For Iran: An Inconvenient Truth

It’s hard to imagine a more true statement than that which was made by economist Patrick Clawson. Here we watch in horror as this arrogant warmonger candidly eludes to a list of “false flag” attacks which led to World War 2, WW1, Vietnam, and the Civil War, and for which the same tactics will ultimately need to be used to thrust the United States into war with Iran (an undeclared, illegal occupation that is)…

So who is this guy anyway, and what is that written behind him?

Let’s play connect the dots, shall we?

Patrick Clawson is a former economist for the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and senior economist with the World Bank. Clawson is currently the Director for Research at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy and senior editor of “Middle East Quarterly“.

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) is a tax-exempt Washington think tank focused on U.S. Foreign Policy in the Middle East. WINEP is continuously referred to as pro-Israel. In fact, its founder was Martin Indyk, former deputy director of research for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), one of if not the largest Jewish lobbying groups in America. Indyk became a duel-American-Israeli citizen, U.S. diplomat, and its ambassador to Israel. The list of names as trustees of WINEP are the top Zionist Jewish propaganda, banking, and attorney machine – which as of 2005 included
Democratic senator Frank Lautenberg, managing editor of The New York Times Jill Abramson, real estate developer A. Alfred Taubman, and philanthropist Edgar Bromfman.

On its Mission & History web-page, the following quotes can be found:

“In war and in peace, the Institute’s efforts to articulate a coherent and realistic view of U.S. national interests has assisted policymakers, in and out of government, to make informed decisions about the Middle East.”  –President Bill Clinton

“Your hard work and commitment to the spread of freedom strengthen our Nation and help make the world a safer and more peaceful place.”  –President George W. Bush

(Note: grammar is as printed on WINEP website.)

It goes on to confirm the infiltration and penetration of this group into not only the United States, but as well in the middle-East:

“The Washington Institute accesses the policy process from many angles: the written word, the spoken word, and personal contact. The Institute’s senior research staff includes experts on a wide array of political, military, security, and economic issues that cover every corner of the Middle East. They speak the region’s languages, have lived and worked there, and often hail from the region itself. We are proud of the long list of Institute “alumni” who have gone on to serve in virtually every arm of government that plays a role in Middle East policymaking including the National Security Council, State Department, Pentagon, and intelligence community.

Every business day, Institute scholars and associates are quoted in major American or international media, appear on the op-ed pages of elite newspapers, or are interviewed on network television and radio news programs. Interpreting the complexities of the Middle East for both general and elite audiences is one of our most important functions.

And Institute publications — from policy briefs to full-length monographs — are widely recognized as “must-reading” for officials, diplomats, and journalists in Washington and around the world. They provide “instant analysis” of breaking events as well as thoughtful, long-range assessments of trends in the shaping of future policy.

Through all of these avenues of access, the Institute seeks to inject dispassionate, research-driven analysis — supported by fact and expertise — into the making of U.S. Middle East policy…”

Our Mission

The mission of The Washington Institute is to advance a balanced and realistic understanding of American interests in the Middle East and to promote the policies that secure them.

The Washington Institute is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible…

Their (founders of WINEP) mission was simple yet powerful: to inject the power of ideas and the discipline of scholarship into the making of U.S. Middle East policy.”


Since AIPAC is so busy influencing the U.S. Congress; its main focus… WINEP is there to focus more on the Executive Branch and its many cabinets and government-owned corporations. Both groups obviously heavily influence the media. In fact, this webpage continues by describing its own publication, of which Patrick Clawson edits and speaks on behalf of here, as:

Middle East Quarterly, published since 1994 and edited by Efraim Karsh, it is the only scholarly journal on the Middle East consistent with mainstream American views. Delivering timely analysis, cutting-edge information, and sound policy initiatives, it serves as a valuable resource for policymakers and opinion-shapers.”

I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to see a definition for “opinion-shapers“, and whether they are shaping the opinions of the “policymakers”.

Howard Sachar, founder of Brandeis University’s Jacob Hiatt Institute in Jerusalem, editor-in-chief of the 39-volume The Rise of Israel: A documentary history, and member of the advisory council of the pro-Israel lobby, “J Street”, described Efraim Karsh as the “preeminent scholar-spokesman of the Revisionist Movement in Zionism.”

Daniel Pipes, founder of Middle East Forum, described Efraim Karsh as “the preeminent historian of the modern Middle East writing today.”

“Middle East Quarterly”, edited by Patrick Clawson (the speaker in the above video eluding to a false flag attack on Iran as a prelude to war), is a pro Israel journal published by the Middle East Forum.

The Forum is tax-exempt, and its address was care of  C/O “Abrahams Lowenstein” according to IRS filings and letters of organization into a 501 (c) (3) corporation.

The Middle East Forum is obviously dripping with Jewish blood – yet another tax-exempt Israeli lobby and think tank in charge of lobbying Jewish/American peace through war and conquest in the Arab Middle-East. In short, it’s an Orwellian nightmare of a power lobby.

Middle East Forum’s self-described purpose on its own “about” webpage explains:

Founded in 1990, the Middle East Forum ( has been an independent tax-exempt 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization based in Philadelphia since 1994.


The Middle East Forum promotes American interests in the Middle East and protects the Constitutional order from Middle Eastern threats.

The Forum sees the region — with its profusion of dictatorships, radical ideologies, existential conflicts, border disagreements, corruption, political violence, and weapons of mass destruction — as a major source of problems for the United States. Accordingly, it urges active measures to protect Americans and their allies.

“U.S. interests in the Middle East include fighting radical Islam; working for Palestinian acceptance of Israel; robustly asserting U.S. interests vis-à-vis Saudi Arabia; and developing strategies to deal with Iraq and contain Iran.”

“Domestically, the Forum combats lawful Islamism; protects the freedom of public speech of anti-Islamist authors, activists, and publishers; and works to improve Middle East studies in North America.”

(Note that it is quite illegal to publicly speak of holocaust denial or anti-Israel speech in many countries, and as close to home as Canada. Thus, protecting only anti-Islamic “speech” in America, which is not illegal in those same countries that outlaw anti-Jewish speech, should be a good indication that the United States is undeniably influenced by Jewish/Zionist interests exclusive of pro-Islamic points of view – especially with the above listed influence of this “Forum” over policy and opinion-makers.)


The Middle East Forum realizes its goals through three main mechanisms:

  1. Intellectual: The Forum provides context, insights, and policy recommendations through the Middle East Quarterly, staff writings, public lectures, radio and television appearances, and conference calls (see below for details).
  2. Operational: The Forum exerts an active influence through its projects, including Campus Watch, Islamist Watch, Legal Project, and Washington Project (see below for details).
  3. Philanthropic: The Forum annually distributes US$2 million in earmarked donations through its Education Fund, helping researchers, writers, investigators, and activists around the world.



Need I go on…?

The collective inaction and denial of the American people as to the control, lobbying wealth, and binding influence of the Jewish, Israeli, and Zionist power structure must come to an end. This is not the people’s war, but a clandestine ancient struggle of a once nomadic, usurious parasite of a people to rule over their own declared greater Israel, and about whom the bible tells:

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.” –Revelation 2:9

This “synagogue of satan” inhabits our government, our media, and our country as duel-citizens of this nation and of the false one they themselves created over Palestine and its people. This is Henry Ford’s “International Jew” – citizens of all states. It’s influence knows no bounds, and its control feels little resistance.

And so I end this with my own humble apology to the people of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of the other over 50 countries victimized and bombed by our Zionist, facist government, and most of all to Iran – the final prize of this International Synagogue of Satan. I give you my sincere condolences and share your disgust with my own people, who idly and without empathy allow this to happen with the American peoples consent – a consent gained by lies and manipulation; manufactured acquiescence to a many century-old grudge match and desire to rule the collective world-wide goy.

I’m sorry, for we the people in America have no excuses except for our blatant ignorance and lack of empathy for your millions of dead children, women, and men. And perhaps our greatest obstacle – hope that things will get better, while believing that hope is a substitute for action – is our downfall.

And so to our future false flag attack on you, be it a political suprise in October or a prelude to illegal occupation in later months, I can only say that I am personally sorry, and that if anything, I tried.


–Clint Richardson (
–Thursday, September 27th, 2012

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  1. Terry Moore

     /  September 27, 2012

    Beautiful. Thank you for this heartfelt article. At 57, I have no children. But weep for the world’s children/cannon fodder. You would be a “Light unto the world ” President of our county. But as you know Satan has other plans. And He is sifting the front lines of our outspoken warriors. Accept my meager $100 for your ongoing work. I’m sitting here in the coffee shop’s parking lot because I cannot afford internet at home. So everyone out there. We need to support our front line warriors. Please Donate .


    • Thank you very much!

      It continuously amazes me that those with little give a lot, and those with a lot give nothing. If you need it back in the future, just say the word.



    • Eric

       /  October 13, 2012

      Yes, Clint, I very much like what your research shows and the way you present the information you discover. We might have met one time at a 2010 ‘Truth Tellers Conference’ in Salt Lake City. I also want to send $100 for your bravery in journalism and such.



      • Ah yes, the conference with no support – my first throw-down into trying to organize an un-organizable movement. At least I tried, and I hope you came away with something good. If I knew then what I know now, a few of those speakers would have been canned! Live and learn…

        By the way, the filming of that conference was sabotaged, and I don’t have the footage. If anyone out there did film it (and I know someone did) I would like a copy.

        Thanks Eric,



  2. mel

     /  September 27, 2012

    that was fabulous…thank you.


  3. Marika

     /  September 27, 2012

    As always interesting reporting Clint.
    I find it interesting that I just finished writing a comment on a local forum regarding “morning after pill” giving to girls without parent’s consent and how it is tied to UN’s World Health Organization policy making. Through the back door (NGO and tax exempt foundations/organizations) UN and it’s specialized agencies (UNESCO, UNICEF, WHO etc) dictates our Congress (and other country’s governments) who eventually rubber stamps it and it becomes “our” policy/law.
    I was ostracized on forum site and eventually stopped posting there because of glorified ignorance of individuals that were attacking me. You can’t fix stupid.
    I sent you an e-mail with the information. Feel free to elaborate/write on it on your blog.


  4. five words

     /  September 27, 2012

    Glad to see Peewee Clawson is getting more face time, this benny yahoo butt kissing parasite deserves everything coming his way, I have read that they already disappeared his bio from the winep site. Marika is right too, it does not matter if you use a framing hammer or a ten pound sledge hammer, You Can’t Ever Fix Stupid! As long as Americans keep funding these parasites, they will keep bleeding this nation dry.

    Happy Trails, . . .


  5. Could you please explain to me how to SINGLE SPACE my blogs. They come out DOUBLE SPACE and take up way too much space.
    Thank you in advance.


    • Assuming this is not a spam, there are two options.

      Quick fix – hold shift when hitting return.

      Long fix – learn html and erase the code that instructs double-space.

      But I’m not too good at it myself, anyone else?


    • five words

       /  September 29, 2012

      Hi Joan,
      You definitely need some help. Contact me if you wish to have some assistance. I believe Clint will vouch for me. Thanks for choosing WordPress.

      Happy Trails, . . .


  6. Marika

     /  September 29, 2012

    In my humble opinion Mr. Clawson’s body language is very irritating and disturbing. Constant looking right and left (as if for confirmation of what he is saying), arrogant (I don’t give a hoot what you think) manner and “sure as hell” attitude. You can learn a lot from peoples body language.


    • five words

       /  October 6, 2012

      “You can learn a lot from peoples body language.”
      Yeah, … and the odor emanating from the stage, as well as the color of his nose.

      Happy Paranoid Parasite Starving Trails, . . .
      Posted: Hitler’s War – What the Historians Neglect to Mention


  7. I’ve got to spend more time on your blog. Too, I’ve got to spend more time on my own. It is a sad shame that we entered two world wars and a number of lesser wars to shed American blood and money killing someone else’s enemies. The WW’s were promoted by the Anglophiles here for Mutha England and our recent wars by the Zionists for Israel. Then again, England and Israel seem so inextricably intertwined I can’t tell which is the dog and which is the tail and who is wagging whom.

    Here’s my post that’s related to this.


  8. Mark

     /  March 27, 2013

    The Jewish Neoconservatives Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz were some of the leading agitators for the 2003 Iraq war. This war installed an Iranian backed theocratic regime in Iraq.

    During the Iran Conra affair Israel shipped weapons to Iran. All of this sabre rattling is pure political theater.


  9. Reblogged this on onesoul88 and commented:
    What´s the REAL deal with US-involvement in the mid-East°?!


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