Salt Lake County Mayor Admits To CAFR Fund Wealth

I’d like to dedicate this to two of the bravest, most honorable men in the world: Walter Burien (, and Gerald Klatt (

Rest in peace – and thank you doesn’t even come close – Lieutenant Colonel Klatt…


The following is an interview on Utah’s local K-Talk AM630 radio station with myself, Dale Williams of, and the Mayor of Salt Lake County, Peter Corroon.


Hear the 25 minute interview only here:

Download here:


Or listen to the full 90 minute radio show here:

Download here:


In this rare historical confession, the Salt Lake County Mayor not only reveals his complete knowledge of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of his county, local, and state government, but tells us that indeed his new “Unified Police District” is a private corporation, and that the elected Sheriff was appointed as the CEO of that private corporate police force after dissolving the Sheriff’s Department, leaving no lawful protection of the people, and creating a gangland style police-state in the “unified” Utah and Salt Lake County.

This completely verifies my previous article, “The Sheriff Who Sold his County”, located here:


Please download, re-post, and forward this interview and article freely, with no copyright or other restrictions.

And be vigilant for this in your own Sheriff’s Department, before you loose yours as well.


Clint Richardson (

Saturday, May 28, 2011











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  1. Clint,

    I didn’t know you were “We are Change”. Did you know that the National Governor’s Association will be having their annual meeting in SLC? And that their Chinese counterparts (who are COMMUNIST Party Officials) will be meeting with the governor’s in closed door sessions and one-on-one meetings for dealmaking? Did you know that what the Governor’s are selling to the Chinese is EB-5 visas for American citizenship – not to mention facilitating the sale of American assets and helping the Communist Chinese to set up shop in America?

    About the meeting:

    About the EB-5, sale of American citizenship


  2. OMG! Clint! You busted them on the Foreign Direct Investment which becomes “privatized” in the foreign country and when brought back into this country – via COMMUNIST Chinese foreign direct investment, I believe this is the way they are converting our economy to state capitalism (i.e. same as China has).


  3. J. Mack

     /  May 29, 2011

    Nice Job ! You totally nailed it.

    The sheeple hear nothing about the CAFR, but only about the budget. Your analogy with the checking and savings account example could not have been more apropo..

    Once again, we are sending our tax dollars to foreign interests without our knowledge or approval.



  4. Jeff Stewart

     /  May 29, 2011

    Great Job Guys!!! My hat is off to ANYBODY who is speaking out and making any serious attempt to awaken the sheeple. It amazes me DAILY to see nearly an entire nation (many of whom are quite intelligent people) so ignorant, and unaware or unconcerned with the massive steel cages slowly being built around them.

    I guess we just have to remember that by the time things got so unbearable that our founding fathers were actually ready to fight and die to regain their unalienable rights, they still only had support from about 2% of the people. Simply AMAZING?????????

    WOW…collectively we REALLY are just like sheep and that’s why God refers to us as such so often. If you’ve ever been around real ones, you know quit well…it’s NOT a compliment!

    PLEASE keep up your great efforts and hard work!!


  5. Who are you & how do you know about the CAFR?

    I have been talking with Walter Burien off and on again (more of for a bit now) for a number of years and I thought he was the only one involved.

    Thank you for posting & keeping up this work on exposing what governments really have


    • That’s exactly what the Mayor said off record… “I was surprised you even knew what the CAFR was. It took me a year to even understand what it is.”

      Walter is my mentor… and inspired me to do this – It will probably end up getting me killed!



  6. rod

     /  July 14, 2011


    Saw your OptOutDay video. I saw some missed opportunities.

    Look up your state’s Coercion statute and see if you can get the supervisor to violate it, by “instilling” fear in you that if you do something you have a right to do, he will do something to harm you.

    Example: “Here is a flyer, please read it so you will know whether it is or isn’t advertising. Now, what specifically are you going to do if I continue to hand out these flyers without a permit?”


  7. awesome post 😉 keep going


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