The President Does It Again…

I’d just like to remind the good people of America that there is only one man that the people voted in as president of the United States – well, technically he is elected by the electoral college and not the people, but who’s really paying attention to politics anyhow?

And again I’d like to remind the people that this one “elected” man in the presidency then appoints all other officers and cabinet members of the Federal Government. He is the Chief Executive Officer – the boss. All other officers are underlings operating solely on the authority of the President conveyed to them… millions and millions of unelected men and women controlling every aspect of our lives.

Do you get it?

These officers are not just the appointed goons of this “elected” man named Obama – they are Obama. Everything they do is in his name and under his authority. They are not voted in or elected to their positions. They are appointed by Obama to do his job. Thus, they are Obama.

When the ATF got caught in gun smuggling operations, the ATF was Obama.

When the military unlawfully attacks and occupies foreign countries and rebuilds nations, the military is Obama – acting under Obama’s “Emergency War Powers” and his declared “National Emergency” to bypass Congress, waging unlawful war while officially calling it a “mission of peace”.

And yes, when the IRS commits fraud, purposeful malfeasance, and discrimination while targeting certain political groups in illegal tax audits from its corporate headquarters in Guam, it is the “elected” President of the United States who appoints the Commissioner of that corporation, who in turn appoints managers, Chief Financial Officers, and all other unlawful employees that come after you in the middle of the night.

Of course, the game show of government is playing out as it always does, as the Obama appointed Attorney General (head of the Executive Branch legal team) will be investigating the case of the IRS (part of the Executive branch) through the court system (part of the Department of Justice – which is part of the Executive Branch). What does this mean? It means that the President is investigating himself and his appointed Executive Offices with his own Executive powers!!!

It was not the “Commissioner” who perpetrated the attack on the enemies of Obama; it was Obama – for the Commissioner was acting under the authority of only one man – the “elected” office of president; the Executive.

But it is always the patsy that must resign his appointed office, as we see again with the appointed Commissioner Steven Miller.

But I demand that Obama himself resign, for he is the only man with any power granted by the people (well, ah… sort of – whatever!), which makes the president fully responsible for any action taken by the Executive Branch. Everyone else is appointed by him or by someone else that he appointed!!!

Now imagine, folks, if you actually had a man as your president who was actually responsible for his own actions…

What a different world it would be.

But you didn’t vote for me to be president… not that the electoral college would have accepted the public vote as anything but what it actually is – entertainment.

This is America…?

It’s time to wake up from this dream, isn’t it?


For more delicious irony to pull that wool out of your eyes, please check out my research here:




–Clint Richardson (
–Tuesday, May 15th, 2013






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  1. Robert Deatrick

     /  May 15, 2013

    Clint, while you’re demanding Obama’s resignation, how about having him tried for war crimes as well. This was posted back in Aug ’12 about Obama providing immunity for CIA torturers.

    And I’m still waiting for Bush to be brought up on charges. Quite a few years back I foolishly donated $50. on to some fancy New York lawyer (forget his name) with a persuasive campaign to have him tried for war crimes. I doubt I’ll ever see that investment pay off, not when they’re all covering for each other and rigging the system with their appointed shills as you point out here.

    Here’s another one that filed a lawsuit on March 13 of this year and is seeking donations. We should start seeing these sorts of suits against Obama any time soon. I just wonder what the chances are of any of these being successful.

    And it really burns me to see these guys get their names on “public” facilities like the Dulles Airport and now the Bush Library. What’s next, the Obama General Hospital ? – that in fact, is very likely.

    I try to talk to friends, family, neighbors, co-workers about this stuff…no one wants to hear it. I’m watching for that number in the top right corner of your blog (the count of those who are following it) to keep rising. Sometimes the progress towards success must be measured in inches…


    • I know your frustration… I was ever more discouraged when I understood that Obama is 1st Cousin with the Kings of England, and that all presidents are in fact of this bloodline. Bush is even 9th cousins with his own inbred mother – the offspring of former President Franklin Peirce. And so Bush and Obama are of course cousins. We are not dealing with random elections of hopeful men but of fixed elections of blood. This goes for Congress, the courts, the corporate world, etc…

      Now how do you fight that through “legal” means when they make the rules – when law does not apply to the lawless?

      A suit against a president (king) will be handled in the presidents (king’s) court, so what is the use of wasting your time if the court is fixed?

      The only answer I have found is to withdraw your membership to government, which I’ll be doing. No membership, no authority.



  2. johnaspray

     /  May 17, 2013

    It may be of use to know that Obama has never successfully taken his oath of office with his hand directly on the Bible. I’ve emailed evidence of this to any number of people who should have shown an interest, no-one took any notice. This fact makes Joe Biden the President. Contact me if you want the evidence.


  3. Joe Fougerousse

     /  May 17, 2013

    The only way the American people can express their disapproval of government policies is to stop voting for Democrats, Republicans, or any of their third-party decoys. Either vote for an independent candidate representing real revolutionary change (should one ever appear) or don’t vote at all. The American president does not act with power granted by the people; he acts with power granted by corporate cartels. The whole election process is just a ruse. The sad truth is that America has become a fascist dictatorship, still posing as a democracy. To vote (petition) within this fraudulent system is to send a message of weakness, servility, and confidence in the system itself. If you seek liberty, if you seek change, if you seek progress in America’s living standards, you must look for solutions outside the system that is creating the problems. Liberty lives and thrives only outside the system.


    • cynthia

       /  May 17, 2013

      How totally true!

      As more and more awaken to the illegitimacy of “government” and “authority”, the Voluntaryist philosophy and non-aggression principle will begin to pervade the mind space of intelligent heart-centered people everywhere.

      Since reading The Most Dangerous Superstition, by Larken Rose, I now see that living truly free comes only with the elimination of hierarchical systems of “government”, where all are equal, without any authoritarian overlords.

      “Losing the belief in authority would not only end all war, and almost all oppression, but would unleash the real power of humanity.” ~Larken Rose


  4. richard

     /  May 17, 2013

    your link to davesblog has closed down the site due to running out of bandwidth…


  5. Wolzek

     /  May 18, 2013

    Dear Clint. About the Steven Miller IRS debacle. It appears that the story being told in the mass media, while there may be truth to it, is nothing more than a distraction. The focus on discrimination against “conservative” and “patriot” groups is meant as a distraction. I believe that the real reason the IRS is under-fire is because the IRS was investigating pro-israel groups/lobbies. They’re throwing the “conservative” and “patriot” group line out in the media because they needed to find a way to punish the IRS without letting slip the real reason for the IRS taking heat.

    The Jewish Press (and other jewish/israeli owned outlets) have been, for a couple years now, talking about the IRS “discriminating” against pro-israel lobby organizations. We (atleast you & I) know who really “owns” our government (and did USSLiberty&9/11!). And they really don’t take lightly to having their pro-israel lobbies being denied tax-exempt status!..

    Here are just 2 links to give you a quick confirmation.
    You can find much more, if you know where to look.

    I came across a humorous “flowchart” recently. It goes like this.
    Did something happen? –> Yes –> Investigate the situation –> Find out that jews are involved every time.

    I agree with the conclusions in this article. Your posts are always top-notch, Clint. I appreciate the great work you do!


    • Thanks for the links, I will follow them and see where they lead – and the answer will no doubt be no surprise!



  6. One day we may see the following headline:

    Obama Dissolves Congress, Declares Constitution Null and Void and the Supreme Court Obsolete.


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