, and point to the senate’s journal for proof of its ratification. Of course, after reading this amendment, who would say no? The answer is… the corporation that is running the show, whose loyalties and oaths lay with the Crown and Queen of England, and not with the people under the United States Constitution. The 13th amendment of the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES is the “abolition of slavery” amendment. But remember, this is not the real Constitution for the United States, which serves the Republic of America and by which all sovereign individuals who live in God-given freedom adhere to.

I guess its up to you to decide which one of these to follow. And in making the choice to be free, there is only one choice!

For more opinion and fact on the 13th amendment, including a list of politicians and other prominent figures who have taken titles of nobility to the Queen and other countries (including: George Herbert Walker Bush, Ronald Reagan, Generals Colin Powel and Norman Schwarzkopf, Alan Greenspan, Rudi Giuliani, and many, many more…) see my rant here:

On a different note, I’d like to give you another reason to declare your sovereignty. But to really understand, we must go back to the subject of money again…

How is money created?

Movies like Zeitgeist are great tools for waking up people to the realities of the monetary system and it’s ownership by the private central banks that make up the Federal Reserve. The Fractional Reserve System indeed allows the banks to create money out of thin air. But this is only part of reality. For the way money is really created is quite astounding, and guaranteed to piss off a lot of honest taxpaying people!

Here we go…

Do you own a home? A car? Do you have a credit card or a student loan?

Well, all of these different types of debt began with you filling out a promissory note (a contract). When this is submitted to the bank, and after an “approval process”, you receive that money by signing this contract. And the bank tells you quite dishonestly that you owe them a debt for that amount of money, and gives you permission to amortize the payment of that loan over a set amount of time, usually 30 years for a mortgage. But, they also charge you interest for this convenient “service”. That means that by the end of those 30 years you’ll probably have paid double if not triple what the actual loan amount was at the signing of the original contract (promissory note).

But there is one thing that the bank is not telling you. One very, very big piece of the puzzle…

Are you ready?

According to the Federal Reserve banks, and printed in their banking rulebooks, money is created when a person (you) signs a contract (promissory note) with a bank.


Let me explain…

Last year I remember hearing about a campaign to protect people from foreclosure by these banks and mortgage companies called “Show Me The Note!” At the time, I did not understand the significance of this simple but effective and protective statement. Now I do…
“Show Me The Note” is quite a valid request. It simply means that you are requesting the original contract (promissory note) that was signed by yourself and the foreclosing bank when the money was created and given to you to buy your home.

But you see… the bank cannot ever produce this note. And here’s why…

The bank sells your note (promissory note or deed) to the Federal Reserve the minute you sign it, and the Fed then gives that bank the amount that it then “loans” to you. Therefore, the bank is at a balance of $0.00 dollars at the point of inception and payment for your loan. Remember, this is how money is “created” according to the Federal Reserve banking rules and regulations.

The problem that these banks have is that they no longer hold the note (title) to your home, because they have already sold it at face value to the Federal Reserve. And in order for a creditor (the bank) to make a claim against the debtor (you), they must in a court of “law” show proof of their claim to collect your supposed debt to them. However, the only proof of their claim for the foreclosure of your home is in fact that original note (promise to pay, promissory note) that you signed, which created the money that enabled the bank to give you that loan in the first place – money out of thin air!

Remember, money is created only when you or I sign a contract to get “credit”. It is the very fact that all of this information is not disclosed to us that makes this contract null and void. Full disclosure must accompany any contract lest it be invalid and unlawful.

Your loan contract was sold to the Federal Reserve (a private corporate central bank) by the bank or mortgage company with whom you signed your contract. It’s gone… vanished… paid off! The Federal Reserve then bundles those deeds (contracts) and sells them as securities and bonds, to countries like China, Russia, and whoever else will buy them. So in essence, China may already own the title to your home, or at least it thinks it does…

And this is why the bank has no lawful grounds to foreclose on you. They do not hold a lawful lean on your home. You owe nothing to anybody! You created that money legally through the bank and Federal Reserve by accessing your trust account assigned to you by the UNITED STATES when they took your freedom and liberty and put your wealth and property at risk starting on the day you were born (birthed).

The principle and interest you pay to the bank is pure profit for the next 30 years, because you signed a contract saying that you would pay that amount with your home and land as collateral. But for a contract to be lawful, there must be full disclosure of these little facts. Since this was obviously not disclosed to you, all of these mortgage and other contracts are null and void. The bank has no contract, no proof of claim against your debt, and no rights to force you to pay them anything.

If this sounds like a copout from paying your bills, remember that the bank never risked anything, and they never gave you a penny of their own money. You did a favor to the banking system by creating new money. You created commerce. Nothing more…

And you are entitled to this money (worthless paper used for commerce) as an indentured citizen of the UNITED STATES who is used as collateral and assigned this value at birth.

And remember… due to the Fractional Reserve Banking System created by the Federal Reserve, the Fed creates 40 times the amount of your “loan” for its use, again making money out of thin air.

I hope that you are beginning to understand that this is another of the biggest scams in the history of scams, and that all bank loans, from credit cards to student loans to mortgages work in this same exact way, secured or unsecured. Again, this is how money is created into the economy, per the rules of the Federal Reserve Bank, the private corporation unaffiliated with our government or our nation, who control our monetary policy and can destroy the value of the dollar at any time the choose.

Do you really feel guilty about reclaiming your piece of the pie?

The only way to truly benefit from this freedom is by declaring your individual God-given rights of sovereignty through a UCC (Universal Commercial Code) filing. You must offset your debt lawfully as afforded you. You must become a Secured Party Creditor.

I cringe when I hear people say they aren’t going to fight the system and instead are going to give up their house. They feel hopeless. They feel like they can’t win…

But the truth is that there was never anything to lose! The bank has no claim!

But, I understand. Most will not buck the system simply because they do not understand the system and how the Constitution for the United States was set up to ensure this type of unlawful action like bank foreclosure can never be done to us. I took me a very long time to come to this comprehension. This is how freedom works, and it only works if you claim it.

This is the forbidden knowledge…

I guess it all boils down to this… What is an education?

If an education is defined as simply four years of partying and getting drunk in a frat house while barely passing the exams of one of the most sub-standard collegial educational systems in the first world (I believe we are 39th on the list) of which most of the information taught is to train us on how to follow these rules instead knowing and learning the actual laws… and if your level of education is defined by the amount of money paid in order to receive a less than prestigious diploma stating grade level and accomplishment… then I am happy to say that I am a college dropout! I am self-educated to the point that normal conversations with doctorate level graduates equate to a conversation with a child who still believes in the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny… simply because that is what they are taught in the corporate indoctrination centers that we call schools. Rational thought, self-awareness, and sovereignty is not taught in school. And Law is not the prevailing wisdom in law school.

Then, when you realize that everything you see in the movies, television, and on the news is specifically designed to uphold the illusionary state of unconsciousness that most of us live in regarding our debt slavery, that’s the point where normal conversation as defined by the media driven society becomes unbearable. And fitting in at parties becomes impossible. I’m now the crazy guy… the one talking out of my butt. I’m the one who, despite the beauty, glory, and not to mention the fact of the information I try and relay, I am labeled as the negative one… the downer.

And so now I’m the antisocial one… the one who doesn’t go to parties. The one who cannot do small talk. And I’m the one that cannot keep normal friends simply because normal means brainwashed! And normalcy is not freedom in any way.

The friends I have made are necessarily informed or at least curious, somewhat awake, and want to learn what I have already learned or want to teach what I am seeking to learn. When you do meet these people, you develop a friendship and a trust that is unknown to most; kinship through shared plight.

And to anyone reading this, I have only this to say. I may not know you. You may think that no one really knows you. But I hope that you haven’t reached the point in your life where you’ve given up, where you’ve lost all hope, where learning was something you did as a teenager, and where happiness equates to blissful ignorance. I hope that you wont let these corporate monsters force you to be a victim of this. I hope this reaches you with the spirit it was intended, and I wish for you the best in whatever you do.

A sheep you are not… for you have read this far!

If you would like to learn more about the information I have shared with you here, I would suggest that you seek out this man: Tim Turner. His seminar can be found in the following links, and I would highly recommend that you listen to these and take notes, as if you were in school again. Mr. Turner is a righteous man who practices everything he preaches. This seminar is both enlightening and empowering in its revelations. It’s long, and will take you time to comprehend the power of his message. But it is well worth your time. No amount of money can pay for the knowledge that this man presents here. If you can go to one of his seminars, he will provide all the necessary forms and walk you through the paperwork to claim your sovereignty…

Mr. Turner brings his seminar to a different city every weekend. He has things to say that everyone should hear. His website with the dates and locations of these seminars is here:

*** I am in no way affiliated with Tim Turner. I give you this as a gift that was given to me. This man and many like him want you to know this information, and asks that you pass on this gift to someone else.

Note: The following files can be found here –

Tim Turner Seminar:

(Day 1)

Day 1 – Part 1
Day 1 – Part 2
Day 1 – Part 3

(Day 2)
Day 2 – Part 1
Day 2 – Part 2
Day 2 – Part 3

Day 2 – Part 4

(Day 3)

Day 3 – Part 1
Day 3 – Part 2
Day 3 – Part 3


Live free or die a slave!


Be sure and check out Part 2 of “Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man’s Chronicle”



Clint Richardson (
Thursday, February 26, 2010

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  1. yoy50

     /  March 6, 2010

    Hello, friend!

    This is so informative. For the first time, all of the many pieces I’ve gathered during this journey down “the rabbit hole”, has been clearly explained and now I see how they fit!

    Reading this has brought many emotions to the surface right now… one in particularly, I’m very grateful for. Empowered. For the first time during this journey, I actually feel empowered!!!

    So thank you for taking the time to share with anyone who wants to hear! I definitely want you to know that I appreciate it!

    And your insight of the BAR is just, just…. ::SCREAMS LOUDLY:: This article was so well done, man! And KUDOS for being a dropout– I’m part of that exclusive club with which I hold my head high! 🙂 I’ve always FELT (nothing more either) that something about our educational system was not quite right, you know? And I can totally relate to being “the non-social”. haha. I only chuckle because the boring conversations at some gatherings really are blissfully ignorant exchanges! I’m not the average girl, so I’ve never been interested in the cost of the next pair of shoes or latest hang bag.

    Thank you again for sharing this critical information AND Tim Turner’s links. And thank you especially for not giving a DAMN about what anyone thinks or says and staying on course for what is apparently what you were meant to do!

    Luv ya’, man!

    P.S. Thanks for the tip on “Maxed Out”– we watched it last night! I’ll just say “WOW” for now!! 🙂 (I love Elisabeth Warren BTW.)

    • Yes, everyone should watch Maxed Out. It is credit explained. Glad you liked it.

      Also, if you want to learn about how our educational system has been railroaded by the government, look for Charlotte Isyrbet’s online book called “The Deliberate Dumbing Down OF America” – she was Clintons secretary of education, and you’ll be amazed at how the educational system was changed from critical thinking to work training.

      There is a lot of info on sovereignty out there, and it is hard to sift through the disinformation. But I am familiar with some people who have gone through the process, so it is a real thing. I’m still trying to figure out the correct and lawful way to do it, and I’ll let you know when I do.


      • yoy50

         /  March 8, 2010

        I will have to look this up (Deliberate Dumb…)!

        Yes, Maxed Out was excellent so thank you again! And I really look forward to reading about your progress on sovereignty. That’s the best thing I’ve heard since the start of this journey– hands down!!!!


      • marika

         /  July 4, 2012

        Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt served as Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education, during the first Reagan Administration, where she first blew the whistle on a major technology initiative which would control curriculum in America’s classrooms.

        Not under Clinton

      • Obviously, this information comprises the profoundest of revelations.
        But if Constitution #1 was “the good one”, that “tried to protect us from exploitation”, and C#2 was the rewritten “bad” one, why is it that you point out in “Cracking the Code of the Constitution” that all constitutions are bad, as they by definition contract their signatories to standing guarantor to the debt of someone else? You make it very clear in those essays that both Constitutions were written in Masonic capital-letter-speech, by masons, and that their intent was only ever to speak for themselves, ie “The People, In Order” as opposed to “the people”; the latter being regarded by these people, by definition again, as “a species of animal”, a concept which derives foursquare from the Talmud and Judaism, the twin animating forces behind Masonry.
        Further, you again point out in that earlier essay that the concept of sovereignty is illicit, ( not “elicit” as you spell it !) as a sovereign must by definition reign over someone, which is antithetical to being a child of God, ruled over only by His laws, ie the 10 Commandments, and not ruling over others, especially in the commercial chattel sense.
        These are not criticisms, because what you are saying is essentially absolutely correct, and you are to be highly commended for spending all this time in bringing light to those who have thus far dwelt, by deliberate corporate design, in darkness.
        But a little clarification from you would be in order.

        • I need to update this post. Simple as that. One learns a lot in the space of 1 or 2 years. So I was admittedly indoctrinated about the constitution when I wrote this as any government schooled man is.


    • I rarely find women who are interested in commercial redemption , id like to chat with you about it , drop me a line lets chat

      • yoy50

         /  August 28, 2010

        Hi Tim!

        I’d LOVE to contact you! I clicked the link but it doesn’t appear to have a contact for you. You can write to me at Hope to hear from you soon.

        Hi Clint– I genuinely hope you’re doing well.


        • Thanks Jazz…

          Waking up is a full time venture, and I am always surprised to find new depths to the rabbit hole.

          But the more I learn, the more empowered I feel.

          I hope that great things are heading my way.

          a book, maybe…

          Hope all is well with you too.

    • tiffany

       /  November 22, 2011

      I hope you dont mind if I use this reply box for the purpose I am about to suggest. I am hoping to reach as many as possible and the way this site is set up the latest post will never be read because it goes to the basement.
      Long story short I have looked into this strawman theory on/off for quite some time now, I have watched others engage in it, I know about tim turner, mary croft, as well as others promoting this thing. I do believe there is something to all this however i personally have come to the conclusion that i am not going to engage in the enemies game, there are no common law courts, they are admiralty maritime law courts. So that is like asking the bankrobber not to rob you. The paper work that you engage in, the research and the trial and error tactics will drive you insane, especially when you have no instruction booklet except for those who claim to have done it, yet not one shred on evidence to back it. the powers that be need not divide and conquer when the product comes already pre-mixed. There are 2 movements out there that are tirelessly and endlessly working on restoring the republic (this IS NOT a democracy). 1>
      you see, the conclusion that i have come to and that is with great “PONDERANCE” on GOD is that, the problem that got us here in the first place is self seeking individuals, and self interest groups.
      the lesson to be learned is: the coming together of the family, the nation as a whole, seeking to love thy neighbor as self. That is to say, if your neighbor loses his home, then our brother is homeless.
      the restore america plan works under the understanding and the fact that there are 2 governments inside the u.s. one being defacto (corporate), the other being dejure (sovereign). the problem is that during the bankruptcy congress went out on vacation only to return under the corporation. the restore america plan has set up grand juries in every state to include governors. the “republic has been restored ! and as far as the sheriffproject goes, they are on the same page. they are waking up ! so lets get involved with these groups as a family and lets restore our rights together. not alone.

      • Debra

         /  December 20, 2011

        I agree with you on some things – it can be frustrating and drive you insane trying to dig through the mountains of research material to comprehend it as well as learn the difference between info & disinfo/misinfo. I have been studying it for a few years now as well and have the same feelings about ‘others’ who claim to have done it but when I have posed certain questions to them, they cannot or will not answer and direct me to their websites, seminars and fees etc.. But I refuse to give up or give in. I cannot unlearn what I have learned and refuse to be the property / slave of the State no matter what it takes to become totally free. It is certainly not easy or quick – and rightly so, as it would not be in some people’s best interests to have access to this as they do not have the ‘right attitude and understanding’. I wish you every success in your choice of endeavours. Blessings

        • You want to be totally free? You can be quite easily. become a desciple of Jesus Christ and find the freedom that cannot be taken away from you by one one on this earth or beyond…guaranteed.

          • LocalHero

             /  July 5, 2013

            My goodness, don’t you idiots ever give up? Your “Jesus” was a fraud, was not a living human being and your delusion doesn’t change anything. Wake up, man! Do you really believe that the PTB forgot to design and lead ALL the religions of this slave planet? Does that sound sane to you? Now you know why you don’t sound sane to anyone else.

            • Guy sounds totally sane to me.
              “But the natural man receives not the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness unto him, neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned”.
              Just as there are two governments in the US, de facto and de jure, so there are two classes of people, those with the Spirit of God, and those without. The difference it makes is profound.
              If you imagine that the Bible for example, is designed by the PTB, I suggest to you two things.
              Firstly, that you access “The Other Bible Code” website, by Vernon Jenkins. To say that it will “blow your mind” is probably an understatement. It is so revolutionary that you will never be able to say that the Bible was humanly-designed again. For example, verse one of Genesis can be represented as a Star of Stars, or as a triangle containing three contiguous triangles, each of which has 666 as its numerical component. It can also be represented as a three-dimensional structure, with the numerical equivalent of Christ’s Name and Title forming a gnomon which completely and intimately surrounds the cube constructed from the words “and the earth”. Thus, the Creator protects and surrounds His creation.
              I challenge you, or anybody who has ever lived, to encode such astonishing complexity into a sentence of seven words, at the beginning of a Book which proclaims itself to be the Word of God.
              What I have described to you is the beginning only of the wonders which will be revealed to you at this place.

              Secondly, access PPSimmons’ YouTube channel. There you will learn at least two more things. Firstly, that the Name of God, YHVH, is composed, obviously, of four letters in Hebrew, each of which means something in and of itself. The meaning of YHVH is “Behold the hand, Behold the nail”.
              Not the sort of thing that the PTB would have thought to encode, one suspects, even had they been around thousands of years before the event which is so closely prefigured by this revelation .
              Secondly, that the first word God ever spoke to us, via Moses, in Hebrew was “Barasheet”, or “In the beginning”, as we translate it. By exactly the same mechanism, this first and therefore arguably most important of words can be seen to spell out the sentence “The Son of God will die by His own hand on a cross”.
              May God bless your endeavours in this area; because just as we have been deliberately held in political and judicial and economic darkness by the powers you mention, so they have also conspired to keep the general population in complete ignorance of the power of God, and of the revelation which He will shortly unleash upon a faithless earth, just as He did in the time of Noah.
              And if after all that you have any time left over, you might like also to investigate the researches of Dr Glen A Fritz, who has videotaped the submarine compacted-sand causeway which crosses over the Gulf of Aqaba half way down its length, upon which are scattered the coralised remnants of human and horses’ ribcages, and golden 16th century BC-style chariot wheels and axles.
              I will leave you to ponder their significance.

              • X marks the spot. Homo Sacer was outlawed for reasons of manipulation and control. By declaring your sovereignty given by God alone, you withdraw all protective rights given by the Sovereign state that upholds citizenship and are then classified as an animal with no legal standing what so ever.

          • Sarah Josephine

             /  May 23, 2016

            I completely agree. I am more free than I have ever been after following the Lord Jesus Christ for the last 11 years. I’m not against what is being said here, in the coming times of extreme persecution even in America it could be very important. However, even now, I fear no man, no government, no principality nor power. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

  2. Andrew

     /  April 8, 2010

    This is excellant information but I’m in another country and would like to learn the key differences between the process and laws ie our reserve bank is not private as it is in the states but does it operate in the same way? “can show me the note” work here (new Zealand) as well? how can one learn how many of these concepts can be applied and are indeed as applicable in other countries? We all yearn for freedom from the slavery

    • My friend,

      I cannot answer your question, I’m afraid. I am overwhelmed with my own countries’ thievery and treason!

      I will say, however, that most banks are international and therefore were probably part of the mortgage securities bundling that created this whole mess. Chances are that your note (deed, title) has been sold at least to another bank, at most to the Fed or World Bank (international banks) who control the market and the world. If your courts are at all lawful, then a contract showing you owe the bank money for your mortgage is the only tool they can use to repossess your property. If this is not available – the “proof of claim” – from the bank, then they should not be able to steal your home. They need the contract to hold you responsible for it. If they sold your deed (contract), they no longer hold it, and should in theory not have a case.

      Also, a loan is just a journal entry. No money is exchanged. The bank creates the money through your contract. If you can show that the bank never actually gave you physical money, but instead merely created fake money out of thin air through a virtual stroke of the pen, then you technically don’t owe the bank money, since it never released any of its actual holdings to you or the seller. It simply created it! But in reality, the bank then created even more money from this created money, and does so on a perpetual basis.

      For more on this, I highly recommend the sequel to Zeitgeist, located here:

      This is an excellent, though slightly incomplete description of the fractional reserve system to which I speak. I do not know however whether this applies to your situation or to the banking regulations in your country.

      I suppose that you have the right to ask for the note at any time, since you are in a contract. You don’t need to be in dyer straights and in the middle of court proceedings to request official documents. Just a thought…

      Good luck… and if I can help further, feel free to email me at:


      • Debra

         /  November 16, 2011

        G’day from Australia,
        I too am on this journey of discovery & frustrated by the lack of info in our Countries as most comes from the USA or Canada.

        For New Zealander’s – Billy Turner has great information – I hope this helps – links below;

        The Law & You

        Banking & You


    • Debra

       /  December 2, 2011

      Andrew – for NZ go to YouTube & watch Bill Turner’s “The Law & you” and “Banking & you” – then follow the information he provides in that to help you – they are highly recommended & a great source of information

    • Stacey E

       /  December 4, 2012

      are all of these “sovereign” people in prison, or about to be? Because they’re full of crap and if you try any of their “I’m so clever, look what I can be talked into believing” crap, you will be too. Interesting how many people can be brainwashed into believing utter nonsense because they want someone else to do their thinking for them. The head of your website should have the quote “There’s a sucker born every minute” I believe that was a quote by an actual person, not an imaginary one.
      All of you so-called patriots should be pissed off at tax cheaters, they’re the ones bankrupting the government. Trying to weasel your way through life is nothing to be proud of.

      • John

         /  December 6, 2012

        Tax cheaters? Either you are incredibly ignorant from too much brainwashing or a government agent. It is common knowledge not one single penny of tax dollars goes towards anything government does. Not one penny. It was even published by the Reagan Administration when Reagan ordered an investigation on this. And there is no law that requires the private sector to pay any income tax. Fact!

        This country has been invaded by a foreign power called United States, Inc., under its foreign military occupation and when they went bankrupt in 1933 they seized all property in this country under their declared State of Emergency. Everything you acquire today is all prepaid by the labor of the people. There is no money. They seized and confiscated the money from the private sector under executive order by FDR when they declared their State of Emergency (bankruptcy) and all property since then is all registered and vested in the State. This all to is found in their congressional records.

        You can walk into any government building and court room and see they are all clearly operating as an Army organization under military rule by just looking at their flags displayed. You can verify that by looking in their Army manual pertaining to flags and their specific meanings. That American flag with that gold eagle on top? That is a Presidential flag of the commander if chief of the military and defined in the army manual as being an army organization. That State flag with the spearhead on top? Defined as an army organization. If they are not army organizations under military rule then they are committing a felony for each flag, each day, they display those flags by not being an army organization. Only an army organization can display those flags like that.

        Army Regulation 840–10

        8–2. Flagstaff head (finial)
        The flagstaff head (finial) is the decorative ornament at the top of a
        flagstaff. This does not restrict the display of a State flag from a
        staff bearing a State device when National and other State flags are
        displayed from adjacent flagstaffs; however, the Army does not
        provide such devices. ONLY THE FOLLOWING finials are authorized on
        the flag used by ARMY ORAGANIZATIONS:
        (1) Eagle (Presidential flagstaffs). (See fig 8-1.)
        (2) Spearhead (The spearhead is the only device used with Army
        flags). (See fig 8-2.)
        (3) Acorn (Markers and marking pennants flagstaffs.) (See fig 8-
        (4) Ball (Outdoor wall mounted for advertising or recruiting.)
        (See fig 8-4.)

        The Government owns ALL property.

        Senate Doc #43, page 9, second paragraph in the right column.
        “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”

        Under the new law the money is issued to the banks in return for Government obligations, bills of exchange, drafts, notes, trade acceptances, and banker’s acceptances. The money will be worth 100 cents on the dollar, because it is backed by the credit of the Nation. It will represent a mortgage on all the homes and other property of all the people in the Nation.

        The money so issued will not have one penny of gold coverage behind it because it is really not needed. We do not need gold to back our INTERNAL currency.

        Congressional Record, House, Mr. Patman, March 9, 1933, p. 83

        federal Reserve Notes are not authorized to be used by the private sector. They are only authorized to be used “IN” the government of the United States between the federal reserve, federal reserve banks and all national banks regulated by the federal reserve banks and FOR NO OTHER PURPOSE!

        This is confirmed in Title 12 section 411 and again in the 1934 Act to protect the currency system of the United States in section 15.

        January 30, 1934. [H. R. 6976.]
        An Act to protect the currency system of the United States

        Sec. 15 – As used in this Act the term “United States” means the Government of the United States ;

        the term “currency of the United States” means currency which is legal tender in the United States, and includes United States notes, Treasury notes of 1890, gold certificates, silver certificates, Federal Reserve notes, and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and national banking associations;

        They tell you everything within in their own published laws. Their currency is an INTERNAL currency created to ONLY be used WITHIN their government and government controlled banking system. It was never authorized to be used by the private sector!

        they operate under military rule under executive order 100 which is the lieber code. Section 38 is where they gave themselves the authority to declare their State of Emergency to SEIZE all property from the people.

        38. Private property, unless forfeited by crimes or by offenses of the owner, can be seized only by way of military necessity, for the support or other benefit of the Army or of the United States.
        If the owner has not fled, the commanding officer will cause receipts to be given, which may serve the spoliated owner to obtain indemnity.

        Your Name your parents gave you at birth? That name is PROPERTY and that Name was SEIZED from you as well and was registered with the STATE in which the STATE holds title to it.

        That certified certificate of live birth the STATE issues to you is that RECEIPT in accord with the lieber code for you to use as the spoliated owner to obtain indemnity for ALL CLAIMS against that Name which is vested property in the STATE!

        There is NO MONEY for the private sector to use to pay anything. The United States, Inc. and its 50 subsidiary foreign State of XXXX, Inc’s. have invaded this nation and seized all property under their rules of war on law.

        The ONLY reason anyone has any problems with any of the courts is simply because they are clueless as to who they really are and in 100% of every case they unknowingly CONSENT to give that court jurisdiction over them and unknowingly VOLUNTEER to accept the liability for a claim that is never against them, but actually against a Name that the State holds title to that State is actually liable for! FACT! And I have PROVED it is FACT! The courts do NOT and WILL NOT mess with me, at all! They know I know who I am and what I am not! Fact!

        • Danielle

           /  December 13, 2014

          John…if you ever get a chance to read this…please reply so I can leave my email. I would really like to talk to you about how to regain freedom for myself and my daughter.

        • Camanche

           /  August 21, 2015

          John, can you tell them again. Must be stuck on stupid foreal!!

      • Shhhhhh…this is only your worst nightmare….go back to sleep little one.

      • STEVE

         /  February 10, 2017

        you’re an idiot

  3. I want to be a sovereign and get access to my trust. Who wouldn’t? Why would no one have made it a business at this time to show people how to access their money ? What do I need to do ?


    • Essentially, it is Tim Turner’s business to travel every weekend to different locations across the country and show people how to access their trust and fill out the necessary paperwork.

      That is my best answer.

      There are others, though I don’t have the names in front of me. Oh wait… Winston Shrout is one:

      Most of all, you need to be careful. There are people out there who take advantage of un-knowledgeable people and convince them to fill out actual official IRS forms which do get lots of money back, but then are followed by jail time for fraud. Stick with people who are not selling anything or trying to convince you that you can become rich quick.

      I’m in no way affiliated with Mr. Turner, but like I said before, seek him out.

      Take care, and be careful.

    • LocalHero

       /  July 5, 2013

      You cannot “access your trust” because it is not yours. This is for serious-minded, freedom-seekers not freeloaders. You can NOT get rich by claiming debt.

  4. Maiden PEI

     /  May 2, 2010

    Hi Clint…great info…thanx!

    I read a lot about declaring sovereignity & secured party creditor status.

    I’m confused about this as I understand that by becoming a secured party creditor…I also become fully liable for all debt/legal charges etc. of my STRAWMAN.

    Any thoughts on this?????

    • I am no expert in this matter, first of all. I am in as much as a learning process as everyone else.

      But as I understand it… yes, you are responsible for the debts accrued by your good name, as in your natural name, not your STRAWMAN. A contract debt is a contract debt, no question about it. And this can be heavily abused, as you can read in any online agreement you must agree to before using any online site – giving away all rights to trial in lieu of moderation, all rights of collection from harm done by the contract writer, and all rights in general with regards to anything posted on said sites. But your real credit is your personal reputation, not your corporate credit score.

      The kind of “debt” I believe you are referring to is the “legal” kind, which is not lawful with respect to you as a natural person. The secured party creditor is not a get rich or get rich quick scheme by any definition, and you will lose any battle if this is the intention for which you wish to use this for. It is a protection against unlawful debt collection from a corporate structure that is unconstitutional and unlawful, and should not be abused in an effort to obtain this wealth for anything other than offsetting legal debt. You are not defaulting on a debt, but rather paying off a debt lawfully through the trust account that is your own.

      As far as legal fees… yes, you are liable. Nothing in this life that is worthwhile is easy… or for that matter cheap. And the paperwork and commitment for this type of thing is massive. It is a hindrance for many. But to many more, freedom is worth any cost. Bottom line??? Won’t you be equally liable for debts and legal fees if you get a British Accredited Registry Attorney? It’s a choice between easy and do-it-yourself… between admitting to being unstable and incompetent to represent yourself in court, and being FREE to present your own case.

      Again, I wouldn’t attempt any of this until you have the language (legal-ease) down and the procedure memorized in triplicate. Study, study, study. Sit in courts and listen. Do not be unprepared, for the second you enter into ANY verbal or other contract with the judge as STRAWMAN, you will probably lose.

      The one thing I am not sold on as of yet is the taking of bonds. I think the threat is real and the info is correct, but have not seen it in action. It is a balancing tool, letting the judge, cop or whomever know that you mean business.

      Again, I’m no expert. But I do understand that this is a tool to be used to protect your natural God-given rights, and can be used to do just that. But only if you don’t abuse it.

      I highly recommend the Tim Turner seminar. I will be attending one live very soon. But the one posted above is pretty damn good.

      Oh, and one final thought… What we are talking about when we refer to sovereignty is something that is total freedom. And with total freedom comes total responsibility. Freedom is the opposite of welfare. Welfare is social security, retirement, government aid, unemployment, taxes and tax breaks, and anything else designed to keep you in the system of debt enslavement that we are all under as corporate entities and collateral in U.S. Federal commerce. Sovereignty is freedom, self-sufficiency, personal responsibility, the exercising of natural rights as a natural born national of the united states of America according to constitutional doctrine, and it is a life built on the complete independence from (corporate) government and its welfare system. Again, a choice between easy enslavement and personal liberty. You are free to travel on public roads because you are a natural born citizen with God-given rights, not because you are a taxpayer. Roads and other infrastructure is built by people, not corporate things. Ownership is not a corporate law, but is a God-given right. But the protection of these rights, as a sovereign, is in your hands. You can’t really call for the army to help, not that they are any less corporate than the government. So freedom in its basic definition is also freedom from the government “help” or “welfare” that would otherwise keep you in chains. It is a personal choice, and not an easy one.

      Good luck.

      • Maiden PEI

         /  May 3, 2010

        Hi Clint…thanx for your reply.

        My question wasn’t about “getting out of” or “obtaining wealth” for anything.

        What I was getting at is, I’m not sure it’s such a good idea to access this trust money at all!

        If we are trying to ‘separate’ ourselves from our STRAWMAN, then becoming it’s secured party only joinders us once & for all, for good!

        It just dawned on me that I have been presuming that everyone wants this ‘separation’.

        Maybe they don’t!

        In which case, that would clear up my confusion.

        • Semantics… I believe “secured party creditor” is not binding to the STRAWMAN.

          It sounds like a state of limbo doesn’t it, somewhere between sovereignty and contractual slavery? But no, you are not separating from the STRAWMAN per say, but rather only accessing it for debt offset. The rest of the time, when considering legal stuff, you are declaring sovereignty or “separation” from it – as when traveling instead of driving – exercising God given rights instead of state granted privileges through corporate admiralty law. It has duel beneficial use in this way.

          Explaining the esoteric is difficult… especially the beauty and justice of natural law.

          The status is independent, and only secures the trust – like a collateral – to use for the offset of debt. It is not anything that will ever be at a zero or negative balance (i would think).

          One gentleman explained that for instance, when a check is written by you on your checking account, the bank sells/buys that check for many, many times it’s face value (so a $10 personal check might be secured by another bank for $10,000). The 1099 form(s) are then used to reclaim some of that money that the bank gained from your trust. Sort of like a return on investment. But this is where it gets shaky for me, as I have heard people get into trouble for doing this. Again, I am not thoroughly up on all the details, and don’t want to construe this as advice in any way, and this is why I have kept a healthy distance from the whole thing until all of these questions are answered for myself.

          The point is that you are not bound by the STRAWMAN when becoming a secured party creditor, because as I understand it there is no way you could possibly have more debt than there is funds your trust. If you are worth approx. 10 million when you are born, imagine what that amount is by age 18? And don’t forget to consider fractional reserve banking into this equation!

          Also, I understand that people “donate” millions of dollars of their trust money to entities like the IRS, who accept it eagerly. In this way, they have no problems in their dealings with these entities.

          One last thing. These types of conversations are going on all day long on this Yahoo Groups website… check it out!

          • Clint,

            1. The Corporation is bust, CAFR assets are collateral contracted to the Privateer Offshore “Federal” Reserve.

            The momentum is there to End the Fed. But you and the slacker 60s throwbacks think you are above the fray. So you sit on the sidelines and boo the home team.

            2. 1. U.S. Code does not trump the Supreme Law of the Land: THAT is Common Law Sense.

            Regardless,so long as the three branches of Government are operating, corrupt though it may be, there is yet the prospect of redress of grievances.

            You and all would-be sovereigns trying to use the UCC System to try to ‘get one over’ on the system is hypocritical in light of the fact that you castigate Ron Paul for using the Republican Machine to get into the Debates etc.

            i’ve spent quite some time looking into the whole ‘Creditor’ and Sovereign movements. Most of its lofty protagonists don’t even drink their own Koolaid, they are waiting to see how it works for the guinea pigs first.

            Again, you insist on using a corrupt Privateer system to try to free yourselves from any obligation to do any thing Reality based. Hypocrite!

            J. Everman

            • I was born in 72, my cold prickly friend…

              Your assumption that the Federal Reserve is an “off shore privateer” is patently false – one of many fallacies guiding the so-called “truth movement” that sells lots of movies and books. And you are right, I boo the home-team if they don’t have the gall to actually read the Federal Reserve Act and its CAFR to find out what it really is.

              It was created by congress. It is not a rogue agency or a hydra with 7 heads. It gives its interest made on notes to the Treasury. It is nothing more than a bank with special authority granted by the Executive branch of government, which includes the treasury. It can write off its own debt, just as you can write off your “strawman’s” debt by declaring bankruptcy.

              US CODE is the only law of the land that government is concerned with. Period. End of story. Do you think it cares about what you think the law is? Your land is their land, and they will take it from you 5th Amendment style and be perfectly within the law and within its “constitutional” boundaries to do so. You are not free but in your mind. And that will always be the case. Everything else must be fought for.

              Only one branch of government continues to operate in a declared state of emergency, and that is the executive. Again, this is straight from the constitution. And we have been in a state of presidential emergency since Roosevelt and his “New Deal”.

              Ron Paul is a traitor to his ideals, and gives his loyalty to the private corporate association called the Republican Party. Nothing more needs to be said, except that this is not a judgment on the man, only on his actions, which are always louder than words.

              If you think I support in any way the continuation of the Federal Reserve, you are again basing your opinion in fallacy. And once again, make sure that you understand that the Federal Reserve is only a bank- a tool used against you under the control of government. Nothing more.

              Now quit being an ass, and start researching in primary sources.

              -Clint Richardson-

              • Sir, you write that the FED “gives its interest made on notes to the Treasury” -So TO WHOM is the so-called National Debt owed?

                Then you say the FED “can write off its own debt, just as you can write off your “strawman’s” debt by declaring bankruptcy.” (Guffaw!). What debt does the FED create for itself? It CREATES lines of “Credit” (which is really a Debt), that politicians sign us on for through the Article IV Section I “Promissory note” and thus supposedly obligates taxpayers).

                CAFR Assets are COLLATERAL to the privately owned “Bank” for Debts outstanding, period. The U.S. Government is a heavily armed HOLDING COMPANY for the Bank that you think works for the Government, which has to borrow every single penny for its operations from the “Investors”.

                By the way, the FED is technically an offshore Corporation, it’s called the District of Colombia; not part of these United States.

                You make too much of a strawman argument against Ron Paul, (mostly ad hominem), and if you want to shoo people away from making that choice then it’s because you don’t understand his strategy.

                Get off YOUR ass and start being a help than a hindrance.

                J. Everman

                • Just a quick reply to who owes the public debt (see a 2011 US GAO Audit on 2011 & earlier CAFRs of the United States of America):

                  Footnote 27, reference and footnote:
                  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

                  “…We audited and expressed an unqualified opinion on the Schedules of Federal Debt managed by Treasury’s Bureau of the Public Debt (BPD) for the fiscal years ended September 30, 2011 and 2010.26 For these 2 fiscal years, the Schedules reported (1) approximately $10.1 trillion (2011) and $9.0 trillion (2010) of federal debt held by the public;27

                  Of course it’s always the public stuck with the debt (besides providing the revenues): But, here, who is “the public”? Well, the footnote says, the PUBLIC here, in context, includes other governments than the federal — that one HQ’d in Washington, D.C. Footnote 27… (I enlarged to make a point).
                  27The public holding federal debt is comprised of individuals, corporations, state and local governments, the Federal Reserve Banks, foreign governments, and central banks.
                  (more just my commentary….) This reminds us that the federal government (commonly thought of as “The USA”) (although this audit is only of one of its three branches, the Executive….) is itself a lending corporation to (a,b,c,d,e above) including “state and local governments, FOREIGN governments and Federal Reserve Banks. …and WHICH central banks??).

                  I’ve been emphasizing: Courts are only a part of Government which is a specialized form of Business. The context of their operation is a public/private partnership. Government & nonprofit trade association & nonprofit service delivery, aided by collected, centralized wealth — a lot of in the form of the Social Security Act’s various titles, which I laid out (as of 1935) several posts earlier. This money is collected, then distributed according to various formula and rules, not that they’re followed
                  etc. this is from the “ blog, but not published yet. See the GAO report, it’s an eyeopener.

        • tiffany

           /  November 22, 2011

          the avenue that i have seen being used is the bond being used as a security. In other words “you” the “human being” bond the “strawman” for lets say: 100 billion dollars. You become the secured party of the strawman. Like the first lien holder on your title to your car. So whenever a legal entity tries to bring a claim against your strawman, he must first pay off the 100 billion dollar lien to you “the human being” before he may make his claim against you.

          • L. peter .Little

             /  April 26, 2012

            As words and their meaning are everything in this battle I would just like to say when referring to the living breathing species (us ) we should refer to the MAN or WOMAN not HUMAN as human means ( Sea Monster ).

    • Daniel-Lee: Lambert S.P.C.

       /  February 22, 2011

      My Dear Friend,
      When one becomes a Secured Party Creditor and through his filing of the UCC 1 Financing Statement, he/she also writes a series of legal documents with his strawman. In these contracts, the flesh and blood man establishes himself seperate from the Straw Man. He becomes Indemnified and Held Harmless by the StrawMan. In fact, these are two seperate entities. One living in the real world and one living in a fictional world. You can not see him, can you? No, and he can not see you. We are tricked into thinking that we are him through what is called ‘Ideam Sonans’, or something similar. Now, you must understand one reality, ‘There is no money’, period. So, how can you owe it? Your StrawMan is the one who handles the fictional stuff. Money is all debt insturments, it’s like negative numbers. You, the flesh and blood Sovereign, create true money with your signature. It is true money in the sense that it offsets the National Debt. You, can not act in commerce, that is your StrawMan’s business. Legal charges, or Statute violations, including murder, are in reality Commercial Crimes. Contracts with a value in currency. Your StrawMan is the only one of you who can be in a contract. So, providing you know the procedure you go into court as a 3rd party settler to accept the contract and close the account. Free to go. We are already Sovereigns on this Earth, we’ve just been trained to forget how to act like Sovereigns. It’s about Honour, responsibility, and full liability for your actions. You must conduct yourself with and in honour. If you go to court and say, ‘Not guilty’ you have dishonored the process and the court, who can not charge you with a crime, but you’ve went to court and stood for the strawman and now you are going to pay the contract because your StrawMan isn’t. This is oversimplified. There ae a series of Bonds that the court writes on your StrawMan’s account. A Bid Bond, an acceptance bond, a performance bond, and a payment bond. Also, when you say, ‘Not guilty’, the courts sell your dishonor for $1,000,000.00 per count. At (or near) this time, they sell your bonds at a lesser value than face. They are going to get thier money one way or another. When you appear in court, as a Sovereign who has to conduct his side of the transaction on behalf of S.M., must honor the contract(which is between the courts and thier creature-and no legal standing under the Constitution, either one), you must accept for value the charge, which makes you the, ‘Holder in due course’ and discharge the debt as the fudiciary for the strawman.***When you become a ‘Secured Party Creditor’ you become a creditor. In essence, you are a bank. Look up the definition of bank, banking, banker. Your strawman is the debtor. The gentleman who wrote this fine piece of explanation did leave out one very important thing that ALL Americans should know. I don’t have the exact reference before me, but it goes like this. All property is in the state. Ownership (basically) means user, and use must be in accordance with the laws and the necessities of the state. Nobody in this country owns anything. It’s all been put up to support the National Debt. Conveniently, the government has declared that they are not responsible for this debt. We are, supported by our property. This is a contract too, and there must be,’Equal Consideration’ for it to be valid. The trust account he spoke of is that consideration. It was suppose to pre-pay all of our public debt. Why not? They already took everything including ouor labor. You say, I get paid for my labor! With what? Remember, there is no money, Period. It’s all a sham and for the congress to pass a Treasonous Act, ie. Taking lawful money and leaving us with… there had to be a remedy for us to opt out, enter your exemption. Now, why does nobody know about it? Congress had to insert a remedy, but they didn’t have to tell us about it. It keeps ’em from getting taller at the end of a rope. Well, I’ve spouted off enough for now. I am, but a student. I enjoy teaching as well. Thank you. My name is Daniel. Anybody who has an interest in this totally for educational/entertainment purposes only may send me an e-mail at for a discussion or debate, whichever side of the fence you’re on.
      Daniel-Lee: Lambert S.P.C.
      Without Recourse, all rights reserved

      • Oh brother…

        People, check out Robert Menard at Based in Reality, he’s totally against all this jumping through hoops with the Strawman crud.

        • Not sure if that was an insult or a condescension. Either way I sure don’t like the tone of it.

          Of course, all info is welcome here if it proves useful to the readership.

          A “strawman” is just a description for something that has no easy, quick description. Of course it is reality, but many of the “remedies” I would agree are not. I would not talk about this if I didn’t know of its success with several people. “Strawman” simply refers to your veil of corporate person-hood. That’s it. Saying that isn’t real is like saying the very air you breath isn’t real because you can’t see it. The most important thing to learn, in reality, is not the law or code but the actual rules of the court system regarding this “person”, which are different than the law.

  5. Charles:of the family Matondo

     /  June 27, 2010

    Hi Clint, enjoyed your info but had come across most of it b4, having been into ‘Redemption’ for the last 3 months or so, researching extensively. What I can’t seem to find out is; being a citizen of the UK born in a different country,when I am ready to declare my sovreignty, in which country do I do this. The country of ‘birth’, or country of residence? Your help would be appreciated. I’ll be following your journey to freedom with interest.
    Good on you mate.

    • Birth, I believe, is what makes you “natural born”. And that’s what sovereignty is all about, God granted birth-rights.

      On this premise, I don’t think I could be a sovereign in any other country but the one I was born in. I could try… but as a sovereign in the U.S. I know the Law is set up to protect me as a natural born.

      I suppose the real conundrum with both of us, you there and me here, is that the United States was never separated from the rule of the Crown, which in turn was never really separated from the rule of the Vatican. Therefore, our true state of citizenship is to the corporation of God, in that little palace in Italy, which is neither part of Italy, nor part of Rome. It is it’s own country within a country, very much like your square in London and our 10 miles in Washington D.C… BRITISH Columbia – neither being part of England or America, but their own country.

      My recent opinion is that complete sovereignty is the only way to go, as not many people have success with using the STRAWMAN in such a vastly corrupt system. The courts are just too horrifically poisoned to count on law triumphing over legality. One friend who tried is being charged as a terrorist, was set up, and might go to jail.

      No, I think the fight must be within exposing things like the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and Zionism, which has completely taken over our government, media, health care, banking, and way of life (usury). That, and realizing that the Constitution has no authority, and that we have no rights and our government is not bound by it.

      Read these, and you’ll understand what I mean… -Note: The House Of Commons owns through investment everything in Great Britain in much the same way.


  6. Infinitely Supreme Intelligence (God)

    Works in so many wonderful ways through the moral order of the Universe by the means of checks and balance. We all have a vital role in our brief stay in this life to help perpetuate Light against the forces of Darkness. Slavery of the Mind is a condition accepted by those who will not (choose not) to see the Light Of Truth. The path to free others of course begins with freeing oneself from Mental Slavery (Human and Social Indoctrination). Your bless to truly be overstanding with your Third Eye!


  7. I am looking for the actual documents to file in order to become a SPC. Can you help me find them? I have been trying to contact Tim Turner with no luck. If you have gone through the process or know anyone who has, using Ted’s strategy, Please I would love to know! You can email or call. or 602-996-9884

  8. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you

  9. Stephen L. Dean

     /  September 2, 2010

    Very informative and well written, thank you!

  10. Stephen L. Dean

     /  September 2, 2010

    Loved the audio track to read along to. Thanks!

  11. anonymous

     /  September 16, 2010


    Firstly, I would like to commend and thank you on making such complicated information so clear and understandable!

    I have been trying to familiarize myself (ever since a co-worker introduced me to the movie Esoteric Agenda and I realize my personal checks didn’t have a signature “line” but microscopic print stating “authorized signature”) with some of this information for over the past year; however, not exclusively, as the frustration and confusion often leads me to taking lengthy breaks in between for me to digest and regroup. It was quite depressing to discover the possibility of so much deception in the government, but now that the veil has been lifted, it apart its everywhere; medicine, pharmaceuticals, education, etc…

    As I read this information I like to give it adequate consideration, but also try to weigh it, realizing that not all information (especially on the internet) is helpful or valid. I have a few questions:
    1.) I noticed you stated you “found” some people who have been successful at detaching from their STRAWMAN name and was wondering if they are willing to share their personal experience.

    2.) Are you aware of any court cases or “legal” proof of this standing up in court, or against the system, or is it technically just theory?

    3.) Can a person get detached from their STRAWMAN name without losing US “citizenship” or is it an all or nothing endeavor? For example, be comfortable using a Driver’s License and keeping SSN’s but still gain some protection. I understand that this may overlap into being fraudulent, and would appreciate some clarification if possible.

    I have also foudn the book “Cracking the Code,” have you heard of this, and if so what is your opinion of it?

    Thank you SO much for spending the time and taking the energy to compile such information. I am so happy I came across your site and will be checking back often for updates!

  12. Maiden PEI

     /  September 25, 2010

    Hi Clint,

    RE: Killing one’s STRAWMAN or claiming Sovereign/Freeman-on-the-Land status.

    Each blog/forum/comment section I read, I get a bit more concerned, as I only ever read talk about the benefits of re-claiming one’s Sovereignty & not about any of the benefits/services LOSSES one would sustain.

    As I understand it, this is a DRASTIC step to take as one loses not only all government benefits & services, but all PUBLIC ones as well.

    Such as:
    1)Birth Certificate/Driver’s License/SSN
    2)Vehicle Registration/Car Insurance/Passport
    3)Social Security/Welfare/Government Health Insurance/
    4)Fire/Police/911/EMT/Ambulance Emergency Services
    5)Water/Sewer/Garbage (? electric grid)
    6)Use of ALL Postal services (not just home delivery)
    7)Bank Accounts (no personal accounts anymore)
    8)Schooling/Day Care/Library
    9)Very hard getting a job without a SSN

    There’s more, but I think you get the idea!

    There are not many people that could really live off the land or afford to arrange all these services privately for themselves.

    For myself, I don’t have the energy or resources to tackle this struggle, but I have learned of SOME things I AM able to do & how to avoid JOINDER WITH MY strawman.

    I’s all about not identifying ourselves with him/her & NOT CONSENTING to anyone else doing so, either.

    This applies to legal/court situations too, where it is all contract law…BUT…it takes a LOT of research so that one is able to handle oneself calmly & confidently enough so as not to fall under their jurisdiction or enjoinder onself.

    I am no professional/expert at this so I welcome feedback, comments & corrections!

    • L. peter .Little

       /  April 26, 2012

      Hi MAIDEN,
      You make a very valid point here re benefits and previlages.The process is not to be taken likely and a decision can only be made after lots of study and due diligence.
      Some that I know that have gone the full distance to freedom have a trade ( carpenter,mechanic,etc ) and can barter their services or accept donations for their labour or join a comunity of like minded people. Should you issue paperwork or charge for a service this could be construed as acting in commerce. I would say that it should be carefully planned with all eventualities considered and these may differ from country to country.
      With regard to the LPN (legal person name ) legal fiction call it what you will….. my simple rule is don’t give jurisdiction..YOU are KING all others who have taken an oath are subservient. always answer a question with a question ! eg are you JANE DOE ? who wants to know etc etc this way they cannot nail you down.
      The common law oaths that officers make cannot be relied upon as again even this has been subverted ( another corporate trick ) that oath has been made to the corporation and only exists between the officer and the corp ! to invoke that oath and make it apply to you .. you say I accept and acknolledge your oath. one example I have seen is a man was trying to file some papers in court and they were giving him the runaround : he finally said to the court clerk at the desk , the chief clerk happened to be standing in the background and called him into the back office. When he sat down ,the chief clerk said ” I have been waiting for 10 years for somebody to say that ” now what can I do for you? he showed him exactly what to do and even show him a simpler more correct way to file his motion…
      What I have learned about courts ( this may apply to the U.S. is don’t go there unless you are well versed as everything is assumed and presummed as giving jurisdiction. When clerk of the court says ”all rise” and you do you have just gived jurisdiction.
      As suggested before here go to some court cases and get used to the enviorenment as it can be intimidating for most.
      Black law dictionary is a good start for translating the legalese wording so you truely comprehend the language.
      Hope this is of benefit.
      here endeth the rant.

  13. Richard L.

     /  November 21, 2010

    I wanted to commend you for putting this article up. You’ve shown some courage to address the manner in which we interact with the U.S.government(s), State governmental corporations, institutions like the IRS, SSA, the police, and city & county corporations.

    You have shed some light on the actual ties that bind us. The clever mechanisms which those in power use to control us, in spite of our natural rights, and even those rights that are mentioned in the bill of rights.

    You’ve just scratched the surface. The deeper you go down this rabbit hole, the more you uncover, and pretty soon you find out some of the origins of “strawman” and other corporate like techniques, which deal with anything other than the natural person.

    I found it interesting to know that Jewish people, who were persecuted throughout the ages developed “bearer bonds”, which consigned assets to the “bearer”, because goods consigned to a Jew could be stolen/taken without recourse, because they were specifically withheld any protection from monarchs, or European governments because of their status.

    This was a method by which Jewish people could hold property, with some security.

    The most disappointing thing that I learned in studying this very important issue is that the Supreme Court has ruled that natural persons are not parties to the constitution.

    The situation is so incredibly ugly. Our system is such a mess, and so complicated, and everyone is so ignorant of the technicalities, that I don’t personally believe I could claim my rights as a natural person, without dedicating my entire life to the study of law, and also studying the rotten legal system which has grown up around the law, like so many weeds, and vines.

    I have considered going back to school, to actually go to law school (which in the U.S. is a total contradiction in terms) in order to figure out the system better. I have no interest in practicing as a lawyer, as I think they are all scum, who’ve created a niche that has become so large, it’s no longer a niche! It’s everything!

    Your article is a great start to get people thinking about something they never even considered before. I do believe there are some people who wonder why they have no “rights of the accused”, or habeas corpus rights when dealing with the courts (which are not really courts, but civil or administrative procedure.

    It’s a matrix, not unlike the “Matrix” movie.

    We’ve all been dumbed down so much, most people simply cannot grasp much of what you are talking about, or understand the significance.

    There’s one thing you seriously underestimate when you say that anyone of us can extract ourselves from the system of corporate slavery, and the legal contracts that bind us to codes, taxes, etc.

    What you fail to mention, or admit is this: The system is one of slavery, and Pirates. This legal systems are set up by pirates, and you assume that the pirates will follow the rules of their own system. There is a tenuous thread that gives these legal systems the force of law. This thread is abused, and used in ways it was never designed. This thread is the fact that Admiralty Law is provided for under the constitution, and if we voluntarily enter into these contracts, we are Lawfully bound., The idea of getting out is to withdraw our voluntarily given consent.

    So herein lies the problem. The pirates will simply ignore the fact that the system, in order to be legitimate relies on our voluntary agreement. When we Opt Out, or use any of the lawful techniques to reclaim our rights as freemen, the Pirates will break the law, and refuse to allow us to claim our lawful rights.

    In the movie “Pirates of the Carribean”, there’s a scene when the pirate Jack Sparrow is sword fighting with the movie’s hero, the blacksmith who makes the swords, in the blacksmiths shop. After a dogged sword fight, the our hero finally prevails, dis-arms the pirate Jack Sparrow of his sword, and places his sword at the Pirate’s neck.

    At this point we assume the hero has won the day…but the Pirate pulls out a gun. Our hero says: “that’s not fair”, the pirate acknowledges this fact, and responds nonetheless “Pirate!”, reminding the hero, that when dealing with Pirates, you are dealing with Outlaws..

    When dealing with Outlaws, how can you expect any protection of the Law? Common Law, Natural Law, all of our god given rights offer us no protection from Outlaws, and Pirates.

    So that’s what makes our attempts to be freemen, and kill our straw man as totally FUTILE!

    • I too feel this way, and am even deterredby thoughts of “how would I be able to travel and visit my family? How would we be able to earn the means to survive? How does one relinquish their corporate self with out giving up being part of society?? Something has got to give! There has to be another way!

  14. Richard L.

     /  November 21, 2010

    I just really re-read your article again. I think there’s a real practical problem. I believe it occurred in 1937, a case involving a railroad, and railroad worker: The legal system, and the common law courts were combined. Then in the 1960’s I believe the common law courts were completely absorbed by the civil courts.

    The point I’m making is that there are no common law courts left.

    As I’m sure you know, there is the Supreme Court of the United States, and the U.S. Supreme Court. The same judges, and they just put on their civil administrative officer cap in civil procedures, and then put on their common law caps when they deal with common law cases.

    I believe, but I’d love you to prove me wrong, that the Supreme Court of the United States, when it’s judges are operating as such, is the only common law court left in the country generally speaking.

    How can you get common law relief in the county courts, which are all civil administrative proceedings?

    I don’t believe there exists actual local venues exist where you can actually conduct a common law court. I know that the states are no longer acting under their original constitutions, or I should say that the states all operate as corporations and I don’t have any obligations to uphold the common law.

    It’s all tyranny. Do you know that the state governors are not elected as governors of the physical states, those offices are actually vacant. Our governors are elected as governors of the corporation.

    The corporate structure has completely displaced the original lawful system, so I don’t see it being possible to obtain common law treatment in this environment.

    • I believe at this point in my research (well after writing this article) that the point is to go into these “corporate” courts and establish the fact that they are not constitutional.

      Basically, you are trying to force the court to establish a precedent – which they don’t want to do. They must either admit that there is no victim in the crime you committed (a victimless crime) where the state (corporation) is the victim, so there is no physical human body filing a claim against you, or they must admit that they are illegitimate with regards to the (original) constitution and are using the new corporate one established long ago, and that they are operating in International Code.

      Either way, they set a precedent, which other people could use as a defense later on. Therefore, the case must be dismissed or thrown out in order to protect the continuity of the court system that is so corrupt.

      So your goal is to force the court to admit its status. And since it wont, case closed!


    • Listen to the audio intro mp3 files at In it you will hear a the man behind tel about how he opens his common law court in the SAME courtroom used by the state. AMAZING stuff!

  15. Richard L.

     /  November 21, 2010

    I find what you say about being anti-social, and being the one who can’t make small talk anymore very interesting.

    I’m in the same boat. I can no longer have conversations with my old friends. They are all so indoctrinated in the system…they seem like feeble dunces, and really they are. Only for the lack of knowledge. Their blinders are on so tight.

    I know exactly how you feel, when people say your the nut! I get the same thing. What I find intolerable is the fact that most people will not have real conversations, or exchange of ideas.

    Nowadays, most people simply exchange sound bites with each other. I watch people talk to each other, and all they do is trade the clever sound bite they think will fit in well with their so called conversation.

    It’s pathetic how shallow people are. You can bring people out of their stupor with well placed questions, and by statements that make them question their continued ability to be comfortable.

    I think it’s amazing that I’m seeing people, such as yourself manifesting themselves online like this. 10 years ago, I think people may have even been more asleep than they are now. I was.

    Or maybe because the system was more covert, and not as overt as it operates now, so there was less to catch on to.

    Now, the smart people are starting to figuring things out.

    • Well, this is 2010 and we are now having generations who grew up where TV was “old school” and (1980s) the internet more widespread, choose your social media.

      One great was to separate the generations is establish a new language, etc.

      Anyhow, I do catch news headlines or TV news sometimes — for self-defense in part (see Newtown, CT school shooting). Also having been immersed (not voluntarily) in an area where the main idea is indoctrination — and seeing how the big bucks are put up front in any new “movement” into clearinghouses, resource centers, and grandiose websites (USA, Inc. etc. does this all the time)

      This literally puts the viewer (no matter how interactive) in the more passive, absorbing state. Air time is restricted to who pays for it.

      So, the Mass shooting goes on above, and they are talking about banning assault guns, armed guards in elementary schools, and a “talking head” from the APA gets up there to discuss we need more mental health screenings (and prescriptions?) . . .

      And other questions about the shooting (was there more than one shooter? Why did it appear that both the fathers of the alleged shooters were about to testify on (I heard LIBOR)… Was this a pre-programmed assassin? WHO SAYS the mother was shot by the son in the home and not by someone else? etc.

      All I’m bringing up (in agreeing with you) is that some of this conversation is a factor of media — and how media technology alters government, society and even people.

      I think it’s always to keep some feet (where ppossible) back in history — and let’s not forget “FOUR ARGUMENTS FOR THE ELIMINATION OF TELEVISION” (Jerry Mander; who also edited a real good book on globalism) and THE MEDIA IS THE MESSAGE.

      They are selling ideas, and people have organized themselves socially around the common ideas so they have something to bond on – as the institutions we live among are basically compartmentalizing life anyhow.

  16. jim

     /  November 21, 2010

    The redemption process is a total rip-off . I’ve watched this for twenty years and can honestly say that I’ve never met an individual who can honestly say that they hsve gotten anything but wasted time and money trying to capture their strawman . The only people benefiting from this school of thinking are the ones who charge you to teach you this BS!
    Use your brains and hide your wallet !!

    • Jon David Cain

       /  December 20, 2010

      And you sir, are a damned fool! Speaking as One who has studied and researched law diligently and has been through the Redemption process years ago, I may assure you the this is very real and works all the way through the court systems, banking systems, etc. I have definitely used my brain and not my wallet and have benefited immeasurably by being a complete Sovereign, responsible for me and my actions alone, above the statutory processes designed by mammon. I can speak of several stories of which I have not succumbed to bar ass attorners and the men who wear black dresses, only the win in every case because of the fact of being a Secured Party Creditor-Principal. My land is under Land Patent and cannot be taken because of such. I have proven this recently when attacked by two different attorners to take my land. They lost as did the court system!
      It is your right to believe any way you want and I respect your choice(s). I was one of those men who believed that a PhD would solve my problems forever, only to find the sheepskin was really worthless. When my eye really opened and I saw the real truth of negative history, i.e. “His Story”, I stepped through the door of reality and took the path to Redemption. My true education then began and has been continuing for 15 years, consistently on a daily basis of true learning, never looking backward. Thankfully I am that I am and a Free Man, never to dragged under by the “legal system”. May the God of your Heart guide you eternally!

  17. Sparky Spitz

     /  December 30, 2010

    Hello All!

    Another great resource for Commercial Redemption is

    The audio files of their seminars are fantastic, and they have all the documentation you can download for free.

    There are examples of Acceptances, Bonds, Notes, Ucc1 filings, notices, negative averments, just about everything one needs to do these processes.

    The Contract Law series with Gordon Hall is fascinating.

    I’ve spent the last 6 months listening and reading everything I can.

    I went to see Winston and Tim, both of them are real and in my opinion genuine gentlemen.

    I have sent for my copies of my Birth Certificate and am about to file my UCC1 and send away my Bonds. (Mum did her UCC1 a few weeks ago)

    My view is that this here information is powerful beyond what anyone of us can comprehend with our so far limited understanding.

    When we empower ourselves, everything changes.

    Its no good waiting around for someone to make us powerful, it can’t/won’t happen.

    It has taken me just over a year of more or less constant study to get to this point where I feel confident to do the filings. Now I am at the point where I can’t not do it.

    I am in New Zealand, and I am sending my Birth Certificate and Bonds to the US Treasury.

    There are a few people around who have heard about all this stuff. Most are skeptical, and rightly so. The only way to change that is to show them. And now I have reached the place where I know that the ‘THEY’ are truly impotent without my fear and dread.

    Filing a UCC1 is all well and good, but true power is the shift of my own mind.

    Amazing Grace,

    • Stawman666

       /  September 21, 2012

      Hello All!

      >Stock tidingsShameless (self?) promotion?More shameless promotion – insipidly and obsequiously plugged, mentions that documentation is free, fails to mention that the documentation is shit and everything else costs money; random namedrop at the end there“I spent the last 6 months listening to Cher and reading everything I can about the mating cycles of ancient Hittite dung beetles. Along my journey I met two vagrant tramps named Winston and Tim, and I can assure you both are real and are in no way pretend. Now I spend my days tactlessly buttering up misguided individuals with apparently personal, though obviously bogus, testimonies on the internet, which I then end with more namedropping in a pathetic bid to advertise my dodgy backyard-operation seminars about da law and stuffMore transpicuous snake oil bullshit designed to make you think that without having attended the aforementioned seminars, Mr. SovereignPants here would never have come across the required data to best inform his and his mommy’s decision to become fweemen!Basically paraphrased: “We humans are too stupid to understand the power of misunderstanding the law.”

      When we empower ourselves, everything changes.

      >General tagline written with a smug air of pseudo-intellectualism, designed to come across as profound but fails miserably due to it being an unremarkable generalisation obviously aimed to engender within readers a sense of true liberty, which is somehow relevant to everything the author has stated thus far (but really isn’t)Obvious statement written in a way that makes it seem a little less obvious; is somehow supposed to correlate to previous statements, none of which are backed by any facts, but again, only subjective testimonies”Gee, thanks to my friends at, Gordon, Winston and Tim, and after a year under their scholarly tutelage (even though I previously stated 6 months), I have a totally new lease on life and am no longer an uber lame slave. Yay! Please, believe my bogus personal story, otherwise this post is all in vein and my boss will make me wear a little red dress and sexually abuse me with a dirty gym sockI fuck sheep! Freeeeeeeeedom!”This is an obscure and dubious subject. Most think its all bullshit, and rightly so because, hey, it all IS mostly bullshit! But the only way to change that is to just write stuff on the internet and hope it resonates with at least enough of my retard demographic that they visit my shitty website and give me money. I’m not afraid of the big baddies anymore, and neither do you have to be for just 5 easy instalments of…”Blah blah, random subjective pontification that ultimately equates to naught in face of objective Reality (to wit, the reality that we are all slaves until we die – the reality we should all start getting used to).More random words,

  18. I have read part of your posting of the strawman and will say vary will done. I love it . I understand it and have done this stuff as of 1993 . it does work . I will be reading the rest of it also , And I do help people with their traffic tickets now, I have certified copies to show people what the traffic laws are really. Have used it in court many times and alway dismissed. they will not address it. Ray

  19. Also the capital letter names is at Goverment styles manual chapter 3 section 3.2 where it states all court documents have to be correct.

  20. Joe

     /  March 5, 2011

    Excellent read! and when you put all the pieces together it fit like a glove.
    thanks my friend

  21. good, but its not yours to kill : )

  22. Jantarina

     /  March 6, 2011

    wonderfull i was looking around to understand it, even if i live in sweden it must be part of the sceam. I rally want to claim my freedom too. great work and a way of putting it easy to understand at last! thank you

  23. Wendy Freer

     /  March 7, 2011

    Hi I’m from Australia.I’ve been awake now for about 7mths and love it.I’m learning more all the time.What do you know about Australia and the UCC.I’ve heard some say that it is a trap as by using it you are joining yourself to the corporation to be used and abused at a later date by the system? What have you managed to learn about this? Then as well how do you manage to utilize the money in the trust? Absolutely love your Blog it is well written and I will use it to try and wake others up as it is easy to read.. Well done

    • I’m sorry I have not looked into other country’s. But we are all one big happy family it seems, connected in ways we can’t comprehend. From the Queen of England changing the Social Security system of America to Commonwealths like yours to CAFRs.

      I will be doing a lot more on this information at some point this year, and am in the process of interviewing.


  24. Wayne Gaul

     /  March 9, 2011

    Very good insight and I enjoyed all the feedback from all different sources and people from all over. I would truly like to talk to some people who have been successful in this endeavor and that are doing it with the “right motives.” Wayne 619-463-3110.

  25. Excellent summation of the situation as I understand it, it is good to see the word spreading and peoples comments on the process. Obviously from the comments above there are many people searching for the answers, I have seen similar doubts being voiced in questions in other places and it is in places such as this that all the small pieces come slowly together into one for the questioners.
    I thank you on behalf of the people who question, and I thank them for questioning
    Here on the other side of the pond we have slightly different problems as we are living in the system which basically started all the other systems and as such it is slightly more complicated to challenge what is going on.
    There does seem to be some hope of bringing the system to account though and if you are interested then perhaps you and your readers might like to see what is being done/attempted here at the minute to overcome some of the obstacles that are in our way, so if you will pardon me dropping a link into this comment please come and visit my blog , the link I will leave is to the main post but the posts before , after and the other pages can stand looking at as well!

    Please do leave a comment somewhere to let me know that you have been through ! I will be back and I will link to this blog to give some background to my readers of the strawman process, the two systems are not so far removed from one another that we cannot learn from each others materials.
    Thanks again, good job Clint!
    I found you through the blog of my friend above at Wakeup Orkney, the link I make for you will be in my blogroll!

    • Thanks my friend… I am just about to post part 2 to this STRAWMAN article, so be sure and catch that as well.

      I’ll check yours out as well.


  26. Rob B

     /  April 1, 2011

    I have a question. Where does a stockbroker go to look up your birth certificate number and get your net worth as a corporate entity?


    • Search the internet, there is much info on this by people that have done it.

      • mary

         /  July 13, 2011

        The BC that I have has only (on tom right)”Birth No: 123-45-(and larger print numbers)67890

        The other number is bottom right, left of the seal: “DOCUMENT No: E123456

        There is nowhere printed this or that bank owns this BC.
        Bottom left is a circle with the city name in it and bottom right is a circular seal: DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH (and a city name)

  27. Brenda

     /  April 8, 2011

    Thank you for the bounty of info. I was married in MA. Our marriage cert doesn’t speak about the product of a union. I will continue my research and quest to release myself from the matrix.

  28. Brenda

     /  April 9, 2011

    Hello and thank you for the bounty of awesome info. My marriage cert from MA, USA, doesnot mention about ” product of union”. Also the certified copy of my birth cert also from MA does not have red numbers on the back. I wonder if it’s because it varys from country to country?

    • Look at the back of your social, you’ll see one letter and numbers and an extra letter. This (minus the last letter) is a serial number on some dollar bill some where.

      Also, your birth certificate is a “trust”. If you look towards the bottom of the document (the newer ones) you will see in extremely small print that some bank holds you as a note. For instance, mine is printed by the by the “MIDWEST BANK NOTE COMPANY”.

      My birth certificate has a red number in the lower left, and is a newer “certified copy”


      • Debra Bentley

         /  October 10, 2011

        these numbers do not appear on Australian Birth Certificates & after asking a stockbroker to look up our numbers he was threatened not to ‘go there again’ & was terrified… It’s very difficult to find the information for the required paperwork needed to be recognized as sovereign here. Trust me, I have been searching endlessly for several years now & it seems to be different for those in the USA to us here in Oz… I love the journey of discovery & learning but lately I am finding it frustrating… arrrggghhh LOL

        • I would suggest following English methods, as a crown colony (not that America isn’t one as well).

          I like John Harris’ group myself and his “lawful rebellion”.

 (5 parts)

          • Debra

             /  December 2, 2011

            Thank you Clint – I have been going down this ‘rabbit hole’ since 2007. I have followed John Harris’s stuff & still unable to find the information required here in Oz – The Government here hides it very very well. I have found that Bill Turner’s are good info for those in Australia & NZ; follow this advice & research the information & you will find what he says is correct, I did.

  29. i am also interested in redeeming my strawman, but still have a lot of unanswered questions. can u contact me at hiddenvalley2010@hotmail or

  30. Cynthia K. Gibb

     /  August 6, 2011

    Excellent information. However, my Third Edition of Black’s Law Dictionary, copyright 1933, mentions nothing about the UNITED STATES separately. I will check the US CODE citation for verification.

    In Freedom,

    Cindy Gibb

  31. Secured Party

     /  August 19, 2011

    Good day to all Free men and women everywhere!

    I have been a secured party creditor for 5 years now and I must say my life has completely changed for the better. The outlook my family and I share is so profound. We look at everything differently now. From how money is created, to the triple state of darkness that the system is forcing on free men and women through media, music, and schools. The internet is a true instrument of freedom in all of its good and bad. For without it, we would not be able to exchange the truth, research and validate the truth and communicate the truth. Secured Party/ Creditor/ Holder-in-due-course status is the supreme status to have. Higher than any centurion black card issued by a corporate fiction.

    Just wanted to point out that: I have indicated in permanent red ink (fine point sharpie marker on the STATE issued driver license under the signature “Without Prejudice UCC-1-308” and I have gotten stopped exactly 6 times (being profile obviously) and the officer/debt collector asks: “sir what does this mean?” and I explained that “I am a secured party creditor registered with the Secretary of State UCC division and I am exempt from levy. This is the same Secretary of State that issues and has your Oath of Office and Bonding information. I cannot be detained in anyway, is there something I can help with?” And every single time the officer goes to his car, comes back and hands me my credentials and says ” sorry for the delay sir, enjoy your day”. My wife was and is still in awe as one incident involved officers, pulling there guns out and pointing them at my wife and I while we sat unarmed in our motor carriage.

    I am currently mastering the commercial lien process to place the corporate unlawfull parasites in a state of financial ruin for injuring my family and I with pointing weapons at us. We are the “injured party” and the Secured Parties with the supreme claim who can state a claim upon which relief can be granted due to our standing.

    Be well, I bid you peace, love, freedom and happiness to you all.

    • tiffany

       /  November 22, 2011

      this is another one of those rosy story book endings that has no factual information in which to base your claim other than your word which today is not worth much. No disrepect to you sir however, where are the facts ? everyone i have talked with regarding strawman redemption always starts with filing a ucc form and then enter into a barrage of paperpushing antics. yet i have yet to see anyone with a letter from the treasury stating there acceptance of their withdrawal from the U.S. Corp. Surely by now if there was someone who has been successful there would be some organized avenues out there shinning through the matrix and leading us to the information, as well as proof of their claims. As in the corrupt system we are in, everyone knows the bottom line when you go to court is: where is your documentation !!!

  32. Secured Party

     /  August 19, 2011

    typo: fine point sharpie marker on the STATE issued driver license under the signature “Without Prejudice UCC-1-308″

    should read

    fine point sharpie marker on the STATE issued driver license “ABOVE” the signature “Without Prejudice UCC-1-308″

  33. natalie joseph

     /  August 20, 2011

    hi, im very happy to have come across this information. Its like i see the bigger picture,but i want to understand more. i have a friend who wants to do it but shes not a citizen.(resident) could she benifit?

  34. james shanburn

     /  August 21, 2011

    Im very interested in this but arent very book smart, I dont understand what The UCC forms are saying. Im tired of the government and all their corupt laws. All men were created free by god and I want to exercise my rights as a natural person. Can you help me?

    • This is a personal journey… and I am trying to do my part by way of this writing.

      Of course, you are not really meant to understand… for if you understood, then others could, and that would be detrimental to the UCC and its brokers.

      • Debra

         /  December 20, 2011

        so true – we are not really meant to understand/comprehend & they do not like to give up their assets/slaves easily. It is a lot of work but worth every minute & One must have the right attitude to be worthy.

  35. Renz72

     /  September 14, 2011

    One shall watch/listen to Dean Clifford on you tube,well worth your time…

  36. mike

     /  September 15, 2011

    Awesome, I can honestly say I have been “awake ” since around 2nd grade, i have always known something was up but being surrounded by lies and people who follow them blindly I couldnt put my finger on it. Corporations to me have always been evil, because of their lack of care for people, and focus on the single goal of money. In this past week I have uncovered this information, and am finding it to be symetrical across all of the sources so I am definitely excited about getting this process right and beginning my new sovereign life on this planet. I wish anyone else just learning this too good luck and hope to see you on the other side.

  37. I strongly suspect that those interested in reclaiming their lawful sovereign rights would be interested in joining the re-inhabited Republic For the united States I know I am. FYI Tim Turner was elected President last fall and as a result is no longer doing his seminars.

    • Susie

       /  January 16, 2014

      I’m having a hard time buying that a so-called “sovereign” person (whatever that really means) would form a republic where there is an actual president. And because elections can NEVER be relied upon as a method to choose leaders, they must be shamming up another bait and switch operation. Not that the USA (or whatever it is) was ever anything different than what it is now…even with all of the apparent document changes.

      Seriously, is it not just this simple: you are born into a world (as far as I KNOW, not of my own doing or desire), and spend many, many years learning HOW to obey rules created prior to your arrival. Told to say things that mean nothing to you in any way in “schools”. Told that what is told to you by someone who has been here longer (more revolutions around a glowing mass of chemicals, millions of miles away) (or who many have some hand in creating this farce) is something that you must follow. Then taught to “read” so that we are even more easily convinced of that. Because it is then that we are taught that contrasting shapes and backgrounds have complex implications on our ability to exercise our so-called minds and bodies. Then, because that physicality was released within seemingly completely arbitrary lines that indicate a demarcation between “lands” with equally arbitrary contrasting shape/bg combinations we are said to be bound by what some specific “older” people had at one time said. That…and ONLY that…convinces me that I am NOT a subject of ANY-F-INGONE. Not even the being (or group of beings or scientists) that created the body that I think I inhabit (that I have been trained to associate my awareness with).

      I have not EVER declared my “strawman” to even exist, because I am subject only to that which I choose to be subject to. However, these insights do NOT stop those who think that they own some part of what I seem to think I should call “me” from using force to assert what I would assume is the will of a much, much less than benevolent creator. Certainly NOT the same one that I would consider to be one that I would allow to place me in this situation.

      So, I look at it this way. If I AM here of my own desire, it must be to achieve a victory over someone enslaving others. If I’m not here of my own desire, than I am here because I have been imprisoned for having the desire to free others from this bondage.

      You all seem to think that “laws” make a difference. Laws are things that people say. What is true is TRUE. It cannot be changed by saying, writing, or even YIELDING to what someone else says is “law”.

      • I had your line of thinking until I realized (years after writing this article) that the United States is occupying the 50 states militarily under the Leiber Code and Marshals of Law, and not just because some old dude says so. It’s a military rule and occupation that gives authority to law. Force and violence. We live under “civil” law voluntarily, and as long as we are peaceful we do not see the throws of Martial law, just the military rule – which mimics the “governmental” process and laws of old. Thus, I realized, there is no free men in America because America is an occupied territory. This changes ones arrogance and perspective (at least it did mine).


      • Moziah

         /  January 16, 2014


        Those statements he made are just subconscious flaws that say he wants to be heard. Some people will forever live in darkness because that’s what cattle do..they follow the heard.

  38. tabitha

     /  October 20, 2011

    so 1st thank you so much for this. 2nd after hearing you talk about the all caps names i ransacked my home and you are right about it all but 1 thing….. my bankruptcy was not. the real me was bankrupt not my straw-man, but i have a theory. hear me out. thay don’t want to bankrupt the straw-man cuz they lose all the “money” he is worth. but you can bankrupt a slave. if he is worth nothing already there is no harm to the profits.=) im new to all this and have just this year opened my eyes to see the world the way it really is. i am no were near what you are but at lest my eyes have been opened. thank you and keep up the great work.

  39. Exact information simply mind blowing. A Secrets corporation the UNITED STATES of which we are collateral property ….who would have believed this true, but is so very true ! “Thank you world press”

  40. Peter said : “get yours eyes checked try panning while filming and tell me if the distortion is also present in movies done by the Hollywood cameras you all love to mention so much”

  41. Robin Murdock-Bey

     /  November 16, 2011


    • I can not find this information eather. Its like all talk with no answers! I read a lot about this and can never find the end!

      • Debra

         /  December 5, 2011

        David Williams is also worth watching & listening to – here is a link to one (YouTube is a great source of info)

        • Debra

           /  December 20, 2011

          this doesn’t seem to come up so reposting ‘The Right of Self Determination link – there are others as well if you look;

    • Debra

       /  December 5, 2011

      IT takes time & effort to research & learn who you really are first, then to comprehend Statutes (I don’t think you meant Statues – lol) you need to learn who they apply to… There is NO MAGIC PILL, you need to do the work to reap the rewards & you must also have the right attitude to be worthy to obtain it. It is not given to you on a silver platter. Why do you need to claim your parent’s trust? Have you claimed your own yet? It appears you are at the beginning of this journey, you will also need to learn patience. Peace & good luck

  42. How Can I establish control over my staw man and free myself in Canada?

    • Debra

       /  December 2, 2011

      look up Dean Clifford – he is on YouTube, Excellent info for those in Canada – Good luck on this exciting journey of discovery…

  43. mike

     /  December 19, 2011

    good day

    first off thank you for taking the time to put all of this information together. i have been studying the redemption process for about a year. To date i have found absolutely nothing of substance to qualify this process. I have found lots of information (albeit on government sites) stating this is scheme and fraud (FBI Website on scams and frauds) Most of the people like Winston Strout, Ben Lowrey, John Edwards, Tim Turner and several others are listed as criminals. Most have liens against their homes and have tax liabilities they have been unable to set off. I would like to think if the the process works that they would use the process to correct their own encumbrances. That being said, if you truly are free and sovergn it stands to reason that you wouldn’t particularly care if there are liens against you. i have significant assets both real and paper, it is suggested (not by direct implication) that this entire process is a means to encapsulate a person whom already had financial troubles into a void. i have absolutely no documentation to support my claim. However, being a large employer in nyc i have had access to ‘legal’ system for many years in a capacity that most people do not. I have reached out to several ‘lawyers’ whom are long time associates and friends (i use the latter term loosely) none of them are aware of any of this. in fact, my labor attorney took an interest and did some research thru whatever resources are available to him and said this is a total scam perpetuated against the already desperate or those who are conspiracy theorists. that being said i still endeavor to educate myself. Also, thru my personal observations I have been to practically everyone’s websites comparing information on the redemption process and everyone says the say thing. We ‘know’ of someone who is doing it. Yet absolutely not one site gives any real documentaion or provides one shred of evidence that this process is even possible. they speak of documents that are returned to them by the gov but NEVER show them. I am skeptical. And when i point of the obvious challenges (flaws) im ignored or written off as uninformed or a nay sayer. in either case, nothing of substance has been presented to me. I have the resources to acquire accurate information on any topic. There is no accurate information available. I will say this, dont spend any money on websites claiming to streamline the process. especially those who wont accept credit cards and demand money orders representing cash (the same cash they say does not exist due to fraction reserve banking and fiat currency). Im willing to pay fifty thousand dollars in cash or the gold/silver equivilent to anyone who can prove this process works. And by proof i mean, having done the process themselves and helped others thru it. if that person exists, i will gladly compensate them for their knowledge. I have posted this offer on many blogs and got nothing but half baked answers and promises that never panned out. my advice to anyone reading this and to anyone who cares is to be very weary. if it seems to good to be true it is. if someone can prove me wrong, i invite you to do so. not by directing me to someones webpage or blog. by real fact without opinion confirmed by corresponding documentation. i can be reached at

    • I can introduce you to Joe, the subject of part 2 of this STRAWMAN article. He has certainly had success.

      The word success is of course different for different people. His success may not be considered success to you. But he is walking the walk, traveling not driving without license, and his success has been met with turmoil and many court dates, stolen and destroyed property, etc.

      While he is successful, he is up against not only the police and court system, but the people themselves who support their own slavery.

      So what is success?


      • SecuredPartyCreditor

         /  December 19, 2011

        Free-men and women…

        Ignore the poster who has doubts and questions the process. if he has access to lawyers and other resources and has the financial means to access information, why is he here nay saying?

        He’s an agent out to push dis-information and psy-ops. Continue in your quest for truth and yes, if anything is true it should be able to withstand the test of investigation. But also read between his lines and the lines of every nay-sayer as you would all proponents. But seriously be on the look out for these types of posts…they are nothing more than dis-information campaigns design to deter the masses from this information.

        just today I received a response from the IRS telling me that the alleged tax bill owed by my strawman has been satisfied in full by my issuance of my private money order, drawn on the strawman account (SS#) at the treasury department. In other words…discharged.

        I sent the private money order along with a validation of debt pack as per The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act requiring them (the IRS) to validate the debt in every way requested, or accept the private money order, or rebut my claims via Affidavit sworn on the private hand of a senior officer (they will never do that), I also included an affidavit of right to file a counterclaim against the bond of the commissioner..(throwing him out of office) should they continue with their UN_FAIR DEBT COLLECTION PRACTICE! They are a debt collection agency of the Treasury and the FDCPA applies to them more than any other entity.

        So beware of the Nay-Sayer…do you homework, I’ve found that you cannot go by one mans method as those men have merely went through trial and error trying to get things to work. ALL THEY WANT IS THE MONEY ORDER. The other legal documents are sent for enforcement purposes so they don’t try and ignore you, throw you documents out or hit you with frivolous claim penalties.

        They (IRS) have to follow the UCC just like any other collector, bank or finance company, learn how to prepare documents with averments, caveats and require them to rebut with affidavit or discharge alleged debts and face punitive damages through you claims filed in a federal criminal complaint.

        This aint rocket science, but you do have to have common-law sense!

        Seasons greetings to you and yours.


      • Well said, thank you. I’m just hanging in there still reading. I sure would like to get that issue about the drivers’ license.

        As we know they are major fee-generators, and it’s been a major (crisis) issue in my life for so many years. If I couldn’t pay registration on time, it escalated til it couldn’t be paid; then the car would be towed. I had gone into traffic court (sev’l yrs ago) and been given the extortion “choice” — admit guilt and I’ll reduce the fee, or contest it and take the risk. I made it about three steps towards contest it. i then got an extension to pay their (bond, whatever) and specifically being exempted, my car was targeted and towed, right from my home, before the date was up. I was by then pretty destitute, and though it was a great used car, that was it.

        Prior to this the same law enforcement stood by idle while my (minor) kids were removed, while I (allegedly) had some rights in the version of a court order I after enough of this. There was no legitimate accusation, and there wasn’t any remedy either. You don’t just get over this (ever), but it was enough of a jolt at least to be jolted the rest of the way awake (let’s hope).

        I think if you keep walking in a certain direction (that looks like freedom, or closer to it), it’s just idiotic to turn back.

  44. Eddie McCain

     /  December 19, 2011

    I have been researching this for about 9 months. Can anyone give me a schedule and info on any seminars being given on this topic?

    • cynthia

       /  January 2, 2012

      25 years ago, Frank O’Collins started collecting and working on the ideas that eventually became UCADIA and has deciphered the Slave Code that entraps us in our daily lives.
      He has provided for us new models of society which are Lawfully superior. The most PROFOUND knowledge, wisdom, Truth I’ve ever come across.

      University of Ucadia -talkshoe- Wednesdays 9PM EST


      • Kieran Zero

         /  August 3, 2012

        You know that . 🙂

        UCADIA rocks . . .

        Competence, standing and spiritual authority.
        That’s the way we deal with the Roman Cult Magyars.

        Register your live borne record with UCADIA and completely
        transcend the Roman Cults’ Babylonian system.

        Forget strawmen, freemen, liens, all of that.
        Get your live borne record, your promised land record, start your will and testament, get your great seal going, and take control of your life estate.

        Kind regards,

        Kieran Zero.

  45. Ens Legis

     /  December 20, 2011

    I have been a part of the Freedom Movement since 1964 C.E. This is basic Truth outlined here. I and many others who are truly Sovereign and Free Men on the Land, can prove beyond a shadow of doubt that this is one path to take on the yellow brick road to gain total freedom from the corporate monster controlled by the power elite. This rabbit hole goes deep and has many side pathways that can divert one away from the real Truth. If one is truly focused and has the desire to attain real Sovereignty, it will take time and a lifetime of continuous study and research in order to gain true wisdom of the matter. Study and show thyself approved to the Creator within the fire that is in your Heart and all will fall into place over time. Be vigilent and keep on keepin’ on! Done this twentieth day of December, Two Thousand Eleven, C.E., without the United States.

    • Debra

       /  January 7, 2012

      @ Ens, I live on the land mass of Australia, would you like to get in touch with me & have a chat? Cheers mate

  46. Hello there, It seems that there is now a lot of people who know what is going on around us. No one has come up with a sane answer to the problem because they are all trying to correct the problem using what is available instead of doing exactly the opposite. They are trying to correct a Debt Money System using Debt Money. People should be all reading the works of C H Douglas an engineer who applied Engineering principles to the problem and solved it for both rich and poor by offering a Credit System of money. This is the only logical way to do it. It is no use letting the Government create the money using debt money because this doesn’t work it has been proven time and again. Money must be created debt free to everyone from the Government down to the lowest person in the land. The present money does not balance naturally so we had to use something that does. Read C H Douglas’s books especially the “Monopoly of Credit” but make sure you know how the present system operates all all of Douglas;’s ideas will just sound like gobbly gook to you. Do not read anything else but the books he has written as there are so many people who think they know better than him and call themselves Social Crediter’s after the name that was given to his prophesies. His ideas will amaze you as he answers all questions logically and with fact. The monetary system used a number of people to try and discredit him for instance John Maynard Keyes who he absolutely cut to pieces in a public debate on the English BBC Radio before the Second World War.
    It became so popular throughout the British Empire of the time it became close to being adopted. A new Zealand Government used his ideas to finance the first few power stations but of course that Prime Minister suddenly died and the replacement said that New Zealand should go to the suggestions of the London School Of Economics ways. New Zealand’s debt took off from that moment. It was already in trouble from the Depression as it was. Those power stations did not cost the New Zealand public a penny(in those days). It only takes few changes for C H Douglas’s ideas to work.
    The people with money do not want it to change as they already have the money and the ones without money are to dumb to realise what is wrong or to lazy to find out. The answer is there don’t listen to a lot of University trained Economists bluff you any longer it is them that are wrong not C H Douglas.

  47. Jill

     /  January 11, 2012

    That’s ‘strawperson’ you sexist pig!

  48. i like all the info soo far,but why would u kill your strawman,that entity is worth 100,000,000,000 of discharging debt money.

  49. LawofNations

     /  January 18, 2012

    sorry guys, but all this sovereign stuff is missing elements of international law. they only way to be sovereign is to build our own “nation-state” I can defeat this ideology with two sub-sections

    § 1. Of the state, and of sovereignty

    A NATION or a state is, as has been said at the beginning of this work, a body politic, or a society of men united together for the purpose of promoting their mutual safety and advantage by their combined strength.

    From the very design that induces a number of men to form a society which has its common interests, and which is to act in concert, it is necessary that there should be established a Public Authority, to order and direct what is to be done by each in relation to the end of the association. This political authority is the Sovereignty; and he or they who are invested with it are the Sovereign. (10)

    § 2. Authority of the body politic over the members.

    It is evident, that, by the very act of the civil or political association, each citizen subjects himself to the authority of the entire body, in every thing that relates to the common welfare. The authority of all over each member, therefore, essentially belongs to the body politic, or state; but the exercise of that authority may be placed in different hands, according as the society may have ordained.

    The “real” answer lies in exercising the “right of self-determination”. I am studying international law and that is where people should start “in my opinion”. We need thinkers to get out of this system of “death” (debt)
    Come out of Babylon or partake in the plagues that are already taking place…….getting lost in the matrix “codes” is a dangerous place to be lost in (again just my opinion)

    • Thanks. If you’d like to expand on this or write something I’d be happy to post it.

      I’ll only say that the current “authority” is not the one we the sovereign “established”, and so being a sovereign is impossible under that authority by its very nature.


  50. LawofNations

     /  January 18, 2012

    I am not an expert at the moment, I am researching just like the rest, but I find Matrix solutions and David Williams information to very accurate.

    This information was from the Law of Nations btw which is mentioned in the Constitution….Article 1 Section 8
    To define and punish Piracies and Felonies committed on the high Seas, and Offences against the Law of Nations;

    Hard to be a Constitutional expert without ever reading or mentioning the “Law of Nations”. Vattel had a very profound influence on our “founding fathers”. Also the Informer (matrixcutter) on youtube has some really good information that seems to validate what David Williams is talking about. There is a great interview on youtube with David and Patrick Timpone that is 13 parts long…best interview out there in my opinion.

    I am continuing in my research and am not earning anything off telling people this…just wanting to bring some truth to the craziness we face and I find his information well documented and very excellent…I am sure as time goes on, a blogpost will have to be made…good luck!

    P.S. Thank you for that Dude, That Isn’t Wax On Your Apple! post…great stuff. I am going to be speaking with my grocery stores about that one!

    • This is completely true. We need to exercise the right of self-determination. But most of us are lost on how to accomplish this. It begins with contracts. Since the beginning, this world works by agreement between men. Today we call these agreements “contracts”.
      The law of contracts says that a contract can be entered by a complicit agreement, or by a failure to abut the presumption.

      An example would be: If a man and his buddies were approached by another man who stated ” All you men are standing on my land and if you don’t leave immediately, I will charge each of you with trespassing and a fine of one thousand dollars.” The man and his buddies have now been offered a contract.
      How they respond and act will determine the outcome.

      If the man and his buddies can abut the presumption, one outcome. If they accept the presumption, the claimant prevails.
      If they fail to do anything… the claimant prevails by default.
      Default is a very powerful aspect of law.

      This is the position most U.S. Citizens find themselves today. They have agreed to the presumption OR they have failed to rebut the presumption. So, this idea of “sovereignty” is a very powerful one for most. But, it takes work. You need to rebut the presumption, you need to explore your contracts, to see if you have agreed to be a slave for the government,(do you carry U.S. ID? do you use U.S. SSN? do you occupy a “residence” in the U.S.?)

      Easiest way to see it is this: The U.S. opened up a company using your birth certificate number, then they waited seven years to see if there was a rebuttal to the presumption. Then, if you applied for a social security number for that company, you have then agreed to run that company according to THEIR rules. The company DOES NOT belong to you. It never did. It’s THEIRS.
      But the flesh and blood you, IS NOT the company.

      That is our redemption.

      Put their company down. Refuse to be the slave. This is very difficult for most. But more and more everyday are doing this successfully. You can too. But it takes work and it takes a village. You must find others that think and feel as you do and band together. “Where two or more are gathered” there is power. We all need someone to watch our back.

      If these type of ideas resonate with you, you can find others pursuing their right of self-determination at

      General Post Master, Steven-michael:Ben-yhwh

  51. shareef handy

     /  February 1, 2012

    This is my first time lookin at this page an to be honest i was incarcerated back in January 4 2010 to march 27 2011 an through that time period I invested a lot of time studying this subject and after u was realeased I became accustomed to many distractions that pulled my attention away from this an it is now February 1 2012 that i read this page an realize I need to get back in pursuit of becoming master of my destiny and breaking the chains of a mental slave. I believe god puts certain things in front us to make conscious decisions that will ultimately lead us down a path of glory or a path of mental darkness and i truely believe after reading this . It brought me back to reality literally on that path to glory so i would like to thank you an i hope this page does the same for the next person who needs proper guidance. Peace an love

    • shareef handy

       /  February 1, 2012

      I’m a seeker of knowledge,truth, and understanding . I know this process takes patience and determination. I allowed myself to have either but after visiting this page I would like to pick up where I left off and further education towards this. Where I’m from I haven’t met anyone with knowledge to this nor anyone who would have an open mind to try an understand. So i hope you could reach out to help me become better educated on this an so i know there’s other minds out there that want to open up to truth. Cause bein surrounded by so many robots my mind falls back into that robot mode LOL

      • LawofNations

         /  February 2, 2012

        Please check the Informer (matrixcutter) on youtube besides David Williams…we are commanded to “come out of Babylon” if we wanna avoid the coming plagues and I believe we must do this, but I also believe it needs to be a new (neo) nation-state. The last thing we want is to beliigerently assume control over a nation we never truly had claim to (ie US). We have the example of what the “founding fathers” actually accomplished by separating themselves from the “mother country”. Granted, they kept the slaves under that same system, but the “signers” and their “posterity” earned their freedom. I think it will be a nation of kings and priests, but this is just my personal opinion. We shall see what plays out, but education is the key. Check out 12 Stat 319, 48 Stat 1 (executive Order 2039) Title 12 USC 95(a)+(b)
        More good info on this here…..

        Good luck!

  52. I have filed with the ucc how do i y account with the dept of treasury? i would like to hear how to do it thanks

  53. barbara

     /  February 21, 2012

    I have been looking for several years and even tried to file but did not have the right order of things. I need to understand how and why. Most of all i need to understand what the consequences of filing are so that i am fully informed. I know of a man in the military who has done this but he moved before he explained it, just left a paper to file for money. i am searching.

  54. My son has a municipal bond from 1924. The City clerk says it was declare Null & Void by the Fed after WWII. The bank it was to be drawn on says it is a true & accurate bond & the city must pay. My son’s atty agrees, the city clerk refused to pay. If redeemed now the bond would be worth $150,000. How can someone prove the bond is good and make them pay?

    • This is a difficult case.

      Everything changed in 1933 with the declaration of national emergency, for which government has been under since. This makes government rule without the constitution. Also, the BAR Association is now the law, and law pre-1938 or so is rejected by the courts (BAR).

      You will probably need to take the “corporation” that the bond was issued by. If it is a municipal bond (meaning it was issued by a municipal corporation (the corporate name for a city or town) and that city is still incorporated, they are bound by the contract (the bond). It will be turned into a warrant and the county sheriff can put a lien on the corporation (city) until its paid. That is, if your sheriff isn’t corrupt. This is similar to a Sheriff’s lein on a foreclosure home from the bank.

      Bottom line… the bond is a contract and the bond issuer is liable via contract.


  55. Placido S. Gomez

     /  March 1, 2012

    My Name is Placido S. GOMEZ, I am a secured party creditor and understand the SPCs status. I want to have friends who want to learn more about the system and the PUBLIC POLICY. My Email is: . No bond no charge.

    • hello my name is sherry how and what do you file with the deptment of treasury to open your accounts also if write somone a promissary note how do they get their money thanks so much for any information, my email is sherryberry1953#hotmail.con

  56. Naji Scott

     /  March 4, 2012

    Hello Reality blogger

    I’m in my early 20s and I’ve been studying this STRAWMAN stuff for a few months. And right now I want to learn how to put this knowledge into practice. Why?

    1. I’m tired of being screwed over by all these entities.
    2. I’m fighting both HSBC and CapitalOne right now. They claim I owe them a total of just under $600.00 😦
    3. I’m currently owing about $2,743.62 in student loans. Yaaay, I’m a drop out like you. 😀
    4. I refuse to go along with this bullshit any longer.

    A. I’m trying to figure out how do I take the two credit card companies and Sallie Mae to court, battle them and win? I’ve never anyone to court before. But I’ve got to learn how. I’m tired of all these calls and letters coming in demanding payment. Everything you have in your blog here matches perfectly with what is on all of these three entities documents. CAPS everywhere!

    B. How do I battle the UNITED STATES corporation and actually acquire the money that they owe me?

    C. What are the steps for filing the UCC-1?

    Please get back to me as soon as you can. I really need to learn how to put this info into practice. I’m done owing false entities false money.

    Please email me at

    • Hello. I am not in a position to personally help you at this time. And you must learn that this is not about being owed anything or making a profit before you can ever go forward…

      UCC-1 is a form available from the government. A simple internet search will bring that up for each state.

      An unsecured loan is just that… UNSECURED! They have no lawful standing to force you to pay, at least without your consent. There is no collateral assigned, and no collateral may be taken. However, you signed a contract to pay. My opinion (not legal advise) is that most contracted debts should be paid, though interest should be ignored. Again, this is not a system of screwing your contractors out of their hard earned money.

      However, in the case of certain loans, like these you are in, the bank must prove it loaned you money it already had. Did the bank actually earn that money through hard work and ten loan it to you? It must prove that your loan gave it a – (negative) balance. It must prove that the money did not come from another source, outside of the bank. If I were to be fighting such a loan, I would seek “proof of claim” showing that that money gave the bank a negative balance. More likely it gave it a zero balance, and all the principle and interest owed is profit for the bank, as it had a zero balance at the inception of the loan (after the money was loaned to me). The principle also may be going elsewhere, while the bank is allowed to charge interest while “collecting” the loan payments (its reward).

      Why do I say this?

      The federal Reserve states that “money is created when banks make loans” (paraphrase). But banks can’t really create money, only the Federal Reserve via the Treasury and the Mint can create money. Therefore, that loan document you signed must have been monetized and the money given to the bank before it could be given to you. So… its likely that the bank never loaned you any of its own money! And this means that your loan payments are pure profit for the bank as the bank is the “change agent” or middle-man that conned you into attaining your rightful money via the bank with interest, instead of creating it yourself as your own bank as a people.

      That is all I can tell you. And none of this should be construed as legal advise.

      You may want to check out Burt, here:

      Good luck.


  57. Hi Clint,
    Check out Dean Clifford. Max Igan has a link on his website


  58. Crazy feeling. Like hearing myself speak, only in an American Accent.

    That audio needs to be flashed around the world. I’m Indian (do check out my work, you’ll understand the kin-ship I’m feeling….and I can feel it in my bones that we are living the exact same admiralty law reality here in India (everything is shipped, trans-ported, billed), the BAR mumbo-jumbo of extreme un-justice (In-justice would be great, but they’ve twisted the very tongue!)…. bribery, various laws for various strata….the British left their “system” firmly entrenched, to bring us to the dystopia that is modern day india…

    Boy, listening to that felt like mental floss.

    Bravo Clint.

    A brother from india via 12 years in the US that opened my eyes.


    The only “True” border is a linguistic one.

  59. Curious question

     /  April 20, 2012

    Curious question when purchasing a UCC-1. Do you have to get a UCC-1 for each individual in a family or can you purchase only one and then make copies of it? For example

    A family of three, a man, a woman and an adult son. Would they have to purchase three separate UCC-1 forms or could they purchase just one and make two extra copies and the other two family members use the two copies.

    Thank you so much for this info Clint.

    • I have to tell you I do not know the answer, as I am not a family man.

      But the “property” that would be placed into a SPC UCC1 probably would only be placed in one persons account. I would then estimate that you would want to set up a trust account or fund which would transfer that “property” into your wife or children’s possession. If they have a separate UCC then I would think it could be trusted to that account.

      Better to seek advice from someone with this particular family experience. Personally, my friend, I would never sign a contract of marriage with the state; giving the State via “due process” possession over my children as Parens patriae in the first place – but that’s just me.

      See more here:

  60. Curious2

     /  May 5, 2012

    How long does this process take? Let’s say I’ve filled out the UCC-1 form already. How much time will it take before I legally have ownership of my strawman? Just curious.

    Also thank you for providing links to that man Tim Turner. Haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but so far he sounds awesome.
    Thank you so much for this info.

    • You do not own and will never own your “strawman”. It is not your property. It is the legal fiction, a veil of corporate person-hood, that the State has given you in order to conduct business transactions with the State. It is property of the State. You have the choice to utilize this corporation or to not utilize it. Just as you may obtain a job without giving out your Social Security number, though this legal fiction is in your pocket while you work. The “strawman” is an empty suit of armor, that the state cannot do business with unless you fill that suit with your consent. Without this consent and action, the strawman is just an inanimate bail of straw. You put it on and take it off as it suits your purposes, and be careful not to let the State sneak it on you when you aren’t looking.

      The filing of paperwork should be notarized and sent certified mail. It is generally effective on the received date of the corporation unless they return it to you un-filed. You may include a demand of response letter allowing 21 days to respond if you wish, and let them know that a lack of certified response assumes consent of contract. The same applies to anything sent to you, so answer all letters and notices.

      I do not know what legal advice is, thus, this is not legal advice…

      • working hard!

         /  May 11, 2012

        Thanks for the reply. Sorry if I sounded a bit confusing. I’m still getting used to all these semantics. ^^;

        Also in Illinois they say they require BOTH the debtor and the secured party names to be in all caps. But everyone else I listen to specifically states that they should not EVER both be in all caps. Only the debtor section should be in all caps. Since Illinois requires this. Should I fill out the way they want or should I fill it out the way Tim Turner and others have stated? (requriements by state)

        Sorry if it seems I’m being a bit bothersome. There are so few resources on the web that break this process down.

        Great job on this blog. 🙂

        • Ask for the statute. If a legal code is quoted, ask for proof of claim.

          The “ALL-CAPS NAME” issue in my opinion is a misnomer. A name in no way must be in all caps on a contract for it to signify a “person” instead of living people. Notating that this “name” is not this natural man is always a good precaution, as there can be no mix-up when it counts. You are your only advocate, and no matter how ridiculous or obvious something seems at the time, say or write it down anyway. It can only hurt your pride, but can protect you from inadvertent contractual obligations via illicit (words as trickery or magic) obligation. Never sign any contract or “dotted line” without stating what and whom that signature represents. No consent. No understanding. No contract.

          I had the legislative writing for this, but it is lost in the shuffle. But it stated that no CAPS are required for contract using the corporate person.

          Oh, and you don’t have to do this in your particular state of “residence”. You may use any document from any state.

          Not legal advice… I’m just speaking my mind.

          • becoming a secured party

             /  May 15, 2012

            Hello again Clint

            I can file the UCC-1 with another state like Kentucky or Indiana? I live in Illinois but I’m not sure if I’ll file the UCC-1 here. I don’t have to file only in Illinois do I?(not asking for advice, asking for info)

            Are there people who have successfully filed a UCC-1 through a secretary of state that was NOT the state that they live in?

          • L. peter .Little

             /  May 15, 2012

            I always sign any document BY : signature ( block caps :colon )
            meaning signed by the agent all rights reserved.

  61. Nikola teachs how to use free energy for your electricity such as TV and radio wavies as sources.

  62. Clint,
    I’ve been reading most of your blogs and I find the info very informative, thank you for taking the time to share your scholarly information with the rest of us.
    There is no question that we are just pawns on a chessboard. But that is the human condition. I then followed your suggestion to listen to Zeitgeist’s video presentation. I came away with the conclusion that their theories are misguided. Their Premise on the various issues may be 80% factual/correct but it’s the other 20% that concerns me. Their theories make the same illogical assumptions that many social engineers make on the various “isms.” They all fail to take under account the human condition. Their greatest error is that they fail to understand the meaning of the statement, “man is evil all the time…” not just some time, but all the time. As long as man exists, he will concoct methods to control man to satisfy his selfishness.
    As long as we are under that curse, man cannot ever achieve freedom by the various methods he designs.
    On the other hand, have you heard of criminals on death row that profess (notice that I didn’t say “claim”) to be free? How absurd is that? The answer is knowing Christ and serving Him. I’m not talking about religion; I am talking from experiencing the freedom that I have been enjoying for the last 35 years. The US doesn’t own me. Documents can say whatever they want but they can’t control my spirit of freedom. You see, I voluntarily accepted the offer to be adopted by the King of the universe.
    An amazing transformation occurred after that unemotional weighty decision: I slowly relinquished my selfishness and a huge world of freedom opened before my eyes. The result is that no Bank, no Government, no Chess Player can own me.
    Clint, that’s what you call true liberation.
    Thanks again for the scholarly info that provides enough knowledge to be able to put in office the lesser of the two crooks and hopefully keep him/her on their toes.

  63. Seretha

     /  June 3, 2012


    I know someone who has been successful at this process but he is so busy helping others, so I reading for myself now. Question

    1. Do you need to fill out these forms before UCC1 form- PA, SA, HHIA, SA/CLC. Private Agreement Security Agreement, Hold Harmless and Security Common Law

  64. James Farrell

     /  June 17, 2012

    Clint, your blog is extraordinary! well done, my friend. wondering if you know where else we can view the first video in the article “killing your strawman part 1”. the youtube acct that it was on is closed, probably just blatant censoring by youtube of “sensitive info” to the tyrant scum behind the curtain! take care, and may God bless you!

  65. John

     /  June 26, 2012

    A lot of this stuff is flawed. If you really want the truth contact me. Do you have skype?

  66. lyle

     /  July 3, 2012

    If we are slaves and have no rights, how come we still have guns?

    • Look up the legal definition of “right” and “freedom”, and you’ll understand.

      • lyle

         /  July 3, 2012

        Freedom is one of our rights. But that’s not the point. In 1861 lincoln declared martial law which was never reversed. 1863 the lieber code took away our property and rights. 1864-67 the 14th amendment was ratified makeing us slaves. 1933 the tradeing with the enemy act was amended and we where reclassified as enemy combatants. So we are under martial law, have no property , no rights, and are slaves and enemy combatants who have guns? I’m not trying to dispute you. I believe in what you are saying. Somethings just don’t add up.

        • Freedom is a legal term which literally means OBEY THE LAW (free as long as you obey the laws). Freedom is a government granted privilege, as all enumerated rights are. A right is God-given and a privilege is government derived and contracted.

          You have the privilege to carry guns, which is why some guns are illegal.

          The one truth that you must understand is this:

          The right to bear arms is only as legitimate as your willingness to use those arms to defend your right to bear them.

          All government rights are indeed revocable privileges.

          Reread the 5th amendment, for instance, and you’ll see that it states that your life, liberty, and property can be taken with due process of law.

          What else do you need to read?

          Also, reread the habeas corpus portion, which specifically states that this is a privilege, not a right.

          But most of all, remember that every word written in the constitution and the declaration is a legal term. Chances are you read the constitution in conversational slang, not legal terms, which is why the word freedom and the word right is mistranslated from its very specific legal meaning to a false sense of what these words are used for in everyday conversation.


  67. Winn Peters

     /  July 7, 2012

    Well, I hope whoever “John” is he gets you straightened out, ’cause I want only the truth. BUT Why? doesn’t John tell ALL of us what the truth is? Methinks he doesn’t really know, just thinks he knows.

    BTW- I have heard what you say here about the BAR ad nauseum. BUT I have yet to see anyone document with black ink on white paper what you and so many others repeat.

    • Most aspects of government have been privatized, and powers delegated to private associations – everything from the BAR to the very election of the president of the United States by “Electors” who are in turn elected by the private associations called political parties.

      I would encourage you to search for the “International Bar Association” and look at the membership of that organization. It is not called the British Accreditation Registry, and hasn’t been for centuries.

      I would also recomend my recent article about the International Social Security Association – over 130 countries in that international program. The U.S did not invent social security.


  68. John

     /  July 8, 2012

    I don’t think I can cover it all here. I offered to talk with Clint so he could correct some of the flaws in this strawman stuff. He has not responded.

  69. If you think that using a system (UCC) that THEY created will free you from the bondage that THEY created, you are sadly mistaken. There is NO remedy in the UCC. Just type “TAX PROTESTER LOSING ARGUMENTS” into your browser to see the truth.

    The ONLY way to free your self from the bondage THEY created is to excersize your right of self-determination. You must declare exile from the STATE and then join a new state that upholds the values you seek.

    Others have done this and have seen success. The Bible clearly commands the faithful to “separate yourselves” Could it be any clearer?

    There is a place established for those who wish to excersize the right of self-determination peacefully, under the rules established in International Law to do so.

    You can witness their progress at
    I can be contacted at

    General Post Master Steven Michael

    • Thank you. And I agree.

    • John

       /  July 8, 2012

      While it is a system they created and using their laws within their foreign system cannot and will not free you, their system did NOT place you into any bondage. Only YOU can place yourself into bondage by your own acts by volunteering to participate in their system. Even international law has no bearing on you unless you choose to participate in it. There is one supreme law and that is natural law which is God’s Law that even they acknowledge and recognize as the supreme superior Law. All one needs to free themselves from their system is to merely stop claiming their crap as being yours and then rebut their presumptions which they make from a result of all your past mistakes of having made claims to their property.

  70. sharon

     /  July 8, 2012

    This link is not working
    Also, this is a good video to send to friends and family who are curious:

  71. The seminar links are down, and the website that you listed is a fake, at least i believe it is a fake since Tim Turner even in the first couple of seminars said he doesn’t charge for this info, yet the sites wants 400 bucks for info.

  72. John

     /  August 23, 2012

    Can a French born citizen kill his Straw man as well ?

    Thank you

    • The simple answer is that the “STRAWMAN” is a contract.

      The legal definition of the word “solution” is literally to end a contract.

      SOLUTION, civil law. Payment. 2. By this term, is understood, every species of discharge or liberation, which is called satisfaction, and with which the creditor is satisfied. Dig. 46, 3, 54; Code 8, 43, 17; Inst. 3, 30. This term has rather a reference to the substance of the obligation, than to the numeration or counting of the money. Dig. 50, 16, 176. Vide Discharge of a contract.

      Understand this, and you understand how to legally kill your STRAWMAN (contract).

  73. Wayne

     /  October 8, 2012

    Thank god I’m not the only one who sees the reality! Great work ,long live the thinker !

  74. How does a person go about de-registering oneself as a citizen and where would you find a notary who would prepare such a document

  75. Doug

     /  November 12, 2012

    Okay so how can I get access to this money without having to give some scam artist a bunch of money upfront? I understand people wanting to make a profit here, but it seems that you would also like to be able to just help someone out once in a while.

    • I get no profit because I’m not selling anything.

      Due diligence and research on your part is payment to Chronos.

      • Doug

         /  November 14, 2012

        I am very interested in trying to get more information on this. I am alsp interested in gaining access to this account. What would claiming this account do for me as far as taxes go?

  76. securedparty28

     /  November 14, 2012

    People…please over-stand that there is no getting something for nothing with any part of this process. It’s all about TITLES, TRUST and ESTATE and most importantly PRIVACY. Learn and know, TITLES, TRUST AND ESTATE LAWS. Then take control of your STRAWMAN/WOMAN. You want to OWN NOTHING but CONTROL EVERYTHING as it relates to the root of the TITLE (BIRTH CERTIFICATE/TRUST). There are many out here who profess to be oracles and sages regarding these processes. I’m not knocking anyone, but verify EVERYTHING. Take it step by step and learn all there is to know. Obviously the first step it to take control of the the root of TITLE (the birth cert.), then learn how to operate on the private side of the account as well as the public. (FRONT OF SOCIAL SEC CARD IS PUBLIC, BACK IS PRIVATE) There is a separation between the two and that is critical to over-stand.

    But again, this is not a get rich quick scheme, nor is it a get something for nothing type of event. Do your research, trek with like minded individuals, CONTROL everything, but OWN nothing.

    In the spirit of progress…


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    pretty worth enough for me. In my view, if all website owners and bloggers
    made good content as you did, the internet will be much more useful than ever before.

  78. “Better to know the truth, than live a lie”.
    Thanks for info. I have re-posted this on my blogg. Like you I am trying to wake people up. So many people are totally brainwashed and don’t even want to wake up to the real world. Yet many people are open to the truth and just need to be educated. It is people like you who are awakening humanity from the illusion. Thank you. Now, I wake people up everyday. I can do it in less than 10 minutes if the person is open minded, Did it today while I was getting my hair cut.
    Please visit my blogg and see what I have learned and want to share. We are all one, We need to work together and end this slavery of humanity. The internet has made this possible. In a sense it is the collective consciousness of us all. Good and bad.
    What we do here matters to our eternal souls.

  79. marika

     /  November 30, 2012

    Clint, this video: is no longer available. Do you have the title? Maybe someone has uploaded. It’s right at the beginning of your article.


    • marika

       /  November 30, 2012

      Never mind. I read ALL of the comments and found the video:

    • What if I give myself a 2,000,000 loan in exchange for a very nice pen with payment plan and interest and I fail to pay myself. by Failing to make the payments on it and then Sue myself under my all capitals name and appear to court I do the same request the note or etc and win my case does that mean I would then receive after signing the contract the 2 million dollars?

      • John

         /  December 8, 2012

        No, because you will not and cannot ever be recognized as a private man in any court. You MUST have a “person” (strawman) to use to conduct commerce within the fictional system.

        BTW, all caps is irrelevant. How the name is spelled makes no difference. It is the Surname (last name) combined with the given name that creates the fiction commercial name, whether it is all lower case, upper and lower, or all caps. It’s all the same.

  80. I should be able to rip myself off right? I mean really its makes perfect sense and since I am human and my strawman is not its two parts one human one paper

  81. If I go to a broker which I do have a copy of my original bcert. and he pulls the fund will he also release any trading done on the account? the amount its worth? and I lost my home to for closure and of coarse did not understand any of this prior, so in this sense if any business or corp goes after my strawman fund is it correct that I would have the right to the first million dollars in that fund? I have been reading for a while and just wants some clarification. I also am Native American but adopted and I have a tribal attorney that will open my adoption records to see tribal background any info you have or tips for me with that?

  82. I’d like to say something about communicating large and relevant information through a very linear form called “Commenting on a post.” I’ve had some years of experiencing this (since about 2009) after first joining an on-line support group (first one large, then one smaller) — OK, of women — to handle some devastating experiences in life. For a while this was helpful and supportive, after which a certain “group dynamic” took over and I found myself spending more, and yet more, of my day reading, responding to, and sometimes handling commentary.

    In essence was have a linear format being used by a group, and the energy behind getting to the point and then — as our group was a little more self-limiting than a public blog like this one — deciding whether to do anything about it — was wasted energy and, to a degree, time.

    The fact is, in on-line groups we have limited knowledge of who each other is, and are bonding (or disagreeing) on specific facts put forward, and then how these facts fit in a larger picture that we would (most of us) like to be changed — probably radically changed.

    While guilty of this myself, including on this blog (I love the blog material!) — I just do want to say that the most valuable — and best verified — information I have to offer anyone else, was obtained outside this group-validation format and after I split from them, in part because the particular group in common was complaining a lot but refused to come up with a common set of FAQs, or any action agenda.

    Having none of their own, i.e., deduced from their own research (or validating anyone else’s research independently) — they became fair game to other profiteers (carpetbaggers on the area of distress) and TO THIS DAY– are found promoting the sale of goods and services of various nonprofit advocacy groups — while many of these same (women) are themselves homeless or close to it, and not being given even a referral fee for the commissions attention they brought others.

    I also know both women and men are particularly subject to bonding with each other, there is a dual level of communication going on most of the time: 1. bonding or sorting and selecting associations; 2. facts.

    Basically, this format (much as I love reading the material) is then high-information, but low-personal-contact. It does not make for the kind of individual validation or verification that can really support another person under duress — and we are definitely under duress and will continue to be by even talking about the bankruptcies, the CAFRs, the various lies our own gov’t has been putting forth.

    HOWEVER — when you look at the individuals in power, who have pulled off this or that “coups” (financial or political) they operate differently — they operate with high personal/social contact, in smaller and more restricted circles, and away from the public eye.

    They also in forming those multiple nonprofit associations (like W. Burien has talked about: “How Government Bypasses its own monopoly laws” (a link on the main site, I think) — then do conferences. In the conferences, there’s more social bonding, exchange of information (sale of some goods) and production of more saleable goods, i.e., DVDs from the conferences to further evangelize others into their agenda. what else goes on at conferences off the record (including exchange of cash, or possibly confidential information about others’ cases, in the case of family law issues), we DNK if we are not there.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    This is my say of saying, the information Clint is putting out here, and we are re-posting, or adding to — as well as Walter Burien and others — the best way to get it out is to make PERSONAL and LOCAL (geographically local) connections with people who are of like mind, and then figure out something to do about it. Of course the internet is a fine medium for networking over distance (however it’s also less private for the same reason). But when it comes to action — I think it has to happen locally and face to face. If you visit with someone, eat with them, hang out — AND get some commitments as to where they stand (and do a background check fi representing a corporation, etc.) — I think that’s best.

    I hope that enough people will “take the ball and run” with finding out just what part of the 183,000 (or however many )local government entities are operating in their neck of the woods — name them, look their stuff up ,and make sure it’s talked about. LOCALLY.

    I do know there’s also a safety issue if one does this sometimes also. Like I said, I don’t have the answers. But I have seen over time how people running things organize and fund themselves. I had to because it was this economic powerhouse which makes it so hard to oppose the political and legal extortion. If you look at one nation (corporation) colonizing another — they first incorporated, then got some sort of contract (whether or not they intended to hold up their end of the bargain) and based on that, marched right in — with physical force (guns) — and took over the place, enslaving the locals, and mowing down those who resisted. (cf. South Africa, I’m thinking of in particular). Then went about setting up a cartel.

    This is pretty much what USA, Inc. has done and been doing for a long time in this land. So I recommend talking about how best to counter that — whether to exist as a guerilla minority, organize some kind of large boycott of the commerce system (and be prepared for the retaliation), or develop other ways of communicating.

    As I am saying, the internet should not be the only way. In fact I’m beginning to think it’s also not the most efficient.

    thanks in advance of this is published. I really am looking for other ideas. See also the blog; I’m posting chunks of a recent USA GAO audit of the USA financial statements (the USA GAO says it can’t even issue an opinion; cute!) and it’s chockfull of detail and history about how governments take over a new area. They incorporate, invade, write up “code,” (tax, etc.) and then form more corporations to do the same. No wonder there’s hardly any place to breathe around here…

  83. Look up “The Medium is the Massage” (Marshall McLuhan) for more on this — discussing the impact of the medium on the messages, global village, etc., ahead of his time:

    “March 20, 2012
    Few 20th century thinkers predicted the 21st century era of social media and the Internet better than Marshall McLuhan. Beginning in the 1960s, the Toronto-based philosopher and scholar began to theorize about how television and radio were changing society, creating what he termed the “global village.”

    “One of McLuhan’s other famous phrases was “The medium is the message” — in other words, how we consume information influences what we learn from it. As if to prove the point, in 1967, McLuhan’s book The Medium Is the Massage was transformed into an album by the same name.”

    ANother review points out that too much academic training can put one’s thinking in a rut. He’s absolutely right about that. However, I also believe that not enough “linear” exposure (written word) in a culture also can disable it’s ability to reason — to reason, you have to line facts up and put on on another in certain relationships (grammar does this within sentences). We are having that disassembled by social media — such that when you are attempting to “reason” with someone who’s operating from the facebook mentality — the mentality isn’t logic, it’s tribal. etc.

    I think this is always relevant, particularly when it comes to adults trying to transmit some values or concepts to their kids. If the technology is constantly changing — they can’t. Hence, the state (if it controls the technology AND education) determines how the next gen acts and thinks. Frightening, too….

    “In his book, The Medium is the Massage, Marshall McLuhan makes the argument that the processes by which we access information are just as important as the information itself. He proposes that the invention of the written word transformed us into a linear society. Because of this straight-line view of the world thrust upon us by the birth of text, says McLuhan, it became more difficult than ever to think outside the box and develop innovative ideas. He believes the development of new communication technology like the television has given us some of that ability back. According to McLuhan, “we again live in a village” (157).”
    . . .Michael Faraday, discoverer of the conduction of electricity, who explains he had little formal education in mathematics or science. The accompanying portrait of Faraday serves to emphasize this example of free thought (92-3).

    “… Faraday’s lack of mathematical training allowed him to experiment with common-sense solutions to problems in a way that highly educated scholars of the time could not. … uninhibited by formal education. Without the restrictive commitment to the established scientific dogma of the time, he was free to draw from a much broader, more original range of ideas…”

    The invention of the computer meant fast transmission of ideas, sound bytes and images regardless of whether they were good or lousy. No question it was developed with military purposes in mind.

    “An Artificially Created Universe’: The Electronic Computer Project at IAS” “I am thinking about something much more important than bombs. I am thinking about computers.” (1946 quote)

    “In late 1945, at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, Hungarian-American mathematician John von Neumann gathered a small group of engineers to begin designing, building, and programming an electronic digital computer, with five kilobytes of storage, whose attention could be switched in 24 microseconds from one memory location to the next. “

  84. DeMarco

     /  December 21, 2012

    Whew! I got some work to do, I was aware of some of this info but this just made alot of things clear to me . Thanks alot
    do you know how we can obtain access to our trust bonds?

  85. zuvrick

     /  January 9, 2013

    Interesting information. I looked at my daughter’s birth certificate from Orange County, CA (1987) and all of the names are in mixed lower case (first letter is upper case). This disagrees with the content. My other kids were born in Indonesia, where I am a resident, and their birth certificate names are in all upper case. I wonder if the same game is played here, since the central bank here is really part of the same global banking Cabal.

    • The Name is not required to be in all-CAPS. Further research has shown this. And yes, just as Social Security is in over 130 countries, this is a global control grid.

  86. Reblogged this on We the People of Arnold Missouri and commented:
    Some background information and true history of the United States, Inc. This trickles down to every state, county, city, and town. They’re all for-profit corporations, operating in bankruptcy. The Federal Reserve Note is not money with value, it’s an instrument of debt, an IOU. So how can a government have money? They can’t. None of us has money. It’s all debt.

  87. Stephanie

     /  May 6, 2013

    Hello. I tried to email you using an old email you had posted as a reply to a previous comment. I have a question for you, and was wondering if you would consider answering it, or maybe pointing me in the right direction? Thank you for all that you do! 🙂

      • Stephanie

         /  July 11, 2013

        I was getting intimidating wage garnishment notices from student loan folks. I sent them a request for the original promissory note, demanded they provide it within 30 days of me sending the notice by certified mail USPS letter. It has been over 30 days, and I have not heard anything from them since. I found a website advising me to take this route, and perhaps this has really worked? It seems the collection agencies have lost the original promissory note, and as I understand it, I owe them nothing if they never produce it for my inspection. (Though the IRS will probably continue stealing my tax return money!) =( has anyone else had this experience?? Just curious. =)

  88. Life vs Lies

     /  May 17, 2013

    The question is still “has any body done it”? The proof is in the putting. If it’s been done then where are the examples? Until something concrete is accomplished it’s all just a lot of overcomplicated trash. People are starving or homeless and don’t even have time or money for this, so you who are well off enough to pursue all this paperwork and “travel” around, and pay for your food while doing it in Federal Reserve Notes are extremely callous to be pushing these fantasies if no one has actually done anything, meaning dealt lawfully with “legal” debts etc. How “sovereign” are you when you’re dead or starving or I’ll or homeless? One doubts you do anything to help one of these “sovereigns” as you drive by them in your car bought with Federal Reserve Notes and with it’s tank filled with fuel, and your stomach ful, thanks to your stop at the gas station, grocery store, and restaurants that don’t care how “sovereign” you are if you don’t have the currency they need to pay their bills. Your sovereignty palaver is worthless if no one has done it or has to starve to death before it can be claimed that their corpse once manifested a sovereign soul.

  89. Of course there are not going to be a wide spread of examples to give to you because the Government doesn’t want people to know that they can do this YOU DUMB ASS!!!!!!!! The TRUTH will always be unbelievable because you dont believe in the truth you KNOW the truth and here it is. Life Vs Lies It has been done!! I know a man that has done it. I will not provide his name, but I will say that he and his wife did the exact samething that this blog is saying. In return he was able to pay off all debts and was presented with the deed to his home so he no longer pays a morgage. Not only that, but he OWNS HIMSELF!!! Just because there are no examples of anyone doing it doesn’t mean it hasn’t been done. Instead of bashing knowledge that has been provided how about you research for YOURSELF and BE THE EXAMPLE that you are looking for!!

  90. Found this article very useful Clint, thank you.

  91. sam

     /  June 16, 2013

    My name is listed as Caps & small letters according to webster english. Does this represent me or the STRAWMAN in my case?

    • It is a confusing time to be alive. To give an accurate definition of what is the STRAWMAN is difficult, for it does not exist as a “thing”. You are looking for a physical representation of it; something you can point at and say see, there it is. But how can you do this with something as artificial as the law that creates it? Your STRAWMAn is not one thing. It is not just a signature or a name. It is many things combined…

      Take a bunch of garbage for example. The entirety of garbage is a “pile” of garbage. The portion that belongs to a man that he is responsible to dispose of properly is his own “pile”. In this way, one could call that pile his STRAWMAN – the liability he is responsible for.

      So it is best to describe the STRAWMAN not as a physical representation of something, but just a description for your own garbage.

      Your garbage is paperwork – lots and lots of paperwork. Everything you’ve signed makes those papers your responsibility as a surety to that signature. You voluntarily entered into some form of agreement or contract. So the best description of your STRAWMAN is nothing more than a culmination of your contracts and legal documents from birth. Perhaps a better term would be “PAPERMAN”.

      On a more advanced level, the STRAWMAN is your own beliefs in anything that limits you. Thus, if you believe you must obey a rule or law then your mind (belief) is just as much a part of your artificial construct as the papers.

      Here’s an example in my own life that made my see the difference…

      8 years ago I had what is referred to as “identity theft”. Yet, my self – my mind and body – was not harmed in any way, except psychologically. I was not personally stolen, only my identity was. But this allows me to very easily distinguish between my STRAWMAN (identity) and my flesh and blood self. My identity is nothing but a fictional collection of credit scores and digital records of borrowing and contractual obligations (debt and duty). It is a trail of paperwork that makes up my PAPERMAN (STRAWMAN). So in the end, my credit report (an artificial person) was irrecoverably damaged, and my perfect credit rating will never be had again. Did my physical self change or did I default on any responsibility? No. But my STRAWMAN just became a debtor and a thief without any action from myself. Here we see the separation of the legal fictional person and the flesh and blood man.

      So when someone asks what a STRAWMAN is, the incorrect response would be that it is a specific thing or entity. It is not. It changes with every passing day, depending on your spending and borrowing habits, new contractual obligations, and other actions.

      Another example would be if my “identity” was charged with child molestation in court, even if I were innocent of the charges. My identity will carry around a digital scarlet letter that makes my STRAWMAN looked down upon, excluded or incarcerated. But I never actually did anything wrong. So am I guilty just because my fictional identity – that has nothing to do with me – has a mark from the beast on it? No. I have a reputation with other people that know me personally and do not need a credit report to trust me. All an employer can know about me is my STRAWMAN identity. You can imagine how this identity can harm a good man, and does. And you can also see how a bad man can benefit from an artificial identity, many of them, and in stealing temporarily that of others.

      So is your Name on a certificate your STRAWMAN? No. It is one sliver in a long plank that makes up the paper-trail of your life in commerce, which is your STRAWMAN. In truth, your STRAWMAN is only what you accept it to be by accepting fraud through contract. You either be a man, or be an artificial person.


      • John

         /  June 17, 2013

        It is not YOUR strawman nor is it YOUR identity. The Name on the birth certificate is a artificial person, but it is not YOUR artificial person. That Name CANNOT be used for the purpose of personal identity, although most people do misuse it for that purpose.

        There is never any contract between YOU and anything. Even though you sign that Name to contracts, YOU are not the liable party for it, although you think and believe you are and because of your belief you accept liability for it.

        The fact and truth is that Name is property of the State! The State holds original title to it. The State issues you a certified COPY of THEIR fictitious Name they hold original title to.The State issues you that copy for you to USE their “legal person” for the State’s benefit.

        EVERYTHING you do in that Name you do all for the benefit of the State even though you may not realize it. Most do not realize this because they BELIEVE they either ARE that Name or BELIEVE that is THEIR Name, when the truth is that is NOT YOUR Name! It is the State’s Name!

        EVERYTHING you acquire in that Name automatically vests as property in the State because the State is the owner of that Name as the holder of the title to that Name. ANYTHING you do in that Name you do FOR that Name FOR the benefit of the State. Any contracts you sign that Name to FOR that Name becomes liability of the State because the State being the holder of the title to that Name, the State is liable for its property! YOU are merely the authorized USER and SIGNOR FOR that Name FOR the State’s benefit!

        This is all easily verified in their own laws. The United States operates in bankruptcy under their War Powers. Under their War Powers and by their declared state of national emergency they SEIZED ALL PROPERTY out of necessity to support their foreign corporate United States and their Army! This is why there is NO MONEY in the private sector and hasn’t been since 1933 when they declared their national emergency going bankrupt.

        What most BELIEVES to be money is nothing but INTERNAL currency of the United States, Inc., that is only authorized to be used “IN” the government of the United States between the Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve Banks and all National Banks regulated by a Federal Reserve Bank, and FOR NO OTHER PURPOSES ARE AUTHORIZED! This is verified in their 1913 federal reserve act found in section 16, and also found in their US Code 12 USC 411 and verified again in section 15 of their 1934 act to protect the currency system of the United States, Inc.

        Because they have removed all means from the private people to pay anything due to their having taken and seized everything, the United States has assumed full liability for EVERYTHING you do in that Name on the birth certificate! This is also \verified in their US Code found in 12 USC 95a, where everything taken and seized has all been made to and for the account of the United States. This code also states ANY PERSON who relies on this section SHALL BE ACQUITTED AND DISCHARGED FOR ANYTHING DONE OR OMITTED in good faith!

        The only reason we have been having problems and being held liable for anything done in that Name we USE is because we make false CLAIMS to that Name and to any property registered or titled in that Name when none of it is ours to claim because it all belongs to the United States under their seizure of all property under their military power in accord with their rules of war on land via General Orders 100 AKA Lieber Code section 38.

        We as a nation are occupied by the foreign military corporation commonly known as the United States! Because we all make CLAIMS of ownership to THEIR registered Name they hold title to and any property registered or titled to that Name, we are being treated as enemy combatants as enemy of the State because we refuse to SURRENDER to their foreign occupancy and seizure of all property. Once one surrenders by acknowledging them as the foreign occupier and that all property is vested in the State, then they have a duty to now protect you as a peaceful inhabitant and no longer as an enemy combatant acting as a belligerent against their foreign occupancy. All one has to do is simply stop going to war against the United States, Inc., and go to peace with them simply by no longer participating as a volunteer to their foreign corporate government and no longer making any false claims to their registered Name you USE and any property in that Name, which is all nothing but make believe fiction created on paper describing their fictitious Name and fictitious address locations that don’t even exist other than in the minds of men! Give unto Caesar all that is Caesar’s!

    • John

       /  June 17, 2013

      Eliminate the word “MY” from your vocabulary because nothing is YOURS! That is not YOUR certificate of Birth and that certainly is not YOUR Name you are USING! That is property of the State. The State holds original title to it! If you think for one minute that is YOUR Name then go down to that State vital statistic’s office and try and get the original birth certificate from them that was created right after you were born. They will NEVER give that to you. IF that really was YOURS then they could not keep it by refusing to turn it over to you if it was really YOURS! Read their vital statistic act. You will not find anything in their act that requires them to keep the original birth certificate. They are only required to keep “A” record of it on file. So if it was YOURS then they can make a copy to keep on file for their record to meet their requirement under their act and give the original to you. But they won’t give it to you because it is not yours and never was yours! It is their property which is why they will not give it to you!

  92. pamela

     /  June 19, 2013

    My name is Pamela and I am trying to free my child from this….he is part of We The People and not owned by our Government!! I am in my infancy with falling down the Rabbit Hole and need your help!
    I have refused to give the school a copy of my 6 yr olds BC and now they have sent my name to the local police and I am being harassed on the telephone by them and today they came to my HOUSE! Yesterday the officer stated that if I did not help him by getting this summons he has for me that he would issue an ARREST WARRANT!!!! Is this legal do I have to help him summons me? I refused to speak to him by phone stating that I couldnt even prove who he was and I legally didnt have to!! Any info would be greatly appreciated. I know that having a BC isnt even REQUIRED by federal law…..we just did it bcz that is what I thought you had to do!!!!

    • John

       /  July 3, 2013

      Tell him you would be happy to comply just as soon as he provides you with his registration certificate of being a “Peace Officer” and his “Bond & Insurance”! He won’t have it which means he is acting outside the scope of his authority, uninsured, and acting as pirate for a corporation for personal profit and gain. He will likely leave and not bother you again.

      • pamela

         /  July 3, 2013

        I have a court date July 15….for failure to Provide Birth Certificate Idaho code 18-4511.State os Idaho vs. me. I got a summons a week ago, can you believe it! Well, I bet you can.

        • John

           /  July 3, 2013

          No, I can’t believe it and I don’t believe it. I’ll even bet a quadrillion dollars that the summons does NOT name YOU! It names the artificial legal person name that is the State birth certificate that the State issued you a certified COPY of! That ain’t YOU! That is a legal fiction that is property of the State! So YOU were served by MISTAKE! Send it back with notice of mistake with copy of the birth certificate showing the STATE owns that fictitious Name and they should contact the STATE to assist them with locating the proper TRUSTEE for the STATE’S fictitious Name, Estate! How can YOU be qualified to handle government affairs pertaining to government property?????

          • pamela

             /  July 3, 2013

            Yes, I realize this which is why I am fighting for my son right now but when I do that and they issue a arrest warrant for the person listed on that which even tho I realize is my Corporate owned fictitious name, the “police” wont care about what they dont even know of and to them I sound crazy…..esp here in lil Cda Idaho town!!! I have to say the intimidation is scary esp when faced with being called a criminal when I HAVE NEVER BEEN ARRESTED IN MY LIFE….and I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING WRONG TO BE FIGHTING THIS!!! It is scary and frustrating….all my friends are just saying show it and be done with it…..they dont understand what is going on and are still asleep. 😦

            • John

               /  July 3, 2013

              If you THINK that is YOUR fiction that is WHY you will be arrested! The OWNER is liable for its property! That is not YOUR property! It is in fact the STATE’S property! If it was YOURS then YOU would be able to get the ORIGINAL title back from the STATE! They will NEVER give you that! We have had 3 different States flat out say the STATE OWNS the birth certificate AND the State owns the NAME on that birth certificate! And it is NOT a corporation! There are no articles of corporation for that! It is a NON-corporate entity and defined in statutes as an “individual” or “natural person” which just means NON-corporate person.

              I have had 3 summons served. One was a foreclosure and two were credit card debts. I did not go to court. I did not file anything into their court. I sent their summons back with a “private” communication to notify the clerk of court of their MISTAKE and attached copy of THEIR State’s birth certificate to THEIR State’s OWNED PROPERTY NAME and all those cases went away! Never heard from them again! It has been over a year now! That NAME is NOT MINE. It is NOT MY PROPERTY! I do not hold original title to it! The STATE holds original title to it! That NAME is a debt obligation of the UNITED STATES! It is not MY debt obligation! I am the CREDITOR that NAME gets all its credit from FOR the benefit of the UNITED STATES and its subsidiary foreign corporate STATE that they need to support their bankrupt corporations!

              • pamela

                 /  July 3, 2013

                Thank-You!!!!! Any advice on trying to kill my sons strawman….he is 7? I wish I had woken up before I got him one…..

                • John

                   /  July 3, 2013

                  you need to lose the words MY and MINE! There is no MY or MINE! It is not HIS strawman so it isn’t his property to kill. That would be like saying can you help me kill my neighbors car!

                  What exactly does the summons ask for? It is asking for the birth certificate to be produced or the certified COPY you have to be produced?

                  • pamela

                     /  July 3, 2013

                    Did fail to provide a certified copy of Jacob Chandler’s birth certificate or other reliable proof of his identity, (which they never asked for iot was only ever asked that I provide a BC.

                    • John

                       /  July 3, 2013

                      a birth certificate CANNOT be used for IDENTITY! A birth certificate does not and cannot identify a living being! It only identifies a fiction NAME that is owned by the State! There is no piece of paper that identify you. No matter what one puts on a piece of paper that piece of paper can never BE you! You are You and a piece of paper is just a piece of paper. The birth certificate is a creation of a ARTIFICIAL PERSON!

                      This is what is written on the social security application SS-5 form used to obtain a social security number for the Name. Not YOU, but the Name! YOU do not have a social security number. YOU do not have a driver’s license. YOU do not have anything issued by any government agency that identifies YOU. You only have government issued things that only identify the State’s property fiction Name. Here is what the SS application says right on that form:


                      Hello??? The federal government is telling YOU right there that YOU are NOT that Name on that birth certificate. That is why it CANNOT be accepted as evidence of IDENTITY!

  93. presider

     /  June 20, 2013

    “Congress passed the Coinage Act of 1792, which established the dollar as the basic unit of accounting for the United States. At this point, the dollar was still backed by gold.”

    The dollar wasn’t ‘backed’ by anything, at this point. It was, in fact, a silver coin composed of 371.25 grains of fine silver. The value of gold was was fixed by the silver dollar; i.e. 1 grain of gold was made equal to the value of 15 grains of fine silver. So, the coinage act determined the exchange rate for purchasing in gold. You could buy that teacup costing 15 grains of silver by offering one grain of gold, and vice versa. Only the exchange rate between gold and silver was fixed, the silver dollar was its own guarantee and not ‘backed’ by anything except its own valuable substance.

    check it out

    • Something that backs itself is still backed. Semantically, this is an unnecessary redundant argument, though I do appreciate your clarification.

      The Coinage act actually created the decimal system of “lawful tender” and created the U.S. Mint. This was in April. The goal of this Act was really to start creating monopolized government money so that uniform taxes could be implemented on that money.

      One month later, Congress passed “An Act to Provide For a Copper Coinage”. This, now that the decimal system was created, allowed for the penny to be created. It did something much more important though, which was to force the people to use government issued coinage, which eventually led to the legal tender of bills backed by metals, and then to fiat bills collateralized by metals as we have today.

      It stated: “no copper coins or pieces whatsoever except the said cents and half-cents, shall pass current as money, or shall be paid, or offered to be paid or received in payment for any debt, demand, claims, matter or thing whatsoever.”

      You cannot look at any legislation in history as good or bad. It was all designed to build a system of debt slavery one piece of law at a time. Acts are nothing but Masonic cornerstones to establish some thing, so as to build that thin into something else later. So it was, as it is today…

      Thanks again for your comment.


  94. Marian

     /  July 14, 2013

    Dean Clifford is a Canadian freeman . I strongly recommend his work to anyone interested in these matters . Google him .

  95. Robbie Neal

     /  August 4, 2013

    How can I get myself and my family free

  96. thomas russo

     /  August 19, 2013

    One domicils in the United States of American, of one of the states that Ratified the Articles of Confederation and established a Constitution with borders, like Ohio did in 1803 and was no longer part of the Northwest Territory and subject to the Jurisdiction of the United States of which could no longer legislate within those borders as well as the STATE legislative bodies polotic who could only legislate for ports, forts and needful buildings within and its creation of employees subject to it. In 1851 the Ohio general assembly moved to the 1851 constitution to deal with what is called the one subject rule since it could not legislate outside itself on anyone not part of it, and called the Dillon rule, which every STATE goes by in legislation. The 1851 Ohio constitution was moved to by RESOLUTION and resolutions only pertain to those whom asked for it to be on themselves not anyone outside and the 1803 Constitution is still intact. In the Articles of Confederation, Article IV free inhabitants have all the privileges and immunities of state citizens, of which only a state citizen can be a citizen of the United States not a United States citizen. You can see this all for yourself in Title 1 of the United States Code which is positive law, every state has its original constitution, find yours. Should one state have a provision that no other has one may use that provision, The United States Constitution and its bill of limitations (Bill of Rights) has nothing to do with U.S. citizens, each state has its own Bill of Rights. Take notice the Organic laws in Title 1 U.S.C. is in full force, you must know how to use it, all statutory laws are upon the political ones and voting is a scam and a privilege, Very few people live in the United States, which is the District of Columbia, Quam, Porto RIco, the Virgin islands and some lands left within each state like national forrests.

  97. Ron B

     /  September 26, 2013

    Go to the Illinois Attorney General’s website and click on the HISTORY OF THE IL AG. They actually come right out and tell you who the State of Illinois’ (a corporation) allegiance is with, The Crown. It’s mentioned about half way through the article. It also states The People have replaced The Crown, don’t be fooled US citizen’s are in no way shape or form The People, US citizens are debtor’s with no standing, second class citizen created originally for the freed slaves (14th Amendment). US citizen’s get their rights /privileges really, from the US government who can also take them away, Sovereign Citizen’s have natural rights.

    • John

       /  September 26, 2013

      There is no such thing as a “sovereign citizen”

      That is such an oxymoron. Sovereigns cannot be citizens because sovereigns are the highest authority. Citizens are always subject to higher authority. So you are either sovereign or you are a citizen. You cannot be both because they cannot be the same.

  98. Lex Quadruplator

     /  September 28, 2013

    This page is in error as it does not “remember” that regardless of everything else, we are still dealing with a CORPORATION created by the grant of the separate states singly, a grant called a CONSTITUTION. Republic or democratic, we are still dealing with a CORPORATION, an “entity” said to having a separate existence from that of its member(s). And of course, under the argument of “existence”, we are dealing with a fictitious “entity”, a FICTION, an entity that only exists in thought. The KING never dies. Again we are talking about a CORPORATION (sole), a FICTITIOUS “entity” that never dies, the personification of an OFFICE in which is found the UNDERTAKING of “government” as compared to an aggregate of “states” (corporate entities). The ONLY way a “man” can interact with this FICTITIOUS “entity” is through a FRANCHISE, a TAXABLE COMMERCIAL ENTITY known as a “person”, the PERSONIFICATION of an UNDERTAKING such as a “role” or “part played”, a “character” within this story about an “entity” that never dies. A PERSON or LEGAL IDENTITY is that which REPRESENTS a human being within the fictitious realm of a CORPORATION. Regardless of anything, you are always a man with GOD given rights, however when you “play or act out a role” within the story about an entity that never dies, everyone in their costumes (actors) will hold you LIABLE for the PERFORMANCE of your PERSON, the rights and wrongs as so mandated by the ROMAN law. Again, it is the “constitution”, the instrument of incorporation that CREATES the CORPORATION.

    • John

       /  September 28, 2013

      It is not YOUR person you are acting for or on behalf of. That person you use is held by the State where the State holds all liability for anything you do through using that person. Unless of course YOU choose to try and CLAIM that person as your person. Then you consent to be the surety for that person in place of the State being surety.

  99. You can call me Paul

     /  October 22, 2013

    I know I’m late to the party on this post since it was written in 2010, but this info is more relevant now than ever.

    After info like this started spreading on the web, there has been an increasing number of ‘freemen’ standing up for themselves in courts. Before this became popular, you could walk into a building housing the courts and simply look at signs and posters to know which courtroom you were invited to.

    Now, they have heavy security (I’m in Canada) and the security dummies demand government issued ID upon entering the building, which, of course, makes the joinder between yourself and the strawman before you ever get to the courtroom. No ID, you don’t get in and default judgement is passed on your behalf. So if you go into the courtroom and try to seperate yourself from the strawman, you’re laughed at because the joinder was made when you entered the building.

    Trickery, deception (aka, fraud) is their only game. It’s best to seperate yourself simply by serving notice outside any legal court, and deal with any legal & unlawful force through the lawful courts you (Clint) and people like Freeman Burt talk about in your more recent articles.

    Legal courts are entrapment – Defacto courts that may or may not be acting fraudlently.

  100. Doreen Agostino

     /  November 2, 2013

    From Jordan Maxwell. All Americans need to know this

  101. Hi Clint,
    Very informative thank you very much. I clicked on Tim Turner’s seminars as I really want to learn all I can and they have disappeared. Could it be since he has gone to jail ‘someone’ might have sanitized the internet of his stuff. It seems there has been some kind of ‘cleansing’ of gurus in the past couple years.
    Anyway I wondered if you happened to have the seminars saved and if you’d be willing to share them with me. I’ve been looking all over the internet for them and was so excited when I saw your links but alas they are gone as well.
    Thank you.

    • I did not. Sorry. I also did not pursue the UCC route, as it is commercial in nature.


    • John

       /  November 7, 2013

      Why would you want to follow Tim Turner’s path? It didn’t help him at all, what makes you think it could help you?

      • Did it not work or did he go off in another direction by having a jury trial and entering into their jurisdiction? I don’t know as it appears that most of his information has been sanitized. That in itself makes me curious as to what he was saying.

        • John

           /  November 9, 2013

          Could it be he ended up with a jury trial because his stuff didn’t work? If he stuff was valid then why would he go with a jury trial? Probably because his stuff did not work. And didn’t the DOJ state right in their complaint his stuff was all FRAUD against the government?

  102. Oh and I so can appreciate what you said “. ….And fitting in at parties becomes impossible. I’m now the crazy guy… the one talking out of my butt. I’m the one who, despite the beauty, glory, and not to mention the fact of the information I try and relay, I am labeled as the negative one… the downer.
    “And so now I’m the antisocial one… the one who doesn’t go to parties. The one who cannot do small talk. And I’m the one that cannot keep normal friends simply because normal means brainwashed! And normalcy is not freedom in any way…”.

    It blows my mind that by thinking and talking about what is really happening in the world,(as opposed to fiddling with your i-phone and showing pics of cute kittens) people actually think you’re depressed! I wrote a little piece on this topic just yesterday to express this so it really was a gift to see we aren’t alone.
    Thanks Clint.

  103. Andre'

     /  November 5, 2013

    Was listening to you and Burt. I agree with everything that is being said but its going to be a tough sell to people and police. I got pulled over tonight. I have no license. I told him I “got out of the system, and surrendered my SSI” (all BS) I explained a little bit that “its a right and not a privilege” Also I have 30 pages with court decisions that “traveling” is a right. I also explained to him when I went to court, there was no positive law stating that I need a license. I had “my lawyer” show me the law buried deep in the vehicle and traffic code talmudic regurgitant. All we found was ” the commissionor of the DMV deemed that you needed a drivers license” No act of congress, and no enacting clause (very important) Its a fine line between explaining and trying not to press the issue and argue. I was like, “Please dont tow me” Because he throwing the arrest word around. I got a ticket for the stupid light being out. Which will be done within the next 24 hours, but now they know I have no license. I boiler plated this for court 🙂 written by a cop/

  104. Moziah

     /  November 7, 2013

    Hello friend…
    DO NOT follow anyoness information. If the information is true it should be able to withstand the test of investigation. FOLLOW YOUR MINDS EYE! You have a lot of cynics, nay sayers, and just plain evil people masquerading as gurus and even opinionated comment leavers. Its sad that the massess are so caught up into the matrix but its the reality of it all. Again, follow your minds eye…it wont lead you astray unless you let it. Commercial energy is everywhere its how the earth is rotating while man has his hands in the mix of nature. But follow your minds eye…and yes thats the thrd time I mentioned it because thats where the truth is. Do try and hold conversation with the masses about something that doesnt offer a hedonistic approach to existence. It doesnt, feel, sound, taste, look or smell good. Humans want to stimulate all five senses all the time. I wish you wheels in your quest. Develop a thorough over-standing of ‘Privacy’.

    • Susie

       /  January 16, 2014

      Right. And you would wish them to be caught up in the matrix of having to spend years familiarizing oneself with laws.

      And “Matrix”? Why? Because of a film? Do you know that that film was also created to enslave and assimilate?

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    Not really along the lines of Neurohacking, but a potential worthwhile life hack. Also a great blog. Check it out.

  106. Adam

     /  January 7, 2014

    Would you consider representing me as a cilent in order to return my united states bond (birth certificate)

    • I suggest contacting Burt at:

      I will help if I can.

    • John

       /  January 9, 2014

      There is no YOUR birth certificate bond. The BC has nothing to do with YOU! That is property of the State. The BC is merely an artificial legal person created by the State which is a fictitious ESTATE held by the State and all interest therein is held by the United States.

      All you can do is surrender all your CLAIMS AND INTEREST in it that you made back to the United States as they hold all beneficial interest in it. Then YOU cannot be held liable for that entity and all liability for that entity belongs to the State and United States as legal title owner and beneficial owner of that artificial Estate.

  107. Rob

     /  January 19, 2014

    A BIG BIG Thanks Clint ,your blog is Awesome – a great summary indeed and sorely needed – Rob in Perth Australia

  108. Wow, this post is fastidious, my sister is analyzing such
    things, therefore I am going to convey her.

  109. I wanna be free from the matrix I wanna go deep into this… Open for anyone help please

  110. Joe Carson

     /  March 14, 2014

    Ive looked into this a lot since I was givin two options pay $115 or spend ten days in jail.I didnt even catch one fish.I like the original idea of cops protect the people not extort them.The cop wrote the charge as catching 25 fish… one week later and about $1k in debt after legal fees I had enough of the matrix.Say what you want about oh go get your licenses but is it illegal to be human?Thank for the info found this enlightening.Just wish I knew where to start with a ucc1.

  111. dubtracker

     /  April 10, 2014

    hello I don’t know if anyone will anwser but I am very interested in becoming a sovereign man who stands up for his natural person and is not the artificial man and want to know the steps that need to be taken to make this happen.I have been in this rabbit hole for over a year and I am just now starting to understand. please contact me at your earliest convenience

  112. dubtracker

     /  April 10, 2014

    hello I don’t know if anyone will answer but I am very interested in becoming a sovereign man who stands up for his natural person and is not the artificial man. I want to know the appropriate documents that need to filed so that I can make this happen. I started down this rabbit hole about a year ago and I am now starting to understand

    • John

       /  April 10, 2014

      You are born sovereign. There is nothing to BECOMING sovereign when you are natural born sovereign.

      And it is not YOUR natural person, i.e., strawman. That is the STATE’S natural person. The STATE holds title to that person. You do not. And THAT is where your problems start. You THINK that person is YOU or you THINK it is YOUR person which is exactly what sucks you into their jurisdiction. By you merely claiming that person as YOUR person you made a false claim against property vested in the STATE and by you just claiming it as yours is your CONSENT to stand as surety for it.

      Simply stop making CLAIMS and you are FREE again!

      • dubtracker

         /  April 11, 2014

        I understand that but I think I phrased the question wrong how do i legally separate from my straw man.what laws should i familiarize myself with. what needs to be said when approached by a government officials law enforcement or any type of authority.I am under the firm believe that man cannot rule man and as long as men do its man’s responsibility to always claim his freedom

        • John

           /  April 11, 2014

          You always are separate. You can never BE the strawman, i.e., legal Name. But you can CLAIM it as IF it is you or CLAIM it as IF it is yours. Stop CLAIMING IT and you cannot be held as SURETY for it. Your only attachment is by YOUR CONSENT which you give consent any time YOU SAY that is YOU or YOURS.

          When asked to see YOUR drivers license, what do you do? If you hand the drivers license to someone asking you for YOUR drivers license or YOUR I.D. then you CLAIMED that strawman as YOUR property and just consented to be surety for it.

          If someone asked you for YOUR something that really is not YOURS but actually another’s property, would you just give that property to the one asking when you know it is not your property to give to anyone else?

          If someone ask me for YOUR Drivers License, they are mistaken having a false belief that I OWN such a thing. Therefore I cannot give what is not MINE to give. So instead I ask questions when anyone mistaken’s that I own a Drivers License. So I ask, WHO are you? Are you an agent for the State? If they say yes, then I say, oh, so what you are really asking me for is YOUR Drivers License back. Since you are an agent for the State then I can give you back YOUR Driver’s License. Here ya go, here is YOUR Driver’s License back. Is there anything else I can help you with?

          See the difference?

          The State holds title to the legal Name. Everything in that Name automatically reverts to the State as property vested in the State because the State holds original title to that Name. So ANYTHING associated to that Name is all property vested in the State. I the mere USER of that State property cannot be liable for it because it is not MY property. I am not the OWNER of that Name nor ANYTHING registered or titled to that Name. The State is! And only the OWNER is liable for its property. Unless of course someone VOLUNTEERS by CONSENT to accept liability, which is exactly what you do by merely CLAIMING that Name or ANYTHING registered or titled to that Name. YOU make a CLAIM you become surety liable for what you CLAIM.

          Stop making CLAIMS. Get rid of the words, MY, MINE, ME, I, etc. There is no MY OR MINE ANYTHING because I do not OWN anything! The State OWNS everything just like it says in Congressional records.

          Senate Doc #43, page 9, second paragraph in the right column.

          “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual so-called “ownership” is only by virtue of Government, i.e., law, amounting to mere user; and use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”

          This was all part of the NEW DEAL under the national bankruptcy. ALL money and ALL “TITLES” were all seized and confiscated by the Government out of necessity to support its bankrupt governments. Under the NEW DEAL all money and titles is in the State transferring the ultimate OWNERSHIP of “ALL” property in the STATE and under the NEW DEAL Government having taken possession and control over all property (legal titles) and money (gold and silver) the Government became proprietor and entitled to all the benefits of everything done in that legal person Name, and subject to ALL LIABILITIES for which that status involves.


          “Whatever might have been Pewee’s losses had it been left free to exercise its own business judgment, the crucial fact is that the Government chose to intervene by taking possession and operating control. By doing so, it became the proprietor and, in the absence of contrary arrangements, was entitled to the benefits and subject to the liabilities which that status involves.”

          Just accept the NEW DEAL for what was done and YOU are fully indemnified for all acts and deeds you do in that legal Name!

          The Certified COPY of Certificate Live Birth is your RECEIPT issued to you by Government so that YOU the man having been spoliated as a result of the Governments seizure of all money and property, may use that Certified COPY of Certificate of Live Birth to obtain INDEMNITY!

          • deep rabbit hole

             /  April 15, 2014

            John, I understand what you are saying with surrendering *their* name as war spoils. Would you please explain more and exact details about using *their* receipt, in the form of a Certified COPY of Certificate of Live Birth, to obtain INDEMNITY.

            Can I assume that this has nothing to do with A4V method? I have noticed that no bank will open an account for a living wo/man, but only for a person using the name and ID as given by the invader.

            Does this mean the invader is the Grantor and Trustee for the war spoils and that *their* name is the beneficiary? However, the living wo/man must never claim *their* name so I have difficulty seeing how to obtain indemnity.

            As I comprehend things, FDR and Congress took nothing away from the living wo/men, but only from US citizens/persons, in fact more specifically only Federal employees, and perhaps only from employees of the White House corporation that was founded in 1787.

            I would appreciate your comments.

  113. I_surrender_their_name

     /  April 14, 2014

    @John / April 11, 2014

    Hi John,
    thank you very much for your presence here and your valued comments.

    Please be so kind and contact me at:


  114. fd68d241

     /  May 21, 2014

    Question: What is the Universal Commercial Code ? You might want to take a look at that again
    Here is the quote from this website
    You see, I’ve been studying the law: constitutional, maritime, Universal Commercial Code (UCC), common law, etc, and I am absolutely astounded at what I have uncovered.

  115. Mark Andrews

     /  July 22, 2014

    Thanks for posting this information, it helped to clarify a few things in my mind. I understood about 95% of it. I for one would be more than happy to declare my own sovereignty as I’m heartily sick to the back teeth of the pain and the misery the current corporate power base delivers to the rest of the world.Aas though they are doing everyone a favour.

    Their corporate double speak aside which doesn’t fool me for a second sickens me to the core, for the fact is they’ve got this system so sewn up, which action on their part, directly causes untold incredible problems the world over. Tens of millions of people, hundreds of millions (if not billions) of individuals and family communities are suffering from abject poverty, war, famine, modern day slavery, abuses of every kind imaginable. The whole corporate structure is absolutely vile to it’s very core.

    If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. Like you, I’ve been accused of being the social misfit. The downer. The individual to ignore or belittle because of my extensive knowledge based on over 45 years of direct experience. Corporate mind control is my subject, a subject I know inside out.

    What this world needs, although alas I still cannot see this happening any time soon, is a massive global consumer revolt. It needs people en masse to stop buying into the corporate system, the goods, products and services they (the corporations) provide.

    Take away their fuel, their money and the system naturally collapses as it’s not sustainable. The only reason it is ‘sustainable’ at the moment is precisely because so many people have been led to believe, have been hoodwinked through mind control and and the mainstream media that they collectively all believe that to fight the fire, you need to use their own system to make your life a materialistic selfish success. All the while contributing to the corruptness in the corporate system as only slaves and slave drivers can.

    The answer is to just STOP buying into their products, goods and services. For without this system, in favor of adopting a more human unselfish approach can you start to alleviate the problems experienced on a global scale.which we are all currently suffering together.

    I say boycott the fucking system. It stinks to high heaven and the blood spilled as a result of their corporate greed is awash in the gutters of humanity.

    This system, the corporate power base – makes me want to retch. Yrrr’ack.

    • Well said, straight to the heart of it……it is vile and repugnant and the lackeys in law and academia make me sick, something I let them know on a regular basis. They are not flying under the radar and will get theirs with a bit of luck.

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  117. brandon

     /  August 31, 2014

    Wish i had more help filling in new jersey been scared i would fill everything out wrong or miss paperwork…Anyone who could help my email is

  118. andri

     /  September 25, 2014

    How or where can I get a plate(if you call it that) for my vehicle after filling a financial statement, and turning in my slave plates back to govt

  119. andri

     /  September 25, 2014

    The kind of plate or plaqard that Joe has….how can one get in touch with Joe

    • He made his himself. When going unofficial, the last thing you want is a state-made official plate. I’m out of touch, and I think he’s in China where it’s way more free. LOL!

  120. Wake up Americans!!!!

  121. UnseenProoF

     /  October 14, 2014

    Hello To Freedom.
    You have done a Great thing in the eyes of many and Most importantly i Believe in the Eyes of God .You explained it Perfectly, Continue to do so im listining and Im Loving Every Bit Of It and ive told my family and friends and broke it down the best i could, but this i will definitely share! Please Contact me Help Me to be a Sovereign Citizen. I Need To Be. Im studying this daily and if we (All who Believe) could all just get together and find the paperwork we need and help each other file it properly it will be the best thing ever .then we will have the physical proof to show which will help the ones we love who refuse to see this thing that has been done to us before we were ever able to speak a word see it this way. How do u steal from and Enslave a Baby? Thatsone way i see it . (. i have heard Brian KeLLy speak on this and Many More.i Believe every word. Thank you!

    • john

       /  October 17, 2014

      There is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. That is such a oxymoron.

  122. Angeline Mills

     /  October 23, 2014

    So much to absorb..thanks for sharing…..would you please email

  123. jules

     /  November 21, 2014

    who are you, leave a contact address please.

  124. me

     /  December 2, 2014

    Thank you. A message of hope when I needed it most. I seek… I knock… and people I have never met … you …speak the truth as if directly to me.

  125. Thank you for the audio. I appreciate it. I was unable to access any of the links at the bottom of the article. My antivirus blocked one of them, stating there was a phishing something or other on the page. When I tried to get back to your page, my browser was hijacked and I just had to close it. What a shame, would have loved to seen that information.

  126. Read the book called Help Me To Live Right Written By Kenneth Mitchell and of course the website This book is to be told of real live angels in our mist, do you believe in angels, and evil in the form you. Hurry !!!

  127. Darryl

     /  December 19, 2014

    I’ve been searching my whole life for this information.I’m not being dramatic.I’m experiencing the various stages of dying and I Think I’m in the depression stage.When I was a child, I realized that my mother and father, sisters, brothers,everything that I loved would eventually die .I have that same feeling now.Profound sorrow,and sadness at our plight.It’s like in the Matrix, when Neo has just awakened to the realization that we live in an illusion and are Slaves, Cypher says “He’s gonna pop”I know it’s a temporary state.Let nature take its course.But Knowledge is power! one of our many weapons in our fight to reclaim ourselves and our planet from those that would do us harm !

  128. Shakima Borders

     /  December 20, 2014

    Wow I am in utter shock but thank God for me being persistent because now I understand why I was always so rebellious. My heart and soul knew the truth. Thank You

  129. Shane

     /  January 13, 2015

    “Reality Bloger”


    Utter nonsense and complete gibberish from a man with zero understanding of how the world works.

  130. Hi all,
    here’s my latest action:

  131. adriel

     /  June 24, 2015

    Hello friend Clint Richardson.. I enjoyed your audio and blog are a gift from the heavens.. I greatly appreciate it.. I respect and am honored to come across you… Im from the future sent back in time to be here now.. and I am following the numbers… I am here to start reclaiming sovereign being and help others… I would appreciate it if u could send me the links or videos on the Tim Tuner seminar… i am not able to access a lot of stuff and my lab top keeps being hacked by CIA and and hard drive has crashed 2 times…. and then i was keeping bookmarks and when i wake up after spending all day studying the sites disappear or bookmarks do… as though i have been tagged and they are watching.. all is well. so i am taking notes by hand.. I would love it if you would be so kind to send links or actual video clips by email…

    cant wait to process your website… keep up the focus and unfolding… the world is becoming brighter and the energy is rising in frequency… the skies are coming back to the earth… its an exciting time…

    • Thank Daniel… I’m afraid those seminars are gone into the ether. Sorry about that. Broken link. Hope my research brings good things for you.


  132. supportusabantsa

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  133. Sheila Briggs

     /  July 12, 2015

    Thank for sharing

  134. Perry

     /  August 27, 2015

    I’m really curious about all this. I just tried finding evidence where the US Declared Bankrupty the FIRST TIME, coinciding with the Articles of Confederation. This is what Winston Shrout claims in this interview ( It seems as thought you concur with such statements. I can’t find anywhere reputable (that is not hearsay) stating this and backing it with reputable sources. Would you please share whatever research you’ve made into this? I’m going to look into the other bankruptcies. But wanted to start at the beginning. Thanks in advance!

  135. John L

     /  August 31, 2015

    Haven’t had time to read all the comments but you know the Crown is not the “Royal family” queen of England.

  136. Anabel

     /  August 31, 2015

    Haven’t had time to read all the comments but you know the Crown is not the “Royal family” queen of England.

  137. Kevin

     /  September 9, 2015

    I don’t think becoming a “SPC” truly sets you free, because it requires more of their paperwork, which seems counter intuitive. The way I see it, the only way to be free is to altogether stop using fictitious papers – that includes legal tender notes. How to live without legal tender is a whole other topic. But if you know that legal tender is manipulated from the start, then working/trading for it feels foolish.

    • MOZIAH

       /  September 12, 2015

      We are compelled to use FRNs. And because of that we are compelled to file the UCC1 and coexist with the fictitious side of society. Filing the UCC1 perfects ur claim and protets your assetts from those who will fail to state a claim upon which relief can be granted agaisnt the Estate. I.e. Strawman/woman fiction. Its really hard to live without using the only monetary system recognized and accept by the full faith and credit of the people. So many are blind to the fiat system. To re-educate would be time consuming and pointless as the money changers have a very clever farse in play. So we improvise, overcome and adapt…and PROTECT AND CONTROL. NEVER OWN. Its about knowing the difference between publuc and private and truly conducting commercial affairs in the PRIVATE. Copyright the name..file the ucc1 and live privately. Overatand the private.

  138. THE LAW ON AMATEUR LEGAL THEORIES, by snoop4truth, September, 2015

    If you would actually like the know THE LAW ITSELF about amateur legal theories (rather than what some amateur legal theorist TELLS YOU that the law is), then THE LAW BELOW IS FOR YOU.


    The case law below reflects THE LAW ITSELF on the following amateur legal theories: ““split personality”” theory, ““strawman”” theory, ““flesh and blood person”” theory, ““capital letters”” theory, ““governments are corporations”” theory, ““no jurisdiction”” theory, ““no contract”” theory, ““birth certificate”” theory, ““social security number”” theory, ““commercial law”” theory””, ““ UCC filing statement”” theory, ““UCC financing statement”” theory, use of US citizens as ““collateral for national debt”” theory, ““sovereign citizen”” theory,””redemption”” theory, ““imaginary trust accounts”” at the Federal Reserve or at the US Treasury theory and related theories. The list below is a work in progress. So, please bear with us. At some point, we hope to publish THE LAW ITSELF ON EVERY AMATEUR LEGAL THEORY peddled on the web. The results will be published on (still under construction).

    Note: We are well aware that the form of case citation that we use below is not the form of citation that lawyers use. But, we are not trying to help lawyers find the law online. Instead, we are trying to help ordinary people find the law online. Ordinary people have access to Google Scholar, a FREE case law database. As a result, we chose to cite the case law below in such a way that would allow ordinary people to find the cases below on Google Scholar online. Further, Google Scholar’’s database includes thousands of cases that are not even published by West Publishing Company (or by Westlaw online) regardless of how they are cited. So, unless otherwise indicated, the cites below are cited to Google Scholar, not to reporters (books) published by West Publishing Company. So, go to Google Scholar, click on ““case law”” in both the ““state”” and ““federal”” systems. Then, for each case below, key in the case number (in quotes), and/or the case date (in quotes, but without the parentheses below) and/or key in the party names (without quotes) and/or the court name (in quotes). Google Scholar is FREE and easy to use.

    Final Note: Just in case you do not already know, in our legal system, all future court decisions on these amateur legal theories must follow (copy and quote) THE LAW that you see below.


    1. Ferguson El v. State, Civil Action No. 3:10CV577, United States District Court, E.D. Virginia, Richmond Division (August 18, 2011)(ruling against the following amateur legal theories: ““redemptionist”” theory, ““SPLIT PERSONALITY theory””, ““gold standard”” theory and explaining that redemptionists believe that the government ““pledged the strawman of its citizens as collateral for the country’’s national debt”” and explaining that ““redemptionists claim that the government has power only over the strawman and not over the live person””, ruling against the ““flesh and blood persons”” theory, ““birth certificates”” theory, ““capital letters”” theory and summarizing as follows: ““In short, …[the defendant] seeks to avoid the consequences of his criminal conviction by suggesting HE EXISTS AS TWO SEPARATE LEGAL ENTITIES”” and holding that such amateur legal theories are ““legally frivolous”” and have ““absolutely no legal basis””).

    2. Laughlin v. CitiMortgage, Inc., 726 F.Supp.2d 201, No. 3:09CV1762(MRK), United States District Court, D. Connecticut (June 11, 2010)(ruling against the following amateur legal theories: ““redemptionist theory””, the ““SPLIT PERSONALITY theory””, the ““strawman”” theory,””flesh and blood person”” theory, ””birth certificate”” theory, ““social security numbers”” theory, ““capital letters”” theory, use of the““strawman””of every citizen as ““collateral for the country’’s national debt”” theory, ””UCC filing statements”” theory, ““UCC financing statements”” theory, ““sovereign citizen”” theory, ““imaginary account number to some sort of direct treasury account”” theory and summarizing as follows, ““redemptionists believe the flesh and blood person can draw against the funds earned by the strawman”” and dismissing the case).

    3. Muhammad v. Smith, No. 3:13-cv-760 (MAD/DEP), United States District Court, ND New York, (July 23, 2014)(ruling against the following amateur legal theories: the ““SPLIT PERSONALITY”” theory, ““strawman”” theory, ““redemption”” theory, ““capital letters”” theory and holding that those amateur legal theories ““have not only been rejected by the courts, but also recognized as frivolous and a waste of court resources”” and holding that these amateur legal theories have ““no conceivable validity in American law””, are ““legally frivolous””, are ““utterly frivolous”” and ““patently ludicrous””).

    4. United States v. Harding, Civil Action No. 7:13cr00008, United States District Court, WD Virginia Roanoke Division (May 1, 2013)(ruling against the following amateur legal theories: ““capital letters”” theory, ““commercial law”” theory, ““sovereignty”” theory, ““sovereign citizen”” theory, ““no jurisdiction”” theory and ““natural living person”” theory and holding that such amateur legal theories have ““no support in law””, ““have been soundly rejected””, are ““erroneous as a matter of law””, ““have been struck down consistently by the courts””, are ““completely without merit””, are ““patently frivolous””, ““will be rejected””, are ““simply wrong””, are ““contrary to established law”” and holding that ““the use of capital letters in the caption of the indictment IS IRRELEVANT to the issue of … jurisdiction”” and ““rejecting the argument that use of capital letters in [the] indictment refers to a corporation [and] not [to a] a living person”” ).

    5. United States v. Hoodenpyle, Criminal Action No. 09-cr-00013-MSK, United States District Court, D. Colorado (June 30, 2009)(ruling against the following amateur legal theories: ““capital letters”” theory, ““no jurisdiction”” theory and holding that these amateur legal theories have ““been repeatedly rejected by EVERY court to consider”” them and describing these amateur legal theories as ““wholly frivolous””) (emphasis ours).

    6. Defluiter v. Land, No. 1:10-cv-421, United States District Court, W.D. Michigan, Southern Division (June 15, 2010)(ruling against the ““capital letters”” amateur legal theory and describing it as ““quasi-legalese”” and holding that it is ““meritless and frivolous””, that it ““lacks merit””, is ““wholly baseless””, and that it ““lacks an arguable basis in law and in fact””).

    7. United States v. Benabe, 654 F.3d 753, Nos. 09-1190, 09-1224, 09-1225, 091226, 09-1227, 09-1251, United States Court Of Appeals, Seventh Circuit (Argued March 28, 2011, Decided August 18, 2011)(ruling against the defendant’’s characterization of himself as a ““secured party creditor…third-party intervener”” and ruling against his characterization of himself as a ““born sovereign flesh and blood human being and a secured party creditor”” and ruling against the ““individual sovereignty”” theory, ““immunity from prosecution”” theory and ““capital letters”” theory and holding that such amateur legal theories have been ““repeatedly rejected”” and rejecting ““the ‘‘shop worn’’ argument that a defendant is sovereign and is beyond the jurisdiction”” of the courts and holding that such amateur legal theories have ““no conceivable validity in American law”” and that they ““should be dismissed””).

    8. United States v. Mitchell, 405 F.Supp.2d 602, No. CRIM AMD 04-0029, United States District Court, D. Maryland (December 19, 2005)(ruling against the following amateur legal theories: ““capital letters”” theory, ““flesh and blood man with a soul”” theory and ““no jurisdiction”” theory and holding the defendant’’s amateur legal theories are ““patently without merit”” and stating that these amateur legal theories ““would be humorous, were the stakes not so high”” and holding that these amateur legal theories are ““irrelevant”” and ““have been summarily rejected”” by other courts).

    9. United States v. Rodney Class, Crim. Action No. 13-253 (GK), United States District Court, District Of Columbia (April 16, 2014)(ruling against Class’’ amateur legal theories about: ““capital letters”” theory, ““fictional entity”” theory, ““registered trade name”” theory, ““Uniform Commercial Code”” theory, his false claims that he is ““private attorney general”” [which actually means a ““public-interest plaintiff”” and which temporary status ends at the end of the case], his false his claims that statutes ““apply only to business entities, government instrumentalities and other corporate’’ persons’’, but not to natural persons such as himself”” [citing, as ““support””, the ““United States Tax Code””, the ““Texas Administrative Code”” and the ““Delaware Administrative Code””], his false claims that the following laws are ““defenses”” to the criminal charges against him: the ““Smith Act””, the ““Administrative Procedure Act””, the ““Hobbs Act””, the ““Taft-Hartley Act””, the ““Federal Reserve Act””, the ““oath of office of public employees””, sections of the ““Code of Federal Regulations””, the ““National Industrial Recovery Act””, the ““Emergency Relief Appropriations Act””, the ““Clearfield Trust Doctrine”” [which Rodney DALE Class also cites in the ““Judge DALE”” forgeries while pretending to be a ““retired federal judge”” named ““Judge DALE,”” which uses his middle name as an inside joke], the IRRELEVANT definition of ““handgun”” contained in the IRRELEVANT ““National Firearms Act”” [which Class was NOT charged with violating here], ““Executive Order 6174 on Public Works Administration””, the ““Classification Act of 1923″, and describing Class’’ filings as ““UTTERLY INCOMPREHENSIBLE”” and holding that they ““purport to CITE LEGAL PRINCIPLES THAT EITHER DO NOT EXIST OR ARE PROVISIONS OF CIVIL LAW [THAT ARE] WHOLLY INAPPLICABLE TO THIS CRIMINAL CASE””, and holding that Class’’ purported defenses ““are irrelevant””, ““inapplicable””, ““totally unrelated””, ““entirely inapplicable””, have ““no apparent relevance””, ““unsupported and irrelevant””) (emphasis ours).

    10. Gibbs v. Hickey, Civil Action No. CV209-082, United States District Court, S.D. Georgia, Brunswick Division (may 13, 2010)(ruling against the ““capital letters”” amateur legal theory and ruling against a ““Coram Nobis”” and holding that such amateur legal theories are ““nonsense”” and ““completely without merit””).

    11. United States v. Beavers, No. 3-12-CR-49, United States District Court, E.D. Tennessee, Knoxville (December 13, 2012)(ruling against the defendants’’ claims that they are a ““flesh and blood sentient man and woman and not a corporation or corporate entity”” and ruling against their amateur legal theories on ““capital letters”” and holding that other courts have ““rejected this argument as frivolous”” describing such amateur legal theories as ““completely frivolous”” and ““without any legal support””).

    12. United States v. Singleton, No. 03 CR 175, United States District Court, N.D. Illinois, Eastern Division (May 6, 2004)(ruling against the following amateur legal theories: ””flesh and blood man”” theory, ““no jurisdiction”” theory ,““capital letters”” theory,““corporate entity”” theory and ruling against the amateur legal theory that there are ““accounts for U.S. citizens”” at the Federal Reserve or at the U.S. Treasury and holding that such amateur legal theories are simply ““bizarre””, ““make…no sense””, and should be ““rejected””).

    13. United States v. Majhor, Civil No. 10-544-MO, United States District Court, D. Oregon, Portland Division (September 1, 2010)(ruling against the following amateur legal theories: ““fictitious entity””, ““capital letters”” and holding that these amateur legal theories are ““routinely rejected””, ““patently frivolous”” and are hereby ““stricken””).


    14. Thompson v. Scutt, Case No. 1:11-cv-573, United States District Court, W.D. Michigan, Southern Division (July 13, 2011)(ruling against the petitioner’’s amateur legal theories to the effect that he is a ““sovereign””, a ““citizen/member of the Michigan Republic””, that under the UCC he has ““‘‘superior title and claim over the judgment against him””, that ““the court’’s use of his name in capital letters…refers to a separate or fictitious entity, and is enforceable only against that entity””, that ““the Michigan statutes under which … [he] was convicted [for DUI and DWLS] do not apply to…[him] because he is ‘‘sovereign’’ and not a ‘‘person’’ within the meaning of those statutes”” and that the ““Michigan laws supporting…[his] conviction [for DUI and DWLS] violate his constitutional right to travel”” and that ““the state lacked jurisdiction because…[he] has a right to removal under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and the federal removal statute”” and that he ““ is being wrongfully imprisoned on behalf of ANOTHER ENTITY called ‘‘CHRISTOPHER BURNELL THOMPSON’’””, that his ““conviction [for DUI and DWLS] was the result of fraud and misconduct on the part of the state court, the prosecution and defense counsel””, that ““Michigan and the United States are corporations””, that ““Michigan and the United States cannot concern [themselves] with anything other than corporate, artificial entities and intangible abstractions””, ““that [under the UCC] he is the holder of the judgment against himself””, and his claims that ““Michigan violated his constitutional right to travel by enforcing laws prohibiting driving while intoxicated or driving on a suspended license”” to which theories, the court responded and held as follows: the ““right to travel is essentially the right of citizens to migrate freely between states””, holding that ““the right to travel interstate does not go so far as to encompass a right to a driver license or a right to drive a motor vehicle””, holding that ““federal courts uniformly reject suits by plaintiffs who seek vindication on their nonexistent ‘‘right’’ to operate motor vehicles without complying with state licensing laws””, holding that ““removal”” laws only apply in civil actions, not to criminal actions like this one, holding that the ““[p]etitioner is not a foreign state”” entitled to immunity under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act””, holding that the Petitioner’’s claims that ““Michigan and the federal government are corporations”” is a claim that is ““devoid of legal support and contrary to common sense””, holding that the UCC only applies to commercial transactions and is ““not a source of rights in a criminal action”” such as this one and holding that the petitioner’’s other amateur legal theories on sovereignty, capital letters, and split personalities are ““patently frivolous”” and ““without merit””) (emphasis ours).


    15. Maxwell v. Snow, 409 F.3d 354, No. 04-5082, United States Court of Appeals, District of Columbia, (Argued March 14, 2005. Decided May 27, 2005)(ruling against the appellant’’s amateur legal theories that ““Texas is not part of the United States, and that the United States itself is unconstitutional because it is not a republican form of government””, that the federal government is a ““corporation””, that ““the federal government’’s jurisdiction is limited to the District of Columbia and other federally owned lands”” and holding that such amateur legal theories are ““without merit””, ““patently frivolous”” and ““likewise frivolous””).


    16. DuBose v. Kasich, , Case No. 2:11-CV-00071, United States District Court, S.D. Ohio, Eastern Division (January 15, 2013)(ruling against the plaintiff’’s amateur legal theories about: ““the alleged corporate status of Ohio and the United States””, ““the relationship between the yellow fringe on the United States flag and admiralty jurisdiction””, the ““effect of capital letters on his name”” and his claims that he ““does not have a contract with the state of Ohio or [with] the United States and, therefore, does not have to follow government laws”” and holding ““federal courts have routinely recognized that such theories are meritless and worthy of little discussion”” and citing a case that held ““other courts have noted the sovereign citizen theory has been consistently rejected”” and citing another case that ““reject[ed] as frivolous …the argument that he was a ‘‘private natural man and real person’’ and therefore not subject to the laws of the United States”” and citing a case that ““reject[ed] sovereign citizen argument as frivolous and undeserving of ‘‘extended argument’’”” and citing a case that held that a plaintiff’’s ‘‘yellow fringe flag’’ arguments were ‘‘indisputably meritless’’‘‘).


    17. McCann v. Greenway, 952 F.Supp. 647, No. 96-5038-CV-SW-1, United States District Court, W.D. Missouri, Southwestern Division (January 15, 1997)(ruling against the plaintiff’’s amateur legal theories that ““yellow fringe”” on the American flag in the court room converted the American flag from an ““American flag of peace”” into to a ““maritime flag of war”” and ruling against his amateur legal theory that the use of the ““maritime flag of war”” in the courtroom somehow deprived the state court of jurisdiction over him, to which claims the court responded by holding that such claims were ““frivolous””, ““totally frivolous””, ““preposterous”” and ““unintelligible”” and holding that ““yellow fringe does NOT necessarily turn EVERY such flag into a flag of war….[because] FRINGE IS NOT considered to be PART OF THE FLAG, and … [fringe] is WITHOUT HERALDIC [SYMBOLIC] SIGNIFICANCE…[and that] the same is true of …[the statue] of an eagle gracing the [top of the] flagpole. NOR ARE THE FRINGE AND THE EAGLE OF ANY LEGAL SIGNIFICANCE. Even were… [the plaintiff] to prove that yellow fringe or a flagpole converted the state court’’s United States flag to a maritime flag of war, the Court cannot fathom how the display of a maritime flag could limit the state court’’s jurisdiction….Jurisdiction is a matter of [written] law, [written] statute and [written] constitution, NOT A CHILD’’S GAME wherein one’’s power is magnified or diminished by the display of some magic talisman [typically a magic stone or ring] and noting that other courts have ““reject[ed the] argument that a federal court is limited to admiralty jurisdiction because it displayed a fringed flag”” and noting that other courts have ““reject[ed the] argument that a federal court lacks jurisdiction…because its flag is fringed”” and noting that other courts have ““reject[ed the] argument that a fringed flag in a state courtroom conferred admiralty jurisdiction [which, under the U.S. Constitution, can only be litigated in federal court, not state courts]”” and noting that other courts have ““dismiss[ed] as frivolous a motion alleging that ‘‘[a]dmiralty jurisdiction prevail[ed]’’ in the state court [which, under the U.S. Constitution, can only be litigated in federal court, not state courts], and rejecting [the] notion that federal district courts have jurisdiction over natural law when they fly a flag of the United States””)(emphasis ours).

    18. Sadlier v. Wallentive, 974 F.Supp. 1411, No. 2:97-CV-0527J, United States District Court, D. Utah, Central Division (August 26, 1997)(ruling against the plaintiff’’s amateur legal theories that his ““civil rights were violated because he was sentenced in a courtroom that displayed an American Flag adorned with yellow fringe…that [he claimed] divested the court of its power and converted the court into a ‘‘foreign state/power’’ court”” to which claims the court responded by holding that the plaintiff’’s ““yellow fringe”” theory is ““wholly without merit””, holding that ““fringe is NOT considered to be part of the FLAG, and is WITHOUT HERALDIC [SYMBOLIC] SIGNIFICANCE””, holding that ““[e]ven were [the plaintiff] to prove that yellow fringe or a flagpole eagle converted the state court’’s United States flag to a maritime flag of war, the court cannot fathom how the display of a maritime war flag could limit the state court’’s jurisdiction””, holding that ““[j]urisdiction is a matter of [written] law, [written] statute, and [written] constitution, NOT A CHILD’’S GAME wherein one’’s power is magnified or diminished by the display of some magic talisman [typically a magic stone or ring]”” and noting that other courts have held that this ““yellow fringe”” theory is an ““absurdity…and … that future claims based on flag theories will be deemed ‘‘frivolous and sanctionable’’ [punishable]””, and noting that other courts have held that ““the invocation of ‘‘flag’’ jurisdiction is ‘‘absurd’’””, and noting that other courts have ““reject[ed the] argument that a federal court is limited to admiralty jurisdiction because it displays a fringed flag”” and noting that other courts have ““reject[ed the] argument that a federal court lacks jurisdiction …because its flag is fringed”” and noting that other courts have ““reject[ed the] argument that a fringed flag is a state courtroom conferred on the court admiralty jurisdiction””)(emphasis ours).

    19. State v. Hall, 8 SW3d 593 (Tenn. 1999)(ruling against the defendant’’s amateur legal theory that ““yellow fringe”” on the flag in the courtroom indicated ““martial law jurisdiction”” to which the court responded by writing, ““the use of FRINGE on the flag HAS NO inherent or established SYMBOLISM. It has NOTHING TO DO WITH JURISDICTION OF THE COURT OR WITH MARTIAL LAW. It is a PURELY DECORATIVE addition to enhance the appearance of the flag”” and citing a case that held ““FRINGE ON THE [FLAG] WAS NOT OF LEGAL SIGNIFICANCE AFFECTING THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT AND …[which held] that all future claims based on this argument [would be deemed] ‘‘frivolous and sanctionable’’[punishable]”” and citing a case that held ““yellow fringe on [the] flag DOES NOT CONVERT [a] state courtroom into a ‘‘foreign state or power’’”” and citing a case which held that a ““fringed flag DID NOT LIMIT the federal district court’’s jurisdiction”” and citing a case which held that a ““yellow fringed flag DID NOT DIVEST [the] federal court of jurisdiction…”” and citing a case that held that ““[t]o think that a fringed flag adorning the courtroom somehow limits the court’’s jurisdiction is frivolous”” and citing a case which held that ““the fringe on the flag in the courtroom is NOT OF LEGAL SIGNIFICANCE AFFECTING THE JURISDICTION OF THE COURT and all future claims based on this argument …[will be deemed] frivolous and sanctionable [punishable]”” and citing case which held that ““yellow fringe on flag DOES NOT CONVERT [the] state courtroom into a ‘‘foreign state or power’’”” and citing a case which that held that ““a declaration that the president may authorize or allow the military to attach fringe to its flags IS NOT THE SAME THING as a declaration that ANY flag that is fringed is a military flag or that the presence of the fringe alters the law applied by the court in which a fringed flag appears””)(emphasis ours).

    20. United States v. Harding, Civil Action No. 7:13cr0008, United States District Court, W.D. Virginia, Roanoke Division (May 1, 2013)(ruling against the defendant’’s amateur legal theory that ““yellow fringe”” on the American flag converts the court into an admiralty court, and holding that ““[t]his argument has been uniformly rejected by courts’’ and is ““frivolous”” and noting that other courts have ““reject[ed the ] argument that the American flag in the courtroom had been replaced with an admiralty flag, noting similar arguments had been raised and dismissed in previous cases”” and noting that other courts have held that ““[T]HE YELLOW FRINGE ON THE AMERICAN FLAG HAS NO EFFECT ON A COURT’’S JURISDICTION OR A DEFENDANT’’S CONSTITUTIONAL OR STATUTORY RIGHTS”” and noting that other courts have held that ““[f]ederal jurisdiction is determined by [written] statute, NOT by whether the flag flow is plain or fringed””) (emphasis ours).

    21. United States v. Mackovich, 209 F.3d 1227, United States Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit (April 25, 2009)(discussing the defendant’’s amateur legal theory that ““yellow fringe”” on the flag in the courtroom ““makes the [court’’s] jurisdiction foreign”” and noting that other courts have rejected this argument and providing a list of cases to this effect).

    22. Delaware v. Saunders, Cr. ID No. 1008019055, Superior Court of Delaware, New Castle County (Submitted July 15, 2011. Decided August 12, 2011) (ruling against the defendant’’s amateur legal theory that ““the yellow fringe on the flag in the courtroom was improper and that as a result the court lacked authority to adjudicate [his] charges…[and his claims] that the yellow fringe on the flag made it a military flag rendering his court proceeding invalid”” and holding that the defendant’’s claims were ““without merit”” and writing that the ““[d]efendant is not the first to complain about the flag in the courtroom. Around the country, courts have dealt with disgruntled litigants who have argued that their respective proceedings were illegal or unconstitutional because the court displayed a flag with yellow or gold fringe in the courtroom. [The d]efendant is not the first litigant to argue that the fringe on the flag indicates a military court”” and holding that ““ALL THE COURTS ADDRESSING ARGUMENTS THAT YELLOW OR GOLD FRINGE ON A COURTROOM-DISPLAYED FLAG AFFECTS A COURT’’S JURISDICTION HAVE EXPLICITLY REJECTED THOSE ARGUMENTS. These cases have gone as far as to label such arguments as ““frivolous””, ““totally frivolous””, ““preposterous”” and indisputably meritless”” and holding that ““yellow fringe on the flag DOES NOT turn EVERY such flag into a flag of war. Far from it. ..[F]RINGE IS NOT considered to be PART OF THE FLAG, and it is WITHOUT LEGAL SIGNIFICANCE. Jurisdiction is a matter of [written] law, [written] statute and [written] constitution, NOT A CHILD””S GAME wherein one’’s power is magnified or diminished by the display of some magic talisman. The flag displayed in the courtroom did not affect the validity or legality of [the] defendant’’s plea and/or sentence””) (emphasis ours).

    23. Commonwealth v. Smith, 868 A2d 1253, Superior Court of Pennsylvania (Submitted January 3, 2005. Filed February 15, 2005)(ruling against the appellant’’s amateur legal theory that ““the courtroom’’s flag gold-fringed United States flag (which appellate asserts represents the applicability of martial or admiralty law)”” confused him as to which law applied to his case, to which claim the court responded by holding ““[The a]ppellant’s claims are meritless. NO STATUTE of Pennsylvania, [NO] PROVISION of the United States Code, OR RELEVANT CASE LAW support [the] appellant’’s BIZARRE contention that a gold-fringed United States flag represents the applicability of martial or admiralty law”” and citing a case that held ““the War Department …knows of NO LAW which either requires or prohibits the placing of a fringe on the flag of the United States. NO ACT OF CONGRESS OR EXECUTIVE ORDER has been found bearing on the question….The federal court also noted that while ““the President may…determine whether the Army or Navy display or remove fringes from their flags or standards…THE LATEST EXECUTIVE ORDER, SIGNED BY PRESIDENT EISENHOWER, HIMSELF A MILITARY MAN, DID NOT ADDRESS THAT ISSUE””) (emphasis ours).

    24. Ebert v. State of Texas, Nos. 03-06-00752-CR, Court of Appeals Texas, Third District Austin, (Filed July 27, 2007)(ruling against the Ebert’’s amateur legal theory that the fringe on the flag in the courtroom ““indicated to him that the court was a military court, an admiralty court, a foreign jurisdiction, and an unlawfully erected state within a state,”” to which the court responded by holding ““[w]e find no legal or factual basis for these allegations. Ebert cites an executive order from President Eisenhower and asserts that the order states that a military flag of the United States has fringe on it….[But t]he executive order DOES NOT MENTION FRINGE ON FLAGS….When asked for an opinion regarding the propriety of the use of fringe on flags used by the military, the United States Attorney General in 1925 opined that…The fringe does NOT appear to be regarded as an integral PART OF THE FLAG and noting that ““[a] declaration that the president may authorize or allow the military to attach fringe to its flags is NOT the same thing as a declaration that ANY flag that is fringed is a military flag OR THAT THE PRESENCE OF FRINGE ALTERS THE LAW APPLIED BY A COURT IN WHICH THE FLAG APPEARS”” and noting that the court in which the flag was displayed DID NOT ACTUALLY USE MILITARY OR MARITIME LAWS OR RULES OF PROCEDURE IN DECIDING THE CASE ANYWAY) (emphasis ours).

    25. In Re: Becker, Bankruptcy No. 09-01541, Adversary No. 10-9021, United States Bankruptcy Court, N.D. Iowa (December 10, 2010)(ruling against the debtor’’s amateur legal theory that the proceeding against him was invalid because ““the American and Iowa flags were improperly adorned with gold fringe and that a courtroom that displays such flags lacks authority to adjudicate [his] case””, to which the court responded by noting that ““[c]ourts addressing arguments that gold fringe on a courtroom-displayed flag affects the jurisdiction have explicitly rejected those arguments [providing a list of such cases] and noting that ““[t]hese case have gone as far as to label such arguments ““frivolous””. ““preposterous”” and ““really unintelligible”” and holding that ““THE FLAGS DISPLAYED [IN THE COURTROOM] DID NOT AFFECT THE VALIDITY OR LEGALITY OF THIS PROCEEDING””).

    I have dozens and dozens of more case cites for rulings against amateur legal theories, but you get the general idea. The foregoing cases ARE THE LAW ITSELF, not amateur legal theories about what the law is. Every single amateur litigant who has every relied on amateur legal theory in court HAS LOST. In court, your opponents use REAL law against you. In order to win in court, you must use REAL law against your opponents. FAKE law (like the amateur legal theories above) do not have any effect on REAL law. This is why Rodney DALE Class has LOST EVERY SINGLE CASE IN WHICH HE HAS EVER BEEN INVOLVED (39 CONSECUTIVE, COMPLETE LOSSES AND STILL COUNTING). Suggestion: Do not take legal advice from anyone with a 100% failure rate in the courts.

    If YOU would like to know THE LAW ITSELF on ANY amateur legal theory, then just ask us in a response below this comment. We will try to do the research and try to post your answer as soon as possible. Just ask, “What is THE LAW on __________?”

    • What you are referring to is amateurs. That is an important point, because it means agents acting in ignorance of the law. These cases are absolutely correct, but only due to lack of due diligence by the agent or person. One who knows the law would not attempt to state these things in court. The theory for which you despise is the foundation of law, called volunteerism, and these cases do not dismiss that foundation, only show that most amateurs truly do not know the law. These cases quote the person that misspeaks the law, and then corrects them according to their misstep. It would be fallacious to assume that because these persons misspoke in court, that the law is opposed to what they were intending to get across.

      As for this article that I wrote almost 6 years ago, I grapple with taking it down or spending the time to correct my own misstatements, now that I have a more full understanding. I am writing a book now that will be free, and will back up many of these concepts that you believe are false, and which represents 12 years of personal study, all sourced. I will put that up against your assumptions when I am finished. And I would very much appreciate your scrutiny of it and attempts to disprove what is written and sourced within.

      In the end, what you have left here is only what not to do, and I appreciate your efforts. Ultimately, these were public persons attempting to act privately, but by appearing publicly, cannot be considered as private. It is no more difficult to comprehend than that.

      Thanks for the info,


    • MOZIAH

       /  October 1, 2015

      The poster of this “disinformation” is obviously a government actor. Most governments ARE corporations and even though the cases cited have ruled against the exercise of NATURAL rights doesnt mean NATURAL RIGHTS dont exist. Do your own research people dont rely on any self proclaimed guru or a disinformtion campaign troll like the one above. Go to NYS secretary of State Website or the DC sec of state website and search the UCC database for UNITED STATES and you will see its a corporation. Click past this bozo above.

  139. Moe

     /  November 11, 2015

    Hey man, thank you so much for this blog, it really enlightned me. I do have one question though: by becoming a soverign citizen that would also mean that you wouldn’t be able to work any job without a social security number?

    • Private men seek only private business, private contracts, and act only for themselves. Private men act only in the State they inhabit, without interstate (foreign) commerce. And private men have no reason to need a job working for someone else, for private men are the landholders, and their land is their castle. A private person has no insurance, and is solely responsible for his own life and actions. Social Security is only for public persons (citizenships).

      This post is missing about 4 or 5 years of research and knowledge. If you really want to learn then listen to my archived radio shows at



     /  December 10, 2015

    A fellow said kudos for being a drop out… I’ve learned more not going to school then most pepole with masters and doctorate degrees. There is no common sense in mist of them.. No understanding of the real world experience gained from the school of hard knocks.

    Thank you
    Chris Joyce

  141. You don’t have to declare yourself anything or know the law, no one has the right to demand you adhere to their orders no matter what costume they adorn or the title they give themselves, the entire thing is a ruse to steal the “fruits of the earth” that are our birthright….we need to take the land back and fuck them off for good.

    Monday, March 25, 2013
    Self-Proclaimed “President” of Sovereign Citizen Nation Convicted in Alabama of Federal Tax Crimes

    A federal jury in Montgomery, Ala., found James Timothy Turner, also known as Tim Turner, guilty late Friday of conspiracy to defraud the United States, attempting to pay taxes with fictitious financial instruments, attempting to obstruct and impede the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), failing to file a 2009 federal income tax return and falsely testifying under oath in a bankruptcy proceeding, the Justice Department, the IRS and the FBI announced today.

    Based on the evidence introduced at trial and court filings, Turner, the self-proclaimed “president” of the so-called sovereign citizen group “Republic for the United States of America” (RuSA), traveled the country in 2008 and 2009 conducting seminars teaching attendees how to defraud the IRS by preparing and submitting fictitious “bonds” to the United States government in payment of federal taxes. Although the evidence at trial revealed the bonds are fictitious and worthless, witnesses testified that Turner used special paper, financial terminology and elaborate borders in an effort to make them look “real” and more likely to succeed in defrauding the recipient. Turner was convicted of sending a $300 million “bond” in his own name and of aiding and abetting others in sending fifteen other “bonds” to the Treasury Department to pay taxes and other debts.

    The evidence at trial also established that Turner taught people how to file retaliatory liens against government officials who interfered with the processing of fictitious “bonds.” Turner filed a purported $17.6 billion maritime lien in Montgomery County, Ala., Probate Court against another individual. Finally, evidence presented at trial demonstrated that the FBI began an investigation after Turner and three other individuals sent demands to all 50 governors in the United States in March 2010 ordering each governor to resign within three days or be “removed.”

    “The jury’s verdict in this case sends a message that defrauding the government and others through the use of bogus financial documents will not be tolerated,” said Assistant Attorney General for the Justice Department’s Tax Division Kathryn Keneally. “Disagreement with the law is no excuse for the real harm caused by these self-interested tax defiers.”

    “These sovereign citizen groups use these retaliatory tax liens and fraudulent tax schemes as weapons against the United States and its citizens,” stated Acting U.S. Attorney Sandra J. Stewart. “It is only the hard work of law enforcement that can stop these criminals from using these financial weapons. I would like to thank the law enforcement officers who worked vigilantly on this case to bring this criminal to justice.”

    “Those who create elaborate schemes and fraudulent tax elimination tactics run a high risk of prosecution,” stated Richard Weber, Chief, IRS Criminal Investigation. “Mr. Turner’s attempts to thwart the IRS, as well as the assistance and training he provided to others, was not tax planning, it was criminal activity. IRS-Criminal Investigation is committed to vigorously pursuing those who promote illegal financial transactions designed to evade the payment of taxes. For those who would consider similar behavior, let this case be a strong warning that there is no secret formula for evading the payment of taxes and no one is above the law.”

    Turner remains in federal custody pending sentencing. Turner faces a potential maximum prison term of 164 years, a maximum potential fine of $2,350,000 and mandatory restitution.

    “The prosecution of individuals who intentionally impede the IRS by submitting fictitious and frivolous documents, in an attempt to avoid paying federal taxes, is a vital element in maintaining public confidence in our tax system,” stated Veronica Hyman-Pillot, Special Agent in Charge of IRS Criminal Investigation. “Hopefully the verdict will send a message to other individuals like Turner, that this conduct will not be tolerated.”

    “This joint investigation exemplifies the government’s commitment to investigate and prosecute those, who through tax schemes, attempt to cheat and steal from the government,” stated Stephen Richardson, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI, Mobile Division.

    This case was investigated by special agents of the FBI and IRS-Criminal Investigation, and is being prosecuted by Tax Division Trial Attorney Justin Gelfand and Middle District of Alabama Assistant U.S. Attorney Gray Borden.

  143. Don Johnson

     /  December 22, 2015

    This blog is entirely false and worthless. Hopefully nobody reads this for anything other than 1. comedic value 2. evidence of how stupid people can be.

    • Statesman

       /  December 29, 2015

      No…Sir…your comment proves how stupid you are. Rebut the facts. Don’t make cowardly statements because your ignorance paralizes you. Go back under your rock, troll!

    • Sarah Josephine

       /  May 10, 2016

      Life is difficult for the blind sir. And its going to get a lot worse if u do not allow the veil to drop from your eyes so u can see these verifiable truths and what is coming. God bless you.

  144. Michael

     /  January 26, 2016


  145. Frances

     /  February 1, 2016

    Thank you so much for this knowledge I now underst and what I must do next

  146. You may reference Hutch

     /  March 6, 2016

    There is a plethora of great information on this page for truth seekers. There are also GLARING examples of how NOT to conduct ones self, as evidenced by the story of the convicted fool who thought it was intelligent to threaten 50 governors? How would that NOT be disastrous in ANY scenario? Drawing attention when the end desire is simply to be free from such? He deserves that. And of course “they” have to vigorously prosecute him publicly, in order to retain mass confidence/obedience, and continue the sham.

    Continue to study everything, OF COURSE, and participate in the fictions as little as you possibly can. Many are entrenched and have a vested future interest in “the system”, making this end game harder to achieve for THEM. And then there are the rest who have learned to keep their NAME off of contractual paper trails, which is much easier than one would assume.

    Do you receive stamped personal communications from loved ones in the form of handwritten anything? No? What do you get, one or two monthly BILLS, and tons of jUNk? Keep and use the important account numbers, and discontinue emptying the jUNk from rural delivery. Soon, it stops being delivered altogether.

    Have an established relationship with those who push your numbers around for you? Fine, keep one of them open with just enough numbers to pay the monthly bill deductions. But again, never produce a fictitious paper to them again, even when they insist. Trust me, they will still accept your deposit of FIAT NOTES, and pay your transactions, EVERY TIME.

    As I have not figured out the insurance scam yet, it is still necessary, and justifies the existence of above stated account. So long as your payments are still deducted and accepted, your insurance is valid.

    Paper trails are a funny thing, and I LAUGH at them. If you always keep in mind the legalese theory of “burden of proof”, you’ll leave none, and conduct transactions among other sovereigns.

    It also pays to bear in mind that some alphabet agencies are not actually affiliated with our system of governance, and therefore, you are NOT lawfully required to abide them. Time flies, expiration dates pass unheeded, and you allow the “permissions” to simply terminate. It becomes a traffic ticket, no more. OF COURSE, your carriage had better be legal, which is one of the true wonders of this agency, because THAT is perfectly permitted regardless of privilege status. Memorize the proper roadside manners when dealing with pirates, and travel smartly. ALCOHOL is NOT your friend!

    These are but well tested opinions and observations, formed over many years on this great land of ours, and in NO way should be construed as legal aDViCE.

    Be well my friends!

  147. Jennifer Hutson

     /  March 16, 2016

    Interesting everything under see here. I am not exactly sure if I understand, however, still Veru interesting to have now seen this…. Well, I suppose if Ian to be back, then I know we will sea Hm bodily first, so OK…. I see u the when sun rise S visible light breaks bodily into this plane and won Now is r we siH already so. Mmm OK I tiara!

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  149. I may be too late… 😢

  150. Randy

     /  April 14, 2016

    Please contact me at earliest convenience. REC

  151. After finding Stockholm Syndrome in the complex pattern of alphanumeric characters that were vertically linear but dislexic in chronology, which God had already prepared me to be able to read, in exactly the way it was written, everything that was being said, but seeing Stockholm Syndrome, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was Him, bc He had already revealed in those same words to me that, as the Egyptians murmuring in the desert, i was not obeying His voice bc I kept looking back thinking Pharaoh had been good to me. He had also been bringing to mind the term “music of the spheres”. Then I began to hear muses of the spheres. Long story shorter, thru a chain of events by which I will only sum up by saying that Kairos is hidden inside Chronos in God. And that now chronology means nothing to me bc I live on kairology and it’s more divine all the time. Also, I found my freewoman, whose name is Sarah. But Hagar was not my Strawman, it was Sarai. Now He has spoken to me about an underground railroad where all children will be born as Isaac’s, no number and therefore never any mark. In a place where we are going solar in order to prepare for the night that is quickly dawning when no man can work. A dusk in which the entire ekklesia apparently have received such a strong delusion already, being convinced they will miss this time in the blink of an eye, they will not even look at 2 Thess 1:4-10 for the timing of our recompense who will come in flaming fire to avenge them who trouble us and give us REST. And the sanest thing about all this is, I’m now headed back in a day or 2, ON PURPOSE, to the mental hospital i left about 2 weeks ago, which I went to bc of the journey in which like Abram I left Ur of Chaldees by faith and ended up being born Sarah. It is called the Pavilion. And while the staff and doctors do not KNOW about the this freewoman, THEY ALL LISTEN WHEN SHE SPEAKS…. and THEY RESPOND by saying my Strawman is NOT delusional, but more of a Michelangelo, and in truth, a Deborah. I could go on for days, and I have been. However for the sake of the already failed attempt at brevity, suffice it to say that the below information is regarding the breadth of this revelation becoming a corporation like a geyser of innovation. So if u understand this is the peace that passes all understanding, then please be in touch with my Strawman asap. We do not have much time.

  152. I am no longer positive where you are getting your information, but good topic.
    I must spend some time studying much more or
    figuring out more. Thank you for magnificent info I was looking for this information for my mission.

  153. Sarah Josephine

     /  May 10, 2016

    In really reading this, please know others are awake. I worked for a Show Me the Note company crusading for homeowners. It was a start up and did not succeed bc it was the first of its kind. We did all the research and analysis, but we could hardly find any lawyer who was interested. They were totally unfamiliar. We finally found one in California who wanted to learn, but stayed drunk on his yaught and couldn’t close to save his life. We sent him people sold already. He only had to confirm with them and receive payment, we could not do that part. Then a huge seperate project hit big and my mentor and co-owner Marc had to leave to go work in Fiji. From there it fell apart. Anyway, i’m not saying I haven’t learned anything new here at all, but I cannot say it surprises me. I knew about the trusts they formed us to be but had no idea the details. I will go ahead and sound crazy and put it straight out there that God led me to this site, showing me many things. He is waking people up who are willing bc the times coming will be FAR WORSE than they are now. Unimaginably worse. I worked for a gentleman many years ago who had been a spy for Bush 41. He spoke 5 languages and was a triple black belt in Judo. Literally could kill with the touch of a finger. He was a lawyer and an Engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers. He was not able to tell me a whole lot but he confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt that the government is seizing large compounds like breweries in the Pacific Northwest preparing them as detention camps for American dissidents who refuse the New World Order. He engineered these projects, and his credibility is beyond reproach. I researched him thoroughly. Also, I don’t know when this article was written, but they have been preparing this new currency for many years between USA, Canada down across to Mexico and South America. It is called the Amero. This has been in process for a long time. Even if one does not believe in God, they do well to study Bible prophecy, which tells of one world government, a cashless society and a final mark of ownership in this beast system that will destroy mankind to the greatest extent possible. It speaks of 10 kingdoms from which a smooth talking “peacemaker” will arise and deceive the world with his diplomatic brilliance and charm. The UN has already planned for these things, conscious of this information or not, by separating the earth into 10 sections. This is not a joke. We need to wake up NOW or we will NOT survive, let alone help others who are blindsided when these things happen. Thank u for your website. You have worked very hard it is clear. And don’t feel bad, I have been virtually incapable of small talk for 20 years bc as I see it, small talk is totally irrelevant once anyone understands these things. Thanks again for your service to humanity on Planet Earth.

  154. l8in

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  155. AHolland

     /  September 27, 2016

    Thanks you! And is it possible to get property back that has been taken such as a car perhaps?

  156. Please help me become a Secured Creditor: I really want to become one! Please

    • Scott

       /  December 26, 2016

      You can find help like look up the American Bulletin newspaper, get the Redemption Manual the newest edition comes with CD. Also there is a free booklet called Tools for Freedom . You will like it….

  157. Absolutely wonderful!! A tremendous read!! I applaud you on every level, for doing your own independent research to sharing the knowledge you have obtained to others. I also thank you for distributing this truth. I do not know you but after reading this, I can say that you are not at all antisocial, but very social to the ones that are and that can come up to your level. Once again, thank you, friend.

  158. Scott

     /  December 26, 2016

    I believe everything I have read.. I been doing this since 2007 in which I have filed my initial filing in Olympic Washington State and now become a Secured Party Creditor!!! I would love to learn more !!!

  159. If money is the enslavement issue, then why are we being asked to pay for the seminar that’s supposed to guide us out of the issue in the first place?

    • A thoughtful and legitimate question… However, even Mother Theresa survived on charity. I survive on donations while giving everything away free. Your question is fallacious only because the system is set up the way it is, where one cannot survive without money to purchase food and services. I totally get your intent and mine is the same. It’s an unanswerable question, one that can only be considered in the miserable mood of debtor’s hell we call the United States of mammon.

  160. Concerned person

     /  January 26, 2017

    This will not work, good luck; lawyer up 😉

    • It is a great exercise to go through that document and disprove it. Try it. You will find a purposeful use of incorrect terms and words that do not apply. This document is a lie.

      However, after years of research, I agree that the whole redemption process is also a great legal lie, an empty path, just as all patriot mythology and so-called truth movement “information” is.

      Please see my book series at for my research, free to download.

  161. Clay Solski

     /  May 21, 2017

    Very informative but left me wanting to know more, my journey continues… I am curious though, does this also include Canada? I am a Canadian citizen and would like to know if I kill my “STRAWMAN” am I then protected from government and like etc…

    • Did quite a few shows with Daniel in Canada, so certainly. It is citizenship (personhood).

      Get my book free for more info than you can imagine: STRAWMANSTORY.INFO

  162. Charles Edward Willlmore

     /  June 21, 2017

    I have had several family members either murdered attempted murdered including myself over twenty time’s I estimate Been robbed $74 million in commissions plus Corona brewery 162 gold lodes and silver lodes uranium mines kyaonite mines bentonite mines and patented technology belonging to me us patent 6680714 covering iPhone iPad ipod Skype eBay ebooks you tube ATM ACCES to the Internet, Amazon and Facebook in part All robbed after I bumped into a black Ops apparently leading to 911 finally after 39 years and all the attempted hits and possible drugged ex wife and messed with, murdered father machine gunned cousin, machine gunned witnesses, poisoning of my brothers son into coma and death and my brother into wheel chair and about 28 attempted hits on me thecia agreed to pay in a contract where they requested the list of damages totalling $335 billion they scrubbed the copy of my first claim posted as I organized an article lll tribunal under Notary Law with several hundred witnesses they erased it broke into my house robbed hard copies erased all files hacked from my flash drives cellphone hard drive backup drives and did the same to all friends who downloaded photocopied or shared, So I posted on the Facebook page 📄 several human rights commissions after they ignored me or dumped on me telling how they were a lie About four days later the accountant of the cia requested a list of damages or bill. Which I mailed via certified mail and he stated that I had to reformat eliminate the name of bush connection to the murders and robberies in order to collect which I did and resend to him and the director of thecia and senators Burr Feinstein Rubio Nelson, and office of High Commissioner Human rights in Geneva and secretary general of the UN and pope Francis cause my church tried to have church mobsters try to kill me and they crashed my truck trying to explode and burn me alive and disappeared lady I was in love with and vandalized my vehicles about 30 times leaving me no transport and then crashed me several times while bicycling to avoid that I would find here breaking my knees and causing head injuries results are preliminary aging memory loss and loss of vitality When this started I was bicycling up to 84 miles 2 times a week trying to find out from her what happened she was disappeared again finally cia accountan offered to pay the claim for $335 billion if I subtracted entries totalling $335 million (by coincidence same three digits number) which I did and added a conditional clause that if they dishonored the agreement or didn’t pay the amount agreed they would contract double the amount agreed they reneged again same people notified by certified mail except pope banki Mon of the UN and high commissioner of OHCHRC in Geneva finally I discovered that we have a contract as originally agreed because they accepted all terms didn’t deny or refute any I am trying to collect the sum through the IMF or world Bank who really own the US Treasury since this is a security agreement which is by law a negotiable instruments and also account receivable and obligation of the USA I have offered up to $70 billion to anyone capable of collecting the funds owed Thanks for your help Charles Edward Willlmore

  163. Smyrne Seizeme

     /  July 3, 2017

    Did you ever figure out how to terminate your straw man? I enjoy reading this blog. Thank you for the information.

  164. vickiana nunez

     /  July 6, 2017

    thank you so much, for your time and information! you a greatly appreciated! i will do my best to wake up the people i know and inform them of all this information!! god bless

  165. Thank you for saving my life.

  166. I want to get these parasites off me! How does this apply to those of us in other countries?

  167. Thank you for sharing this knowledge is was very well written made it easy to understand. God bless you and the United States Republic of America.May all find this truth that all might be free.Thank you again Clint I will share with friends and family looking for truth.

  168. Zvonimir Beran

     /  March 8, 2018

    Croatian daily newspaper Glas Istre (The voice of Istria) 07.03.2018: Sovereign freeman on the planet Earth, Aljoša from the Đurić family

  169. Thanks for the updated info, Clint. It was great meeting you last time Kelley and I visited Utah. Would love to see you next time we visit, or perhaps you can visit us down in Sunny Florida… we just moved down here.
    Cheers to freedom.


  170. Quentin Thompson

     /  November 25, 2018

    Great news you’ve given me. It’s hard to find the right people with the right information.

  171. luke2236

     /  January 17, 2019

    Ever notice [[[who]]] is behind all the chicanery?
    They are, as Jesus said, ‘of their father the devil’…



    DOCUMENT REFLECTING THE HOAX: (This document was compiled by J.R. Butler of and is a transcript of the teachings of Carl Miller from his videos. This document amounts to a “check list” of every legal mistake that amateur legal theorists make about the law, ALL OF WHICH ARE PROVEN FAILURES IN COURT.).

    Carl Miller claims to be a “constitutional scholar” who “delights in tying legal prosecutors in knots, often winning the praise and respect from judges” in the process. Miller also claims to be a “highly decorated hero of the Vietnam War” whose unit was the subject of “the famous movie, ‘Apocalypse Now’ and the best selling book, ‘Apache Sunrise’.” Further, Miller also claims to have been “inducted into the top secret project, ‘Blue Book'”and claims to have served under a famous General in “Operation ‘Eagle Snatch’.” But most importantly, Miller claims to have “studied law for 25 years” and claims to have “a win-loss rate of over 90%” in court. But, none of these claims are so.

    Carl Miller’s real name is Richard John Champion. “Carl Miller” is an alias which Champion uses to avoid arrest and to prevent his followers from ever learning the truth about him. Champion is actually a MULTI-CONVICTED, WEAPONS-RELATED FELON, a CAREER CRIMINAL and a THREE-TIME HABITUAL OFFENDER. Champion HAS BEEN REPEATEDLY DIAGNOSED WITH A SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS and was TWICE INVOLUNTARILY-INCARCERATED IN THE YPSILANTI CENTER FOR FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY (a mental institution).…=1568478265716.

    Champion is not a “highly decorated [war] hero”. Instead, CHAMPION WAS ACTUALLY “SEPARATED” FROM THE ARMY BECAUSE HE WAS DIAGNOSED AS WITH A SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS AND DEEMED UNFIT TO EVEN SERVE. (Some “highly decorated [war] hero”). (Champion’s act of claiming to be a “highly decorated [war] hero” is itself a federal offense. Further, there is no record of a project “Blue Book” or an “Operation Eagle Snatch” in relation to the Vietnam War. (The REAL Project “Blue Book” actually relates UFOs. And, “Operation Eagle Snatch” is actually a game played with G.I. Joe action figures. BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN).

    Most importantly, Champion knows nothing of the constitution or the law and, therefore, HAS A 100% FAILURE RATE IN COURT WHEN REPRESENTING HIMSELF. (Some “constitutional scholar” who ties “prosecutors in knots” and who wins “praise and respect from judges”.).

    Carl Miller’s real name is “Richard John Champion”. The name, “Carl Miller” is his alias, as is “Carl Miller Jackson” and “Carl Michael Jackson”, all of which he uses to avoid arrest and to prevent his followers from ever learning the truth about him.

    Champion was born on 08-01-1947 in Boulder, Colorado. He is the oldest of seven Champion siblings, including Mary Ann, Thomas, Christopher, John, William and Paul Francis. In 1958, Champion’s father passed away when Champion was approximately 11 years old. From 08-01-1962 until 01-15-1962, Champion was involuntarily-hospitalized in Ypsilanti, Michigan for a severe mental illness. At that time, Champion was approximately 14 years old. Champion was issued his Social Security card in 1963 in Michigan when he was approximately 15 years old. (Social Security number withheld.). As of 10-07-1969, when Champion was 22 years old, he had never been married. On the same date, military doctors diagnosed Champion with a “behavioral disorder” which they did not regard as severe enough to disqualify him from military service (a decision they would later reverse). It is unclear whether Champion was drafted or joined, but he served in the Army from late in 1969 to 1972 and re-entered the service in 1976. A year later, on 05-24-1977, doctors at the Tripler Army Military Medical Center diagnosed Champion with a SEVERE MENTAL ILLNESS “manifested by underlying hostility, anger, righteousness, rigidity and precipitating stress.” On that same date, military doctors “highly advised” that Champion “be separated from the service” and he was. (Some “highly decorated [war] hero”.).

    At some point between 10-07-1969 and the end of 1973, Champion was married. During 1973, Champion’s wife gave birth to a daughter, Sarah A. Champion. In 1975, Champion and his wife were legally divorced. Champion was then approximately 25 years old. Five years later in 1980, when Champion was approximately 33 years old, Champion began a life of crime that continues to this very day. See proof below.

    During 1990, Champion was employed by The Chrysler Corporation for 10 months. Champion was then approximately 43 years old. At some point thereafter, Champion was also employed by Modern Engineering Company. Both jobs were located in southeastern Michigan.

    At some point, Champion lost touch with his daughter, Sarah. As an young adult, Sarah spent a considerable amount of time and money trying to locate her estranged father. By 10-31-1997 when she was 24 years old, Sarah had actually hired a private investigative firm in Melbourne, Florida (likely where she lived) to locate her estranged father to no avail (likely because Champion was then using the alias, “Carl Miller”). Sarah had also written to the Veteran’s Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan seeking his whereabouts to no avail (again likely because Champion was then using the alias “Carl Miller”).

    By 10-31-1997, Champion was 50 years old and effectively homeless. He often used a Post Office Box in the City Of Warren, Wacomb County, Michigan to receive mail and occasionally stayed with his brother, Paul, in Detroit, Michigan. (Address withheld.). But, Champion spent much of the time living in a “Scottie-type camper trailer” which he pulled behind his 20-year-old Chevy Suburban and which he parked overnight on rural properties owned by members of a “militia” group with whom he shared anti-government views and an interest in exotic firearms and weapons. (Addresses withheld.).

    Champion is currently 72 years old and 5′ 9″ or 5′ 10″ tall. His weigh fluctuates between 204 and 230 pounds. While voter records put him in the City Of St. Clair Shores, Warren County, Michigan, Champion actually lives in (or recently lived in) the City Of Warren, Macomb County, Michigan in area codes 48089-4781, 48091-2043 and 48042-4039. (Addresses withheld.).

    (1). 11-17-1980. Macomb Co. Case no. 1980-001432-FY. Champion was arrested and charged with CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPONS, consisting of a handgun, a knife and “karate sticks” (a FELONY). Champion asked to represent himself. Before ruling on that question, the judge sought to determine whether Champion was even legally competent to make the decision to represent himself. So, the judge ordered Champion to undergo a psychiatric examination. Champion apparently failed the examination, because the court nevertheless appointed an attorney to represent Champion and that attorney actually won the case at trial (likely on the grounds that Champion, being mentally ill, could not have formulated the necessary “intent” to commit the crime). Note that Champion can in no way take credit for the victory of his court-appointed attorney (with whom Champion fought tooth and nail). On 06-30-1982, the court closed the case.

    (2). 04-03-1983. Macomb Co. Case no. 1983-000384-AR. This case is truly hard to believe. Despite that his court-appointed attorney had already “WON” the case for him at the trial court (case #1 above), Champion was extremely dissatisfied and actually appealed his own acquittal and sought the reversal of his own attorney’s “VICTORY” in that case (likely because his attorney used Champion’s mental illness as a defense or because the attorney did not use amateur legal theories in winning the case, such as “strawman”, “flesh and blood”, “split personality”, no “consent to jurisdiction”, “capital letters”, “admiralty”, imaginary constitutional violations, etc.). On 9-27-1984, the appellate court dismissed Champion’s appeal and remanded the “case” back to the trial court (threw it out of the appellate court). After this remand, nothing else occurred in the “case”. The very fact that Champion would actually appeal his own acquittal and actually seek the reversal of a case that his own court-appointed attorney had already WON for him reflects that Champion was indeed mentally. A TOTAL LOSS.

    (3). 08-04-1993. Federal Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Investigation No. 33612-93-3033-U. Federal authorities found Champion’s Ford “Step Van” abandoned. When they searched the vehicle, they found : (1) a Ruger, Model 10-22, .22 caliber Carbine military rifle with scope and silencer; (2) a U.S. Carbine M-1, .30 caliber military rifle; (3) EIGHT (8) “Pine Cone” HAND GRENADES; and (4) TWO (2) M-80 Explosive Devices. As a result, the ATF Detroit Office (not the federal prosecutor’s office) recommended that a federal warrant be issued for Champion’s arrest. NOT YET A CASE. .

    (4). 08-17-1993 (later re-filed on 12-20-1994). US v. Champion. Warrant no. 2:1993-mi-80834. Pursuant to the foregoing federal arrest warrant (#3 above), Champion was arrested for POSSESSION OF AN UNREGISTERED MACHINE GUN, POSSESSION OF A SILENCER and POSSESSION OF AN EXPLOSIVE DEVICE. NOT YET A CASE.

    (5). 9-15-1994. Federal District Court For The Eastern District Of Michigan. In this case, Champion hired a lawyer and sued Burger King for a personal injury (ex: “slip-n-fall”, “food poisoning”, etc.). Champion’s lawyer filed the case in federal court because of “diversity of citizenship” between Champion and Burger King (meaning that each party was a resident of a different state). But, on 11-01-1994, the federal judge remanded the case to state court (likely because there was no real “diversity of citizenship” between Champion and Burger King or because the amount in controversy did not meet the federal minimum requirements for federal “diversity” jurisdiction). The case was not litigated further and on 10-26-1994, the state court judge “terminated” it. A TOTAL LOSS

    (6). 11-20-1994. Fraser Police Department. Incident Report Nos. 409-8982-94, 949210, 9011-201994. The Fraser Police arrested Champion and charged him with FIVE (5) COUNTS OF CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPONS IN A MOTOR VEHICLE. At the time of his arrest, Fraser Police found handguns in Champion’s car and one additional “COCKED, LOADED HANDGUN” WHICH CHAMPION HAD BEEN CARRYING AND CONCEALING “IN HIS CROTCH AREA”. Police also found five (5) handcuff keys on Champion (meaning that elsewhere, Champion possessed FIVE (5) HANDCUFFS, presumably for his PRISONERS or HOSTAGES). NOT YET A CASE.

    (7). 12-08-1994. Macomb Co. Case no. 1994-002866-FH. Champion was charged with FIVE (5) counts of CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPONS IN A MOTOR VEHICLE (four firearms and one switchblade). Champion asked to represent himself. So, the court ordered Champion to undergo a psychiatric examination to determine whether he was competent enough to make the decision to represent himself. The psychiatrist determined Champion was at least competent enough to make the decision to represent himself (not competent enough to actually represent himself). So, the court allowed Champion to represent himself. On 12-06-1995, WHILE CHAMPION WAS REPRESENTING HIMSELF, A JURY FOUND CHAMPION “GUILTY” ON ALL FIVE COUNTS, A TOTAL LOSS. FOUR OF WHICH WERE FELONIES. On 01-10-1996, the court sentenced Champion to FIVE YEARS PROBATION, conditioned on him NOT POSSESSING WEAPONS DURING THAT ENTIRE PERIOD and paying the costs of his probation. A TOTAL LOSS.

    Unfortunately by 12-26-1997, Champion had already violated his probation (failure to pay) and the judge issued a bench warrant and had him arrested. But, then Champion paid what he owed and the court released him from jail. By 06-08-1999, Champion had again violated his probation (failure to pay) and again the judge issued a bench warrant and had him arrested. But again, Champion paid what he owed and the court again released from jail. On 05-16-2005, Champion was arrested again. But this time, Champion was arrested for POSSESSION OF WEAPONS AS A CONVICTED FELON. (Note that this arrest occurred AFTER the FIVE YEAR probation period.). Apparently, due to Champion’s mental illness, the court appointed an attorney to represent him in the POSSESSION OF FIREARMS AS A CONVICTED FELON portion of the case. But, after discussing defense strategy with Champion, the attorney moved to withdraw as Champion’s attorney (likely because the attorney sought to use Champion’s mental illness as a defense or because the attorney refused to use amateur legal theories in his defense, “strawman”, “flesh and blood”, “split personality”, no “consent to jurisdiction”, “capital letters”, “admiralty”, imaginary constitutional violations, etc.). The court granted the attorney’s motion to withdraw. On 07-07-2005, WHILE REPRESENTING HIMSELF, CHAMPION ACTUALLY PLEAD GUILTY to POSSESSION OF FIREARMS AS A CONVICTED FELON and WAS AGAIN SENTENCED TO FIVE [5] MORE YEARS PROBATION CONDITIONED ON HIM NOT POSSESSING ANY WEAPONS FOR THAT ENTIRE PERIOD. A TOTAL LOSS. Note that despite that VIOLATIONS OF PROBATION and POSSESSION OF WEAPONS AS A CONVICTED FELON are new and separate crimes, all three of these ADDITIONAL VIOLATIONS are FILED TOGETHER IN THIS SAME CASE. A TOTAL LOSS.

    (8). 12-15-1995. US v. Champion. Case no. 2:1993-cr-80834. The underlying facts of this case are described in #2 and #3 above. The information in this paragraph was found on “Federal Criminal Docket Search”, but this case does not appear on (the official federal government docket/case website). No further documents were found from any source. This strongly suggests that federal prosecutors never actually filed an indictment or information against Champion in this case. Regardless, this case was closed on 12-15-1995, eight (8) years after Champion’s arrest. This “closing” is likely a reference to an act by the ATF itself and not an act by the federal courts. No other information is available about this case from any source. NOT A CASE FILED IN ANY COURT.

    (9). 10-28-1997 Hillsdale Co. Hillsdale County issued an arrest warrant for Champion for OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE (a 5 year FELONY) and for RESISTING AND OBSTRUCTING AN OFFICER (a 2 year Misdemeanor). NOT YET A CASE.

    Michigan State Police were searching for Paul David Darland, A FUGITIVE CHARGED WITH THE MURDER OF A FELLOW MILITIA MEMBER.;
    Champion was a well-known associate of Darland who provided Darland with legal advice and legal assistance. But when police interviewed Champion about Darland, Champion denied knowing Darland and denied knowing his whereabouts. (These denials resulted in the OBSTRUCTION charges immediately above in #9.). Regardless, thereafter, police secretly followed Champion in the hopes that he would unwittingly lead them to Darland. NOT YET A CASE.

    (10). 10-31-1997. On 10-31-1997, after several days of following Champion and after obtaining a search warrant, police raided the rural property of a militia member on whose property Champion lived in his “Scotty-Type Trailer”. (Note that this was not Darland’s property and Darland was not there at the time.). In Champion’s trailer, police found: (1) a Chinese Norinco assault-type rifle, semi-automatic, 7.62 caliber; (2) an MKI long-branch, bolt-action rifle with scope, 7.62 caliber; (3) a Winchester 30-30 rifle, Ranger model; (4) a Mossberg Model 500A, 12 gauge shotgun, pump-action; (5) a Savage Arms, Model 67-E, 410 gauge, single-action shotgun with camouflaged fabric case; (6) a Dana Model 45 pellet rifle, caliber 5.05/20; (7) a Springfield 12 gauge double-barrel with sawed-off barrels and stock; (8) a Chinese made black nylon stock rifle, unknown manufacturer; (9) a Ruger .22 caliber rifle with scope, Model 10/22; (10) an Ejercito Argentine Colt .45 caliber handgun with black holster along with several large foot locker boxes of ammunition. NOT YET A CASE.

    (11). 12-26-1997. Wacomb Co. 199712261601. Warrant no. 942866FH. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE OF ANY OF THE CHARGES IN THE PROCEEDING CASES. A Wacomb County judge issued an arrest warrant for Champion’s arrest for CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON. NOT YET A CASE.

    (12). 12-26-1997. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE OF ANY OF THE CHARGES IN THE PROCEEDING CASES. Pursuant to the warrant directly above (#11), the Mt. Clemons Police Department arrested Champion for CARRYING A CONCEALED WEAPON. For reasons that are not clear, this warrant and this arrest did not result in an actual case being filed in court. We have been unable to locate further records on this case. NOT YET A CASE.

    (13). 01-09-1998. As a result weapons found inside Champion’s “Scotty-Type” trailer during the raid above (# 10 above) . St. Clair County recommended that a FELONY warrant be issued for Champion’s arrest for POSSESSION OF FIREARMS BY A CONVICTED FELON (a 5 year FELONY), POSSESSION OF AN ILLEGAL WEAPON (a 2 year FELONY) and COMMITTING A CRIME AS A HABITUAL OFFENDER – SECOND OFFENSE (a FELONY). NOT YET A CASE.

    (14). 01-26-1998. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE OF ANY OF THE CHARGES IN THE PROCEEDING CASES. Pursuant to the warrant issued directly above (#13), St. Clair County arrested Champion for POSSESSION OF FIREARMS BY A CONVICTED FELON (a 5 year FELONY) and POSSESSION OF AN ILLEGAL WEAPON (a 2 year FELONY). At the time of his arrest, Champion was then in possession of (1) a Mossberg .12 gauge pump-action shotgun, Model 855; (2) a .30 caliber M-1 Carbine military rifle made by Inland manufacturing; (3) a Chinese bolt-action rifle; (4) an AKS 7.62 assault rifle manufactured by PolyTech; (5) a MAK90 Norinco Sporter 7.62 caliber rifle; (6) a .12 gauge New England single-shot shotgun, Pardner Model SB; (7) a Auto Ordinance Corporation, Model 1911A1 U.S. Army .45 caliber handgun, BSA; (8) S&W Model SW40C, BSA .40 caliber handgun; (9) a S7W Model 64-3m SSR, 6 shot handgun; (10) a Ruger .45 caliber, new Model Blackhawk handgun, BSR; (11) a S&W Model 14-3, 38 caliber, 6 shot handgun; (12) a Browning .22 caliber BSA rifle; and (13) a Remington Model 1100, .12 gauge automatic shotgun. NOT YET A CASE.

    (15). 03-04-1998. The underlying case (#10, #13 above) was filed against Champion in the Circuit Court For St. Clair Co. Case no. 98-00753-FH. On 05-28-1999. Champion was CONVICTED IN A JURY TRIAL FOR POSSESSION OF FIREARMS BY A CONVICTED FELON (a 5 year FELONY) and POSSESSION OF AN ILLEGAL WEAPON (a 2 year FELONY). Sentence unknown. I have been unable to locate more information on this case. A TOTAL LOSS.

    (16). 08-11-2004. Monroe Co. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE OF ANY OF THE CHARGES IN THE PROCEEDING CASES. On 08-11-2004, Monroe Sheriff arrested Champion and charged him with SEVEN (7) COUNTS, five counts of CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPONS, one count of POSSESSING WEAPONS AS A CONVICTED FELON and one count of POSSESSION OF AN ILLEGAL WEAPON. Champion’s lawyer negotiated a plea deal whereby Champion would plead “NO CONTEST” (treated as a “GUILTY” PLEA) TO THE FIRST TWO COUNTS on the condition that the state would drop all remaining charges INCLUDING THE CHARGE HABITUAL OFFENDER THIRD OFFENSE CHARGE. On 11-10-2004, CHAMPION PLEAD “NO CONTEST” TO POSSESSION OF FIREARMS AS A CONVICTED FELON (TREATED AS A “GUILTY” PLEA), WAS CONVICTED AND WAS SENTENCED TO JAIL. A LOSS.

    (17). 11-15-2004. Macomb Co. 2004-182304-CA. While Champion was serving jail time for POSSESSION WEAPONS AS A CONVICTED FELON (#16 directly above), the State Of Michigan DIAGNOSED CHAMPION WITH A MENTAL ILLNESS AND (ACCORDING TO CHAMPION HIMSLF) INSTITUTIONALIZED HIM IN THE YPSILANTI CENTER FOR FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY.…44780.46219..48327…0.0..0.78.549.8……0….1..gws-wiz-img.oxOBU1PgE4k&ved=0ahUKEwim6b7kw87kAhWhKH0KHVkaCPkQ4dUDCAc. But, there is some indication online that this particular mental institution was closed in 1991. Regardless, Champion was institutionalized in some mental institution in southern Michigan. While there, Champion would also be on powerful medication which would render him “incoherent”. Further while there, Champion would have no access to mail, telephones, fax machines, computers or any other means of communication. As a result, Champion was, at least temporarily, unable to manage his own financial and legal affairs. So, the State Of Michigan sought to have a conservator appointed, at least temporarily, to handle Champions financial and legal affairs for him. The judge agreed and on 01-20-2005 appointed a conservator to handle Champion’s financial and legal affairs. A TOTAL LOSS. A year and a half later on 6-19-2006, because such was apparently a temporary measure or because Champion had been discharged from the Center For Forensic Psychiatry (# 23 below), the judge discharged the conservator and closed the case. Further details are not available.

    (18). 12-01-2004. Federal District Court For the Eastern District Of Michigan. Champion v. Meyer. 2:2004cv74693-VAR-MKM. WHILE CHAMPION WAS INVOLUNTARILY-INCARCERATED IN THE YPSILANTI CENTER FOR FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY FOR HIS MENTAL ILLNESS, Champion filed a frivolous, handwritten lawsuit in federal court against a government official who he blamed for his conviction and for the imaginary violations of his imaginary legal rights.…238167.239739..244407…0.0..0.82.629.9……0….1..gws-wiz-img.8F4UtWp41wo&ved=0ahUKEwiY7v_7w87kAhVeGDQIHUrHAyIQ4dUDCAY.
    CHAMPION’S WRITINGS IN THIS CASE ARE A “MUST READ”! (They are available on and will be linked to as soon as possible.). The judge dismissed the case (threw it out of court) on 12-21-2004, less than three weeks later. A TOTAL LOSS.

    (19). 12-06-2004. Washtenaw County Court. Case no. 04-001263-AZ. Dean S. Hazel and Richard John Champion v. William Meyer (Gov’t official). WHILE CHAMPION WAS INVOLUNTARILY-INCARCERATED IN THE YPSILANTI CENTER FOR FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY FOR HIS MENTAL ILLNESS, Champion and a fellow patient filed a frivolous, handwritten lawsuit in state court against the same government official who Champion had already sued in federal court for the imaginary violations of their imaginary legal rights (#19 above).…9737.12417..15279…0.0..0.77.628.9……0….1..gws-wiz-img.tt3YBFKk6nA&ved=0ahUKEwiY7v_7w87kAhVeGDQIHUrHAyIQ4dUDCAY.
    On 04-27-2005, the judge unceremoniously dismissed the case (threw it out of court) without Champion even having effectuated service on the defendant. A TOTAL LOSS.

    (20). 12-13-2004. Richard John Champion v. Center For Forensic Psychiatry, Case no. 259667. When the Washtenaw County judge dismissed (threw out) Champion’s frivolous lawsuit against William Meyer above (#19), AND WHILE CHAMPION WAS INVOLUNTARILY-INCARCERATED IN THE YPSILANTI CENTER FOR FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY FOR HIS MENTAL ILLNESS, Champion filed an appeal of that TOTAL LOSS in the Michigan Court Of Appeals. But, instead of filing an true appeal, Champion purported to file a lawsuit against the Ypsilanti Center For Forensic Psychiatry in the Michigan Court Or Appeals, which does not handle lawsuits (it only handles APPEALS, something entirely different from lawsuits). Champion styled his lawsuit a “complaint for habeas corpus” (means “show me the body [the elements] of the crime”). This type of action does not apply to patients suing mental institutions. It only applies as a defense in a criminal case before conviction. To make matters worse, Champion filed it in the wrong court. The Court Of Appeals dismissed the “appeal”. A TOTAL LOSS.

    (21). 12-22-2004. Federal District Court For the Eastern District Of Michigan. Champion v. Monroe County, et al. 2:04-cv-74694-GER-MKM. The day after the federal judge dismissed (threw out) Champion’s federal court lawsuit against Meyer for the imaginary violations of his imaginary legal rights above (and WHILE CHAMPION WAS INVOLUNTARILY-INCARCERATED IN THE YPSILANTI CENTER FOR FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY FOR HIS MENTAL ILLNESS), Champion filed in federal court an identical lawsuit to the one that the federal court had just dismissed (thrown out of court). But this time, Champion named dozens of OTHER government officials for the same imaginary violations of the same imaginary legal rights. Not surprisingly, five weeks later on 01-31-2005 , the judge also unceremoniously dismissed this case (threw it out of court). A TOTAL LOSS.

    (22). 03-14-2005. Champion was released from the (Ypsilanti) Center For Forensic Psychiatry. (Note that the “Center For Forensic Psychiatry” may be the successor to the “Ypsilanti Center For Forensic Psychiatry”.).,5885,7-339-71550_2941_4868_4896_92486-495570–,00.html. Note that the source for this information was an entry dated 03-14-2005 in the court file index in Richard John “Champion v. Center For Forensic Psychiatry”. Case no. 259667. Champion had been involuntarily incarcerated in the Center For Forensic Psychiatry since 11-10-2004. Thus, Champion was incarcerated in the center for a little over 4 months this particular time. When released from the mental institution, Champion was 57 years of age. Champion may have been released from the mental institution only to go back to jail to finish the remainder of the sentence imposed on him in case # 16 above. The records I have do not say whether Champion was released to jail or released to civilian life. NOT A CASE.

    (23). 04-27-2005. The Michigan Court of Appeals closed “Richard John Champion v. Center For Forensic Psychiatry” (because Champion had already been released from the mental institution in # 22 above). NOT A CASE.

    (24). 05-13-2005. Macomb County Sheriff. 200505131747. NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT A DUPLICATE OF ANY OF THE CHARGES IN THE PROCEEDING CASES. Police arrested Champion in the City of Roseville and charged him with CARRYING CONCEALED WEAPONS. On 05-22-2005, Champion was CONVICTED AND SENTENCED. The sentence is unknown. Further, details are not available. A TOTAL LOSS.

    (25) 2009. Beginning in 2009 when Champion was approximately 62 years old, Champion began producing a series of YouTube videos wherein he pretended to be “Carl Miller” and a “highly decorated hero of the Vietnam War”. In his videos, Champion also pretended to be a “constitutional scholar” and claimed to have an in-court “win-loss rate of 92%”. NOT A CASE.

    Shortly thereafter, a follower of Champion assembled Champion’s video teachings into a book. The book amounts to a collection of every mistake that amateur legal theorists get wrong about the law ALL OF WHICH ARE PROVEN FAILURES IN COURT. That book is posted at the top of this expose’. NOT A CASE.

    Contrary to the claims of Richard John Champion, he is not really “Carl Miller”, an alias he uses to avoid arrest and to prevent his followers from ever learning the truth about him. Contrary to the claims of Richard John Champion, he is not really a “highly decorated hero of the Vietnam War”, his unit was not the subject of “the famous movie, Apocalypse Now” or the best-selling book “Apache Sunrise”. Contrary to the claims of Richard John Champion, he was never “inducted into the top secret project, ‘Blue Book'” and never served under a famous general in “Operation Eagle Snatch”. Contrary to the claims of Richard John Champion, he is not a “constitutional scholar” who “delights in tying legal prosecutors in knots, often winning the praise and respect from judges” in the process. Most importantly, Richard John Champion never “studied law for 25 years” and never “ha[d] a win-loss rate of 92%”.

    Snoop4truth is a legal expert and whistle blower who exposes online hoaxes. Snoop4truth did not reveal this information to harm Richard John Champion. Instead, Snoop4truth revealed this information solely to reduce the CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE that such intentional fraud inflicts upon the American people every single day. Had it not been for Richard Champion’s role in the “Carl Miller Hoax”, Snoop4truth would not have revealed this information here.

    The message to all charlatans and hoaxers? Just tell the truth. The truth does not fear investigation. Only lies fear investigation. The truth can be supported by using the truth. Only lies must be supported by using hoaxes (other lies). There is no such thing as a “good reason” to intentionally defraud the American people, not even to make a popular (and sensational) amateur legal theory appear to be true.

    For the hoaxes of DEBORAH TAVARES, click here.…s-depopulation)

    For the hoaxes of ROD CLASS, click here.…is-many-hoaxes

    For the hoaxes of EDDIE CRAIG, click here.…y-sheriff-hoax

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