Child Abuse Sponsored By Government

There are many subjects that I have come across in my now decade of researching, but none are more disturbing and mentally debilitating as the severely under-reported reality of child ritual abuse, trafficking, rape, and murder.

I am ashamed to say that I stay away from this subject for this very reason, for I am cursed with what I call hyper-empathy.

I feel…

Though I do not get my hopes up that this will be the breakthrough coverage that will turn the tide and wake up the masses to what is happening within the government, its investment held corporations, and its protecting court system that never hears these cases without dismissal, I do hope it creates some momentum within even the most ardent truth-seekers.

When I talk to people and they ask me why I care so much about so much that I don’t see with my own eyes or feel with my own feelers, I can only try to enunciate my hyper-sensitivity to what is the reality of the society we live in, and its darkest, deepest bowels that go unnoticed while most people work two jobs just to survive.

My question to them is, How can you live comfortably knowing that this is happening?

And I fear the unspoken answer…

In a world where we do not stand up for others, where child ritual abuse and rape are more prevalent than anyone not in the know can imagine, I am happy to present this mainstream news interview (from Canada) that will likely not be replayed in the United States – the true hotbed for child porn, rape, and abuse.

Dare I hope that the people will rise up against this organized crime outfit called government, if only to protect the children for which government pretends to protect while doing the unthinkable?

This syndicated interview is the tip of a very large iceberg…


–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, November 25, 2012

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  1. Bart

     /  November 25, 2012

    And I thought adults are more sexually appealing; either the children like it or they got baited into it. Something’s not right about this escalation of pornography addiction; some people can’t even feel comfortable viewing some of these pictures at all. Yet, this is it? What’s next unborn penis; really!


  2. eye know the power of the state in kidnapping and programing


  3. Clint,
    This may be an adventagous time to find this video and spread the word.

    The outcry in UK over Jimmy Saville and subsequently more coming out of others is timely. The hush-hush is still trying to be done, so the more said and visible, the better.

    Canada video is hypocritical. Point their fingers at the US, which for one minute I’m not standing up for, but Canada has not been very open and willing to cover their own scandal of Indigenous Peoples Pedophilia and Murder for over 100 years.

    The minute she said Grassley was opening it up I was suspicious, not because I know anything of him, but I smelled the “if we can contain” it possibility. That seems to be the modus opporendi of these folks. :((

    This has been a problem for decades in the US going back to early Hollywood through the Franklin Credit Union scandal, and now we know that the US is responsible for 1/2 of probably not only the traffic but much deeper.

    Did you catch the the slip of the tongue on behalf of the newsperson?
    “just passing it on”… unbelievable.


  4. As many of us know, and have been reporting.

    I began reporting on this, and would like to mention that even John DeCamp later wrote that he’d missed it — all that rape, torture, murder of children (i.e., the Franklin Coverup is about a Credit Union Scandal — $40 million went missing) was actually “about” the money laundering.

    EIGHT PEOPLE (I believe was the count). John DeCamp was desperately trying to keep alive Rusty Nelson, the photographer who was on board for Larry King to keep the photographic record — for the purpose of blackmailing! The plane that was blown out of the sky (a man and his son were, in other words, murdered as part of the coverup) had many of those photographs.

    HOW I LEARNED ABOUT IT: Some parents, myself included (and I’m female, so that spells “mother” in case it’s unclear) have been fighting the transfer of our children to known perps through the courts, and then being faced to pay them through child support. I know women put homeless through this, and have been struggling to avoid it. I also had my children overnight transferred illegally, never resolved in the court system, and then LATER learned about federal incentives to the states (welfare “deform” 1996), and still LATER learned about CAFRs.

    Some things make a permanent activist out of a person.

    I wish I didn’t know about this Franklin Thing (and a lot more; the “fall from innocence” is complete, and we’d better help others around us wake up and grow up pretty fast; this also includes getting over the obsession with using kids for anything (including sex, or as part of a religious ritual), PERIOD.

    A woman from Nebraska asked me for help, including looking up her judge.
    Her judge was one of the ones mentioned in this whole deal.

    Comment a page on the blog (
    , and back to work for me. Senator Grassley I believe is a stalwart supporter of some of the welfare diversions above, and in the name of marriage and fatherhood:

    “This is why I have to go for the ColdHardFacts version — because there is a reality called “vicarious trauma” and because society just cannot face the actual character of WHO it has allowed to run this place (i.e., I think I have a very good case for — a bunch of what you and I would call criminals: liars, thieves, kidnappers, extortionists, gangsters, and in short, the bottom of the lot at the top of the heap. Hypocrites, they’d betray their mother, their wife (make that plural) and sell their kids and grandkids into slavery; some of them have committed crimes that subject them to blackmail and some HAVE literally done this. So the outcast, marginalized, institutionalized, and dissociative (through too much abuse), drugged, etc. — is an expanding population. They can’t be just “offed” — they have to be managed, and religion and the mental health profession help with this. But before being entirely sidelined, or taken “off the grid” — like kids lost in the foster care system (Florida, 2000s for example), or single black mothers targeted to have their children stolen so they can be Risperdal’ed (Detroit, 2011), and so forth — they can be used to profit from, which (my other blog rather shows) — is what welfare reform of 1996 was REALLY about.

    That, and setting up some slush funds.”

    This blog, here, shows that government itself is on welfare from taxpayers. Therefore I don’t take kindly to hypocritical lectures from legislators about marriage, family and fatherhood from an act passed by a womanizing President (Clinton) in response to the “moral majority” types of the time, religious prejudices and all.


  5. Asking forgiveness in advance for the length of this post; it hits a personal nerve. There is at least one group in northern California area where the head of the nonprofit is known to have been a survivor of ritual abuse (by her grandfather) as a young person. She deals a lot in groups that target survivors of trauma and other forms of abuse, including domestic violence, and has a following.

    We have gone head to head many times (both individually, and me with many of the followers) about this particular group’s habit of picking up other better funded nonprofits with their own agenda, and telling all the traumatized parents to “tell their story” to strangers, appealing to the emotional angle. Yet they utterly refused to report on the slush funds involved until enough bloggers (i’m definitely one, though not the first) pushed the envelope and got the word out about the federal incentives embedded in welfare reform to “churn” custody cases.

    What I’m saying is there’s no evidence, that I can tell, this same woman, now an adult, is not still being controlled by the same, to get people involved in the legal system to blow their cases by blurting everything out to strangers. They are derailing the conversation from the money trail, and offer empathy and a warm shoulder — not real help. Last I heard, I think the person leading the smaller group was also working in government, these are people that KNOW better but refuse to lead with this very relevant information. I have been to a conference or so, but it’s obvious they are marketing services & products like everyone else in the “advocacy” group profession. Trying to reason with someone involved in this support work (now further organized as “Safe Child Coalition” or something similar) is like talking to a member of a cult. Plain talk “does not compute.” I value my sanity and don’t usually engage, but I DO continue to warn people.

    REGARDING my understanding of Sen. Grassley: he’s been promoting the same dirty business for a long time…

    2003 Senator Grassley sponsoring more reauthorization of welfare reform, and endorsing Domnici/Bayh (Indiana)/Santorum (Pennsylvania) bill to promote responsible fatherhood:

    “WASHINGTON — Legislation from Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Committee on Finance, to update and improve the nation’s welfare program today won committee approval. The chairman’s proposal makes improvements over current law.

    “This bill strengthens work, gives states more flexibility and promotes marriage and family,” Grassley said. “It builds on earlier goals to help people out of poverty and into rewarding activities. I hope the full Senate will take up this bill as soon as possible.”

    Congress has to re-authorize the 1996 law this session. Grassley’s proposal builds on the success of the 1996 law and improves it with policy changes that strengthen work, improve state flexibility, and promote marriage and family.

    . . .a summary of Grassley’s bill, the Personal Responsibility and Individual Development for Everyone Act (PRIDE). . . ” (love them acronyms…..) highlights include:

    “Promotes Marriage and Family

    “Provides $100 million a year in matching grants for marriage promotion and $100 million a year for research, demonstration and technical assistance primarily related to marriage.***

    Adopts the Domenici/Bayh/Santorum bill to promote responsible fatherhood”

    Talk like ” The 1996 welfare reform bill ended the individual entitlement to assistance” sells well, and covers up the fact that the entitlement simply moved to the contractors for the technical assistance grants, many of who (when you look) can’t or won’t even file their tax returns, or stay incorporated in their own states.

    ***the research, demo, and TA (Technical Assistance) are where money is being diverted to, and some of the top recipients get audited, caught in fraud, and simply go back to the “mother ship” for more assignments.

    Rick Santorum, who wanted to be president, was known for associations with Opus Dei (See which is a cult. It’s been sued for forced slavery (in France), found recruiting converts in Boston, and is not a nice organization!

    “Activities that could be supported by these funds include: education in high schools on relationship skills and budgeting; marriage skills and relationship skills programs which may include: parenting skills, financial management, conflict resolution and job and career advancement, as well as divorce reduction programs that teach relationship skills. It is important to note that the mark includes provisions which make it clear that participation in these programs is strictly voluntary and there must be coordination with domestic violence specialists”.

    DV specialists are part of the racket! They can’t bite the hand that feeds them; those that don’t pipe the same tune are defunded, and outgunned by the federally funded, statewide coalitions. Everything is pushed towards centralization at the state level….

    Welfare Reform was first sold as poverty reduction. Once in place, reauthorizations shifted away from that to marriage promotion because it’s simply (allegedly) better for kids. This source quotes Grassley at length ca. 2004, and summarizes the program’s shift. I don’t believe it was every really about poverty reduction — it was about centralization of control at higher (federal) levels, fees for friends, and setting up slush funds. It also wasn’t about reducing child abuse – that line of reasoning is BS….

    from page 20, therein, this is admitted. Selling it as poverty reduction was just a foot in the door. I say this being aware that Mr. Burien has had custody issues and is a father, but I think those issues relate more to his exposing governmental financial fraud; and as we can see, the programs are selective into WHICH types of fathers they will support. It’s really more about “fees for friends” and systems change than anything else…. (search for Grassley to find the testimony).
    “Many agencies that have received TANF funding since 2006 through Healthy Marriage Demonstration Grants and Responsible Fatherhood Demonstration Grants do not have a history or mission of serving low-income individuals or families, and provide marriage enhancement services to clients regardless of economic status or need. In fact, the overview of the grants announcement in May 2006 makes clear that the grants themselves were not targeted exclusively to low-income clients in spite of being funded through TANF”

    As you said in the blog on Social Security Trust Fund surplus for 2011 — the government spends money on whatever it sees fit, including giving it to people who can’t account for it, privatizing government overall, and raising hell with competent single parents who actually try to protect their OWN offspring from abuse. It’s my understanding Walter is in this category. If we want this to stop, just keep on trucking with exposing the finances.

    If Grassley is promoting these things (and he is) from his position of influence, then he is part of the problem regardless of indigenous peoples in Canada. See also post (on this blog) on religion vs. politics. this goes for ALL religions, including mainstream and megachurch evangelical Christianity as we know it now.

    Sorry for my rant here, Clint, but this is a topic I’m familiar with. I had daughters, and the family line they were dedicated to the care of (after they hit puberty) had documented (incarceration-causing): incest, violence, diagnosed mental illness and suicide (of my ex’s father). They were in the care of a woman picked up at a church Senator Grassley would’ve no doubt approved of; and no church EVER in its function helped me do anything about violence in the home; the converse.

    I have three blogs exposing these matters. We keep expecting someone else to handle the ugly face of human nature and clean up its messes.

    Right now I’m working on a few posts pulling together the timing of Catherine Austin Fitts commentary on the S&L fiasco and HUD (which she says were related) and (I have seen HUD/HHS connections also) into the push for welfare reform (mid 1990s) and continual reauthorizations. It really is all just business as usual from USA, Inc. and all its lesser critters. Starts with a “b” followed by “sss.”


  6. I believe that children got a right to be protected, and be as safe as possible.


    • Charlene, I just read thru some of your blog, incl the first post:

      “How can I just get them people off of my back and get them out of my hair? I want to get my life back and I want to get my personal freedom back, my family and I really do need some help. Is there anyone out there willing and is able to help us, please?
      I don’t understand why she is so full of hatred against me and against my children who never did nothing to her. ”

      You and I are about the same age. I didn’t go through the child abuse, but did experience schools (most of them) as being bullied, and also family of origin treated me as weird, different, and currently, scapegoat. this has gone on for me, another generation: my kids were innocent of provoking any of their aunts, uncles. All I know is when families are dysfunctional, they pick a scapegoat; it’s either blame someone who can’t fight back (is slightly different — it could be anything, and is usually something innate to the person, which hurts even more; as it’s just YOU they hate).

      Two books that come to mind which might help you (anything to not feel or be alone), “It’s Not Your Fault” (Patricia Romano, talks about how it requires attuned relationships — even if just one — for your brain to heal itself from trauma). This book did help me, it’s pretty easy and a basic read. Another one (I DNK if this would help or not, it might) is to read about others who went through similar things — and got out, or got beyond them: A Boy Called It (ages 4-12) and “The Lost Boy.” Foster care and school helped him out (WARNING: even this link is disturbing to average viewer):'It'-1.pdf).

      I don’t know you, but I do know that (as an adult) writing helped me, and connecting with decent people helped. I also experienced (and am, as we speak — the situation won’t seem to resolve) family stalking of my sources of income, and even friends, such that it becomes hazardous to my own acquaintances or supporters to even stand by my side. After several of them wrote letters for the court (supportive) or even showed up in court to testify for me, these people were resented and targeted; I would reach out and help, and find that reach smacked down. Particularly aggressive when this relates to independent finances, a dual standard of accountability (they get to stalk, but I don’t even get my own paperwork). I would consider the legal system, but haven’t found it helpful, and there is an attorney (hostile) in this family line; they are essentially terrorists. My friends had to live their own lives and move one, and the terrorism from the family simply outlived (wore out) the support systems.

      I developed ways of making friends they don’t know about (supportive), but miss being able to sustain good long-term relationships because of all this abuse. Very bad things have been done to at least one of my kids, and like the Pelzer kids, it’s either go with the program (become an abuser and sell out your own flesh and blood) or become a target. I understand this as jealousy and greed; in our case, the schools didn’t do squat to protect my kids, and withheld documentation that would’ve helped me retain custody when they were stolen. ALL of this usually centers around basic greed and another thing, jealousy. Some people are absolutely evil inside, and good ISN’T going to come out of them without a change of heart. Most of the legal system won’t usually confront, because (like Clint’s blog here says), its simply a corporation, and about profits — its own. That’s what government is about.

      I actually have faith in God still (somehow), not religion, and a sense of self-worth, there is more in me than anger and resentment for past wrongs, and some of the best part of me is functioning as a parent, which a sibling had a real hard time with (she’d done the abortion thing — I think of convenience — previously). I hope you get help, and find a way out of your situation, and am sorry for all the stuff.

      I am not going to function as a counselor, or in this point, friend, all I’m saying (and in public here) is don’t give up. Also, if there are meds involved (if you are on meds) get informed on them. Educate yourself, empower yourself with information outside your own experience, see what comes of it. Never give up. I also recommend praying, ask God for help, but that’s just me. Anyone who reads my blogs know I don’t attend church and don’t appreciate their behaviors, but that doesn’t apply to personal spirituality, which is a private matter, not an institution.

      What made you start writing on 10/10/2012? How’d you find this blog?


  7. Karen Rogers

     /  November 26, 2012

    I am utterly sick. . . how do I get involved in helping save our children!


    • I’m afraid I only have one answer…

      Stop supporting the system that supports this. Stop paying taxes. Stop voting. Stop lending legitimacy to the organized crime syndicate called government.

      This is the only answer I have, because even with this knowledge, the people will not get violent with these psychopaths that rape, abuse, and murder children.

      We are hopelessly lost if we wont give our own lives to protect even the most innocent of beings.



  8. RE:

    Stop supporting the system that supports this. Stop paying taxes. Stop voting. Stop lending legitimacy to the organized crime syndicate called government.

    Yes. Also stop believing there is a quick Rx and understand that the psychopaths are running the place. One of the commenters on this blog has a good way of putting it (see “the great bell curve” on 3 kinds of people, and the George Carlin video on “Why American Education Sucks.”

    We have to RE-educate ourselves, a real change of attitude, understanding, and thinking; find a way to get this to sink home to others, and how to set a personal example that people who know you (flesh and blood) can see and follow. What about birth certificates, drivers license; what about when that IRS comes after you, etc.

    How does a person survive without contributing and without being viewed as something between a Branch Davidian?

    See Jurisdiction (strawman) material. Stop producing birth certificates for newborns… I finally figured out one reason the feds are putting so much emphasis on getting paternity testing for all newborns and pushing “marriage.” A marriage license (Clint has shown this too, right?) is doing commerce with USA, Inc. At that point, any “issue” is yours.

    I just posted “the Long and Winding Rhodes” (how scholarships to bright Americans to study at Oxford, paid by Cecil Rhodes (diamond, etc.) fortunes are simply part of the long-term plan to restore GLOBAL (economic, political, racial, everything…) domination of the British empire.

    Put this together with some of the leadership at Harvard, Princeton, Columbia (etc.) and the obsession with tracking royal and nobility lineage (sample):, plus plundering the US and sticking taxpayers with the liabilities (as has been done with other countries); overall, we are dealing with some serious sociopaths.

    The people in the middle need to understand who we are dealing with and that the policies are a product of that mindset — and understand that if we don’t sacrifice some sense of peace and safety now, or some leisure time, it’s only going to get (exponentially) much worse — for almost everyone — at an accelerating pace. There is no more time for stupid, or without some kind of action plan to survive without feeding the apparatus.

    I really think the CAFRs (publicizing) are a good place to start; Walter Burien is talking about TRFs, but that also requires getting cooperation within a local community, enough informed people in a position to insist on this. Is anyone following this, and his and related blogs, working towards that?

    C.A. Fitts said she’d been told that the decision had been made to let the USA go under (and we can see what was done to her when she tried to help restore local information and control to depressed communities — she and her firm was targeted and destroyed. I notice the next firm was set up outside the USA.

    The way I see it — the crooks in control set their rules and keep them when it’s convenient, make sure decision-making and wealth are in private hands, and have set up systems of disciplining dissidents; they also make it profitable for others to invest in those systems (aka prisons: see Corrections Corporation of America).

    What they want is wealth, control (of everything) and voluntary submissions of an ignorant populace. Dig in somewhere and take pieces away from them, then replicate yourself (fast!). The human spirit is amazing and resourceful when it’s (1) motivated and (2) has a clear vision and some hope of putting it into (at least individual, personal) action. ….

    Just FYI, I spent a generation actually raising two children, and I know my values and practices were decent; they MUST’ve been good because certain people set their heart on getting those kids from me; there being no legal way, it was simply done illegally, contact was eliminated and an attempt to completely change their values (indoctrination) was a lot easier when they had zero contact with their mother. One of them resisted more than the other; she has been treated like dirt by those involved; the other one has been taught to treat me like dirt. Bystanders feel so uncomfortable with “conflict” they are always coaching others in these situations to compromise. However, every time you compromise, or fail to resist a sociopath, you will regret it later. As unpleasant as it is (if you’re nominally ethical and have a functional conscience) I think it’s important to know how certain minds work, and what kind of programs they set up, then just act accordingly.

    Anyhow, I really do appreciate this blog, thanks again for keeping up the writing!


    • I look forward to reading your post on the long winding Rhodes!

      Unfortunately, Walter Burien is a lone hero, who’s health is declining, alone in the desert, with little to no support. I am about the only one hitting the CAFR thing hard, mostly because it takes years to “get it” and be able to read the damn things.



  9. The Long and Winding Rhodes (to restoring and expanding the British empire) (a long and winding post as well; but shows pretty clearly what kind of sociopaths we are dealing with, and how they operate; extent of influence).

    Have two other earlier posts from another blog (From Transvaal to Tavistock; and something on Sir John Templeton) on the Rhodes thing once I learned that Pres. Bill Clinton was one, and instrumental in using hegelian principles (?) (“triangulation”) to pass 1996 welfare reform. Which I have become to understand as yet another “change agent” and simply mechanism for setting up more slush funds for the elite.

    I’ve been hitting the CAFRs pretty hard for about a half year now, in other forums, what network I have left, and started a blog to post them.

    We need personal and social support in these times; unfortunately the same characters that set these systems up are expert at displacing large populations and cutting the supply lines. What I understand personally of how abusive people obtain control of individuals, and handle them (cf. cults, gangs) also applies to governments.

    I hope you can keep writing; if you have any of your insight and talent left over to figure out how people can survive physically/financially if they actually are able to detach from their Strawman, whether or not this is possible within the USA, etc. — I’m all ears. I have had a work life destroyed through some of these fights, and some sociopaths in control of my inheritance. And no legal system that we can demand some kind of justice or prosecution from. What would you do in such a situation? It’s really a matter of nerves of steel, smarts, racing the clock, and persistence. Plus some chance.

    I don’t know how much effort to put into attempting to wake people up. I think we were all raised desensitized to the centralization of wealth and being told what to do. Bush, Jr. didn’t help much this century either, did he! (9/11; exec. order promoting faith-based grants for cronies from the wider public’s pocket).


  10. gayst

     /  February 1, 2013

    I’m a little late to the game here, but I want to comment anyway. I am writing a novel about this very subject. It’s long and sprawling and about a group of children, a network of abused children, who are taking an aggressive approach to the problem. It incorporates sexual abuse and sociopathy on a generational level from the individual family to society as a whole to the halls of great power (Ha!) and culminates in a showdown where everybody is exposed, in what the stand for, what they believe in and what they’re willing to do about it.

    I was raised by psychopaths who sprang from many generations of abuse and this is my way of not only taking back my personal power, but maybe, just maybe, putting this subject matter out there in a way that (dare I say it?) entertains people, making them want to read it and in the process absorbing the message.

    This is the best idea I can come up with to fight these monsters.

    Who knows if it’s at all possible to get something like this published in any kind of traditional way. I still understand very little about ways to self-publish and, of course, have been indoctrinated to believe there is something belittling in that method of getting “read”. But this won’t stop me. I’ll get over it. Any ideas anyone wants to give me, I’d appreciate.

    To you poor parents who are fighting for your children, take the words of the wise commenter above and NEVER GIVE UP. It would have meant the world to me as a child if I had known someone was fighting for me, even if I didn’t show appreciation, and I know in my heart your children will bless you forever for that gift.

    There is a great book I read for anyone who wants to understand the mind of a pedophile (and other sexual predators) by Anna Salter, PHD entitled “PREDATORS ; Pedophiles, Rapists and Other Sexual Offenders – Who they are, How they operate and How we can protect ourselves and our children.” She has spent her life as a doctor studying the offenders rather than the victims, believing if offenders can be stopped, there will be fewer victims. Makes sense, no?

    Thank you so much, Mr. Reality, for giving all of us your mind-blowing thoughts, time, energy and the space for us to respond.


    • As I am thinking of writing a book myself, you should not be afraid to self-publish. LuLu is one sight that was recommended to me, and the price is as low as $2500. Who says you have to publish with some corporate monster, when you can do it yourself? writing, music, or anything?

      Anyway, I’m sorry that you were a victim of a profoundly sick society, of which the measure of health in that society is to be well adjusted to it. Good luck on the novel.




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