Rights To Privilages – A Chart For Freedom

Let’s think about our rights for a moment like a pie chart…

Let’s say our rights are in green, our privileges are in blue, and in red are all of the things we have no right or privilege to do anymore.

And let’s say that for right now, each section of the pie chart – green, blue, and red – are equal in dimension at 33% each.

Now, to get the meaning of how this pie chart of rights works, we must understand how something goes from green to red to blue.

A right is something you don’t think about, or something most of us take for granted. Every breath you take. Every move you make. Every casual conversation you have. You need no permission and you may practice these rights freely and without permit.

A privilege seems as though it’s a lot like a right. However, it is not. For while a privilege is something that may have been a right at one time, it is now a legal option for qualified citizens. It is permitted by the government to individuals of a certain stature, with proper permits or permissions, in certain zones or defined areas, with posted limits as guidelines to ensure that the legalities of these privileges are met when practiced. While it is not possible to abuse a right, since there is no law governing it, it is possible to abuse a privilege. All rights that require memberships, licenses, codes, rules, regulations, limits, taxes, or any other type of fees or statutes, and of which have a punishment attached to them for the breaking of any of these rules, are not rights at all… they are privileges. (Example 1: Fishing used to be a right anywhere. Now it is a privilege only available to licensed persons, and is even illegal in some areas.) (Example 2: Collecting rain water in some states and counties is not allowed, as the water rights belong to the government, even if you own the land.)

For a right or privilege to be illegal simply means that we no longer have the right or privilege to do that thing. There are punishments, imprisonments, and even death sentences for the committing of these illegal acts. This is a total disregard for our rights. It means we cannot do anything in the this column.

As laws, bills, and statutes are passed on a daily basis, we see the equilibrium of our pie chart grow slowly less green, slowly more blue, and slowly less red.

Less red you say? Well yes. A slave population which thinks they have rights and are free to travel, even though they need permits to do so, is much easier to control than one in which it knows it does not have these freedoms – or rights.

Therefore, we see the blue “privileges” section of our pie chart expand with great volume, pressing outward against our green “rights” zone until it is all but vanished. Our red “illegal” zone stays about the same, but shrinks insignificantly, because we find that most illegal things are legal if you have the means to pay off the powers that make them illegal in the first place. And of course these people don’t have to play by the rules of our pie chart. The makers of rules are usually not bound by them, as it has been with all dictatorial, monarchical, and oligarchical societies of our history.

The value of turning rights into privileges, and also turning illegal activities into privileges cannot be over stated here. Let’s take marijuana for instance: as an illegal substance, pot is only valuable as a black market item. But if the government allows it to be made into a legal substance, meaning we have the privilege – not a right but a privilege – to use this plant, then the government has control over this substance both financially and legally. It can set the prices and, once made into a privilege (legal), can then deny this privilege of its usage to anyone it chooses. So, by first taking the right of the people away to use something by making it illegal, the government can then bring it back into the populace in a controlled way, controlling the people’s access to it and profiting from the illusion that the people have the right to obtain marijuana. This is a good example of turning a right into a privilege by taking it away and then turning a right into a privilege. Legal drugs are illegal drugs allowed with a prescription. This is not a right, but a revocable privilege.

And so, as with all things we have for so long taken for granted as our natural rights as citizens of this country, we are being enveloped into an ever-increasing blue zone of privilege-based rights, where even the planting of gardens, the hanging of laundry in our backyards, the washing of our cars in public, and the amount of water used for these tasks is metered and allotted to us by our masters – the ones we vote for.

Ironically, the more “green” we all get, the less free we become. To ensure our participation in the false “green” revolution, we are getting mandatory RFID meters on all of our homes. If we use too much water, we will be cut off from the water supply. If we are watching too much TV in peak hours, we will be fined. And if our grass is too green and wet, we will be oogled and sneered at by our neighbors, who might call the “green police” on us.

And while all of this craziness is going on in our hometowns; while we police ourselves, the corporate giants that cause 99% of the pollution in the world continue to get away with murder… literally! For the polluting of streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans continues unabated, and nothing can continue to live in such a toxic environment. The oil continuously gushes in the Gulf of Mexico, and nothing is being done about it and no corporation is getting in trouble for it.

For there is no law that says killing an entire ecosystem is illegal.

Is your favorite color blue? If so, enjoy your privileges…

And while you are at it, enjoy the one right that the powers that be will never attempt to take away from you…


Here is a little snip-it from a previous post, where (A)=rights  -and-  (B)=privilage.



(A) Freedom, Able to do.

(B) Allowed to do temporarily but only at certain times on certain days between the hours of… but not on holidays, and you’ll need a permit but remember no food or drink, pets, kids, glass, bikes, fire, guns, nudity, fun, laughter, loud noise, or anything non-green allowed, and only in the perimeter of a certain area, but not in the red or blue zone unless otherwise posted, and then not without special permission and a state or county license for special day use, but, definitely not overnight. Oh, and please recycle. ☺


(A) Freedom, Life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

(B) Debt, Taxes, Interest, Tariffs, Tolls, Fines, Levies, Fees, Dues, Duties, Orders, Finance charges, Excises, Audits, Permits, Licenses, Contracts, Wills, Laws, Illegalities, Commandments, Articles, Rules, Regulations, Restrictions, Requirements, Requisites, Prerequisites, Post-Requisites, Documentation, Obligations, Restraints, Constraints, Options, Margins, Perimeters, Conditions, Clauses, Tenure, Status, Etiquette, Protocol, Propriety, Political Correctness, Posted limits, Speed limits, Size limits, Weight limits, CCTV, Red-light cameras, Citations, Tickets, Quotas, Discrimination, “Equal Opportunity”, Signs, Signals, Boundaries, Borders, Fences, Zones, Zoning, Associations, Secret societies, Memberships, Exclusions, Excommunications, Directives, Mandates, Sanctions, Liability, Requisition, Confiscation, Eminent Domain, Restraint, Restraining orders, Position, Possession, Influence, Ownership, Control, Lawsuits, Punishment, Capital punishment, Jail, Detention, Psychiatric observation followed by a Psychiatric evaluation, Rendition, Custody, Confinement, Captivity, Incarceration, Imprisonment, Arrest, Manhunts, Warrants, Americas Most Wanted, One- child policies, Eugenics, Mandatory abortion, Mandatory sterilization, Fluoridated water supply, Forced inoculation, Genocide, Ethnic cleansing, Required insurance, Prescriptions, Referrals, Waiting Lists, Denial of care, Socialism, Fascism, Corporatism, Nationalism, Liberalism, Free speech zones, Terrorist watch lists, No-fly lists, and Classified information.


Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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  1. kittybrat

     /  May 25, 2010

    Provocative post. I shall pass it along. Thank you.


  2. Tj

     /  August 3, 2010

    All I can say is “I beleive the government is up to no good on the little peoples part”.

    Better lock and load because American people will have to defend there Consitituion of The United States because the government just want to destroy the thing by changing everything about it and what it stands for, FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!


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