The Incontrovertible Conundrum Of Dr. Ron Paul

–=– Note to readers… Many will turn away from the following facts before finishing this research project simply because it creates in oneself a sense of cognitive dissonance – the emotional feeling and knowing that ones beliefs are misguided, and yet believing in them anyway, no matter how undeniably overwhelming the opposing facts are to ones set of beliefs. This tool (the theory […]

Ron Paul Is Not A Sell Out?

≈ “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.” –Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Mitt Romeny’s 8th cousin, twice removed– ≈ I’ve received several notifications that Rand Paul, Ron Paul’s son, is officially lending his “support” to Mitt Romney and will be campaigning for the Romney bid for […]

National “Ask Ron Paul About The CAFR” Month

A gentleman named Richard was kind enough to write and tell me his experiences about trying to bring exposure to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR). After repeatedly attempting to get the media and all major political campaigns to bring this information to the light of the people, his efforts were of course stepped upon. […]

The Corporation Nation 3 – Ron Paul And The Federal Reserve

I get the impression that this presentation might make more enemies than friends. Pointing out these things about Ron Paul is a long time coming. And the truth often hurts. But not telling the truth and going against popular “opinion” is the true measure of a man. Have you read the Federal Reserve Act? Did […]

STRAWMAN: Volume II: Replacing “God” With “Logos” – The Most Unholy, Logical Fallacy

***This post is a modified section of my next (2nd) “Strawman” book series, sitting at almost 200,000 words, which is between 75-100% larger than the average, fictional novel or overtly-flattering biography or historical tale of mostly fiction-based happenstance and fallacious rhetoric. Funny, for you will gladly pay to be knowingly lied to by storytellers, by film-makers, […]

(NEW) Endgame: Globalism Through Public Pension Ponzi Schemes Now Manifesting… CalPERS and News Outlets Caught Lying To The Public Again!

UPDATE: Note to my readers: This is a new post with the same title as my last one. That last unedited, incomplete version was posted accidentally by myself a few weeks ago without my realization. It should be as of today read again due to so much more background and information that has been added […]

My Life: The End Of A Journey

To my dear friends and faithful readers… The time has come that, at least for now and the near future, I am retiring this blog. It will not be actively contributed to anymore by myself. Now, please allow me to explain why. I feel that I have reached the end of this particular journey. And […]