A Strong Delusion: The Mandela Effect

A strange thing is happening. It is being hailed as the “Mandela Effect.” And it is doing exactly what it is designed to do, causing confusion and frustration.

Why the “Mandela Effect” per say?

Many people seem to remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison, and yet he died “again” just recently. Thus, other things that we seem to remember are now apparently changed from what they were, thus the Mandela Effect.

Some of the more interesting aspects of this phenomenon are as follows:

  • In Star Wars, C3PO now has one silver leg below the knee joint, and the most quoted line of the movie, “Luke, I am your father,” has now been changed to “No, I am your father.”
  • In the movie Felid Of Dreams, the oft quoted “If you build it, they will come,” has been changed to “If you build it, he will come.”
  • The Berenstein Bears is now the Berenstain Bears.
  • Oreo Double Stuff is now Oreo Double Stuf.
  • Oscar Meyer is now Oscar Mayer.
  • Mr. Rogers is remembered as famously singing “It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,” and now he sings “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood.”
  • Chic-Fil-A is now Chick-fil-A
  • McDonalds signs are remembered as “MacDonalds,” thus the name of its signature hamburger, the “Big Mac.”
  • Forest Gump is remembered as saying “Life is like a box of chocolates,” whereas now he says “Life was like a box of chocolates.”

And the list goes on and on, with over 500 “facts” that have been mysteriously altered and thus “effected.”

But are these facts actually Truths, or are they merely fictions? Has anything Real actually changed or is this all just entertainment (that which enters and retains/holds the mind)? Can fiction change, and if it does, what does it matter with regards to the Reality of Life?

The theories abound, as this apparent phenomenon is explained as anything from the meddling of Cern’s insane particle experimentation to the blurring of multiple timelines, Star Trek style. Is it a time loop, a causality loop, or are we just crazy? Did someone time travel and alter the timeline? Are cats about to be called dogs? Will vegetables soon become a desert food?

Let’s stop for a moment and consider. Nothing of Nature has changed. Only fiction has changed. Maps seem to have changed in their symbolic rendering, but does that mean the land masses that maps represent have changed?

What part of this does not deal only with memory regression and imagination?

I am always open to the strangest of possibilities, but with this particular internet meme I am gonna have to call bullshit. That being said, I find it very interesting that all of these supposed “changes” are listed as “facts” and reinforced as such on Wikipedia.com. And this is very important, me thinks. For this so-called user created encyclopedia is generally the first “source” to pop up in any search engine. This of all things should be at the forefront of discussion, for when the source of information is purposefully tainted, especially as a psyop, the truth is thus lost. Wikipedia lists these changes as some of the most common and popular misquotes, and has erased the entry that was placed there about this “Mandela Effect.” Other wiki posts by unknown posters offer no apology at all for these apparent changes.

I do not wish to diminish the importance of this covert action, only to snap my finger so that those under its spell might wake up from its stupefying illusion. For at this point in the timeline of the fiction, the digital mastery of false information and manipulation cannot even be fathomed by the average man. History is being made into movies almost before the actual events happen, and the power of such entertainment upon culture certainly cannot be dismissed. Thus to force such changes in our memories will be embraced by many, and wholeheartedly denied by the few.

It reminds me of “The Bodysnatchers” story, where human emotion and denial was the sure sign one was not yet taken over by the parasitic space pods. Those who tried to retain their life had to act like their brainwashed counterparts to be safe from them, lest they be spotted and forcibly put to sleep so as to wake up with a new body and mind, the soul lost to oblivion. So why would you be foolish enough to publicly post on Youtube that you are highly aware of this mnemonic fraud, so as to alert those who seek control over you that you “remember” the fiction as it was? The pod police will surely follow!

It’s time you learn about privacy and stop playing the fool in the public square of Youtube!!! Stop contributing to this insanity and find your True Self again. Return to the Nature of Reality, and stop letting your Self be fooled by respecting the history of artificial things and entertainments.

Now, I am not going to speculate on the cause of this effect, except to suggest here that my readership should not pay it the respect it doesn’t deserve. It is interesting and even fun to ponder, but I must reinforce in your minds that we must not become fools of these con artists and conjurers. For I stress again that nothing Real has changed. It seems ridiculous for me to have to state this, but after multiple people have contacted me with grave concern over this “Mandela Effect” and as it gains in popularity, I feel it is my duty.

For some time we have seen similar, purposeful confoundments and confusions, even on the front pages of mainstream newspapers. One headline may support global warming while the next may prompt global cooling. With this type of constantly contradicting information, the end goal is to cause confusion and frustration, so that even the desire to learn the Truth is lost in most people. Yet these articles and forecasts all rely on one single thing: a predictive computer model. In other words, what is being reported as the possible future truth is based on no truth at all, no substance, no sense.

And so we are now being sent ever stronger delusions, for we are now so enthralled with the artificial intelligence and information of the digital realm that we have lost touch with Reality, with Nature, with the only self-evident Truth of existence. You see, nothing in this realm of the Real has changed, only the fiction has changed, which means that no thing in Reality, in Nature, has actually changed.

We must not let these illusionists massage our brains so easily. We must not pay homage and fealty to fiction so that it changes our perception of Reality.

Amazingly, as I have found in my years of research, this is exactly what the Bible teaches and warns against:


“And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

2 Thessalonians 2: 11-12, KJB


“For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables. But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry.”

—2 Timothy, 4: 3-5, KJB


We will either worship Creation (Nature) as the Reality it Is or we shall worship that which is adversarial (satanic) to Nature.

Does it really effect you at all that Mr. Rogers, a fictional character that quite frankly creeped me out at every age I can remember, now magically (through digital technology and manipulation) says the word “this” instead of “the”? Does a mythical robot having suddenly a CGI induced silver mechanical leg instead of bronze one actually harm you in some way? Does it really change Reality?

The problem with the fiction is that it can cause men to destroy their own grasp of Reality. Fictional things cannot harm nature, but men under the hypnotic spell of fictional things can certainly screw up Nature in a big way.

And so what I see taking place here is a reinforcement of the imaginations of men, so that these alternative reality and holographic universe theories become the new age religion, a religion not of Nature (Creation) but of recreation. When man can be caused to look in all places but his own existence in Nature due to pure artifice and fiction for the truth, then the truth will never be found.

I will not comment further on this, and only wish to remind all of you that only that which is self-evident and self-existent is Truth. This “Mandela Effect” does not pass the ultimate litmus test, for it exists solely in the fictional world of entertainment and re-presentation of the Real in false imagery. It entraps us in our own minds, causing history to replace actuality. And while it is fun to witness this “effect,” do not let it effect your connection to Reality and the very Nature you are a part of.

This is only the beginning of their grand magic show.

Stay grounded.


And walk barefoot in the dirt.


–Clint Richardson (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, June 8th, 2016

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  1. Can you provide a list of the 500 items can friends with either the old or the new version put up the clip and can someone reconcile all the old and new clips …. I think I have access to dvd versions of many old movies I can prob help with the old versions if you let me know what they are

  2. oh also what is KJB is that a type-o or am I about to learn about something new to me I’m assuming KJV or am I wrong ….

    • The King James Bible. It’s not really a version, as its the foundation of common law. Thus it is a simulacra, a copy with no original. To call it a version of any original would be a grave mistake. And actually, there really is no “original” Bible. If there is, I’d like to see it if you can tell me where it is. I call it as such (KJB) in my book, not because it is original or a copy, but because it is what is respected as law. -Clint-

      • Oh King James Bible — guess I should have seen that coming. I thought ( since I started thinking about it ) there should be an authorized version and I guessed at best it was the 1611. I was looking for a large print version for me to study but started finding that all versions are not created equally — I don’t know these guys from Adam but they have a high opinion of their print it yourself Bible http://biblicalscholarship.net/AV.htm . Correct / incorrect I don’t know but it’s something.

        Also George Gordon is very interesting to me — He filled your time slot in my listening day–

        Looking forward to the work



        ps The Scripture is an interesting and logical law book

  3. Reblogged this on deinvestiture.

  4. John Hirko

     /  June 8, 2016

    Clint, I have been trying to contact you to 1. Try to get you interviewed on Red Ice Radio. You said on one of your last shows you were ready to the interviewee after being the interviewer for so long. Red Ice Radio is expanding by leaps and bounds and is maturing to real platform of truth. Your truth about the corporation Nation, the constitution, US code and vaccines is sorely missing in the “truth” movement. Please contact Hienrick at Red Ice. There may even be a job in it eventually. Please share your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world on this venue. 2. Did you ever go on that camping trip in Canada? If that hasn’t happened yet, I really would like to do that myself. Contact me please.

  5. John Hirko

     /  June 8, 2016

    Clint, I have been trying to contact you to Try to get you interviewed on Red Ice Radio. You said on one of your last shows you were ready to the interviewee after being the interviewer for so long. Red Ice Radio is expanding by leaps and bounds and is maturing to real platform of truth. Your truth about the corporation Nation, the constitution, US code and vaccines is sorely missing in the “truth” movement. Please contact Hienrick at Red Ice. There may even be a job in it eventually. Please share your knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world on this venue.

  6. John Hirko

     /  June 8, 2016

    Clint, please contact me.

  7. Merbailey

     /  June 8, 2016

    Barefootin! yeah!! and in case you missed it, rabid rat-faced rita katz ‘production’..[ amazing time to be alive!]

  8. Merbailey

     /  June 8, 2016

    [not sure if my comment went through]..And walk barefoot in the dirt.!

  9. Merbailey

     /  June 8, 2016
  10. Merbailey

     /  June 8, 2016

    rabid rat-faced rita katz ‘production’, in case you missed it http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/isismccainhackrussia.mp4

  11. Chris

     /  June 9, 2016

    exactly, all the so called mandela pysops revolve around an entertainment/media programming scene or memory. That tells you everything as you imply at the end. None ever revolves around anyone’s real life

  12. andri

     /  June 9, 2016

    Good Morning Clint,

    Just a correction of a Bible quote you gave of II Timothy 2:11, 12….should actually be II Thess 2:11, 12.

    • Thank you!

      • andri

         /  June 10, 2016

        You’re welcome…..Keep up the good work….in all my reading, I’ve given up/returned to the IMF, my ssn, rescinded/quit the 1040, and no longer using the DL….but am having difficulty with finding work, as everyone is scared to death of govt and thinks their rights come from them….their noses are buried in absolute compliance/capitulation to them

  13. Merbailey

     /  June 9, 2016

    [fake beheadings] and check this out, Clint http://republicbroadcasting.org/news/who-really-was-it-that-tried-to-warn-america-about-911/ http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=38438 [orange jewce, #33..]

  14. I do not agree that “this is just the beginning of their magic show”; we, in my opinion, are witnessing the ‘end days’ of their crimes.
    The people behind these machinations are infinitely patient. They have regularly and proficiently put things in motion that they know will not come to fruition for a hundred years.
    This has been planned since our War for Independence.
    We literally ‘lost’ our Republic at the end of the Civil War.
    Is all lost? I would hope not but our options are limited, to say the least. keith

    • Let me rephrase that statement for better clarity…

      This is just the beginning of the purposeful, maddening, and senseless glitches in the matrix. And it will only effect those that don’t realize there is no spoon. (Spoon is a word, so part of the matrix code, so it doesn’t actually exist. The word that is. Kinda like the Bernstein Bears by any other name don’t actually exist in Reality, that is, outside the fiction of the entertainment matrix.


      • Merbailey

         /  June 11, 2016

        they are NOT ‘infinitely patient’, persistent, yes, arrogant and impatient [with the stupid goy]..berenstein defendant of berenstain, claiming to be his family name was way to fast to respond to an inquiry, and very defensively so ..wink wink nudge nudge

  15. Hadn’t this site used to be called raelaitiyblogger?

  16. rzz

     /  June 13, 2016

    King James bible is only relevant to the english speaking westerners. There *is* actually a world further east/south and there are quite several ancient copies preserved. The greek orthodox church still has the original Septuaginta, the aramaic bible got preserved, there are several ancient versions in the balkans too, the egyptian Copts have preserved a lot etc. There are also arabic and jewish writings from those times which confirm lots of stuff mentioned.

    If you don’t know about something, it does not mean that it doesn’t exist, only that your knowledge is limited.

    Of course we lack lots of stuff that got removed after the councel of Nicea. That is probably unrecoverable, unless you choose to believe Nag Hammadi scriptures or Dead Sea Scrolls. There are even some experts and linguists who claim that the Bible is a fabrication from the middle ages, written in Italy. Their proof is still somewhat lacking though.

    • So you’re fluent in Greek, ancient Hebrew, and Aramaic then? I’m so honored that you would read my pathetic English blog in dog-Latin. Thank you.

      Just kidding ya. I agree. Except again I say there is no original, which makes it much more interesting to me.

  17. While they are trying to control and alter nature, it is outside the scope of nature so your article holds true to to my sentiment I came away with one day when I researched the hoarde of ‘mandela effect’ videos.. all using the same resources…. FICTION. Immediately I thought, of course it changes because THEY CAN CHANGE IT AT WILL . It’s like anything you create you have a right to change or delete. It just shows me again how people are tied to entertainment, TV, media which is mostly the fiction. You tell someone something and they ignore it because of that flashing sign behind you.

  18. This is the place for Mandela Effect

  19. Great article man. So glad there are other people who call bullshit on this nonsense. The Youtube comments are filled with raw stupidity.

    A great article here on memory http://www.hopesandfears.com/hopes/now/question/217069-can-groups-of-people-remember-something-that-didn-t-happen

    Anyone interested have a read.

    • Thanks. I can’t imagine what people will be made to believe in the future of augmented and other virtual realities forthcoming.


  20. Rik

     /  October 9, 2016

    So where did the north pole go from the maps of past history. There was no north and south pole on Mars in my reality. How the hell did prince Harry and his artic heros even manage to get to the north pole in 2011 with no map and no idea it even existed cause there was no map of it. I sounds like a god dam suicide mission to take a load of 1 legged war heros 160 miles across the north pole in record time. A miracle has been performed has it not.

    • A map is a simulacrum, a copy without an original. To suggest that reality has changed because a map has been changed is to believe in the simulation over the reality.

      Funny, the United States map looks just as it did 50 years ago, and yet the people are fatter and dumber, the streets are cracking and potted, sinkholes and fracking pocks the land, and things are looking all around shitty. Maps are for kings to show their territory off and to show commoners their jail cell.

      I again ask what in reality has changed?


  21. Kiy

     /  October 28, 2016

    Thank you

  22. Paul Capocasa

     /  December 22, 2017

    There are only certain people that have been gifted to recognize small changes in our existence. The sceptics really have no idea what they are talking about…as if something has been changed, there will not be any record of it….because the original construct never occurred in the here and now….so as far as the sceptics go, nothing is different to you.
    Now in relation to the larger items being changed, they may well have been changed, but we are unaware, that is the purpose of identifying small items that do not actually change time/history itself.
    Non believers will always be asleep.

    • Please tell us in your gifted wisdom what in Nature has changed? What then, that isn’t man-made and thus controlled by man, has changed?

      My life is not effected by quotes from Forest Gump or Darth Vader, as these characters do not Exist in Reality.

      My world does not reflect any relevance to the remembrance of cereal boxes having different slogans or cartoons, nor to the notion that some cartoon bears in a book are steens or steins.

      But if you feel “gifted” because of your nemonic recollections of these things, then I will certainly admit my inferiority to you. I am apparently asleep, and you are awake. Why? Because you KNOW the truth about fantasy and fiction, and KNOW that it has been altered. I am asleep in Reality, in Nature, and could give a shit about the changes to your perceived pretend world. Therefore I’m asleep. LOL.

  23. Anne

     /  April 29, 2018

    Clint – you are a beautiful soul… Thankyou for all of your effort and for pointing the way… What is real will remain, and everything else is illusion…

  24. I pretty much agree. Also, it’s a well-known fact that George Lucas digitally altered the Star Wars movies. And as you said, what difference to our lives does such insignificant things have?

  25. Traci

     /  April 11, 2019

    Very inspiring! You’re a person that has been blessed with wisdom. Thank you for sharing it. May God bless you for that.

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