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Don’t get called for much anymore, but here’s the latest few…

#1 & 2. Sholly visits Clint:



#3 On Republic with Camile, speaking about supreme court decision on vaccines and new fake foods, lab-grown meat, etc. (Very bad connection and sound quality here, sorry.)

Camile’s work and email:


Clint richard-son (
Monday, September 30th, 2019

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  1. Timothy

     /  September 30, 2019

    HYP’OCRITE, noun
    1. One who feigns to be what he is not; one who has the form of godliness without the power, or who assumes an appearance of piety and virtue, when he is destitute of true religion.”

    I’m not so sure we’ve reached the haughty heights of hypocrisy yet. We’d probably think ourselves much better than fools if we were. You’re not simulating the “form of godliness… of piety and virtue.” You’re criticizing yourself and admonishing us to find the truth of Jesus as the Law of God all the while proclaiming that you remain a sinner, so I don’t think you’re feigning anything. Perhaps what I’m feeling is the guilt of living in sin, of being called out of class. Maybe you’re feeling that way sometimes too, under conviction of the spirit, but I have doubts as to if that’s exactly hypocrisy. Maybe we shouldn’t mistake the two feelings?


    • Appreciate that. Baudrilard’s book on simulation is helpful to understand all this, where the symbols of real things are worshiped over that which they were once attached to, leaving emptiness in all our actions. Thus, The Matrix movie was made on that idea as total simulation, being life in a simulacrum (copy without an original). In the end, there is no-one to blame but ones self, for the mind, body and soul is the only source of hypocrisy. So again it boils down to volunteerism. He that acts in hypocrisy without knowing it is a simulator, or as the elite have entrained us to be, useless eaters, cannon fodder, and goyim. This is the real, legal, secular matrix.

      Guilt is at least better than hope, I suppose, since it might cause action, though guilt assigns a sense of the past, whereas hope is assigned to the future. Both are perhaps useless feelings when it comes to spiritual needs. Necessity, perhaps, will be the only great booster for any of us, when we either act despite guilt and hope or perish.

      Considering technology, I think that point is about here.



    • Maxx

       /  October 1, 2019

      Pharisee defined is, “hypocrite” .


  2. Schopenhauer

     /  October 2, 2019

    Good to hear your voice, Clint.
    I had hoped that you, in your absense, either was working on a vaccine documentary with P.J or that you finally went nomad in the russian wilderness. I still think you should do it man. You could be an excellent father too. Imagine passing on all that knowledge you sit on through elaborate stories, parables and lessons.

    I know I am not supposed to beat a dead horse and I do not listen to him anymore but have you noticed your old pal the snake J.I’s complete 180 after being on A.J? Now sporting a maga hat, yay!


    • Thanks for that… And yes, I noticed. I don’t know what to say, honestly. I can only point to the many other good people he has turned-coat on and attempted to publicly screw over. Meanwhile, while my site is all but banned, his is thriving and first up in search engines. I’m silenced while he is promoted by the alt-mainstream. If that doesn’t tell you something I don’t know what will.

      There is a great documentary called “THE ENEMY WITHIN” you might want to check out, though it is somewhat biased and doesn’t show the same infiltration on both sides (parties). However, the whole Muslim Brotherhood thing is explained as well as who actually started it. (Hint: it’s all about the many communists in our government). And ultimately this is all about revisionist history, in that all societies are built on their own mythological constructs of false history. Change history or at least its perception and you change the very fabric of society, both morally and civilly.

      I’m in complete amazement that anyone would listen to Irvin’s twisted brand of pedagogy.

      Still working diligently on the documentary, though sadly without P.J.



      • Schopenhauer

         /  October 7, 2019

        Thank you for the recommendation. I’ll be sure to check it out.

        I wish you good fortune dear Clint. I hope you are not too lonely. Your perspective on this subject matter being so alienating and you being such a work passionate fellow.

        Thank you for the hard work you share for zero shekels.


      • Lets play guess what comes next
        This is a priceless piece of bad acting.


  3. Spiritual Tom

     /  October 4, 2019

    Oh, always great to hear your voice Clint! Would be nice if you could get the chance to get on the airwaves something like once a month or so. I did catch you (twice this year was it?) doing Spingola’s show, very nice.
    Anyway, just wondering if Drew has fallen away too since there are no updates on the blog? I would love to have the above appeareances in mp3 format, feeling a little technically challenged to convert it from Jewtube through Video Download Helper when it’s (for me at least) only offered by them in some “ADP” format… (Anti Defamation P…?).
    Can only agree about Jan Irvin, what a… Yeah whatever. At least you came onto my radar once upon a time through him.
    Many heartfelt thanks for all that you do Clint, you have a real fan over here in Sweden. And without knowing anything about your personal life I can only agree with the previous post that it’s not too late for starting a family…! 😉


    • Greetings Tom, and thanks. Drew has been quite ill, going through the nightmare socialist hospital maze up in Canada. He lost access as I did to the archive website and couldn’t recover the password, but he still archives any shows I do on this site:

      Take care,



      • One trick pony Tom

         /  October 13, 2019

        Oh, sorry to hear about Drew. I know all too well about socialist “healthcare”, sorry he had to go that route. Without knowing his condition I still want to help in some way and the best help I’ve found so far for my varied health ailments has been Jim Humble’s MMS – the new kind activated with HCL and not citric acid like 10 years ago when I tried it the first time and I just couldn’t stand the stuff and it only made me nauseouos.
        Thanks for the link, I see these latest with Shali haven’t been uploaded yet but I eventually managed to get both of them in mp3 format. Very nice to hear you in such a relaxed and natural environment, sounds like a beautiful place. Only wish he would be more of your equal but I appreciate his efforts for sure and thank you both for letting us visit your home. 🙂
        I would like to get in contact with you one of theses days, is it still temporary insanity… that is the way to go?
        Thanks man, you too.


    • Schopenhauer

       /  October 7, 2019 or both work fine, Tom.

      So, Tom. I have to ask you as a fellow Swede if you are inspired by Clint’s revelations to quit the beast system and go back to living off the land without electricity?



      • Tom

         /  October 14, 2019

        Alrighty Clint, I’ll drop you an email then when I’ve managed to put down in words what the heck it is I want to say…! 😉
        Thanks for the advice philosopher man, and a very nice surprise to find “a fellow Swede” here of all places. 🙂
        Sure I’ve been inspired by Clint many times and no different when it comes to escaping the Matrix. I can however not even remotely claim to be ready since I think it requires a lot more inspired motivation to learn how to do it. Mentally though I think I might be quite close though, having lost and let go of many things in life already. My journey was a “spiritual” one that came to include more or less “everything”.
        At the moment however what time and energy I have left I try to focus towards healing myself physically as well as trying to work towards having that family finally…! 😉
        If you want I wouldn’t mind getting in touch through email. Clint should have mine eventually so if like me you don’t feel like displaying it here then I’m sure he wouldn’t mind passing it on to you.


  4. TTA

     /  October 6, 2019

    Fantastic & insightful interviews. I listened to all your RPSS episodes and interviews I could find and I’m planning on reading the Strawman Story book asap. If only a day had 30 hours right 🙂

    However there’s one thing I’d like to ask. Thanks to your great work, I can see how the matrix system works regarding artificial persons, voluntary slavery and “royal bloodlines”… But since I live in Europe I just can’t seem to grasp the specifics of it. United States inc. has a well documented history… here in the Netherlands (where I live) it seems there is barely any documentation (except for the constitution), let alone ‘alternative media’ talking about the truths in the Bible. Quick example: A Dutch passport/ID says you are a citizen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the constitution is written for the Kingdom of the Netherlands as of 24 august 1815… yet article 1 states that only people located in the Netherlands (often referred as Holland as a geographical location) will be “treated equally” [this seems to be the opposite of the US and USA, right?].

    I guess my question is: Do you have any information or idea on where to start looking (even if it’s about the historical roots in Great Britain or something)? What would you search for to acquire this information?

    PS. If you need and want any help with your vaccine documentary, I’m willing to help by making graphics/vector illustrations or even do some editing.


    • Yes please contact me through email if you would about graphics, etc.

      You have two courses of study before you, and both will eventually come to be understood as opposed to each other. You have the origins of legal government and its constituted (ordained) authorities, same “royal” bloodlines, etc, and you have the Bible, which does not change, just as the Law(s) of Nature does not change. What is self-evident is preeminent because it is unchanging, while what is manmade is temporary and always changing.

      So what you will find is that in Norway, you are offered a persona (legal status) and choose to operate or be borne (carried) under it, and are therefore bound by its law. The bible or Law of Nature will tell you never do this, never respect persons or titles. And so on and so forth, you will continuously for years discover that everything the Bible tells you not to do the government tells you that you must to get its benefits. It’s really as simple as that.

      To gain a mastery of any subject, though, you must learn the language (terms of art) being used. You cannot apply common meanings to legal words any more than you can apply modern meanings to ancient Biblical words.

      United States is nothing more or less than an extension of Britain. The US is not unlike an East India Company setup.

      It’s a deep subject, obviously, but someone out there should have discovered it for your part of the world, as it’s always the same design though by perhaps different words or systems.




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