Harbinger Of War: A Closer Look At The Prophetic Jonathan Cahn

Since his publications of “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” the internet has been alive with the meme of a total meltdown of all political and monetary systems starting… well, right about now. The ultimate, Biblical Jubilee is apparently upon us, and the anthropomorphized God of the Bible is being said to be behind it, a conscious wrath and judgement that is also, somehow, at the same time unconsciously based on the stars, the moons of blood, the Jewish calender, money, and the cycles of the stock market and other financial systems.

As if God is responsible for the stock markets, and his wrath would be to crash them, making those who will bet against it trillions upon trillions on both the up and down swings. Yeah, that makes sense!

And so this Messianic Jew and Rabbi, who at the same time seems to be pretending to be or at least promoting reborn Christianity while convincing millions that this dualism of opposing religions is somehow even a possibility, has risen to the heights of celebrity by promoting what very well could be a cyclical, pre-planned “jubilee” period. He is appearing on propaganda networks with the likes of Glenn Beck and others, while simultaneously infiltrating the Christian speaking circuit ad nauseum. And now, for reasons unapparent, after a meteoric rise through social media-driven popularity and unexplainable media exposure, Rabbi Cahn was invited to speak to the United Nations about his theories, leading the global entity in both Hebrew and English (Jewish and Christian) prayers. They even clapped after his prayer.

Cahn also, somehow, was invited to speak at the 2013 presidential inauguration:

Admittedly, I was quite enamored by this man’s rhetoric when it first became a minor meme, before the great maddening hoard of Christianity started following this pied piper of clandestine Zionism. But after seeing this impassioned plea given to the international and mostly pro-Israel United Nations, the facade of Mr. Cahn has certainly denigrated as his true colors and typical agenda shine through.

Here we find a Zionist Rabbi doing what Rabbi’s do best – warmongering psychologically against the non-Jew, turning us against each other. Beginning with the holocaust comparison and inducing the mythical 6 million number, Jonathan has jumped on the Christian persecution bandwagon to promote the Israeli agenda of killing Arabs in protection of not only the unlawful State of Israel, but also to save the apparently and equally persecuted Christian community of the world. Brilliant.

It took me a while to figure out this guys game. But here we have it. Please God by destroying the enemy of the Jewish people, lest wrath and judgement overtake the land. It appears that Mr. Cahn is indeed the harbinger of death and destruction instead of peace and reconciliation, and all the while hiding behind the false persona of a concerned “Christian Jew.” And the corporate Christian community is eating it up!

Never speaking to the self-fulfilling prophesy aspect of this Jubilee/Shemitah cycle by the Zionist world leaders, planners, and money-changers, Cahn plays on the classically ingrained and built-in guilt of the Christian faiths to poison that well with this apparent hidden agenda.

His message: Christians are the new Jews! If Christians across the world do not take a stand against the Muslim nations, then Christians will be persecuted just like the Jews were. And the typical brainwashed corporate Christan seems to be flying the flag of Israel next to their own commercial war flag of the United States without ever realizing they are being duped and infiltrated by this anti-Christian devil. Oil and water do not mix, any more than a Jew mixes with a man of christ.

It’s a Cahn game.

And so while these powerful, Zionist men plan the cyclical fall and rise of political and monetary systems across the world, while at the same time creating ever more tensions between Christians and Muslims (even while hiding behind the false-flag “friendship” of a Christian-Jewish alliance), the New World Order seems as if it will be carried forth not by men in high places, but by the organized Christian religion that was usurped by Zionist interests long ago, flying the flag of international peace-keeping to justify the deaths of “God’s” enemies.

The “mass-murder” of 6 million Jews lays at the heart of this appeal to popular history, for if the so-called Christian nations don’t act now, there will certainly be a similar future Christian holocaust. Challenging this false history is considered as racist and is even illegal in many nations, despite the fact that historically, that which cannot be challenged is always a lie that supports evil institutions. How many Jews acting undercover as Muslim extremists being uncovered in their subterfuge will it take for the Christian people to see how they are being manipulated? How many times does it take to show that ISIS and other terrorist groups are being run and funded by the Mossad and other national interests and intelligence agencies? How much destruction in the name of peace can we force upon a people that cannot in any way defend themselves against the propaganda power of the Jewish, Zionist controlled media and Executive force?

Self-fulfilling prophesy… Just as the 6 million figure for persecuted Jews in Europe was begun in the early 1910’s and found in the major Zionist publications throughout the world decades before the 1940’s, predicatively programming the world to accept that propagandized future “event” in justification for the atrocities of world war, so too today is “Christian persecution” being used as the new meme to justify future events, wars, and bloodshed. And behind it all, the controllers of past and future history are pulling the strings.

Will there be a Shemitah and end-of-age Jubilee; a crash of systems and governments? I say yes, for how else can the new order replace the old one? How can the new age replace the old age without a controlled burning of the old Phoenix so that the new one can rise from its ashes? How can a world religion rise unless the individual ones unite?

We are being led to our own destruction, the destruction of ourselves via a holy and nonsensical war. We are being told its a punishment for our sins by the very corrupter’s of our blood and morality, the destroyers of our true religion. Lambs to the slaughter. And the only way this can happen is by the fooling of otherwise good people that Judaism and Christianity are one, that New Age, One World religion of the United Nations.

The Bible says to never put your faith in man. So why would you put faith in this one?

Terrorism is always conducted by the agencies of governments and is defined that way. Don’t let staged persecutions allow them to cause you to support the extermination of their enemies. For this is the same scheme as is forever played out upon the masses.


–Clint Richardson (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–September 24th, 2015

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  1. patrick coy

     /  September 24, 2015

    THE ”HARBINGER” WAS A TOTAL ASHKENAZI LIE, PROPAGANDA AND BS.  98 PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE IN ISRAEL HAVE NO RELATION TO THE JACOB/ISRAEL HEBREWS OF THE BIBLE.  WHAT ABOUT TELLING THE TRUTH ARE YOU AFRAID OF?  ANYONE THATWOULD PUSH THE TWO BOOKS YOU MENTION IS A LIAR AND A HYPOCRITE.  TAKE MEOFF OF YOUR MAILING LIST !!! From: REALITY BLOG To: patrickcoy@att.net Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2015 2:47 AM Subject: [New post] Harbinger Of War: A Closer Look At The Prophetic Jonathan Cahn #yiv0264334073 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv0264334073 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv0264334073 a.yiv0264334073primaryactionlink:link, #yiv0264334073 a.yiv0264334073primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv0264334073 a.yiv0264334073primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv0264334073 a.yiv0264334073primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv0264334073 WordPress.com | realitybloger posted: “Since his publications of “The Harbinger” and “The Mystery of the Shemitah,” the internet has been alive with the meme of a total meltdown of all political and monetary systems starting… well, right about now. The ultimate, Biblical Jubilee is apparentl” | |

    • Is this one of those idiotic moments when someone reads the first sentence of a post and assumes I am promoting what I am debunking? You are not on any mailing list of mine, buddy, because I don’t have one. If you signed up to get posts from my blog, you’ll have to do that yourself. But you might want to read the post before suggesting it supports the Ashkenazi lie you are referring to. I admire your passion, but cringe at your lack of due diligence. Reminds me of the witch trials…


  2. andri

     /  September 24, 2015

    Your video’s that are suppose to be embedded in this post, aren’t there and don’t work

  3. ingo.evard@t-online.de

     /  September 24, 2015

    Dear Clint,

    please don`t forget to give me notice about the release of you “Book” about the STRAWMAN,

    I would like to buy it as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Regards from Ingo / Hamburg

    • Sure thing. I am delayed because I keep putting pieces together and adding to it. But I will put updates in this blog and at strawmanstory.info



  4. richard

     /  September 24, 2015

    Put not your trust in Princes, in sons of men, in whom there is no salvation…

  5. Merbailey

     /  September 24, 2015

    Thank you Clint! Bravo!!

  6. Wake up to the fact that the Jews have been doing this to us for about five thousand years – if you look into how long USURY has been around. Why on Earth do we keep believing anything they say or do? There is a new book out by Eshraf Ezzat called Egypot Knew No Pharaohs nor Israelites. It shows clearly and proves that the Jews or Hebrews originated in Yemen and South of what is not called Saudi Arabia, that they never inhabited the ancient tribal kingdom of Israel nor Canaan nor Judea – let alone Egypt.

    Another interesting and informative book is by David Astle called The Babylonean Woe whcih tells about USURY was first introduced into the World – OUR World, and also slavery. Then there is TheBible Unearthed by Israel Finkelstein, professor of archaeology at Tel Aviv and an honourable man, even though a Jew. He makes it quite clear that there is no evidence of Hebrew or Jewish presence in what they now call “israel” , and certainly not in Jerusalem.

    Most importantly, the book by DM Murdock Christ in Egypt proves that Christianity was the religion of the Egyptians and no Jew ever had anything whatsoever to do with it.

    “IUSA the KRST was born in a stable on the 25th. December, of a Virgin called IsisMery.
    He taught in the https://realitybloger.wordpress.com/2015/09/24/harbinger-of-war-a-closer-lle at age 12 and he was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser, who was beheaded. He had 12 companions. He walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead. He was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb or rock. He was resurrected – naturally.”

    All that comes from the Pyramid Texts and the Egyptian Book of the Dead. St. Johns Gospel was obviously taken from those texts!

    Christianity was usurped by the Essense and other sects – look into who destroyed the Library of Alexandria and who wrote up the lies from then on.

    It is amazing.

  7. Ter ber

     /  September 24, 2015

    God never once denied us freedom of choice. And just like the small county Israel is allowed to individually and nationally follow satan like we have done. That why it’s every mans journey to become Born Again. Cahn came out with all his material for free. It’s all on the web for free. If you wanted it ‘package’ and tidy you could buy the material. All he is a watchman on the wall ‘a messenger’. Warning about God’s judgement to fall on silly mankind. And I include myself. God always warns before judgement. But man keeps shaking his fist to God, ” you will not rule over us”. Zionism, atheism, all the beliefs. Satan has all his bases covered. He can serve everyone at his buffet table. Whatever rebellion to a Holy God you can think up. Cahn Born Again? I would bet my life on it. But God does not want man to gamble.

  8. THX1138

     /  September 25, 2015

    “It’s a Cahn Game” hilarious, and by the way, “Cahn” is just a variant of “Cohen”. He’s just doing the Electric Slide, lol.

    Are you comin’ with me?
    Come let me take you on a party ride
    And I’ll teach you, teach you, teach you
    I’ll teach you the electric slide

    Some say it’s mystic
    It’s electric
    Boogie woogie, woogie
    You can’t resist it
    It’s electric
    Boogie woogie, woogie
    You can’t do without it
    It’s electric
    Boogie woogie, woogie

  9. tre

     /  September 28, 2015

    It is a sad day. One of the best investigators I know (regarding legal/financial issues) can’t even scratch the surface of this false “zionist” propaganda, which is historically a british invention. You also never even heard of “british Israel” as the royals of the past called it.

    And then of course comes the stupidity of holocaust denial – which is way too obvious, being that the german documentation of extermination ops is vast and publicly available – they bragged about the numbers of the dead all the time.

    A very sad day indeed. While I am not pro-Israel (nor am I pro-Arab), I do care about the truth – which you missed by a mile at least. Obviously you are also pushing the dumb propaganda of the Empire which would love to see Jews as the scapegoat for pretty much all the world’s problems. And all the overt or covert nazis swallow it hook. line and sinker.

    I feel genuinely sorry for you, because there is one certain law in nature – everyone gets what he wished for.

    • So I’m a good researcher in all things… but somehow not about this, which is something you have a strong personal opinion on? Can’t see the fallacy there?

      I wrote about how Israel was won by British forces, actually. How it was the Crown’s Kingdom Of Jerusalem until the 1200’s. So good try there….

      So asking questions about the holocaust is stupidity. Interesting, since German documentation was indeed meticulous, and the transfer agreement shows the Jews were exported to Palestine in order to create Israel, which was the “final solution.” Gee, if the 6 million were killed (more than were in the census reports), then where oh where could all those Jews have been imported from? The “dead” people (including jews) were from the disease caused by the allied bombing of train roots so that no supplies could get to the internment camps. And of course the allies put German farmers into these camps and starved them after the war was over.

      Don’t feel sorry for me, feel it for yourself. You believe the official story and provide no evidence to prove it. That’s sad.

      So what you are apparently stating here is that Mr. Cahn apparently did not promote war against Muslim nations by Christian ones? That he is not a rabbi pretending to be christian? That he is not Zionist?

      Next time, leave something, anything credible.


      • tre

         /  October 13, 2015

        Oh really? Well strangely this is an area which you never bothered proving/disproving, but you still feel very confident about it. Just so. All that while being totally oblivious to the mentioned (and easily available) history that shows the nature of the fraud.

        Well done, really. Actually this reply proves what I said and shows intent and purpose, not just laziness or lack of information. You may know it or not, but this narrative makes you a good servant of the very Empire you supposedly hate so much.

        And that’s what I meant with my “be careful what you wish for” above. We may actually live long enough to see Vatican running Jerusalem and UN troops as “peacemakers”, if it goes according to “plan”. You will not like the results if that version should come true. Nothing more to add.

  10. The funniest thing is the YouTube video spot I recently noticed, called ‘Shemitah Night Live.’ I thought sure it was a parody of SNL, complete with a white-bearded “prophet,” but I guess not! Unintentional comedy is always the best. And remember, it is those abusing power and not necessarily a particular ethnic group that is behind the tyranny. The good people of all ethnicities probably suffer from this kind of “over-rule” — time to get back to a strictly-limited self-government, and just do our best for ourselves and each other. Thanks for posting this much-needed corrective!

  11. Ulrike Bose

     /  October 30, 2015

    The first article i read was the one about anarchy and i thought it was a waste of my time to study your work. But i am very happy to dismissed that thought and to digged into it because you present a diverse and colourful thinking on subjects, underlying with strong facts. I need to apologize for my first reactions and owe you much respect for your work. Although you are wrong on the anarchy subject in my eyes, you became one of my favourite writers and i cant wait for your book and will donate as soon as possible. Much love.

    • Appreciate that. Just remember one thing on the “anarchy” subject. What it means to you is wholly your own. You own that. And it is your responsibility to complete due diligence. But this is quite a different matter, your private thoughts, than that of what you may declare as your public opinion. In the false eyes of government, an anarchist is defined as one opposed to its law. Only a fool would declare such a thing while still acting in a public citizenship capacity. Most people that have problems with the law are public persons that attempted to act privately while using the public name, number, money, credit, or other public thing. All things in public are owned by their legal creator, which is government. Imagine a public person in bond and surety to the United States claiming an anarchist state of being without ever voiding that implied social and political contract? I guarantee you that that person needs to be governed if only because of his ignorance of his own voluntary status of citizenship. All this is shown in triplicate within my book. Until we see and acknowledge our status (person), we can never escape it. Freedom of thought is not freedom of action. Be well… -Clint-

  12. mggf

     /  June 19, 2017

    i suggest reading david chilton “day of vengeance”


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