Legalism: A Civil Life Without Moral Conscious

I am astonished daily at the devolution of man through legal formality. The wonder that is legalism, that ancient and failed Chinese system of law then adopted by the Roman Empire and still reigning over us today, has been used to re-create man into a false representation of self; actors in third person, as fictions of law that display the unimaginably lifeless properties of personification. So profound is this indoctrination that we have been conned into paying for our sins to the ministers of the state, which is our civil church, pretending that this tax-tithing will somehow satisfy the wrath of the gods of the volcano even as we toss our trash into its depths. We are no longer a solution-based society that solves its problems by eliminating their source, but have become a willfully ignorant zombie hoard that pays fees for the permissive use of the problem.

As long as we pay a tax, isn’t everything just ok then?

If a corporation pays for carbon credits, isn’t it then just ok for it to pollute our streams and suck up our reservoirs for its production needs?

I was recently affronted by a “green” advocate brainwashed by the Agenda 21 Sustainable Development scheme and catchphrases for not having a recycling bin in my kitchen so as to properly dispose of a water bottle. No, the big can was down in the garage unseen. Even so, I was demonized in the mind of that actual waster of plastic. Was it I that was drinking form a corporately made, designed-to-be-disposable water bottle? Of course not. I avoid such unnecessary uses if I can. But the legalism of recycling as a way to forgiveth our sins causes the blame of that action of disposing of the plastic upon anyone else but the actual disposer. I was the bad guy for not making it easier for the sinner to go through the motions of un-sinning. Personal acknowledgment was non-existent.

The legalistic view is one of an insurable lack of conscious responsibility, of licensed innocence from duty. With this recycling meme, the ceremonial act of disposing of that which should have never been created in the first place triggers a chemical reaction in the brain that replaces moral thought with a self-similar non sequitur. Logic is tempered into false reasoning, and the crime is justified through the fallacious notion of solving the problem while at the same time actively being the creator of it. The notion of being judged by God after death has been reassigned into the legal realm of being judged by agents of government. And with the advent of social media, that assignment of judgment is now a social matter, where lifeless 2-dimentional comments and posts on Facebook and Twitter make the digital public into judge and jury. In other words, our duty to nature itself and to that of our fellow beings within it has been replaced with ridiculously assessed and implied social and legal contracts of popular opinion. The expression of moral will has been trumped by social engineering, and the legal foundation of law, which is opposed to all forms of natural law, makes moral action impossible. We have been transformed into automatons, reprogrammed for optimal performance without conscious application of mind.

And so we consider it somehow perfectly logical and reasonable to purchase water in throw-away plastic containers instead of fixing the foundational problem of the purposeful contamination of the water supply, though the bottled water is merely filtered from that same contaminated secondary water supply. Problem, reaction, solution; except we never actually reach the real solution, instead focusing on remedies for the symptoms of the problem but never on killing the problem that causes the symptoms.

Some people would say that this means a bunch of idiots are in charge within government. But in fact, the idiots are us. This is an ingenious scheme with a causal result, a well-oiled machine that makes us react to the created problems while believing those problems are caused by those “stupid dumb-head num-nums” in government and by licensed, evil corporations. But in the end, the consumer drives the market. The consumer purchases the product of the corporations which are allowed to be produced by government license. The consumer uses the product and thus creates the end result as the end user: trash. Before its ever legally considered as trash, it is first a legalized consumer product, which requires voluntary exchange of money for the product by the consumer. Blaming corporations for trash, from the consumer of that trash’s perspective, is like blaming a fruit tree for producing rotten fruit. The tree is somehow the problem even though it is functioning by its natural design, not the fact that we didn’t pick the fruit at the correct time.

The responsibility for our own actions is always magically made the fault of another person or thing, even things which don’t actually exist in nature.

But then, when we are found to be responsible for a legal crime, we simply pay the fine as if nothing ever happened. Someone else will clean up the mess. Government has people for that, right?

Oh, my children just made a huge mess in your restaurant. Sorry, but I know you will clean that up. You have people for that, right?

Another example is our callous disregard for those in need. But that’s what welfare is for, isn’t it? The depersonalization of caring for our fellow man has been degraded into democracy, the worst possible place it can be. We have been taught that donating to the Red Cross or other legally recognized charitable institution is virtually the same as taking action ourselves. It is not. Money and charity are not conducive to each other. The word charity is a verb, as in to act in a charitable manner. But the institutions of legalized charitable corporations is charity in name only, a noun, which implies no action at all. But we truly have been hoodwinked into perceiving our charitable, title 501 donations, which are tax deductible so as to benefit ourselves, is the same as actually acting in a charitable, moral manner. Legal fiction has replaced reality. False perception of reality causes our truths to be just as false. Instead of acting charitably with no proof of the action, I can merely donate money to a corporation calling itself a “charity” and instead legally prove that I am a “charitable giver.” And so the social idiocracy judges each other not by their works but by their financial records.

Meanwhile, despite all the churches and other so-called charitable corporations, the hungry and homeless line the streets while the “charitable givers” drive by in their freshly washed automobiles and pretend not to see the end result of their lack of actual charity. But hey, perhaps they will be inspired to fork over more money when they get home to pay for their sins, a legal manifestation of the deep-seeded guilt we all share in our collective, willful ignorance.

With the pope’s whirlwind visit to the East Coast, to congress, and the United Nations this past week, we are seeing the newest push for agenda 21 policies on a global scale with his promotion of the newly recreated “Agenda 2030” plan. (Link: With goals like ending world hunger and protecting wilderness areas by forcing all legal persons into sustainable cities, fools worldwide will embrace this agenda as a good thing, believing yet again that the money involved will solve the problems that they can otherwise ignore due to the plans of these legal gods of the United Nations and united religions under guidance of the corporation sole called POPE.

And here we also find more pushing of the global carbon credit scheme. More syntax (sin-tax); mere words on paper and changing of money by the real money-changers of world governance. If I pay for carbon credits, which are digits on a computer screen register, a digital database of extortion, it is then ok to use more than I need, right? The pollution caused to live a certain disposable lifestyle is alright if I but sin-credits, right? Surely the extinction of a few species per day is no big deal if money is transferred in their name…

We even have a sin-tax scheme called virtual water to cover our “water footprint!”


“Virtual water is the amount of water that is embedded in food or other products needed for its production. Trade in virtual water allows water scarce countries to import high water consuming products while exporting low water consuming products and in this way making water available for other purposes.”

–World Water Council





This is not about conservation, it is about control. Virtual water is not actual water. It is about money. Money, you see, will somehow save water. By tracking the virtual footprints that we sinners cause by requiring the life-sustaining sustenance of all that water provides, we can simply pay a tax and somehow those footprints will be legally disappeared, though nothing in nature will actually change. Just another multi-level marketing scheme that creates a trickle up effect of money while damming up the trickle down effect of water. The true crime is the legalized theft of the world’s water rights by these government institutions, allowing companies like Coke and Nestle to literally steal what is free and sell it back in disposable plastic and glass bottles. Must be ok though… after all, they acquired those rights legally.

In the end, it seems ever facet of personal responsibility has been monetized and insured and re-insured. Nature is only a trade-able commodity, as are apparently aborted fetuses and body parts of the living and dead adult population. Nothing is sacred in legal consideration, because everything has a value in this system of mammon (money), especially the heads (capita) of men. Capitalism is only human trafficking, commerce in souls, counting us all by the head as human resources to be exacted and extorted from according to our usage of natural resources.

Meanwhile, the hungry remain hungry, the homeless remain without homes, and the Red Cross and United Way continue to suck billions from that stagnant pond of legal citizens seeking to buy their way out of the laws of nature through legal, monetary means.

But hey, at least we get a colorful rubber bracelet for our legal, monetary efforts, so that we can show our social network that we care!


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, September 30th, 2015


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  1. gary oraniuk

     /  September 30, 2015

    The Sustainability agenda, if ti should exist at all, should be paid for by the one per-centers who got rich from all this industrial activity and production.They got rich of the sweat of our backs and the products they sold us, yet want to further enrich themselves through carbon trading, and so on, yet shouldering no responsibility for the alleged damage done to Mother Earth.As the article says, a tax assuages guilt and responsibility for any fault, enabling further polluting activity.The simple solution, if one is concerned about carbon dioxide, is to plant more trees.In any event, the plants of the world should be going mad, sucking up the available CO2, shouldn’t they? Gaz From: REALITY BLOG To: Sent: Thursday, 1 October 2015, 7:46 Subject: [New post] Legalism: A Civil Life Without Moral Conscious #yiv9873927703 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv9873927703 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv9873927703 a.yiv9873927703primaryactionlink:link, #yiv9873927703 a.yiv9873927703primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv9873927703 a.yiv9873927703primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv9873927703 a.yiv9873927703primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv9873927703 | realitybloger posted: “I am astonished daily at the devolution of man through legal formality. The wonder that is legalism, that ancient and failed Chinese system of law then adopted by the Roman Empire and still reigning over us today, has been used to re-create man into a fal” | |


  2. Clint, you have the most brilliant, logical, inquisitive, and honest mind that I’ve ever encountered. I love your work. It’s always meat to chew on for quite some time. Thank you for sharing with us!


  3. Merbailey

     /  October 1, 2015

    Bless you and thank you Clint, ‘arigato'(thank you) on Masaru Emoto’s lips, dying as he lived, in gratitude


  4. Randeau

     /  October 3, 2015

    Clint – I would be happy to work with you as a researcher/editor/proof-reader in your mission to bring vetted information to the people receptive to new ideas and fact-supported concepts. I’m a precision editor without destroying your writing personality. I catch typos, catch syntax errors, make suggestions to improve clarification or just a gentle nudge now and then, if needed, to keep you on point. My ego’s been mothballed for years, so I only offer to help you bear the burden of your under-taking.


  5. Gordon Peters

     /  October 19, 2015

    Keep up the great work Clint!


  6. Christopher Brooks

     /  October 29, 2015

    Clint, the constituted approach to associating allows individuals to gain the benefits of association.
    A family can operate with unwritten principles of association.
    A tennis club needs a written constitution to achieve the outcomes that joining members trust can be achieved by voluntarily surrendering to the law/rules.
    Our legal relationships are the negotiated, perhaps tolerated, compromise we accept to gain the benefit of community.

    There is real profit in community that is not achievable with individual effort.

    True, excessive legalism will tend towards destroying the spirit of the community.

    One of the central legal abstractions conceived as part of a National constitution is
    the concept of “money”.

    Now there’s a legal can of worms!


  7. Angelo

     /  November 6, 2015

    Damn, Clint! Just listened to your radio show #468. Are you and Jan going to be calling each other out next?!! From “Tragedy and Hope(ium) to “What On Earth Is Happening”(?) (a true and revelatory history of the world in my own time is happening many thanks to you and Jan to be sure)! From closed-loop legal systems/language to open-sourced dithyrambs sung into existence by the Creator — a staid frenzy marble man shatters broken by torsion tension stressed to oblivion… and there to where? For the sake of all that is Good, Wholesome, and Beautiful please just end up being sane, Clint (and share the plea with Jan as well if you’re so inclined)! Peace.


  8. If you get the opportunity to have a wood burner for heating (I do). You’ll find you never waist anything plastic (I don’t) it all goes on the fire.


  9. brandon novogradac

     /  February 11, 2016

    wow, very well said. I’ve been struck lately by the importance of personal accountability. It’s too easy to take the defeatist view that the way we conduct ourselves individually has no significant bearing on the world. For argument’s sake, if each person woke up tomorrow and lived by the golden rule:

    Who would be left to evict that 82-yr-old into the cold on behalf of the banks? Who would be left to spread chemicals on behalf of the corporations? Who would be left to commit murder on behalf of nations? Yes, it’s a pipe dream, but only because it demands from every man and woman a certain level of awareness. It’s one extreme example of the ultimate power of personal choice.

    Nothing will change for the better as long as each of us continues to waive his/her accountability (waiving his/her God-given authority along with it).


  10. jim

     /  September 27, 2016

    That was a brilliant piece Clint! Thanks for writing it. … For many years I’ve had nothing but contempt for all things legal & regulatory. How sad that almost everyone lives in a popular delusion.



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