When A Fly Escapes The Web


It is said all enlightenment that is not from God is false.

This word, “God”, takes many people away from the meaning of this self evident message.

Change the word “God” to the word “nature”, as the Biblical God is nature and Jesus (as God) taught the natural law, and all becomes illuminated for all people.

The California Government Code, Section 243, simply states:

“243. Every person has, in law, a residence.”

When you understand this statement, which represents the unnatural state of man as an artificial person contracted in a jurisdiction and thus subject to man’s laws – which are against natural law (God’s Law) and nature itself (against God) – then you may finally understand how to be free of that web.

Those who remove residence, become outlaws.

Those enlightened with natural law would never choose residence, for they have the capacity to be free.

This may be the first documentary I’ve seen on what a free man actually looks like, in mind and body.



–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Sunday, July 14th, 2013

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  1. Hey Clint – check your Skype – I sent the think for the show

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  2. Dayna d

     /  July 14, 2013

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but i would like to comment on this statement:
    “It is said all enlightenment that is not from God is false.

    This word, “God”, takes many people away from the meaning of this self evident message.

    Change the word “God” to the word “nature”, as the Biblical God is nature and Jesus (as God) taught the natural law, and all becomes illuminated for all people.”

    This applies to virtually everything I believe! Including and with great emphasis on medicine. Vaccines obviously, but other drugs as well as medical interventions. In other words health that does not come from nature is false. Same with every aspect of living really, in my opinion. That is the true power. Knowing this and being able to connect with it and harness it. But they know that. It is why they practice “satanism.” The “black” side of the yin yang. Anyways this might have been way off topic. Looking forward to watching this video!


  3. Charles Steiner

     /  July 14, 2013

    How many years of studying law did it take Mr. Robert Page to understand what he was up against? How many years did it take him to understand how to build a house and supply it with ecologically sound sources for electricity, water and food? What does he when he wants to buy a book? Does he pay for Internet service? How different is Canadian law from the U.S. law? Yes, it took HARD WORK all right. He is astounding. This vid shows individual freedom is still available, still possible, can be chosen and achieved.


  4. Can you tell me what obligation we have to continue to play the game their way when they are the ones acting in dishonor?

    I ask because i was a victim of yet another armed robbery yesterday… my third citation for not wearing the slave belt while driving. When the cop handed me my ticket, i said, this government is not ours any longer… he said, i know. I said… this whole system is fraudulent, the government, the judicial system… it’s all corrupt… you work for the criminals you know? He said, i know. Then i said… this can’t make you feel good, disadvantaging your fellow man for a bunch of criminals… and he said “it doesn’t”. Then i said… this system has got to go, it can’t be redeemed and he said “i agree”. So i said “well, that’s respectable” and put out my hand to shake his to which he replied, i can’t shake your hand, i’m not allowed !!!?

    Incidentally, have you heard of this guy, Retired Judge Dale? He has some tricks i’m going to try: http://lucas2012infos.wordpress.com/2012/05/25/judge-dale-retired-the-great-american-adventure-secrets-of-america-part-1-5-25-may-2012/2/


    • There is only one answer. All your questions were in the form of a slave asking her jailer for privilege, instead of as a man telling her servant he has no authority (permission) or consent from his employer (you). Don’t ever ask, just tell.

      He is a military post acting under military rule (a Martial of Law). So don’t expect honor from the occupying police/military force of the United States, for you and I are enemies of the State unless proven otherwise (see trading with the enemies act).

      In other words, you participated in a conversation with someone you should not say one conversational word to. You have no reason to speak to that officer, accept to demand his real name, post number, and bonding information for the lawsuit you will be filing against him as a man, not an officer. Your response and inquiries should have been in the form of a legal demand exposing the fraud on public record. Instead, your words escaped into the nether of nothingness with no legal weight whatsoever.

      Your acceptance of the “citation” is acceptance of a contract. You never informed him you were under duress or that you were going to state as much as you signed the ticket under duress – making it an illegal act you can sue for.

      I could go on and on…

      You are your only advocate.



      • You’re right. I have been on your site all day now, listening to all the podcasts and visiting all the recommended sites. I wish i knew yesterday what i know today. For what it’s worth, i feel i learned that some cops are acutely aware of the situation we are in and not happy, if still obedient. We may just be waiting for critical mass… and i think it’s arriving fast, i hope it is anyways. I am now going to try a not going to court remedy… at least it’s only a non-slave-belt citation… and i’m certain i’ll get another shot at it.

        Currently listening to A World Without Gray Part Two… it is mind-boggling. I will be sharing that all around, everyone needs to hear that.


  5. Dark Angel

     /  July 14, 2013

    Too ironic! I actually just re-watched this video yesterday after originally seeing it when it first came out. My daughter showed me a video of how screwed up the US / Canada boarder is and I showed her the part of Ungrip where Canada is actually only the water surrounding the Land.

    Also did you catch “citizen-ship” as in a type of ship, it’s all right in your face.

    I was thinking last night and didn’t try to re-watch if I missed it, but what about “title” to his property, like in US where we are all just renters and actually own nothing. By only having “title” to land you are not free from there BS.
    Anyone look into the the Silver Shield program, the founder is trying to start a whole new society of freemen but (been a while since watched videos) If I remember correctly it all basically still boiled down to when the shit hits the fan you will still be hoping to get Allodial land rights or you will basically still just be another well organized group of slaves on the Kings land.
    Anyway I’m on this guys page 100%, have been for awhile except I want to be as far away from the Empire as possible, Chile is tops on my list.

    The sun is the origins of our god, the light the source of all existence in nature, the “sun of god” all one in the same. God created light an extension of his power, all life on earth came after. God is but the forces of nature the forces of the universe.

    Wanda, you need to check out Eddie Craig’s traffic seminar or weekly radio show.
    starts at 15:30



  6. Thanks Clint , U further clearified all the nonsense in my confused head . We’all must avoid being debtors and simply be the creditors our Creator intended .


  7. Charles Steiner

     /  July 17, 2013

    While the Canadian never once mentioned the Jew (he couldn’t — it’s against the law in Canada), a new website exposing these Masters of Deception is up and it’s Zander C. Fuerza’s website with updated revisions on his (new) book, “Masters of Deception,” about 9/11.



  8. The idea that most people can just “Ungrip” and exit the system is misleading in my opinion. Some will try the things mentioned in this video and fall through the cracks like this man but the majority of people who try these techniques find themselves in hot water or worse still, in prison.

    The fact is that we are all collateral for the debt, which means we are owned and subject to those who we have contracted away our rights to, which makes our situation more like a fish on a hook that took the bait and is now held there by the barb. The fish cannot simply ungrip from the hook but to be free must first cut the line and then have the hook surgically removed.

    In the case of this metaphor the line is the contract which binds us to a system that draws us in to our certain death. The worm is the benefits we take and the hook with the barb is the law and enforcement of that contract which again, may not be let go of by simply the easing of your grip.

    Contract makes the law and we have all been made merchandise and are in bondage to the debt. The only true way to free the fish is cut the line and the only way to cut the line which is the contract is for one of the parties of the contract to let the other one go. The way to be let go is to be forgiven of that debt and the only way to be forgiven the debt is to forgive the debt that others have to you (social contract), by first refusing benefits paid for with the funds that have been taken by force.

    Removing the hook with the barb is another matter…

    As human beings no man is an island and the way natural law has it we still need the benefits of a society so how do we do this if we get free like this man says?

    Is he truly free?

    How was it done in times past?

    By making a house out of junk and living as an outcast of society?


    It was done by coming together as people in a spirit if love and truth and voluntarily giving so that others with you at least have their needs met – not by force but with only the hope and faith that someday your needs will be met in hard times also.

    When you think about it having just food, clothing, shelter, relationships with people and faith in a God we trust is where those serious about freeing others and being free themselves must be prepared to start. It will take a team and a network that knows the way to be free.



    • We all will have to go through this process individually ; many share some of the steps but claim that revealing more betrays a ‘ trust ‘ ; what trust , the one created by the bankers ? The more of us that can set ourselves free , the sooner the nation can stand and make a real change , like hanging all the greedy crooks currently running this dog and pony show .


      • Precisely… the hard part is convincing the group to act as individuals, when they have been conditioned all their lives to stay in group-think mode.


    • This is not for most people, it is an individual journey. I don’t fool myself into thinking I can change anyone’s world but my own, and be an example for others to hopefully follow. Most people love their servitude because of the benefits they receive for being enslaved. That will never change. Thus, I am my only advocate, and you yours.

      I will be taking a similar approach as this man, and I have already written my declaration of independence, here:


      I will be posting this to the Federal website when I am ready.

      In my research, I have realized that the first step is to make void the illicit contractual nature of the Social Security number. In this way, any and all other contracts based on that number will be necessarily void. Of course this means giving up any and all Federal benefits. It does not however mean that public roads etc. are not at my disposal, since they are not federal.

      To do this, I will be withdrawing the original application for Social Security, to make it as if that application was never filed in the first place (severing the ties completely since it was done without my consent and as a minor) through the use of form SSA-521 (http://www.ssa.gov/online/ssa-521.pdf).

      At this point, all contracts, licenses, and other government forms, loans, etc are invalid because that number now officially does not exist as any attachment to me the man. And now I will start withdrawing individually from such things as voter registration, Selective service, the DMV, and bank accounts that are all based on this Social Security Number that is now detached from my person.

      Thus, the contractual relationship has the solution needed – the satisfaction of contract, where the contract no longer is valid.

      I will document my journey through this.

      It is my duty as a natural man, and my duty to share what I find with others so that we may form a bond as you stipulate above.



  9. Thank you Mark, well said.


  10. greg

     /  April 16, 2014

    I was reading your blog on the Detroit Bankruptcy and a response you made in which you pointed out the national emergency since 1933…I too was aware of the National Emergency but it didn’t quite make complete sense until I recently ran across the following videos on youtube( 6- 1 hour segments) in the videos they mention the site http://www.Iamsomedude.com in which the documents that support all that is claimed. If you can suspend your pre-conditioned beliefs ( and I believe you to be such a man) I think you will be blown away with the solution to the declared war, living as a peaceful inhabitant. Each wo/man can move forward toward a secure future of real peace and freedom without having to go backwards in time. I hope you truly enjoy the information.
    In peace



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