“Gleaming The Matrix” (New Strawman Book Preview)

What will it be?
Be sure to watch the ending. It’s like a trailer for the book!


Greetings programs…

Just a short post to celebrate my friend Craig’s latest update on the cover for my next book, a private work (yes, if I am able, it will be free to download as all my works are, and available in paperback free with general donation toward my work [as an unconditional gift]).

Note: However, I am still seeking a publishing agent, for this and many other books both new and rewritten from my blog over the years. Any help in that department would be appreciated. In this case, I would be selling the book in the interest of getting it out there way more than I can alone, on the usual sites. That said, the pusillanimous gatekeepers of the publishing industry seem to have sold their souls to any such honest and integral works. The Truth is apparently poison to them. A general book proposal is available for this title upon request. Perhaps one of them will prove me wrong after all…

As stated, this work will be my best attempt to demystify The Matrix from a mere shallow attempt at Sci-fi entertainment designed to obfuscate and invert the Truth of its badly plagiarized source, Simulacrum and Simulation (by the late Jean Baudrillard), and reveal just how that author intended our collective “simulation” to be understood. It’s not often an author whose book is being used as a cornerstone (and an important prop) in a blockbuster film removes himself from that corrupted enterprise, especially when the reasons are spiritual, literary, and just.

If you’ve wondered just what the actual “matrix” is, look no further than the legal system you are caught in like a fly in a spider’s web. But the source is not what you think! For you are the temple. You are the source. You are the spoon.

The simulation has you…

Time to actually wake up!

One last note: I am nowhere close to being finished with this work, as my time is focused on documenting the criminal syndicate that is the NIH and religion of modern false science surrounding “SARS-2,” as well as its cover up and politicization. Please enjoy and support Craig’s works of art, for he has freely helped me and created these artistic masterpieces without reward and with love and kindness. This type of work is his contribution to consciousness, having woken up to the darkness surrounding the “professional” art world and of course suffered for that knowledge and clear vision.

Many have asked over the years how they can support me… Craig did it without consideration of even his own financial situation, not for me but for the sake of any it may reach out there. In a spiritual war, one that most don’t even see happening against them, we must give of ourselves not for reward but for the love of that which is threatened. I want to thank him for his dedication and valuable time given freely, but especially for encouraging me to keep writing with this ingenious cover-art. Hopefully the book will do Craig’s vision and art some justice!

More vids by Craig, including his work on my books and films: artofcraigs (bitchute.com)

Want to support me? Please support Craig on my behalf right now with anything you can spare, here: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=RP6RDSPZVSA9N&source=url

I would consider it a very personal favor.



–Clint > richard-son (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Friday, July 2st, 2021

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  1. Laurent

     /  July 3, 2021

    Done. Thank you both.


  2. Tony

     /  July 5, 2021

    I think the Matrix is real and exists in my head. It’s built from the lies and distortions (simulations and simulacra too) that I grew up believing were real. It’s fed by endless propaganda coming out of the black mirror.


  3. Shelby

     /  July 7, 2021

    The strawman is one thing but claiming the SURNAME is the issue, is it not?

    Claiming a birth certificate that is not yours and never was is infringing on the patent holder which is not you? The SURNAME is not yours.


    • The STRAWMAN represents all that is the fictional character, including the surname. It is the person (status) we present ourselves in the legal matrix. It is the avatar we pretend to be on the Monopoly Board. And we cannot play the legal game without it.


    • A birth certificate is a receipt for the voluntary application your parents filled out. It is yours if you ACT in the person it invented after the age of consent (legalized adulatory).


  4. not_you

     /  July 9, 2021

    is this straw man 3?

    i know strawman 2 was a video series, did i miss the post of it in print?

    thanks for all that you do


  5. Big Andre

     /  July 20, 2021

    what is your address again? I sold my soul for 2 stimulous checks. I’ll send cash. Please autograph the books my friend. 🙂


  6. TTA

     /  August 6, 2021

    Hey Clint, after listening to pretty much every interview you did and doing some of my own research, I have a couple of burning questions. I feel that I’m also speaking for part of the audience here, since they’re practical things that need to be taken into account when venturing into the world of private associations:

    1.1 – How does one go about and “Make land private”?
    1.2 – Speaking of making land private. What about countries other than the US, where, as far as I’m concerned, nobody except family-owned (through the bloodlines) and the damned King owns private land?
    1.3 – I’m having the hardest time finding ANYTHING about a private membership association in the Netherlands (in Dutch of course), making me even question if such a thing exists since it’s not a commonwealth country. Still, the constitution of the kingdom is clearly based on the Bible and fundamentally the law seems to be working the same.

    If you’d be living in a ‘monastery-like’ private association…
    2.1 – Can a private man even buy, or own products coming from the public? Think of a refrigerator, computer, car, etc. Or what about using the internet?
    2.2 – Can a private man not travel through public land – and if one can, what would a private person do when being pulled over by a police officer for example?

    And lastly
    3.1 – What if a private association becomes too big and (in)famous? What’s stopping the US from bombing the sh*t out of “foreign land” like they did with Northern Africa and the Middle East? This might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I think you get where I’m going.


    • Firstly, the government sells public lands. When a public land is claimed and sold properly, then that land falls out of the United States (public lands) and becomes private land. For Utah, as an example, here’s a history of the process: https://archives.utah.gov/research/guides/land-original-title.htm

      Another link: https://www.compasslandusa.com/types-of-deeds/

      So, you can search for deeded lands. Those that deal in or are realtors for private (deeded) land probably wont talk to you or answer your questions. The private like to remain private and never teach their subjects\ the secret to their privacy. I’ve tried many times.

      I remind you, the land that lies in the State (private People) that has not been ceded to the United States as public lands is private. Remember, PRIVATE MEANS FOREIGN. So when you are saying private land, you are saying foreign land to the United States, or in other words, land that is still private to the People (States). The State will always, like the King, hold allodial title. However, the State may grant perfect title (fee simple) to landholders. But you or your land will never be private from the State, because you would be part of the States (People). The State cannot grant any power or authority or status that is higher that what it holds.

      I haven’t the time to study this in other countries, but I assume they are similar, just as the birth certificate system and social security system is similar. We copied the English common law system, remember. You want to know, you do the due diligence for that particular country.

      For private membership associations, read this, it might give you clues. Again, not sure about other countries. Might be merely a semantic difference. I cannot do your work for you, as it took 15 years just to find it here.


      Don’t get too caught up on the public law, remember privacy is not public.

      Yes, you can buy sell and trade as an unincorporated PMA. It’s especially effective for medical purposes, where the FDA is public law. The point is that people are agreeing to assemble privately in association outside of the US (public realm). And the US dollar is clear where it states on every bill, legal tender for all debts PUBLC and PRIVATE. The trick is to be able to prove intent. A private membership association allows for proof of intent (people agreeing to act and associate private (foreign) from the United States jurisdiction of public law).

      When it comes to money, you think in terms of limitation. What can and can’t I do according to money.

      The truth is that there is nothing you cannot do without money, that is, all your needs can be satisfied without money. This is freedom. But you have to want it and act the part. Your actions, not some paperwork, will define your privacy. You want credit and debt?? Then stay in the system. You want to feed all your desires ignoring your needs, then stay in the system. You want to cure cancer and utilize science without limitation of public agencies and without patenting or profiting from your good works, then privacy is for you. You want to feed the hungry without getting arrested for illegal charity, then privacy is for you.

      Traveling is a mater of easement. Even a private landholder cannot prevent people from sojourning on their land to get from point a to point b. If your concern is that you wont be able to travel, say a vacation to China or a cruise, then you need to decide what is important to you… freedom or vacations twice a year? For thousands of years most people had no reason to leave their land, for their whole life, food, and family exists there. They are literally married to the land in “husbandry”. This modern idea that travel equates to driving or flying an airplane is shamefully off base to the ideal of easement or free travel.

      In fact, any modern thought is probably going to have to be unlearned. Ease is the gateway to sin. Sorry. Freedom is not unlimited internet and cable satellite TV. Most of your concerns seem to be how to keep your worldly possessions, which is understandable, but means you are not mature or spiritual enough to be private. Sorry. When I worked on a farm, I built what I needed half the time, and borrowed everything else for free.

      Police are aware of the private people, after all, there are many private streets that we and they are not allowed upon unless there is due cause or emergency. You do not argue law with police, for they are merely enforcers of a law they mostly do not understand. They exact and extort. That’s their purpose to their masters. So you do what they say and correct the record later, for that’s what courts are for. It can be corrected in the mail most often, which is why the post office is so important. You treat them with respect and dignity as you would any other man, being aware that the uniform and symbol cause the delusional grandeurs we all know. You do not provoke, you set an example, as all of us must. You make friends. Maybe he seeks what you have…

      As for the PMA itself getting out of hand, this will only happen if you are not willing to manage its membership. For the first time in your life you will be free to discriminate. Be wise in that discrimination, its not a bad word. You choose who goes and who stays. There is no lease. Those who want to stay must conform to the bylaws and purpose and intent, as with any other “club” out there. Hopefully you avoid such things be vetting who you accept in your association, which is the whole point of choice (freedom) of association, not just who you do but who you don’t hang with.

      The bottom line is that we are trained to be afraid of good and beautiful things like this because we love our servitude. That kind of love is poison. But first you must face the addiction and call it for what it is. What are you afraid of?

      The answer: all the what ifs.

      No man ever did anything worthwhile by that worrying about those. Preparing, yes. For the meek (spiritually prepared) will inherit the Earth.



      • TTA

         /  August 7, 2021

        Thank you very much. This’ll certainly help in my research, and yes… just figuring out all of ‘their’ semantics is a challenge in and of itself. I’m not expecting you to decipher the legal code of other countries, but your work definitely is a kickstart and I can’t thank you enough for that.

        Though a PMA sounds great as a means for escaping the madness of society, I can’t help but feel a certain dilemma. On the one hand it gives the opportunity to live free, but on the other hand I feel like escaping from the madness isn’t a true solution to the world’s problems. Sure, most men don’t want to be free, but at the same time we; children are indoctrinated into becoming like most people are… How is that voluntary servitude? We are a programmable species.

        I don’t know, it seems like every major problem always come down to “If only everyone would understand”. Well, maybe saving ourselves is the way to go after all.


  7. Ed

     /  August 13, 2021

    The “Devil Master” is “Deviling” ?????

    The TRUTH about me, the Law, and the Upcoming Caucus



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