What Cops Don’t Know May Kill You

Back to some good old fashioned public official confrontations. My favorite!

I was always curious about this, and now I know…

A police officer who does not know what the word “consent” means is just about the most frightening thing I can imagine when dealing with these officers of the corporate code. A whole United States military and police department without such knowledge, and the true nature of our society comes rushing in.

Note that this was on Veteran’s Day, and that there was no good reason for these city workers to be replacing this sign on a holiday. It merely changed one word, “dusk”, as the time to exit the park.

Note also that this was very much yet another media photo op, and that they took about 20 minutes to change over this sign while each camera-person got their footage.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Sunday, November 20, 2011

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  1. Neal M.

     /  November 21, 2011

    Thanks Clint and are you sure you are not a Ron Paul supporter?



  2. Great piece, and just so you know these new tasers used by the police can kill people too… See http://moneyedpoliticians.net/2009/08/28/the-careless-use-of-tasers/


  3. Thanks Clint. I appreciate all the efforts you put forth. They are of great benefit to all of us who are willing to learn.



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