Why I Don’t Have Faith In The Church – 79 Molestation Stories In 65 Days

I am disgusted with the disconnect between the realities of this earth and the fantasies of religion when it comes to child rape and molestation. Though many in the truth and activist movement agree that this type of behavior happens in the real world, in CPS, in Masonic rituals, in cults, etc… they at the same time let their faith in the supposed eternal goodness of the church completely obscure their view of its indiscretions in the earthly pleasures of the flesh. But this has been happening since the beginnings of the church. It is deeply ingrained in the church’s history. And when I say “church” I mean all denominations, from Catholic to Mormon to Jewish to Islamic.

The following is from Mike Rivero at whatreallyhappened.com. If you are not familiar with his sight, I would highly recommend it as a daily source of non-corporate, no holds barred information.

Go here for the full article: http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/ATHEISM/inquisition.html


Quoted from William Manchester’s “A World Lit Only by Fire- The Medieval Mind and The Renaissance” .Little, Brown & Company, 1992

“Once he became Pope Alexander VI, Vatican parties, already wild, grew wilder. They were costly, but he could afford the lifestyle of a Renaissance prince; as vice chancellor of the Roman Church, he had amassed enormous wealth. As guests approached the papal palace, they were excited by the spectacle of living statues: naked, gilded young men and women in erotic poses. Flags bore the Borgia arms, which, appropriately, portrayed a red bull rampant on a field of gold. Every fete had a theme. One, known to Romans as the Ballet of the Chestnuts, was held on October 30, 1501. The indefatigable Burchard describes it in his Diarium. After the banquet dishes had been cleared away, the city’s fifty most beautiful whores danced with the guests, “first clothed, then naked.” The dancing over, the “ballet” began, with the Pope and two of his children in the best seats.
Candelabra were set up on the floor, scattered among them were chestnuts, “which”, Burchard writes, “the courtesans had to pick up, crawling between the candles.” Then the serious sex started. Guests stripped and ran out onto the floor, where they mounted, or were mounted by, the prostitutes. “The coupling took place,” according to Burchard, “in front of everyone present.” Servants kept score of each man’s orgasms, for the Pope greatly admired virility, and measured a man’s machismo by his ejaculative capacity. After eveyone was exhausted, His Holiness distributed prizes- cloaks, boots, caps, and fine silken tunics. “The winners”, the diarist wrote, “were those who made love with the courtesans the greatest number of times.”

And you thought all this sexual scandal was just a recent thing!

And now, 79 news stories of sexual abuse in “the church” in 65 days… Enjoy!

Victims of alleged abuse come forward after Baptist pastor’s arrest, ABP, 3/5/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)

More accusers come forward as pastor admits to sexual abuse, Tyler Morning Telegraph, 3/4/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)

Awaiting DNA results in sexual abuse case, Odessa American, 3/4/10 (Robert John Weber)

Local pastor arrested, charged with indecency with a child, Palestine Herald-Press, 2/26/10 (Hezekiah Stallworth)

Baseball coach sentenced for sex abuse, WAVY-TV, 2/23/10 (Dennis Ray Collins)

Pell City man indicted for sexual abuse, sodomy, St. Clair News Aegis (Alabama), 2/18/10 (Gregory Lee Bowman)

Former youth minister pleads guilty to abuse, ABP, 2/17/10 (Jack Duffer)

Haiti judge frees 8 of 10 American missionaries, Associated Press (Austin American Statesman), 2/17/10

Ex-youth pastor sentenced in child molestations, Gainesville Times, 2/16/10 (Phillip Glenn Terrell)(Afterwards, Southern Baptist church, Emmanuel Baptist, changes its name to Heritage Fellowship.)

Pastor charged with sex crimes against children, WTSP-TV (West Florida), 2/16/10 (Arley Atchley)

Counselor with Free Will Baptist Home for Children charged with sex crimes against children, WLTX-TV (South Carolina), 2/15/10 (Arley Atchley)

Detained Americans seek distance from adviser, Associated Press (Miami Herald), 2/14/10 (Former legal adviser “may be wanted for human trafficking in El Salvador.”)

Church adviser may face warrant, New York Times, 2/13/10 (“An order is listed in the United States national crime database for a man with that name and birthdate to be arrested on sight….”)

Former youth pastor guilty of sex assaults, Daily Press (VA), 2/11/10 (Jack Duffer)

Accused sexual predator a high ranking member of a Central Texas church, KVUE-TV (Austin, TX), 2/11/10 (Robert Riffle)(with video)

Pastor charged with criminal sexual conduct, WXYZ-TV (Detroit), 2/9/10 (Russel Schaller)

Haitian officer: U.S. Baptist team made earlier attempt to take children, Christian Post, 2/9/10

Politics and the Haitian kidnapping case, Wall Street Journal, 2/9/10 (quotes by Frank Page and Richard Land, saying Obama will further alienate evangelicals)

Missionaries’ Haiti trip no gift of charity, by Eugene Robinson, Dallas Morning News, 2/8/10

Idahoans in Haiti: We fear for our lives, Idaho Statesman, 2/7/10 (“8 of the group say leader Laura Silsby is ‘lying’.”)

Local Baptist camp being sued, Commonwealth Journal (Somerset, KY), 2/6/10 (Claude Steven Harmon)

Southern Baptists ask Obama to help 10 missionaries in Haiti, Christian Post, 2/6/10

Police: Church officials didn’t report sex abuse, New Hampshire Union Leader, 2/5/10 (Timothy Dillmuth, Richard Eland, Michael Wedge, & Robert Gagnon)

Prosecuting missionaries good for Haiti, families, church, by Fritz Gutwein, ABP, 2/5/10

Church seeks forgiveness for mission team detained in Haiti, ABP, 2/5/10

Southern Baptist leaders ask Obama to intervene on behalf of missionaries, ABP, 2/5/10

10 Americans charged in Haiti with kidnapping, AP, 2/4/10

Lawyer seeks release of U.S. missionaries in Haiti, AP, 2/4/10 (All 10 are charged on child kidnapping and criminal association.)

SBC official says he believes detained missionaries acted in good faith, ABP, 2/4/10

Missionary case illuminates plight of Haiti’s orphans, Wall Street Journal, 2/3/10 (“…reports that the group was warned away from its plan.”)

Parents tell of children they entrusted to detained Americans, New York Times, 2/2/10

Case stokes Haiti’s fears for children, and itself, New York Times, 2/1/10

U.S. church group knew it was doing wrong, CTV News Montreal, 2/01/10

Haiti: U.S. Baptists knew they were wrong, CBS News, 2/01/10

Baptist group arrested in Haiti denies trafficking charge, ABP, 2/01/10

Protecting Haitian children from harm, inadvertent or deliberate, BaptistPlanet 2/1/10

When a disorganized religion decides it is going to ‘care for’ your children, Bassenco’s Blog on the Lillypad, 2/1/10

Pulpit Predators: It’s not just Father so and so…, NEWD magazine, January 2010

Baptist camp hires interim to replace director charged with pedophilia, ABP, 1/29/10 (Steve Carter)

Are we Southern Baptist leaders indirect accomplices to Matt Baker’s murder of his wife?, Grace and Truth to You blog, 1/27/10

Long road to appeal for Matt Baker, KCEN-TV, 1/26/10 (Matt Baker)

Former pastor plans to appeal murder conviction, ABP, 1/26/10 (Matt Baker)(Pastor Wade Burleson says that someone in SBC “needs to issue some kind of statement that takes responsibility for letting this pastor slip through the cracks when attempted rape and other sexual crimes were reported to religious authorities….”)

Former associate pastor arrested on child sex charge, WLWT-TV (Ohio/Kentucky), 1/25/10 (John Wayne Diehl)

Former minister pleads guilty to child molestation charges, Gainesville Times, 1/23/10 (Phillip Glenn Terrell)

Mother says she forgives former pastor who killed her daughter, ABP, 1/22/10 (Matt Baker)

Additional sex charge for former minister, The Leaf Chronicle (TN), 1/21/10 (Jonathan Tyler Giles)

Ex-pastor who killed wife gets 65-year prison term, Associated Press (Sacramento Bee), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)(“During sentencing…four women testified that Baker had made unwanted sexual advances toward them including one who complained to police of an attempted sexual assault.”)

Women say convicted Texas ex-pastor made advances, Associated Press (San Antonio Express-News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Former Baptist pastor sentenced in wife’s murder, ABP, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Matt Baker found guilty of murdering his wife, Waco Tribune-Herald, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Former Texas minister Matt Baker found guilty of killing wife and faking her suicide note, Associated Press (NY Daily News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Preacher Matt Baker guilty of killing wife, could get life in prison as jury hears new sex evidence, CBS News 48 Hours, 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Former Texas pastor convicted of killing wife, Associated Press (FOX News), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)

Ex-pastor faces life sentence after conviction, Associated Press (Times Online), 1/21/10 (Matt Baker)(“… alleged sexual advances toward more than a dozen other women . . . . including some underage girls.. . . Jurors were instructed that to find Baker guilty, they had to agree on two things: that Baker drugged his wife and that he suffocated her with a pillow.”)

Women say convicted Texas ex-pastor made advances, Associated Press (Charlotte Observer), 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(Woman testifies that Baker was “forcible and aggressive.” She says, “I had to use all my strength to keep him off of me and from taking my clothes off.”)

Sentencing phase for Matt Baker begins , KXXV-TV, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(with video)

Jury finds Baker guilty of murder; punishment phase begins Thursday, KWTX-TV, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)(with video)

Former Baptist preacher found guilty of murder, ABP, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)

Ex-mistress testifies in former Baptist pastor’s murder trial, ABP, 1/20/10 (Matt Baker)

State rests after day that includes former Baker mistress on the stand, KXXV-TV, 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)(with videos)

Erin Moriarty: Matt Baker lied to me, but did he kill his wife? CBS News 48 Hours, 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)

Ex-mistress says Texas minister admitted killing wife, Associated Press (Sacramento Bee), 1/19/10 (Matt Baker)

Church leaders struggle to protect kids from sex abuse, The Sacramento Bee, 1/19/10 (“Southern Baptists are not required to screen any church workers.”)

Nickelsville pastor found guilty of sexual battery, Kingsport Times News, 1/13/10 (Grover Bernard Lewis)

Trial underway for former Baptist preacher charged with murder, ABP, 1/12/10 (Matt Baker)

Pastor’s trial on sex abuse allegations underway today, Daily Gleaner (Canada), 1/11/10 (Frederick Douglas Hanson)

Church volunteer gets 15 years for sex abuse of boys, Murfreesboro Post (TN), 1/8/10 (Matthew Maurice Jernigan)

Prosecutors allege Central Texas pastor killed wife, made multiple advances toward other women, Waco Tribune-Herald, 1/6/10 (Matt Baker)

Youth pastor indicted, Odessa American, 1/5/10 (Robert John Weber)(Senior pastor states: “We have been aware of the situation from the beginning and have re-assigned Mr. Weber to another ministry position within our church.”)

Youth pastor indicted on felony charges, KWES News West 9, 1/5/10 (Robert John Weber)

Joubert faces felony charges, The Hour, 1/4/10 (Phillip Joubert)

2009: The year in Baptist newsmakers, ABP, 1/1/2010 (“[C]lergy-sex-abuse scandals continued to rock corners of the Baptist world . . . . Christa Brown published a memoir and expose . . . .”)

You see… it doesn’t matter what you believe is right or wrong, good and evil. It only matters what the leaders of these churches, of our country, and of our children believe is good and evil, right and wrong.

The leaders of the state hide behind the good name of the church…

But churches are corporations, and corporate churches are protected by the state.

The state is a corporation. Therefore, the churches are just part of the state.

You cannot as men and women of God continue to be a part of this corporation called religion, regardless of denomination, and still call yourselves moral and just. For your purposeful ignorance of the rape and molestation of children must surely be a tentative reservation for a nice fireside table in hell.

Wake up and start acting within the image of God. Because from where I’m sitting, you are blasphemous in your purposeful ignorance!


Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

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  1. I like your article, if we are all aware that we live in one world,
    not everyone likes to read, for sure we should make people want to read good news good, bad and worst,
    also the problem of writing is also not everyone can, hope everyone like you are and what you pointed out in this article it’s was amazing I was very happy to read this blog

    if permission I will bookmark this blog to become one of my blog sources


  2. kittybrat

     /  May 10, 2010

    Thanks for the snippet, the snapshot, of what happens daily in the name of god.
    I am a former victim of such atrocities, and my experiences are nothing compared to many. In fact, so much of this goes on, there is nobody untouched in some way. Either directly abused, associated with someone abused, or complicit in abuse by still supporting these goddam churches and their ilk.


  3. Common_Cents

     /  December 1, 2011

    Just want to point out that your title is mis-leading. It isnt the church commiting these crimes, it’s people. There isnt one apple tree on earth that has all perfect apples but it is what it is, there are bad apples on every tree.

    Bad apples happen in all trees. Check this link on passing the garbage in public schools. Christ and good christians don’t condone any of this.



    • That’s funny… aren’t good Christians people too? How about good Muslims?

      I suppose I would agree with you if the Pope himself hadn’t offered his advise on how to hide, play down, and avoid lawsuits from these molestation cases, and if I didn’t know about the Franklin cover-up and the entire pedophilia ring that is government and religion.

      The people aren’t the church, for the church is a corporation, which offers a non-profit corporation, which is where the “good people” go and pretend they don’t know that the for-profit arm of the Church is dirty as sin.


    • But people make up the church just like any other cult. Christ has nothing to do with Christian church either.
      The Roman Cult, also known as the Roman Catholic Cult of the Vatican was first officially founded in 1057 by chief pagan high priest of the cult of Magna Mater (Cybele) known as Gregory VII.
      The Roman Cult has never been the legitimate leadership of the Catholic Church. However, through a relentless campaign to seize and consolidate its power, this relatively small band of individuals now controls the destiny of over one billion good, Christian and ethical Catholics, who remained tricked into believing the legitimacy of the Roman Cult.
      A brutal and bloody cult — involving child sacrifice, burning people alive (since 11th Century CE), demonic worship and absolute celibacy of its lowest priests — its epicenter for such evil being the giant Phrygianum atop Vatican Hill since the 2nd Century BCE.


      • “The Legitimate Leadership of the Catholic Church”?? give me a break! While I see you get some of the 2nd century BCE stuff, you don’t get that what passes for evangelical protestantism is these days hardly any different. What’s called Christianity today has almost no resemblance to what’s described in the Bible; a basic working definition would be, whatever it says — the practice is the opposite. And I mean, from top to bottom, starting with “I’m YOUR God …. thou shalt have no other gods before me.” ~~

        I also see you are a “domestic violence advocate” — and as I’m a survivor (via Christian so-called marriage) and finally “GOT” that signing up for a marriage license (regardless of one’s faith) = as Clint so nicely says here (and so do others) signing up to do commerce (See Title 28 US COde) with “the United States” (inc., a corporation) — what can we expect but that the states — like the corporations called churches — will extract their maximum values from the same.~~~

        I’m blogging (these days) and quoted this post today at http(slash-dot-etc)familycourtmatters(dot)wordpress(dot)com. I had my kids stolen on an overnight from religious ex while I was (for work) playing music in a Catholic church (low-income area), and was treated a lot better therein than from the Catholic-hating evangelical idiots who pretty much take their cues on who to hate from leadership, as well as cues not to report domestic violence within their ranks or do anything about it. I’m lucky to be alive right now, and don’t attend anywhere — for several reasons, but one is refusal to support this level of idiocy as credible or useful to society. that doesn’t mean I don’t have my own beliefs and try to stay ethical, courageous, and hopeful — although it sure ain’t looking hopeful collectively across the USA….~~~

        Maybe Clint’s still around and will publish the comment (I hope so), but either way you have to appreciate some logical and nonsectarian writing here! thanks!


    • You condone what you support. When you are informed a system is systematically messing with kids — and do nothing — you’re a participant. And this ties in even more now than before to the federal grants system (HHS) which I’ve been tracking for almost 3 years now, although the database the public has to track it with is deliberately inaccurate, incomplete, misleading and bastardized to make the trail harder to follow.

      In 8 years in office GWBush (family line — well, see The Family by Jeff Sharlett, etc.) — wrote 291 executive orders. I guess we are being regulated by Executive Orders setting up systems of largesse from the public coffers these days.

      Here’s the link to 2001 — so go read the first two, and go figure. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, atheist, Hindi, Buddhist, whatever — anyone paying taxes is paying into this system, and churches get plenty of grants these days.

      The FIRST thing done on assuming office (first Exec order anyhow) related to setting up office of faith-based (privilege). the word “faith-based” doesn’t even mean anything religiously. One either has faith (‘as a grain of mustard seed,” right?) or doesn’t. It’s just the establishment of a private club for public privileges….

      2001 – E.O. 13198 – E.O. 13251 (54 Executive orders issued)
      291 Total Executive orders Issued. Look up #s13198 & 13199, issued in January 2001…. This is hazardous to one’s economic health as well… in the form of slush funds and shell corporations…


  4. Zeala H Vicky

     /  February 7, 2012

    Dr David Kenneth Cochrane Registered Sex Offender Six Counts of rape including minors, three counts of indecent assault all involving patients dating back to the early millennium. Psychiatrist 6 months in Jail, 2 years probation, including 6 month license suspension. North Bay Canada Ontario and now re-employed for the regional health centre.


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