Job Wanted: Broke Writer Seeks Outlet Brave Enough To Hire Me!

I fear I cannot continue with my near full-time research and deciphering of it into layman’s terms (writing) for much longer, as I am un-supported, un-sponsored, and un-wealthy! I have not received a dime for my efforts, nor have I asked for one. But I have received wide eyes of comprehension and beautiful comments, which are worth more than money can buy…

And so, as the title suggests, I would really like to continue doing this full-time and am asking anyone reading this to help me get a writing or journalism gig. (Have spell-checker, will travel!) Of course, I cannot be censored no matter what the offer, so it may be an impossible mission considering the fact that almost all media members are complete sellouts – and there is definitely a difference between editing and censoring. Be this as it may, I am hoping that there is still some outlet out there that hasn’t been taken over or subverted by greed, who is interested in the truth, and who can see what I’d like to think is my talent.

I am not looking to be rich, or even well-off, but the dream of being able to stay dry and eat while researching and writing is hard to give up on.

I have not been tainted by a college education, though I am a professional sound designer/editor with a 900 hour state trade degree and certification in sound engineering. I even have a Motion Picture Sound Editors (MPSE) Golden Reel award.

Here is my partial sound bio/credit list, not including commercials:

I also would love to do more documentaries (writing and sound design) but only regarding the things that mainstream just wont cover… in other words, government corruption and the truth!

Wouldn’t mind writing or collaborating on a book either… but then who wouldn’t?

You see, after delving so deep into the reality of the rabbit hole of the corporate world and especially Zionist controlled Hollywood, I am finding it difficult to submit to working in any corporate or media conglomerate that lies to the people (all). The government wouldn’t like me very much, so that option is out. And flipping burgers made of cloned cows just makes my stomach rumble.

So this is my last ditch effort. Anyone that can help refer me, please let me know by responding to this post or emailing me at (

Thanks to all of my readers, and to all who have posted and shared my blog posts across the internet! Please stock up on food and water, and never give up the fight for the freedom that the hypnotized flock of sheep takes for granted. And remember, it has always been and always will be the small minority who tries to protect the great majority, even when we are called “conspiracy theorists” and “terrorists” by the very ones we are trying to enlighten and protect. Responsibility is the ultimate freedom, and our God-given rights and sovereignty are not possible without it.

Yours, in liberty and in peace,


–Clint Richardson (

Monday, August 16, 2010

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  2. ross stevens

     /  December 30, 2010

    I have no doubt that if your passion lies in alerting people to the reality of our fascinating world, you will easily be able to flourish and prosper while doing so.

    When you have the know-how, you will be able to charge a very reasonable amount for helping people become free. As you will have observed, much of the information and procedures that need to be followed are confusing for most people. Especially with your video skills and clear writing, you could easily create training modules for people to follow. Instead of being an instructor, you could be more of a supervisor. Thus you could supervise dozens of people at the one time who are working towards freedom – via your videos, instructions and personal emails.

    Simple! Let me know if you wish to discuss further.



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