What Is UMCOR?

It is rare that an opportunity to showcase a truly good and wholesome charity presents itself; one that actually utilizes 100% of all donations for charitable purposes instead of administrative ones. And I was even more amazed to find just such an organization right in my own community; within one of the most materialistic and corrupt of counties in America.

For reasons I cannot comprehend, I have somehow been drawn through wonderfully ironic circumstances to this place in the high desert called Salt Lake City. And perhaps this chance to expose one of the few good organizations left in the world today was one of those reasons for my being here.

As my readers should have noticed by now, and indeed by the title of this website (Reality Blog), I do not sell any products or services (like survival supplies or storage food while reporting that the world that we know it will end soon). Likewise, I do not voluntarily support any organization by posting advertising or links of any kind on my blog or other websites, unless they are the subject of such writing. For your information, this is my own effort to remain free and clear of any influence, restraint, or conflict of interest in my ability to report what needs to be heard. I consider and offer my writings and films free to all without restrictions or profit. I believe this is the very definition of community service. It is freedom defined. It is humanity, in and of itself. It is an offering of oneself without expectation of anything in return. It is charity…

But unfortunately, considering the world we live in, my investigations are without exception about corruption and greed in the corporate/government arena that has become the new “organized crime” – the lawlessness of the law. And so it gives me great pleasure to present to you a positive and enlightened story about an organization called UMCOR – the only true official “charity” that I know of.

Like a beacon of hope through selfless action and as a model of what can be, UMCOR has become a part of my life… and indeed, it has given me a bit of hope in this modern darkness we call our civilized society. And so today I’d like to introduce you to this charitable organization so that perhaps you too might make it a part of your life. Today, I would only ask of you to take the time to watch this 16 minute presentation on UMCOR, to pass it on to others who might need a bit of hope in their own lives, and to consider becoming involved in it yourself.

The following is my contribution to UMCOR:

What is UMCOR?

Now, after viewing this, I’d like for you to imagine what this beautiful charity could really do around the world and in America to actually help people if it had the support of all of the people who give instead to organizations like the The American Red Cross or The United Way, simply because the media tells them that they should…

Since The United Methodist Committee On Relief’s administrative expenses are wholey funded by donations from the United Methodist Church, the CEO and Methodist Board of Directors and employees of UMCOR receive no salary from UMCOR donations. In other words, no donations from you (other than the once a year international Methodist Church offering) will ever go to pay the salaries or business expenses of UMCOR (unless you want them to), because the real workers are actually unpaid volunteers from around the world!!!


In 2004, President and CEO of the American Red Cross Marsha J. Evans was paid $651,957 in salary, plus expenses. The board of Directors of the Red Cross is a who’s who of corporate business men and women, who’s companies in turn benefit from the grants of the American Red Cross in it’s disaster relief programs by your donations, which seldom are sufficient in practice to help the people in need.

Ralph, Dickerson Jr – the former president and CEO of United Way – received a salary of $420,000. (Source: Chronicle of Philanthropy)

The New York Times reported:

“The United Way of New York City said yesterday that an internal investigation had determined that its former leader, Ralph Dickerson Jr., diverted $227,000 of charitable assets for personal use in 2002 and 2003… Mr. Dickerson is not currently facing charges from the findings.”

(Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2006/04/14/nyregion/14united.html)

Why is he paying back the money?

Because he got caught.

In 2008, United Way President and CEO Brian Gallagher earned $1,037,410 in salary. (Source: Better Business Bureau link below)

All of this comes from your donations… your donations to CEO’s salaries.

The Better Business Bureau also lists the following expenses for “The United Way”:

For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2009, UWW’s program expenses were:

Investor relations $39,010,000
Community Impact Leadership & Learning $20,794,000
Campaign and Public Relations $8,711,000
Brand Leadership $8,195,000
UW Store $2,880,000
Public Policy $1,056,000

Total Program Expenses – $80,646,000

How does this add up when compared to the United Way’s charitable and investment income?

The Following information is based on UWW’s audited financial statements (CAFR) – consolidated for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2009:

Source of Funds
Contributions $51,922,000
Membership support, net $29,202,000
Campaign efforts of Tri-State, net $13,569,000
Promotional materials sales $3,764,000
Conferences $1,816,000
Program Service Fees $1,072,000
Misc and other $671,000
Investment Income, net $342,000

Total Income – $102,358,000

(So $8 million in donations was spent on campaign expenses to earn $13 million in campaign donations, instead of feeding, clothing, and housing the poor and destitute.)

(Also, note that in order to have investment income, this requires The United Way to invest the contributions it receives, as opposed to using them to help people. So its expenses for “investor relations” was over $39,000,000 [almost 50% of listed expenses] while its return on investment was only $342,000? Is this a charity, really?)

Did any of this actually help someone in the world besides big business?

The report then goes on to add additional expenses of:

Fund raising expenses $1,003,000
Administrative expenses $8,827,000

For total expenses of – $90,476,000

It then states that:

Note: According to its 2009 audited financial statements (CAFR), UWW recorded Other Changes in Net Assets including loss from write off of investment in Trust, change in tax liability, and pension-related changes other than net periodic pension cost.

And of course, to add insult to injury, this corporation lists its “status” as:

This organization is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. It is eligible to receive contributions deductible as charitable donations for federal income tax purposes.

Just what does the United Way do to help people besides raising money so that it can raise more money? Well, it does help some people so that it can make commercials which show that it helps people… granted.


You can also check on other charities, including UMCOR, here:



Folks, the United Way has the potential to help people from all over the world… But it doesn’t. It has no time to do this because it is too busy investing, advertising, and fund-raising so that it can invest and advertise more. It is too busy attempting to infiltrate your paycheck as one of your “choices” of recommended charities to contribute to.

Is this what a charity is supposed to look like?

I don’t think so.

UMCOR, in this authors opinion, is the stand alone model of what a charity can and should be. It should be the stand alone model for even being granted a tax-exempt status in the first place. And it is the only charity that I choose to support because of these reasons.

I choose to volunteer my time to UMCOR, because I have nothing else to give. Anyone is welcome to give of themselves by just showing up to UMCOR and volunteering to work. If I could, I would also choose UMCOR to make monetary or supply donations to as well.

It is my hope that you might see things in the same way…

Thank you for watching.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Thursday, August 16th, 2012

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  1. Neal M.

     /  August 17, 2012

    Hello Clint

    More thought provoking video and well done on the presentation. I watched UMCOR and Dear Matt Damon. Thanks for the info.


  2. usedtobesupermom

     /  August 18, 2012

    That’s why you are respected. Thank you for what you do. I have shared many of your “works”. A few many times.


  3. Don sanders

     /  January 18, 2013

    I try to seek the source when I am trying to resolve a problem. I began to wake up four years ago when I decided to investigate Obama seriously when he was a candidate. Previously I had assumed with reserve what the mass media put out, foolish but I was naïve. In the process of doing that I was shocked when I found an extensive corrupt and largely socialist and communist infrastructure in our country; to say nothing of the corruption. Add to that the staff of the executive, based on their own written works and admissions were a band of homicidal lunatics that made Hitler’s staff look like boy scouts. Mafia connections and on and on, it was a cross between a B-movie and a night mare. I have always assumed politicians are corrupt and steal much. I really did not care as I counted that as an expense of doing business. Then to my dismay as I sought the source I came to realize Obama and his merry bunch of cut throats were but functionaries, pawns in much larger game with players above him far worse than them and defied imagination in their capacity for cruelty, death and destruction. Worse still further investigation revealed all presidents and their administrations were as bad and in many cases far worse. Our congress and senate a mirror image past and present, all cut from the same cloth of paganism and corruption–their fabric a mélange of all that is despicable and disgusting within the human experience; a living museum of the spiritual and mundane aspects of our existence which will lead to our failure and doom.
    It has been a battle ground of ever increasing and ever more frightening epiphanies. Where once I had rejoiced at the achievement of higher levels of understanding I now feared such as it brought me deeper into despair. After about 1000 hours of research and careful consideration of data extracted the pieces began to come together providing me with a big picture understanding of what it is we are dealing with.
    Everything I had ever believed, trusted, thought I understood to any degree was shattered. For a time I believe I was certifiably insane, overwhelmed. As more pieces came together the situation worsened. In my mind I saw massive starvation and disease world wide, all of that and much more and all of it artificial in the sense that all would be contrived by the hands of a few very powerful elite. The things I saw then and still see now in our future are not the products of divination, imagination, wild speculation, nothing magical or supernatural, as I do not believe in magic or in anything of the sort. It was and is based on facts as best as I have been able to discern them. This group of elites and their minions, some believers, other lackeys, the majority labor to aid these homicidal megalomaniacs with true hearts believing what they do is just and right. Billions toil tirelessly to bring about their own subjugation and destruction. The macabre irony of this was more than I could bear.
    This group of royals, bankers, and pagan priests posses the wealth, power, infrastructure, remnants of lost technology mental, spiritual and physical, the logistics, planning, patience, and determination to realize the horror I describe. The capacity to deliver unto mankind destruction on a scale not seen since the catastrophe that wiped from this earth a civilization advanced beyond the limits of our understanding. They can achieve these things and more and have made it very clear that is their intention. Since the time of prime discovery I have searched feverishly and in vain for proof this is all nothing more than my imagination. The distillate of these efforts has served instead to support and bring into clearer focus my earlier findings and conclusions. Show me proof I am wrong and I will be forever in your debt.
    All of this mayhem and chaos for what? To raise again their precious and revered Babylon, to please their pagan gods which if they exist at all within our perceivable reality or beyond are nothing more than beings with technology far in advance of our own. Can it be that this band of parasitic elite are nothing more than marionettes dancing from a longer string to the tune of another even more putrid and self indulged band of parasites. It would finally be irony I could live with. To reestablish the Rome of old, an empire devoted to human suffering, misery, and debasement; dedicated to the spiritually vapid self indulgence of the ancestors of this current band of elite parasitic scum; the then crown jewel of a dark age that has been in existence for over ten thousand years. More amazing still, indications are these bloated and vile creatures that lay about in gilded chambers while sucking the life’s blood from us, feel secure what they do is by divine right as they have not the monkey gene and therefore are descended from their imaginary gods. If my choices are to be as they or to be a monkey, I will have the banana daiquiri please, frozen and blended but not stirred.
    When I consider in total this band of failed creatures I can not help but wonder how the elite being so brilliant, persistent, and clever can be so stupid.
    They fear us yet fear existence without us. They can not sustain themselves as they lack the capacity to produce enough to satisfy their sick desires and lust, failure to satisfy their twisted needs and desires would drive them insane to the point of their own destruction.
    To resolve this they poison our minds with drivel and propaganda, they inject poisons into our bodies and the bodies of our newborn to diminish our capacity to think, perform and develop. To further these ends they poison our food, our air, and our water, to their gratification and delight we work diligently to aid them in this effort. They have taken control of the education of our young to ensure each generation is more docile and ignorant than the last. They have twisted our medical science into an abomination which adds more poisons to our bodies, promotes chronic illness, and does little or nothing to heal. That not being enough they introduce more diseases into our population. Their scientist and our own work together to discover and distribute even more horrifying diseases into our population and make fortunes selling us poisonous snake oil potions they know will not heal and will only introduce still more toxins into our already overwhelmed bodies.
    They instigate countless wars while profiting by supplying both sides with weapons of destruction and laughing all the way to their vaults. When not about the business of destroying us they cluster in dark crypts, and chambers drinking each others blood and urine from golden ceremonial goblets encrusted with gems, while feasting on the flesh of children, and indulging in various pagan rights and rituals. Rituals that are nothing more than the manifestations of the ignorant attempting to access forgotten technologies they lack the intelligence, creativity and human decency to rediscover for themselves. Pathetic.
    No, i am not a troll. Just a heart broken man seeking solace from knoweledge.


  4. Don sanders

     /  January 19, 2013

    Response to Peter Klimon

    Regarding details I expressed my opinion in an earlier post. I agree with much you have said, in particular the disinterest of the public. It is ever that way. Mans history is sprinkled with misery and destruction with a handful as its source. There are many aspects to this problem. Education, nutrition, and general health these directly affect the brain. Our history is revised as it happens and revised as needed by those in power as time goes on. We have little hope of learning anything from history without a concerted effort to dig up what really happened, even then its hit and miss. We are drugged; our food supply is just short of lethal in terms of the contaminants introduced into to it by manufactures. The media in all of its forms is largely nothing more than brainwashing and propaganda, misinformation and distraction to keep people involved in dead end entertainment and thought processes, the few capable of original thought at this point.
    Beyond that by no means complete list of ailments we have human nature. So long as the belly is full, the mind distracted and no clear and obvious threats present people will sit on their ass and do nothing.
    Those few who do have a sense of initiative are so busy trying to make ends meet spend time with their families and occasionally find time to pursue happiness are in no mood for the tedious work of trying to read the hand writing on the wall.
    It is the proverbial vicious circle. This is why dictators are so successful. It has been the same jingle of misery and destruction for thousands of years.
    So what is the point? I find it interesting to try and figure out what these scumbags are up to. It is also important as it is a good thing to know when to duck or get out of dodge. Also never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Just one can with luck set into motion a geometric progression of understanding. It has happened many times and is likely the greatest fear of any dictator. The rancher has the ability to slaughter his herd anytime he wishes, but not even he can survive a stampede.
    Alex Jones and Ron Paul. On the surface it appears they provide a valuable service to the public and are hero’s in there own right. It took me a long time to figure this game out.
    At a guess I would estimate about 1% of the population (3.5 million) actually make it to the Alex Jones level of awareness. We can quibble over numbers but would be pointless to do so. That is what people like Alex Jones and Ron Paul are there fore; to keep it at that level. Alex and probably to a greater extent Ron know who the big players are but you will never hear them talk about it. It’s always a rehash of the same crap over and over and always at the same level. Sure they will necessarily draw a few more off the fence but they will fall in with the next heard following Alex and the rest. Consider what they say, think it though and I believe you will find it really does not lead anywhere.
    For example, the suggestion people store food, equipment, and things for security. A really good idea by the way as freeze dried food of good quality can last up to 50 years on the shelf, equipment even longer. Disasters man made and natural can occur at anytime. We have been lucky so far. All disasters have certain things in common. The severity of any disaster is measured by how well prepared you are. You will always need food, energy, medical supplies, shelter, security, and entertainment. Mans greatest enemy is his own arrogance; his second greatest enemy is boredom. Having several decks of water proof playing cards and other simple games like back gammon and chess, etc would be a very good idea. Food for five years. All of this is essentially a one time purchase. Insurance you can eat and use, has intrinsic value, and you don’t have to wait for and hope for a check from some corporation you were a fool to trust in the first place.
    Anyway the problem with Alex and their ilk is they either suggest you keep this stuff at home or suggest nothing. The first place brigands, black water or federal troops will come to is your house. They will steal or confiscate your goods, depending on which one knocks on your door first.
    Alex, Ron and the gang provide a needed outlet for the cattle that stray from the heard. Provides them with a sense they are in the know, are doing something, hope, entertainment, a sense of camaraderie and elitenes and all sorts of warm and fuzzy sensations all of which are basically useless at best, self destructive at worst. You can learn much from these guys and I have. Learn what they have to offer and MOVE ON. The last part is that which the majority fails to do. In my by no means complete list of the benefits Alex, Ron and the gang provide for the minions of the elite, is a wonderful data base of names, addresses, threat classification, and so on for many of the cattle that have strayed. These names will appear on prioritized list for disposition when the poo hits the fan. Sites like this and all of the others of course contribute to those data bases. Cost of doing business I am afraid.
    Ron and others like him are a special case. He has access to insider info. If he wanted to he could really rattle some cages. He won’t and I don’t blame him.
    The elite assassinate presidents, popes, world leaders and routinely decimate populations of countries everywhere on the globe foolish or unlucky enough to get in there way. Do you really think they would be squeamish about removing Ron, Alex, you, or me if we were in some way a threat to them or their agenda?
    The geometric progression potential, knowing when to run, duck, or hide; these are you incentives for seeking the real story. It’s all about balls, attitude, thinking for your self, preparation, and luck.
    Bear in mind, things will happen when they want them to, might be tomorrow, a year, a hundred years so it does no good to dwell in gloom. Devise an escape route, a quite and secluded place to hide, or what ever preps you deem best and practical. That is all you can do and it works for any disaster. Again it’s a one time purchase, planning and thinking cost nothing.
    Fortune favors the prepared man.
    Above all do your best not to break the law until the time comes when there is no law. Jack be nimble Jack be quick, Think fast or you will get the stick. Good luck.



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