Confessions Of A Former Truther


In Defense Of The Stupid: Perspectives By A Reformed Truther

To varying degrees, those who imagine that they have taken part in the popular alternative media notion that they have “woken up” begin to reference the majority of the remaining population as stupid. Zombies. Sheep. I suppose this is simply a sophomoric way of distinguishing one’s self from those who have not learned what the individual or group has learned – a surreal sense of self-entitled elitism for the collective minority stake of disenfranchised denizens. And yet these supposedly now “elite” members of the woken up club will be the first to retain an attorney when their still enslaved legal persona is in legal harm’s way.

When politically things don’t go the way the woken up wish that they would in their outreach and activism, these “truthers” inevitably blame the un-indoctrinated mass of stupid people, which always seems to represent the faceless majority of the population out there that isn’t part of the truther network. If only the woken up were running things, everything would be peachy keen…

In all cases the problems of the world seem to stem from the collective stupidity of the rest of the race of man, of which the woken up seem to believe they are somehow no longer a part of in classic class-oriented stylings. Thus far, I have not been privy to any written test or other indicator of just who is awake and who is stupid and not awake. But it seems to be that the stupid people are the ones whom either disagree with or just wont listen to the awakened and their insistent truth.

The woken up carry an invisible torch that represents their perceived awareness for which they call ultimately “the truth”. They are indeed the self-labeled “truthers,” as if all else in stupid-land is not truth. In fact, about a single subject like 9-11-2001, these woken up truthers can have among them literally dozens of different and disagreeable “truths” for which they spew as somehow the one and only truth. There were planes on that day and there were also no planes. There were holograms and there were missiles. It was bombs and it was energy weapons. It was Israeli Mossad and it was the CIA. Bush was merely complicit and Bush pulled the trigger himself…

Anyone in stupid-ville presented with such vast varieties of the truth from such a woken up class of alternative misfits would certainly be more repulsed to the truth than accepting of it, which is exactly where I found myself as I listened to the rantings and ravings of my fellow truthers. Inevitably, when this public repulsion manifests in the form of them asking unanswerable questions or their denial of that presented truth by the apparently awakened people, the awakened get just as angry and fallacious in their response and repose as their apparently stupid counterparts in their own defensive dispositions. At this point the ad hominem attack creeps in from the unawares, and terms like sheeple, ignorant, and stupid are spewed in between truths.

No one would sanely argue over what is reality. But truth has many different flavors, being merely the perception of reality based on the learned knowledge of the subject of a particular thing in reality. Truth changes with different opinions. Reality exists despite any opinion.

Interestingly, woken up individuals must first and foremost admit that in order to become one of the awakened, one must first have been one of the apparently stupid. Though there is no merit badge, this turning point in the personal comprehension of one’s disposition and transformation from one of the stupid to one of the awake never seems to have an inception point. It is more so a leap of faith than an initiation into the truther club; an incremental change of paradigm and self-aggrandizement. It requires nothing really but a change of attitude; or more to the point, a change of perspective. But most important are the words and terms of art that come with that transference, for the elite always have their own artifice. Stupid is one of those terms. For suddenly the notion of independence from the stupid masses becomes a pertinent requirement of the awakening process. And slowly everything becomes murkily clear – all of the problems in the world seem to rest not on one’s self, but instead on the amorphous blob of stupid people out there.

This is apparently the 1st (and sadly often times the last) level of the awakening process.

And a truther one becomes…

It doesn’t matter that as a member of the awake club one has only actually physically met about 0.00000001% of the entire population of all of those people that are supposedly the stupid sheep out there. All that matters is that the awakened have come to a consensus that everyone else is stupid but us, no matter how irrational that notion actually is, and that this is the central division point in society between them, us, and they. This generality does not consider the notion that many of those stupid people have never heard the religion of truth from the awakened through digital and printed media. Thus, many are stupid sheerly because of the non-availability of information called “truth”. But we find that this is no excuse, for just like fundamentalist Christian folk the awake believe that everyone must have access to the truth – that the truth is universal – and so all of stupidity as a culture must therefore be simply in denial of the truth.

If I’m not mistaken, I think the same thing happened when the Christian settlers came to America and discovered not the just the land, but that the true native inhabitants of that land had never heard of Christ; and suddenly the universal truth of the church was not so universal after all. And so how does history go…? Better to kill these stupid natives than to admit that a different truth may indeed exist than the truth of the corporate church and its professors (truthers)… Or perhaps it was that the settlers didn’t actually have the whole truth, which would mean integration of cultural ideals that might defeat the percieved truth of the church! After all, it’s not like anybody on this secular Earth ever has all truth…

Ultimately, the life of a truther becomes more and more secluded, introverted, and lonely. After living in Manhattan for several years, I can certainly attest that one can be extremely lonely in a city of millions upon millions of lost souls; even when they are stacked up on top of each other like oily sardines. When one of the awakened finds that most people look at him as if he is speaking a foreign language as he tries to force his own brand of truth down the stupid people’s throats, a unique anxiety begins to develop that steers the truther into an even more “outside-the-box” feeling, while ultimately still being just as stuck within the box as the rest of us. After a while, the awakened realize that each of their fellow awakened elites seem to have different opinions about what the truth actually is, often in contradiction to each other. They begin to argue with one another instead of with the stupid people as they sit in meeting circles within public library rooms and relish a dream of change that they cannot ever seem to evoke.

Truth will create the change, if we could just agree on what the truth is and then not piss people off by forcibly “sharing” it with them while they are trying to enjoy what little joy life has to offer in some public park or boardwalk. Surely the stupid people came out to hear truth from the truth brigade, not just to enjoy the ocean view or play with their own children in spiritual happiness. And so like illegals on the Las Vegas strip flashing nudie adverts and hustling ads for prostitution and tittie bars, the awakened flash their own propoganda while insulting those who don’t bite the lure.

Once in a while one of the awakened actually wakes up a bit more than they are supposed to when they realize that none in their group actually seems to comprehend the actual reality of things, and that for the most part they are all looking for the same answers to the same questions that you and the other stupid people are. And so what at first was an appealing inclusion and membership into what appeared to be an awkward but special type of group status, turns out to be just an unorganized bunch of just-as-stupid people who just happened to stumble into the alternative realm and learn a few things others don’t know, and thus were re-enfranchised from stupidity into a group that believes they are different from the rest – and thus awake. Just like religion…

What does this really mean?

Ultimately, I figured out that the call-you-stupid thing is just an excuse. Not an excuse for everyone else, mind you, but an excuse for the name-caller himself – the awake one, that is. The true agitation among these truth groups is that they can never get anything done; that they cannot create the change they wish to be or see because they never do anything tangible in support of the change other than blaming others for the problems. And so the universal fallacy of an excuse must be that everyone else is stupid, asleep, and sheep because they do not conform to the cornucopia of multiple truths espoused by the awakened. And perhaps this consensus of fallacy is the reason these truth groups are so appealing in the first place. What a perfectly simple-minded concept, that everything is wrong because other people are responsible for the wrongness – but never myself. Never OUR-selves.

In retrospect, it was the perfect cop-out. For as long as other faceless people were responsible for all the world’s problems, it must certainly mean that I was not. I could hide away from my own lack of knowledge with like-minded individuals while, again being akin to Christianity as a sect, we all believed that we were special. We believed we could change the world by spreading our truth through obnoxiousness and guerrilla media. And with this simulated act of armchair confessionals, our souls were somehow being cleared in the real world without actually making any stand whatsoever against the evil for which we preach. There are no real efforts to change real things in real life. Spread the word of truth as if it is the word of God, and the brotherhood of truth will be saved and raptured from that hell we warned the unawake about.

Sounding more and more like religion, isn’t it?

Well, you know what? It worked. Truth groups stand as their own form of controlled opposition. We may have had some meger success at converting the stupid into the church of truth. But it only worked on those looking for a fallacious excuse to blame everyone else for the problems of the world while in actuality doing nothing about it, which is a fairly small community of stupids. It only worked on those who were tired of feeling alone in their contemplation of such a screwed up political system, and thus were already searching for like-minded people to blame for all the problems they couldn’t and honestly didn’t really want to fix. Complaining is sufficient and paramount to curing, apparently.

Unfortunately, the drop-out rate is also quite high in these truther groups because of this strange notion of truth being so multi-faceted as to include all different types of truths to explain just one truth. There seems to be more debate than consensus among truthers, and most members are followers instead of leaders that will accept unrealistic truths just to fit in.

Perhaps most disturbing are the shock-jocks like Alex Jones, whose mega-corporation infiltrates and promotes on-air these groups while selling their members his own version of the truth. Ultimately, the group settles by consensus on which activism materials, bumper stickers, DVD’s, and other purchasable items to use and hand out, many of them from Jones’s “Infowars” mega-franchise. It’s very similar to the cheap plastic gizmo scheme in China under the doctrine of planned obsolescence, where disposable products mean future repeat customers. His brilliant but ultimately evil marketing strategy is simply to copy and hand out his purchased materials, in hopes of bringing ever more worker bees into his profitable media hive of Infowars corporations. And it works. For most people prefer to purchase his products of re-presented “truth” than to take them for free. This type of psychological approach to sales is certainly not new. But perhaps in this movement it was perfected by Jones. Selling through fear and intimidation, the Infowars franchise has turned into a truth monster, offering everything the paranoid truther could possibly need while he or she waits for the economic apocalypse. For the truther often cocoons and transcends into the slightly evolved prepper – creating two customers in one by splitting the personality of each. And the alternative and mainstream commercial machine is now specifically catering to this multi-billion dollar industry to furnish those with the mindset of some pre-ordained truther knowledge of the apparent truth of a future, yet unpredictable financial collapse with the products and services they’ll need to survive like cockroaches in a holocaust.

But the notion of actually correcting or changing the system so that this collapse doesn’t actually happen seems to now be just a sweet memory of what activism was intended to promote – the change we wish to be and see. A simulacra of truth has blossomed, where the battle is against words and opinions instead of against the physicality and reality of what will cause the apocalypse.

For truth is merely simulated reality – the perception of what is without knowing what is…


“The simulacrum is never what hides the truth –
it is truth that hides that fact that there is none.
The simulacrum is true.” 



Sadly, this mentality of preparation has taken over the rationality of the awakened. It is as if instead of simply stepping out of the way of an oncoming bus or somehow making it stop before it hits us, we are sold on the idea that it is better to prepare for the symptoms of the bus hitting us at full speed without even attempting to get out of the way or prevent it. After all, the system is collapsing not because of us, but because of the stupid people. Like corporate Christians, we pretend to be prepared for the rapture while not trying to stop it from happening. The ultimate cop out!

Fixing the problems would be unprofitable for the likes of Jones and company. His sponsors would go broke, unable to sell their wares where no fear exists; the same profit model of any mainstream television or radio network. And now that I think about it, those truther groups are likely more successful at scaring people into fear-based purchases than they are at informing them of reality; which is great for the profit driven fear industry that the truth movement seems to have become just a marketing tool for.

Perhaps this explains why the mainstream media, especially Fox News and its so-called alternative “patriot” network, is following in the footsteps of the Infowar machine. As the likes of Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and other talking heads with multi-million dollar contracts spew fear and violence as their top stories, I’ve noticed that their commercials are now strangely imitative of those on the alternative news fear porn networks. Ads for storable food, gold and silver, alternative healing and medicines, and other patriotic-sounding “alternative” products permeate the mainstream airwaves: an almost exact profit-based model taken over from the alternative radio syndicate. It’s nothing more than the master selling his servants their own imagination, in preparation not for what is, but for what could happen.

As a former member of these groups like We Are Change, I can only say this. Get over yourselves! I did. The pre-scripted game plan is not working, and seems to me in fact to be working to the advantage of your adversaries, including Infowars and the like. The war is not over information, for most of that is the truth of ill-informed informers. It is extraneous secular information that is preventing you from acting like men, believing in a legal law that supports tyranny and plunder instead of fighting it with the passion and blood of old. You protest government from a safe distance in free speech zones. You pretend to battle the courts by never entering into them. You speak about government where your voice is never heard by government. You speak truth but never act within it. You store food but never feed the hungry. You replenish your storage when after 5 years surprise!, nothing has changed. You hoard gold and silver in preparation of a dollar collapse while still valuing it in those same dollars. You demonize the Crown, the Fed, the Treasury, the banks, and the banker Rothschilds even as they set the artificial market price of gold each day in the City of London – the same gold that you hoard. You go through the motions of preparation for the un-preparable. You stockpile guns and ammo with no intention to use them to solve these problems (the original intent), only to protect your just-in-case stash for when the problems perpetuate. You hope or pray instead of taking action. You use truth as an insult to those who don’t see it. You expose without consequence and enlighten without cause or action. You are victims of your own paradigm… bound in chains and controlled by the very information you pretend will set others free.

None of this is rational behavior.

I should know, I was one of you…

There is no such thing as being awake when you are living in and as this legal fiction, where truth is always a lie.

If you’ve gotten this far (without being irrationally insulted), you might find this helpful:




–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

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  1. paul

     /  November 26, 2014

    post ignorant human?

    • Perhaps it is so… They can’t convince us to go trans-human until they first convince us that we are not man, but hu-man (color and form of man – a mere legal thing =- not man).

  2. Ain’t that the truth…

    Clint I have often referred to you as the best damn truther on the internet…

    Having read this essay I don’t want to say I agree or disagree…Rather add my personal experiences and perhaps tactics. I equate my style of attempting to awaken people as the person in a movie who starts slapping and shaking the person in a trance. I am almost never gentle. I hit people hard. I am not nice.

    However, I so fully avalanch them with my favorite selections to prove or disprove certain illusions that yes… Some think, wow, maybe he is right because he so adamantly believes it,,, some say… FU to me, some argue the soundbites fed to them through FOX or CNN or their Christian Zionist preacher, or Rabbi, or so called survey or study… to which I am pretty adept at seeing the herd point that is contained within, to herd people into a thought pen… and I try and take that apart… however,,, and this is key… If I use something from Alex Jones, like Bohemian Grove and or Loose Change… I state after the jaw drops down… Once you understand this to be the opening of a door… the blinds being drawn open for the light to shine in… that now that I have you here and you are now questioning CNN’s integrity… I want you to know… this is also a lie… at least in part…

    We have more doors and windows to open and quite honestly, what I want you, the subject of my awakening attempt to keep in mind…Is everything is a lie and I know that this rock and that rock are pretty good rocks to step on to cross this river… that rock is slippery, that one wobbly and that one a leap… but allow me to show you that standing in one place and refusing to cross is the height of cowardice and the antithesis of evolution, so please… at least try.

    On a personal note my father gave me a full day to prove my case about such things as 911 while my sisters out right refused. He returned to disbelief a day later but his jaw dropped open for a day and he showed me the respect of an open eared, attentive, open minded juror… and that was all I needed or wanted from family… that respect…

    I know for a fact in 12 years I never called anyone sheep because it is trite and as annoying as being called a conspiracy theorist, but I sometimes and purposely insult them, taunt them with what I believe are undeniable facts… For example Benjamin Freedman, or the fact Ignatius Loyola was a crypto Jew who was instrumental in the creation of the Jesuit order and I often say Jesuit = Jew suit.. attempting to invoke timeline and chronology as to what begat what… and migration patterns and who came first, the chicken or the Khazar…

    and as the major plotpoints are articulated in a more succinct and clear way, I find myself reaching people out of a repetition of think, think, think… You can lead them to The Money Masters and Lethal Injection but you can’t make them watch… especially for 3 hours… so I watch these presentations often and it sinks into my own psyche as an athlete learns to play his position swiftly and adeptly… to cover the bases, run the pattern and to present huge points with sentences that really deliver the seed to the soil in their heads… And those seeds are meant not to grow into a tree that stands in one place but one that continues to push upward toward the light, to shed old limbs for new as a quest for the truth is the only question– just as a person on a hike has to keep going or never get there or never return home… Quite the opposite of one who sits on a couch and watches his favorite simplistic angry news anchor telling him what to think…

    Once a person is rejecting just about everything from the TV and much of what the internet offers up, and actually using common sense again, the battle is almost won… The pied piper is up to no good, do not follow… Protect your brain and decide what makes sense… but Oh yes… that too is a problem…

    Most people funnel what makes sense through the idea that people are mostly nice and trustworthy and that they would never betray confidence… especially those on the TV… The idea that justice is measured out through the TV is the greatest illusion of all… Lately I have taken to saying… The TV is not sworn in by a Judge each day to tell the truth and only the truth… In fact it is a buyer beware surreality… where they proclaim ground cow and bacon to be healthy stacked high with multiple sauces, and that this stock is poised to break out and politicians have our best interest in mind… lies and ads…lies and ads…

    I have rambled beyond the idea I wanted to invoke and that is… The truth educator needs to find the best tools out here on the internet and learn them frontwards and backwards… And then teach… In conversation with friends and family in the real world… I can work in great facts… Arguing with strangers on the internet… I’m playing for the minds of the readers, not the person I am arguing with… And sometimes, my shortness and caustic manner works and other times it doesn’t… But I am pretty sure I left a mark… and people remember when I hit them hard when the subject comes around again… Because it always does come around again… and I feel confident I slapped them out of their trance… at least for a few minutes… once upon a time…

    • MikeV

       /  November 26, 2014

      LOL I’m totally on your page but what is “sheep” but a word and it is useful in some cases but not when someone is genuinely a sheep and been lead through pasture their entire life then its like making fun of a handicapped person. BUT for the die hard NeoCon types that think they live in a fortified temple of their truth religion it requires a brick through a window to get their pseudo intellectual attention and make them realize their under a cheap house of glass, in most cases they have but parroted Fox news bullet points with no substance, and yes it is nice to get those types to have their jaws literally on the floor with quick respectful precision. Both my dad and uncle are these types and after multiple holidays of intense jaw dropping my aunt made Uncle promise “no politics”, my dad already learned his lesson and after a few years has actually started tuning into the alternate truth I present on occasion.
      Calling one a “sheep” or “sheeple” in the right context should incite some anger , a motivation to go prove me wrong to create a level of awakening, don’t believe me go search for yourself and do the same with all information or stay ignorant rely on faith and the teachings of your truth idols.
      Someone “awake” does not rely on any one source of “truth” and should question all, Lord Jones has proven to me his true colors BUT there is no denying he has awaken many people to go out and seek for themselves, others are just “sheep” that have chosen to flock to his pasture if not other pastures comfortable with a certain “truth”.
      I personally don’t claim to be a truther or to know the truth but simply to be awake and aware which is more instinct then a nurtured trait in my opinion. The biggest problem in the entire situation at hand is “ego”, the “truth” is self evident and need not be defined, as Gandhi said there is no higher God hen the truth, every problem comes from the ego of man the sheep will always follow a master and the awake will always instinctively sense the unspoken truth, it may not be instant but as soon as one fixates on a certain “truth” you stop being awake.

      “Be Angry at the Sun” – Robinson Jeffers

      That public men publish falsehoods
      Is nothing new. That America must accept
      Like the historical republics corruption and empire
      Has been known for years.

      Be angry at the sun for setting
      If these things anger you. Watch the wheel slope and turn,
      They are all bound on the wheel, these people, those warriors.
      This republic, Europe, Asia.

      Observe them gesticulating,
      Observe them going down. The gang serves lies, the passionate
      Man plays his part; the cold passion for truth
      Hunts in no pack.

      You are not Catullus, you know,
      To lampoon these crude sketches of Caesar. You are far
      From Dante’s feet, but even farther from his dirty
      Political hatreds.

      Let boys want pleasure, and men
      Struggle for power, and women perhaps for fame,
      And the servile to serve a Leader and the dupes to be duped.
      Yours is not theirs.

  3. Well said. Well articulated compendium of 3d observations. I have to agree with your point. And I must add, there is a difference, I have found, for myself, between 3d awakened and 4d awakened and even outside the matrix awakened. It’s really all growing pains of those who are growing up spiritually but don’t know it yet. Trust the process I guess, it’s all leading us somewhere… JF

  4. “If what you seek is Truth, there is one thing you must have above all else.”
    “I know. An overwhelming passion for it.”
    “No. An unremitting readiness to admit you may be wrong.”
    – Anthony de Mello

    An excellant essay Clint; I feel reasonably indicted by the charges you levy and will now either have to take the lead or recoil back into my shell. There aren’t many options; get busy living or get busy dying. 😉

    Anyone assuming that they hold a patent on the truth is mistaken and certainly just as foolish is the notion that somehow clarity is not part of the public domain. Yet clarity too can be a mistake, a fool’s paradise if we’re not properly tuned to the instruments we wield. Force feeding that “clear” view on others may fool us into believing that we’re doing great things, effecting positive change when in effect we are only obssessing with ourselves.

    • It is an indictment of myself, my reaction to the problem presented in this dialectic. So you must be like me! Let us commiserate, tease, and flog ourselves accordingly! Even some of my old blog posts on this site make me cringe at the confidence I had 4 years ago that my truth was the truth. A bit of humility goes a long way!

  5. joeyvirgo

     /  November 26, 2014

    With all due respect (I hope), beside calling the truthers lazy hypocrites and do-nothingers, what’s your game plan, Clint? Isn’t this essay just more of the same game you’re trying to expose about the truthers: you’re the enlightened one now and all the ones who are calling others stupid for not really being “awake” or resisting the status quo are just more of the same stupid status quo, so you’re only one who really knows, and so you’re telling others that you’re pretty much the only one who really knows? Is it less lonely on the top for you now than for those who view themselves “awake” and yet feel lonely and apart from the “stupid masses”? What does this new attitude of your buy you?

    This isn’t just religion, although I agree the shape of it both looks like a religion and behaves like a business. This is, more to the point: mysticism: the Knowing Master versus the Unenlightened. Period. No?

    I’m just trying to find what difference this essay really makes to the world at large or your readers in general and what sort of action you really recommend if any, since I found nothing concrete in your words about what kind of action might help make a real difference to our simulacrum. Keep following the courtly rabbit down the legal rabbit hole or watch you try? Is that the action you recommend or can recommend?

    I’m asking. It seems to me we’re all in a fine mess, including you. Do you disagree?

    • We take from things what we choose to take from them. You have just made many assertions about me and added many words that were not said here – like a game of telephone where after ten whispers the last person receives a completely false message from the original. I suppose this is how you express your own version of truth. If you are offended by this writing, which is an essay about myself more than anyone, then perhaps there’s some “truth” in there for you to find about yourself. I don’t know… We are all down the rabbit hole, living fictional lives, blaming everyone else for all the problems, even while we are looking for the entrance to go down the rabbit hole. We never exit because we don’t see our own disposition within. I saw mine, as explained above, and exited promptly what I consider a dead end road of activism without recourse based on commercialism. You don’t have to like my observations here, but if you are going to poo-poo them then at least do the due diligence to show proof of my error, not just accuse me of your opinion of me, which is way off. We are in a fine mess, yes, and whining about it through signs and bumper stickers is simply not a reasonable discourse. The fight is not in social media, it’s in the courts. Meanwhile we can’t speak the language of the courts. Petitions, demonstrations, signs, pamphlets, and Infowars swag changes nothing. That’s the point.

      • joeyvirgo

         /  November 26, 2014

        Clint, I’m not criticizing you. Like I wrote, “With all due respect (I hope).” Don’t know where you picked up that I was criticizing you exactly. I thought I was just checking in about an attitude inadvertently revealed in your essay, so I questioned it, knowing I might get back ire from you because, yes, I knew, the topic was indeed personal.

        I never referenced anything about a telephone game and I don’t think your analogy applies to what I wrote if that’s what you meant for me to understand nor does it apply even to my response to you about what I read. In my opinion. You just didn’t wholly get what I wrote as my response, just as you stated I didn’t get all that you wrote and meant for me to understand in your essay.

        That’s why there’s give and take and question and answer.

        And I don’t want to play a game with you where you think I’m deliberately attacking you and then I have to explain myself or defend myself or, in turn, blow up at you for misinterpreting me, etcetera. I’ve got no issue with you as a man, never did, and now that you’ve responded to me, I’ve got no issue with anything you’ve written here either. Mostly never did any way.

        Some ideas you meant to communicate probably just didn’t get through to me the way you intended. You meant to say something that I just didn’t get. But I merely asked a question, and you did answer me. And I’m totally satisfied with your reply, thank you.

        Your response clarified what was confusing for me or mystifying in your addressing the topic of truthers. I wasn’t insulted by the words in your essay at all. I already knew where you were coming from. And I don’t disagree with your recent reply in any way. Social media and bumper stickers aren’t meaningful or realistic tools for fighting the system. And we don’t know the language of the courts. That’s what I meant by being in a fine mess, and you wrote you agree. I don’t have an argument at all with you either. I think we’re pretty much on the same page insofar as the “truther movement” is concerned and I’ve been listening to you talk about the language of the courts for a long time, and I understand how important that is, yet how hard it is to grasp and use practically, too.

        Thanks for giving me your thought and consideration and clarifying your ideas for me.

        • Fair enough! Thanks for your reply as well. Many people beat down those who speak candidly about the ridiculousness of the “norm” rather than examine reality. I get my share. I don’t think you are one of those people. That said, I think we are all in the same trap, in a hole we don’t comprehend, and so the answer or “solution” to me is to exit the system entirely and let it die with no puppet masters to animate the puppet persons of government, as opposed to fighting against a system that is self-perpetuating. In other words, in as pessimistic terms as I can muster, the system we fight is not going to change because it exists by foundation and design to enslave the mind by attaching the body (vessel) in commerce to itself in legal chains. It has no other purpose. It cannot be changed anymore than the chains can be broken – because while in this rabbit hole the chains are fictional and imaginary and thus unbreakable without knowledge. They can only be broken in the mind, for government means “mind control”. So this is not so much about stopping people from spreading their own version of truth, it is about starting people down the road of learning the reality that is outside of the fictional system. There is no truth in the fiction of government. So it is an unobtainable goal. The truth about 9/11 is only what the courts say it is, not us. Because the truth is a legal opinion of a court. Conspiracy does not exist until the court says it does in its opinion. Proof of conspiracy means nothing outside of a court. So in the fiction, truth doesn’t exist until the government says it does. It’s not our fiction to change… we are just users of governments fictitious persons as registered tenants who pay usury for use. We have no power to change someone else’s fiction. And it’s time we realize that we cannot necessarily change someone else’s truth either. Instead, we should embrace each other – those of us who agree on what should be law and truth – and start a new system based on our own fiction. Thus, the Bible being the ultimate fiction of law from which all others transgress, I choose to seek like-minded individuals that wish to create our truth from that guide-stone of a book – not from corporate church doctrines or government legal crap. I say this because the reality is that there is no truth except what we make. And the closer we make our own laws to the reality of nature the better we can obtain what it is we call “truth.” This understanding is the foundation of peace. Thanks again…

    • Please allow me to interject, Gentlemen, but based upon the stimulating dialogue or Socratic seminar above that was indeed a rare find, especially within the sphere of Internet blog comments, I deduce that I am among other individuals a couple standard deviations above the norm to the degree that norm-referenced simulacrum reveal a scintilla of truth.

      That being said, shouldn’t you guys be hanging out together and having this conversation over a frosty pint and thanking…well…since you don’t appear to be believers at first blush, I am at a surprising loss of words here…complimenting yourselves on your stellar choice in the caliber of company you keep?


      P.S. I guess you’re not in Texas then? I thought from the post entitled, Where the state of Texas hides your money, and the name “Clint,” if my memory serves me correctly, indicated you might have lived here. Now it sounds more like California? Where are you at? By the way, if you know how to get a hold of Judge Lisa Millard’s and Conrad Moren’s (310th court in Harris County, TX in Houston) reports that show how much they bring in for throwing little healthy, happy children induced by a play therapist to make allegations of sexual abuse against father and “The Visitor ” now “sole managing ‘conservator'” (though no contract and void ab initio “orders”) into (un)”SAFE” free stalking for the NPD sociopath parent who kidnapped your child you haven’t seen in over 2 1/2 years though you raised him alone until age 5 1/2, for he having played the “Damon 10,000 Screw” for $20,000–“The Fix Is in”–and also for child support enforcement and access and visitation and/or crime victim’s assistance funds (for suborned via perjury, among other crimes, perjurious affidavits for “protective” “orders”)? Major Kids for Cash criminal enterprise also being connected, on knowledge and belief, to Children’s Assessment Center at 2500 Bolsover in Houston, Texas (sixty-four centers, “non-for-profit” joint public-private ventures across Texas under “Child Advocacy Centers”, much like “SAFE,” run by Marinelle Timmons, Executive Director), and Judge Millard’s unholy alliance with Child Advocates, Inc., land development possibly leased with judicial campaign funds (and bribes from people like my son’s father) that are available through Texas Tribune and Public Integrity Unit, though you are obviously more resourceful than I on financials (English major, former English teacher), and Juvenile Detention or Probation Board on which Judge Millard sits?

      Can you help me find any policies that link unconstitutional First, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and/or Fourteenth Amendment violations or deprivations under color of law (including through “collaborative,” “unified” court/Children’s Commissioner’s Court statutes and administrative policy) from City of Pearland and/or Harris County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations (Sex) Crimes Against Children Division?

  6. Charles W Fisher

     /  November 26, 2014

    Hello jean . I had a long day. Will call Friday CW Fisher

  7. John D

     /  November 27, 2014

    Hello Clint, I’ve been on a lifetime search for not so much truth but an answer or understanding as to why everything is so unjust, difficult, messed up, bad or just plain wrong, since my late teens (over 20years ago). I actually think that I had the advantage of being labelled remedial and was left by the school system to simply drift quietly through their in-doctrine system without actually being ‘educated’. Thus, when I realised I was not any less a person for not having any school qualifications but had just developed differently in terms of my thinking compared to my ‘educated peers ‘. I even used to believe the propaganda that this was because I had a form of dyslexia (a nonsense term like all the spawned from the fraudulent field of psychiatry).
    So I retained my core ability to at least attempt to critically think about subjects, ideas and beliefs that were thrust upon me, with the result that I was questioning virtually everything and probably moulded me into the introvert with zero friends I am today? Although, I’m certainly not (to use their term) anti-social and have lots of acquaintances and work colleagues that seem to like me, as long as I communicate within the bounds of ‘their’ world understanding? This is very difficult as it means I have to leave my world and my empirically/ self-evident based and step into another for the sole purpose of being sociable?
    From my experience I find that the worst people to communicate with are not those that are often referred to as the ‘sheeple’ i.e. those that don’t question or acknowledge the Hollywood that they participate every day. But rather the so-called awakened who hold ridged known ‘truths’ that will not consider any other view even when presented with something they don’t have to believe but merely observe. E.g. I observed a several hundred foot steel support on a WTC building turn to Dust before my eyes and truther’s are still talking about market put options, thermite and even (mini-micro aka Mr Fetzer) nuclear bombs (do Nuclear bombs even exist people are you sure?). And, that’s just one item from 1 event out of hundreds of historical events. I then ask these Truth seekers to explain what we all can observe in this one instance and get either zero response or someone actually telling me that its dust from the building that’s collapsing (some 3-4 seconds since initiation-really) that has settled onto the several hundred foot support, Vertically, really? And then blows away to leave this impression some several hundred feet long? Sorry, but whilst I struggle to understand the never before seen phenomenon I’m observing right before my eyes, I can still apply common-sense and rational critical thinking to it and not be so blind to acknowledge what it couldn’t be?
    Do I act like one of these people I criticise above I don’t believe so. I can honestly say that unlike the sheeple and truth seekers I cite here, I too at one time many years ago, held these unquestioned beliefs and erroneous knowledge because I hadn’t seen or read anything that differed from it (The Bible being just a piece of fiction, Hitler was the problem but actually the solution to Jews, the holocaust a total fraud (why does a historical fact truth need a law to protect it?), Jews hatred of White people/Christians as per their Talmud and every problem based slavery system we are under today, Jew propaganda that exists in every information outlet, History being altered since back when history was first being recorded, All Wars being started by a very small modern set of Jews and their lackys, Jews not actually being from Jews of the bible etc etc etc ). But, where I set myself apart is that when I found out these differing views and evidence I looked at it and tested it for myself (this might simply be looking at what this new evidence is saying/showing and applying it to what my previous held beliefs were and seeing did it still hold water?). By way of example that most people will have some understanding of the context: WTC building collapsed (wasn’t it actually 7 WTC buildings that either were destroyed and or went away?). Ok I can see with my own eyes that it was there but now it isn’t. They were very big and heavy structures that ‘fell’, wouldn’t they make a very big bang when they crashed to the ground in 10ish seconds? Well yes and there are several seismic reading that we could look at to see did they match the required big bangs that would have ensued? So what did the several independent centres report? Not a lot and not the big bangs that should have been present and recorded ‘if’ WTC buildings had crashed to the ground. Hmmmmm, so I can see photos and video that show a fairly quiet building ‘collapse’ turning to dust in from of my eyes (including a support I cite above), there isn’t a huge rubble pile at the bottom for a 250K tonne building, there isn’t any seismic records for such big building hitting the ground. Well you know, I had an 11 year old come to the same conclusion as I did. That the buildings disappeared in front of our eyes and the material that we should see at the bottom was there but in the form of very fine Dust. Wow, the 11 year old didn’t really understand the implications of his realisation but I have a little more insight and its staggering to me. So why not to all the other truth seekers? Well this too isn’t a secret and is well known but is just another Taboo like, the few I mention above. If I ever get into a discussion that isn’t dismissed out of hand and may be pick just one topic the usual response is either, simply stated “what are you doing about all these things?” or “what good does all this knowledge do you?” And, they are actually difficult to answer as I would contest that anyone asking these are not capable of understanding my answer. But, in short, I simple say that I’d rather be informed and know what evil is being perpetrated upon me than not knowing. At least, I can understand the source and reason for the pain and unhappiness that I feel every day. And I do! But, I do follow this up with another statement that if everyone was like me then we’d no have these problems so my hope is that me telling you might start a process that starts you on your road to your on truth seeking?

    • I feel you, John. And honestly, I think this is done on purpose. We need a good set of officially unsolved conspiracies to keep us busy – ones that seem too big to fail. Too big for one man or a group to prove. Too big to bring to public light. It keeps us busy. And it keeps us ineffective and feeling helpless against the machine, which it seems some people actually enjoy being in that realm. So much, in fact, that I’m not sure many truthers actually want to solve the problem because then they’d have no truth to share, for it would be mainstream. You can’t be “alternative” if your views are educated to the masses now can you? You can’t be special if everyone knows your “truth?” Seems to me to be one step away from a straightjacket at times. I’d say that in the end, one must learn these things for themselves for the purposes of self-reflection, not just because you want to blab it to everyone you can. I’ve learned to be fun at parties again, John, because I now embrace my empathy and know that people are at a party to get away from truth, not to embrace it. Truth is for you and you alone, and you should constantly reload and refine it, because truth it seems is never set in stone. You can never have or obtain truth, because truth is not an institution to practice like an attorney or doctor practices “law” and “medicine.” One can’t practice truth, unless one concedes that truth to be doctrine, religion, or law. This is how wars are started, because one truth is against the other. Self-enlightenment is the goal. And meeting like-minded individuals is the goal. But you can’t force it on anyone.

      • Doreen Agostino

         /  November 27, 2014

        John D.

        Thank you Clint for writing this post, and thank you John for sharing. I felt deep sadness reading your response John. Over and over I ask myself, whose truth is this anyway?

        For decades I experienced what John wrote: so-called awakened who hold ridged known ‘truths’ that will not consider any other view even when presented with something they don’t have to believe but merely observe.

        Deception is masterful [Hegelian Dialectic problem reaction solution], distractions are rampant, yet many awakened ones empower separation consciousness instead of unity consensus, which requires unparalleled cooperation to preserve our species.

        A request of 3 high profile front line alleged truth speakers to cooperate, and negotiate a truce with the cabal, fell on deaf ears. How can anyone show the way until we retire ego, and courageously learn to cooperate with one another for the collective good? Bless us all!

  8. The imminent return of Yashua Messiah to this earth is the ONLY answer to our predicament, and there is no other. That’s it guys pure and simple.

    Carnal secular man cannot guide or rule himself, nor can he defeat the enemy that has wormed his way into our nations at the highest levels. We are being devoured from within.

    • I agree, to an extent. But the “return” of Yashua Messiah in my humble opinion is not an anthropomorphic event where a man comes to earth. This notion is fallacious to me, and against the Bible’s true teachings as I understand them. It reads to me that It is only when man starts acting Christ-like and following the path in life of the Bible against fictional church and government under God’s laws of nature that the Christ will manifest through mankind – the return of Christ in man. Hoping for change never creates change. Only our actions will create heaven on Earth.

      Why this is an offensive concept I don’t understand, other than to say that religions have converted their members to live wholly against the Bible’s teachings. In this sense, by creating a heretical world-wide sect of indoctrinated antropomorphites, men may never become like Christ, and the anti-christ church keeps its control while otherwise rational and logical people wait for what the church says will happen.

      Food for thought…

      Manifest has a real and a fictional meaning. We live under the fictional one. Christ-like behaviour would represent the first definition. Commerce the second…

      MAN’IFEST, adjective [Latin manifestus.] 1. Plain, open, clearly visible to the eye or obvious to the understanding; apparent; not obscure or difficult to be seen or understood. From the testimony, the truth we conceive to be manifest. Thus manifest to sight the god appeared. That which may be known of God is manifest in them. Romans 1:19. 2. Detected; with of.

      MAN’IFEST, noun An invoice of a cargo of goods, imported or laden for export, to be exhibited at the custom-house by the master of the vessel, or the owner or shipper.

      I suppose if we destroy the earth instead that too is a manifestation of God’s wrath.

      • I can’t agree with that, because it clearly states that as He left i.e. rising into the air (heaven) as witnessed by The Messengers so He will return.

        Scripture also says He will come on the clouds with His angels and that in The Resurrection (not a mickey mouse rapture) we will rise to meet Him in the air. These are all very specific Scriptures and easy to understand even if difficult to comprehend in practicality. We see through a glass darkly.

        In order to be Christ like a man or a woman must be called of The Father to His Son and then be Baptised (full immersion) into Yashua Messiah’s (Jesus Christ’s) name ALONE – not into a heathen trinity.

        The Canaanite Jews – The Devil’s Seed must also be gathered in at the harvest i.e The Tares and burned and all His enemies put under His feet.

        As I see it we do not have the power to achieve these things or carry them out.

      • “It reads to me that It is only when man starts acting Christ-like and following the path in life of the Bible against fictional church and government under God’s laws of nature that the Christ will manifest through mankind – the return of Christ in man.”

        The city of Enoch is one of the very, very few (if only) examples of the condition you refer to that exists (to my knowledge) in recorded history. But even then, when they attained “really good” status, the whole city was taken into heaven…they didn’t enjoy “heaven on earth”. But that level of goodness is all but unheard of: even Moses himself was not able to whip his people in shape…and that was with the entire population experiencing undeniable empirical evidence of God in a multitude of ways!

        When Christ came the first time it was not to a perfect world. Far from it, in fact. And the prophets who proclaimed Christ’s birth were the ones who prophesied about the Second Coming…none of which (that I’m aware of) indicates that the Second Coming will be preceded by any sort of global goodness…quite the opposite, really.

        The more I think about it, though, the more I agree with your assertion that our modern churches (perhaps every church?) are tools of the State. Modern Christianity certainly bears little to no resemblance to anything I read in the Bible.

        Regardless of what the Second Coming will look like, it doesn’t mean that we cannot, or should not, live our lives as Christ-like as possible. I actually think it’s our responsibility to do so.

        Love your work.

        • @ Recynd77

          The ‘church’ you refer to is not The Church, which I prefer to call the Assembly of God or Congregation of God. The word ‘church’ has far too many negative connotations. The Congregation of God is small in number – Many are called – FEW are chosen, in this age.

          This is paralleled graphically in the Book of Judges where Gideon whittles down his army of thousands to just three hundred and then conquers the Midianites.

          Yashua Messiah further reinforces this when He said: “The Harvest is plenteous, but the labourers are FEW.”

          Why would Yashua Messiah return if the world was perfect? It is precisely because it is in one unholy mess that He is coming. Be encouraged.

  9. PS if you’re not praying then now is the time like never before.

    • I’m with the lion, one hundred thirty-three percent! But then, I am a Leo.

      • I am with The Lamb who will soon return as a Lion – The Lion of Judah to take King David’s Throne.

        • That’s the plan! That passage from Isaiah that counsels to sometimes sit still (or is it quiet?) and wait for the Lord…I have brought entirely new meaning to the passage. Enjoy the ride! Catch ya’ on the Flipside. The good thing about not “suffering” so profoundly is that for the first time in my life I will be truly be ready to “not look” back and to leave everything behind without flinching or hesitation when the Lord comes upon us like a “thief in the night” (that is not a death wish in unambiguous terminology lest any social worker SS swine or cops or Pharisees be at the listening post). I think had my son not been kidnapped, being my everything, I would not have been ready to let go when the time comes.

          • I am so sorry to hear of the tragic loss of your son. I can relate in part as my ex-wife stole my sons away many years ago. I will pray for you and your son. I also feel that words are empty when dealing with the kind of trauma you are going through, so will leave it there.

            • Thank yo so much! I guess I was just called and have died to the fight, so to speak. Wrong Mummy! “Sitting still and waiting for the Lord!” “Righteous Anger, I hope” (Ephesians?).

  10. Marc

     /  November 27, 2014

    Clint, new to any of this blogging stuff but have followed you on RBN first on Diana’s show a while back. To sum up, the christian man Dan solution makes the most sense even though it is mostly impossible to figure out how to actually pull it off. As for the stupid, I’m not going to throw any stones down on those who are not as enlightened as me because I understand that God …Jesus is in control and his steeple know his voice and he will reveal himself to his people all in good time. So keep broadcasting the truth (reality) as God reveals it to you and leave the results to his ultimate plan that was initiated at creation.

  11. Marc

     /  November 27, 2014

    Sheep. Not steeple

  12. Psalms 85:11
    Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven.

    John 14:6
    Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    There are many perseptions of truth but there does exist only one truth.
    The closer we get to righteousness (“the way”) the closer we will also get to the one truth.
    The vice versa applies as well, of course.
    There appears to be a great divide in the works.

    My 2 cents… in peace,


  13. Dennis

     /  November 28, 2014

    Clint – I think most will be swayed by the sentiment offered here, but how can you explain your affiliation with GCN (Alex Jones) front RBN. Surely after all this time you cannot be so naive? Regardless of whether they pay you or not, you give RBN a credibility it does not deserve and therefore you are exactly what you criticize in this essay. You could make an excuse that this brings your message to a wider audience but let’s be real, podcasting is not an expensive thing to do and you could easily host your own without RBN and its network of shills, and those genuinely seeking the truth would eventually find it. Until you leave this network I am forced to view this diatribe as a clever marketing campaign for RBN as a supposed alternative and more realistic version of the mainstream “truthers” in spite of many of the great interviews you have done with excellent contributors such as Patrick Jordan.

    • OK “Dennis,” since you have made certain affirmations here it falls on you to show the burden of proof. Apparently you have a grandiose idea of what the station represents, and thus far I’ve seen nothing to support your claims. In fact, it seems quite the opposite – in fact disorganized to the point of failure. So please explain the following.

      1) In what way is RBN a front for GCN?

      2) What am I naive about?

      3) What affiliation do you claim I have with RBN? (FYI – I do a show, I am unpaid, am uncensored, I have no contract, and I can quit tomorrow.)

      4) How does my show give RBN credibility?

      5) How does my show have anything to do with this essay, considering I piss off most “truthers” and “patriots” and “constitutionalists” by calling bullshit on them?

      6) I was asked to do the show, it was the first network that approached me, and yes I am happy to reach a wider audience. In fact the station gives me legitimacy in this regard. Why should I be ashamed of that?

      7) Podcasting? Why would I do that when I am given a spot on real radio?

      8) Who are the shills, and why would I purposefully limit my listener-ship even if other hosts are “shills”?

      9) This is not posted at RBN, nor does RBN have anything to do with my blog or websites or movies. How is this very personal essay a marketing campaign for RBN when I didn’t even mention RBN in the post?

      10) I am not a truther, because I found out that truth is not reality. Perhaps you need to read this post again. And for you to say I’m mainstream is laughable to say the least.

      There are so many holes here that I should not even have wasted my time responding. Please prove anything you’ve said here.


  14. You know what? My attitude never changed. I just felt vindicated but a lot more informed about what the attitude was and why. And after that I just thought.. OH! *UCK! what the *uck have we done?

  15. Awakened one

     /  December 6, 2014

    Actually the HU mean becoming (man) as in not there yet.

  16. Awakened one

     /  December 6, 2014

    You sit here using the internet, wearing their clothes, driving their cars, eating their food and you claim you’re not part of it? Bull sh*t. Were that you living in the Alaska tundra miles away from nearest neighbor with not intent to ever see “civilization” that might bet true. Its not so you ARE LIVING A LIE! Sorry but this post is pompus, I’m better than you bullsh*t. you piss me off.

    • Where did I claim this, that I am not part of it? Your fallacies are incredible. And you are talking about a jurisdiction, not physical land. When I am ready and fully informed, I will no longer be in that jurisdiction. Not a moment sooner. I’ve made this very clear. You can go away now…


  17. Awakened one

     /  December 6, 2014

    PS I haven’t listened to Jones in at least 7 years (he’s a fearmonger), I own no gold, don’t have a garden or a generator. Your “awakened” strawman is just that… a fiction. We aren’t what you think we are.

    You demonize Jones as you attempt to tread in his footsteps. Frankly I suspect you’re all a bunch of charlatans and snake oll sellers. Look at your mentor/biggest supporter former RBN talker/quilter Deana Spingola …. that sheeple idiot still thinks Sandy Hook was real! MY GOD! give me a frickin break. So… best Take anything any of you say with a grain of salt and do your own due diligence!

    • Guilt by association? More fallacy of course. I have no corporations and never will. Jones has over 10 corporations. I charge nothing for my works, he does. What is the comparison? I will never go to GCN. You have no idea the story behind the story of how Jones screwed over Stadtmiller. Again, just go away or show some actually proof of your lies.


  18. Percy Tuschling

     /  March 3, 2015

    hi Clint,just found you…..

    Thanks for your writing,got to agree that “telling people the ‘truth'” is definetly not the way to make friends or influence people! they don’t want to know and resent having their ‘reality’ disturbed…….imo things are definetly in a mess by design; loved the way you handled Denis and awakened one,spot the professional disrupter;got to stop ranting and try to make my point -thank you for pointing out we all got to think for ourselves and be prepared to reject our blinkered viewpoints when more info comes along.unity consciousness is key,but getting there is the hard yards we all have to work at on our own,thanks again for making me think!

    • Glad to be of service. Not many truthers like to hear the truth about their thutherness it seems. Apparently, we must make our own.

  19. synthikat

     /  March 4, 2015

    Just can’t see how the fight will be won “in the courts” and not in the streets and houses… the courts are bullshit and controlled by the System. How can you win when not only are the game’s rules fixed by them but they are corrupt and if you stand on your rights having lawfully rejected consent (sent the magic paper and ink back to them) they will simply resort to lies and violence anyway, as we see time and again in the “Land of the Free”? Every day there are more cases of gross police brutality and kangaroo courts, never mind the injustice of legality pretending there has been consent (when obviously it is not informed nor uncoerced). Claiming we can beat them in court is like thinking you can beat a chess player by becoming one of your own pieces on the board! It is a loss of power and doomed to fail, not a path to victory. Negotiating with psychopaths and their slaves from a position of weakness, which a lone man standing in court facing charges certainly is, does not work.

    • Well said. I’ve nothing to challenge or add to this, except that the courts can be made to recognize you as private. That is the trick.

  20. Nobody556

     /  September 30, 2015


    I find this post disturbing. And sheer garbage.

    You’re implying that it isn’t more productive to be having a discussion then to not.

    People are in search of truth. It’s a path. Because they know something isn’t right. So I don’t appreciate you sitting here and condemning people for exploring that path.

    Because that path is the exact path that leads to more people thinking outside-the-box which in turn leads to solutions.

    From all I know about you so far, if you wouldn’t have explored that path, you wouldn’t be where you are now.

    And no, the only solution isn’t to first get everyone to ditch their straw-man. It may be the most important after-all, but that doesn’t make all other information irrelevant.

    That other path, lead me to this path. Because this path wouldn’t of become shit without that other path. See how that works?

    Your logic seems to be twisted.

    You’re claiming the structure of our current system (UCC/Admiralty Maritime Law/Law of the Sea) is gamed against us and this is what you have to do to become free again.

    Yet that’s exactly what most of these “truthers” “conspiracy theorist” (quit using CIA/opposition terms) are presenting to inform the public that they’re being deceived and lied to about daily events and/or occurrences.

    Sure, what you’re presenting sure seems like the icing on the cake. So again that makes everything else irrelevant? We should all turn a blind eye to it? Or not have the discussion with people? I don’t see your logic, at all.

    However, I do get your overdrawn out point (that can be summed up very easily) that too much negative is bad for you, period.

    That however gives no justification that ALL those sharing alternative information just because the nature of it’s reality is negative are somehow trying to manipulate you. That’s losing sanity.

    If the nature of reality is negative, you need to face it to change it.

    And basically implying that “there is no truth” is the biggest fallacy here at large.

    Protesting and other kinds of activism don’t work? Then what the hell are you doing? You’re instructing people to get active and protest the legal structure of the system by somehow opting out.
    I’ve yet to see you provide a proven comprehensive instruction guide that guarantee’s people that what you’re saying isn’t bullshit.
    Where is your proof that you’re no long a corporation or legal fiction? Why can’t you show it in use?
    It’s not hard to see that this corrupt system and its perpetrators operate off of ‘free will’. So if you’re silent on the things that you feel matter; why would they stop?
    The fact that now people are engaging in conversations about things they never did once before is AMAZING. In itself.

    What are you doing differently than Alex Jones? You’re “fear-mongering” the “corporation nation” upon people and you have a donation button on your website.

    See how anyone can speculate and make generalized claims. And totally miss your intention.

    Having a profitable business doesn’t make AJ a bad guy. He’s had to expand it to reach a larger and larger audience. And it’s worked.

    With a growing business comes major expenses for technological advancements to appeal to people. Or just to make ideas grow.
    I don’t’ get your ad hominem attacks on AJ or Infowars. And I definitely don’t get you placing him into the same category as Fox News, etc.

    Back to my previous point, if you used the ability to think strategically and really wanted to take this message to inform the masses; you would be thinking about expanding this information on a large scale based on a business model that made it possible to grow and reach a larger audience.

    Become more relevant.

    I would see NOTHING wrong with you selling items that would benefit your viewers that you ethically stood behind to then in turn grow so you could reach a large audience.

    It would enable you to invest in things like a web design/developer, apparel, etc.. Things that will enable you to grow the message.

    I’m sure many of your subscribers would LOVE to sport a t-shirt or sticker on their vehicle that could spark interest in the possibility of someone new discovering your information.

    The reality of it is that those kind of things are useful in spreading a message.

    And the inherent nature of business isn’t bad. So don’t make it seem like that. Because it’s merely an exchange of services and/or goods.

    I’ve appreciated a ton of information you’ve shared with me. But this article is merely bullshit.

    The war IS over information.

    information (n.)
    late 14c., “act of informing,” from Old French informacion, enformacion “information, advice, instruction,” from Latin informationem (nominative informatio) “outline, concept, idea,” noun of action from past participle stem of informare (see inform). Meaning “knowledge communicated” is from mid-15c. Information technology attested from 1958. Information revolution from 1969.

    via – word etymology.

    If this is a reflection of who you are then you’re a letdown. Maybe you’ve just given up. Who knows?! But this display of character is disturbing.

    One love.

    PS. Jordan Maxwell has been speaking on these subjects since the 80’s if not before. And if it weren’t for people like him who pioneered this awareness of reality, there’s a chance you wouldn’t even have a clue about any of this today.

    Or anyone else who speaks on this subject publicly for that matter.

    • Your opinion is welcome, though it is totally off-base with what I am trying to communicate.

      I learned all I know not from groups or blowhards on radio, but from digging deep into source material. It was only when I stopped listening to radio hosts and joining groups that I was able to learn about reality. And only then did I begin to understand what cointelpro is. Jordan Maxwell’s name is not Jordan Maxwell. He claims to have been instructed by aliens in childhood. His presentations give no enlightenment, only confusion, because he is only telling a story, not teaching. You are free to believe what you wish about myself and you are free to interpret this writing as you see fit. Reality, expressed in its truest form, is the most painful thing. If you prefer another form then go to another source. I suppose the most ardent question to ask yourself is why are you offended? Are you in a group? Feel you need to defend the body politic? Are you a researcher or a follower? Do you want to know reality, or be told what it is though another’s perceived truth? If the movement was effective, wouldn’t someone have accomplished something, anything at all by now?

      Perhaps you can point to any actual lies or mistakes in this writing instead of poo-pooing it utterly? Come on, what is incorrect specifically. Prove it wrong, don’t just use Jordan Maxwell and Alex Jones name’s as some lame defense of the truth industry!


      • Nobody556

         /  September 30, 2015


        Now, they’re cointel-pro? Oh no, here we go again.

        The movement of awareness now being spread is about the message and information. First you must be in the knowing before you can be in the doing.

        In the 1980’s, virtually no one was speaking out. No one was calling the systems bluff, now look. The information is being spread vastly.

        People are engaging in conversation and learning that they need to be informed in-order to think for themselves which leads to the possibility of any real change being made to the system as it stands.

        Ideas and information awareness have the potential to move mountains.

        On a side note, I’ve been a small business owner since 1992 and my business is successful. So, I guess I’m a bad guy in your eyes too now right? I make profit. Revenue – Cost = Profit.

        Not everyone out to make a profit is bad. You need a flow of profit to survive. It’s commonsense.

        One love.

        PS. if you have people to oust, present your concrete evidence to the world.

        • FYI… you simply don’t know about the movements in the 70’s and 80’s because there is not internet record of them. Back then they had to do actual research in libraries, and so the groups they created were private and based on actual knowledge. Social media is not anywhere close to what was happening then, and your lack of knowledge of that history shows your own unfounded superiority complex. I’ll take the old guys (most dead now) over what exists today as the “truth movement” any day.

          Move on, I don’t need to hear any more of your assumptions and false enlightenment.

          This site and its purpose is not for you, at least not at this point in your journey.

          Infowars awaits you… It’s an equal opportunity idiocracy.


          • Nobody556

             /  September 30, 2015

            I was referring to the public, Clint. Not “private”.

            Nothing is going to change if everyone is meeting in private. (Well unless, you’re apart of the current system.)

            And that’s why the tide never started to turn. No one was reaching the masses…until now.

            Is name calling the best tool you have? Yikes. You sound like the psyop masters on mainstream who always resort to name calling as defense.

            That’s also disturbing.

            You’re calling out people in this article for referring to the uninformed as “sheep” and translating that somehow to “stupid” yet here you are calling me names, again.

            I am in strong disagreement with you on “leaving people alone”. In-order for people to think outside-the-box; they need to be made uncomfortable to “break the cycle” and the conversations do need to happen.

            So, if you need to dismiss the facts because they don’t align with trying to fit into society…that’s your bad. Sounds like you got “truther” PTSD.

            Besides I’m not even a regular listener or follower of Infowars nor I have ever purchased anything from them.

            But I’ve seen the character assassinations of AJ go on and on; yet I’ve never seen one piece of concrete evidence that would suggest otherwise.

            If you have that concrete evidence, please provide it.

            Most of those character assassinations seem to be started by those you refer to as “cointel-pro”. Or “them” directly.

            You’re starting to sound a lot like “The Young Turks”. Yuck.

            Also you speak on these “others” and “groups” who were so amazing. Why don’t you share? Provide me with names.

            And to claim “social media is not anywhere close to what was happening then” is pure ludicrous. The internet and social media are responsible for this mass awareness that’s been taking place. Both tools have put man back into a place of power.

            The internet has become a library on steroids.

            One love.

            • Dude, you don’t know the meaning of the words you use. I cannot talk to someone that is ignorant of the basics. Your religion is willful ignorance. You have provided nothing as source or information. I’ll not give you any more space here so don’t bother spewing your fools vomit.

              • Nobody556

                 /  October 1, 2015

                Dude, where’s my car?!

                Grow up. All you have is the psyop name calling defenses. Pat yourself on the back, dude.

                My whole point, you’re being a foolish for trying to bash “truthers”. And creating a divide, just like “they” do.

                All because most are yet aware of the backbone of the problems in this country: the CAFR’s, Federal Reserve System, and the IRS.

                That doesn’t make everything else irrelevant.

                One love.


                • Hugh

                   /  October 1, 2015

                  Yes, I think so for at least another 20 days anyway; after that any hope for an RV in my mind will be flushed down the toilet.

                  But then again, who knows anything after all…??

            • Dude, you don’t know the meaning of the words you use. I cannot talk to someone that is ignorant of the basics. Your religion is willful ignorance. You have provided nothing as source or information. I’ll not give you any more space here so don’t bother spewing your fools vomit.

    • Jordan Maxwell is a liar and a fraud. Just because he’s been spouting his New Age BS for a long time doesn’t make him any more reliable. For more about this, see Chris White’s well-done debunking of Maxwell, available on YouTube.

      Alex Jones (or Glenn Beck, or Dennis Prager, or Michael Medved, etc.) IS no different than FauxNews or CNN. All of these people/channels are dependent upon an immediate crisis for their bread and butter. If things were peachy, they’d all be out of a job. The scarier they can make things seem, the better they can describe the situation, the more money they make. But none offer any real solutions.

      The real solution lies within each of us. We can choose to live differently than the prescription. We can educate our own children, own our own businesses, stay out of the courts, stay married. We can teach our children about repentance and salvation. We can serve others daily. That’s how we effect change: not by petitioning our masters, but by living the way God intended us to live IN SPITE of them.

      Forget Alex Jones or Jordan Maxwell. They’re no prophets, they’re self-serving sowers of confusion and contention.

      • Nobody556

         /  September 30, 2015

        Chris White is ridiculious. If you take that guy serious and believe in the things he says, it’s you being steered in the wrong direction.

        Just like the rest on the ship of organized religion. Being steered straight into darkness. Talk about frauds.

        I would think about who you’re really following. I do not trust anyone who believes in fairy-tales to provide me with information or facts claiming to be the “truth”. Sorry. I’m an adult.

        Has it ever crossed your mind that in-order to speak on the nature of reality you have to speak on the nature of reality? And the nature of reality is that is really is that bad.

        I mean, come on. Are you kidding me? Wow. Open your eyes my brother (or sister).

        People are mad at Alex Jones because he’s grown his company and invested in ideas to help it continue to grow so it can be a source that’s able to compete with mainstream and reach the masses.

        Now, all of a sudden he’s a fraud.

        And the ones mad about Maxwell are the ones who are stuck to a fraudulent religion. Always.

        It seems more likely to me that you cannot handle the nature of reality and the information that comes with it. Or you don’t want to hear it. In that case, you’d rather attack those providing you with information. And remain ignorant.

        I get that changes comes from within and I agree with that. But you’re blinded by religion evidently. Sad.

        One love.

  21. One thing that occurs too frequently is people contradict themselves. The reason they contradict themselves is because they do not possess the truth. Truth is reality.

    The question most people forget to ask though is what is reality. Reality is subjective or objective; internal or external; pain or pleasure.

    Yet, surprisingly, while we might talk about objective external reality, we usually do not talk about objective pain or pleasure and neither do we consider them external.

    Hence, this implies that all reality is subjective. Why? Because even if we were to objectively observe external data, we have to subjectively process that data and in the process of both observation and processing the data, we will experience pain or pleasure. This is the truth about reality.

    When we experience pleasure, that is, while we are experiencing pleasure, reality does not seem to be an issue. Truth does not seem to be an issue when we are experiencing pleasure. When we are experiencing pain, the reality of our pain becomes our truth. Pain therefore is the harbinger of truth when it becomes the reality of our experience.

    Pain is the greatest motivator and the only motivator that we know. People are always motivated by pain even when they claim they are motivated by pleasure. Why? Because the underlying reality is when pleasure begins to diminish pain alerts us to the loss. An example of this occurs when listening to someone speak and interference occurs, we experience pain when we experience displeasure. We experience pain when watching television or a screen and the picture blurs. This is not the pain we associate with a migraine or severing a nerve in our finger or stubbing our toe, but displeasure is a form of discomfort that is actually mild pain.

    The reality is pain motivates us to seek pleasure. Pleasure is a state of existence in which we find ourselves most comfortable. As humans we seek truth because we are experiencing discontent within ourselves for some reason. This may occur because of physical pain, emotional pain, or spiritual pain (i.e. intellectual pain). There are only three levels that we can experience pain, even if we want to appear sophisticated and speak of various categories relating to whatever definition we decide for those categories. We have five senses, we have three desires and we either learn what is right or what is wrong, even if we may speak of truth and falsehood, light and darkness and use other forms of synonyms and antonyms.

    What you call the truth movement or “truthers”, from what I have observed is a mishmash of individuals with egocentric agendas and those who are legitimate researchers. Classify me with the latter. As a legitimate researcher, I also am away that history can be difficult to prove and I will also interpret what information I gather in accordance to my worldview. What this means is understanding one’s worldview is critical if we are to understand the truth and discover our nirvana of eternal pleasure.

    Truth one is that I did not ask to be born. Truth two is I have observed that people die. Truth three is I expect I will die. Truth four I do not care because I am young. Truth five I feel pain.

    The reality of pain within my life eventually motivated me to seek the truth about whether Jesus rose from the dead. I sought the Creator out and eventually told Him: 1) Life if futile if we are born just to die. 2) There is no justice in being born only to suffer and then die. 3) There is no love in the world and I have none either because I am selfish too.

    Three truths presented to the Creator of the Universe from an individual who had decided to take a shotgun to shoot above the heads of people leaving a busy railway station for work in the morning, because he had sought for two hours to be heard but was not answered. God answered me, called me “My prodigal Son” and Jesus appeared before me.

    Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” If the life we live is to discover the truth of the way then we will become authentic seekers. But unless we have found the way to the truth so that we can live the life, we are lost.

    Succinctly: Alex Jones is not a true Christian. Jordan Maxwell is deceived. The Bible is very accurate, but it is written in such a way that unless a person possesses the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the truths therein are difficult to grasp. Moses led the Israelites across the Red Sea at the Nuweiba down towards the south of the gulf of Aqaba and turned inland towards Elim where the 70 palm trees and twelve springs are to be found today and then headed in a northerly direction towards Mt Sinai and Mt Horeb. Evidence is available at this site;
    Critical thinking

    The Bible predicts that Israel will be restored as a nation before the return of Lord Jesus Christ. Rothschild secured Jerusalem. Rothschild erected the Knesset which is full of Mason symbolism. The Queen of England’s affairs are run by Rothschild. The Queen of England spoke at the United Nations and everyone treated her as if she were their sovereign, even though she claimed she was head of the Commonwealth of Nations only. Rothschild funded Rockefeller and J.P.Morgan. Rothschild said that in 2007 they saw the 2008 GFC coming and a new financial order would be required. Rothschild no longer set the price for gold. Rothschild own the weather surveillance and data companies. Rothschild promotes the Climate Change agenda. Rothschild has an interest in Blackstone Group which owns Freescale Semiconductors which has developed a nanocomputer so advanced that a passenger jet carrying 22 of its employees (four of whom were registered patent applicants) mysteriously veered off course from its Singapore to China flight and disappeared in the Indian Ocean somewhere between Africa and Australia. Rothschild said, “I worship Satan”.
    The above is all conjecture of course, but it is available on the net.

    9/11 appears to be a planned event with the knowledge of President George Bush and others who only knew what they needed to know. Succinctly: there is video evidence of missiles hitting each of the twin towers and the Pentagon and reports that suggest a missile exploded at Shanksville. The hijacked planes were taken elsewhere. No evidence has been produced that verifies any of the planes crashed at any of the sites. The videos of a plane cutting through the second tower like a hot knife through butter are fake. Eyewitnesses claiming to have heard the second plane overhead (impossible due to the noise) are paid actors and reporters. The buildings were brought down by controlled demolition using thermite. Many anomalies have been produced concerning the management and activities from the time Silverstein took over the World Trade Center. Trillions of dollars in military funding went missing and the evidence disappeared when the Pentagon exploded in the section where the accounts detailing the transactions were kept. WTC building 7 also contained records of government spending that is also lost. The war on terrorism has brought about a means by which the militarization of the USA within its borders has been increased and permitted the destabilization of the Middle East and Europe through immigration. The aim is for citizens of Europe and the USA to plead for their governments to exercise more security measures upon its people. When this has been effected, then a NWO will be announced. Still 15-20years away.

    So Clint, if you read this, make sure you read The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God.


  22. Phillip B.

     /  February 4, 2016

    What I took away from all this was a call to a more genuine humility and openness to others, and their particular place in the journey of life. Actually I never called anyone names or dismissed them in a condescending manner, but admittedly the thought might arise on occasion. I did find the repeated use of the word “truther” here to be somewhat ironic. This was/is a word (ad hominem?) originally created by the Michael Shermer/JRandy pseudo-skeptic people. It was/is their way of frontloading a negative spin or dig on anyone trying to get a better, more accurate handle on “what just happened” (truth?). Indeed I would certainly prefer to find or work with a more accurate version of the truth – or to borrow from science – a better performing theory or explanation. But I also realize that “truth” requires a constant reassessment of things, a continual digger deeper and enlargement of resources. There does need to be a goodly amount of humility. I never followed the likes of Jones as if some sort of disciple, but borrowed here and there and pieced together my own patchwork map, and I continue to do so. In the conversations I engage in, I will occasionally “blow a few minds” with some unexpected references or otherwise rarely mentioned evidence, but I still affirm nearly everyone that’s in front of me in some way, and I always enjoy the party as much as the next person. So, what I’m trying to say is that I believe it is possible to be open-minded, caring, humble, non-judgemental and yet still see the importance of engaging in dialog that will enlarge all minds involved, hopefully leading a given community toward more authentic action. I go to rallies and such, but I also vote, and attend local court proceedings. I’d like to refer to this as “organic politics”. There has to be direct action toward the more corrupt institutions that hold power, but there also has to be a “sea change” in the general awareness of things, and this is an educational endeavor that ideally should be healthy and controversial at the same time. I would say to anyone: Never give up. Learn to become a better communicator, learn to love people, be more compassionate, and do all you can in any way you can to reduce suffering and corruption.

  23. paul

     /  April 5, 2016

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  24. THIS. I’m so glad someone wrote this. I was actually literally just working on a similar post myself, from a Christian perspective. Christian truthers tend to equate their “truth” with Biblical doctrine. They refuse to have their ideas challenged and yet sit on their high horses assuming everyone else is just “deceived” because they’re not “awake”. Everything is the Illuminati and the Rothschilds and yet….they’re actually highly uninformed themselves. Not to mention end up being terribly proud and….ta da….totally un-Christian. I still use the term “truther” casually at times to describe myself for lack of a better classification, but I’m pretty ashamed of both secular and Christian truthers at this point in time. Going down those rabbit holes in the last few years has reinvigorated my love for study, reason, debate and being informed and I have been quite disappointed to find most other truthers don’t even bother to correctly source their information or remain open to the possibility of the “facts” they learn as being hype, sensationalism, or downright disinfo.

    • I feel ya! The Bible has so much to reveal, but that crusty layer of flattering title “Christian” repeals the True knowledge of scripture. So mislead. It is a good point, actually, to compare the two groups, both of which hold lies to be truths, false doctrines and laws to be Law. -Clint-

  25. Hogwash. The truth is the truth, and exactly what is going on in the world. There are arguments. Still, nothing is going to change the truth…

    Nothing can take away 1776 when Adam Weishaupt started the Illuminati. Nothing is going to stop his exile from of happening in Bavaria. Nothing is going to unwrite the 20 some books he wrote in exit. Nothing is going to stop him from having gotten aid in exile from master mason Ernest II. Nothing is going to stop Ernest from having been the brother of Queen Victoria’s husband.

    Nothing is going to take away George Washington’s letter about the Illuminati affecting masonry, and nothing is going to take the seal of the dollar bill. Nothing is going to take the witchcraft connections from Hillary Clinton’s recently leaked Podesta emails. Nothing is going to take away bohemien grove, or any of the Satanism in the world…. Nor is going to stop anyone in favor of the new world order….

    Nothing is taking away Alice Baily’s writings, or HP Balvatsky’s. Nothing is going to unregister Lucis Trust from the United Nations roster of NGOs…

    There IS truth, and that is why we have a truther network…

    Please beware this blog isn’t an attempt by psyop agents of some kind.

    If not, come back to the quest for truth. It does exist, and is NOT based of perception. There are real people, doing real things…

    This is why we need Christ, so we can see what is in front of us, and discern good from bad, and also likely truth from likely lies. No one is going to get it perfect, but the person who gives up will NEVER get it right.

  26. Nothing in your well written essay changed the truth. A 3rd tower fell that day as NIST reported at free fall for 2.25 seconds. 82 columns disappeared for 8 stories (105 ft) causing the building to globally collapse against the path of most resistance. Razzle dazzle all you want with your essay. Truth is exclusive. The truth is the truth.

    I do not feel “awoken” or put anyone down for their inability or lack of desire to accept the truth. I press on to share the truth. If you feel more comfortable not sharing the truth, then keep writing your essays to fight your way out of this paper bag we cannot escape.

    Clinical psychologists explain why some refuse the evidence and it’s not about them being stupid or sheep or asleep and I in no way feel elitist. ( I feel humbled and troubled. As a Christian, it really hit me hard the past week as I realized how difficult it was for me to go paper petitioning for to get a new investigation for the victim’s families. I was scared and alone and knew I had information that many wouldn’t be receptive to. I realized then as I stood in the street that I also am a poor witness to my faith. How many Christians (not counting JWs) ever visit your home or share the gospel with you. I think one in my life. If we truly believe something we have to be all in to serve the people because we’re not only sharing the truth of 9/11 for the victim’s families, but the victim’s of America, Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries who have suffered from this war of terror that claimed 3000 lives that day, over 1000 dead in NY from cancer, over 5000 diagnosed with cancer from 9/11 in NY, 10 to 15 new cases of cancer every week in NY, the millions of Iraqis killed, and the thousands of U.S. soldiers that have died from this.

    In the nineteenth century the greatest tightrope walker in the world was a man named Charles Blondin. On June 30, 1859, he became the first man in history to walk on a tightrope across Niagara Falls. Over twenty-five thousand people gathered to watch him walk 1,100 feet suspended on a tiny rope 160 feet above the raging waters. He worked without a net or safety harness of any kind. The slightest slip would prove fatal. When he safely reached the Canadian side, the crowd burst into a mighty roar.

    In the days that followed, he would walk across the Falls many times. On one occasion he asked the cheering spectators if they thought he could push a man across sitting in a wheelbarrow. A mighty roar of approval rose from the crowd. Spying a man cheering loudly, he asked, “Sir, do you think I could safely carry you across in this wheelbarrow?” “Yes, of course.” “Get in,” the Great Blondin replied with a smile.

    The man refused.

    That makes it clear, doesn’t it? It’s one thing to believe a man can walk across by himself. It’s another thing to believe he could safely carry you across. But it’s something else entirely to get into the wheelbarrow yourself.

    It’s not enough to believe something theoretically. Until you “get in the wheelbarrow” and trust all of it, you do not truly believe.

    I believe the evidence that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh.
    I believe 9/11 was an inside job.
    I believe someone in government ordered Emory Roberts to call agents Landis and Lowton to get off the back of JFK’s vehicle and that was an inside job.
    I believe evil is real in this world.
    I believe what is said in Matthew 24, Luke 21, and the book of Revelation is history that hasn’t happened yet.
    I believe Jesus Christ is coming back.

    I believe I’m going to spread that truth every day.

  27. Peter Young

     /  November 17, 2016

    I find this whole situation very frustrating. I reconnected with an old friend after his mother died. He says he has abandoned his former commitment to be a Christian yet it seems to me that all this stuff about a new world order is actually a substitute for religion. It seems like a religion to me because it provides an alternative view on what is wrong with the world. Instead of blaming bad stuff on satan or original (and thus my) sin or even, horror of horrors, on just plain cock up, it can be blamed on the Bilderberg group, the illuminati etc etc. Therefore to save myself, instead of turning to Christ, I must sell my home and stockpile food and gold. A very selfish response in my view, even if it were true.

    The biggest problem is the topsy turvy attitude towards sources of information. The BBC is just a pack of lies but truth is to be found on RT or infowars. Our government lies and lies but everything Putin/Russia says is absolutely accurate. Black is white and white is black. It cannot be submitted to rational discussion. He has done thousands of hours of research and I must research to disprove stuff which is obviously nonsense. Even if I did so I am certain he would dismiss my sources as lies. Is there a reason why he considers videos as good sources? I said I would prefer articles published in peer reviewed journals and he printed some rubbish in the style of one but by someone talking about stuff completely outside their academic discipline.

    I have really concluded that there is no way to change his mind because of the divergence between us of what constitutes truth. I wonder if this is what the sin against the Holy Spirit looks like?

    • I eventually did figure out what is Truth. I wrote a book about it. You are welcome to download it free here:


  1. 2014 show 262 nov 26 – dsfadsfgafgf

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