Current and Future Radio Appearances

Shows coming soon…

Rule Of Law Radio (Last week of November) –

Higher Side Chats (2nd week of December) –


Most current shows now posted.


Spingola Speaks:
(October 3, 2020)


Guber Mente 2020 with Shollyac:
(November 8, 2020)–Clint-Richardson-returns–We-Talk-about-CV-and-More-em6i4b


Please Stop The Ride with Camille:
(November 9th, 2020)


The Illusion Delusion
(November 9, 2020)


The Ripple Effect:
(November 13, 2020)


While each show is certainly different, each of these are also somewhat receptively based on my new documentaries, while often leaking into my other works. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Matthew for getting the word out!

–Clint > richard-son (
–Friday, November 13th, 2020

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  1. Fidelio

     /  November 14, 2020

    Been following you for years Clint. Appreciate your work!

    Congratulations on getting a spot on THC podcast. Maybe you’ll get some well deserved recognition.

    However, I listened to the interview of you by Shali and it didn’t feel like a two-sided conversation. I feel like you barely responded to what he said, not laughing at his jokes or nothing. I want the happy and charismatic Clint back. I get that you are sick of everything but can you try to be a little sweeter?


  2. i’m going through the interviews, despite the fact i know what you say already, it’s paramount you explain to people the psychopathy, the connections and the rest! so thank you for all of what you do! it’s always clear, direct, well demonstrated and referenced, i mean, if people don’t want to hear lol then they are lost… remember you either with us or against lol like i told Pat… I am all of my ancestors, I am all of Men, I am The Living, I am the judgement of all of them genocides…

    by the way, in the UK, The Bernician (FB and Tube) is about to obtain a legal arrest warrant of the UK Health Minister… this monday or at least next-week!


    • so on the ripple effect, really good, because he wanted to understand how things are constructed… but did not want to hear you, near the end, that would have caused him to reframe and re-evaluate all of his false sources lol thanks for enlightening the process of alternative-media manipulation, very hard to say who’s who… he did not want to listen lol! cognitive dissonance!

      I do the same… all for free… you explained the process very well… i’m lucky to have my family so, so far i don’t even ask for donation… i say/do what i want… i owe nothing to anybody! Very hard way… lonely way… few of us 😉


    • the Illusion Delusion interview:
      Russel and the other guy… lol synthax, there might be a little bit of truth, but both of them, in 9hrs videos, just can’t make it clear lol Miller is a heavily traumatised man!

      each sentence of you Clint is clear and referenced… your concept of verb/noun is paramount… live/death

      i have another one for you… i never EVER heard anybody talked about giving the land back to the people! (I think Cuba did it) this is the basis of everything… give a piece of land back to the people (which they have not done in France after WWII)…. and all matters will settle! Even in a book by an NGO about human rights access to land, they talk about the Laws, not about our inherent right to free access to land! madness!

      About TIME/MONEY… TIME in french is TEMPS… TEMPLE is believe derive from that and although means SPACE!

      From Old English tīma, from Proto-Germanic *tīmô. Doublet of demon.
      we end up back to Dies/Deus/DEI… to die?


    • I heard this and hope that it is true. I would like to see filth like Matt Hancock handled appropriately.



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