What Is An Agent Provocateur?

What is an Agent Provocateur?

Let me show you…

Update – The media spin –

Now, nearing the ordered departure time of 6pm…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Dumpsters to remove property:

Occupy Salt Lake City is over as of 6pm tonight – meaning that the permits that allowed these Occupy protesters to “camp” with tents in the public park have been revoked. Of course signs say no camping (city code) as you enter the park, so do with this what you will.

The reason: A homeless man died of a drug overdose…

And the police/agent provocateurs have, as you can see above, been busy.

As of right now, there are 9 patty wagons and a big blue bird bus waiting to arrest all protesters who are left over. (Video will be posted here of that soon, so check back.)

In about half an hour, all hell will break loose. Or… not. They will probably freely give up their freedom and go quietly into the night – in hand-cuffs. We will see…

Check back here and see.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Saturday, November 12, 2011

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  1. Kind of makes you wonder if there was some conspiring going on behind the drug overdose too.


  2. Ten Million Laws Interpreting the Ten Commandments .
    Ten Million Codes Interpreting the Ten Articles of The Bill Of Rights .
    The U S Constitution is a two part contract ! the criminals in the seven Articles of Confederation would be worthless if they dint have slaves ,so whom wants to vote and become one ?
    You see they had to convince the dummy’s to elect the slave drivers !(or the frog so that you first elect them and then they would cook the frog a little at the time .
    In 1789 the criminals in the black robe and their liars said we need to fool some of the people a few at the time not all of the people at one time .The lure (Bill Of Rights ) only ten simple rules like the commandment are simple enough that everyone could keep those rights in their mind forever .
    The Bill Of Rights is the primary contract and the seven Articles Of Confederation is the second contract so 1st or primary contract is King or We The People . For We The People Please Wake Up ! Don’t believe in the bull shit ! the REMEDY and the Law is in the BILL OF RIGHTS but don’t say amendment ever again because all the amendment’s are Unconstitutional .
    The founding Fathers brought 12 proposal forth they excepted 1-10 and rejected 11 and 12 Because I know that 11was and is in conflict with Article 3 Sec. 2 now the rest is easy you see when you claim the fourth amend. then they process you under the 14 Th amend. do you know why ?? Because there is no such a thing as 4 Th Amendment .
    Back to the proposals !Look that word up in a dictionary or the fourth addition and check it out .you are going to discover that it was 10 Proposed Articles they had excepted as the Bill Of Rights and that we had a contract with the federal mob.and it was agreed that they would preform , obey , our wish and they had to take an OATH Promising Us that they would uphold the U S Constitution .Our own traitors !!! or treason’st are to be identified ,located and find a Grand Jury in Session and bring your complaint and charges against anyone of those public servants . All the DUMMY’s Memorize The Bill Of Rights IT Contains the first BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT WE THE PEOPLE ARE AT THE TOP …. CONGRESS … LEGISLATURE … AND THE CRIMINALS IN THE BLACK ROBE WHICH THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE THE TOP DOG !!!!
    When I have been asked for reg. insurance .and license . if you are stopped from moving forth you are under arrest ! if you ask am I under arrest ? if the answer is no ! then I am free to go ?? then ask the man what is your fourth Article Probable Cause for this Custodial Questioning ?same thing am I free to go ???You must assert your RIGHT at ALL the TIME.Our Nation NEEDS the People to get together every Friday Night and teach each other The U S Constitution .
    In our Heart’s we have the 10 Commandment and in our Minds We Have The Bill Of Rights Armed with those two doctrines We The People Will Save Our World And Our Humans All demons/elites will perish .
    Think of all the energy wasted efforts of occupying every City across the Globe , only if we could utilizing the power of the people in applying that energy towards educating the rest of the World Population ? the elites dream would come to an abrupt end .
    Well folks at the time of adopting the U S Constitution a total of Ten country’s liked it and adopted it Australia being first and Canada being second and both claimed that the U S had the best Constitutional Law
    Oh Moses came by and handed me the 11 Th Commandment .


  3. Here’s a story in your area Clint

    The mayor of a Salt Lake City, Utah, suburb has confessed to creating a fake name to write stories for area newspapers in order to disseminate “good news” about his town.




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