I Speak: Vaccinations And The Law

I attended a meeting in New York City to talk about my movie “Lethal Injection”, and about the recent New York Supreme Court decision that allows the Federal Government to vaccinate children without obtaining written consent of the parents. The courts also upheld the power of the “Emergency Preparedness Act”  (PREP) to have authority over state laws, stating that government vaccination programs take precedent over state’s and parental rights.

Here’s the video:

And you may view the movie here:



Please read my article, “Do You Own Your Children?” here:


And my very important research on prions:




–Clint Richardson (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Thursday, January 10th, 2013

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  1. -MV-

     /  January 10, 2013

    Great video Clint. Mostly a recap of your other videos and articles, but like always, very informative, very easy to digest, and very important information!

    You touched on the legal tom-foolery of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I know you have shown how it is deceptive, in bits in pieces, scattered through your blog posts. I was wondering if, with your knowledge of the “legal” language, do you think you could do an article where you scan the entire Constitution and Bill of Rights with a fine toothed comb, and point out all of the “Trickery” and “Deceptions”?

    I was thinking you could do it like you did your Declaration of Independence. Where you post the full document and annotate directly under each passage, what the deceptions in each one are. I think if you did it in that kind of format, it would REALLY get the point across to the people. They view that document like a religious fanatic, yet don’t understand it at all, while thinking they do (which is unfortunately the case for most religious fanatics of most religions!). I think if they could see the Constitution and Bill of Rights laid out in that fashion it might finally get their attention, and hopefully, snap them out of their slumber/stupor!

    I know some of the deceptions hidden in that document, but have not nearly the comprehension of the legal framework and legal language that you do, nor the ability to communicate thought as easily and concisely as you, so could not do nearly as good a job! You’re really good at laying things out so that people can grasp and understand them!

    Thanks for sharing all your research Clint!


    • Thanks, but you are well spoken here as well. I used to doubt myself, until I figured out that I was supposed to – eventually you realize there isn’t anything you can’t do, it’s just the distribution cycle and advertisement syndicate that is blocked.

      I think you have a good idea here… one of those daunting tasks I have considered but shelved due to the time involved. But perhaps it is time to do this.

      It is such a shame that the Declaration and the con-stitution are so very different from each other. So much as to be completely foreign to one another. Imagine if the constitution actually did go by what the Declaration says…?

      Take care,



  2. -MV-

     /  January 11, 2013

    Thanks Clint. I suppose it’s not that I couldn’t do it. I probably could! But that I’m not yet versed in the legal framework or legal language. I would first need to dive into figuring that out and acquiring the knowledge of it before I would be able to write such an article. I’d also need to acquire a medium to publish/post that article to. I’ve not a clue how long that would take me. It’s something I definitely plan to do, but have not yet started. Whereas you appear to already have that knowledge set and a medium to post to.

    I thought about this a while, and feel that this is probably the most important thing that still needs to be exposed for what it truly is. This document seems to be the one thing that every American grasps at. It’s the one thing left in this country that they still believe in, and love fanatically and religiously. The Republicans/Right are massive whopping hypocrites, but they play lip service to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It’s literally embedded in their platform “talking points”. The Libertarians view the Constitution and Bill of Rights very fanatically and worship it religiously! The people who still participate in the system, do so almost exclusively because they worship the Constitution and believe that “All we have to do to save this country is return to the Constitution!” “Just return to the Constitution and all will be fine!”

    How wrong that line of thought is! It’s the “Trojan horse” that got us into this mess in the first place! If this document were finally exposed in it’s entirety, for what it really is, there would be no more room for delusions. There would be no more “We can fix this country just by returning to the Constitution!”. Once the people realize what this document really is, that the Constitution can not fix this situation, that it is what ALLOWED this situation, the peoples consent to and participation in the system would begin to fall apart a much more rapid pace. The belief in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is one of thee main, if not thee main fundamental belief that keeps the people almost wholly “illusioned” with the system. Smash that Illusion and they’re left grasping at straws for reasons to believe in the system!

    The people need to have this illusion smashed. They need to wake up, or there will come a day where it actually will be too late. If this system is allowed to govern us for too much longer, technology will eventually progress to the point where it actually will not be possible to revolt, neither peacefully or violently. The technology will one day come into existence that is capable of forcing us into eternal servitude. The only way to prevent that is for the people to rise up. Whether that be violently or peacefully is irrelevant. To take back control of their countries to prevent this type of technology from being developed. The notion that our current rulers would not and are not trying to develop such a technology to subjugate us with… Is laughable when you see what they are doing with vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, media propaganda (TV/Movies/Music), mandatory school indoctrination, the roll out of weaponized drones over our heads, and military adventurism around the globe that serves no purpose other than to install tin-pot subservient dictators and private central banking institutions world-wide!

    A depressingly bleak outlook, I know… But we have to be realistic, we have to wake up and face reality, and most of all, we need to find ways to do something about it!



    • My only advice… teaching is the best way to learn. So you just write. If it feels wrong or like perhaps you may be talking out your butt – chances are there’s more to learn. Trust that feeling, and source everything exhaustively.

      The real fun part is when you read what you wrote a year ago and realize how far you have come.

      And yeah… when Putin announced his “Zombie Gun” last year by 2020 I was pretty sure then that it was do or die time.



  3. marika

     /  January 11, 2013

    Clint, how would I go about to remove the “authority” of the state over my children and myslef. Can I just return the issued “birth certificate” and have the state to acknowledge the receip and accep the end of the contract requested by me. Well, lets say that state reads it but does not acknowledges it. How can I null ALL contracts. How would I null the “merriage license” without the divorce process? I wish there was a “how to” mannual for each/all situations of ones affairs.

    I have also seen a video of a man passing Canadian/USA border with “World Citin Passport” (obama has one too), isn’t it a future (UN) one world government passport you DO NOT want to have?


    • You must declare and demand. I am not the man to guide you in this regard, as I have no kids. However I do know of people who have gone that route. One did it with a simple letter sent to the treasury secretary, his governor, and a couple other offices that simply relinquished all bond and contract.

      I can refer you to him if you like. But I suggest learning a lot more before attempting anything, at least learning the legal language.



    • Alex

       /  January 13, 2013

      What you’re really speaking of is freedom from the Corporate U.S. – but you’ve entered into many contracts with this private corporation during your life, with the corporation as the controlling partner, and I don’t think there’s one grand gesture that will free you from all your contractual obligations as easily as that – you have to get free of them if you can, one contract at a time.

      The most direct way out of a contract is by honoring that contract, so you’d have to end your marriage – legally get divorced, then the contract is naturally ended. Renew your marriage privately, with private contracts signed by you and your husband, then celebrate with friends and family. The financial penalties they may try to impose won’t really matter much if you’re not really splitting up, the kids don’t miss one day with their dad, the child support just flows right back into the same household as it did before the ‘legal’ divorce, but now you’re free of the state.

      I don’t know if you can undo a birth registration. Register comes from regent if you go back far enough, if I remember correctly, and it means to give to the king. Everything you register becomes property of the king (state) who now has controlling interest in that item, property, child, etc… while you have the benefit of record keeping and protection. You can buy or sell those items, but pay taxes on them as do the buyers, while the state protects you if someone tries to steal those items from you. They let you keep your registered kids, because as they see it you’re basically investing in their property which reduces their expenses, but they can take them away if they feel like it through CPS. The proper way to record the birth of a child, after having them at home, is to generate such a record yourself and have it signed in front of a notary by witnesses present at the birth of the child. Since your kids are already registered, you’re probably out of luck – the best you can most likely do is move to a state that’s not too intrusive until they become adults.

      And since this post was about vaccinations, forced vaccinations are patently unlawful. The logical construct of law is that man derives his sovereign authority from God. Man then delegates some of that authority to government to carry on its functions, but government can never have more power than the men who gave it life. So if I can’t lawfully force another human being to be vaccinated, neither can the government. That’s why the Obama health care act was justified by the Supreme Court as a tax, because it’s unlawful for them to force their health care on you. No doubt there will be some contractual element where you will ‘volunteer’ to participate in it, most likely HR will pass have something for you to sign in connection with it, whether you work for a big corporation or a small town business, etc…

      I could go on and on about what I see as a remedy for severing each contract, but I’ve never heard of anyone just severing all contractual obligations in one fell swoop – I don’t think they want it to be that easy. Of course I could be all wrong, but that’s the conclusion I’ve reached at this point in time.

      ***If this is a double post please remove. My PC is acting up, unsure if my first post went through.


  4. jdfarrell45

     /  January 12, 2013

    for the woman asking in reference to her children, and not wanting the “mandatory” vaccinations, which is right, as they are poison meant to destroy minds/lives. one of the best places to learn how to do this is serfs-up.net. this is the site of roger sayles, and he has written a book that can be purchased from his site, and i recommend it highly, as i’m reading it right now. hope this helps, and may God bless!


  5. Steven

     /  January 15, 2013

    Great talk Clint. Thanks.




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