Please Help Us Foster Gamble

Dear Mr. Gamble,

I can’t tell you how absolutely thrilled I am to finally see a mainstream figure such as yourself actually talk openly and publicly about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report structure of government accounting. (see video below)

Now that you have bravely brought this forward, and now that you are starting to comprehend that this document is the holy grail of government accounting – showing trillions of hidden wealth and investments in perhaps the biggest open secret in history – it is time to put your money where your mouth is (with all due respect). Walter Burien and myself are the only two figures who are attempting a mass public disclosure of these financial statements. We are both the only people willing and capable of critically and correctly disclosing the information within the CAFR’s – due to the purposeful and deceitful lack of disclosure by government and by the purposeful omission that you disclose by government in your video.

I want to personally thank you for this, by the way, and can at this point only hope that you realize that this topic of government accounting as it is hidden from the public comprehension is the most important subject out there. It is directly responsible for not only the poverty in the United States and indeed globally, but for the corporate takeover/buyout and enslavement of the entire world.

I can only ask of you, man to man, to do the right thing… and to do it right. Already there are too many incorrect statements being made about the CAFR’s, like the erroneous statement by yourself that these are anything remotely close to what you referred to as “rainy day funds“. I assure you, they are not. It is of the utmost importance that we educate the people in the right way, without misinformation and without error. Only with myself, with Walter Burien in the lead position as my supervisor, can we do the job properly.

And so I am asking you for the financial support necessary to do the job right, and for your help to implement Walter Burien’s Tax Retirement Fund solution.

You have the very real opportunity to literally save the world here; to actually bring forth and re-distribute the government investment wealth to invest in cures for disease, for alternative energies, and for all of the things that will bring this world and its inhabitants into its true potential.

The ball is in your court, as is the corporate wealth…

The world has been waiting for someone like you. So what will you do, sir?


–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, July 8th, 2012

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  1. What great news. Perhaps Gamble is legit after all! This is big, thanks for posting, Clint, and all the best on some positive results!

  2. jmackdog

     /  July 8, 2012

    He will most definitively come under a tremendous amount of scrutiny for his attempt to enlighten people about the CAFR. I applaud him for standing up for the truth, if only Ron Paul had your integrity his fake revolution would not be such an utter failure – joke.

    Be ready for disparaging opposition to this subject, it needs to met head on without conditions. Many people will not believe it, even while the CAFR is irreversibly right in front of their eyes. This is from the immense brain washing from our venomous media, drugs from our scrupulous doctors, and Iphone/Ipad/gadgets that keep the sheep diverted from the truth.

    If you link up with Mr Burien and Mr Richardson, we will know your resolve is true.


  3. Clint: please also post this invitation at his Thrive website in two places, comments under the CAFR video and in a section called “solutions” (I’ve done this, too). Thank you for reaching-out to Foster, Clint. We’ll see what he wants to do 🙂

    As you may know, since your excellent documentation of CA CAFR data, I’ve taken and run with articles on several sites, an Infowars interview, and three radio/podcast interviews. I’m still pursuing the issue with local media and my two state reps.

    A list of work on one site:


     /  July 8, 2012

    Good pick up Clint!

    I’m sure if he knows this much he has seen your work…

    Mr. Gamble has it kind of wrong though when he says “it’s taxpayer money”.

    The money is the corporation’s money. It’s for the benefit of the owner of the corporation.

    The “taxpayer” is not the beneficiary.

    We need to find a way to stop feeding and someday exit the corporation.

    We need to build a new body…

    • And the whole purpose of Walter’s TRF is to change the benificiary to being the taxpayer. I agree.

      • MarkofMelb

         /  July 10, 2012

        Walter is a hero of the CAFR truth for sure, but his (TRF) solution may display a lack of deeper understanding of the reality of who we really are and what we need to be doing.

        Ultimately our Creator is the Grantor of the earth (and truth) which he has entrusted to us (Trustee) for the benefit of (Christ and) the world (Beneficiary).

        To see ourselves individuals as beneficiaries, may not as deep as we need to be thinking for proper solution which is the end of the body of the state (corporation).

        An entirely separate body and therefore jurisdiction is required to operate within if we are to be truly free from state control – the owner of the corporation you operate in is ultimately who you are subject to.

        We and others may benefit in the end but those who act in responsibility are trustees in the first instance and may not personally benefit (be beneficiaries).

        Depends how deeply you want to look at things 🙂

        • MarkofMelb

           /  July 10, 2012


          To see ourselves individuals (only) as beneficiaries, may not *be* as deep as we need to be thinking for proper solution which is the end of the body of the state (corporation).

        • Deep… I understand your point, as it used to be my own. But in fact, the problem already exists. The corporate world is already owned and operated by government. While it is fun to concentrate on things that should be, Walter chooses to focus on what already is, and make that into what could be. I don’t think it is the final solution, but it is definitely the only one out there that actually acknowledges the problem – a requirement to fixing the problem. The Fed is just a small part of the problem, for instance, and gets way too much attention. Free men will never be free from the problem of government without acknowledging it and fighting it. Freeman status is not a free ticket – it means taking responsibility for your fellow man too.

          • MarkofMelb

             /  July 10, 2012

            I agree that the problem needs to be exposed before we can do anything about it and my wish is that all this Fed talk is exposed as one the biggest red herrings of them all.

            Thanks Ron 😦

  5. James

     /  July 9, 2012

    I am still suspicious that the heir of the Proctor & Gamble fortune may have a secret agenda of misinformation in the truth movement. You cannot place blind trust in people, especially if they create documentaries that include extraterrestrial beliefs LOL. He did not mention in thrive the suppression of industrial hemp technologies.

    • The only way to find out ones sincerity is to publicly challenge them to act upon it.

      Thus, Ron Paul for instance, is a colossal fail – and still wont talk about the CAFRs!!!

      I’m hoping Foster Grant is real, and will do the right thing. Only time will tell.


      • Debbie Sutton

         /  March 26, 2013

        I heard of Walter Burien by a friend. I started looking at the Delaware River Port Authority and it’s CAFR. I was shocked to see how much revenue comes in vs the operating costs and the net gain or profit while they raise our tolls.

        I started researching my elementary school CAFR and found it to hide assets as liabilities. The Municipal Utility Authorities do the same. It is not just your town, county or state it is all of the anointed and appointed organizations that are also robbing us blind.

    • James, and how many people have you reached with CAFR data to criticize what Foster has done? You make a strawman argument: nobody is advocating “blind trust.”

      Stick to CAFR data, here, James. ET life is an unidentified object in this discussion, and not to be used as a distraction (unless you have a crop circle photo with encoded CAFR data, that is).

      But I bet you could find older CAFR documents on hemp paper…

  6. Kim Greenhouse

     /  July 19, 2012

    It’s Rainmaking Time! Produced a segment with Walter a few weeks ago. My colleague in New Zealand emailed the interview to Mr. gamble and he did a short talk about it, Tha’s how small.the world is. Gamble made no mention of It’s Rainmaking Time! and choose to be silent how he heard about it. Just because you have money and project spiritual integrity does not mean that you are not competitive, Gamble is very competitive to have failed to mention where he found out anout CAFR. Here’s the link. Enjoy!

  7. Kieran Zero

     /  August 3, 2012

    UCADIA is the new body, please check it out!
    [frank o’collins – many calls on talkshoe dot com – university of ucadia]

    CAFR ties in very well with the master Cestui Que Vie trusts issued on us at birth, a key secret driver behind the scenes. Feeds into BIS / IMF, then down into the troughs like the CAFR.

    Register with UCADIA and leave the Roman Cult System and all its evils . .

    Jesuits / Vatican / Mystery Babylon . . . everything must go!

    Kind regards!

    Restore The Law.

    Kind regards,

    Kieran Zero


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