Lethal Injection To Be Shown In New York City

I will be abandoning the creature comforts of my warm insulated basement, phone line, and digital Skype connection to do the unthinkable – public speaking. No confrontations with corrupt politicians, no guerrilla journalism… just me and my irrational fear of public scrutiny and failure.

But the message is too important for fear’s familiar and reassuring repression…

I’ll be in New York City this Sunday to speak and then screen my “Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination” movie, starting at 4pm. If you live in or have friends in or near NYC, or can post this on local NY/NJ activist sites like We Are Change, please do so.

This is a free event. RSVP is requested to the bellow host, but not required.

The website/info for the event is here: http://www.facebook.com/events/455618077807048/

The location in Tribeca is:

Epifaneo Collective
56 walker st, New York, New York

The success of this event will reflect the success of future events by this venue, which has generously offered this space for this activism.

New York and all people in this country are in need of vaccine awareness and exemption/withdrawal of consent now more than ever, as the Federal Government now believes that its powers overrule the decision of States and district courts – which means it can, will, and has already vaccinated you and your children without your permission. Consent is implied, because nobody knows how to legally withdraw consent.

“…as it stands, this decision states that the Federal Government can trump any State Law during what it considers a “public health emergency” and then inoculate or give pharmaceuticals to children as young as kindergarten age, with no consent from the parents, all in the name of ‘public health safety’.”

LINK ->http://healthimpactnews.com/2012/new-york-appeals-court-federal-government-can-vaccinate-your-children-without-your-consent-trumps-state-laws/

LINK ->http://www.activistpost.com/2012/12/court-rules-feds-can-vaccinate-kids.html

Thanks for your help in promoting this event.

I’m certainly no celebrity, so come hang out!

Pass it on!!!

And if you’re one of the approximately 7.058 billion people out there who haven’t yet seen Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination, don’t worry, it’s free and always will be!

And you can purchase a not-for-profit copy, here: http://onedollardvdproject.com/

Note: No proceeds from the sale of this DVD goes to me, and this site has my permission to copy and offer it non-profit.


–Clint Richardson (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Thursday, December 13, 2012

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  1. Reigne

     /  December 14, 2012

    I’m gonna try to attend ❤


  2. You’ve heard of Rx; Ever heard of PGx?

    I started another longish comment, but decided instead to make that a post and simply provide some more links I think people interested in Lethal Injection would also be interested in. If I get the comment into post form, it’ll likely be one one of my two basic blogs, (familycourtmatters or EconomicBrain, both wordpress).

    I found about this clinic looking up the word “Pharmacogenomics,” a word I even know about because I was looking in general at some federal contracting at Fedmine.com (a good sight to check out for a grasp of “scope of operations” of the US government; it gives DAILY totals of contracts, by all kinds of sort and select groupings.

    The Marshfield Clinic is associated with Univ. of Wisconsin Madison. It was set up originally back in 1916, but its recent activities are for sure worth keeping an eye on (i.e.mapping human genome, etc.).

    “Realizing the Potential of Pharmacogenomics: Opportunities and Challenges” (May 2008, by a Society we should also know about: talk about “government by private consult”….). This is a report to the Secretary of HHS by one of its chartered commissions the
    “Secretary’s Advisory Committee on Genetics, Health, and Society” (SACGHS)

    Click to access sacghs_pgx_report.pdf

    Also, I recently reviewed some of the material on whistleblower lawsuits against PennMAP, TMAP (using an “algorithm” to decide that it’s better to use expensive and dangerous “Atypical Antipsychotics,”) and more.

    This Detroit Mother faced down a SWAT team and tanks for refusing to medicate her special needs daughter. This happened after she took her daughter — who had been recenty vaccinated as part of enrolling in a more traditional school system, had adverse reactions, was treated as a behavioral (not a medical) issue, and somehow put on Risperdal. When an MD recommended taking the girl OFF Risperdal, the mother did, resulting in an aggressive social worker calling out the SWAT team — because it was just, I guess, ASSUMED that surely a single black woman would obey orders and cough up her kid for drugging — despite no valid warrant.

    The community and the Detroit Free Press? backed her, but it was still a rough and long fight. People should understand this is classic behavior — just different in how hard the mother resisted.
    This case started back in 2009 and is a classic; it was also well-investigated and reported. It shows how the system is set up to discourage resistance, is extremely dishonest, targets populations AND neighborhoods they consider more vulnerable, and in short, what it does.

    We have to get a leash on this economic issues in order to fight back. There is no question that force begins with obtaining consent, with the more honest party giving the other one “the benefit of the doubt,” and then quickly turns to extortion, which was the original purpose. I saw this in an abusive marriage first (you go along for the first stages of shock), and how the first area to be shut down is usually economic, or transportation. By the time you figure it out (which is often pretty quick, believe it or not) resistance or exit has gotten seriously hard. Particularly when children are involved, and one’s own work life was disrupted. THE KEY IS IN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOW WE, VERSUS HOW “THEY” {those pushing things like lethal injections, or accumulation of centralized wealth, etc.} SUPPORT OURSELVES.

    Back later with a link to a post on this. I am very distressed that I can’t just donate to Clint or to Walter, but the people most likely to believe these thing are often those most affected by it, and often we are affected economically, or with someone we know involved, or our neighborhoods. But the people we probably most need to reach are the middle-level, middle-class communities (and professionals) who are funding it, and while worried, have done reasonably well by the whole economic system, and still in their hearts believe that those at the bottom are “the natural order” of things, as was their so far self-sufficient, but a little worried, status in life.

    In case I didn’t say that, thanks for blogging and your work. Be aware that takeovers are planned in private, and by the time their results are public, it’s in the next stage of operations. I am always going to recommend cutting the economic supply lines; and if this can’t be done by waking up enough masses to simply boycott parts of the system (and still not starve to death or go homeless, etc.), then what are the options?

    The power comes with the action on the knowledge as well as disseminating the knowledge. A few suggestions:

    When it comes to parents, how about a serious second look about enrolling your kid in the local “School District” for vaccination and other behavioral modification screening, testing, etc. Then, how about that local religious group at the end of every block? Or how about working on no tax exemption for religious groups, especially ones that choose to serve as fronts for federal policies that lead to chaos and other forms of covering up systematic abuse? Approach atheists about it, and point out their own religious belief that the government is actually some sort of counter-balance to religion, which it certainly isn’t… and rarely has been. Confront their myths somehow!

    And for the courageous and smart, either “killing your strawman” or
    like W. Burien says (1/12/2012 post) insisting by LAW that local government profits (including all sources) be limited to x% per year (see “Are You Ready for Real Change” post). It’s about money — either we boycott doing commerce with extortionist government — which requires having some other way to survive, obviously — and/or say, OK, we’re onto this, now give it back, and you can keep enough to operate on, but not that much more.

    Just remember how long ago compulsory public education started, and who was behind the idea to start with. Challenging it is tantamount to saying “the earth is round” to a majority population that believes it’s flat.


  3. This is wonderful news, Clint. I don’t see you as having any fears going into this venue and have every confidence in an amazingly successful presentation.

    While we’re too far away to attend, we will push this out to Facebook, Twitter, etc. and feel sure there will be a very positive response. Please know we’re with you in Spirit!

    Best Regards,

    GaryL and GGsBoo


  4. Doin’ a good job Clint – a very good job!



  5. Clint, you gotta fix the video so that if one accidently clicks somewhere else after watching 45 min (or whatever) of it, he doesn’t have to start all over again – that is he could move to approximately where one could remember he was.



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