Who Am I?

Welcome to my world…

Clint Richardson is my real name. I stand up and take responsibility for any and all content and actions by myself. No Pseudo, corporate, or stage names necessary. For I am living without straw.

This blog represents countless hours of research into the complex structure of society and the organized crime syndicate called “government”. I offer this without profit or motive, without sponsor or advertising. In this way, I hope to promote unbiased and unhindered information that is both based on the ancient liberal arts (trivium) and without fallacy, mixed with my own brand of sarcastic but sharply painful commentary of what is reality.

As a virtual matrix is of artificiality is being built up around us, and as we unwittingly accept and wallow in this destructive social media, this blog is all I can do to cry out in the digital wilderness before we all fall in too deep. The real world is crumbling while this virtual reality is built up and sparkling new each and every year. And as our actions against tyranny continuously get redirected to this false reality of artificiality in an inter-connected trap we call the inter-net, crimes against humanity go unchecked within the real world as un-empathetic corporations are protected from harm by unethical politicians.

And so, with a small and totally independent voice I research and write.

As this artificial digital social world of media repulses me with every new upgrade, my participation in it will likely stay limited to this blog and my movies. I have no desire to be part of a brave new world of trans-humanity…

After nearly four years of continuous contributions to this blog, I must disclaim that many of my previous misconceptions in earlier posts have been changed and corrected in later posts – a necessary learning curve for such a monstrously and purposefully obfuscating history written by the controllers and victors of the past. And I suppose that of the subjects I write about today, I will need this same disclaimer in another four years! The most important lesson is that there is never a final lesson; that the humility of being passionate but wrong is the most important learning tool of all, if one can only recognize the virtue of overcoming ego.

May this information enlighten and provoke you as well to break free of this virtual world before it ensnares you in the helpless frequencies of digital futility and servitude to the real.


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  1. Dayners

     /  December 28, 2011

    Your thoughts and opinions are dearly valuable! I wish more people could see. Keep up the amazing work!

  2. ron jolly

     /  January 19, 2012

    i was just told about strawman.can u tell me the truth about it and what i can do to get my freedom back.

  3. Pam ela

     /  February 2, 2012

    Plastic lettuce. I am a woman ..vegetarian . Breast cancer warrior . Imagine my disgust to find plastic on my ROMAIN lettuce ! 3 of 3 bags before I reported to my grocery ; the local farms health dept . & finally to dole who packaged the toxins ! I have a courier coming today to ship lettuce to Washington DC for (3rd) party testing .
    Then I have a video I have attempted to make viral on Facebook . I saw others on Utube . .
    Last night I emailed Ern Brokavich to see if or what she can do to help. This substance is by no means healthy . do you have any further Info can see to assist customers ? My cancer is hormone receptive , that’s why I must avoid hormones that we know livestock is given. Soy also is a no no. To my understanding, this plastic lettuce is a makeup of ingredients that contain them? please. I feel this must be made known. I happened to clean my produce well..but to naked eye it would appear shiny.
    so, advice, leads any further Info would be greatly appreciated !
    Respectively, Pam M. From In.
    Pam ela is my fb name where video of mine & other videos of this glad

    • Pam, your body is missing specific enzymes, minerals, and vitamins, which all work together to use elemental minerals in the process of healing. Send me an email and I’d be glad to discuss this further.

      And please share your findings in another comment.


    • Michèle Renée Gervais

       /  January 12, 2014

      Hi, Pam, have you investigated the benefits of an alkaline diet? Cancerous cells thrive in an acidic environment — change your body’s tissues to alkaline and free yourself from cancer. Wishing you many bright blessings, Michèle

    • Kelly Creighton

       /  January 11, 2016

      Hello Pam, I’m just a guy that questions all “advice” suggested by those that have been trained by people that have an agenda. I subscribe to the faith and belief that our Creator has provided everything we need here on earth in nature that will enable us to survive in perfect health without the intervention of people trained to support the medical profession. Please don’t get me wrong, the medical folks are very good at “crash and burn” treatments. It’s when people try to “play God” and disrupt the natural course of things that things get screwed up. My point is this; we can all live without food for many days, water for a couple of days, but oxygen, for a few minutes. I believe the key to our health is an oxygenated environment. Our world has changed so we consume less oxygen through breathing than they did 100’s of years ago. Our bodies cells need a highly aerobic (oxygenated) environment to provide the enzymes and fuel to the cells to fight off viruses and diseases. An anaerobic or (de-oxygenated) environment starves our natural defenses and allows viruses, bacteria and cancers to thrive. Our bodies were designed to thrive in an oxygen rich environment, in the absence of oxygen, we will wither and die. Bottom line, there are alternative treatments out there that utilize hydrogen peroxide, H2O2. It falls to the earth naturally in rainfall through the atmosphere and feeds the plants. Our bodies produce it in our cells because we need it. Ingesting or breathing diluted 35% food grade H2O2 can supplement your bodies need for oxygen. The results are amazing and one of the greatest cures not known or publicized by the medical profession. I use H2O2 on a daily basis.
      Best of luck to you

      • Ri-chard

         /  May 23, 2016

        Kelly, you are so on point and maybe more than you know. Refreshing to read your response.

  4. Nice to have read about you, thank you

  5. John Edwards

     /  June 15, 2012

    I have done thorough research in regard to the subject matter aforementioned. I continue to pursue furthering my education on the subject matter. I would lovebe afforded the opportunity to discuss this with you in person. I hope you are a true man and not after everyone’s frn’s. If you aren’t please contact me…i have a lot to offer on any given effort.
    John Edwards

  6. Thomas

     /  May 9, 2013

    Thank You Clint Richardson for educating us on the Constitution and our natural and protected rights.

  7. John Hawk

     /  May 28, 2013

    RE: 110 PHOTOS
    They are all American Traitors…

  8. I’m sorry Clint, but you are wrong. Government is not criminal – the people may be, but government, despite your obvious ‘libertarian’ leanings, is a necessary component of civilized society. No government – no ‘society’ that’s worth living in. The true crime here is typical American apathy from a cushy, western society that values comfort more than honesty. And you can’t blame them. American are working more and harder than ever for less and less. Corporations (i mean bidness entremanuers) have taken virtural control of our lives. Please, be honest about your libertarian, anarchist, fascist bias that you exhibit here.

    • Wow… as far as comments go, yours could not be more off target or fallaciously erroneous. I’m certainly no Libertarian, as is obvious by my own presidential bid as a non-corporate “party-less” candidate, and despise the fraud that is Ron Paul as I’ve exposed him. Perhaps you should read my post “The Libertarian Idiocracy” or “The Inconvertable Conundrum of Ron Paul”? You obviously have no idea of my previous writings or films, my association with Walter at CAFR1.com, and for that matter even the slightest understanding of what fascism is or that you already live under it. Those corporations you refer to are majority invested in by government. Read the link provided in this post about corporate bonds and wake up!

      When did I say government wasn’t necessary? When did I promote anarchism? And what the hell am I wrong about?


      • quote: “…non-corporate “party-less” candidate…” equals “Libertarian”. While your political posture may sound “cool”, it belies a certain disingenuous dithering of a clear conscious. My personal political feelings? I am a lifetime Union member who has benefited from the struggle that the Labor movement has suffered these last 237 years. I have seen young peoples faces ‘light up’ when I tell them about Unions, and then see their hopes for a better future crushed by the greed and ambition of a few. While there have been individuals within the Labor movement who may have tainted Labors glow, I feel it is still a ‘righteous’ and ‘good’ struggle. America is great when her workers are great. The 1950’s is an example of that. And every conservative I have ever spoken too wishes they were in the 50’s again. Sometimes because it was then that “negroes’ knew their place, but mostly because of the incredible economic good fortune many Americans experienced – through Union membership.
        I’ll admit that I haven’t read everything you have here, but I was directed here by a right-wing facist website called ‘Personal Liberty Digest”. I haven’t read the entire Internet yet, so, please, my apologies if I have been rash in my initial judgement.

        • Who refers me is not me, so the association of me to that website is a wonderful use of the ad hominem fallacy. But I take what I can get if only to inform the misinformed since I have no sponsors and make no money from this. Obviously making more money is important to you, considering your fervent support for those unions that gave you special legal status over others. After all, you can’t be wealthier than others as a laborer unless others are poorer than you. Sadly, unions are a communist entity whose creators and leaders (profiteers) were almost exclusively Jews. And of course convincing workers to demand higher wages was a great tool to force companies to move to Mexico, then China, etc… Useful idiot is the communist designator that comes to mind for union folk. That’s what Jewish Bolshevik Lenin called ’em as he exterminated the millions of white Christian Russian farmers who had no unions – useful idiots who supporter the things they don’t understand – benefits without duty and responsibility to others or nature. How else do you get people to tear up the land, poison the wells (which gave me cancer at age 17 and killed my brothers son of the same cancer at age 9), and support the very corporate machine that harms and destroys everything under God… than to elevate them in financial status against the people who would oppose that corporation and its deeds and even bash the heads in of those who are not members of the union club… as if they were lesser lifeforms. Greed is king. And useful idiots in unions are kings of greed. I know a skill-less laborer who drove nothing but a standard forklift for Chevy Motor Corporation making a 6 figure salary, while the guys who work at Home Depot driving much more complicated machinery of all types makes 11 dollars per hour. When Chevy finally left for China and left the entire town in Ohio ravished with poverty (except those union useful idiots who were paid out billions), he received an almost 7 figure buyout to end his useful idiot union contract and “retire” early. And so he is wealthy while others suffer – the plan all along – and the industry is gone thanks to ridiculous union wages used as the reasons to relocate. Its a perfect plan of deception and usury of the people who know not what they do to their own people. So who is the supporter of fascism?


          • You wish to shew yourself erudite by declaring my response as an ad hominem attack. Yet your post is full of analogy – personal experiences that do not necessarily declare a certain conclusion other than the one you wish for. The Union movement is not a perfect, rosy, panacea that does everything perfect. However, no system run by human beings has been found that does. The problem is an entire mistrust from Management of Labor. In the 1970’s there is no doubt that many Unions were demanding compensation in excess of production. However, the Management didn’t seem to resist since they went ahead and payed it anyway. If they made the decision to go ahead and pay what the Union was demanding, then how can you say it was the Unions fault? They must have been profitable enough to pay it, so why blame the line workers for a decision that was managements? If management was so cramped why didn’t they offer to open their books and try to come to an agreement with the Union? Because they DID NOT want to negotiate in good faith. As long as the ‘books’ remained a mystery, then how could the Union even approach management with any kind of mutual agreement? In Germany (where the highest payed auto workers in the world work) there is a Union representative on the company board – something you would never see in America.

            America is great when her workers are great.

    • Michèle Renée Gervais

       /  January 12, 2014

      Dear Clint, I’m a retired Foreign Service Officer of the U.S. Department of State (fortunately retired before the manufactured, self-inflicted 9/11 attack), writing to congratulate you on your courage and convictions. Yes, our Government is criminal as, from first-hand experience, I think are most around the world. I draw hope from the small but increasing percentage of human beings who .are awakening to the reality of our prison planet and I hope that you are able to keep your blog up and running. Best regards, Michèle

  9. Bob Burton

     /  July 20, 2013

    Clint … I have been trying to call you for ever… I can never get through on you phone… I beat the malicious charges against me… they are on the run but before they understood they were had they raided about twenty of my friends with as many as 34 full combat dressed soldiers and their M16s…

    We are getting very good traction in Florida… We need you!

    My dad did finally pass. They refused to let me leave the state to see him… he would laugh at what they have done to themselves… and now they are using state systems to attack duely elected officials for political purposes… it can and will turn to dite them..but I need your help.
    And Liberaterian???? Ha ha ha ha That has to hurt your feelings…Kenneth… You are going to need to send someone who can read to navigate at this level… Your post is cute though .. I got a good laugh out of it… Clad to see you have a fan club Clint… You are the one Clint
    Bob Burton
    Ps It’s been a hard couple of years back on deck and ready to play

  10. Bob Burton

     /  July 21, 2013

    Sorry for my quick fire back Kenneth. And looking back at my post… ha ha… i should brush up on my spell check. I can not speak for Clint.. But i would assume he is no more liberaterian than he is pro Corporate Government. … As for me.. I find Unions to be the wife of the Corporations rather than their enemy. Unions themselves are Corporations. I am neither Conservative or liberal.. I am not republican or democrat. I resent the poarization of our people. I believe Clint is outside of the compartmentalization of our people. I agree with you more than fully on the kochbrotherarians. I would dispise the koch brother fascist types for the same reasons as you. But I stay focused on the real problems. I wish I could do what Clint does. My little corner of the fight to save our fifties way of life is in the covert operative end of the game. I expose operatives and lobbyist working for such organizations as ” national Association of manufactures..and Associated industries of Florida…and unregisterd foreign agents working for Bechtel and AMEC etc. For this I have been raided.. my computers stolen with all of my records phones, cameras, and all of the public record i ha..I would like to direct you to. metanoia films by Scott Noble.. especially human resourses” but also PsyWars and now Counterintelegence… You will have to forgive the jumble of how ever this post comes out.. I am a hunt and packer typist.. and I can not see what I am typing until I post it on this web site.. Could be clint’s end.. more than likely mine. So Blame spell check lol. d collected.

  11. Bob Burton

     /  July 27, 2013

    I need to get in touch with you.’

    The very same hacks that misdirected the GP on Agenda 21 etc are now jumping the wave of CAFR in Florida… They are using it as an attack on only Obama… The republicans are still Good of course and are relentlessly protecting us all from the CAFR… They dodge the people behind what is going on and just as they did with Agenda 21 have created a strawman of CAFR…As if it is something more than a record… The “Patriots” are now wanting to attack the CAFR… Not use it as a tool to exp[ose criminals .. but to get rid of the CAFR….similar to the FED misdirect… They are steering people away from you Walter etc and have now created their own ” Experts” that “have been fighting the CAFR for decades”… At the same time I am using ( Clubsily) the CAFR records to expose what is going on with Economic Development in Florida…but specifically in hamilton County… I call it ” operation little domino” … They have invested their money in ” First Federal” the senator that attacked me is on the board of First federal. I have a sworn depo from his former Chief of staff that is off the charts..but the ” patriots” are scrambling to protect him… he is now witgh Associated Industries as a top lobbyist… They are the florida affiliate of National Association of manufactures… These are the organizations that facilitate in secret the movement of your CAFR funds… We need to talk…. Sorry if my post is scrambled… I cant see what I am typing on the screen.

    • joe

       /  August 29, 2013

      new to all this. where are you in fla have some questions if we could chat

  12. So, in you’re analysis of the City of Detroit’s finances, it is your opinion that they have the resources to make their current liabilities?

    • Remember, these future liabilities are “debt contracts”; bonds with interest.

      If you pay those off today, that interest would be bypassed, thus the actual debt owed today is much less than if it is paid at interest over decades.

      So yes, if it chose to, it could pay its liabilities.

      This does not include an organized criminal effort to force the City to pre-fund pensions. That tactic creates an unnecessary debt today that will be paid by future tax revenues.


  13. Just to make sure I’m getting this right, as this is a new line of thinking for me. You propose to take the city’s set aside assets for future obligations, most notably pension and healthcare set asides for present and future retirees from the city of Detroit and use that money to payoff bondholders?

  14. Clint, we have a lot in common. I head http://FirstAmendmentRadio.com and would be pleased to help you produce your radio broadcast at no cost to you. podcasts are free, immediately available and downloadable. we can schedule a convenient time and you can Skype in free.
    see: http://nicklasarthur.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/sovereign/

  15. Bob Burton

     /  August 30, 2013

    Right now Joe I sit in Hope Lodge with my wife who is dying from stage four cancer… She is being denied treatment because she has no insurance… She is being denied medicade because of who we are… But she is still fighting for you freedom.. We have the record that ties Governor Scott and pam Bondi as well as hundreds of state officials in Florida strait to twhat Clint is talking about in general. ..We are whistleblowers. Our record is complete and it is so incriminating that it will clow the whole thing Clint is describing and send hundreds if not thousands of Government officials to prison in Florida. To Bad kathy wont live to see it. She endured raids , gunfire directed at her , death threats, the crushing of her livelihood, the stealing of her small business equiptment and records by the State of Florida.. hunger etc. We as well did it alone… Very few “Patriots” ever stood with us.. Noiw they will all live free. the Key word being live…I no longer believe the deserve it. Google “Whistleblower Bob Burton released from prosecution by state” to get a glimps of the story… But the don’t even touch on what we were exposing… I bel;eive now I will in Kathy’s memory destroy the record we have collected and let the enemy destroy the people who turned their back on kathy. Sorry ..I am in a dark place right now….I have never done any of this for myself…Niether did kathy

    • Look up David Wynn Miller videos on google. He has a 3 day cure for cancer. I forgot the name of the machine he uses. To buy the machine is $12,000 if I remember correctly. He is talking about it on the Australia siminar and a couple of others. If you can’t afford it. Go to churches and ask if others with cancer would help chip in for the machine and all can be cured together. Praying for you. You can even make a profit healing (cure is the elites word, which never happens) cancer victims.Judy Horberg

  16. Dino

     /  September 14, 2013

    I am to bothered and concerned for all national citizens.
    But I must ad I am in the middle of it all for my freedom will be tooken away within the next 2 weeks leaving my wife and children of 27 yrs
    Why because a judge and prosecutor who have controlled a verdict and disregarded the law we proved are case and as soon as we were winning the judge allowed other acts on the first indictment that I have not been found guilty on be brought in because her
    relationship with prosecutor. And made

    statements only to confuse the jury.
    im asking for help I need yo expose this on the media

  17. So surprising that CAFR never caught public attention like it should. I posted it on ZeroHedge a few times, but most people dismiss the idea or, perhaps, when people see a real solution nowadays, they are too attached to this dystopia to act.

    Bon Courage Clint.

    As an aside, I’ve been fighting the good battle here in India….population is so far behind the curve on reality….

    Last, I have my own answer to this needless techno-babble, oil driven mayhem…. please feel free to publicize in any way if you feel called…


    It’s going to take a near simultaneous movement in multiple direction to right this ship, globally….



  18. Neville

     /  April 25, 2014

    Last night an angel came to me, i was surrounded in a haze and could see nothing. When it cleared we were looking at some one standing,as if on a mountain top with a castle, and behold a cloak or robe covered this person.The robe was black with blood red lining, but i could not see the face.Then as if looking into a pools reflection we stood beside who was draped in the robes and we could see people, as far as the eyes could see, bowing in whorship to the one standing in front of the castle.From the earth sprung machanical creatures both large and small, some could fly, some were as small as insects, and all could communicate with each other. They were told to go out and protect man, but we could see nothing but death come from them. Then, the one who wore the robes stretched out his arms and the earth begain to turn black, and desease and plauge covered the earth and all before us lay down dead. A light streaked across the sky and all below cried out to be saved even the prest , but the light selected none of them. Very few did the light touch, and the angel told me only those that had testified as the son had told us,only will the light touch. I cried out and begged the light to touch all, but no sound came from my mouth.The angel said the end will be long and began to count.As he counted his feet began to turn into stone ,moving up his legs and onto his waiste. He looked pleased to see the end and told me not to be affraid, he will stand watch until the begining, and the fear of the end washed away from me.It was then the light hit me and i felt no vaccum from the darkness that was consumming all before me.When i woke i knew that in the church is where riddicule would begin for they had fore saken the creator, and sleeped with the beast on the mountain top.I knew that this would be the place where the creator would begin his destruction, man will have no place to ask for salvation, and all will witness the darkness and the light that is about to fall upon us. Do not fear what is about to come, testify to the truth for the harvest is about to start.

  19. Michael

     /  June 15, 2014

    Reality, the ultimate GUI…

      • Graphical User Interface. Like your computer screen.

        99.9^12% of all matter is empty space between Baryonic Material. At a certain fundamental level all reality is as the pictures in a magazine – tiny dots of different colors. It is our mind that makes the connections between light reflected off of an orange peel or a humans skin. And as demonstrated at magic shows, can be manipulated to believe all sorts of things.

  20. Paul Howard

     /  August 27, 2014

    I think the IRS and courts have a different opinion

    Funny about that !

    • Wow. That was brilliantly written. Very convincing to the uninformed. The nickname of straw man is the “taxpayer” not separate from it. Taxpayer is a status, a person, which is what straw man means, a bail and surety.

      Thanks for that. I must now blog about it!!!


      • :rugen-piedra:

         /  December 5, 2017

        please provide a link when you blog about this. It has been since 2014, I am sure you blogged about it.

  21. Chris James

     /  February 10, 2015

    I’m Chris, 30 years old in Southern California. I’d love to speak with you about the content of your blog, your life, and mine. Let me know if that can be arranged.

  22. you one crazy blogger, and I, for one, like it. keep up the good work.

  23. I found your website today through Richard Kallberg. Thank you for all the people you have helped get out of the matrix. May the Father who created all things bless and keep you safely under his wings.

    Judy Horberg

  24. I like it. It answers some questions for me.
    I know you don’t, or I have not noted, that you haven’t described this word structured language as the “eng-leash”, but you come close to describing it as such.

  25. I fondly remember you from WACLA. So much has happened since then. I congratulate you on your accomplishments and want to wish you the best of fortunes and luck.

    • Greetings Bob. I heard about the changes in WAC and ended up washing my hands of the whole international group. It is a model designed to fail, unfortunately, one that is too easily infiltrated and unorganized. After a bit of study, I found that these types of groups are, whether they know it or not, a type of lucifarian cultism. When one attends a Libertarian meeting, for instance, the same PURPOSEFUL and proud disorganization is apparent, and even promoted. The unorganized will never defeat the organized. And with a token bit of research we find Libertarianism was founded by “satanists.” Libertarianism is also a synonym for anarchism. The We Are Change model, I think without knowing it, follows this Libertarian model, and carries the feeling of often being leaderless and lawless. That said, our group we started in Utah was infiltrated and broken up, because it is impossible to deny entrance to anyone.

      Hope all is well with you, and I appreciate your saying hi.


  26. “organized crime syndicate called “government””…I couldn’t have put it better. I found you on redherringalert.wordpress.com and think you might find http://www.stloiyf.com quite interesting.

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