Do Illegal Imigrants Have Rights?

The hot topic of the day is Arizona’s new immigration bill.

Though there are parts of the bill we all should be wary of, namely Biometric National ID cards, the bill seems almost redundant to me. The law says no illegal immigration already, so why is a new bill even needed, much less being debated?

I won’t go into all of the left vs. right politics in this matter. In fact, I wont even offer my opinion on what I personally think of the matter. But I would like to present my input on what the correct questions that should be put forward ought to be. Those are…

1) Where in the constitution of the United States of America, or in any of the 50 individual sovereign state constitutions does it state that persons whom are not natural to this country are granted any rights at all?

2) Since the answer to question #1 is to the best of my knowledge invariably “nowhere”, what do illegal invaders of this country expect to receive when they ask for equal rights?

3) To put this into perspective… can you imagine if I went to China illegally and demanded equal rights now? I’d be shot execution style in the head after being laughed at and stoned!

4) And what about Mexico? What is its immigration rules? Exactly what they should be… no illegal immigration. All illegals shall be exported from Mexico. Most countries operate in this way with regards to immigration laws. So why should we be any different?

5) There are two types of immigration status in this country – legal and illegal. The law states that illegal immigrants are to be deported. Period. So where is the disconnect on this in the media and the public? There is no debate here. Law is law.

The only other thing I have to say is that I’d be pretty pissed off if I spent years earning my legal status and green-card while watching as others just crossed the border and started demanding rights. So I think it’s time for legal immigrants to stand up and say no more illegal immigration!


Clint Richardson (

Monday, May 3, 2010

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  1. Here’s an interesting fact: Anyone visiting England, no matter where you’re from or what your citizenship status, or non-status, gets free health care if needed. My friend broke her wrist in London and was taken care of in a matter-of-fact, kindly manner, without any financial charges whatsoever.

    I don’t have any answers. I just know that stopping people to examine their IDs is too much like a fascist state for America.


    • That’s great. Good story. One for the grandchildren. Now go and talk to some people who actually live there. You’ll find a different story.

      And I can’t go to a hospital here as a damn citizen and get my wrist fixed without insurance or signing my life away… So forgive me if I am a bit perturbed that an illegal alien can.


  2. ivan quezada

     /  May 18, 2010

    well can you just think how would this country would be with out mexicans??? who is going to work in the feild,counstroction,cleaning,hoteles,restaurants,….ect.the american wants to win more money for less work, and the mexican doesnt care how much you pay per hour…so stop dicrimineiting pepole and start help them. because mexicans are t5he power of this country


    • I’m guessing you are of Hispanic origin…

      Are you trying to tell me that all Mexicans who work in hotels, construction, cleaning, restaurants, and in the fields are in fact illegal? Why, that would mean that every hotel, restaurant, farmer, and for that matter anyone who hires a Mexican is breaking the law. I’m pretty sure a large majority of these Mexican workers are in fact legal… the whole point of this article!

      How would this country be without (illegal) Mexicans?

      Well, employed for one. Less privileged, possibly?

      If you are foolish enough to think that coming to America and completely undermining the whole employment structure of the country by accepting extremely low and illegal paying jobs will somehow help Mexico in any way, you are more brainwashed than most Americans. Destroying the economic prosperity of America is not a very good plan for “helping” Mexicans. It will only serve to drive a larger wedge between the two cultures, and I severely doubt that in a confrontation the Mexican population will triumph over the other multi-cultural population that legally calls this country home.

      Your media is run by American corporations, who sell you on the idea that we whites are the bad guys. But this isn’t true. The elites in power are the bad guys. The media giants, all owned by Khazarian Jews (Zionists) have indoctrinated you into wanting to “take back” America. Of course, America was in the hands of Native Americans, so really, you can only re-steal the country from the Indians.

      How about you stop the La Raza “The Race” crap and focus on fixing Mexico, instead of infiltrating America with the purpose of undermining it. If I were to say white people were “The Race” I’d be ostracized.

      So either get over your race, or stop accusing my race for the evils of the corporation that has destroyed yours.



      • Cathy

         /  October 21, 2011

        Thank you. Some of us do know that “they only do jobs lazy Americans won’t do” is a lie.
        I’ve helped block amnesty for a number of years one reason being it hurts low income citizens pushing down wages even further.
        Another is it isn’t fair to those who play by the rules. Another is the immigration law of CHAIN MIGRATION.
        I don’t have a solution except to enforce the existing laws & pass E-Verify nationally!
        Oh, I’m of Hispanic descent.


  3. Axel

     /  July 3, 2012

    The Constitution for the United States of America clearly states that “all men are created equal”. These rights are given by our creator, and not the state, therefore, everyone has equal rights. The difference may lie in the fact that other countries may not have a document which protects and secures said freedoms. Either way, the only law which applies to human beings is Common and Natural Law, so let us here keep in mind the difference between what is legal/il, and what is lawful. Furthermore, most of our ancestors are illegal immigrants, has anyone ever thought about that? Your descendants massacred and stole land from the natives of this geographical land-mass. “Mexicans” on the other hand, hardly do so. The reason why we are not enjoying the abundance which we technically could, is largely in part due to “Outsourcing” i.e, de-industrialization. It’s not the mexicans, fellas, they are indeed wonderful for our economy. Big fan of you, Clint, surprised to read such an article coming from you. Regards,



    • You’re right. It was a moment of weakness. I completely agree that men are not illegal, only persons. Must have been a bad day. -Clint-


      • AloneInTheCrowd

         /  July 22, 2013

        “I completely agree that men are not illegal, only persons.”

        another demonstration of your fine character


  4. AloneInTheCrowd

     /  July 22, 2013

    heh, well done clint.



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