Tomorrow We May Or May Not Transcend

My bet is on the “may not” option…

Will it be the end of the world as we know it, or even the end of the way we know the world?

My bet is that nothing will change.

Will it be the day that everything aligns in perfect harmony, lifting the veil from the ingrained and purposefully indoctrinated stupidity of the common Earthling that took so long to incrementally induce by those in high places?


Will tomorrow be a cataclysmic chain of events that tilts the Earth on its axis and floods all but the chosen lands that only a select few researchers have found to be safe, and who will share that info for a small but significant fee?

I seriously don’t think so.

Will tomorrow come and go without even a whimper, unless government decides to utilize this day for one of its nefarious schemes?

Probably so…

Will the shock jocks and alternative radio hosts find something new and less ominous but more possible as their new focus on why you should support their cause by purchasing their survival products, patriot seeds and guns? A new date sometime in the distant but near future, perhaps?

Of course they will.

In the spirit of failed predictions and apocalyptic dates that were supposed to yield some extraordinary event in the evolution of human consciousness and Earth changes, here are a two of the worst contributors to this historically ludicrous, fallacious, and fear-based trend of scare-and-reap prophets: Religion and Alex Jones…

And here is a list of so many failed end-time (rapture) predictions for hopeful idiots and fairy tale enthusiasts:



Now, I can’t make you stop focusing on everything but the facts, and I can’t force you to stop listening to the half-truth “war for your mind” trademark of the Alex Jones Machine corporation, but I can sure beg and plead with you to start doing so from tomorrow forward.

I can ask you to start withholding your donations to political campaigns on both political main parties and to those of the Ron Paul’s and to other frauds like Alex Jones – who rakes in millions from scared little patriots – and start really thinking about where your money would be best spent to help expose the true facts about what is really afflicting this world. Chances are, these facts are not on big budget news sites that sell you survival gear and storable food while attempting to scare you enough to buy it. As Walter Burien sits alone in the desert with little to no support for his personal sacrifices of life, liberty, health, and family to bring forward the CAFR information to the world, and as I sit here doubled over in pain at all of the wasted dollars that have been “money-bombed” onto Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and others in the controlled opposition movement, I can only hope that tomorrow brings some God-damn logic and reason into this idiocratic world of ours and so that you folks start waking up to the fact that waking up does not end or even begin with Ron Paul and Alex Jones – far from it, as you can see above…

I thought I might change the world, but my ability is severely curtailed by such men as these, who suck all of the attention of all the people who might otherwise think for themselves and support guys like myself and Mr. Burien before he dies in the desert and his dreams are only held together by guys like myself who can only call themselves novices compared to him.

Maybe tomorrow will end hope and people will actually stop believing in change and start creating it with their actions instead of just hoping for it. Hope is anti-action, just as belief is anti-fact.

Maybe… just maybe, December 21st, 2012 will collectively knock people off of their illogical, irrational, non-empathetic collective asses and create a split in their cognitive dissonance that kicks the ego’s butt and leaves only reason and good sense…

But I doubt it.

See ya in a few days… when the next multi-million dollar budget movies come out after the end of the world as we know it, when all of the authors and fake-researchers that have sold you on doomsday and transcendence are counting their Federal Reserve notes and buying new gas-guzzling cars and houses without a single apology or retraction of their scare-tactics or prophecies, when Mossad and the CIA are planning their next group of children or adults and their families – or tall buildings – to massacre and destroy, and when you are trying to forget that you actually fell for one of the greatest alternative news consumer events and sales pitches since the ideas of religion and Infowars was created.

Maybe 2013 will actually ground people enough to make them stop supporting alternative things that are so obviously just a part of the mainstream things and start helping each other and people like Walter Burien.

But probably not.

The great truth of the 2012 prophecy is that we are doomed to be as we are today, but incrementally worse.

From the great idiot slave colony Earth, I’ll see you on the other side!


–Clint Richardson (
–Thursday, December 20th, 2012

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  1. I continue to try to open direct communications with you. clint please write. so I can help….paul


  2. Lo! A voice in the wilderness and it isn’t me screaming to myself.

    If thou might forgiveth a Limbaughism:

    I Dittoeth Thee!


  3. Steven

     /  December 22, 2012

    Jan Irvin’s work on the 21st Dec 2012/New Age meme has been most illuminating. Jan has painstakingly documented how this nonsense stems from the boys in the Century Club. This meme was promulgated over the years by their friends in the media and other CIA assets, most notably, as recently revealed in the denial of Jan’s FOIA requests, Terrence McKenna.

    Yesterday in the UK, I noted the smugness that several mainstream newspapers revelled in, deriding those who believed in the various doomsday prophecies. I thought to myself, “What great psyop this whole 2012 meme as been.”

    Behold! My alien contacts from the planet Anbromida have told me that I can tell everyone that the end of the world is actually December 28th 2016, Planet Y will pass the Earth, comet Helenian will strike, the Sun will align with the centre of the galaxy causing it to expand, there will be floods, the Earth’s axis will tilt and there will be a global shift in consciousness. Expect to hear me on the various alternative internet radio outlets and see me at various conferences, charging £75 per head entrance fee, over the coming years. Although don’t expect to hear much from me from November 2016 onwards.

    Clint, thanks for all your work in 2012, long may it continue. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


    • Thanks Steven… Jan is an invaluable asset, I concur.

      Perhaps the biggest psyop was that the fact that many people weren’t just scared of it, they were praying and hoping for it. Instead of creating and causing change in consciousness, people actually wanted destruction and astral energies to do it for them.

      I guess all that’s left is the people who foam at the mouth with anticipation at the prospect of the zombie apocolypse.

      Good luck in the new age…



  4. Eric

     /  December 23, 2012

    Right on Clint. Thank you for that AJ video, I never would have seen it otherwise.

    Famous last words of a fear Monger; ‘Be afraid, be very afraid! There’s nothing you can DO!’

    Friends don’t let friends listen to fear mongers.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. Dang, this blog is addictive! Why do I care about saying things on it, except possibly people who see HOW BIG that lie is (about economics) might just also have some other great ideas as well.

    I know from on-line group settings that most of America (at a minimum) has been primed to accept so many logical contradictions from their leaders (and respond to each new “divide and conquer” designation with, predictably, hating the other side and wasting their energies attacking the “antagonist” and not thinking enough about who’s writing the scripts — or the fact that they’re actually on a stage…

    “start really thinking about where your money would be best spent to help expose the true facts about what is really afflicting this world.”

    You said, “afflicting” which implies a malady, something sick. If it had been “attacking” that would’ve been an enemy. If it had been “corrupting” that would’ve been “evil” or an evil spirit.
    (“Metaphors We Live By,” right?)

    “The concepts that govern our thought are not just matters of the intellect. They also govern our everyday functioning, down to the most mundane details. Our concepts structure what we perceive, how we get around in the world, and how we relate to other people. Our conceptual system thus plays a central role in defining our everyday realities. If we are right in suggesting that our conceptual system is largely metaphorical, then the way we thinks what we experience, and what we do every day is very much a matter of metaphor.

    “But our conceptual system is not something we are normally aware of. in most of the little things we do every day, we simply think and act more or less automatically along certain lines. Just what these lines are is by no means obvious. One way to find out is by looking at language. Since communication is based on the same conceptual system that we use in thinking and acting, language is an important source of evidence for what that system is like”
    Remember “The Tower of Babel” account? A united language is a united world = a problem, given who’d be in charge. First, someone would have to be strong enough to “control communications” (that’s a WAR metaphor, right?).

    So we look at what unifies people around: confusion, stupidity, or gets them primed for war. “A Diamond is Forever” (making the rock in scarce supply, for profit) is a great example. How were the Americans (target population for diamond sales) (This man also filed FOIAs with the Dept of Justice in Washington, as well as visiting locations, interviewing, etc.)

    So in looking at the control of LANGUAGE (and how ideas are disseminated) you also have to look at: Money & Force & Subterfuge — selling myths, creating national (now, global) religions, plus systems of force to kill off, discredit, (drug or incarcerate) the dissidents.

    The court system is working for gov’t to sell Pharmaceuticals (AND PCx, Pharmacogenomics) — therefore there is no real “Evil” there is only “sick.” (Come closer, let us medicate you…)….

    So, re:
    “start really thinking about where your money would be best spent to help expose the true facts about what is really afflicting this world.”

    The financial rewards system rewards the silent/compliant and the evil (in my opinion) leadership who even WANT to rule the planet… So the people who give a damn are often already OUT of the system, and being less than affluent. This is a matter of time, and how to organize alternate ways of survival. Believe me, if I had $1.00 extra, it’d be going right out to Walter. But I don’t – literally — I have right now, time, so I blog the stuff, talk about it, etc. To EVERYONE I know (hey, formerly evangelical, know how!).

    By looking at HOW things were done, once the comprehensive operating system was set in place, and identifying people willing to change it (i.e., motivated enough or committed enough to quit sucking sustenance from the Big Mama government//spit out that economic tapeworm eating up what should be nourishing us).

    People now respond to shock effects — not much else. Have been desensitized to the process of comprehensive reasoning outside their favorite belief sets, whether “new age” or “polytheistic monotheism” (traditional Christianity), or Bush-family “The Family” power-based religion.

    If there is no valid, alternate unifying belief — why would people sacrifice time and money to it? I run across people every day who believe that what we need is more (not less) mental health programs, and more (not less) money for public school education, which is a caste system from the start, an American apartheid.

    “New Year’s Resolution” = short comments.


    • Dear Honest,

      There are three lies circulating the internet that have infected the planet for generations: – There are more of Us than there are of Them. – The people need to wake up. – We need to educate people.

      – We are outnumbered a million to one. – Huskies have their minds/brains physiologically, psychically, and emotionally gutted. It is a biological IMPOSSIBILITY to recover necrosed tissue. – Education never worked. Ask anyone who works at the community level on reducing Schsitosomiasis.

      Your post is a concise summation of Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars that I have always offered for free to anyone that wants it and even re-typeset it.

      Your views also highlight another set of conditions that need to be addressed or any opposition to the Quotient of Status will be equally useless:

      – Free Energy is the ONLY Freedom. – ‘Money’ has never existed. – If you want to get rid of something/institution you MUST have its replacement COMPLETELY READY to take over.


  6. And short, grammatically complete sentences. Sorry.
    ….(!!!) notice this is a *.gov site!
    “Better Vaccines
    Vaccines made of genetic material, either DNA or RNA, promise all the benefits of existing vaccines without all the risks.” By all means, let’s get more vaccines in 2013 than even in 2015.

    (Now, I think BOYCOTT.).


  7. (replying to Patrick Jordan comment, which replied to mine. I got that (indent into oblivion) pattern of the blog — threads get longer and skinnier.

    I had a LOT to say on vaccines / pharmacogenomics, on the previous comment, but deleted. No one wants to sound like a madwoman the day before Xrist-mess.

    Anyhow, Patrick good site (I’ll link), here’s the link (from your name, above) the “huskies” quote comes from:
    This is interesting (to me) in that despite all the severe stress etc. I’ve been through I’m still coming out healthier overall than people who have actually had consistent health insurance.

    Re: there’s a link to Lyme’s Disease; I have a friend (or, acquaintance) who probably will be on “Lawless America” film, and whose case of Lyme’s conflicted with Montana’s insistence that (see “tourism?”) there really is no such thing as Lyme’s Disease in OUR marvellous (economy based on the outdoors) state. Therefore she was imagining her (and her daughters’) illnesses, diagnosed with a mental illness “Munchhausen’s by Proxy” and there’s an arrest warrant out for her if she comes anywhere near the children. The woman is was also an RN; the situation is unbelievable.

    She also believes that there’s biological warfare and that many so-called “mental health” issues are related to some of the chemical (etc.) aggressions.

    Your reference to “Schistosomiasis, per CDC”:
    (“Schistosomiasis, also known as bilharzia, is a disease caused by parasitic worms. Although the worms that cause schistosomiasis are not found in the United States, more than 200 million people are infected worldwide. In terms of impact this disease is second only to malaria as the most devastating parasitic disease. Schistosomiasis is considered one of the Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs).
    The parasites that cause schistosomiasis live in certain types of freshwater snails. The infectious form of the parasite, known as cercariae, emerge from the snail, hence contaminating water.)”

    Comparing notes (anecdotal) with other [[mothers]] who have had their kids promptly and aggressively removed from the care, there appear to be keywords, someone knows (is tipped off) on the other side: If we do ANYTHING showing serious mental independence or creative problem-solving. Easy targets are: homeschooling, anything “alternate,” ESPECIALLY in the health area. Bottom line: They want your kids, if you won’t sign on the line and cooperate nicely, and are picking off stragglers, with force.

    Anyhow, interesting site you got there. Another reason I keep coming back to this one.


    • To return to the theme of Clint’s musical question: will things ever change/get better?

      You provided stats that show that the snail parasite is #2 to malaria in bodycount across the world. Don’t be fooled by the military division (they have a surgeon GENERAL) of the CDC with their nonsensical propaganda that schistosomiasis does not exist in the pristine Zombie-infested Land of King George Washington. Swimmer’s Itch is a schistosome. Turkey vultures fly all the way from South America to the Grain Ghetto in Illinois and all you have to do is swim in a pond that they crapped in to get any number of tropical disease infections. Until Gates invented his transgenic-scorpion-toxin-inside-mosquito-guts abominations there was no ‘interest’ in getting rid of malaria that kills as many people as american doctors (and soon to be Gates). The response to schistosomiasis is the ‘need’ for a ‘vaccine’. So, the overarching point being that education doesn’t work. We are in a hellish nightmare where Evil just builds on itself in creative ways and accelerates and as both of you point out, the masses at large are down with that because they participate.

      So, to the point of Clint’s observation: we must not participate in Madness.

      Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results every time is the functional definition of insanity. That would make the Paytriots, the Religious, and the Truth Movers (bowels?) all Insane in the Membrane.

      Education doesn’t work, no one WANTS to wake up because they CAN’T and we are outnumbered. This means that we must first accept those conditions, stop living in denial, and then formulate a plan that doesn’t involve: education, courtesy calls from room service, and mass action.

      The clues are in your post: Who is targeted? Women and mothers. Who do we need to support so that they can turn the tide on this insanity? Women and mothers.

      Who gave birth to and raised the monsters and demons we now face? Women and mothers. Last time I checked I couldn’t gestate anything other than a bean burrito.

      That is our paradigm shift, folks. That is the only way that I can see any kind of change happening. Clint’s posts are not ‘educational’ they are the sluicegates for channeling the bright minds of our age into a raging torrent that cannot be resisted.



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