Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption Of Blood

Well folks, after a tedious 3-day delay of over 70 hours, my new documentary has been “censored” by Youtube for “copyright” claim, despite the protection of law that declares fair use protection for non-profit and educational and critical (critique) works. No money earned, no legitimate copyright claim. Copyright, of course, only protects greed and gain. Yet again we see that money corrupts all things… Not ironically, all videos presented in Lethal Injection 2 are downloaded from Youtube in the first place.

And so here’s the new plan…

Firstly, watch my short 4 minute farewell video to the corrupt Youtube/Google garbage heap of monopolistic incorporation, which strangely enough it did not ban, here:


Now, the good stuff:

Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption of Blood (Part 1) can now be seen on the following platforms. However, the film is still being uploaded and processed at Bitchute.

Bitchute (Red Pill Sunday School) channel:

Brighteon (Red Pill Sunday School) channel (MOVIE IS ALREADY POSTED AND READY TO HERE): https://www.brighteon.com/channels/redpillsundayschool

And finally, here’s your downloadable copies to keep and protect from all the slime that wants it burned:

The 1080 version (recommended):


And the 720 version:


Please feel free to view and download these files freely as with all my works, or if you’d like to wait, a lower quality (smaller) file will be available within the next couple of days and posted above.

Please also share them freely as you see fit in both formats, remembering that the only thing that makes it lawful to do so is its perceived legal status, or in other words, please do not attempt to sell, rent, monitize, or profit from this movie in any way. Always keep it free and available to all people.

Future parts to come in 2021, if we live that long…

Have a spiritual, wonderful Christmas and enjoy.

All my love…


–Clint > richard-son (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020

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  1. MikeV

     /  December 23, 2020

    Well Youtube is a private club they can censor whatever they like whenever nobody is forced to join, and even if you choose to monetize videos there is no set rhythm or reason for how you get paid or if your videos are just demonetized with no valid reason. I believe I commented on here last year way before the Scamdemic that there was something major coming soon the way they were going after anti-vaccine information last year and getting the religious exemptions removed for instance in NY, blocking alternate vaccine information is the biggest agenda. Many YT channels were just wiped out a few weeks before the Election.


  2. Morgana of Mayberry

     /  December 23, 2020

    What bullshit…

    See you over at Bitchute


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  4. Michael Politz

     /  December 24, 2020

    Thank you for all your hard work Clint!

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  5. MaxxNY

     /  December 24, 2020

    any reasonable acreage out by you so I can pitch a greenhouse and homestead ?



    • I’m thinking Siberia is looking nice myself, and Russia actually allows monasteries (religious societies). Utah is 85% government land, so good luck with that.

      Utah is a public lands state, which means that a majority of our land mass is owned by government. Approximately 75 percent of the state, more than 35 million acres, belongs to the public.
      Public Lands | Governor Gary Herbert

      Now, if you can figure out what that means, then you can get some. Sounds to me that’s a way of making government land sound like the common people’s land, a bunch of bullshit. Public is codeword for conquered. Let me know what you find, and I’ll be right there with you…



      • MikeV

         /  December 24, 2020

        Essentially the Public Lands Trust / international commercial bankruptcy trust as a result of the New Deal, Public Law vs Public Policy the Public (the private administrative commercial organization called DC). Its kinda like the lottery system has an “Education” fund basically an account called Education Fund but no money actually goes toward Education, so basically the Public Lands protected from the public’s use of it. Property seized to pay off the debt sitting in a Public Land Trust for the international creditors.
        Pretty much any non-Hague incorporated country that is not a producer of any major commodities. Personally I like the Greek Islands are nice they have been doing their own thing since the financial revolution they recently had and this region has some of the highest longevity rates per capita on the planet why the Mediterranean diet was a big fad for awhile.
        If you check N. Dakota they are the only state with a non-federal banking system state run, even when the big 2008 crash hit they were barely effected. Seems the ‘system’ has to leave a remnant of the old systems behind so nobody can claim its a total take-over there is always a secret trap door exit, just like ( which you already know) one can send a private letter for 2 cents and do not have to use the TM Zipcode which is basically a contractual obligation on the user of it, you can see even on the USPS website certain stamps are called “definitive” they are set in stone still part of the old system (non-commercial non-domestic 2 cents per 1/2 ounce). Its really like the Matrix movie especially part 2 where they had to seek out the old programs the remnants the Merovingian (biblical ecclesiastical etc) and find the key maker the way out, but like the movie its not easy the current system will test you and many of the agents are corrupt and will break their own laws because they only know the program of the current system and given the bare minimum data to function in that capacity.


      • Maxx

         /  December 31, 2020

        I’ve started studying the tax code books . I looked the only exemptions, you had 2 1) ten year tax exemptions for multiple family dwellings. 2) the homesteading exemption which didn’t have a section. It was ommited so in my mind at that point I decided these books were evidence of fraud and stopped reading. I decided to ask and FOIL for the liability clauses in the tax code, because I wasn’t finding them and 0 . In one police station where the chief is jewish made me leave without honoring my FOIL. My conclusion is – the rabbis wrote ALL your law books to subject the silly gentiles.
        There are ways of operating in the “gray zone” I’ve done it my whole life.

        The only way to deal with any of this is to carve out your own reality, declare any and all exemptions and deed the land back to God. Keep things private and use your strawman for “public” . They want 10k in the White Mountains for 1 lot. I need over 20 acres to homestead. Maybe a beet farm in the Catskills …


      • Maxx

         /  January 2, 2021

        we’ll squat the Skinwalker Ranch … is that possible? Lots of sunny acreage to garden


  6. polyrouter

     /  December 25, 2020

    A smooth and easy to watch documentary

    Took 2-3 days to watch, very engaging and comprehensive. Unlike the previous Lethal Injection, the content on this one has a more limited scope and goes into more detail in the subjects covered. Which makes sense since it will be a 3 part series. Lots more stuff to cover. Good job, Clint!

    Also about it being banned on yt, considering it contains verbatim multiple copyrighted works in whole, I don’t see how it could have stayed up.

    I found inoculation with Vaccinia, as shown in detail, really eye opening as to the horrific nature of vaccination. That being said, and considering the research I’ve done in the last while about vaccines, if I had to chose one to be administered with it’d probably be that. An untainted animal virus administered with a method that doesn’t bypass most of the protections of the human body (other than the skin), and confers natural immunity, at least to Vaccinia.
    The same can’t be said, sadly, for ANY of the vaccines given to children today.


    • Thanks… On the Vaccinia, I certainly see your point and this is apparently what many people think – that the vaccine contains no added chemicals or poisons, but then that would mean I should vaccinate myself for Tetnus with a rusty old cowshit covered nail, and for Hepatitis I should scrape of an uncleaned airline galley floor in the corners where it’s really dirty and infect myself with it. None of it makes sense. Yet your point is valid. Remember, though, how many have died in the past from such “inoculation”.

      The next part will be a bit more technical and advanced, but also just as topical.

      Be well…



  7. One trick Tony

     /  December 26, 2020

    Wonderful (?) Christmas present, many, many thanks Clint!
    I still haven’t succeeded in downloading Wagging the dog with my crappy Internet from Google drive (I think it gets interrupted due to taking too long). Any chance you could put it up on mediafire too? It would be greatly appreciated.
    Merry Christmas my friend, you’re the Jesus of the 2000’s…! 😉


  8. Will be putting up an update post on that soon Sith download links.


  9. Martin

     /  December 30, 2020

    Many thanks for your new documentary. I found the start a bid hard, because I did not realize how important the people shown in the first part were while their vocabulary took some time to understand. But later it turned into a true crime story.

    It would need a good translation to get accessable to non native english speakers.

    Thanks for your work. I have watched all you made and listened to about 1000 hours of your radio shows mostly years ago. I had not understood much in the beginning and it took years and years to get a better understanding.

    I have made so many discoveries about symbolism, numbers, the corporate structure of the satanic system here in Germany. It is all very similiar here. Maybe even worse in term of extortion.

    I am considered unfit for work, because they can not send me to any slave farm anymore without me inciting unrest among the voluntary slaves. So I am disenfrenchized for some time.

    However the corporate nature of the system made it really easy for me to just not contract Police, Courts and other stuff anymore. Never have I gotten letters back, forcing me into anything, when I avoided their contract with their smallprints and offered my own contract with my own smallprints.

    I am sure that whatever madness they try with their vaccines and their fear propaganda, I can avoid it by my right to not contract. It may be just getting a bid difficult to fill my belly in the future. But I only take care the problems of today. Because tomorrow will take of tomorrow.

    And so far I understand this world as hell ruled by Satan and his minions, who is to torment us with ever new tricks, lies and murder. And he is deceiving people right and left into following him into his many traps.


  10. THX1138

     /  January 2, 2021

    File size: 4.24GB for 720p. Sorry, Clint, that’s a non-starter. newtube.app is where truthers are posting videos now.


    • Matthew

       /  January 4, 2021

      Here’s a 480p (1.35GB) copy of Lethal Injection 2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jc3jx6cdjb906np/Lethal_Injection_2_-_A_Corruption_of_Blood_%2528Part_1%2529_480p.mp4/file

      And here’s Red Pill Sunday School on newtube.app (uploads happening now): https://newtube.app/user/RedPillSundaySchool


    • Dear THX1138… the correct comment would have been:

      “Hey Clint, I’d like to share your video, so please tell me what I can do to help.”

      As a general statement to all…

      How immature is it to pre-judge or dismiss anything or anyone because they are not on the video site you prefer or hear is the in thing? How immature? So immature that you don’t even realize that this is how they are decentralizing us and making the already shattered “movement” even more unorganized and turning us against each other like the rest of the tweeting, facebooking, reality show loving fools out there. This is like tweeting about the new, always temporary “in” restaurant or actor. No wonder we’ve already lost.

      But gee, let me stop my research and uproot everything I’ve done and spend hours uploading it to your preferred site because that’s what you like. Yeah, right. That’s about as cool with me as someone that criticizes my film because it wasn’t up to their personal standard, not the right length, color, subject, language, or file size. The new truth movement is become the nanny state.

      I choose to do this for your benefit, not my own, at my own cost, not yours, and on my own time. If you don’t like it kindly fix it yourself to your specifications or piss the fuck off.

      Note: If you take this personally, you probably should just do the pissing off part and save us all the trouble of another agonizingly pointless comment about your personal preferences. Maybe follow the Kardashian tweet instead…



  11. such an interesting interview with Mikovitz!
    @1h Sarah just could not take it lol
    she was fuming!
    she still believes she has rights!
    people don’t want to see that, plus she’s using Tribunal so don’t go and tell her she hasn’t got rights!
    i understood your frustration lol you managed very well!

    It is scientism and luciferian and whatever… although luciferian is more likely to be a part of their Scientism… because i went to Uni, some friends of mine are Scientist and by default, they’ve become scientismist (if i can use this term) which i also was, like Judy, i was for nanotech, GMO and well technology saving the world lol!
    obviously Sara doesn’t know your ‘work’ fully.

    and i can see that even Mikovitz don’t have a clue of what really a virus is… (from Science to God! lol! excuse me!)… it is proteins and ribonucleic acid, but beyond that nobody knows what’s beyond nano (sure they manage to make fancy nanomachines or do they?)… (i’ve been to Uni, so now i’ve got part of my brain back, i can tell you, they make up stuff! but probably not Elite Universities)…

    back to Sarah saying, yes there is something, people get sick (i’ve observed that)… it confirms it is the flu shot… there might still be ‘excreted particles’ so that when you are in contact with people you get it (usual common cold); or those excreted particles just after vaccination… you have, again, clarified a few things for me! i’ve not watch Vaxxx nor Plandemic, but your stuff!

    and remember that in Phage therapy, they take water from the river and sewers!
    i’ve said it before, your ‘work’ is stellar!


  12. Shelby

     /  January 10, 2021

    One of the sadest videos you will ever watch please pass it on we must wake people up to what they are doing to the children



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