Obama Care: An Investment Scam

Of all of the corruption that happens within corporations and the government that regulates them, it seems the mother of all missing links is never connected by the media or by the masses, despite my best efforts. Of course, the media is not allowed to tell you what I’m about to tell you, and so why would anyone expect the masses of people to connect such otherwise obvious but invisible dots?

Let’s take Myriad Genetics Incorporated as an example…

This corporation has been in the news lately as it holds the patents on certain breast cancers, though a recent Supreme Court decision is now clouding exactly what that means. Of course, it will be required for Obama-Care approved insurance companies to cover the testing offered by this corporation; which due to its patent-induced monopoly on certain human genes and variations thereof may charge whatever it wishes for its tests without competition. The test currently runs around $3,000, though it could be done for less than $300 by other companies if they were only allowed to… And the monopoly is protected by patent (by government).

Not sure if you caught that or not… but the government is protecting monopolies and trusts through enforcement of its own granted patents!

“…the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has been awarding patents on human genes for almost 30 years.

The high court ruled that genes naturally found in the body cannot be patented, but that synthetically created genetic material, called cDNA, can be patented. That leaves an opening for Myriad Inc. (NASDAQ:MYGN) to continue making money, Justice Clarence Thomas wrote in the court’s majority decision.

Patents give inventors the right to prevent others from making, using or selling a novel device, process or application, usually for a number of years.”


Myriad’s financial report states:

“Revenue from the BRACAnalysis® test, which represented 81.7 percent of total revenue in the fourth quarter, was $108.7 million, a 17 percent increase over the same period of the prior year.”


So over 80% of revenue was from this test that costs over $3,000 and for which insurance will be required to pay under Obama-Care?

Just how did Myriad acquire the capital for all of its research?

CalPERS pension fund describes its role in capitalization of such corporations very clearly:

“Economists think of this as three forms of capital, which companies deploy to create value. Companies need financial capital. That’s where investors like CalPERS step in. This is why we are concerned with governance…”

“CalPERS earnings fund 66 cents of every dollar we pay in pension benefits. We earn those payments through investing in different assets. We look for a balance between investments which will grow the fund over the long term, and those which can pay cash…

PUBLIC EQUITY – $114.5 billion
The majority of CalPERS investments are in shares of public companies or equity. These grow our fund as the share price increases over time.

PRIVATE EQUITY- $32.1 billion
CalPERS has a significant amount of money invested in companies which are privately held and not listed on a stock exchange. We invest in these companies using external partners.

FIXED INCOME – $40.9 billion
We invest in bonds to produce income and fund volatility. Bonds are issued when either a government or a company wants to raise money. (Etc…)

(Source Report–> http://www.calpers.ca.gov/index.jsp?bc=/about/press/news/invest-corp/towards-sustainable-investment.xml)

According to Yahoo Finance, Myriad Genetics has:97% of Shares Held by Institutional & Mutual Fund Owners“.

CalPERS 2012 Investment Holdings Report states that the government pension fund holds:


CALPERS: Shares – 245,725
Book Value – $7,742,146
Market value$5,840,889

Yes, government is usually the main “institutional holder” of most corporations throughout its pension and other investment schemes. Of course, the direct ownership shares are not the only piece of the pie to consider. Much of government’s investments happen through 3rd party investment houses and mutual funds. For instance, the third largest institutional fund holder listed for Myriad Genetics Inc is Blackrock Inc.

Of course CalPERS and other government pension funds own considerable shares in this corporation as well:


CALPERS: Shares – 299,376
Book Value – $71,755,583
Market Value$50,840,100

It is quite enlightening to see with your own eyes just how much CalPERS has in investments into every corporation imaginable, both foreign and domestic. I find this to be a great wake-up tool, especially for those who call themselves “economists” yet have no idea that government is the economy! You can read that investment report here or download it from CalPERS here:



Go ahead… take a look. The conflict of interest is astounding! Go down the list and find every pharmaceutical and medical corporation in the world!

And remember that government pays your tax-dollars for research and development of new drugs by its investment controlled corporations, and then remember that every drug that was recalled by the FDA (government) must have been approved by the FDA (government) before it killed and/or harmed people. Profit for government investments is more important than safety and effectiveness after all, and so approval is directly correlated with government investment returns and cronyism.

Some of the random top-performing health insurance companies I looked up in this CalPERS report were:

HCC INS HOLDINGS INC – 458,261 shares with a market value of $14,389,407
AFLAC INC – 1,529,819 shares with a market value of $65,154,995
CIGNA CORP – 964,831 shares with a market value of $42,452,560
HUMANA INC – 758,839 shares with a market value of $58,764,496
WELLPOINT INC – 1,193,266 shares with a market value of $76,118,420
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC – 3,777,795 shares with a market value of $221,001,034

So no matter what choice you are allowed by government to make for your insurance company, you really only have one choice – a government investment held corporation that will benefit the government investment scheme no matter which one you choose!

Besides its direct ownership of corporate shares, CalPERS also funnels investments through this fund and through other third parties and as corporate bonds.

According to the California Chamber of Commerce website in reguards to CalPERS’ corporate governance powers, the Chamber is opposed to the fact that: “California Treasurer Bill Lockyer has proposed a new corporate governance policy for CalPERS that would “create the framework by which CalPERS executes its proxy voting responsibilities.”

The changes opposed by the Chamber of Commerce would require CalPERS to:

“Annually publicly disclose the board’s guidelines for contribution approval as a corporate contributions policy. The board should annually disclose the amounts and recipients of significant monetary and non-monetary contributions made by the company during the prior year, including spending “for political or charitable activities provided to or through a third party to influence elections of candidates or ballot measures or governmental action.”

(Source–> http://www.calchamber.com/Headlines/Pages/10032011-ProposedCalPERSPolicyHasPotentialtoStifleBusinessPoliticalActivity.aspx)

If it isn’t obvious to the reader yet, this statement should be read to confirm that currently CalPERS does spend monetary and non-monetary contributions to “influence elections, ballot measures, and government actions”, but does not necessarily report such illicit activities to the public. If you multiply that by the thousands of public pension funds and other government investment funds where collective corporate governance is taking place, you can see the conflict of interest through this investment scheme… where the regulators are regulating themselves.

And of course, any Council that would oppose such honest disclosure is likely to in some way be directly or indirectly utilizing or benefiting from such contributions. But then what would you expect from organized crime?

The point here is that whatever happens with the semi-socialized insurance program that Obama-Care represents, you can rest assured that each corporation from insurance, medical, pharmaceutical, and diagnostic research companies – all with such patents on human genes and the diseases that effect them – will be a majorly invested in corporation by government institutional funds.

In other words, your taxpayer money is being collected on behalf of the “employees” of government only to be invested in the corporations that government is allowing to patent your genes and overcharging the insurance companies that are government-owned through investment for their monopolistic tests of your genes which they legally own…

And you agree to pay for Obama-Care… to take the medical mark of the Beast and be forced to get insurance from a government investment owned corporation that it will receive returns and dividends on its investment by passing legislation that forces you to buy its insurance plan from one of its investment held corporations?

Talk about useful idiots!


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Wednesday, June 16th, 2013