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  1. Hal

     /  November 16, 2010

    Here’s a MUST READ:

    God Speed,

    YoOle Me

    • I have of late become against this precious metal game…

      1) The market is completely controled.

      2) The institutional (corporate/government) ownership of gold and silver is ridiculous compared to personal individual “citizen” ownership.

      3) The same people that set the value for gold and silver are the ones setting the value for the dollar.

      4) The price of gold is based upon that very dollar.

      5) Let’s just say that the market crashes tomorrow, and suddenly gold seems very valuable… the logical course of action would be for the powers that be to knock off a few zeros on the value of gold and silver to bring it within range of using it to back a currency. Now let’s say that you have 1,000,000 (million) dollars worth of physical gold on your person. Congratulations! But the fed has a minimum of $36,000,000,000,000 (trillion) dollars of physical gold on its person. Now let’s take those 4 zeros off and see what happens…

      The fed (and all of the other governments and corporations that have been hording gold and silver) now has $3,600,000,000 (billion) worth of gold and silver. That’s a lot!

      But you only have $100 (dollars) worth of gold and silver. That’s pathetic! You did all that work of purchasing, bundling, stashing, and defending that gold only to find out it became virtually worthless once the new world economy took over.

      6) You can’t eat gold coins. And if someone came to me with a whole bunch of toilet paper (and I was out of TP) and offered me 100 rolls or 1 small shiny gold coin in exchange for a few apples… I’d take the toilet paper every time. I can’t wipe my ass with gold coins, nor can I eat or drink them.

      Most important here is this: value is assigned by the same people who assign value to fiat currency. So what makes anyone out there think that the possession of a metal which has an assigned value by the most corrupt government in the history of mankind will help them survive the coming storm, or that it will be worth a fortune just because the dollar collapses?

      $1,000,000 dollars of gold is worth exactly $1,000,000 DOLLARS!!!

      Do you see the problem here?

      What will you base your trades on when trying to buy things with a gold coin???

      Well, its worth is based on the dollar – not backed by it – based on. So your coin is always going to be measured in value based on what the dollar is based.

      The moral… buy food, water and filters, toiletries, and all the little comfort items you take for granted now. And then buy some guns and ammo to protect these things.


      • dude1

         /  November 18, 2010

        Or the govt. can just confiscate your gold like they did during the first great depression.

        • Bingo!

          Or even your trusted neighbor with three kids to feed. Theft and confiscation are branches of the same tree.

          • Hal

             /  November 19, 2010

            Not to be contentious, but: My “trusted neighbor with three kids to feed” is not going to have to STEAL ANYTHING from Me – nor will I stand-by and allow it to happen to him/them – albeit, in deference to your premise: Nor will the genuine “Thief” at My place have to STEAL ANYTHING from Me, for s/he will be gifted with an ounce or two of faux-gold (some call it lead, but why quibble about 3-digits in atomic number at a time like that?) – that includes a permanent attitude adjustment, as a bonus! … As a prior Marine, I aim to please!!!

        • Hal

           /  November 19, 2010

          NOT EXACTLY!!! … The ONLY gold that was actually “confiscated” was bullion & coin in bank “Safety Deposit Boxes (STILL the Mother of oxymoron’s TODAY)” and in commercial bullion storage facilities, where such force was provided by government’s corporate administrative law “legal” arm (by which “Progressive[ly]” we’ve been surreptitiously incarcerated over the years, into today), otherwise; the banks simply REFUSED to honor the Gold Certificates in circulation, when presented for bullion claim – BUT ONLY THOSE CLAIMS made by U.S. citizens! [STUDY HJR 192, Public Law 73-10, for the dirty-little-secret in law, the miscreants on D.C. have obfuscated all these years, and, for having discovered, TESTED and PROVEN VALIDITY of the legal process prescribed there – WHICH IS FAVORABLE TO We the People; TODAY they are incarcerating, and even arguably MURDERING individuals, for their truly patriotic efforts in teaching that process to the public]!!!

          While U.S. Inc. DID write statute making it a commercial crime for a U.S. citizen to hold gold – other than jewelry, etc. – with mandate for one to turn-in their hoard, or face jail & $10,000 fine:

          The REAL American mind-set had not yet been reduced to anywhere near the level of quasi-moron, in such degree that the Peace Officer was mentally retarded to LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, THUG, nor had Elliot Ness and J. Edgar yet turned the public at Large into “A Nation of Sheep” (William Lederer – still a good read) such that the subject of INDIVIDUAL Rights HELD, on the part of the public, had been replaced with License & privilege WISHES!!! So not everyone rushed down to the bank with all of their gold coin and bullion in tow for its contribution to the cause!!!

      • Hal

         /  November 19, 2010

        WOW!!! … Thanks for the reply!!! I was beginning to wonder if anyone was home here, anymore. Thanks also for a very succinct and enlightening coverage of the serious manipulative prospect and background on how it can/shall ultimately work, albeit:

        I see the essence of the issue here, exists within what I’ve come to define as the Democratic Digital Dollar (DDD), which you have so diligently assayed here, vs. the Sovereign Species Dollar (SSD) for which I’ll try to do the same, to wit:

        As with all I’ve seen of the “touters” for the purchase and holding of gold and silver (and I’ve certainly not seen all, but many), you too have apparently overlooked gold & silver’s greater character: i.e. the fundamental and organically unique function of these two metals, extant within their recognition & acceptance in their ultimate “portable allodium” universal intrinsic status – i.e. that physical evidence of “Law of the Land” (as in Eternal God’s Law in the Pentateuch) absolute substantive possession – the core element of ownership, FOUNDED IN political Powers Sovereignty with concomitant unalienable rights, at Law “for time immemorial” – per the Gen. 1:26 “Dominion” grant to Mankind – to wit:
        “And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the heavens, and over the cattle, and OVER ALL THE EARTH, and OVER EVERY CREEPING THING [e.g. Bankers’ & Attorneys’] that creepeth upon the earth.” [ASV – My emphasis.]
        … from the Eternal Creator, OWNER-OPERATOR of the Universe – of which ALL are still PART & PARCEL!!! … And the SINFUL irony is, that the diabolical “Powers that Be” ARE ABUNDANTLY AWARE OF THAT FACT, while We the People – for whom the Founders so sedulously ESTABLISHED THAT BASIS FOR OUR VERY NATIONAL EXISTENCE – ARE MOST DISASTROUSLY IGNORANT OF SAME!!!

        Perhaps you, as do most today, think of the June 5th 1933 confiscation of the gold, as simply a move to place “We the People” onto worthless FRN’s? … Certainly that was AN effect, but the CAUSE was of far greater import, as a FIRST and necessary STEP IN DENIAL OF ALLODIUM to We the People in order to, WITHIN THE SECOND STEP, SEIZE & USE THE TERRITORIAL U.S. LANDS & CHATTEL SLAVE PROPERTIES (“Sweat-equity” of We the PSEUDO-14TH AMENDMENT 2nd Class “U.S. citizens” PERSONS) as collateral FOR THOSE DDD FRN’s, TREASURY BONDS, BILLS, NOTES, etc., and thus that FIRST STEP ELIMINATED ANY SSD SUBSTANCE for lawful effecting of a quid pro que condition in exchange, and concomitant sovereign rights with it– to wit:

        Alllodium. Land held absolutely in one’s own right, and not of any lord or superior; land not subject to feudal duties or burdens. An estate held by absolute ownership, without recognizing any superior to whom any duty is due on account thereof. [Blk’s law, 5th Ed., 1978, p.70a6]

        – But; since we were the ONLY sovereigns with such allodium within their immediate territorial grasp, confiscation was exclusive to We the People, while foreigners were granted their sovereign rights to claim gold / dollar exchange, even French-President De Gaul tried to empty Fort Knox by that means.

        NOTICE, there’s nothing defining “mineral rights” there, as those were never separated out of allodium, until the confiscation exercise. Certainly, the allodial land owner has every right to its usage as s/he chooses, and the right to “sell” usage of subsurface commodity is one of them, but that would be within a bilateral contract in true Equity, and NOT Admiralty and/or law Merchant ADHESION CONTRACT in exclusive commerce, as in today’s situation extant. Albeit, this being the case: Why silver & gold today?
        Just as Holy God made this finite quantity of dry-land on this planet, while man – at a rate of 125 sq.mi. / person from birth to death – continues to CONSUME land at an exponential rate with concomitant value increase; so shall finite quantities of these two metals, within their centuries-old established limited state extant, HOLD, IF NOT INCREASE in their intrinsic VALUES and – as is currently the case with silver, in its increasing industrial usage – certainly there shall be increase within their practical values. … BUT; EXACTLY WHAT shall be the sovereign denominator OF that value?!?! …

        I say; it doesn’t matter!!!

        Despite all of the machinations /manipulations of unit-of-exchange denominator, and/or valuation; and whether an individual is freeman or slave: sources it all is hourly human output– regardless of whatever evaluation denominator is placed upon that hour of output – and it is from there, the ACTUAL valuation of commodity shall be re-established! Certainly, as in your toilet-paper example, there shall be individual aesthetic variance in that valuation – but regardless of your “Montezuma’s Revenge” severity; I seriously doubt My offer of a one T.oz. Round of .999-fine Ag to you, for at least ONE, if not two or three of your CHERISHED rolls of “Obama-wrap” (especially if My “Montezuma’s Revenge” is being evidence on your floor), is going to be refused in the process! … ERGO:

        My case for silver or gold is solely predicated upon their two-fold– i.e. SSD Portable allodium + intrinsic values in equity – with emphasis on silver for its industrial virtues, but gold, FIRST, for its Ag v. Au ratio-inequity fluctuations as vehicle to increase My silver hoard without relinquishing species; SECONDLY, for its extra ease of portability– e.g. a pound of gold is much easier to handle then 15 pounds of silver @ the 15:1 value-ratio – use of which I see no great future need, in My financial state, but the option is there.

        I see this as a clear and present survival situation, akin to this scenario:

        One day, you’re out on you trusty steed, taking in the countryside. Suddenly, you discover that to your left , you’re on the dangerous lip of a sharp cliff; you begin to look around for escape routes, find there’s an Elephant paralleling you, very close-in on your right; you consider galloping faster, but WOW! There’s a previously unnoticed lion keeping the same pace directly ahead, and should you decide to slow-down, you have a tiger in direct tail-chase on you, so; WHAT POSSIBLE MOVE COULD SOLVE THIS DILEMMA!?!?

        May I respectfully suggest:
        FIRST: GET YOU DRUNKEN BUTT OFF THE MERRY-GO-ROUND!!!!! … i.e. GET ON THE Max Kaiser – Alex Jones – Alfred Adask – et. al.: “Buy Silver: Destroy JP Morgan Chase” flight BACK TO SOUND MONEY LAND – e.g. the Law of the Land!!!!

        God Speed,
        YoOlePal – and used helicopter driver, Me

        • The main point of this article was apparently overlooked here…

          JP Morgan Chase is owned by the government. There is no “destroying” JP Morgan Chase, unless the government decides to use it as a punching bag for your anger, in which case you will celebrate in something you had nothing to do with in reality, but are fooled into thinking you did.

          It’s kinda like voting… if it made any difference, it would be made illegal.

          Watch “The Corporation Nation” free on YouTube for all the proof you need.

      • h5mind

         /  November 22, 2010

        I’ve seen variations on your argument for quite some time, but suggest a few thoughts to consider. First, after Nixon took us off the the gold standard, the “official” gold price was still $35/oz, then $42, etc. Investors, however, didn’t believe that price and set their own, which continued to grow until the amount of dollars in circulation reached parity with the price of gold– around $850/oz back then.

        The same thing happens in countries that try to manipulate their currencies– you end up with the “official” rate that no one can get, and the ‘parallel’ rate which the market dictates.

        Today, there are many, many times the amount of dollars floating around the planet– half held by foreign nations and individuals. If the Fed, JP Morgan et al, and/or US govt try to maintain a ridiculously low gold or silver price via massive holdings of naked shorts, they will be burned badly once investors demand physical delivery, as they are now.

        See the March 20910 GATA report about just this.

        If the US government DOES try to assign some arbitrarily low price to gold, the smart money will buy all they can, and a lucrative black market will arise for those needing portable wealth to get out of the US, instead of hunkering down in a cabin bunker somewhere.

        Secondly, I doubt any precious metals investor would seriously suggest you purchase gold or silver in lieu of food, basic necessities, fuel, etc. Gold is a portable, concentrated store of wealth. It does have intrinsic value because it avoids second-party risk– the government cannot simply print more gold whenever they want. It’s both and, not either or.

        By the way, there is serious doubt the US even has the gold they claim they do– there hasn’t been an audit of Ft. Knox since the 1950’s. Yearly GAO reports now show that gold on the Fed’s balance sheet (a private bank), with the US govt. merely holding “gold certificates”.

        So gold is a physical representation for the labor it took to find, refine, and coin it. It’s part of a balanced portfolio, together with those heritage seeds, tp, and MRE’s. Diamonds are not a good store of value because they’re plentiful as quartz; only via artificial scarcity can they jack up prices. Gold and silver prices have been suppressed via artificial plenty (naked shorts, ETF’s, derivatives)– and that paradigm is failing now.

        Some folks no doubt have taken your view to the extreme and store 100% their wealth in firewood, flour, and beans. That’s fine, until the moment a totalitarian regime’s land grab, war, or other disaster requires you to move 1,000’s of pounds of grains, legumes, honey overnight. There’s no Plan B. A balance of the two makes the most sense. Sell some of your tp to the gold bug who didn’t stockpile any, and pocket that coin for the “just in case” scenario.

        • Well said. And I agree with diversity. But one must not compare the economy, markets, and lifestyle of the 30’s with that of today. They are completely different, totally manipulated, and it is dangerous to base opinions on a history of 80 years ago. Idealism has no place in this completely corrupt system, and until you understand the CAFR system, you don’t understand anything at all. The Federal Reserve holds gold certificates, actually, according to their audit, which is the CAFR. If you don’t understand this, then I highly recomend you watch The Corporation Nation, where I go over this Federal Reserve CAFR and it’s gold certificate holdings to the tune of 11 billion, its surplus of 2.5 trillion, and its interest on federal reserve notes, at 36 billion. The CAFR is the audit of the Federal Reserve!


  2. Dan

     /  November 18, 2010

    Governments are not above the law, its actually this gross miss understanding that leads people to become so powerless.

    Governments are absolutely subject to the law, their very existence depends on it. Its actually the law that will grant people the ability to take control of their government when they decide to.

    Government is held together via contract law, you are in an implied contract with your government, its thats simple.

    • Q: Who makes the laws?

      A: Government.


      Q: Who enforces the law?

      A: Government.


      Q: Who enforces the laws the government must follow?

      A: Government.


      Any more questions?

  3. ponomo

     /  November 18, 2010

    ponzi has been out done. lead poisoning will not even help. too many Rangels in gubbermint

  4. Silverbug

     /  November 19, 2010

    What a bunch of uninformed people. Read the executive order of 1933, read your history and know the real reason for the confiscation of the GOLD CERTIFICATES and BULLION BARS NOT COINS. GOLD has been used as money for 5000 years. PAPER currencies have come and gone and so have countries. Wake up and learn the real truth and stop being scared by people who have no clue commenting on GOLD in the first place.

    • Gold, sea shells, sticks, dollars…

      All values of these have also been set by “government” for 5000 years.

    • h5mind

       /  November 22, 2010

      The government did not ‘confiscate’ gold in 1933, they nationalized it by buying it back from citizens. And of course, those selling got the short end of the stick. Confiscation is what Nazi Germany did to the Jews, or the Jews did to the Palestinians, for that matter– seize, and offer nothing in return.

      Unlike 1933, today billions of more people worldwide hold US dollars and can legally buy gold. There will be no worldwide seizure of bullion. Also unlike back then, all currencies today are fiat (paper, backed by nothing). As governments continue to produce ‘bad money’, consumers will seek ‘good’– whether it’s gold,silver, or shotgun shells.

      • Larry Cohen

         /  November 23, 2010

        Roosevelt did not “confiscate” gold, he “nationalized” it? If I came to your door and, at gunpoint, forced you to give me your money, and I paid you a penny in return, would that also be “nationalizing” your money? Did I somehow take this out of the realm of theft and coercion just by giving you something in return? So maybe all our crooks should be able to get away with stealing by giving back pennies on the dollar for everything they steal at gunpoint. All they have to do is tell the people, “We’re not stealing anything from you! We’re just nationalizing it!”

        • Nationalizing is legal…

          Theft is not…

          Semantics is everything!!!

          • Larry Cohen

             /  December 28, 2010

            Okay, Mr. Semantics, tell me what “nationalizing” is? The government “nationalizes” something, takes it over, and does what it pleases with it. If I had done the same thing, it would have been called “theft.” But the government can do whatever it wants, under the umbrella term, “nationalizing.” Maybe it will also get rid of the thing as well, in the “national interest.” Can we also say that Hitler “nationalized” the Jews, to legalize their extermination? As long as the State is behind you, you are acting “legally.” Maybe you’ll define “legal” for me as well. Do you recognize constitutional, and unconstitutional laws?

  5. Silverbug

     /  November 19, 2010

    GOLD is currency, Gold is competition to Paper currency, Gold is not a commodity, Gold is a baromeor of fear, Gold is insurance, Gold is money when money fails, Gold is insurance against govt’s gone mad, Gold eliminates humans from your investment formula, Gold is the only currency that is incorruptible when the world is totally corrupted. Ask the holders of the 6 Rubles before the present one would they rather had GOLD, ask the Zimbabwe citizens,all the European states before the Euro, CHina, Argentinia,Spain France,5000 currencies have come and gone and hears GOLD at $1350. The Western economies will print paper currency into infintiy or the whole system implodes tmrw.

  6. David

     /  November 19, 2010

    Hello America!
    Hey! Hows it going? My name is David. Can’t help noticing here a webpage here about J.P.Morgan. Personally I can’t helping thinking someone or a government that will finally take responsibility and hang the SOB. I know! Because my father, after being an US Army officer under General Patton in WW2, he worked for J.P.Morgan as a top railroad engineer in Alaska. Yep, I admit that when the Alaska earthqauke came and the Seward Penninsala went into the inlet along with a bunch of oil railroad cars, my father was there at the time. I imagine today, the oil-cars are still there. Amazing heh? Please take note though? There are some of us who are “misfits” of the “establishment” and have gone to take other lives, hopefully they would also come forward and expose these irresponsible money mongrols. Oh, by the way, I have met the real Rockefeller’s grandson myself. He seems to be a rather wonderful man and has told me what happened to him when he was kidnapped. Email me sometime, I might tell you.

  7. Robert

     /  November 21, 2010

    Do you know about the re-inhabited Republic for the United States? If not maybe we can talk.

  8. Tyrone

     /  November 21, 2010

    I have of late become against this fiat paper game…

    1) The market is completely controled.

    2) The Fed ownership of fiat is ridiculous compared to personal individual “citizen” ownership.

    3) The same people that print the dollar can’t control the world’s reaction in terms of gold.

    4) The price of gold is based upon the world’s perception of the dollar and it’s demise as the world reserve currency.

    5) Let’s just say that the market crashes tomorrow, the dollar could become worthless, but you’ll have a tangible asset to protect your wealth.

    6) You CAN eat gold coins. Any place on this planet, you can exchange gold for local fiat and acquire food. Ask them how they eat in Zimbabwe.

    7) The US dollar hegemony is coming to an end. Protect your purchasing power with a tangible money.

    8) To resolve the sovereign debt crisis in the world, a gold revaluation is most likely coming. The government will want their cut in taxes when you sell, but you won’t mind, given the unimaginable revaluation that is coming. And since relatively few people own, it is a don’t care to the government.

    -The REaL Tyrone –

    • One flaw here… the world market is owned by government. See: The Corporation Nation at http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=6D032AA2E55759C1

      The dollar will never “die”. It will morph. It will change. It will be merged with other fiats. But it will never die. Nor will the ownership it represents in corporations. Controlling stock in corporations doesn’t go anywhere just because of a weak dollar. It’s a rigged, fixed market.

      What leaves a distaste in my mouth with people who support gold is that it only benefits the people who hold gold. There is no concern about everyone else. That makes you no better than what you are fighting. Us against them… you become the “us”.

      Whereas Walter Burien’s Tax Retirement Fund’s would benefit the whole of the human population.

      The fiat money system is not the problem, the lack of transparency and enforcement of law is. A gold standard would never change this problem. Just look at all the fiat gold certificates that are in circulation now, with absolutely nothing backing them!

      In order for you to live in prosperity under our system, many others have to live in abject poverty… gold standard or not.

      Usury must end. Ethics must be relearned. And transparency must be law, as well as harsh punishment for financial crime.

      Then there is no need to horde gold.

  9. I am sorry but I think Bix is are out to space. Bix thinks Bernanke is a good guy! HaHA

    Your idea of plopping a few zeros off of gold does not stand. When a currency is devalued by taking a few zero’s off it, tangible items do not change in price…you just need more $$ to buy them. The wealth destruction has taken place and knocking a few zeros off is just priming for the next round.

    Your analysis does enlighten me however, but in a totally different way. It seems to me that, from these huge share positions by retirement funds, that JP Morgan will be the sacrificial lamb when the SHTF. The silver price and the silver speculators will be used to blame the fall of JPM on as a way to wipe out all those retirement savings. Perhaps Max Kieser is in on the Game?

  10. James

     /  November 22, 2010

    Because you didn’t mention whether the Government actually controls over 50% of JP Morgan’s outstanding shares, I wanted to find out myself. 1) I pasted your government investment data to an Excel spreadsheet; 2) For those fields that didn’t have # shares outstanding, I divided the $Value of Shares by $34.11; 3) I summed them all up.

    The total government controlled shares came up to be 162,080,226. If we divide this number by total # of JP Morgan shares, the government has only 4% of ownership.

    That said, I do agree that JPM is acting above the law. JPM was one of the founding members of the Federal Reserve, and they have always been known to manipulate the markets (including the precious metals). What can individuals do? If Max Keiser is right, then everyone of us should buy silver to break the manipulation.

    • I cannot tell you the total % of stock ownership. It would take years of research. And by that time, all of the figures would change with new CAFR’s. Just these figures took many many long hours to accumulate.

      But if just these few “governments” own 4% of JP Morgan… and there are over 185,000 different governments in the United States…

      Do you get the picture?

  11. I appreciate what you have going here,
    but I’d like to suggest that you
    have the relationship of JPMorgan
    and government backward.

    The government does not own JPMorgan.
    It’s closer to the truth to say that
    JPMorgan owns the government.
    But the full truth is that the Rothschild
    family owns both of them. The Rothschlds
    own JPMorgan and have essentially owned
    our government since 1913 because of the
    Federal Reserve Act and subsequent full
    infiltration of our government by
    the Rothschild-Jew henchmen and accomplices. (Yes, I know, they had operations here since our nation’s founding.)

    And the Rothschilds’ control of Freemasonry further
    ensures their control — and the low-level Freemasons don’t even know who they really serve.

    That’s the beast we need to defeat.
    We can do it by taking control of our
    government, the government of the
    most powerful country on the planet,
    our U.S.A.

    James Laffrey

    • jesus

       /  December 11, 2010

      James, you are complaining about outside control of the goverment. That might be true. But it’s not just the Rothschild-family. International money structures are much more complex. If you ignore that, it puts you right there where “they” want you to be: in the dirty Nazi-Corner. Do you really want that?

      • Thank you, jesus. But I don’t “ignore” anything about money structures. Yet, I focus on the top. We must behead the entire structure. You have to know who the head is in order to behead it. The ultimate head is the group of males of the Rothschild family. And then we must behead every level of every secret layer of that structure. My approach is comprehensive. But this is just a comment section.

        By the way, when the heinous JP Morgan died in 1913, it was revealed that he did not own the bulk of “his” fortune and assets. The Rothschilds owned it, and Morgan was just a frontman, a henchman. And everything Morgan still is. That goes for every other famous name atop banks and corporations.

        Now, why would you want to hit me with that ignorant mudslinging soundbite at the end of your comment? If you understood what really happened in Germany in the last century, you wouldn’t say what you said — unless you are a counter-blogger.

        If you don’t understand what really happened in Germany in the last century, then I cordially suggest you read a Eustace Mullins book. See my LINKS page for titles and descriptions. Any one of the top three will do it for you: Secrets of the Federal Reserve, Murder By Injection, or The World Order. He figured out the truth a long time ago.

        Also, it’s interesting that the Merja comment (below) was added on November 30, yet you chose me for a hit on December 11.

        I’m betting “jesus” isn’t your real name. If I’m right, that says a lot about your character.

        • jesus

           /  December 16, 2010

          got me there: jesus isn’t my real name. I’m not even a jew! I’m german.

          I’ve read a lot about the system myself and on most issues we would agree upon. All I was trying to point out was the complexity of the hidden scam that can/should not be ignored.


          Because there are millions of blogs and forums that are doing just that. That makes it pretty easy for the system to push critics either in the nazi or the muslim corner.

          I wouldn’t even bother writing this if not right now – due to the little greedy accident that happened to our ruling banking friends – there would be a real chance to get things moving. JFK died for it. He would have been gratefull for such a mistake.

          I know doctors, lawyers, politicians etc. in Germany all being upset about the very issue. That is IMVHO the very last chance to let the people know, what’s going on without being pushed into these dark and dirty corners they want us to be in.

          Hope you get the point.


          • That’s a nice reply. Thank you.

            As for the “corners,” I think those of us who have learned or figured out the truth should not let the criminals limit our use of language nor our positions. They don’t get to decide what our language is nor what it means — not anymore.

            A growing number of us know enough of the truth about “Nazi” and other words such as “semite and “anti-semitic” so that we don’t have to follow anymore. We can lead.

            I offer leadership on my website, which is linked to my name above.

            Finally, yes, German J., I got your point. Well said.
            And let’s try to steer this “chance to get things moving” in a productive intelligent way, otherwise the enemy network will make it chaos and a failure. We don’t want a new Cromwell or Stalin. We want a new, if you will, Thomas Jefferson (sans the slavery!).

  12. Merja Tirranen

     /  November 30, 2010

    J.P.Morgan is not a government agency, no matter it has infiltrated all it can.
    It is a frontman for the jew Rothschilds.

    The same are Warburgs, Kuhns and Loebs,and Rockefellers. UN, IMF, World Bank, BIS, and the NWO.

    Just go and read the Overseas Privatization Unit in google.

    Peter Schiff another of their frontmen, the Schiffs since Frankfurt/Germany, is already asking the start of WWIII IN PUBLIC. It is/was on his site.

    As far as I have read, there are four basical documents:
    1. Money Changers by Andrew C. Hitchcock
    2. The financial war against Iceland by professor
    Michael Hudson
    3. http//www.stormfront.org/posterity/13texan/1001ndx.htmor google 1001 quotes by and about jews by Willie Martin

    4. Overseas Privatization Unit

    Also old videos of the Rothshild NWO plans: google
    http://www.fourwinds10-fourwinds10.com, 2nd option,
    take government on the left hand side
    take NWO Earth Summit – 4 videos of the jew Rothschilds revealing the NWO plans.


  13. Cliff!

    I appreciate your work here, a great reference. I also like Walter Burien’s work. Thanks!

    I notice that you did not use the terms Mussolini used: “Corporatism is Fascism”. Fascism is the shotgun wedding of big business and big government, a situation where “We the People” are just seen as wage slaves and human capital to be exploited or culled like cattle. Profit and privilege becomes privatized in increasingly fewer authoritarian hands, while the losses and liabilities are socialized upon the backs of an increasing impoverished and oppressed public.

    It is difficult to delineate the lines of control corporate boardrooms extend from those in the halls of government. Yes, the USA is the biggest and mastering corporation, but the billionaires control the real levers of power. Intelligence agencies sew everything up through the financial sector. The dog and pony shows we see in the media seldom convey reality to the public as the District of Criminals is run by deceitful murderous thieving psychopaths.

  14. George

     /  February 10, 2011

    Everyone’s bickering and disagreeing or comments will change absolutely nothing.

    It’s time to fight, fuck or get off the fence.

    Only a bloody and violent revolution in the U.S. will have any effect on the criminals that now control the government.

  15. What happend to Jessey James’s Gold?

  16. Roy Dobbs

     /  March 8, 2011

    Hello, can you tell me of a procedure to find out why my union (Boilermakers) pension fund really has in it. We were told that they lost money when the big crash burnt all of these 401k’s etc so now we are having to bail them out for 5 years. I would like to know how much was really lost. Thank you for your time, Roy Dobbs

  17. Clint:

    You missed a point over time per JP Morgan Chase.

    From 2007 to 2010 it appears that their net worth and derivatives held dropped. This was not actually the case.

    Keep in mind JP Morgan Chase took over several of the banks on the list. So the net worth is now a combined figure. Additionally it gave them the ability to transfer derivative holdings to their new acquisitions banks. Look and you will see the acquisition bank’s derivative holdings went up.

    As always the King of the hill through takeover diverted holdings but still owns it all, but now under several names.

  18. Susan

     /  April 30, 2012

    I think you’re a little confused. The government does not own the banks. The banks and corporations own the government. The Federal Reserve is a collection of privately owned banks. Therefore; The Federal Reserve is not affiliated or connected to the US Government. The FED is private.

    • Fine. Provide primary sources. You parrot the patriot mythology you’ve heard over and over by other parrots.


      Have you ever read the Federal Reserve Act?

      Do you know that many entities of government are separate and are controlled by similar boards? The Post Office is separate and controls all of the mail. The SEC is separate and regulates the industry. The Social Security is separate and controlled by a board.

      Your confusion lies in the fact that you don’t comprehend that Federal government itself is private, and therefore anything within it is also private. It is also traded. And all of these can be ended at any time by government. Separate does not mean totally apart, and only refers to a declared delegation of power-authority-jurisdiction, which can be reversed by a new declaration at any time.

      Banks have stock, which is owned by government funds.

      Government does not have stock which is owned by banks.

      Your argument is illogical and backed by nothing but myth – a popular fictional colloquialism that has been morphed into fact by people selling survival products through fear.

  19. john223

     /  August 8, 2013

    ” JPMorgan Chase has an International Council which provides advice to the bank’s leadership on economic, political and social trends across various regions and around the world. The International Council is chaired by Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the UK, who also sits as an adviser to Zurich Financial. ” http://www.occupy.com/article/global-power-project-part-4-banking-influence-jpmorgan-chase

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