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  1. gary

     /  May 18, 2014

    Red hot subject: I have just sent this to a fellow I know who is the father of a young lad, so that his defacto might learn about the subject. I’ll be listening in. gaz


  2. mahwah

     /  May 19, 2014

    I’m planning to be tuned in as well. Passed info to my contacts as well.


  3. RE:
    “What will happen later in your child’s life as you struggle to keep him or her free from servitude to the militarized nation-state?”

    Comment here is about as long as what I have to say, and that’s briefly, for me… It has three links. It covers more ground but is responding to this topic:

    As to the length sorry, BUT — I’m fighting for housing, kids, and against three or four attorneys, as a result of having stood up to having my kids sold down this system years ago; the attorneys are all aware of my current situation and want to be paid from funds in a trust containing my name, “benefit” (I’m the only beneficiary while still alive). I know first hand what a lousy or corrupt trustee can do, at all levels. I write as a mother. Their father, having obtained the goal of extracting children from my household, abandoned them within two years, profiting thereby several others, over the years someone died, and now it’s still going on. As set up, our entire system profits from this kind of dysfunction and encourages it. My goal in my personal situation here is to regain control of funds to leave and live on — and curtail the same people’s ability to harm the next generation further.

    It’s also what our government has been doing for years as if for someone’s benefit, when in fact it’s for profit, and of course to be less than transparent on who’s been paid what to do from the funds held. This is not a leisurely dialogue situation… and we are not in leisurely dialogue times. I hope the comment below the petition is read.

    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/167/243/583/ (see overview).

    Clint — re:
    “What will happen later in your child’s life as you struggle to keep him or her free from servitude to the militarized nation-state?”
    What is your purpose in such a lecture without reference to the involvement of people (parents) who have been through this — either who already know what HAS happened, or parents who have successfully managed to have and raise children without birth certificates and signing on? Have you gone through this process, and if not, who that you know, parents, have — and come out the other side? If the answer is, no one, then why not find others who have, as additional points of reference or resources?

    Is the point to become a central point of reference yourself on such matters without having gone through it? I know teachers love to teach, and it’s a relevant and inspiring topic — where’s the effort to replace oneself and see others communicate the essence of it, and be able to get it to another generation (or other sites)? (for role model, see Jesus??) If the desire is significant change, with an awareness of “what time it’s at,” then if you are not into this (it’s not your longsuit) then who that is on the same page, IS, and where are their names?
    What’s your interest level in hearing from parents >=>=>=who already know this<=<= > Then more funds can be spent helping, or stopping, such adoptions, inbetween preaching abstinence and promoting marriage — all of which is simply commerce.< < =>=> especially because of their children, or because they are reporting how their kids were taken illegally=>=>=> at processing AND following through to act on, the news that their citizenship (and almost everything else they may have hoped to take for granted) is actually the problem.

    Thanks, “telljeanpfann” is normally “Let’s Get Honest” blogger on familycourtmatters.wordpress.com.


    • Well, bad choice of pointers – phrases were dropped out of the next to last paragraph. I did save the text — maybe later…


  4. “What to Respect When Expecting” (keying off a well-known pregnancy book) sounds like you are promoting a guidebook (if not for sale, you still want it read) brings up the Sez Who factor? What is your purpose here? Are you a parent? Do you want to be a help parents keep their kids away from the state coach? Do you want to be the point of reference for the material? If so, why?
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    Here’s the part without the text-eradicating characters (from the point it started deleting text, above)… Don’t worry about future ridiculously long comments, I’m in survival mode (as a result of having gone public on some things others want kept private). A few more links in this one.
    _ _ _ _ _ _

    . . . . .What’s your interest level in hearing from parents who already know this from the perspective of having been given SS#s and having given it, unwittingly, to their kids?

    Why not seek more of them out? Such people, if they understand the material and are on target with it, could be effectively teaching it to others, AND showing examples from their lives or common to whoever they are communicating with.
    _ _ _ _ __ _ _
    We are dealing with global centralization which has been rapidly accelerating for a LONG time, and IF the plan is to slow it down, or provide alternate plans (with the highest possibility of staying alive, or not giving one’s life unless it really does further others’ lives), then why wouldn’t informed and inspired teachers (which I’m not questioning you are, or I wouldn’t have read the blog) sublimate the desire to teach directly and add in developing others to effectively replace him or herself: not with a clone or people who simply keep referring back to “information central” (for most of us, blogs)– but with self-sustaining people who can digest and teach the material, to the point others can act on it?

    This is how it was done to us: See Reorganization Act of Government, and ‘PODSCORB” acronym, studies on delegation of authority and the maximum number of individuals one supervisor could handle for the collective goals to be followed. This has ALREADY been exercised to streamline the breakdown of local jurisdictions into the corporate model. [anyone can look that up, I did, not reporting here].


    Click to access plop13_preprint_2.pdf


    Chief Functions of the Executive, drawn from French Industrialist and Military,
    In context, the intent was to apply this to the United States, and we’re talking mid-1930s.
    * WikiQuote:

    “Gulick notes that any manager will have a finite amount of time and energy, and discusses span of control under coordination. Drawing heavily from military organizational theory and the work of V. A. Graicunas, Sir Ian Hamilton, and Henri Fayol, Gulick notes that the number of subordinates that can be handled under any single manager will depend on factors such as organizational stability, the specialization of the subordinates and whether their manager comes from the same field or specialty, and space. Gulick stops short of giving a definite number of subordinates that any one manager can control, but authors such as Sir Ian Hamilton and Lyndall Urwick have settled on numbers between three and six. Span of control was later expanded upon and defended in depth by Lyndall Urwick in his 1956 piece The Manager’s Span of Control.”

    [[This type of organization ALREADY operational in the federal and other governments; if there is a drive to help people OUT of dependency upon this in any way (including food, shelter, water, transportation, and how not to have the state kidnap their kids, etc., it would make sense to think about the same effectiveness — on the other side. ]]

    “Also under coordination, as well as organization, Gulick emphasizes the theory of unity of command, that each worker should only have one direct superior so as to avoid confusion and inefficiency.

    “Still another theory borrowed from military organizational theory, particularly Sir Ian Hamilton and Lyndall Urwick and brought to prominence in non-military management and public administration by Gulick and Urwick is the distinction between operational components of an organization, the do-ers, and coordinating, the coordinating components of an organization who do the knowing, thinking, and planning.”

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    Just another post on the centralization:
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    http://familycourtmatters.wordpress.com/abolishing-government-by-exec-order-11647-how-50-states-became-10-federal-regions/ {written about a year ago). The legal structure was let go (of those regions), but as a legal structure, it set up the granting agency regions (which remain) for centralization of operations.

    The regions were established — by executive order — and removed — by executive order, but their administrative and funding centers remained. Essentially we’re already on regional government as to grant-making, and unless (to my opinion) someone can address the public’s willing participation in paying taxes needlessly (i.e., Walter Burien material, as you have also blogged) they continue contributing to the problem.

    [older posts — the blog is addressed to people concerned with the family court system]

    As this is realitybloger, this is parental reality, and has been for years:

    Children are being snatched (from married and unmarried parents) for the value of their SS# billings, and then the parent they were snatched from, forced to pay the state (or the other parent). The kids are then farmed out to “boot camps” and or placed in places where they can be better drugged, or sent into therapy (“indoctrination”) — all for billings. This also controls the other parent (just as in slavery) one isn’t likely to just abandon one’s kids.

    Some of this happened to one of mine. She will never be the same. Others’ children have been so badly treated they committed suicide. No, my parent’s didn’t know any better, and no, I didn’t know any better in the 1990s, but now

    MOST of the hell I’ve been through (past dozen years) was actually around the decision not to subscribe to the “local yokel public school system,” for very valid reasons (they did better outside it), It’s NO different than the slave trade, but with the SS#s an actual physical body isn’t always needed, as most Americans are still barking up the justice tree, not realizing it’s empty (the one they’re barking at).

    Yeah, Birth Certificates and SSNs..

    How do you function without a social security card after years on one and without the social support structure of others who also do? I’d like to see this advice lined up with some people who have already followed it, or what happened when they attempted to.

    I’d like to hear that. I have no problem with the theory, but in my experience people will hear this material, and then go back to life as usual? Because “where your treasure is” (or where you think it is) there your heart is also. The question is one of survival.

    I normally blog as “Let’s Get Honest” but this username is for a public campaign to protect two of my daughters, and myself, in the matter of a trust fund. As it stands now, the publicity helped, the sister in control IS stepping down and I heard getting ready to hand it off to more (sharks) rather than distribute to me, and again, regain what’s in my name (and get the h3ll out of town), I find myself now facing 4 (not 3, but 4) attorneys singlehandedly and without funds to live on, in a controlled housing situation.

    Basically whoever controls the assets (including if it’s children with birth certificates and SS#s, and by association, a good bit of any parent who’s not going to abandon them), and is able to curtail access to others, sets the rules by sheer extortion.

    it’s one thing if it’s one’s own life involved, but quite different when it’s your offspring’s.

    I’d appreciate any signatures here. This situation is common.
    http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/167/243/583/. The family here (“Pfann” which I was before becoming “Englund”) HAS been involved in possibly trafficking one of my children, if not simply tossing her around like baggage — and of course this was for the money, not the child. No one particularly cares, least of all the attorneys involved and all but salivating at hourly billings to attempt continuing to direct my future.

    Clint, I think “Cracking the Cult of the Constitution” is fantastic, lines it up beautifully, and have consistently blogged or directed traffic to your site; particularly the concept of “Corporation Sole,” and establishing the religious basis (I already knew it wasn’t Christian, that’s kind of a no-brainer, despite all the Bible-thumping going on about now)…

    I don’t know who Burt and Dan are, but it would be nice to hear regarding the practical from any parent who’s managed to live without registering their children somewhere or other, and good luck not sending them to public schools for more Common Core.

    Do you understand what stage it’s at yet? The federal government is, with its collective clout and having organized the budget since 1996 to do “Block Grants To States” (centralization) made sure to divert some to push “marriage and fatherhood.” Not only is this a neat system for justifying all kinds of money-laundering (shell corps, etc. ) and more “underground economy” — but for the marriage and birth registrations…. while keeping as much as possible under monitored tracking of “services” provided, as we know…. If the new mother doesn’t want to register, new fathers are encouraged to get involved and persuade them.

    Not to mention keeping state databases of “putative father registries,” i.e., who had sex with whom — targeted to the men… https://jfs.ohio.gov/pfr/index.stm, and it says, to notify them before adopting any child out:

    “The Ohio Putative Father Registry (OPFR) is a computerized database maintained by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. The OPFR allows a male to register if he believes he may have fathered a child and wants to be notified if the child is placed for adoption.

    “Who should register with the Ohio Putative Father Registry?
    Any male who he may be the father of an unborn child or a child born within the last 30 days should register with the OPFR. This includes an adult or a minor who is less than 18 years old.”

    (Then more funds can be spent helping, or stopping, such adoptions, inbetween preaching abstinence and promoting marriage — all of which is simply commerce.)

    Another example:

    “PREP, Inc.” and similar (but this was one of the primary ones) is a single for-profit corporation in Colorado which has hooked up to the welfare system to sell product (relationship classes). Groups like the NGA (National Governors Association) pushed this in the early 1990s to be inflicted on their states (Oklahoma Marriage Initiative) ca. 1999, all running social science R&D while diverting “public” funds to private profits.

    I see it as a tax problem, and of course a signing up for citizenship to start with but whatever you call it, it is a VERY serious problem. Parents are being terrorized as their children are taken, sometimes institutionalized, and often drugged, or shipped out of state, or become runaways — which then of course funds the transitional youth shelters. If you don’t like my writing style, put yourself in those shoes, and at least make a passing reference to the many people who already are. I am on the phone and/or internet most days with parents dealing with this and know firsthand how hard it is for all myths (about the nature of government) are to let go of, particularly when people are in trauma from years of similar experiences.

    I hope you seek and find qualified leaders who, if they have not yet been dismantled by the system, either have successfully stayed off it — or at least will seek out and hear from those who have been on its front lines — and understand that they may have both insight (from firsthand observation) of some of the details and the ability to communicate whatever you’re proposing as a solution, or a better way.

    There is a war on and there are veterans of it. There are “scouting reports” which ought to be heard, they contain DETAILS in CONTEXT which if actually heard, might lead to strategy . I’ve seen firsthand how my household and many others (networking) was dismantled, and I went the extra miles (plural) of investigating and reporting on the systems that did it, leading to the CAFRS, and have been also pushing people to learn the CAFRS.

    I also know what the roadblocks are to people under serious pressure especially because of their children, or because they are reporting how their kids were taken illegally at processing AND following through to act on, the news that their citizenship (and almost everything else they may have hoped to take for granted) is actually the problem.

    If the goal is helping people out, then a roadmap with people who’ve gone the distance is in urgent need. Many thanks again for your Cracking the Cult and many essays herein.

    Thanks, “telljeanpfann” is normally “Let’s Get Honest” blogger on familycourtmatters.wordpress.com. It has sidebar summaries, table of contents, over 600 posts (and a Donate Button)…. Thanks.



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