Strawman Story: Free Download Now Available

Greetings fellow travelers…

It is with great relief, happiness, and nervous anticipation that I have finally finished with the final first barrage of editing for my new work. It’s final title:



**While this is not the final cover for the printed version,
it will be similar in appearance. I have asked David Dees
to design the cover art for me when ready.


I have posted a link for the free (.pdf) download at the home page here:


**Note: Not downloadable directily from this blog. Use new email for all inquiries and questions, and please utilize the comments section on the Strawman website.


(Since June 17th @6pm)


Thank you so incredibly much to the
141 people who have donated so far.

*As of 12 noon, Sunday, August 21st, 2016
*After fees from Paypal


My readers should know that this is Volume I of a three or four Volume set, and that this first Volume when printed into book format will be between 900-1,000 pages, with future volumes coming in at around the same number. Currently, the pdf version is unformatted to the book printing template, and stands at 760 pages in my word processor (in standard 8.5 x 11).

For those that might use this page number count as an excuse not to read this work, consider that just one of my multitude of sources for this work, “A Treatise On The Law Of Agency” (1905) weighs in at 1146 pages alone. It was not but a few generations ago that the measure of a man was his ability to rhetorically speak of religion, law, and politics due to his collection of such various tomes, while the supposed men of today whine when a YouTube video is too long as they watch like children on a Saturday morning cartoon binge. To they I say, do as thou wilt, as your adversaries wish.

I made a promise and vow that all of my work will forever remain free to all who seek it. And so I ask that you not only freely acquire this work for yourself here but also to freely share it with whomever you see fit. I ask nor expect nothing in return or consideration for this gift.

However, I have now reached an impasse. For after almost a decade of full-time research, writing, filmmaking, radio, and advocacy with no income gained or sought from it, I am in the depredating position today that I can only privately print this work into a hard-copy book format if the folks that choose to receive this free copy should wish to hold such a paper-bound book in their hands, or to see that others might do so. And for those who comprehend the truly fragile nature of digital things in an ever-increasingly censored digital realm not at all our own, I sit trapped in the hope that together we can make this happen. For alone I have no capacity to cause this work to be printed or to be freely spread. I need you to recommend and pass it to everyone you can. But I would not task anyone with such a request without first giving you the chance to read it for yourself. So enjoy and take to heart what is written in the intent it is written.

As I will never sell this work in any legally licensed or public capacity, keeping it at all times private, I can only ask for donated gifts to be put forward by those interested in acquiring such a paper-bound, printed copy of this book. The first section of my work explains why I have chosen this particular path, and why I refuse to publish (make public) my private work under any fictional, legal state names or titles, why I refuse to register this work as the creation of any legal “person,” why I refuse to assign any ISBN or other mark or bar-code of the legal government upon it, and why because of these choices this work in its printed form is only available though a direct contact with me. I will not sell this work for any price. I can only give it away freely and unconditionally to those who are willing to give to me a free and unconditional gift so that it may be printed.

And so herein is laid out the only way anyone can receive a free copy of this (hopefully) soon-to-be-printed work. The free copy in pdf will always remain free to acquire to all, with no questions or strings attached, and with no consideration ever expected in return. For those that wish to donate to my efforts and future Volumes without receiving a hard-bound copy in the future, being content and happy with merely the digital pdf, I would be grateful for any unconditional gifts. But this is not at all necessary or expected in any way. Again, please share this work freely without exception and without consideration of charge or profit and without any false sense of guilt.

I have fielded several estimates and have finally found a local book-printer (not a publisher) that has what appears to be the most reasonable prices. But to come to such a reasonable price (around $7.21 per printed book @ an estimated 960 pages), I must raise enough in donations to print 2,000 books.

In the spirit of transparency, here’s the run-down.

To print it double-sided, 8.5 by 11, on a regular photo-copier is around $60-70 dollars at most stores plus binding materials, which makes this a non-starter.

500 Totals: $7,810 Unit Price: 15.620

750 $8,882 11.843

1,000 $9,980 9.980

2,000 $14,482 7.241

500 books would cost about $15.62 per book ($7,810 total).

1,000 books would cost about $9.98 per book ($9,980 total).

And to print 2,000 books at $7.24 per unit would be around $14,482 total.

You see the pattern…

Print on demand prices are through the roof, and so is a final option.

And so this is where the future of this work stands. The more volume, the less cost to print. And for me, this will be the True litmus test as to how much real support I actually have out there. Talk about nerve-racking!

Donations For Clint’s Book Printing Fund

Make a Donation Button–=–

My lifestyle choices do not allow me to spend anything but on the bare essentials of existence with few exceptions. As I know many out there are as disenfranchised from this totally corrupt system as I am, some by choice and others by happenstance, I will always give my work away for free to all who seek it. But I personally made this choice, giving up my career only to hold a now worthless diploma and resume’, and a blackball from my professional industry (Hollywood). I chose to become a full-time activist and researcher, and have participated in over 2,000 hours of radio as either a guest or a host without ever receiving a dime. I’ve never had anything to sell. Amazingly, I get more criticism for this fact than praise, as it seems that we have been so thoroughly brainwashed as a cult-ure that when anything is offered for free there somehow must be something wrong with it or its author/creator. It seems that if I sold this work for ten cents I’d get more downloads than if I give it away freely in such Pure Love and Charity. This is just one aspect of the ultimate moral degradation of our collective being.

And so I have only this choice available to me if I am to stick to my guns in honor of what I have written and seek to teach and spread, which is to offer a free copy of this work in its printed, softcover book form in exchange for a suggested gift. As I am no salesman, I have no idea what to suggest, nor do I have any inkling as to what is “fair,” as if anything in this iniquitous money system could be labeled as such.

And so I offer two avenues. I will suggest that for a $30 gift I will send you a future free gift of a printed paperback book when it is actually printed. In this way I may raise enough to keep printing new batches, pay for shipping, to donate to David Dees for his artwork, and dare I say to keep feeding myself in the process. Also, this may allow me to send extra free copies to media and radio hosts or anyone else in need without the perceived illegitimacy of a mere pdf copy, as ridiculous as that publicly induced perception is.


If you find this to be agreeable after examining this free pdf and finding value in this work, then please send an email to me at ( with your mailing address, and stating your desire to receive a future printed book in the mail. Please indicate where and by what method your unconditional gift was sent, and let me know if you would like anything written by my hand inside the front cover. I will not sign any legal name, only my first (non-legal) name. For my own p.o. box address, please email me and request it. But bear in mind that this in no way is a “sale” or “purchase” and no receipt will be offered. I will send out the books when they are printed and obviously not before. In other words, your gift is in support of me and my future efforts and livelihood, not the payment of any price or charge for this work. If you feel the need for legal contracts in legal persona to have any trust in men, especially after reading my work, then I do not hold much hope that you may ever come out of her.

If you would like multiple copies, I will still recommend the above method and gift for each. However, if you wish to contact me and speak directly to acquire multiple copies, we may come to a mutual understanding. For while I would love the pdf to be passed out, I would be extremely pleased to see the printed book be passed out freely at cost as well. As there is and never will be a set price or any price whatsoever on this work in whatever form, I reserve the right to deal only with cool people. Lol. That’s the beauty of remaining in privacy.

Finally, if you are a bookstore and seek to acquire multiple copies for your store, you must know that I only accept gifts. I will not participate in any form of commerce, but will be happy to deal only with a man, not a person, employee, or owner of any corporation. How you handle that is up to you, but keep your legalities clear from me. Let’s talk. But this is not a “non-profit” work. It is not taxable nor is it tax-deductible. I will not play any of those reindeer games, and I will sign no contracts.

I will keep a running total of all gifts received by those seeking to acquire a printed version, updating it every few days on the front page of the website and perhaps on this blog.

Finally, let me say thank you to all who have selflessly supported me throughout this long journey. If I could explain how I feel right now, it is that I imagine that this is how it feels to let your child go free into this corrupted world after nourishing and nurturing him or her for so many years. Nothing is more frightening than to put the word “finished” on any work, especially one like this. I ask those who do read this free pdf to please let me know if you find any mistakes, either in spelling or in grammar, or for that matter in structure and interpretation. But please do not lose the forest for the trees, the whole for its parts. If you have questions on any point, please feel free to respectfully email me and place the word “question” in the title. But what I ask most of all is that if you have a critiquing comment on this work to please keep it to yourself until you have finished the whole. For this is a maxim of law and scriptural Truth, that one cannot judge the parts without experiencing and understanding the whole. Remember as well, that this is only Volume I, and that Volume II will continue where this one leaves off, providing ever more in depth evidence of what may be presently unclear. These are not separate works, but one whole. The reader can only help the author and others with clear and concise questions, answers, and information regarding whatever is not comprehendible or missing.

This work is, as are each of the various systems of man’s law, very much like a jigsaw puzzle. Most find a large chunk of the puzzle and focus their whole lives upon that singular misleading piece or chunk of pieces, and so stop searching for or even regarding the whole. They become guru’s of their own puzzle piece, a part that ultimately means nothing without all the other pieces that make up the whole. In this work, I am attempting to connect all of these infinite pieces into a clear view of all the parts. This cannot be done in soundbites or in a short essay, but only in a voluminous work such as this. But please know that it is not that I have or claim to have all these pieces, for no one man does. The real goal lays in finding and securing the border of the puzzle, the foundation, so that all other pieces may fit inside of it and remain there. The legal law is its own circular trap, its own puzzle, speaking itself into a false existence within its own proclaimed border of jurisdiction. Everything outside of that fictional realm is Reality, and is bound only by the Laws of Nature. And so we must learn to recognize all things by which puzzle, which design they fit into, and to keep those borders air tight, learning never to mix what is Real with what is fiction. For at some point, simply knowing what is fiction and what is not is enough to deny its power and to keep that big legal lie at bay within its own borders.

It is not ignorance of law that can be excused, only ignorance of fact. And the fact is that all of man’s legal law is artificial. Interestingly, law is not ever considered as fact. If you know this fact in your mind, body, heart, and soul and make no excuses for ignoring this fact, then you will never need or pretend any excuse or license for your own actions. You will never need any of man’s laws as your excuse for not having an excuse. You will never seek the judgment of man’s courts, never falling prey to their agents and magistrates (gods), the creators of their own puzzle (property). For they, in their false personas and legally flattering titles, exist only in their own legal world (jurisdiction) as creators and administrators of that big lie, behind the border (bar) of their own puzzling legal prison for the mind.

All comments are welcomed on this post and at the other website (preferred), but pointless and insulting rhetoric and fallacious attacks will be removed promptly. Constructive criticism is always welcome, if presented with a pure and loving intent to help others and improve upon my own knowledge. We all must begin choosing our words very carefully, speaking only towards the benefit of all others, and never to harm. This is the highest Law of Love and Charity.

If any of this is unclear, It is spelled out in the first 35 pages of this work. If you are wondering why I choose such unorthodox methods, it will become evermore clear with each turn of the digital page. I can say or do no more at this point.

Again, I thank all of you for your loving support and patience, allowing me to make so many mistakes and to then overcome them with your own words of wisdom. For the first time, I actually feel like I have accomplished what before seemed impossible – a work that may withstand the test of time and of history. I have sought after and found self-evident Truth; that which Arthur Schopenhauer stated and which I now can confirm, that, “All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

I hope that my work brings the same enlightenment that it caused for myself to enjoy as I learned and keep learning. And now, without rest, I will continue with Volume II, a seamlessly connecting future part of this whole work.

If anyone may help in getting the word out about this work, be it via advertising, creating and posting a free banner of the above picture linked to the downloadable book on your own or on another website, posting that link in comments sections of other websites, arranging interviews or speaking engagements, etc., I would be most appreciative. I would love to travel and give talks on this information and actually have Real contact with people.

As a last note, to ensure that no tampering of this document has taken place, simply ask me personally what the total word count should be by the version you have and/or what word or sentence should appear on any page, or ask me to send you a new, direct copy via email.

Paypal donation button is at the top of this site.

With True Love and Devotion, and under my first and only private name…


–Clint (
–Friday, June 17th, 2016


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  1. Perfect timing! Two hours ago I was about to read your 2010 article and discovered you’d JUST posted your book!
    Thanks very much for sharing.

    Peace Love Joy & Harmony,


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  4. anne upton

     /  June 18, 2016

    I love your work soooo much that before I have read it, I have donated. I do so admire anyone who has risen beyond the “me, me, me ” culture of the present and has little care for earning money. I recognise that we all have to eat however.
    I have spread your work on the CAFR re council tax and it is being used in the UK as I write.
    A friend of mine has achieved a qualification in forensic accounting practice and is now studying for a similar recognition in fraudulent accounting in the hope that he will be recognised as an expert witness at his next court case for non-payment of council tax.
    You are inspirational!
    anne upton


    • Thank you so much Anne. I don’t think people realize that comments like yours are my payment, more valuable than gold. It let’s me know I’m not just yelling into a digital wasteland of zombies.



  5. Geno

     /  June 19, 2016

    I use Lulu for my books and they do great work. A 366 page book I wrote, and they publish full color cover with barcode, just like one sees at the book store, for about 7 dollars… add a buck or 2 royalty for yourself because people need to be paid for their work. Lulu gives a full web page with ecommerce and sends the books direct to customer… and keeps the accounting and will send w2 at end of year. In other words complete turn key. I highly recommend them.

    If I were you I would brake the books down even further. Why not? Part 1 300 pages part 3 300 pages etc. Most of us want something we can read by pools and on planes.

    Oh and most importantly this is all ZERO cost. If you were to upload the manuscript to them and order only one book the cost plus shipping to you… would be around 12 dollars. Every single one of us out here as your fans can order one at a time or many.


    • I appreciate that, but I am trying to operate privately, non-commercially, and without barcodes and other government interferences, registrations, and marks. If we don’t help each other to do this, then we might as well except our slave-collars in this new “World Order.” I firmly believe that you won’t be able to use LULU or any other registered corporation (i.e. publicly, for tax purposes) without taking some bio-identity mark or other atrocity in the near future. And your book is now not your own if you registered it with government. I choose to follow the more difficult path. And quite frankly, what is in my work is not to be judged by its poolside convenience. Thanks for the suggestion though.



  6. John

     /  August 2, 2016

    Thank you so much for the time,effort and sacrifice to make this truth available. I look forward to reading your work.


  7. ian

     /  April 20, 2020

    I might be taking a little liberty in saying this, but as one of those who wait anxiously for the next bit of wisdom, next clip of audio, next line of text, next epiphany, next honest moment of what a man with a thorn in his side also, seeking only the grace that has ever been the salve of the Sons of the Living God might share with you, I hope that with all the creeps in your backyard and the Plandemic in full swing you are in that secret bug-out spot you prepared long ago and supplied well, and safe. May the Lord bless thee, And keep thee, And make His radiant countenance shine upon thee…truly. Amen.
    Ian, son of Kenneth, from Indiana



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