The Great Disclosure As Informed Consent

It’s all over the news. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. It is the revelation of organized crime at the highest levels. It is the revealing of slave colony Earth. And it all has a very important purpose.

It’s not the fact that government committed treason upon the people that is being talked about per say, but that some dude blew the whistle on that government treason and is now seeking asylum from a government that seeks to punish him for his bravery.

And then there’s Wikileaks…

We are supposed to believe that there is a rogue white-haired ghost out there posting government secrets that somehow he and only he has been able to tap. And somehow he has eluded capture for his whistle-blowing, despite the monstrous world-wide surveillance apparatus and smart-grid that has been set up and capable of spotting a pimple on Saddam Husein’s white ass.

And the news reports the horrors of the act of disclosure, even while they disclose the crimes of government.

But what about the actual crimes and treason committed under color of law by government?

What about the disease of organized crime that goes unpunished just because it goes under the moniker of “government“?

This great disclosure of secret government dirty deeds and military crimes has a very specific purpose that most of us have not considered. That is, to create understanding and acquiescence to these treasonous facts by organized government criminals of the world as just the way it is

In other words, this disclosure of crime creates what can be termed “informed consent“.

While the official act of obtaining informed consent is generally done within public notices and meetings, voting, and through other official means, the mere flooding of the airwaves and newspapers with information creates a much more devious form of consent of the people to government crime.

You see, government is exposing to the people its conspiracies. A conspiracy is simply a plan between two or more persons (a person being legally defined as a corporation – and each politician is actually incorporated as a “corporation sole”).

But there is one problem… a conspiracy (in law) does not exist unless first proven in a court of law. This simply means that while a conspiracy may have been happening for 10’s or 100’s of years, it is not officially recognized as such until a government court officially recognizes the facts of the conspiracy. Ironically, before this can happen, the best “conspiracy theory” must be argued in court with proper evidence. Until the court officially states that it is a conspiracy, anyone who claims such is nothing but a conspiracy theorist. We can point our fingers and report all we want on the blatant conspiracies happening daily in government, and yet the conspiracy (organized plan between two or more persons to defraud and harm the people) doesn’t technically exist until the court says it does.

Black’s Law 4rth Edition defines theory in law:

THEORY OF CASE. Facts on which the right of action is claimed to exist. The basis of liability or grounds of defense. (Pittsburgh, C., C. and St. L. Ry. Co. v. Rogers, 45 1nd.App. 230, 87 N.E. 28, 31. Higgins v. Fuller, 48 N.M. 218, 148 P.2d 575, 579.)

Thus, without a “theory of case”, there can never be a proven conspiracy, for the court will not hear a case without proper theory. With this understanding, we can certainly see why the news media and organized criminal politicians have turned the phrase conspiracy theory upon its head and into a negative insult and ad hominem attack against anyone who wishes to prove they are conspirators.

CONSPIRACY. In criminal law. A combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act, or some act which is innocent in itself, but becomes unlawful when done by the concerted action of the conspirators, or for the purpose of using criminal or unlawful means to the commission of an act not in itself unlawful. (Pettibone v. U. S., 148 U.S. 197, 13 S.Ct. 542, 37 &.Ed. 419; Mitchell v. Hitchman Coal & Coke Co., C.C.A.W.Va., 214 F. 685, 708; Hamilton v. Cooley, 184 N.E. 568, 571, CONSTABLE 99 1nd.App. 1; Browning v.)

This definition is, let’s face it, the very description of the day to day operations of government!!!

It is what police do when they force you to accept exaction (extortion) through citation.

It is what States do when they take your property through eminent domain.

It is what the military does with each innocent life it takes abroad.

And it is what the president does with each Executive Order and Presidential Directive he passes.

For all of these officers are acting in conspiracy – a plan between two or more persons to commit unlawful acts under the color of authority and law.

Amazingly, this controlled media has actually pitted the masses of public opinion against any who dare call it conspiracy, attacking the character of the man by labeling that individual as a conspiracy theorist. It is indeed ironic to ponder that this term is exactly what is needed to stop the ongoing day to day organized crime of government – this conspiracy of powerful men – and that these very much needed theorists are made insignificant and outcast from society for their efforts.

But more to the point, what we see today is the disclosure of conspiracy without the reaction or punishment for the action. For the people have been bamboozled into trusting that government will police itself. With just a bit of logic we can see that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is nothing more than the Federal Government investigating itself! No sane and reasonable person should ever trust a self-investigatory agency to decide on the basis of a conspiracy within its own incorporation. The idea is ludicrous and preposterous!

The raging confidence of the organized criminal politicians and officers in government stems from this fallacy – that the people trust government to govern itsself and punish itself for its own crime. And it realizes that the people have lost their cognitive reasoning. It understands that the people have lost the ability and knowledge needed to actually sue the government and prove conspiracy in court without the assistance of government attorneys. And as an added bonus, government stacks the courts and utilizes the private legal BAR Society to administrate its legal codes.

Most people have been under the contracted BAR legal doctrines and opinions for their entire lives, never understanding that the true lawful Courts of Record have been buried under the wreckage of that private association, which is empowered and appointed by the very organized crime syndicate itself – the U.S. Federal Government under the Executive Department of Justice.

The Supreme Court is stacked with BAR attorneys in black robes (not to mention cousins of former and current presidents). It hears no cases without BAR approval. And so its conspiracy is nothing more than to protect the Federal Government – the corporation that gives it authority in the first place – from any theory of case of conspiracy from ever reaching the Justices of the Supreme Court.

And all of this is so because true law has been usurped by private codes and corporations, who administrate their own copyrighted case law and opinions.

Yet the lawful Court of Record lays dormant, as the highest court in the land – towering over the private Supreme Court – and awaiting the brave men branded as “conspiracy theorists” who would simply utilize its power and authority.

The great disclosure of ultra-criminal conspiracy is happening now. And without the good people taking the responsibility of their theories of cases to the proper lawful courts and out of the hands of the administrators of false “justice” in private law to prove conspiracy on the Record, the facts being disclosed on a massive scale of fraud and conspiracy will become something much worse than the conspiracy itself… they will become and remain legally justified acts done through informed consent. For we are being informed nearly every day of new and more devious organized crime with no punishment or remedy.

Without good men standing in the lawful court and sitting in grand jury indictments, these criminal acts will never be proven as conspiracy, and so these unproven conspiracies will remain nothing but the wasted and un-utilized theories of those conspiracy theorists on alternative radio who are demonized and belittled at every turn.

The great disclosure is the new informed consent, for if no man stands up and dares call it conspiracy then all unlawful acts by government are done by the consent of an informed people… who cower at their master’s feet and refuse to challenge authority.

Authority is such a scary word, but only because nobody seems to realize that authority actually means permission of the people.

Isn’t it time to bypass this private corporation called government and the services it offers in lieu of the law, so that we can once again see law in our land?

Isn’t it time that you (individually) stand up against the crimes that government claims your consent to and to rebut that presumption?

Consider yourself informed…

Read more on informed and presumed consent and other relative topics here:


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

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  1. Nice, Cliff; thank you. The US government war-murders millions, harms billions through global debt policies, and loots trillions of our dollars. This is “emperor has no clothes” obvious with just a little attention.

    We’ll see what develops as more attention is drawn to these crimes. This is my best shot for the public to see what’s right in front of them:


  2. Bruce

     /  June 26, 2013

    Informed consent as predictive programming. If we keep on the way we’re goin’, we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.


  3. Yes Clint, our actions will speak louder than our words…but what exactly are people to do?

    For they are themselves unwittingly complicit in the deeper conspiracy with the state to extract by force from their neighbour the wherewithal to provide for their own benefit and in so doing take away the freedom of their fellow men at a base level because they are (both)a party to the Social Contract. Because of this they are not in a position of good standing, whereby to stand up against authorities would be to contradict themselves indeed as part of the same Body of the State, proved in the eyes of that State by their consent and sealed by their contribution to it.

    Another jurisdiction is what needs to be gathered under and for that matter obeyed…

    Unless we can show people another way, the State is only doing what it knows best to provide for the “welfare” of the people. Yes, there is obvious systemic and individual corruption but the root problem is that corruption of natural law that says that no man may force another to his will (no matter to what degree), including the forced extractions of any amounts agreed upon by any majority (or minority for that matter) anywhere on the socialist scale from far-left communism to hard right Republicanism and beyond – it’s all in principle the same system of robbing Peter to pay Paul . This mode of the provision of necessary welfare to society (again no matter to what degree or method) is not right – even if Peter thinks it is and does it too.

    Within this Conspiracy Theory of Case it is the people that are the criminals and the way the Law of Nature has it are being currently punished for it.I’d say for it to end they must as individuals turn around and go another way and be forgiven by God for their ignorance.

    If enough do this there is strength in numbers and a chance to be free will present itself I believe.

    We can’t be free until we first free our neighbour from ourselves by forgiving them of their debt to us.

    Disclose that 🙂



  4. zbethleane

     /  June 27, 2013

    Thank you so much for all your clever articles, you’re so very right, and everyone of us is so powerful to help end this criminality against the beautiful Human Beings!


  5. Bruce

     /  June 27, 2013

    From 21st Century Wire: Snowden: An exercise in disinformation –
    Many great points speaking to the synthetic nature of the Snowden phenomenon. However, what Clint outlines above penetrates much deeper into the mind-meld of ongoing consensus control.


  6. Outstanding! Thank you for all you put into this blog. Sincerely. You are a valued rational voice.


  7. Prosthetics Spotter

     /  July 26, 2013

    Just another actor:

    What a few prosthetics can do for a third-rate actor! Love the putty job on the nose.


  8. Reblogged this on elentari98.


  9. Doreen Agostino

     /  April 8, 2014

    All governments are corporations – legal fictions, abstract constructs of the mind.


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