Unmasking The CAFR Scam In Every City, USA

As more and more cities, counties, districts, and states across America falsely declare their near- insolubility, bankruptcy warnings, fiscal deficits, and budgetary quandaries, I am left with the sinking feeling that “the people” just can’t wrap their heads around how to point out these misleading and downright fallacious claims made by their councils, mayors, and professional con-men in places of public trust.

And personally, I’m tired of watching…

So today I want to share with you a simple way to factually stand before your local or state political “leaders” and give indisputable proof that, when stating the “facts” about their own budget shortfalls, limited choices, and necessary raising of your hard-earned monies as taxation (revenue) to “balance the budget”, your own little criminal syndicate of elected mayors and council men and women are lying bold-faced to the entire citizenry through the act of subterfuge and omission.

This little factoid is uniform throughout the entirety of the financial structure of government, as reported in the audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and required by Federal and State laws. It is always reported in the same fashion and under the same heading as all other governments (municipal corporations). The figures are not disputable. The truth is unshakable. And yet the doublespeak will never end… For even as you present this one simple line item to the scoundrels themselves behind their raised and protective pedestals, they will still attempt to deny what is undeniable, be it in ignorance or in deceit; usually a mix of both.

So, here it is… a tool for all people to easily use:

Step 1:

First of all, you must find your city/county/district/or state CAFR, which can sometimes be challenging in and of itself.

A search on your favorite search engine of “Your City” “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report” “Year” will generally do the trick. You may need to add the state after the city, or you may need to go to your government’s website to find these CAFR’s. If they are not to be found online, then your government is required to hand over a hard-copy or digital copy to you upon request. It’s the law, folks!

Now that you have the CAFR in front of you, you are probably overwhelmed with all of the nonsensical figures, financial wizardry, and creative accounting that is presented in over 100 pages of a pure accounting nightmare.

But don’t worry, you can ignore all that. For our purposes, we are only concerned with one single page of this entire report. And this page is specifically listed in the index as  the “STATEMENT OF NET ASSETS“. This page is generally in the first 10-30 pages of the CAFR report, and will always be listed in the index.

For the purposes of this lesson, here is an example CAFR from the City of Pacifica, Ca.I found this with a search parameter of “Pacifica Comprehensive Annual Financial Report 2011”, and clicked on the 5th link down which took me to the finance department of the “City Of Pacifica” website.

LINK –> http://www.cityofpacifica.org/depts/finance/cafrs/default.asp

Click on the “2011”  link to open the CAFR .pdf, and go to the index.

Here you will see, as with all other CAFR reports, an entry for the “STATEMENT OF NET ASSETS“, listed under the FINANCIAL SECTION, and under “GOVERNMENT-WIDE FINANCIAL STATEMENTS”. This tells us to go to page 17 of this particular Comprehensive Annual Financial Report to find our “statement of net assets”.

That’s it! This is the hardest part of the whole process.

Now breathe… it’s all simple from here on in – and quite an eye-opener!!!

Step 2:

Now that we are on page 17 (or your own CAFR page listing the “STATEMENT OF NET ASSETS” graph), we see a page full of large figures.

Don’t worry… you don’t need to know these. They are irrelevant to our goal. Fortunately, we are only concerned with the three or four line items that prove the budget lie and omission of the CAFR facts.

What we see here is a statement of three financial columns.

1. “Assets”

2. “Liabilities”

3. (Total) Net Assets.

In basic accounting, we add up the “ASSETS” and then subtract the “LIABILITIES”, which gives us our balance called “NET ASSETS”.

But we must remember, there is nothing at all “basic” about government accounting. In fact, it is the most complicated structure of obfuscation I’ve ever encountered. Berny Madoff would even be proud…

Step 3:

Now that we are familiar with the layout of this graph, and since we already know that comprehending government accounting is like untangling a mile-long set of Christmas lights that have been kicked around by a kindergarten class that just drank 20 gallons of Coca-Cola, we can fortunately find the few line items we actually need quite easily here.

Now, under the ASSETS column, we see that TOTAL ASSETS  are listed as:


Governmental Activities: $103,806,744

Business-Type Activities: $57,517,150

Totals: $161,323,894


***Note: “Business-Type Activities” may also be listed as “Non-Governmental Activities” or similar language. This represents government acting in the capacity of a corporation offering a “service” to the people, but not as “taxpayers”. Instead, this is a business that earns money, and the taxpayers are instead “customers” of government. In this way, government wears two hats. Often, as in Utah with its self-proclaimed “Alcohol Monopoly” – were government controls and profits as the only legal seller of high content alcoholic beverages – or in the case of “State Lotteries” run solely by State Governments as a monopoly, the government is acting as any for-profit corporation might, and taxpayers voluntarily purchase this service and products from government as “customers”. Thus, these types of governmental activities are considered “non-governmental” or in Pacifica’s case “Business-type Activities”.  For our purposes, this is certainly important to understand but not necessary to our stated goal. It is simply a way to transfer money out of the taxpayer base and into the business-base of revenues, leaving the taxpayer budget short.

Under the Liabilities column, we see TOTAL LIABILITIES listed as:


Governmental Activities$45,403,706

Business-Type Activities: $37,792,153

Totals: $83,195,859


We will come back to these figures in a moment, as the big lie is within this LIABILITIES section.

Finally, our TOTAL NET ASSETS are listed as:


Governmental Activities$58,403,038

Business-Type Activities: $19,724,997

Totals: $78,128,035


Assets minus liabilities equals total assets. But we must now expose the fraud written into these so-called liabilities…

Step 4:

Now, since I have written extensively on what all of these facts and figures mean within the full report of the CAFR, we will not be reading between the lines today. Again, we need not understand the whole financial report to understand the crime of omission happening in every government across America (and the world for that matter). All we need to know is this one method of “creative accounting”, and with it we have more ammunition than we could possibly need to call foul on our elected holders of public trust. So for now, don’t worry about all this other red tape. If you want to learn more about all of this, you can scour my articles or watch my movies for explanations of this CAFR information. Again, we need not get sidetracked with anything but these few line items that prove massive fraud on a national level.

Listed here are the ways in which these “totals” are restricted, invested, and unrestricted. But again, this information is irrelevant to our goal, for it is based on the lie we are about to expose. Without the continuity of the big lie, these “restrictions” mean nothing.

In order to understand this lie, we must now go back to the LIABILITIES section.

Remember, we only need to read this one graph called “STATEMENT OF NET ASSETS”. Nothing else matters for our purposes of establishing basic fraud through omission and obfuscation. So for now, ignore the rest of the CAFR.

Under the LIABILITIES section, we see a line item titled “NONCURRENT LIABILITIES”.

In our Pacifica City Corporation CAFR, these are listed as follows:

Due Within One Year:

Governmental Activities$4,283,958

Business-Type Activities: $2,458,072

Totals: $6,742,030

Due In More Than One Year:

Governmental Activities$38,527,849

Business-Type Activities: $34,108,234

Totals: $72,636,083

And there it is… Perhaps you still don’t see it, and that’s OK. For most people have hope and faith that government has integrity and honesty even within its own required Federal and State accounting principals. Perhaps you have even heard your mayor, council members, and even your governor talk about their “intent” to do right by the people? But in reality, nothing could be farther from the truth. For intent means nothing until it is written down on a paper, signed, notarized, and filed as a legally binding contract. Only then can the true intent of politicians be guaranteed. And only then can the law be broken – for a broken promise of ones good intentions is not against the law!

So what just happened here that is so darn eye-opening, as I claim?

Glad you asked…

For it can easily slip past your cognition if you aren’t ultra aware of what you are reading. In this case, the City of Pacifica has just listed its current assets and compared those assets to its future liabilities.

Why is this significant?

Well, imagine if you were reporting your own assets and liabilities to the IRS after it informed you that it required this information for an audit. And let’s say you wanted to play a creative accounting trick on the IRS to hide your real current asset holdings. While this little trick would actually be illegal for you to do, in government it’s perfectly OK and legal, and even promoted in standards of practice. After all, government wont punish itself for its own lies – for the lie is the basic foundation of government accounting as recommended by itself!!!

So when Agent Smith comes a knocking at your door and asks you for your STATEMENT OF NET ASSETS, you give him your list that you made, which includes the same creative accounting methods used by government. On your list you itemize all of your assets, including your home, your car, your equipment, and any other property you might own. You then list your bank checking and savings accounts and any liquid investments you have in your investment portfolio, just like government does. And once you’ve listed everything you can possibly account for as one of your assets that you have right now at this very moment in time, you then begin to list your liabilities.

And here is where the creative part comes in – the act of obfuscation and trickery to fool IRS Agent Smith into believing that you have more liabilities that effect your asset balance than you actually do. Here’s how that works…

Firstly, you list depreciation of your property values if indeed the market or blue-book values have decreased over the last fiscal year. But this is another accounting trick we will ignore for now.

Second, you may account for assets that are “receivable” in the short term – say within one months time or so – in the form of payments, interest or capital gains, refunds due, rent due, etc. These short-term “future” assets can be considered “current” assets for the purposes of reporting total assets to government.

And finally you report your current liabilities that may affect your total stated list of assets. This may include “future” short-term loan payments, interest accrued within the next few weeks or in a fiscal month or quarter, capital losses, depreciation, and other forms of liabilities and/or write-offs.

At this point, you have now listed your CURRENT ASSETS and your CURRENT LIABILITIES to the best of your ability and integrity by law. And even though this figure includes some very short-term assets and liabilities, your report to the IRS is really an honest and to the best of your knowledge perfect representation of your CURRENT financial position. You have not omitted anything, and you have not purposefully attempted to hide your wealth from the IRS.

For this you get a gold star and a pat on the back for being such a good little debtor, filling governments bags with the proper amount of revenue in the form of taxation (extortion).

But government doesn’t do this, you see.

Because government is not reporting to the IRS as a taxpayer.

Government is the tax collector.

And government is a profitable business.

So how does government hide its wealth from the people?

The same way that you would hide your wealth from government… that is, if it was legal – like it is for government to hide its wealth from you.

If you were to follow the creative generally accepted financial accounting practices (GAAP) of government in your own financial accounting list, here is what you would have actually given to the IRS:

Step 1: Do exactly what you did as listed above, stating an honest and perfect representation of your CURRENT cash, property, and investment holdings, taking CURRENT liabilities away from that total.

Step 2 (Creative accounting): While reporting CURRENT ASSETS, hide the true value of today’s assets by subtracting your FUTURE LIABILITIES of tomorrow from your ASSET totals today.

That’s it! You’ve just hidden most or all of your current wealth and assets. You’ve successfully fooled the IRS into actually believing that despite your actual money, property, and investment totals that can be seen clearly listed on your report, you have somehow made that money, that property, and those investments magically disappear from your balance sheet and claim to not actually have that money, property, and investment capital in your accounts today!

Wait a minute!

Did we miss something?

How exactly did this happen?

Just how can I make my current assets magically disappear by listing my future liabilities?

The answer: Exactly like government does!

Here’s what you did…

Let’s say your home is worth $500,000 and your two cars are worth a combined total of $100,000. Not bad man! Your doing pretty good I’d say. Better than most now-a-days, right?

Oh, but wait a minute. We can’t forget that these little property assets called “capital assets” didn’t come for free. It turns out you are not so different than the majority of people out there, and you have bank loans which hold as collateral your “capital assets”. In other words, you’re up to your neck in DEBT!!!

Debt is a future liability.

And so with a total property value of $600,000 in current capital assets (the total current value of your home and cars as of today that you are reporting to the IRS), we see that unfortunately you also have a debt in the form of loan totals plus interest of about $400,000 that you must pay over the next 20 years. Suddenly wealth takes on a whole different meaning, and your debt is certainly a future liability – which means that the total asset value for your “property” as capital assets in the form of “equity” is only about $200,000 today when this debt is considered. Remember, this is the CURRENT ASSET VALUE for this day, which for your purposes is the end of your fiscal year as reported to the IRS.

For Pacifica, California, its fiscal year always ends by law on June 30 of every year. And this report was published for the dates spanning from July 1st, 2010 – to – June 30, 2011.

So you report that your assets are worth $600,000, and you report that your cash and investments are at $100,000 total.

In the end, when your future payments and interest are taken into consideration, you report the following to the IRS:

Property value: $600,000

Cash and investments: -$300,000


How can you report a loss and negative balance on current cash and investments of $300,000 if you have +$100,000 in the bank and in liquid investments?

This is how government financial reporting works, friends. All you’ve done is to create a false paradigm that utilizes the payments and interest payments of your future debt repayment amortization, including interest that hasn’t even been charged yet upon your balance principle in the future, and applied that negative liability to your current balance of assets.

But in order for this to work, you must not take into consideration your future income, investment returns, and other forms of revenue that will come into your total asset balances in the future. In other words, you report your future liabilities and ignore the future assets that will ultimately pay for those liabilities.

If you were really devious, you could then file bankruptcy and get those future debts eliminated from your record while retaining your current assets and equities.

Welcome to government creative CAFR and budget accounting!!!


Now, back to the City Of Pacifica Municipal Corporation CAFR…

Again, our liabilities are listed as:

Due Within One Year:

Governmental Activities$4,283,958

Business-Type Activities: $2,458,072

Totals: $6,742,030

Due In More Than One Year:

Governmental Activities$38,527,849

Business-Type Activities: $34,108,234

Totals: $72,636,083

To be fair, we will treat the listed liabilities that are “due within one year” as a legitimate line item, and to cover any type of short-term future assets that this government corporation might have actually reported.

And so, we have a total left over in the “due in more than one year” category of $72,636,083.

When we look at the line items in the “Assets” section, we see no reporting mechanism for the declaration of future assets due in more than one year”. The “long-term pre-paid pension asset” is an investment into the pension system, and not a future asset in the form of revenue. Thus, we have no hint or clue of a reporting on how much this City will collect in future revenue or what will be collected via taxation or business income, which would obviously be what pays for the future debt liability payments that are reported here.

In other words, the City corporation just used FUTURE liabilities to hide its CURRENT assets.

If the fact that future assets to be collected as revenue were reported in this graph, the $72,636,083 that is reported as a liability effecting the current asset balance would be cancelled out into a zero balance. All future liabilities would be accounted for with all future assets.

But this is not the case.

If this true accounting were to be stated here in the Statement of Net Assets, then the Total Net Assets would change from this:

Governmental Activities$58,403,038

Business-Type Activities: $19,724,997

Totals: $78,128,035

To this:

Governmental Activities$58,403,038 + $38,527,849

Business-Type Activities: $19,724,997 + $34,108,234

Totals: $78,128,035 + $72,636,083

This gives the municipal corporation of Pacifica, California a sudden increase in its actual CURRENT ASSETS to a total of $150,764,116, almost double what it actually reports within its Statment of Net Assets.

And there you have it – creative accounting at its finest. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the financial scam being perpetrated over you in every city, district, county, and state, USA.

And this can be used by anyone to call out your council, mayor, and any other financial planners that try and bullshit you into believing that your government has no money. And this is only the tip of the iceberg…

Remember, this in no way represents the total gross wealth of your government, but only shows one single method amongst many methods to legally cover up the true financial situation of your government entity. This can also be applied to other balances listed in the CAFR, including the “Statements Fund Balances” and within Pension Fund CAFR schemes.


Finally, to test this instruction sheet for accuracy and to prove my claims herein, lets randomly select a few other CAFR’s from governments around the country…

I just sat for a moment and thought of what should be the only City in America that may be an exception to this rule, a government that actually may be in dyer financial trouble. And the name Detroit came to mind…

Here is a link to the City Of Detroit municipal corporation (incorporated 1806) CAFR for fiscal year 2011 on the Detroit City Government website:

LINK–> http://www.detroitmi.gov/Portals/0/docs/finance/CAFR/2011%20Detroit%20CAFR%20Final.pdf

Detroit lists its Statement of Net Assets on page 37 of this CAFR. And this City lists the following Net Assets:

Total Assets (and Deferred Outflows): $10,030,113,247

Total Liabilities: $10,059,121,604

Total Net Assets (Deficit): ($29,008,357)

So here the City of Detroit is reporting that after all CURRENT ASSETS and LIABILITIES are considered, the City is running a deficit of over $29 million dollars.

But what happens when we look closer at the liabilities section line items and apply the “creative accounting” lesson we just learned?

Amazing things, folks. Amazing things happen…

Listed as “LONG-TERM OBLIGATIONS” here, Detroit lists the following under its “TOTAL LIABILITIES” section:

Due Within One Year: $313,944,768

Due In More Than One Year: $8,366,493,713

It also lists certain liabilities in the form of toxic debt instruments as:

Derivative Instruments – Swap Liability: $612,067,105

Now, though we wont include this in our total, the fact that your government is even in the investment schemes of derivatives trading, including toxic mortgage backed securities, should be enough to storm the gates and handcuff your political leaders. But we’ll save that discussion for another time, even as your governments collectively invest in this type of securities crap!

So again, if we simply consider that the future liabilities (due in more than one year) of the City OF Detroit will be paid with future assets collected by City Of Detroit from its taxpayers and customers (totals include “Governmental” and “Business-Type Activities”), then the City government of Detroit actually has CURRENT assets which should be listed like this:

Total Current Assets (and Deferred Outflows): $10,030,113,247

Total Current Liabilities: $1,692,627,891

Total Current Net Assets: $8,337,485,356

So the City Of Detroit is covering up more than $8 billion dollars in CURRENT assets by its creative accounting of future assets due more than a year away that will be paid for by future assets that are creatively not reported in its own audited CAFR. If I was a resident of Detroit, I’d say it was time to hold certain lying councilmen and the mayor accountable to the people. And in gangland Detroit, the word accountable would and should be a very frightening thought to those crooked political figures in power over the trust of the people!

The lies know no end in government accounting standards and practices…


Ok, how about one of the largest Cities and Counties in the nation, Los Angeles.

By some accounts, L.A. is one of the largest 20 economies in the world. So let’s see what just the City proper and the separate County proper is holding within its CAFR as CURRENT Net Assets.

Here is the link to the 2011 City CAFR for City Of Los Angeles: http://controller.lacity.org/stellent/groups/ElectedOfficials/@CTR_Contributor/documents/Contributor_Web_Content/LACITYP_019904.pdf

And here is the link for County Of Los Angeles: http://file.lacounty.gov/lac/cms1_141548.pdf

Starting with the City, the Statement of Net Assets lists:

Total Assets: $48,314,850,000

Total Liabilities: $27,828,798,000

Total Net Assets: $20,486,052,000

But again, in the LIABILITIES section, is listed “NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES”:

Due In More Than One Year: $23,808,794,000

And so the actual CURRENT NET ASSETS total for Los Angeles City government is in fact $44,294,846,000.


And now the County of Los Angeles:

Total Asset: $26,447,190,000

Total Liabilities: $10,317,696,000

Total Net Assets: $16,129,494,000

But again, in the LIABILITIES section, is listed “NON_CURRENT LIABILITIES”:

Due In More Than One Year: $7,224,245,000

And so the actual CURRENT NET ASSETS total for Los Angeles County government is in fact $23,353,739,000.

And so in just these two governments within Los Angeles, we have quickly and easily uncovered over $31 billion in hidden assets. With this simple technique, you and your friends can show anyone out there how government is lying to the people through omission of accounting facts. This is organized crime, indeed…


Here is a random School District called Minnetonka, in Minnesota, showing this scam in even the smallest of districts and cities:

LINK–> http://www.minnetonka.k12.mn.us/administration/Budget/Documents/District_Audit.pdf

On page 33 is the Statement Of Net Assets:

Total Asset: $161,323,894

Total Liabilities: $83,195,859

Total Net Assets: $78,128,035

And when we realize that most of these liabilities are what are called “NON-CURRENT LIABILITIES” on this report, we see that of these listed liabilities:

$72,636,083 is listed as “Due In More Than One Year

This nearly doubles the actual CURRENT ASSETS to a total of $150,764,118.

Yet another example of the endless sea of lies and obfuscation that has for generations been pulled over the eyes of the public.


I hope that this information will be of use to your future endeavors in trying to understand the actual financial position of your local or state government. I’d say its time to get up and go to a council meeting near you. Any one will do… all you need is a few minutes to find and add up these figures, and you are good to go create a firestorm of citizen outrage that needs to be spread through the actions of people like you.

As a homework assignment, why not pull up your own City CAFR and amaze friends and family with your new magic trick. Before today, only the Federal Reserve could pull millions or billions of dollars out of its butt! And while your at it, please leave a comment below about what you have found. Include the amount in millions or billions hidden under future liabilities, and also the link to your CAFR so that others may enjoy. Please pass this on and let’s see how many we can post here. That would be great!!!

Be well, and stop playing the fool!!!


–Clint Richardson (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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  1. Good article Clint. Here is the simple boil down:

    Government was NOT supposed to operate at a profit. How did they get around this restriction? ANSWER: If for example a city had a 100-million dollar profit for the year from any of its operations, at a stroke of a pen they create a “liability fund” and poof, there goes the profit re-designated now as a liability.

    A personal example would be:

    If you and I ran a business for the last twenty years and we now had 1-billion dollars clear. We decide we are going to retire in five-years and want to buy an island in the Bahamas for 700-million dollars. So we create an advance liability fund, move 700-million dollars into it and now our “net” balance on our books is 300-million dollars. Now if with drafted a “Budget” for our business operations (projection of expenses for the upcoming year) of say 325-million dollars, that budget would show us to be 25-million dollars in the red. If we now actually spent 200-million for the upcoming year, gee, we now have 125-million we can move into our “buy an island liability fund in the Bahamas” zero out our profit, have the ability to buy a bigger island now with 825-million in our fund, and start the process all over again for next year.

    Now catch this point: On our accounting of the “buy an island fund’, our liability if we left the price at 700-million and the fund balance was 825-million, the “net” balance of the fund is now 125-million dollars. (700-million of the funds balance is a liability to pay). If we modified the liability to 825-million then our “net” fund balance is zero. 825 – 825 = 0

    One other tactic we could use as a mask of our true funds held would be to take the 825-million, deposit it with some financial institution domestic or international and arrange a loan or investment from that same financial institution of 825-million using our own capital through that financial institution to give the impression the 825-million was 100% a debt for repayment to whatever X financial institution we were using in that shell game of appearance. AGAIN why it is important to carefully look at the notes to the financial section of the CAFR.


    • PS: Up until 1999 the CAFR showed the “gross” standing balances of income and investment fund balances. Then with onset of disclosure by CAFR1 and the public now looking for the first time http://GASB.org (a 100% private association) who oversees the accounting guidelines of the CAFR, changes were made starting with transmittal letter-31 (up to 90 now) changing the showing in the CAFR from that of gross balances to a showing of “net” balances. Many games are played there so it is very important now to look through the “notes to the financial section” to spot or be directed to many of the specialty advance liability actual fund balances. Some are valid and other are tactics used to lock away massive funds for discretionary use later after quietly “re-designating” the use thereof.


  2. marika

     /  February 27, 2013

    Oh boy, just received your newsletter and briefly read it through. THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR! I was reading our local Vernon TWP School District (NJ) CAFR and grabbed my hair trying to make sense of it.
    I will print your article and go side by side, line by line to find out how much money is “leftover”. At the last Monday’s municipal meeting, there came a teacher who was flabbergasting at councilmen how dare they make suggestions for school board to have more conservative budget and cut where needed. “You are taking money away from children’s education!”

    I wanted to “shock” her by telling her to research school board’s CAFR, but I was not sure if I would be able to answer her properly if she asked me more about it. I didn’t want to burn the bridge for myself before I go to school board meeting with information I will find based on your step by step explanation.

    Now, I wouldn’t hide the fact that I would like for you to look at it and help me with it, not because I am lazy – I am not, but because I want to make 1000% sure that when I stand in front of the board, I will be able to disclose the whole truth, nothing but the truth so help me God. And record it at the same time.


  3. Robert Deatrick

     /  February 27, 2013

    Excellent commentary to put this CAFR business into a “condensed” treatment. I sat throught your looong videos and while I was not at all bored – fascinated and outraged is more like it – the average attention span of us contemporary monkeys is about equal to that 10 minute span of crap television content between commercials. Sooo, I think this was a great idea to grab the attention of a potentially larger audience. Now if we can just do something about it…but what? keyword search “nonviolent protests in the US” on youtube and you’ll see how our government does not tollerate dissention whatsoever (with exceptions that go nowhere but are implemented as intended misdirection to keep us divided and useless, such as, oh I won’t say it, you know who they are.)
    Keep endeavoring Clint. I salute your efforts. They aspire action in others (like Marika)…and me.


    • I feel you, here. My most fondest of memories are when I am confronting politicians in their own turf, and this is ironically where they are generally most confident and least guarded. I would love to see the council and city halls packed to the brib-standing room only with people just there to state for the record the simple fact that they know what’s going on with the hidden assets on the CAFR. That alone would be a huge step.

      The non-violent thing is a falacy, unfortunately, as non-violent oposition doesn’t happen anywhere in nature, except that is in brainwashable human nature…

      For such a vastly complicated subject as CAFR’s, I’m also pleased to have found one simple thing that people can look at.



  4. marika

     /  February 28, 2013

    Thank you for your input gentlemen! I think the best way to start addressing this issue with our serving officials is in increments.


  5. Hi Clint.

    I have been told you may be interested in Mathematically Perfected Economy .

    MPE is a singular integral solution for 3 categoric faults.

    1) Inflation & deflation.

    2) Systemic manipulation of the cost or value of money & property.

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    The solution is an obligatory schedule of payment retiring principal at the rate of consumption or depreciation of the related property & a total eradication of interest.

    I guess you could say I’m likewise looking at all this corruption, only my advocation is proving & demonstrating where it all begins, at the core obfuscation.

    My blog .

    Thank you.
    David Ardron


  6. Dayna

     /  February 28, 2013

    Wow! And this IS in Canada too. Apparently we call it “unmatured debt”. That’s all the money that is owning to bond holders, except that money isn’t due this year. It is a future liability. Holy friggin cow!! This is HUGE!! Can you confirm you see the same thing? http://www.fin.gc.ca/afr-rfa/2008/afr2008_1-eng.asp table 9 near the bottom.

    Thanks Clint! You are a genius!!


    • That’s exactly right, and I was going to include the Alberta CAFR to show this, but decided to keep it US.

      The US and Canada are on the same system, and Congress has stated that they are going to global financial reporting standards soon.

      Genius? LOL. Try pissed off and disgruntled!!!


      • Dayna d

         /  February 28, 2013

        You are genius to see the truth. This day in age that is a miracle!

        I’m actually happy. To see the truth right before my eyes is very empowering! Now I have something to back when I tell my friends, in real life and on line. I would love to do some number crunching and share with you what I find for Canada! Or maybe Alberta even. Im curious because it is a very “prosperous” province, and apparently pays a lot of money into “pool” to help less prosperous provinces (such as Quebec). Also interesting, I’ve just learned that alberta owns a bank. ATB Financial. Curious your thoughts on that? Anyways, you have just opened a whole new world for me Clint. I can’t thank you enough.


        • Dayna d

           /  February 28, 2013

          Ps I have emailed you a couple times over the last year. I’m just curious if you ever received them?


        • I’m glad, and hope that this becomes a hobby for lots of people!

          My email was hacked a couple months ago, and I have been locked out by Yahoo. Strangely, I’ve rather enjoyed the absence of it, and might even recommend as much detachment from social media as possible.

          I just opened a new email here: TemporaryInsanity4848@yahoo.com

          Yahoo again… glutton for punishment I guess.



          • Robert Deatrick

             /  March 1, 2013

            Yeah, I was locked out of AOL and every other day YouTube keeps bombing me with strong worded solicitations to change my profile name. It’s “downwithecrown”. Wonder why that bothers them? I don’t even have any “politically incorrect” vids uploaded. Whatever.


  7. I’m with you.


  8. Hi Clint & Walter. Who owns these city, council, state and federal corporations? Applying Walter’s example above of the fund to buy an island and applying it to one of our city, county, state or federal corporations, who are the owners of these corporate entities that are actually making off with the “island” and how do they extract this gain from the corporation without being detected?

    The state of Wisconsin’s CAFR are at http://www.doa.state.wi.us/category.asp?linkcatid=960&linkid=184&locid=167 and, in fiscal year ending June 30, 2012 we can see that Total Net Assets were reduced by the $14,110,753,000 of the “Noncurrent Portion” of Liabilities.


    • Excellent, my friend. Thanks for posting the real Wisconsin CAFR Asset totals. This is something every person in every town should be doing…

      The question of ownership is a common one, and one without an answer. Ownership of a corporation requires stock, of which government municipal corporations have none. As an exception, the Federal Reserve does have “stock”, but it is at a set price and is not an ownership but rather an investment requirement for member banks divided equally.

      The power of these “representative” comes from the people, who are willing to vote for them to represent the people. We give them the power to make and enforce legal codes, and through private association for which they have delegated that authority, these CAFR accounting methods are created and implemented uniformly through out the nation on a local level. (See GASB, GFOA, GAAP, etc.)

      You’ll be surprised to know that most of these laws (codes) within government accounting are not choices of your local politicians but requirements by Federal and mirrored State standards. This is why the scheme is so similar in all financial reporting. The local governments invest their revenues in the county, and the county invest in the State (commingled and other funds), and the State invests in the Federal funds, and the Federal funds (securities) go to invest in the global marketplace, building places like China and Mexico to what they are today.

      So there is no owner, but in actuality the whole thing is happening with the consent and power of the people. That’s why I am so prolific in trying to show the people just what it is that their ignorance and silence has created – a government that is for all intents and purposes an organized crime syndicate under cooperation nationally and internationally.

      It’s a hard answer to take, but the truth is that you, him, her, and me are all responsible for letting this continue year in and year out.



      • Beautifual as usual, Clint! “I have seen the enemy and he is us.” “If you want to make somebody angry, tell them a lie, if you really want to piss them off, tell them the truth.”


      • Thanks Clint. I’m chewing on your response… The governing entity, by continually presenting itself in dire financial straits, is able to justify tax increases and benefit reductions, which all lead to more profits for the “corporation”. These profits, through slight of hand accounting (commingled and other funds), are used to purchase investments at various rings in the government corporate structure, or the private corporate structure. These investments become assets that, repeating the cycle, are disguised via “non current portion” of the liabilities.

        It seems that at some point the “profits” of this system would be busting out at the seams and that someone/entity must be “taking” them to enjoy the fruits. Is this Organized Crime Syndicate solely dedicated to the NWO and thus the profits are not enjoyed in obvious external ways that would draw attention to the scheme? Instead, are they frugally put back into the system to purchase more political, financial and media power?


        • Consider it this way… The government will give “corporate bonds” as loans to the corporations it has stock investments in, so that corporation can expand its operations. Thus, taxpayers are funding corporate growth through low interest bonds paid back over many decades. It is not so much what you do with the profits, it is what you do with the balances while you have them. And this makes that money unusable for taxpayer purposes (very important to limit the spendability of revenue). This is the same reason banks put holds on your transactions (checks) even though the actual clearing is instantaneous. The bank puts all of those uncleared balances into an investment fund and invests the daily balance of billions of dollars, day in and day out. I’ve seen money being held for up to 25 days!!! So it’s what you do with that money in the mean time that you must concentrate on, not the “profit”. Government is making money from the money it holds, and then giving government no-bid contracts to corporations to build and develop. You see, the profits eventually go back into the corporate structure, which in turn benefits the corporate stock holdings of government (and others) in these corporations. It is a sick and self-ingratiating investment system that does not benefit the people in any way.

          In the end, it just requires you to release your pre-conceived notions about how the corporate and government structures operate – the notions that have been fed to you your whole life through media. Fascism is alive and well, and it requires democracy (representative totalitarianism on behalf of the people) to thrive.



          • Dayna d

             /  March 3, 2013

            I was just looking at the vaccine injury compensation trust fund financial statements, and it dawned on me this same thing! They collect 75 cents “tax” on every dose of vaccine sold, and put it into a trust for vaccine injury claims, but the invest that money all year and rarely pay out. I’m still trying to decipher the statement 100% or find more details. Maybe you can help? http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/tfmp/vaccomp/vaccomp.htm

            What I am confused about is the line item “cumulative results of operations” which by some odd change pretty much cancels out their “investments in US Treasury Securities”. Im trying to Find what those operations are , and what does that mean to have $3B in treasury securities?


            • This is not an annual report. And the “balance” sheet is designed to just that – balance out to zero all assets with bullshit.


            • Lot’s more info (notes to CAFR) here:


              Fund Balance with Treasury
              The Department maintains all cash accounts with the Treasury Department. The account, “Fund Balance with Treasury,” represents appropriated, revolving, trust and other funds available to pay current liabilities. The U.S. Treasury processes cash receipts and disbursements for HHS.

              Trust fund balances are investments (plus the accrued interest on investments) held by Treasury. Law requires that trust fund investments that are not necessary to meet current expenditures be invested in “interest-bearing obligations of the United States or in obligations guaranteed as to both principal and interest by the United States.”


            • Try the department of HHS CAFR:


              Utilize the “search” function and search for “vaccine”

              First thing that comes up: The Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, an earmarked Trust Fund similar to the HI and SMI Trust Funds, invests in Non-Marketable, Market-Based securities issued by the Bureau of Public Debt in the form of One Day Certificates and Market-Based Bills, Notes and Bonds.

              A contingent liability has been accrued in the financial statements for the estimated future payment value of injury claims outstanding as of September 30, 2012. (scary)


        • Profits are one thing, the power-base as those collective trillions are invested is another.

          Every investment fund large and small is a power-base. Who holds the funds, where invested domestic or internationally determines what company; real-estate venture; or product line succeeds or fails through the allocation investment of those funds.

          With a conservative 110 trillion dollars in value collectively held between local and federal government you can just imagine how much grease is on those skids for the players involved when it comes down to who gets what..

          On a note per profits on the same:

          When government focuses on an industry group or company for takeover, they collectively take over by investment, then the same government consortium can funnel taxpayer revenue into the same guaranteeing themselves hefty profits.

          Those trillion dollar bailouts in 2008/2009? People kept screaming why? Are they stupid throwing money out the window like that?

          No, they were just keeping their own investment portfolios in the black.

          Health care bill? What boondoggle are they creating now? This is costing us more and we are getting less, are they stupid or what?

          No, collective government owns the primary health care groups by investment and they are the #1 primary investors with the insurance groups. Through the structure of the health care bill passed they just guaranteed themselves massive profits this year and in future years by funneling in trillions of taxpayer revenue into the same.

          And you thought your government officials were stupid.

          TREASON: “Treason doth never prosper; what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.” Sir John Harrington, 1561-1612

          There is a very precise plan. It was drawn up years ago. Who sees the plan is the only issue.

          “The Plan” is not for public disclosure or comprehension.

          You see “The Plan” started in 1943.

          “The Plan” was to create a unified corporate world government whereby all would prosper (especially those calling the shots)

          The population and the resources were to be managed under one globalized corporation standard.

          The countries that were “independents” from around the globe were to be converted or in the alternative eliminated.

          Over the last 50 years conversion of the three largest, India, Russia, and China was accomplished.

          In the last ten years the hold-out independents were targeted starting with those that held the most valuable resources. Afghanistan (a weakened country) was taken first as a launching grounds to take Iraq. (a taking that resulted in the deaths of over three-million locals, a number of loss of life in perspective that can only be compared to a Hitler takeover of a comparatively sized country) The people’s reaction in the USA? Masterfully entertained into distraction and mesmerized complicity.

          Come 2011 the closing game of a ten year plan goes into full swing. CIA orchestrated collapses of “other” MID-Eastern countries to weaken and put into dis-ray so that when the final takeover game goes into effect (Iran) the possible support Iran may receive will have been neutered. First Tunisia, then Egypt, then Libya (not an easy go there due to lack of cooperation from the ruling party)

          Why commit military might when you first can trigger a mob mentality in the direction and for the cause you wanted to accomplish in the first place, the takeover of that country. Then if opposition sticks its head up, the word of the day becomes “You are helping the liberation forces” Hitler played out that one very effectively at the beginning of WWII with Belgian, Poland, and even France. (didn’t work too well in Russia though)

          Oh yes, there is a definite plan and the time-lines have played out step by step since September 11, 2001. Steps that were put with crystal precision on the drawing board.

          End result: One corporate global governance controlling the global population and world resources without any opposition from any independent players of consequence.

          Reality is based on the end result of the big picture in play. It has always been due to the massive wealth involved for conversion by spoon fed propaganda designed to accomplish conquest and conversion of resources.

          The general public that may have ethics and a strong will not agreeing to meet the terms of the end game plan of the controllers are thus masterfully entertained with distraction as the end game fulfills its destination unabated or in most part even without outside comment or cognitive thinking in general from the population for intervention.

          What must we all diligently do?

          Well, we all must focus on the big picture of the end game intended result of our corporate government controllers.

          You can not modify or change something unless you can clearly see it in the first place. With that in mind, that is exactly why we are all saturated and spoon fed massive distractions on a daily basis. It keeps us from focusing on or influencing the outcome of the fundamental reality taking place before us.

          The controllers win by selective presentation and intentional omission, and in their viewpoint they win by having absolute ownership and control “of it all”. And PS, that includes you and me also.

          It is very important to stop the car of nationalism we are all driving immediately, and clearly look to see where we are in the first place.

          Would also be a good idea for all of us to scrape that road kill off our own bumpers that by masterfully presented distraction we never noticed was there in the first place. It is building up a little to thick you know from not looking and learning..


          • Thanks Clint and Walter. I have a lot more study to do on this so I can do a better job informing others. I just started listening to Clint’s “A World Without Gray” series. Thanks for the interview with Burt… I’m definitely going to pick up some of his material from http://www.onlyfreemen.com.


  9. Great blog post, thanks for the helpful info.

    Another way to check on your city/school is to do an audit, but make sure you ask for a managerial audit and not a fiscal one.

    The managerial audit you can scope to check out certain aspects and get very critical about the info, whereas a fiscal audit basically adds up the figures from column one and makes sure they add up to the figures in column two.


    • It takes about 4-6 hours to go through a CAFR to read all the notes, etc.

      Make me an offer and I doubt I would refuse!



  10. Reblogged this on Kent's space.


  11. I don’t see how you can add future assets with current ones to come up with 150,000,000+ as a current asset for Pacifica. I don’t how you came up with the future asset numbers. Current and future assets should be in separate categories, not combined under the current category.

    I suppose you are saying that if future liabilities are included in the report, then future assets must be listed also. Or that you if you don’t list future liabilites, you don’t have to list future assets. That makes sense.


    • You got it. Just stop assigning any integrity to government, and know that every accounting and other practice is designed to fool the people. Then this all makes sense, no different than if you were doing the same to the IRS.


      • Dayna d

         /  March 13, 2013

        Except they would try to throw you in jail!!


        • i live in new zealand and all i can say is ==GOD BLESS ALL YOU ””””’THINKING””” PEOPLE OUT THERE== I SOMETIMES THINK ==THERE’S NOBODY AT HOME ANYMORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Judy O'Hare

     /  March 21, 2013

    I’m using your example of Detroit to compare to my county. I find the same figures for the assets but not finding the same figures for the liabilities that is in the above post……..Am I not seeing what I should see?


  13. I added a comment & am not finding it….so this is a test to see what happens when I post it.


  14. Hmmm…I see it now…….wasn’t there a minute ago…….I’ll just wait on an answer


  15. This is from the notes to the financial section……would this be what I’m looking for to explain the difference in accounting? I’m committed to reading this thing thru. I have learned enough to ask questions about the Business-Type Activity to see if they know what is happening with the funds.

    Basis of accounting determines when transactions are recorded in the financial records and reported on the financial statements. Government-wide financial statements are prepared using the accrual basis of accounting. Governmental funds use the modified accrual basis of accounting; the enterprise fund and fiduciary funds use the accrual basis of accounting. Differences in the accrual and modified accrual basis of accounting arise in the recognition of revenue, the recording of deferred revenue, and in the presentation of expenses versus expenditures

    This could be an amazing piece of information. Could possibly run for office wtih this kind of information to get inept people removed.


  16. Did they carry you away or shut you down?, I’m not finding any new posts on here.
    Forget all previous posts. I’ve reread this blog & watched the video again….WOW!! We’ve had an attempt here by the CC to raise sales tax. They passed it by an emergency vote & it was removed by a citizen initiative ballot vote. They tried to get the voters to pass it again, but it didn’t pass. The city put an income tax increase on the ballot at the same time & it passed. Am anxious to get the CAFR for the city. I don’t know about anything else, but I see the future liablilities & am not seeing the future assets. That’s all I need to know at this time. I’m going to ask one of the CC’s about this, just to see if he has a plausible answer. What fun this will be!


  17. I’m loving this……..I know I have one of the County Commissioner’s wondering what in the world I’m doing….I replied that I’m just doing some checking.


  18. I was sent another website on this topic that everybody might find interesting


  19. Donald

     /  July 26, 2013

    Long term liabilities section represents currently outstanding obligations that will mature (come due) in the future. The Government owes investors, employees and other debt holders those amounts today. They are not future debts. They are current debts that mature in the future. This is the same accounting treatment used by private enterprise, and the financial statements prepared by sole proprietors. Also, comparing this to personal federal tax returns is apples and oranges. The average taxpayer doesn’t prepare a balance sheet or statement of net assets for the IRS. IRS uses cash basis of accounting, and the financial statements referenced above use the accrual method. There is no hidden money. Rainy day funds are held for large natural disasters and other emergencies. Your desire to avoid paying property taxes doesn’t indicate a rainy day. A serious flood or the loss of a major employer in a community indicates a rainy day.


    • There is no such fund called the “rainy day fund”. If you are going to troll, at least try and be accurate.

      And so what you are telling me is that when the Detroit CAFR states clearly, and I quote, “DUE AFTER ONE YEAR – $9 BILLION DOLLARS”, you are stating with a straight face that this money is due today? That they are not “future debts”? A year+ in the future is not a “future debt”?

      Has all ration been stolen out of the population?


  20. King Calvin

     /  July 28, 2013

    What an interesting way to try to twist the facts… what you fail to acknowledge is that the promises of increased pensions and benefits for all will increase the liabilities at a faster pace than the tax base can be robbed. And as more and more law-abiding citizens leave Detroit, more and more taxes will be levied to cover current services and service the long term debt. The REALITY is that this model is not sustainable, and you know it.


    • Not sure how I disagreed with your assessment here. Its only flaw is that the tax-base that pays for pensions is statewide, not just in Detroit. Fact is no government is “sustainable” in any way in its current state. They are all for profit, hiding their gains in investment funds and pensions.

      I will say that eventually Detroit will be repopulated as a Phoenix rising from the Ashes – a model Agenda 21 City for America. This will be a while, but its coming.


  21. Jon LaRose

     /  August 23, 2013

    Hi Clint – Thank you for the article – Unmasking the CAFR Scam in Every City.

    I am attempting to use your 4 steps process so I can take the results to my neighbors, as the county I live in tells the property owners here that if they want the road fixed that the property owners will have to pay for it, because they say they don’t have the funds.

    The question I have is: With the Washtenaw County 2012 CAFR, there is listed four categories, not three as was used in your example with the city of Pacifica. The four categories are: 1) Governmental Activities; 2) Business-Type Activities; 3) Total; and 4) Component Units. I want to make a presentation to those property owners in the neighborhood where I live, but not knowing what this “Component” factor is, just kind of brings my proposal to a halt.

    Can you provide some clarification on what this means. Washtenaw County CAFR can be found at: http://www.ewashtenaw.org/government/departments/finance/cafr/2012-cafr
    I am looking at page 38 of this CAFR.

    I know you must be pretty busy, so I don’t expect you to get back with me right away. So whenever you have time, I would certainly appreciate it.
    Thank you in advance. Jon.


    • Hey Jon. I’m pleased to see someone utilizing this info. Good on ya!

      A component unit is simply a sub-corporation. Mountain Dew is a sub-corporation of Pepsico, just as the “Public Authority” is a subcorporation of the main government. In operation, they are just another way to separate tax-money from the general fund so as to restrict that money for other than taxpayer services. These are just other investments of government.

      You may read about your government’s Component Units starting on page 66. The CAFR explains:

      “Washtenaw County is a municipal corporation governed by an 11-member commission and administered by an appointed county administrator. The accompanying financial statements present the government and its component units, entities for which the government is considered to be financially accountable. Blended component units, although legally separate entities, are in substance, part of the government’s operations. Discretely presented component units are reported in a separate column in the government-wide financial statements to emphasize that they are legally separate from the government. The blended and discretely presented component units have December 31 year ends.”

      You may also be interested in the “Joint Ventures” and Jointly-governed Organizations” listed on page 98-100. These assets will likely be omitted or creatively disappeared as well.

      Let me know if you have other questions.


      • I forgot to mention, the component units are reported separately so as to hide the assets from the net assets presented to the public.


  22. Mike

     /  September 12, 2013

    How do we get access to this CAFR so we can get some of the money we lost back?


  23. Keith

     /  October 20, 2013

    This is ground breaking. I have been searching for an explanation of the CAFR for quite some time. Thanks


  24. Hello Clint, Russ Jensen here in Salt Lake City. So getting ready to continue to bring it to the State of Utah-Interesting times here indeed 🙂 Lots of positive things happening here. I am involved with the ONAC, Oklevueha Native American Church-President of a local branch and handling a few things for the main office.
    Funny how when the FACTS are brought forward, and direct conversations and statements calling em out, even if it means saying that the high level political officials have been and are engaged in an ongoing Criminal Conspiracy stated directly to the Chief Counsel for the Governors Office and some GUY from the FEDS. Well a few choice statements about CAFR funds, and other stuff, along with using the AUTHORITY of The Law of Nations, well Elected Officials just have a way of starting to DO THE RIGHT THING.
    Anyway i am posting a short message about a few of these things that have transpired recently, along with a little video I have made, along with quite a few others on the Law of Nations and a link to a site where i have all these and more. The CAFRs and the Law of Nations together are UNSTOPPABLE. We need to do this in order to prepare and try to find ways to adapt and survive Fukushima.
    Come over check out my info please and then let’s talk and catch up.
    I Remain As Always
    In Your Service
    Russ Jensen

    Dear Oklevueha Native American Church Family of Friends,
    It is with much pleasure and gratitude that I am able to report that the meetings and correspondence with State of Utah Governor Gary Hebert, Lt. Governor Spence J. Cox and/or John Pearce, the Governor’s legal counsel, have been extremely beneficial to Oklevueha Native American Church in receiving it’s constitutional rights in the state of Utah.
    Please review the following achievements that these meetings have accomplished:
    1) The State of Utah Governor Gary Hubert invited, James Mooney, Oklevueha Native American Church, by written invitation to attend the state of Utah Governors Christmas gathering held at the Governors Mansion, which was in it self a courageous gesture. In my mind, this was a gesture to correct 6 years of slanderous propaganda that was sponsored by the state of Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff.

    2) Governor Hubert has appointed a new state of Utah Attorney General in the name of Sean D. Reyes, who is committed to having the state of Utah Law Enforcement Agencies abide by all federal laws which includes honoring the ‘Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000’ Both of the previous state of Utah Attorney Generals, John Swallow and Mark Shurtleff are being Federally investigated, http://www.kutv.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_8945.shtml

    3) The state of Utah has dropped a number of indictments against ONAC members including ONAC of Clearfield independent branch, and its President, Robert Jonas.

    4) The destruction of the Pah Tempe Sacred Ceremonial Grounds, (Oklevueha Native American Church of the Paiute Nation President Gary Tom), has stopped and is now in litigation.

    5) The sacred waters in Ash Creek, (Oklevueha Native American Church of Tocqueville), President Kevin Towt, are flowing again.

    6) Oklevueha Native American Church Valley of the Ancients, (ancient sacred burial and ceremonial ground), President Willard Jake, are now holding Sacred Prayer Pipe, Sweat Lodges and Native American Church Peyote ceremonies regularly.

    7) The destruction of Temple of the God’s (another sacred ceremonial site known as Rock Canyon), (Oklevueha Native American Church of Temple View) has ceased.

    8) I have an appointment with Utah Department of Corrections, Executive Director Rollin Cook, February 7, 2014, at 9:00 AM, to discuss re-instituting the highly successful Oklevueha Native American Church Habilitation Programs, http://nativeamericanchurches.org/habilitation-program/ within the state of Utah Department of Corrections. These programs had a proven success rate in lowering recidivism.

    9) I have a phone call into Salvador Johnson, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) licensed Peyote distributor to discuss procedure in the regular acquisition of Peyote for Oklevueha Native American Church from the dwindling state of Texas Peyote Fields.

    Much has been accomplished within the last three months.

    I encourage all members of Oklevueha Native American Church, to daily remember the state of Utah Governor Gary Herbert, in prayer, that he will continue to be inspired in ways to continue, in an honorable manner, to reverse the outcomes of a few misguided people in the state of Utah.

    With Gratitude,

    James Warren “Flaming Eagle” Mooney,
    Co-Founder of Oklevueha Native American Church
    Indigenous Peoples Representative, Order of the Hospitaller of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem


  25. Hello again Clint. Just want to say thank you for your unwavering commitment to exposing the truth.
    We need some focus and a simple plan which I will be sharing in detail in a single location.
    I have already produced a number of videos my latest being making a Lawful Demand to the Gov of Utah, Gary Herbert.

    Please join me. I am building a forum where others can share their own lawful demands to their local officials


    More videos of mine at https://vimeo.com/fuckushimaed/videos

    I Remain As Always
    In Your Service
    Russ Jensen
    ONAC One Love and Respect
    Salt Lake City, Utah


  26. Doreen Agostino

     /  May 25, 2014

    Smart meters & smart grid: what’s the real story? Scam. Scam. Scam. http://youtu.be/Wr2SQ61c2nE


  27. I find the same figures for the assets but not finding the same figures for the liabilities. Thanks for share.


  28. Michael James

     /  August 16, 2018

    Belmont county, OH

    Click to access BELMONT-COUNTY_CAFR_2017_JUNE_25_2018.pdf

    Page 30 of 228 on the pdf download.
    Thank you so much for this intel. Saved us tons of homework. I will be educating myself first then others by taking this material to my local and state level!


  29. Reblogged this on The Mirror World and commented:
    Governments are siphoning off billions and billions of dollars from the general population and then hiding it through omission. The public is only presented with or told about- ‘the budget’, which is the dumbed down version that we have been brainwashed to accept as “truth”


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