The World CAFR Accounting System

I’ve been asked by several folks who live in other countries whether or not their country is on a similar Comprehensive Annual Financial Reporting structure as is the United States. The answer… absolutely. This is a world organized crime syndicate.

Here are just a few examples of what a quick search can find:


Government of Canada (Annual Financial Report) –

Montreal, Canada (Annual Financial Report) –,80007&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

Australia Government – Dept Finance and De-regulation –

Australia Future Funds ($100 billion) and “nation building Fund” –

Australia Treasury Annual Report –

Melbourne City Annual Report –

Ireland National Pension Reserve Fund scheme-

Belfast City Council Annual Financial Report –

The British Monarchy

City of London Police Dept.

Welsh government –

New Zealand Treasury Annual Report –

Japan Finance Corporation –


So we could go on and on, but now you know these reports are out there for all countries, who are all on the same general accounting structures as the United States. We are in globalism whether we want to admit it or not.


–Clint Richardson (
–Thursday, December 22, 2011

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  1. stayonmywatch

     /  December 22, 2011

    Nice Job Clint! immediately shared on Stayon mywatch FB page!


  2. five words

     /  December 22, 2011

    Yep, like I have been saying for a loooooong time, it’s a babylonian, admiralty-maritime, corporate, administrative, global crime syndicate.

    Happy Trails . . .


  3. I literally stumpled upon the United Nations Financial report and audited financial statements

    I found it because of a bill congress failed to pass (apparently the US overpaid $179 Million in taxes to the UN in 2009 and haven’t asked for it back).

    Click to access a555v4.pdf


  4. Andy

     /  January 23, 2012

    Thanks Clint – nice research on CAFRs.

    I am an Illinois resident, and linked the Illinois pension page from their 2010 CAFR. The teachers pension fund has $37.4 billion dollars in it. The pension liability is $77.3 billion, almost $40 billion underfunded.

    I understand your point, that the “Broke” government has hundreds of billions of dollars (just in the state of Illinois). Ignoring the liabilities side, the amount owed, is misleading.

    I can not consider Illinois to be in anything close to good financial condition – an $8 billion current year deficit, underfunded pensions, new bond issues to pay current bills, violation of bond covenents, and on a personal side, paying its vendors (my employer) 270 days late. A ‘regular’ business would be filing bankrupcy, Illinois went with a 50% tax rate increase.


    • Your perception that the pension fund is “underfunded” is understandable, because that is what is played and parroted in the mainstream media. But the truth is quite different.

      The future liability listed for the pension fund is not real. It is fake. It is an “actuarial Projection” I means absolutely nothing. It’s like me making a guess that I’ll be broke in 20 years, with absolutely nothing to back it up.

      The numbers don’t lie. Believe your eyes. The Illinois pension fund has 37.4 billion dollars in it. That was a gain for this fiscal year of 1 or 2 billion dollars. A gain. A GAIN!!!

      If I say you’ll be dead tomorrow according to my actuarial projections, and offer no proof whatsoever of your impending death, will you believe me?

      As for the state and its financial situation, it has massive amounts of money. Pull up the CAFR and go through it. It is using that money for its own investment wealth and gain and is obviously committing mass malfeasance.


      Because you are not doing a damn thing about it. That’s the hard and honest truth. It ain’t gonna stop until the people say no.

      And a bankruptcy would mean the instant liquidation of the pension fund, and the pensioners would be left in the cold as they have no equity in that money. That, my friend, is what I have been warning people about.



      • KAYD

         /  January 29, 2012

        HI Clint ,
        can you give me an example ..where they show how they forecast future liabilty has to be some statistical calculation they summarise that calculation and give hte name of the company that did it ..who do they say they owe it to..
        is it that they use the money to buy debt instruments ( in the form of securities) and the insurer of the securities ( like the CDSwap seller) is the one whom they say they are liable to..
        if the pesnion finds are originators of securitisation..they are being used as accounts receivables that have been assigned to a SPV..that means the pensioner has the right to ask on notice whther the pension fund ( his trust) has assigned his /her cash flows ..and ask who th e assignee is..and ask for a statement of account ..( just like a trustor would do in a trust) ..
        if they are securitising this cash flow ..they are fractionalising to god know how much..
        how do i get hold of that info it hidden somewhere in the financial report..
        if they are securitising it then there is remedy as each pensioner is a trustor to the fund flow…tied to the SSN number


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  6. Doreen Agostino

     /  October 17, 2013

    Time to Tell these Crooks they’re Fired-Karen Hudes


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