Geoengineering And Cloud Seeding Statutes

There is such an effort to convince people about the reality of what are popularly called “chemtrails” – but what should be properly referred to as geoengineering, cloud seeding, or weather modification.

Most people simply point to the sky and say “look!”

Others go into extreme technical detail on the nature and conspiracy of these trails in the sky and where they originate from. But as with most of the topics that are considered by many to be conspiracy theory, weather modification can simply be “proven” to the most skeptical among us by the very state and federal codes that allow these trails in the sky to be laid in the first place.

There is no crime if all crime is legal…

And all 50 states are in a cooperative agreement to allow this spraying to commence uninhibited across state borders, which means that the governor of your state is in full compliance and acquiescence.

In the state of Washington for instance, the Washington State legislature passed the following legal codes regarding the aerial spraying over the State of Washington:

WAC 173-495-070 – Permit Requirements.

(1) Each weather modification operation not specifically exempted by statute or these regulations requires a permit. A separate permit must be issued for each operation.

(2) A license holder desiring to conduct a weather modification operation shall submit an application for a permit to ecology.

(3) The permit applicant must hold a valid weather modification license from the state of Washington.

(4) The applicant shall publish a notice of intention at least once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper that has general circulation within the county in which the operation is to be conducted or affected.

(5) The licensee shall file proof of publication of the notice of intention with ecology within fifteen days from the date of last publication of the notice.

(6) The notice of intention must contain at least the following:

(a) The name and address of the licensee;

(b) The nature and object of the intended operation and the person or organization on whose behalf it is to be conducted;

(c) The area in which and the appropriate time during which the operation will be conducted;

(d) The area intended to be affected by the operation; and

(e) The materials and methods to be used in conducting the operation.

(7) The applicant shall furnish proof of financial responsibility, as described in WAC 173-495-120 of this chapter.

(8) The applicant shall pay a permit fee outlined in chapter 173-455 WAC.

(9) Before issuing a permit, ecology shall state, in writing, that the weather modification and control activities proposed have been determined to be for the general welfare and public good.

(10) Ecology shall hold a public hearing before any weather modification permit is issued.


So with a little clever reverse engineering, one could go and request through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request the permit that was issued to that entity responsible for the weather Modification. Or, one could attend the “public hearing” as outlined in #10 above and get that information as well, and probably protest the weather modification where, when and before it starts.

The point here is that instead of trying to convince people to believe something that in effect is hardly believable accept in classic science fiction movies and novels, why not just point to this law which allows it to happen in the first place. And while your at it, shouldn’t we be making citizens arrests for the bastards in government who are allowing these experimental geo-engineering dumps to happen in the first place?

Here is the law as set forth by the Texas Legislature on Weather manipulation and control:



In this chapter:

(3) “Operation” means the performance of weather modification and control activities entered into for the purpose of producing or attempting to produce a certain modifying effect within one geographical area over one continuing time interval not exceeding four years.

(4) “Research and development” means theoretical analysis, exploration, experimentation, and the extension of investigative findings and theories of a scientific or technical nature into practical application for experimental and demonstration purposes, including the experimental production and testing of models, devices, equipment, materials, and processes.

(5) “Weather modification and control” means changing or controlling, or attempting to change or control, by artificial methods the natural development of atmospheric cloud forms or precipitation forms that occur in the troposphere.

(6) “Weather modification and control program” means the research, development, licensing, and permitting and other associated activities to be administered by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

Section 301.112. Publication of Notice.

The notice of intention required under Section 301.110 must be published at least once a week for three consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in each county in which the operation is to be conducted.






Sec. 302.001. FINDINGS. The legislature finds that weather modification and control activities may have a significant impact on Texas agriculture. The legislature further finds that the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation is the proper state agency to administer grants to political subdivisions for weather modification and control activities.


Really? How could this possibly harm the environment? (pause for humorous repose…)

A recent public notice posting in the San Luis Obispo Tribune stated:


The purpose of the project is to increase rainfall to help alleviate deficiencies of water supplies in Santa Barbara County. Clouds would be seeded by the dispersal of Silver Iodide (AgI). Two possible modes of seeding, air based and ground based, would be used. LOCATION OF PURPOSE: Project operations could be conducted during the period between November 15 and April 15, for each year, 2011-2012 through 2015-2016. Airborne seeding operations would utilize air space over Santa Barbara County, portions of San Luis Obispo County as well as the Pacific Ocean immediately west of Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties. Ground based seeding operations would be conducted from the Santa Ynez Mountains, the Casmalia Hills and the San Rafael Mountains. The target areas for seeding operations are the watersheds behind Cachuma and Gibraltar reservoirs on the Santa Ynez River as well as Twitchell reservoir on the Cuyama River. LICENSEE: The project would be operated and supervised by a licensed weather modification consultant.


Now, when I was first pulled aside and someone pointed to the sky and said, “look up” I was immediately taken in by these trails and the fact that I never noticed them before, as if they were just a natural part of the skyline. And, perhaps the reason for this past perception is that this aerial spraying and weather modification has been going on since before I was even conceived!

After that day, I noticed that in the movie “The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming” which was released in 1966, there was a scene that just happened to show an airplane leaving a trail in the sky, and it was a persistent contrail if ever there was one. I was quite surprised to see this considering the date of the movie, and brushed it off as a normal contrail.

I realize know that this was nothing to be surprised at or to be brushed off!

Here is the Santa Barbara County website describing the history of its use of weather modification:

As early as 1948, Santa Barbara County has participated in weather modification activities in order to augment local water supplies. Weather conditions are “modified” by seeding clouds – cloud seeding – with condensation nuclei to increase the amount of rain that falls. There are a number of benefits from doing this, which are supported by statistical analysis. The most significant benefit is that in some years up to 20% more rain falls in areas where clouds have been seeded than in control (unseeded) areas. There are three distinct benefits of cloud seeding: infiltration of significant amounts of water into ground water basins; runoff into reservoirs; and irrigation effects on grasslands and crops.


Then there is this letter from the Department of Water Resources in California:

May 4, 1964

Honorable Edmund G.. Brown, Governor
and Members of the Legislature of the
State of California


I have the honor to transmit herewith a report of the Department of Water Resources, entitled “Weather Modification Operations in California, October 1, I962 – September 30, I963.”

During the period covered by the report, there were ten projects Involving weather modification operations which were undertaken in California. These were accomplished by nine of the eleven operators who were licensed by the department for such activities…


OCTOBER 1, 1962 – SEPTEMBER 30, I963


This report presents a summary of all weather modification projects conducted in California during the period October 1, 1962, through September 30, 1963: as reported to the Department of Water Resources in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 4, Division 1 of the Water Code,

Appended to this report are the statutes on the regulation and control of natural precipitation by artificial means…

…No person, without first securing a license from the department, shall cause or attempt to cause condensation or precipitation of rain, snow, moisture, or water in any form contained in the atmosphere, or shall prevent or attempt
to prevent by artificial means the natural condensation or precipitation of rain, snow, moisture, or water in any form
contained in the atmosphere.”

On being Issued a license by the department, the licensee may operate projects in the areas and periods specified in the notices of Intention to modify natural precipitation by artificial means. These notices must be published by the licensee in newspapers having a general circulation and published In each county where the operation is to be conducted…

{Report continued…}


Another public notice from 1965, in the Heppner Gazette Times reported:


Notice is hereby given that it is the intent of the Water Resources Development Corporation of 460 South Broadway, Denver 9, Colorado, which holds License No. 54 of the State of Oregon, to engage in operations to modify natural precipitation by artificial means, for and on behalf of MORROW COUNTY WEATHER RESEARCH ASSOCIATION, located at Echo. Oregon…

(Source: 23%2C2247469)

And yet another public notice in The Intermountain News, October 16th, 1969:


Notice is hereby  given that Pacific Gas and Electric Company, a California corporation… License No. 23 of the State of California to engage in operations to modify natural precipitation by artificial means, will for and on behalf of itself conduct a program of weather modification by artificial nucleation of clouds with silver iodide and other nucleating agents…


So let’s stop pointing to the ever expanding, non-dispersing lines in the sky that everyone has nowadays virtually grown up with to try and prove that weather manipulation exists. If it were a snake it would bite them on the nose! Now you can simply point to over 70 years worth of cloud seeding and weather control by “artificial means” as listed in your own state governments and archives.

Now how can anybody deny that?

Credit for these links goes to this gentleman, for whom we should all post a big thank you on his web forum…


And to Hal Anthony, who always expands my horizons.

Here are some other interesting stories and laws about cloud seeding:

“The National Weather Modification Policy Act of 1976”, federally codified here:



Oregon Statutes – Chapter 558 – Weather Modification


“The Russian Air Force, during a mission to clear the skies of potentially rain-filled clouds, dropped a mixture of silver iodide, liquid nitrogen and cement powder in an attempt to seed the clouds. This form of climate modification is common practice in Russia, when attempting to engineer dry days on public holidays and special events in Moscow…”


China overdoes cloud seeding to end drought… and blankets Beijing in snow…


The Chinese “Weather Manipulation Missle” at Olympic


Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification/Weather Modification Association

Japanese Cloud Seeding Experiments for Precipitation Augmentation (JCSEPA)
Masataka Murakami, MRI, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

In some populated areas of central and western Japan, they have recently had a potential problem of water shortage. For the last twenty years, they have had the problem of water shortage almost every two or three years.

MRI, in cooperation with 10 other research organizations, has launched the five-year research project (2006-2011) “Japanese Cloud Seeding Experiments for Precipitation Augmentation (JCSEPA)” to aim drought mitigation and water resources management.


Now mom – tell me I’m crazy one more time…

Didn’t think so!


–Clint Richardson (
–Friday, November 25, 2011

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  1. Fraser

     /  November 26, 2011

    We get “chemtrails” in New Zealand and weather modification is not legal here so how would you explain that?

    The politicians have all said it is just an “internet conspiracy theory” and it is only “water vapour”.

    Any thoughts?


    • Two thoughts…

      One is the United Nations 1976 Weather Weapon Treaty:


      1. The provisions of this Convention shall not hinder the use of environmental modification techniques for peaceful purposes and shall be without prejudice to the generally recognized principles and applicable rules of international law concerning such use.

      2. The States Parties to this Convention undertake to facilitate, and have the right to participate in, the fullest possible exchange of scientific and technological information on the use of environmental modification techniques for peaceful purposes. States Parties in a position to do so shall contribute, alone or together with other States or international organizations, to international economic and scientific co-operation in the preservation, improvement and peaceful utilization of the environment, with due consideration for the needs of the developing areas of the world.

      The other thought is that you are commonwealth, and may be under that jurisdiction.

      So what are the international laws regarding intergovernmental commonwealth nations?

      That’s where I would look.



  2. Clint, nobody has ever denied that cloud seeding has been taking place. In fact, as your post shows, it’s been taking place perfectly openly, with ads in the local papers, since the 1950s.

    But clouds seeding is not geoengineering, and cloud seeding does not leave trails in blue skies. Cloud seeding happens above existing rain clouds, and uses small planes.

    Geoengineering alters the climate. Cloud seeding alters the weather. There’s a significant difference.

    The long white trails you point to are contrails. Cloud seeding is something else.


    • But don’t miss the point of the post…

      Those high altitude planes would not be spraying without permission (statutes and codes) from all 50 states and the Federal Government, the Federal aviation centers, military, etc. (which all operate because the law says they can). Our first duty is to make otherwise unbelieving people start believing. What better way than to show them the laws that allow this?

      Our worst enemy is the ignorance of the people. Let’s fight that battle before going on to the even more unbelievable stuff, eh?



    • Uncinus ~ cloud seeding IS geoengineering; it’s what’s being “proposed” at all the geoengineering conferences.

      Several authorities include cloud seeding in their definition, and their technology reports, e.g.:

      At a 1992 conference hosted by The Electric Power Research Institute and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, geoengineering was defined as “altering the chemistry of the atmosphere,” reports Thomas Schelling in 1996.

      Writing in 1996, Schilling believed that “geoengineering is a new term in search of definition.” In offering several ideas to include, he agreed that it must be intentional:

      · * “direct intervention to change the [solar] radiation balance, [such as introducing “ozone into the stratosphere” or reducing “chlorine or anything else that is destroying the ozone,” or “putting aerosols or objects in the stratosphere or in orbit];
      · * “ferilizing phytoplankton”;
      · * “distributing “carbon black to make the ice cover disappear more rapidly”;
      · * “fertilizing the oceans [iron seeding];
      · * “make it snow in Antarctica in order to store water there to reduce sea level”;
      · * “intervening to control hurricanes, either reducing the ocean-surface characteristics that produce hurricanes or intervening in the formation of hurricanes.”

      Note the first bullet item. Let us not speak falsely now; the hour is getting late. Cloud seeding is geoengineering.


  3. What do you think of this:

    They use cloud seeding to reduce hazardous haze caused by forest fire and actually succeed.


    • Mixed reaction really…

      On one hand, it seems to be an altruistic attempt to help the people.

      On the other hand, a natural fire is good for the environment, promoting new growth and clearing dead foliage, and providing the MUCH NEEDED CARBON into the air that makes our time on this Earth so pleasant. Playing God with the weather may not be the best idea, even when it seems like a good idea.

      It used to be that farmers would move every 12 or so years, as the nutrients in the soil were depleted. Tribes used to move with the weather, going south for the winter. Now, we stay in the same place, and alter the natural weather patterns to suit our needs with total disregard for nature.

      In Colorado, the Veil Ski Resorts get seeding, while some of the farmlands just miles away get no rain. Of course the money is in Veil, and produce now comes from China!

      It’s up to you to decide which way was better for the people and the land and environment…



  4. Phil Montano

     /  November 29, 2011

    Hey there, Clint. I just came across this. It’s nice how they’re so up front about their intents and abilities.


  5. btw, Clint ~ nice piece here — glad you found those old public notices — amazing that guy thinks he’s debunking when he’s actually validating


  6. five words

     /  December 14, 2011

    New Site:

    Stop Feeding The Damn Parasites!


  7. Did i miss it or did anyone here not even speak of the damage to our HEALTH taking place against our freewill. The new strange outbreak morgellons disease, also flu like outbreak within 7-days of mass chemcrud spraying.They are assuming consent unless we speak it out otherwise that we are being poisoned;


  8. is there enney cloud seading going on in mendocino county calliforina


  9. Great work here! Keep it up! WE NEED TO INFORM & EDUCATE the masses and remove our Consent!


  10. Ariel

     /  March 24, 2013

    Thank you thank you for finally convincing us we are not crazy.. our home in the northern sierras seems under attack evrry day…


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