Clint Richardson Hosts New Weekly Radio Show

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Episode #1: Burt in Colorado talks about gun and marijuana laws with me.

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I have been asked to host a show on the “We ROAR” network once a week, produced by the good April Reigne.

No commercials. No restraints. No shock-jocks selling storable food, seeds, and guns while yelling that you are all going to die! And no doomsday predictions to pressure your purchase. Remember, I have nothing to sell.

The show will be called “A World Without Gray”, and will air Thursdays from 4-6pm Pacific Time Zone.

It all starts tomorrow, January 24th,  and you can listen live at:

Or you can listen on ITunes or media players with the link on this page.

My special guest will be free man Burt of Colorado (, bringing you the law as you’ve never heard it before!!! Is marijuana illegal? Are guns as “arms” controlled? The answers will certainly surprise you.

Check back here for this show’s archive. I’ll be posting the show each week in a new post.

Tune in and let’s deconstruct the world in black and white.

Callers welcome…


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013