The Prion Chronicles: The Story Of Interferon

  These are the continuing chronicles of prion disease, the reason for your own state of unease. For past research and understanding of just what a prion is, see my previous research here: Link–> Link–> –=– I wish to pose a question… Is it possible that, in our efforts to create synthetic drugs […]

The Prion Chronicles: Prions And ALS

A few months ago, I documented a speculative and fact-based op-ed that espoused my theory that most modern degenerative diseases referred to as “dementia” are at the very least partially caused by what are called prions – malformed or “folded” proteins that infectiously cause other proteins to fold and be rendered useless to the human […]

Doctors: Good Actors And Spokesmodels For Very Bad Drugs And Vaccines

Authors Note: Please read this to its end. This will change your whole perspective on history. There is way more happening here than meets the eye, and this will both shock you and explain why every generation is so different from the next, why some are up and some are depressed. Why? It’s not the […]

Yes, Vaccines Have Caused SIDS And Autism (MUST READ AND SHARE)

Just a quick post here to share an amazing, published fact with those who may still have doubts about the virtually unlimited disease states deliverable through vaccinations and other injectable, pharmaceutical drugs… you know, the ones on TV commercials that warn of side effects like death, cancers, heart attack, high cholesterol, prion-type disease, etc? But […]

My Life: The End Of A Journey

To my dear friends and faithful readers… The time has come that, at least for now and the near future, I am retiring this blog. It will not be actively contributed to anymore by myself. Now, please allow me to explain why. I feel that I have reached the end of this particular journey. And […]

Archons And Mind Parasites And Extremophiles, Oh My!

Correction: Please note that I made an assumption I should not have without researching, one I will leave in the article as an example of how bad research and writing can sound so pleasing. While the connecting information about Margaret Sanger is certainly sound, the “Sanger Institute” I fallaciously assumed without verifying is actually not […]

The Great Disclosure

We are in the time of the Great Disclosure… In the blink of an eye, the Internet was born out of the digital nether and has become the great tool of the power elite. Suddenly whole bibliographical and indexed libraries are available at the click of a mouse. It has changed the way we perceive […]