The Courtesy Flush

Thanksgiving has come and gone.

I was fortunate enough to have been invited and treated to a fancy buffet in Park City, Utah, as opposed to an unmentionable meager alternative. This was my first un-home-cooked thanksgiving if I recall correctly – so no leftover cold turkey sandwiches or soup.

As wonderful of a spread as it was, it hit my system hard, and I was forced to detour to the Men’s room before leaving the no doubt geo-engineered buffet.

Now, as the title of this particular blog suggests, I was desperately in need of a courtesy flush. But to my surprise, I was sitting on a machine…. There was no option for random flushes. No buttons or handles to push. Nothing. I was a victim of forced green technology! As I panicked and felt around for some sign of relief for all parties involved, I realized with ponderous curiosity that I was once again caught in a world where “the machines have taken over”, a previous story I wrote last year.

As I finished my duty and went to the sink to freshen up, I was forced to hold my hands in front of a heat sensor before I could receive the glorious gift of water from the hotel bathroom faucet machine. After a brief pause, the water flowed. But I felt helpless, as I could not adjust the temperature, pressure, or length of the aqua-stream in question.

And then the toilet flushed…

Since there were no paper towels to dry my wet hands with, I waited for the machine-driven man in front of me to finish his encounter with the air delivery robot on the wall. And I then re-activated the machine with my heat signature.

And then the water faucet finally shut off, and I wondered at the water I could have saved were I allowed to control the faucet myself.

And so once again I was reminded that the machines are indeed taking over – as the green light allowed me to drive through the intersection, the traffic cameras kept me from disobeying the red lights, the bank ATM robot teller gave me money while charging a fee for its digital services, and the self-checkout robot takes my cash or credit card and makes me bag my own groceries at no discount.

If freedom requires responsibility for ones own actions, what sort of society do we live in when the police are no longer there to protect the people, but instead to protect the computer structure if the people don’t obey the machines and robots who control us?

Long live the courtesy flush!!!

Just a random thought…


–Clint Richardson (
–Thursday, November 25, 2011

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  1. Don’t worry Clint !
    Just think of those goofs that out in the weather in their make shift tents occupying and for what ?
    I hope that they can get organized much better and greater numbers .
    Happy thanksgiving!/mail/InboxLight.aspx?fid=30f11c4d77a642f9b398bfee161e1a4a&fav=False&so=Date&sa=False&n=745244589!fid=1&fav=1&n=1484720598&mid=c3ae414d-1733-11e1-a4fa-00215ad71368&fv=1



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