An Inteview With The Sheriff Who Sold His County


We interviewed the County Sheriff Jim Winder – “The Sheriff Who Sold His County” – on local AM radio (K-TALK – 630 AM) in Salt Lake County on June 6, 2011. This is extremely important, so please listen and read the following information.

Remember, this is an elected public office-holder that is talking here. This guy is slippery, but even the best of predators can eventually be backed into a corner…

“…We are moving towards a model that is much more efficient than a regular public entity.”


Hear the 45 minute interview here:

Download the interview here:


Or listen to the full 90 minute show here:

Download the full interview here:


And hear our interview with the Mayor of the county as he admits to the vast wealth in the county CAFR and over $650 million in funds that could have been used to pay for the police, here:

Download here:


Note: I confused the term “multi-jurisdictional” with “Unification”, though they are virtually the same thing in this case. The state of Utah has multi-jurisdictional police and other “special district” agency agreements. Sadly, I am learning as I uncover each stone, and while the Sheriff made sure to attempt to discredit me at every turn, he never offers the correct information or facts about what is the Unified Police Department until the very end of this interview. I cannot find the Articles of Incorporation for which he speaks, nor any other pertinent documents as these are no doubt on the “protected records” list as afforded in Utah H.B. 116, now codified into Utah CODE. Therefore, this type of exchange is necessary to uncover even the small crumbs of information that allow me to piece together this new and unknown (to myself) layer of government.


In this interview, our combative and obfuscating Sheriff, who has turned the power of the Sheriff’s Department over to a “Special Tax Financing District” – also called a “Special Service District” – inadvertently reveals his true colors and lets us know that our new corporate police force is actually a 3rd level of government – a district – that can bypass voter approval to raise revenue/fees (taxes) within its county council created boundaries (service area), and charge those fees with late charges to the homeowners property tax if this fee is not paid within a certain time period.

To put this into perspective, Salt Lake County also has a “Unified Fire Department” special district for which similar fees are paid.

And just what happens around the country if you – the home or business owner – don’t pay the “service fee”?



The Huffington Post | Adam J. Rose First Posted: 10- 5-10 12:12 AM

This may happen to you!


One might wish to pose these questions of our police department CEO…

If I don’t pay my “Police Protection Fee“, will I not get police protection?

If my house is being robbed, will the police just watch this crime happen as they sip their coffee and gobble their dozen doughnuts?

If my son is kidnapped…?

If my daughter is being raped…?


These “special districts” are everywhere. They are your school districts, your sewer, water, phone, and trash districts. Sometimes their fees are specifically apportioned, and sometimes they are not.

When the Sheriff so arrogantly states in this interview that the Unified Police Department “never charged a (police protection) fee” and that “until I understand my financing models I shouldn’t spout off“, and that the Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area (SLVLESA) was the one that charged the fee, the Sheriff was actually, in his own way, telling the truth.

As it turns out, each “special district” is in fact independent from each other. I made the mistake of thinking logically and reasonably; picturing a series of “districts” very much like a set of puzzle pieces that fit together with actual legal boundaries or borders. But the reality of this districting is that we must consider each individual district in a three or four-dimensional realm. In other words, districts may overlap with each other. I can actually live in 1,000 individual districts that all intersect with and cross over each other. There can be districts inside of other districts, which on paper have nothing to do with each other.

Therefore, I have a Sewer District, a School District, a Fire District, a Water District, a F.E.M.A. district, multiple local, county, state, and a Federal Districts, a Power District, a Police District, a Mosquito Abatement District, an Emergency 911 District, a Trash District, a Zoning District, and on and on and on…

So if you picture a numerous bunch of circles or rings stacked on top of each other on a map of your county, overlapping and conjoining but never being attached with each other – that is what your local, county, and state “special districts” would look like – all completely independent and yet somehow acting as a “unified” incorporated government district operation.

Or if it’s easier, picture the Russian Babushka dolls of old, where inside each doll is a similar but smaller doll; each of these being a separate but smaller district inside another district, independent of each other but collectively controlled as one.

And each district has a “special” function. Some, like the SLVLESA, are strictly there to collect a fee, and work around the voting process which says that by law no taxes can be charged. But a “district fee” is different. It is a hidden tax that must be paid, or else it will eventually be attached as a lien on your property tax in the senior lien position, and the county or state treasurer will eventually take your home for payment of this “fee”. So this tax starts its life as a seemingly innocent fee, and then morphs into a tax when it is not paid.

In other words, this is not a voluntary tax.

It is instead designed to TAKE your money at the barrel of a gun, or in this case, at the cost of what you thought was your home, land, and property.

So these districts are actually worse than I thought… and thanks to this treasonous Sheriff’s slip up and his unintended disclosure towards the end of this interview, we now know that the Unified Police Department (UPD) is a separate “district” as well. And we now know that, even though the sole purpose of the Salt Lake Valley Law Enforcement Service Area (SLVLESA) “district” is to collect and provide revenue (fees/taxes) for the Unified Police Department (special district), the UPD is indeed as the Sheriff claims – a separate incorporated entity (an unconnected special district).

While before I was confused as to why the Sheriff kept claiming that the Unified Police Department has never charged a fee or raised a tax, I now understand that this is in fact a very clever way to completely separate his department and himself as CEO of this department (service area) from this “police protection fee” in another district, so that he can claim to be independent of this other unlawful special district’s actions, while he and his department are still the main beneficiary of that “police protection fee” (tax) charged by the independent SLVLESA district. Likewise, the mayor and councilmen can run for re-election on an incumbent campaign, or even a run for the governorship, with the actual slogan that they “have never raised property or other taxes” while in office!!!

Bottom line…

These special service and tax districts are incrementally taking over our government, one function at a time. Like a pie chart with thousands and thousands of slices, traditional government is disappearing as this special district scheme plays out across the country, and the takeover of America’s infrastructure and public departments happens one area at a time.

In a few days, I will interview someone who can explain this from a corporate perspective. Until then, please continue to pass this and my previous interview on, as well as “The Sheriff Who Sold His County” article here:

–> <–

My only protection for the exposure of this information is your willingness to make this a national issue – to cause outrage and blow back. Demand that your local news outlets cover this story.

I have no one to protect me from this CEO / Sheriff, or his special district of private police…


–Clint Richardson (
–Monday, June 6th, 2011

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  1. joe

     /  June 6, 2011

    Become A Police Officer
    Earn A Law Enforcement Degree Online At U. Of Phx. Get Free Info!
    —————- and go to work for good ol’ CEO of Unified Pigs Department County Sheriff Jim Winder – “The Sheriff Who Sold His County”


  2. Robert M

     /  June 7, 2011

    SLVLESA district…

    Hmm, sounds like a RUSSIAN “department”


  3. County of Salt Lake – OCT 2010 – raises through bond issue $33,000,000.00 in part to help fund the Unified Police District (UDP)

    Click to access PROS03044.PDF

    Pages: 20, Paragraphs 1 & 3 – Page 76 line item 20. “SUBSEQUENT EVENTS”


    The complete document is very informative as to all informational structure; funds; and employee base of the county. Bond issues required a detailed and accurate disclosure document.



    As referenced previously: Page 20 is of the “document” and page 44 of the PDF reader.

    Page 76 is of the document and page 143 of the PDF reader.


  5. Isn’t this what The Mob does to club owners? “Protection Fee.” Yea, don’t pay your extortion fee and too bad if the fire department isn’t able to get out of the garage. People in Salt Lake City should route these vermin OUT and into a jail cell.


  6. sounds like the Sheriffs dept. has now become the IRS agency.
    sounds like a Roman Catholic,Masonic plot to finish taking everything
    you thought you had.


  7. william zabel

     /  June 11, 2011

    This is happening everywhere. I have seen these overlapping districts where you out pay in fees and taxes when you have already paid county taxes. Thes fees and taxes do not go for local government, they go to the U.N. This is the new global tax


  8. Dave

     /  June 12, 2011

    You are wasting time. You are a corporation (actually a trust) You live “inside” a corporation not a government. The corporation can charge whatever it wants. If you don’t like it MOVE AWAY. It is their product. It is a commercial transaction. Buy or go away.

    No one is forcing you to stay.

    What don’t you understand?

    Answer – Everything


    • Not sure which is more funny… you believing that you are telling me something I don’t already know – or the sense of false superiority you seem to feel by attempting and failing to insult me and anyone else who actually tries to do something about this mess. Do you really have nothing better to do?

      Piss off would be the appropriate response here I believe.



  9. cc

     /  June 12, 2011

    I have listened to several of your interviews. You have brought up some very important points, but the real issue is that the sheriff took an oath of office and an oath of office is a contract with the people. He broke that contract by dissolving the sheriffs department, therefore, acting out of his authority given to him by the public. He was elected by the people and he can be unelected by the people, he needs to be thrown out of office. The people have a small window of opportunity to act. By our silence we are agreeing to the disbandment of our rightful law enforcement. Also, the fee is a distraction to keep the peoples minds off the fact that they are being sold out. Until you bring up the real issue I’m thinking of you as being on their side and part of the distraction. This is not a personal attack against you just a suggestion on how to fix the problem. Now people know what subject matter to bring up and what to object to. Remember, “In life, as in a courtroom, failure to object timely is fatal.” I would appreciate a response from you Clint.


    • Unfortunately, the constitution is severely misunderstood. Try reading the Bill of Rights again… but read it as if you were about to sign it as a contract. You’ll be surprised when you find that the Bill of Rights actually takes most of your rights away through clauses: like “unless through due process of law”, or “without just compensation”. These clauses state that your life, liberty, property, Habius Corpus, and many other things can be taken away with due process of law and with just compensation.

      The illusion that the constitution is for the people (you and I) is why we are in such trouble in the first place. Look around… NOTHING IS CONSTITUTIONAL in the traditional sense of the word, so why keep harping the phrase “that’s unconstitutional”, when in fact most things are constitutional – like eminent domain from the 5th Amendment.

      We recently found out that though all politicians (and yes, the Sheriff is a political office) take a verbal oath of office, over 70% of them do not sign a written oath. Thus, they are not actually under oath. Just more illusion…

      You are right about consent, and that not giving consent is the answer.

      Thanks for the comment.



  10. x251kx

     /  June 22, 2011

    FU#K THE POLICE! lol jk..jk..(well just the ones that are acting as criminals, or should i say ARE criminals). but that’s beside my point, once again great work clint! i agree not giving consent is the answer but also pointing the spotlight on these vermin and exposing them is another great way… not unlike cockroaches.


  11. Feel free to contact the as we require your assistance to obtain subject material to qualify for “data supplier position”, short and sweet here is that this is a political game changer event via international collateral damage (can u say international liens against said imposters) .. keep up the good work


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