The Corporation Nation 3 – Ron Paul And The Federal Reserve

I get the impression that this presentation might make more enemies than friends. Pointing out these things about Ron Paul is a long time coming. And the truth often hurts.

But not telling the truth and going against popular “opinion” is the true measure of a man.

Have you read the Federal Reserve Act?

Did you know that the “dollar” is actually partially backed by many millions of ounces gold?

Do you want to know the truth?

Or are you more comfortable thinking about the bank that is the Federal Reserve as a monster and not just a bank?

I’m betting that 99% of those who wish to end the Fed have no idea what it actually is, and have never even taken a glimpse at the CAFR or the Federal Reserve Act.

Well here it is…

–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, October 30, 2011

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  1. Ron Paul is a professional candidate who’s made a fortune running for prez.

    Look at his track record in congress 34 yrs and not one bill passed!

    He has the worst record in passing bills in US history.

    Controlled? I don’t think so, I think he’s a flim flam man like Linsey Williams. I think their brothers

    Ron Paul under da bus

    I’m a Ron Paul girl!


  2. Ron Paul – The American Power Structure 1988 ( Notice that Ronnie is on the House Banking and Currency Committee since the 80s and changed nothing?)


    • 1776blues

       /  November 15, 2011

      Ron Paul is on a subcommittee named “Domestic Monetary Policy and Technology”

      Ron left Congress in 1984 and returned in 1997. So where does he factor in The American Power Structure.

      Perhaps its this site that’s the controlled opposition , which I am still trying to figure out why Clint struggled and momentarily stuttered today on Deanna Spingola’s show regarding HR 1207’s amendment that called for “striking all after” when he used the word behind implying that HR 1207 would leave in the consent part currently in the US code. In addition, why the continued beat down of Paul and his now dead bill?

      I realize that Ron is not perfect but when you compare him to the others, the man is a saint. When your views are not popular with either party you may find it hard to pass anything.


      • If you were to read the bill (1207) you would see that it leaves in the consent option, and doesn’t change anything but U.S.CODE relating to an audit that already exists.

        No need to defend myself, as I am just quoting the source. Don’t shoot the messenger.

        Not sure how I struggled, unless you mean while searching for the correct source?

        And as far as me being controlled, I offer my minuscule bank account as proof of that, not to mention what I talk about.


  3. Big M

     /  October 31, 2011

    The FED, like all central “banks,” is not actually a bank. It is a fiat money machine, empowered by government (read: a criminal syndicate that dummies consider to be a government). It does not compete in a market, and it is granted privileges that no bank in the market has. It is not federal, and has no reserves. In fact, the government does not own one share of stock in any Federal Reserve “bank.”.

    The myth that the FED needs to be independent from government is a real howler, as well. It’s on a long leash, but since it was created by government, and that same government can repeal the Federal Reserve Act, its so-called independence is a joke.


    • I think I have sufficient data here to confirm that it is a bank. It’s called a bank. It acts like a bank. It operates under banking laws and regulations. It does everything a bank would do if it were a bank.

      Just because it has extra authority as a bank does not make it a non-bank, no more than a green banana is somehow not a banana because it is still green.

      And the “stock” you are referring to is not the same kind of public stock as is sold in publicly traded corporations (evidence of ownership). It is a required purchase (investment) by the Treasury in order to be a member bank, which then allows special privileges as a member bank (it makes international usury and criminal psychotic behavior LEGAL as a member.) Also, the “national banks” that do own stock in the Fed have public stock that is majority owned by government in the first place – so they are majority owned by collective government before they are even allowed to become national. There is no corporation operating independently of government, including the Federal Reserve Bank.

      It has a reserve by all means, called a “surplus”, for which it takes its 6% operating costs. The rest of the reserve is listed in the CAFR report.

      These are the fallacies I am trying to eradicate.

      Again, if you present “facts” so confidently to someone like me, you better have the primary sources to back it up; not some book written by some guy.



  4. Birch Cooper

     /  January 12, 2012

    I watched, I listened, and at 40 minutes into your presentation, I realized that a I wasted 40 minutes of good time…..Adios!


  5. If you take time to listen to those like Ron Paul , Ralph Nader, and Senator Dorgan, (not so much Huckabee), they have good ideas with solid reasoning that is exluded from that corporate controlled 2 party system. Then add a corporate controlled media that is declining in solid reporting and who neglects the good ideas,. We the People, (not we the corporation) are all starving for a more open government, a declined military foreign affairs, a benevolent Corporate structure for the greatest free nation on this earth. Make Art, Not War.


  6. I noticed after getting a third of the way through the video that the endless pictures of Ron Paul’s head photoshoped on to the various iconic heros of American culture became very irritating and I believe unnecessary to make your point. I think if you find another way of presenting the evidence it would inporove your chances of viewers staying with the presentation and supporting your views. You are trying too hard.


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