The Great Disclosure

We are in the time of the Great Disclosure…

In the blink of an eye, the Internet was born out of the digital nether and has become the great tool of the power elite. Suddenly whole bibliographical and indexed libraries are available at the click of a mouse. It has changed the way we perceive reality. It has caused reality to become symbolized. It has made pictures of nature more interesting than nature itself. It has made pictures of people more interesting and beautiful (or ugly) than real people. It has rewritten history. It has altered reputations. And it has brought about a great injection of knowledge and pseudo-comprehension into society both clandestinely and for those who seek it – through the social media.

The Great Disclosure is creating a Great Awakening. But only the fool believes that this waking up is anything but the latest controlled revolution by a few planners of the Order.

The Great Disclosure is the freedom of information by tyrants to their subjects. America, long ago labelled as the “New World”, has established the military force of law for a New World Order – the Masonic Authority who’s centuries-old goal of rebuilding the Third Temple of Solomon (Ezekiel’s Temple) in Jerusalem is now being implemented into the protection of laws in the unlawful State of Israel. Among these protections of law are the suspension of animal cruelty provisions to ensure proper animal sacrifice in the future Temple and suspension of civil rights in favor of the exclusion of women from that Temple. As Albert Pike so carefully penned, the Third World War will no doubt pit billions of Muslims against a handful of Zionists as the Masonic-planned Temple is to be built upon the most sacred of Muslim holy sights, between and over the golden Dome of the Rock and the al-Aqsa Mosque atop the Temple Mount.

Their universal corruption and power is being revealed to the world at high-speed digital connections and frequencies without the slightest concern that the masses will even blink. This arrogance blended with righteousness of these Brotherhoods and Bloodlines knows no bounds. And the ignorance blended with a certain righteous indignation and lack of malcontent from the masses shows that indeed a herd of human animals can be trained to love their servitude under the right pharmaceutical and morally corrupt circumstances – commodities for the global machine of the Illuminated.

The free flow of once secret and forbidden knowledge is taken for granted by those who inadvertently access it, believers in the randomness of that digital construct called the World Wide Web who believe their individual revelations and revolutions of the mind weren’t planned from their very inception by those ancient handlers of information and enlightenment. But we are all but flies in that Web. And with the touch of a button we share what we have found through provided tools such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s social media creation called Facebook. And thousands and millions of people across the globe instantly message their friends – symbolic digital straw-men of real people they’ve never met stuck in perpetual inaction within their own digital Internet Matrix. Like rechargeable batteries they suck it all in; feeling temporarily energized while lacking any real power to change the Masonic plan.

And as the Great Disclosure builds steadily to a singularity of total dystopian oppression of mind and information, the artificial world of symbolic revolution creates greedy gurus with nothing real to offer, exchanging digital dollars for misdirection in commercial entrapment – the false remedy of false gods who secretly bear the Mark of the 10 mile square Beast that is citizenship. As thousands rot in for-profit cells of government funded debtor penitentiaries for avoiding voluntary taxes, still millions more convalesce as the victims of the government funded asylum of corporate pharmacopeia. While Prions eat away at the brains and withered bodies of the vaccinated, the chemically lobotomized induce obesity through consumption of chemical waste sold as artificial sweeteners, sodium substitutes, and ever more unnatural and immoral “natural flavorings”. Soylent Green after all truly is people, as injected and transplanted cannibalism is the latest trend in medical advancements.

Information awareness is the name of the game, and its billions of players play by the rules of their rulers. For a Dungeon Master such as this must eventually reveal to its imprisoned commodities the outline of the Dungeon they cannot escape, for without the rules the game cannot continue and perceptions cannot be bound to limitations. The slaves must first believe they are free while the master planners build a virtual cage around them. And as the door is now squeaking to a close and about to hit us on the ass, the revelation of our ownership begins to come into focus. The cage is becoming temporarily visible while this transition takes place. Ironically, the people still believe they must fight the system that controls them from within that very same system, foolishly believing that law has its origins and authority in anything but corruption and military force. They believe a piece of paper gives them the right to carry a gun, never realizing that the gun itself and the willingness to use it is all that protects that right. Meanwhile, that paper is being altered and perverted by legislative action to make the people believe that guns can be stripped away from them without a fight. And even while there is still an incrementally more miniscule time to break free before that cage door closes, the disclosure of the cage itself cannot be seen through the rose colored glasses worn by the masses.

Those who choose to take off those glasses and see are overwhelmed by this vision; a sudden realization that the slaughter house is close at hand and that we are already in line to become hamburger or dog food. They Live. The Matrix is real. The 13th Floor exists. Our Equilibrium and Soma await ingestion. Terminators walk among us and fly above. It certainly is a dark, Dark City. 2012 is becoming 1984. War is Peace. And it is indeed becoming a Brave New World.

The Great Disclosure travels through many sources, but most importantly through social media. Shock jocks spell out the plan while selling the products of a dystopian and apocalyptic future and making millions, never offering solutions to the facts disclosed or actually trying to change anything at all. Digital radio stations hide behind seemingly Christian names like Genesis Communications while really being usurious corporate fronts for selling the ancient metal of the Sun – the Masonic solar metal named gold. Never mind the fact that the Bible is explicitly against usury. And pay no attention to all of this Christian Station’s Zionist sponsors supporting the new-lost kingdom of Israel and its goal of re-building the Masonic Third Temple.

The Great Disclosure is the purposeful controlled revelation of forbidden knowledge on a massive scale – the scale of the enlightened Justice of the Masonic Rite. It is the implementation of the laws of the ancient Orders of Lucifer the Light Bearer, through the “Sons Of Light” – the true name of Freemasons before the cornerstone of the Temple of Solomon was ever laid and destroyed.

The hidden hand is revealing its Order through social media. This brainwashing is nothing if not the induction of the majority of humanity into acceptance of this Order without the slightest comprehension it is happening – that the cage is near completion. The perverse Morals And Dogma of this illuminated Fraternal Brotherhood shine brightly over the masses of unwitting sun worshipers who no more believe or comprehend the story of Adam to be an allegory of the Sun or Easter to be the blood sacrifice to “Eostre” the goddess of light after the full moon than they perceive that this Brotherhood of Light even exists.

The illuminated must reveal their plan clandestinely, and must do so through the flickering trance-inducing lights of the magic screen and through blatant concert ceremonies of Lucifer’s music. Stockholm Syndrome is an infection of the mind as people cling to provided entitlements and privileges while protecting their rulers – who protect themselves by removing all semblance of natural law from the landscape while enforcing the Masonic Society of Law upon all the people. They amusingly call this uniform Code of their Order “civil law” – the forced equality of all common people. And the people mistake these equal rights and the political Equality it brings as an empowerment, never realizing that only slaves have equal rights – which means they have no rights at all except those granted to them as a group of slaves.

As the masses become more and more the useful idiots they have been conditioned to be, as technology begins to replace the need for those masses in manufacturing and construction, and as the redundancy of profitable debt service becomes obsolete with a world government and currency, this Great Disclosure will be followed by the Great Culling of the now unneeded herd. Only so many will be allowed to fill the cage and serve the Light Bearers. The rest will be left to starve and wither in the pestilence outside the Temple of Solomon – the Temple of Light.


If these words mean nothing to you, they soon will…

Stay tuned for my in depth presentation of the Masonic history of this United States, its origins, its symbolism, its future, and just how all of this seemingly prophetic gobbledygook is coming of age right before our very eyes.


–Clint Richardson (
–Monday, June 3rd, 2013


Understanding The Contractual Relationship

In my last post, “To Protect And Serve” (link), we discussed the nature of the contractual relationship between the people and government. The importance of this relationship cannot be understated, as the authority and jurisdiction of government CODE, legal requirements, licenses, taxation, imprisonment, and everything else that is forced upon the people is done so through contract. And force is used upon the people when the stipulations of a legal contract are not met and the people decide to not cooperate with the law enforcement officers who protect and serve the people on behalf of government. As we discussed, protecting and serving does not mean protecting and serving your God-given natural rights, but instead it means to enforce the law through the protection of its continuity and uniformity, as well as to serve you with arrest, summons, process, and notices. To protect does not mean to defend you, and to serve does not mean to be hospitable to you or help you.

Again, the understanding of the following U.S. CODE explains this quite well…

42 USC § 1981 – Equal rights under the law

(a) Statement of equal rights

All persons within the jurisdiction of the United States shall have the same right in every State and Territory to make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, give evidence, and to the full and equal benefit of all laws and proceedings for the security of persons and property as is enjoyed by white citizens, and shall be subject to like punishment, pains, penalties, taxes, licenses, and exactions of every kind, and to no other.

(b) “Make and enforce contracts” defined

For purposes of this section, the term “make and enforce contracts” includes the making, performance, modification, and termination of contracts, and the enjoyment of all benefits, privileges, terms, and conditions of the contractual relationship.

Protecting your rights to be punished, put in pain, penalized, taxed, forced to obtain licenses, and exacted (extorted) from is the job of a police officer, and the service of these “benefits” and “privileges” of extortion through process, notice, and summons is the requisite of that protection – the protection of the right of government to extort.

But the important aspect for the implementation of this protection and service is all based on what paragraph (b) defines as the contractual relationship. This relationship between you and government must be understood if ever you wish to stand up against this legal extortion via contract.

The interaction of police with you as a contracted or licensed citizen is a prerequisite for this interaction. In other words, the police must “identify” you through license or other form of identification in order to serve you with a process, summons, or notice. Agreeing to this contractual relationship is agreeing to being protected and served… and arrested, put in pain, and punished for non-compliance of contract.

A police officer cannot lawfully interact with you unless you are legally contracted with his corporation (government), giving him jurisdiction and authority (your permission and consent) to do so. As a citizen and licensed driver, you are within this contractual relationship.

The best way to understand this need for police to verify your legal person through legal license or other identification is to revisit an old confrontation I had with the Salt Lake City Airport Police. Keep in mind as you are watching this video that I did not have a contract in the form of a “permit” to be in the airport handing out fliers. I was in a public area, not within a secured area. As you are watching, you will realize what I was realizing as this event unfolded – that these police officers had no authority or jurisdiction over me or my actions because I did not sign a contract called a permit. If I had obtained this permit for free speech, I would have been subject to their will. But without the contract, they knew that they had no real power over me… except that of threat and coercion.

In my opinion, this was one of the most important “caught on tape” moments in modern history, and so here it is again. Enjoy!

Part 1:

“Free speech is not absolute.” – David J. Bywater, Airport Police

Illogical, irrational, unreasonable…

Notice that the police officer states as fact that if I violate the stipulations of the permit (which I don’t have), then and only then are my actions a misdemeanor. So why would I then sign a permit limiting my rights and giving this idiot permission to protect and serve me by arresting me and serving me process? He then states that I can get in trouble for not getting a permit – charged for the crime of not obtaining permission for free speech… That’s about as ridiculous as being charged with resisting arrest with no other charges for being arrested in the first place.

So if I don’t cooperate with military rule by obtaining a permit, martial law tactics of violence by police will be enforced. Cooperate with martial law military statutes or become a prisoner of the Civil War with no ending? Do you get it yet, folks?

Now watch as the media spins this and makes us look ineffectual. Notice that I completely explained the situation, and gave the media the opportunity to report on the absolute violation by Airport Police of my rights. Instead, they chose to protect the government; which is really their first priority – just as it is the police’s first priority. I also handed them my flier, chalked full of information about these scanners. Yet not one mention to the public as a service to the people. This is why you should never trust your major media, which is owned through collective government investments by the very governments (private corporations) who are destroying our way of life:

Part 2:

If you understand what happened here, you now understand that the contractual relationship between you and government is everything, and it allows the tyranny that you just saw and live under every day. Perhaps you haven’t experienced it first hand yet, but you will… Perhaps when forced vaccination of your child comes to town, or the banning of your fresh organic backyard garden that you don’t have a permit for. The contractual relationship is what allows peaceful military rule through the cooperation of the citizenry and through a martial law De facto government. The only reason that you don’t see the fact that martial law already does and has been in place since 1863 (General Orders 100) is simply the fact that you are contractually obligated to be cooperative and peaceful like sheep – and you consent to this every day. These police are acting under martial law, though they wont admit it or don’t comprehend it themselves. All police and military are the secret police, you see?

In these situations, the most important responsibility for you is to attempt to educate these men, who are acting under color of law but not true law. Your fate will be in the hands of these men some day.

If only I knew then what I know now…

Original Opt Out Day post with full radiation information on body scanners is here:

Read it. Understand it. Print it. Us it!


–Clint Richardson (
–Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Non-Violence In A Violent World

To be non-violent in an extremely violent world – a square in a circular hole…

This concept has been eating at my brain as of late, as I watch with horror and dismay the brutality of police, the arrogant leveling of foreign infrastructures and people by military, and the promotion of these in the media.

And so I began to postulate whether peace is really achievable through the inaction of non-violent resistance. Is it possible to allow tyrants to literally get away with murder without consequences? Is it possible to have law and order as the protectorate of the people if the law is all but lawless? Can bonded corporate officers, police, and politicians be expected to act ethically, morally, and to assume responsibility for their own actions if they all work for a limited liability corporation that takes away that responsibility and protects their individual acts of moral and ethical corruptness?

I’ve prayed, meditated, thought, and role-played, and yet the answer never changed. The answer I kept receiving was no.

Perhaps the greatest fallacy being spread among the people is that the people must act within the law – the very law that protects the corporation from the people. A law system that exempts the law-makers from the crime and punishment of their own actions but not that of the people is not really the law, but instead is a dictate. U.S. CODE  is a declaration of power and intent that creates endless loopholes for the propagation of protection of organized crime through the misnomer of “government authority”.

In fact, the people now in government are best understood when they are compared to a 1st grade class of children with no teacher and no supervision – where each kid gets to write their own allowance check and all rules and laws are exempted when they are in the classroom. The parents aren’t even watching!

The best way to propagate crime is to take away any punishment for crime. Welcome to America…

We are told through media and through alternative media that non-violence is the only solution. And we are told the worst of fallacies – that if the people use violent resistance against our tyrants and dictators we will be doing exactly what “they” want – we will only be hurting ourselves.

Never mind that the very country we live in was created through violent overthrow.

And yet the very comprehension of this fallacy and what it truly means is no different than if a group of 50 pre-1840 plantation slaves were to say together that they must not harm their 3 slave-masters who whip, beat, and often kill their brothers and sisters right in front of their eyes – with no outside law or punishment. And so they stand there, with shovels, axes, and sickles in hand… watching the violence and doing nothing to stop it; knowing that it will happen to each and every one of them unless they stay slaves in every imaginable way.

Consent for violence in this society has been achieved through the popular conformity of its people, uniformity of its law, and exemptions for its makers.

History and law is generally written by the most successful of violent oppressors. At no point in history has non-violence created any real political change for the benefit of the people – unless you count regime change…

And then there is… literally, the cry of the oppressed: “But what about Gandhi?”

Give me a break! Government in India has not changed. The people are still “governed” against their will. And it is being “Americanized” like most others countries

Some refer to the “civil rights” movement for an example of a non-violent revolution. This is a lie. For civil rights were nothing more than legal code created for all “citizens” of a tyrannical government. Civil rights did nothing more than to force the uniform commercial equality of citizens (slaves as commodities). But equality of what…?

42 USC 1981 – Equal Rights Under The Law

(a) Statement of equal rights

All persons within the jurisdiction of the United States shall have the same right in every State and Territory to make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, give evidence, and to the full and equal benefit of all laws and proceedings for the security of persons and property as is enjoyed by white citizens, and shall be subject to like punishment, pains, penalties, taxes, licenses, and exactions of every kind, and to no other.
To understand the profound degradation of God-given human rights that was created via the civil rights agenda, we must define the word “exaction”.


1. The act of exacting; extortion: the exactions of usury.
2. An amount or sum exacted.

–Random House Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2012


1. The act or instance of exacting, especially money
2. An excessive or harsh demand, especially for money; extortion
3. A sum or payment exacted

–Collins English Dictionary, Unabridged


And so that there is no doubt as to the intent of this word as it is used in U.S. CODE,


EXACTION, torts. A willful wrong done by an officer, or by one who, under color of his office, takes more fee or pay for his services than what the law allows. Between extortion and exaction there is this difference; that in the former case the officer extorts more than his due, when something is due to him; in the latter, he exacts what is not his due, when there is nothing due to him. Wishard; Co. Litt. 368.

–Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856


And so, in parades of cheering masses, the once freedmen blacks of America rejoiced at their victory: of becoming finally and legally equal to the already enslaved white citizens. They became house slaves one and all as equal citizens to all whites and to themselves. They were now equally taxed and extorted from… and were equally put in legal pain and suffered equal punishment. And there was much rejoicing…

And enslaved they remain to this day, under duress, as equals to whites. Forced integration is seen as a victory of civil rights; and Affirmative Action is utilized by unscrupulous citizens to legally enforce equal employment opportunities, despite the complete inequality that this privilege exacts.

This fallacy of freedom – where civil rights were bestowed and true freedom was squashed under legal oppression – is a perfect example of the imposed and enforced non-violence upon the people by a tyrannical and ultra-violent government. The illusion of freedom and equality…

And all of the uniformly equal people say:

“I’m free because I can vote for my lawmakers in congress and my president.”

But having never actually voted on the law itself, the freedom to vote (if registered as a citizen with that bestowed privilege) is a mere fallacy, giving no rights to the people to actually vote for any of the laws that govern them.

Legalese is a real word – a foreign language. It represents a set of words that mimics the English language, but where every word we use in conversation every day has a much different legal definition that we take for granted…

For instance, We, the People, tirelessly and carelessly throw around the word freedom. But what does that word mean in Legalese?

FREEDOM, Liberty; the right to do what is not forbidden by law. Freedom does not preclude the idea of subjection to law; indeed, it presupposes the existence of some legislative provision, the observance of which insures freedom to us, by securing the like observance from others. 2 Har. Cond. L. R. 208.

FREEMAN. One who is in the enjoyment of the right to do whatever he pleases, not forbidden by law. One in the possession of the civil rights enjoyed by, the people generally. 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 164. See 6 Watts, 556:

FREEDMEN. The name formerly given by the Romans to those persons who had been released from a State of servitude (i.e. former slaves). Vide Liberti libertini.

–Bouvier’s Dictionary Of Law, 1856

Even this most cherished law dictionary tells us a nasty truth: that our government believes that freedom cannot exist without government. In fact, the legal definition of freedom is obedience to the laws of government!!! A freeman status does not mean a man is free. Nor does the term freedom define free men.

Whenever I hear a citizen say that he or she lives in a “free country”, I cringe at the ignorance of that statement as if it were nails on a chalkboard. The definition of free country is – legal (free) fiction (country). Country simply means the borders (jurisdiction) of government.

But with all of its illusions of freedom and equality, the civil rights movement did accomplish one very important thing with regards to the continuity of this tyrannical corporate government… non-violence.

This is not to say that violence did not continue to happen in individual cases, where people harmed other people. But the people’s ability for the organization of violence was oppressed – by a violent government. The people’s legal privilege to assemble was smashed without incorporation, which meant government control, or freedom to assemble if laws are followed. Of course, the law-makers would be the subjects of such assemblies, making the violent or even legal organization of the people impossible.

Even today, while activists and radio hosts talk about oppression, brutality, and a violent government completely out of control of the people – the people are afraid to say anything about fighting back “violently”. They disclaim their statements, books, and movies by promoting only non-violent resistance to violence or by calling it entertainment. The truth is that they are so afraid of government’s violent retaliation against them that they cower.

We are shown all of the violence that oppresses us, and are then told to react non-violently. This keeps the people in line, never fighting for their true freedom – not the legal kind, the God-given kind.

Case in point…

Guarantee! I want the police to listen. You are going to die, and your family is going to die. Do you understand? This elite is going to kill you. It’s official. It’s de-classified. I am going to die. My entire family is going to die. Your family, all of you, almost everyone, 9 out of 10 people listening, you are going to be killed by the government in the next 10 to 15 years.” –Alex Jones, immediately followed by commercials for survival products, food, water, and seed storage.

Of course, Alex Jones continuously promotes non-violence. We are all going to be killed… but we must remain pacifist in our defense of our very lives and in that of our children? Try as you may, there is no way that a logical and reasonable man or woman can justify this paradoxical conclusion and watch as the whole world is usurped by a few wealthy tyrants.

The cognitive dissonance that is created by men like Alex Jones, in this author’s opinion, is the true definition of controlled opposition. Problems with no solutions… Fighting violence with non-violence (i.e. machine guns with feathers)… The takeover/infiltration of most activist groups… The results of action replaced by the hope and consequence of inaction… This is the “War For Your Mind“.


They come to take our homes and give them to banks, but we tenants must leave peacefully and be without shelter while millions of homes sit bank-owned and unoccupied.

They come to take our children as state property through marriage contract, rape and molest them, place them in brothels and workhouses, but we parents must be non-violent.

Their police come to beat and electrocute us within inches of our lives, and sometimes take our lives, but we victimless criminals must watch it happen and be non-violent in response.

Their politicians and judges create legislation that allows them to act outside of the law, even as We, the People are told that we must act peacefully within it.

They place us in jail with no warrant and no cause, and place price-tags on our heads that are too steep to bail us out, and our families are expected to stay calm and be non-violent.

They force us to work in prison, paying slave-labor wages, selling our wares and trading us as human capital commodities on the stock market, and still we prisoners are expected to remain calm.

We watch as our military men and women destroy the infrastructure and cultures of other countries, killing men, women, and children, and we do nothing because we’re told that they fight, occupy, and kill for our right to be non-violent.

Our soldiers who aren’t killed come home, and we watch as the government denies them care, and we pass 200,000 of them homeless on the streets and bow our eyes in shame instead of fighting for their rights.

Government takes our property because eminent domain is our right under the 5th Amendment’s taking’s clause, and we allow them to do this to our neighbors, our friends, and our family because – that’s just the way it is… and we remain non-violent even when the Sheriff that we thought we elected to protect us from corruption forces us to leave our own homes so the government corporation can take them on behalf of the banks…

And with the look and the tone of cognitive dissonance, the sheriff says, “I’m just doing my job, ma’am”.

They tow our cars by force, steal and condemn our property by force, tax and fine us by force, collect our debts by force, and now place us in debtors prisons by force. Yet we still believe non-violence to be the answer even when government utilizes violence to enslave and steal from us.

They spray our skies and modify our weather, spreading cancerous and neurologically dangerous compounds, and we do nothing more than point to the sky and say “Look, it’s a conspiracy!” before we go about our busy non-violent day of shopping and reality shows.

We know they want World War III, and we know they are prepared to do anything and kill as many people as they need to attain their goals of crisis management called “war”, simply because they have been disclosing this fact in their numerous writings. And yet we remain non-violent even in the midst of preventing a hellish war.

Perhaps the worse part of this whole thing is that we actually support our military troops in their violent campaigns, our police in their fundraisers, our CIA and FBI in their drug and gun-running, and our IRS in their violent exaction’s of our lives and property. We support the violence utilized by these government agencies and private non-governmental associations for reasons unclear to me. We condemn our neighbors and even our own family members when the taxman commeth, and support government’s violence against our own kin.

Perhaps this is what Ben Franklin foreshadowed when he stated:

“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” –Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Benjamin Franklin

Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power.”  –Poor Richard’s Almanack (1738)

Now, this is the point where I am supposed to make a disclaimer that the above writing is not for the purposes of promoting violence, and that I only promote peaceful non-violent and lawful acts.

Just thought I’d let you know…


–Clint Richardson (
–Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Beware Under Cover Police Bunnies This Easter

I am constantly amazed at what taxpayers are willing to pay for in taxes to efficiently tax themselves further.

This latest tactic being used by Florida’s West Palm Beach Police Department is certainly a crowning achievement in this paradox.

Here’s the story from the MSN:

Florida police pose as giant bunnies to catch illegal drivers

“West Palm Beach, Florida, police are going undercover as giant Easter bunnies. As morning commuter traffic slowed to a crawl earlier this week, motorists saw a bunny with a sign reading “Have a safe, hoppy holiday. Buckle up!” And through the large, netted eyes of the bunny costume’s large head, the cop was watching them right back, making note of who had a seatbelt on and who didn’t, so nearby officers could ticket them as part of the state’s “Click it or ticket!” campaign. A similar program in Glendale, Calif. was shut down in 2010 for being “breathtakingly dangerous,” but in Florida, it has been pretty successful so far: In just two hours, 50 motorists were cited.”


Now, besides the cost of the bunny suits, the 50 motorists that were cited for not wearing their seat belts just on the word of the police officer in the bunny suit. This controversial law is already an attack on free will, independence, and liberty. But to spy on drivers through a bunny suit is seriously twisted!

As with all fees and fines, this amounts to nothing more than revenue generation for a private corporation through its enforcement arm – the municipal corporation police. This action by these code enforcement officers will benefit no one except the corrupt municipal city that is sponsoring it, and making it legal…

In essence, one could describe this action by municipal police as legalized-forced-panhandling. A homeless Vet can only hold up a sign and ask for money. But the police have the self-derived authority to force drivers to pay them ridiculous amounts of money without committing any real crime at all. No victim, no crime.

Of course, in no way does this protect or serve the public. In fact, as the story eludes, this action is creating a public disturbance and nuisance. Described as “breathtakingly dangerous” when this was done in California, drivers are distracted from watching the road and other drivers by the innocent looking pink bunny.

From the Huffington Post in 2010:

Undercover Police Bunny Sent To Pasture

GLENDALE, Calif. — Glendale police who used a bunny costume to decoy bad drivers at crosswalks have abandoned the outfit after it made a city councilman hopping mad.

An officer wore the Easter outfit on Wednesday in crosswalks. Drivers who didn’t yield to the furry pedestrian were ticketed.

But City Councilman John Drayman harshly criticized the head-turning costume, calling it “breathtakingly dangerous” and a poor use of city resources.

Glendale police continued the crosswalk sting on Thursday but the officer wore shorts and a T-shirt. A city spokesman says the city is re-evaluating the use of costumes for enforcement campaigns.


Of course, the City Councilman mentioned in this story doesn’t seem to grasp that the whole point of this effort was to generate resources for the city corporation, not to waste them. At least, not publicly.


But let’s get more in depth here… What other technologies are we paying for with taxes to further our taxation?

Here’s a wonderful little invention called the E-Plate:

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is increasingly used by Governments, enforcement agencies and private sector operators to enhance the policing of roads, identifying and monitoring criminal activity and in counter terrorism…

A highly secure method of vehicle identification uses long range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) fitted to, or embedded within, the licence plate.

A unique identifier is transmitted from the RFID tag which is compared with what the ANPR camera is seeing. An alert is created where there is a mismatch or no RFID is present. This can then trigger a response either for an enforcement team at the location or a follow up response from the back-office.

Combined ANPR and RFID technology from e-Plate provides the most secure and validated vehicle identification system.


This RFID technology can be used in a plethora of different ways, of course.

A patent filed for this technology states:

[0010] The emergence of passive, sticker tag technology has also greatly reduced the cost of implementing an RFID system. As a result, new applications, such as Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) using RFID, have emerged. Currently, e.g., in the United States, a vehicle owner registers their vehicle with the State government and pays a fee. The owner is then provider a sticker, which is applied to the vehicle license plate, to evidence the valid registration of the vehicle; however, these stickers can easily be counterfeited or stolen, i.e., removed and applied to another vehicle. Such activity is difficult to detect, because the only way to determine that a registration sticker does not belong on a certain vehicle is to access a database and check the corresponding information.

[0011] For example, in the United States, an estimated five to ten percent of motorists fail to legally register their vehicles, resulting in lost annual state revenues of between $720 million and $1.44 billion. Outside of the United States, some government agencies report the problem at 30-40% of the vehicles.

[0012] Deploying an Electronic Vehicle Registration system can help Motor Vehicle Administrators achieve increases in vehicle compliance and associated revenues by eliminating the need to rely on inefficient, manual, visual-based compliance monitoring techniques. EVR uses RFID technology to electronically identify vehicles and validate identity, status, and authenticity of vehicle data through the use of interrogators and tags that include data written into the tag memory that matches the vehicle registration data. Fixed, e.g., roadside, or handheld interrogators can then be used to read the data out when required. Thus, RFID technology can enable automated monitoring of vehicle compliance with all roadway usage regulations, e.g., vehicle registration, tolling, etc., through a single tag.

[0013] There are two common ways of attaching a RFID tag to a vehicle, one is using an RFID label tag attached to the windshield of the vehicle. The tag can then be read by a roadside or handheld reader. A second method of attaching the tag to a vehicle is to embed the RFID tag into the license plate. This has the convenience an continuity of replicating the application of current registration stickers; however, such a solution can also suffer from reduced transmission, i.e., communication distance due to the effects the metal license plate has on the performance of the tag antenna.


Or how about the use of unmanned drones to catch speeders (again, no victim – no crime)…


Houston, Texas to Deploy UAV Speeding Ticket Drones
Unmanned spy planes could issue speeding tickets in Houston, Texas by June 2008.

UAVBy June 2008, the city of Houston will use the same military drone aircraft currently used to hunt down terrorists overseas to write speeding citations on Texas freeways. Local television station KPRC exposed the Houston Police Department’s plan by using the station’s news helicopter to spy on what was supposed to be a confidential gathering of area law enforcement personnel where the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) capabilities were demonstrated. The test took place seventy miles northwest of Houston in Waller County.

While police have used aircraft to issue speeding tickets for years, the practice can be quite expensive. The cost to operate an aircraft such as a Cessna 182 can run beyond $200 an hour, which cuts into ticketing revenue. The UAV manufactured by Insitu, however, can stay aloft for up to twenty hours using just over a gallon of gasoline. While it only cruises at 55 MPH with a top speed of 86 MPH, its powerful onboard camera can zoom in on a vehicle from a distance of 60 miles with full night-vision capabilities.

Although Houston Police Executive Assistant Police Chief Martha Montalvo told reporters that the main mission of the device would be homeland security, KPRC confirmed that the department’s traffic unit played the lead role in the demonstration.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has opposed unrestricted police use of UAVs in navigable airspace at altitudes including the 1500 feet level used in the Houston test.

“The prospect of small UAVs flitting around in the same airspace we use is frightening,” AOPA vice president of regulatory affairs Melissa Rudinger said in a statement last year. “What do you think your chances are of seeing this thing before you hit it? And it can’t sense you or get out of the way.”

Depending on options, each UAV can cost up to $1 million.

Source: Police Secrecy Behind Unmanned Aircraft Test (KPRC-TV (TX), 11/21/2007)

At a million dollars a drone, you can bet that many, many expensive tickets must be digitally produced to pay for each and every one of these flying robot policemen.

And let’s not forget the stationary cameras that are appearing at every major intersection. These “red-light cameras” have quickly been turned into a national surveillance network, enhanced by the above mentioned RFID license plates. Of course, there is still no victim. And in the case of these cameras, there isn’t even an accuser that the taxpayer can face in a court of law! Perhaps that’s because there are no courts of law anymore, only courts of municipal code, where the police, the prosecuting/city attorney, and the judge all work for the municipality (city) who issued the ticket to collect the revenue. –>That means no fair trial, by the way…

In this story, reports on this national database:

Photo Ticket Cameras to Track Drivers Nationwide
Vendors plan to add spy technology to existing red light camera and speed camera installations.

Monitoring centerPrivate companies in the US are hoping to use red light cameras and speed cameras as the basis for a nationwide surveillance network similar to one that will be active next year in the UK. Redflex and American Traffic Solutions (ATS), the top two photo enforcement providers in the US, are quietly shopping new motorist tracking options to prospective state and local government clients. Redflex explained the company’s latest developments in an August 7 meeting with Homestead, Florida officials.

“We are moving into areas such as homeland security on a national level and on a local level,” Redflex regional director Cherif Elsadek said. “Optical character recognition is our next roll out which will be coming out in a few months — probably about five months or so.”

The technology would be integrated with the Australian company’s existing red light camera and speed camera systems. It allows officials to keep full video records of passing motorists and their passengers, limited only by available hard drive space and the types of cameras installed. To gain public acceptance, the surveillance program is being initially sold as an aid for police looking to solve Amber Alert cases and locate stolen cars.

“Imagine if you had 1500 or 2000 cameras out there that could look out for the partial plate or full plate number across the 21 states where we do business today,” Elsadek said. “This is the next step for our technology.”

ATS likewise is promoting motorist tracking technologies. In a recent proposal to operate 200 speed cameras for the Arizona state police, the company explained that its ticketing cameras could be integrated into a national vehicle tracking database. This would allow a police officer to simply enter a license plate number into a laptop computer and receive an email as soon as a speed camera anywhere in the state recognized that plate.

Such programs would be fully consistent with existing law on searches and seizures… No warrant would be needed or restrictions applied to license plate tracking systems which do not require any physical contact. Instead, individual police officers could monitor the movements of suspected criminals or even their (non-criminal) wives and neighbors at any time.

In the past, police databases have been used to intimidate innocent motorists. An Edmonton, Canada police sergeant, for example, found himself outraged after he read columnist Kerry Diotte criticize his city’s photo radar operation in the Edmonton Sun newspaper. The sergeant looked up Diotte’s personal information, and, without the assistance of electronic scanners, ordered his subordinates to “be on the lookout” for Diotte’s BMW. Eventually a team of officers followed Diotte to a local bar where they hoped to trap the journalist and accuse him of driving under the influence of alcohol. Diotte took a cab home and the officers’ plan was exposed after tapes of radio traffic were leaked to the press. Police later cleared themselves of any serious wrong-doing following an extensive investigation.


Eventually, one can only come to the conclusion that people enjoy this complete surveillance and revenue generation grid that eventually ensnares all drivers – who can’t help but break some legal code due the the sheer number of codes created every year! And this is what taxpayers continue to call a free country.

And as ironic proof of this inherent love of servitude and tax slavery, here are a few comments that were left on the first bunny story holding up a sign to “buckle-up” for safety while spying on drivers through the mesh false-bunny-eyes:

HEY! Just put the stupid seat belt on and maybe the bunny well get off the street and you won’t get a ticket.

For God sake people that are posting here. THERE IS NO ENTRAPMENT HERE. FACT!

Note to angry people; just buckle up and you have nothing to worry about.

It’s not entrapment if your a dumba$$ and don’t wear a seatbelt.  hahaha… I think this is a great idea.

If it works, why not. Know someone who got a ticket for not wearing his seat belt. He does now.

— Folks try to remember that it wasn’t the officers idea to do this.  This clearly came down from some higher up maybe a mayor or police chief. I’m sure these cops hate doing this as much as we hate them doing it. (No, they thrive on this!)

— In defense of the many honest and hard working law enforcements officers: cops are like lawyers and prostitutes, many badmouth them until they need one. all of you ****ers, go pull YOUR mother out of a car wreck don’t expect a “pig” to do it for you! (Actually, that’s firefighters. And they don’t kill you with Tazors)


And so, there you have it – a public in love with its own enslavement. A nation that obeys robots and digital requests for payment of fines for committing no offense against any other people, and for not damaging anyone’s property.

Just where did this new American dream of taxes and incarceration come from anyway?

Is natural law and the responsibility it takes to be free men and women truly dead?

Welcome to the Corporation of the United States!


–Clint Richardson (
–Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Do You Own Your Children?

Do you know who owns your child?

This might seem like a strange question to most… but the answer is even stranger and more terrifying to comprehend.

When a question like this is posed, we the people often look to our legislature and our constitution for the answers, as esoteric and interpretable as those answers may be. But without the rose-colored glasses, we can actually read with our own eyes what the answer to this question is from the eyes and opinion of our government.

Before you can truly attain the answer to this question though, and comprehend how it applies to you and your children, you must first temporarily suspend your emotion, your idealism, and your beliefs. For when we refer to law, these things do not apply. And when it is a corporation that writes these laws, morals, ethics, and values go out the window.

Anger though, for the purpose of the information you are about to receive, is permitted and requested…

First of all, let’s clarify that what we are about to see is the opinion of the court system. Courts do not offer “judgment”, only “opinion”. The justices (not judges) of the “Supreme Court” as well offer nothing but opinion, which then becomes what the BAR association considers to be “Public Policy” or public opinion. The BAR copyrights these opinions then misleadingly calls it the “law”.

The side effect of being a consenting citizen of the United States (corporation) is that these copyrighted codes are applied to you with what the U.S.CODE itself calls Prima Facie law (law which derives its authority from presumed consent). Therefore, all branches of government technically operate under presumed law, meaning that the consent of the governed is automatically assumed in all legal matters and decisions based on court opinion.

This, unfortunately, applies to all contracts made with or on behalf of the state…

And one of those contracts is called a “Marriage License“.

Yours and your spouses signature on that state-sanctioned and federally registered document signifies a consent-based contract between all three parties – you, your spouse, and the “State“.

But don’t take my word for it… Let’s see what the court system offers in their opinion about this subject?

First, lets visit an Illinois Appellate Court judgment from 1997:

Appellate Court of Illinois, NO. 5-97-0108:

Marriage is a civil contract to which there are three parties-the husband, the wife and the state.

Van Koten v. Van Koten. 154 N.E. 146.


…When two people decide to get married, they are required to first procure a license from the State. If they have children of this marriage, they are required by the State to submit their children to certain things, such as school attendance and vaccinations. Furthermore, if at some time in the future the couple decides the marriage is not working, they must petition the State for a divorce. Marriage is a three-party contract between the man, the woman, and the State

Linneman v. Linneman, 1 Ill. App. 2d 48, 50, 116 N.E.2d 182, 183 (1953), citing Van Koten v. Van Koten, 323 Ill. 323, 326, 154 N.E. 146 (1926).

The State represents the public interest in the institution of marriage.

Linneman, 1 Ill. App. 2d at 50, 116 N.E.2d at 183 (1953).


This public interest is what allows the State to intervene in certain situations to protect the interests of members of the family.   The State is like a silent partner in the family who is not active in the everyday running of the family but becomes active and exercises its power and authority only when necessary to protect some important interest of family life.   Taking all of this into consideration, the question no longer is whether the State has an interest or place in disputes such as the one at bar, but it becomes a question of timing and necessity.

Also, this case law states…

The state has a wide range of power for limiting parental freedom and authority in things affecting the child’s welfare… In fact, the entire familial relationship involves the State.

Prince, 321 U.S. at 167, 64 S.Ct. at 442, 88 L.Ed. 645.


Well now… the courts sure do seem to offer the opinion that your child is owned by the state!

But heck, what should we the people (not People) expect?

When such authority and jurisdiction is just arbitrarily handed over to a bunch of attorneys running around in black moo-moos with little wooden hammers yelling that they rule supreme in their houses of judicial worship simply because the state allows them to presume such authority and jurisdiction… I suppose those people who consent to this charade get just what they deserve – slavery through a bondage contract.

But then, when the President of the country is also a lawyer, along with his wife, and for that mater more than half of all U.S. Presidents, 56/100 Senators, over 35% of Congressmen, both “speakers” of the house, and most of the State Governors in office today are all BAR attorneys/lawyers, I suppose we shouldn’t be at all surprised that the opinion of the BAR Association is the law of the land…

Of course, the above opinion is not just some isolated case. This opinion is quite general in its purview, and quite common in its legal application. In fact, it is the very basis of the criminal racket we call the dreaded “Child Protective Services (CPS)”, which claims its overarching authority from the Federal “Health And Human Services (HHS)” as it legally kidnaps your children.

So where else can we find such blatant power abused so absolutely?

How about in the case of MEADOWS v. MEADOWS, (Aug 2008), in the “Court of Civil Appeals of Alabama”?

“The primary control and custody of infants is with the government.”

Tillman V. Roberts. 108 So. 62

There is no wider area for the exercise of judicial discretion than that of providing for and protecting the best interests of children.

Ex parte Handley, 460 So.2d 167 (Ala.1984).

The court stands in the position of parens patria[e] of children.

Ayers v. Kelley, 284 Ala. 321, 224 So.2d 673 (1969)․

…we held that the best interest of the child took precedence over the parent’s right to travel.

Everett, 660 So.2d at 601-02.

In 1984, the Court of Appeals of Idaho ruled that the State had a ‘compelling governmental interest’ that justified restricting the residence of the custodial parent, holding that the best interests of a child had priority over the parent’s right to travel.

Ziegler v. Ziegler, 107 Idaho 527, 691 P.2d 773 (Idaho App.1985) (citing Carlson v. Carlson, 8 Kan.App.2d 564, 661 P.2d 833 (1983)).

**Note: The word “interest”, when it is used by the courts on behalf of “the state”, should be considered here to be defined in layman’s terms as the monetary interest in what the State considers one of its trade-able commodities. For to a for-profit government, people are considered legal “persons”, and their value is not in flesh and blood, but in labor and tax. Persons are the original form of legal tender. -Clint-


“Parens patriae,” literally “parent of the country,” refers traditionally to role of state as sovereign and guardian of persons under legal disability.”

Ex parte Bayliss, 550 So.2d 986, 988 n. 1 (Ala.1989) (quoting Black’s Law Dictionary 1003 (5th ed.1979)).

“Pursuant to the parens patriae doctrine, ‘the primary control and custody of infants is with the government, to be delegated, as of course, to their natural guardians and protectors, so long as such guardians are suitable persons to exercise it.’ ”

Ex parte Wright, 225 Ala. 220, 222, 142 So. 672, 674 (1932). See also Fletcher v. Preston, 226 Ala. 665, 148 So. 137 (1933); and Striplin v. Ware, 36 Ala. 87 (1860).

“In other words, the state is the father and mother of the child and the natural parents are not entitled to custody, except upon the state’s beneficent recognition that natural parents presumably will be the best of its citizens to delegate its custodial powers… ‘The law devolves the custody of infant children upon their parents, not so much upon the ground of natural right in the latter, as because the interests of the children, and the good of the public, will, as a general rule, be thereby promoted.’ “

Chandler v. Whatley, 238 Ala. 206, 208, 189 So. 751, 753 (1939) (quoting Striplin v. Ware, 36 Ala. at 89) (‘ ’).


Wait a minute, you say. This doesn’t sound very “constitutional” to me…

Oh, you mean that mythical and more importantly interpretable (in court opinion) document that you believe gives you rights? Silly rabbits, tricks are for kids.

In reality, everything that happens is in fact “constitutional” as long as the court (an attorney in a black moo-moo) says it is “constitutional” from within its (his/her) opinion.

In the end, you have only one right. And that right is the right of non-consent. (Consent is the most important legal term that you can possibly ever comprehend.)

But don’t take my word for it… here are a few more instances of “case law” which let you know that the constitution simply does not apply to you in the corporate world of commercial (copyrighted) code…

But, indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution. The Constitution it is true, is a compact, but he is not a party to it.

Padelford, Fay & Co., vs. Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah 14 Ga. 438, 520

**Note: Remember, the word “person” refers to your veil of artificial person-hood; your STRAWMAN if you will. The court will never refer to you in the sense that you are a living, breathing, sentient being with god-given rights that cannot be taken away, but instead relies on your presumed consent as the physical representation of your fiction, your corporate self. “Person” is defined in U.S. CODE as an “individual, association, corporation, group…” etc. It is not defined as “people” unless those people are a group of “persons”, in which case, as in the constitution, the word “people” is capitalized (i.e. We, the People – referring to the men who signed the constitution, and whom were the only men for which that constitution held under “contract” with any authority. The constitution has no authority accept that for which the court passes judgment (opinion) upon. -Clint-

“The people of the United States resident within any State are subject to two Governments: one State, and the other National; but there need be no conflict between the two. The powers which one possesses, the other does not. They are established for different purposes, and have separate jurisdictions. Together they make one whole, and furnish the people of the United States with a complete government, ample for the protection of all their rights at home and abroad. True, it may sometimes happen that a person is amenable to both jurisdictions for one and the same act… It is the natural consequence of a citizenship which owes allegiance to two sovereignties, and claims protection from both. The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government.

The Supreme Court, 92 US 551: “U.S. v Cruikshank”

Well, there you have it!

Even as the Supreme Court – which has mistakenly translated the word “supreme” to mean that these seven appointed “justices” who pass “opinion” upon the masses of consenting “citizens” are more supreme than even God himself – these men and women; who are not voted into these positions of power in any way by the people, but instead are appointed by the President of the United States (corporation)… these self-imposed deities clearly state here that they are the law of the land, and that that “the natural consequence of citizenship” is for the people to be under their supreme opinion!

Well I for one do not voluntarily submit to the opinions of these megalomaniacs any longer.

And for the record, as a free man with God as my witness…



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Stay tuned…


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–Friday, December 16, 2011

What Cops Don’t Know May Kill You

Back to some good old fashioned public official confrontations. My favorite!

I was always curious about this, and now I know…

A police officer who does not know what the word “consent” means is just about the most frightening thing I can imagine when dealing with these officers of the corporate code. A whole United States military and police department without such knowledge, and the true nature of our society comes rushing in.

Note that this was on Veteran’s Day, and that there was no good reason for these city workers to be replacing this sign on a holiday. It merely changed one word, “dusk”, as the time to exit the park.

Note also that this was very much yet another media photo op, and that they took about 20 minutes to change over this sign while each camera-person got their footage.


–Clint Richardson (
–Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Is An Agent Provocateur?

What is an Agent Provocateur?

Let me show you…

Update – The media spin –

Now, nearing the ordered departure time of 6pm…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Dumpsters to remove property:

Occupy Salt Lake City is over as of 6pm tonight – meaning that the permits that allowed these Occupy protesters to “camp” with tents in the public park have been revoked. Of course signs say no camping (city code) as you enter the park, so do with this what you will.

The reason: A homeless man died of a drug overdose…

And the police/agent provocateurs have, as you can see above, been busy.

As of right now, there are 9 patty wagons and a big blue bird bus waiting to arrest all protesters who are left over. (Video will be posted here of that soon, so check back.)

In about half an hour, all hell will break loose. Or… not. They will probably freely give up their freedom and go quietly into the night – in hand-cuffs. We will see…

Check back here and see.


–Clint Richardson (
–Saturday, November 12, 2011