Common Core Presentation In Utah By Clint Richardson


For those in the Utah and Salt Lake County area, I’ll be presenting a detailed Power Point presentation on the subject of Common Core, how it is being implemented, and how far it reaches nationally and internationally.


This Saturday, November 16th, 2013 at 2pm (free admittance):

Spanish Fork Fair Grounds:

In the “High Chaparral Room”- in the back on the east side just south of the Ponderosa Room, close to the arena.

Topics will include  Common Core, Agenda 21, Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP), United Nations, Private Non-governmental Associations (NGO), Infrastructure Privatization, Common Core in the military, CIA, and FBI, and how the non-profit public education system is systematically being transformed through international law and treaty into a for-profit private industry traded on the stock market!

Please let others in the area know, call your local talk radio stations to announce on air, and especially let your local councilmen, school teachers and district council folks, and of course parents know about this event. We will go until all questions are answered.

This event will be filmed and posted here…


–Clint Richardson (
–Thursday, November 14th, 2013

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  1. mahwah

     /  November 14, 2013

    Wonderful! Can’t wait to see it. The more I read on “rotten core” the more I am thinking how we can kill it. You mentioned that it a CONTRACT and as a simple contract it can be canceled, am I right? Imagine teachers having their freedom to teach kids what kids need not what GOVERNANCE needs. I’m for it! Who’s with me?

    • Andre'

       /  November 14, 2013

      Id never send my children to PS. Hows it going Mahwah ?

      • mahwah

         /  November 14, 2013

        I homeschooled birth to 3rd grade, then some family issues got in the middle (my husband loosing job). All is well. I am in the process to grab that ROTTEN CORE by the balls. Who’s with me?

        • Andre'

           /  November 14, 2013

          Stupid parents need to get their children put of PS.

          • Why denigrate parents as “stupid” who are not informed because they believe the “good Parent Government” , are too brain washed, not very educated themselves, or working 2 jobs to survive, and too exhausted to realize what is going on, as main stream media is not helping to awaken them. Let us help awaken all by exposing the reality.. Light to all

            • Andre'

               /  November 15, 2013

              Have you ever tried to “awaken” someone from a deep sleep ? They resent it . . .

  2. Andre'

     /  November 14, 2013

    Common Porn “Black Swan Green”
    ” Enactment was long overdue � wrongly delayed by distortions, outright lies about the bill’s provisions (like the “Wanted” poster of Jesus below), and eight years of veto threats by President George W. Bush. Far from the false labels by a vocal minority of conservative religious voices, (“Pedophile Protection Act” and “Hate Christians Act” to name just two), the HCPA is simple and straightforward � it closes gaps in existing federal authority to investigate and prosecute biasmotivated crimes.”,213018C9-567C-418C-BDEA-1CBDA8F58810,frameless.htm
    Guess Who’s Behind The “Pedophile Protection Act?”
    Why the ADL was Formed – Leo Frank and Mary Phagan Murder
    This is why our schools are run by homosexuals and pedophiles.

  3. john johnston

     /  November 14, 2013


    John Johnston Sales Manager Contra Costa Appliance

    Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2013 21:56:15 +0000 To:

  4. Thank you Clint for all your effort in researching what is really going on. I hope you get the presentation videoed so it can go on YouTube and spread from there. Take care of yourself..Light and Love

  5. Vicki

     /  December 13, 2013

    Hi Clint….. I’m new here, I just found you yesterday. Your articles are great. I watched your interview with Jan Irvin on Gnosticmedia podcast on Core that you did a few months back. I will be sharing the informantion that you mentioned to other people I know fighting Common Core.

    One thing I do want to ask you….. are you familiar with Communitarianism? There are two women (a mother and daughter) in Alaska that have been researching Communitarianism for 14years, ever since they were subject to pilot program under community poilicing in Seattle. They eventually identified what they were fighting as Communitarianism and Communitarian Law, which is International Law and is the same philosophy and law behind international treaties, the EU and the UN. Communitarianism (aka community law) balances wether it be individual rights with the rights of the community or communisim/socialism/fascism with capitalism. I know you have pointed out the facist public private partnership in core, but these ladies have identified it more as synthesis of mix of ism so to speak. Anyway, I thought you might be interested in looking at their work for yourself. In the event you are interested in checking this out here are a few links. This is an inverview Niki Raapana 1/2 of the research team, did this past November Niki Raapana’s blog This is a link to their old website, today it’s for the book they wrote, but all of there archived research links are still available here

    Anyway, I thought this info might be of some help and use to you will all that you are looking into and dealing with redarding the TSA, which with everything that I can varify of the research I just told you about, you were dealing with Communitarian law there as well.
    All the best with your law suite.

    p.s. thaks for posting what you did with the CAFR and how it releates to the situation in Detroit. I know many people there that I hope will listen or just take a look at what you presented.


    • Hey Vicki… Yes! I interviewed Nicki not long ago about it. Communitarianism is the name of all the other isms all combined in one effort to control.

      Here is my interview, and all others for the last two months are here on youtube as well:

      Thanks, and their book is on my reading list.


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