CAFR School Week On The Corporation Nation Radio

For those interested in the subject of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of government (in any country or nation), I’ll be doing an extensive in depth history of and explanation of governments audited financial statements. I’ll take phone calls with questions about your own individual line items and balance sheets and help with your comprehension of the terms used in this organized criminal “creative accounting” fraud.


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The following are links to study materials and films from all my previous research posted to this blog, some of which I’ll be using for the show. Here lies an immerse learning library representing my now greying hair!

Government’s Conflict Of Interest

U.S. Government In Debt To Itself

Unmasking The CAFR Scam In Every City, USA

CAFR Investment Scheme In The United Kingdom

The World CAFR Accounting System

CAFR SCHOOL: How Corporations Are Funded By Taxpayers

The Sheriff Who Sold His County

California Fools Californians Into Higher Taxes Again

The Stockton Bankruptcy Lie (250 page lesson – Highly Recommended)

Detroit Bankruptcy Lie

Chicago CAFR And The Lying Mayor Emanuel

Federal Reserve Pays Treasury $75 Billion in Profit

Obama-Care: An Investment Scam

Public Pensions: Welfare For The Middle Class

CAFR School: The Vatican Is Broke?

CAFR School: The Public Reading Of The CAFR

CAFR School Part 1 – Wisconsin State CAFR

CAFR School Part 2 – On City CAFR’s

CAFR School Part 3 – Minnesota State CAFR

The Senate: How Much Does It Cost?

The United States: A Corporation

National Ask Ron Paul About The CAFR Month

CORE: Making Children Stupider Around The World

Your Taxes Are Already Spent

The Incontrovertible Conundrum Of Dr. Ron Paul

Today’s Creatures From Jeckyll Island

Federal Reserve Notes Are Backed By Gold

What Is JP Morgan Chase

The Government Casino

The Fallacy Of The Dollar Crash

Social Security Fund Tops $2.6 Trillion

The Biggest Game In Town: Walter Burien And The CAFR

CAFR’s And TRF’s -vs- Everything Else!

C L I N T ‘ S   V I D E O S / F I L M O G R A P H Y






(FILM) CAFR SCHOOL What is Wall Street? –

(FILM/AUDIOBLOG) The Truth About The “Audit The Fed” Bill



(FILM) CAFR SCHOOL Commingled Funds


Special thanks to Walter Burien at


–Clint Richardson (
–Monday, January 20, 2014

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  1. Hi Clint what’s the best way to answer someone about the City of Detroit when it comes to the CAFR…in particular why would they let a major city pretty much fail if there were millions and billions in investments to do something about it? Is a good explanation that they let the “public” side of the ledger fail while the corporation of Detroit is actually strong but that wealth is not for the people or their services? Why/how can it be bankrupt?

  2. Hi Clint how do you answer people when they ask how Detroit could be bankrupt with millions and billions in investment funds?

    • I show them in the CAFR! I try and make them understand that government reports in NET instead of GROSS assets – like you showing your paycheck total after tax. And I try to explain that the money and wealth does not belong to the people, but to the municipal corporation. They do what they want without need of public vote or approval.

      The city is not bankrupt like you and I can be, instead it allows itself loopholes to show on paper it has no money (hiding assets with fake “future” liabilities).

      Here’s my post on it:

  3. drewjosephcarter

     /  January 21, 2014

    Clint do you know when Mr. Smith is going to Washington? Walter’s last update on the Trip was October 2013. Are you going with him?

  4. I love listening to when a person gets a new radio show and you can hear how nervous they are at first and then with a few shows under their belt they become very relaxed… although you are incredulous of the corruption… It is flowing quickly from a relaxed and educated truther… best damn truther working for us out there… nice job.

    • Thank Geno! That first show was definitely shaky, despite doing 100’s of shows before. Then I realized there’s no one to impress, it ain’t an interview, and I had nothing to lose! That spells liberation!!!

  5. Thank you!! for putting it on page here.
    I am reposting this and talking it up. Are you going to be talking CAFR Thu & Fri also, or is “Mon-Fri.” In other words, would “Call in Tonight” in the post title still find you talking CAFR?

    Any concepts of picking a WEEK and organizing people to (nationwide, or even in every county of a particular state) pulling down their CAFRs (save to disk) at a certain entity level (maybe county ) and send a message, “we’re watching?”

    I’ve also been talking up the US Census of Governments as a way to actually comprehend some of the scope, type, and number (last done 2012 I think):
    Lists and Structures of Governments
    on that page, the printout by state lists types of special-district govts, and by state names them, etc.

    Structure of Governments
    2012 Individual State Descriptions [PDF, 1,036MB]
    Explains how each state is organized into the different types of local governments.
    Explains how governments’ responsibilities and authority vary from state to state, or within a state.
    (put some html in comment, pls. adjust if it doesn’t produce an active link).

  6. John

     /  January 25, 2014

    Your interest in words could be expanded by checking out the following link: check out the dictionary section for a biblical explanation of
    some words. jrr

  7. Awesome work, Clint; thank you. I don’t respond to a tenth of the really valuable material developed by activists. I just want to remind you that you’re appreciated more than anyone can communicate.

    We’ll keep moving forward, as best we can imagine that direction, and see what develops!

  8. Judy O'Hare

     /  February 23, 2014

    I’m also wondering if a group of people went to one of the bankrupt ciities & worked together to show why the are not bankrupt. Imo, this would make more sense than each of us working individually. Could this not be a good way to get positive publicity on the CAFR & the lies we have been living under?

    Loving Cafr School…..I believe it makes watching the training videos more understandable or perhaps its that watching the Stockton video several times more comes to light.

    Thanks for all you do
    Judy O

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  10. anne upton

     /  June 19, 2015

    Hi Clint
    Just to let you know that your research is being used in the UK to help someone who is facing prison for refusing to pay his council tax as we know it, as it is paid in part to foreign entities which is against the Magna Carta and his oath of office as an ex-policeman.
    Your words do not fall on deaf ears, we are working on it, so sincerely thank you. My contribution to your work is so well worth it.
    anne x

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