DARPA – The Central Planning Hub For Transhumanity

As I have been saying for years, the annual financial statements, CAFR, and budget reports of corporations and government agencies both private and public are the best source of deep information. In the case of an organization like the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA), we can find otherwise un-discussed descriptions of its “projects” simply because an agency of government that is allotted government funding must “justify” its budget. In order to justify these “advanced research projects,” mostly (and ultimately all) for military purposes, a semi-detailed description is provided in DARPA’s budget report that otherwise would not necessarily be discussed on the nightly news, or even in congress.

This information, public and unclassified as it is, should be the front page story of every mainstream and alternative website and channel out there. But instead we see videos of fun robots and drones that will be our friends, deliver us Amazon shipments, and protect us from our illusion of human enemies. Meanwhile, the real enemy reports its plans to the government it serves to justify its budgeting needs without much notice at all by we it seeks to fundamentally alter and destroy. Why? Because financial reports are boring…

Think again!

I have listed below just a few of the many projects and their descriptions for budgeting purposes, which are from the fiscal year 2014 report entitled:


Department of Defense
Fiscal Year (FY) 2014 President’s Budget Submission
April 2013

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Justification Book Volume 1 of 1
Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Defense-Wide


A link to all past and present reports can be simply found at the DARPA website, here:

Link–> http://www.darpa.mil/about-us/budget

On page (Volume 1-v) toward the beginning of the report we can see that the executive budget for DARPA is for the 2014 fiscal year an appropriation by congress of $2.685 billion dollars.

So what dismal future are we municep proles personally paying for under national appropriation of the national debt?

Page (volume 1 – ix) indexes some projects under the headings of:

Defense Research Sciences, Biomedical Technology, Information and Communications Technology, Cognitive Computing Systems, Machine Intelligence, Biological Warfare Defense, Materials and Biological Technology, Advanced Aerospace Systems, Command, Control, and Communication Systems, Network-Centric Warfare Technology, Sensor Technology, and of course Classified DARPA Programs.

Once you read the following descriptions, you’ll probably wonder why all its programs aren’t “classified.”

Here are some examples…


(Volume 1, Page 1of 47)

Exhibit R-2 – RDT&E Budget Item Justification:
PB 2014 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DATE: April 2013
0400: Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Defense-Wide
BA 1: Basic Research

A. Mission Description and Budget Item Justification

The Defense Research Sciences Program Element is budgeted in the Basic Research Budget Activity because it provides the technical foundation for long-term National Security enhancement through the discovery of new phenomena and the exploration of the potential of such phenomena for Defense applications. It supports the scientific study and experimentation that is the basis for more advanced knowledge and understanding in information, electronic, mathematical, computer, biological and materials sciences.

The Bio/Info/Micro Sciences project will explore and develop potential technological breakthroughs that exist at the intersection of biology, information technology and micro/physical systems to exploit advances and leverage fundamental discoveries for the development of new technologies, techniques and systems of interest to the DoD. Programs in this project will draw upon information and physical sciences to discover properties of biological systems that cross multiple biological architectures and functions, from the molecular and genetic level through cellular, tissue, organ, and whole organism levels.

The Math and Computer Sciences project supports long term national security requirements through scientific research and experimentation in new computational models and mechanisms for reasoning and communication in complex, interconnected systems. The project is exploring novel means to exploit computer capabilities; enhance human-to-computer and computer-to-computer interaction technologies; advance innovative computer architectures; and discover new learning mechanisms and innovations in software composition. It is also fostering the computer science academic community to address the DoD’s need for innovative computer and information science technologies. Additionally, this project explores the science of mathematics for potential defense applications.

Continued… (Page 2 of 49)

The Cyber Sciences project supports long term national security requirements through scientific research and experimentation in cyber-security. Networked computing systems control virtually everything, from power plants and energy distribution, transportation systems, food and water distribution, financial systems, to defense systems. Protecting the infrastructure on which these systems rely is a national security issue. The Cyber Sciences project will ensure DoD cyber-capabilities survive adversary attempts to degrade, disrupt, or deny military computing, communications, and networking systems. Basic research in cyber security is required to provide a basis for continuing progress in this area. Promising research results will transition to both technology development and system-level projects.

The Electronic Sciences project explores and demonstrates electronic and optoelectronic devices, circuits and processing concepts that will provide: 1) new technical options for meeting the information gathering, transmission and processing required to maintain near-real time knowledge of the enemy and the ability to communicate decisions based on that knowledge to all forces in near-real time; and 2) provide new means for achieving substantial increases in performance and cost reduction of military systems providing these capabilities.

The Materials Sciences project is concerned with the development of: high power density/high energy density mobile and portable power sources; processing and design approaches for nanoscale and/or bimolecular materials, interfaces and microsystems; and materials and measurements for molecular-scale electronics.

The Transformative Sciences project supports scientific research and analysis that leverages converging technological forces and transformational trends in the areas of computing and the computing-reliant subareas of social sciences, life sciences, manufacturing, and commerce as a means of improving military adaptation to sudden changes in requirements, threats, and emerging converging trends.


DARPA, from these first project descriptions issued as justifications for their existence and funding (appropriation), appear to be on the cutting edge of officially sanctioned transhumanism and other forms of biological interface with computer systems. From nano-bots to nano-life, much of the weapons research that is mislabeled as “defense” research is apparently never to be seen with the naked eye – a biologically computerized epigenomic infection; defense from the inside out.

Don’t forget folks… that oath is supposedly all enemies, both foreign and domestic. So why is your congress supporting the enemy so ardently? The answer is that you are the alien enemy, and DARPA exists as a government agency for the purpose of defense against man, both foreign (alien) and domestic persons.

Let’s have a looksie, shall we?

And remember, DoD applications mean nothing more or less than applications in WAR, be it cold or hot, commercial or silent.


(Volume 1, Page 3 of 47)

Exhibit R-2A, RDT&E Project Justification:
PB 2014 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DATE: April 2013
0400: Research, Development, Test & Evaluation, Defense-Wide
BA 1: Basic Research

(See actual linked report for individual project budget costs and appropriations)

A. Mission Description and Budget Item Justification

This project is investigating and developing the intersections of biology, information technology and micro/physical systems to exploit important technological advances and leverage fundamental discoveries for the development of new technologies, techniques, and systems of interest to the DoD. This research is critical to the development of rapid responses to engineered biological warfare agents, radically new biomolecular computers, and novel materials for the DoD. Programs in this project will draw upon the information and physical sciences to discover properties of biological systems that cross multiple scales of biological architecture and function, from the molecular and genetic level through cellular, tissue, organ, and whole organism levels. This project will develop the basic research tools in biology that are unique to the application of biological-based solutions to critical Defense problems.

B. Accomplishments/Planned Programs ($ in Millions)

FY 2012

FY 2013

FY 2014

Title: Bio Interfaces

Description: The Bio Interfaces program supports scientific study and experimentation, emphasizing the interfaces between biology and the physical and mathematical/computer sciences. This unique interaction will develop new mathematical and experimental tools for understanding biology in a way that will allow its application to a myriad of DoD problems. These tools will help exploit the advances in the complex modeling of physical and biological phenomena. It is also expected that understanding the fundamentals of biology will aid in developing tools to understand complex, non-linear networks and force structures. This program will also explore the fundamental nature of time in biology and medicine. This will include mapping basic clock circuitry in biological systems from the molecular level up through unique species level activities with a special emphasis on the applicability to human biology. Operational relevance of this research activity includes improving our understanding of sleep-wake cycles, increasing the scientific understanding of deployment cycle lengths, and enhancing our ability to model the dynamics of disease outbreaks.

FY 2012 Accomplishments:
Identified genomic and epigenomic signatures that dictate spatio-temporal regulation of temporal processes such as cell cycle progression, metabolic cycles, and lifespan using bioinformatic or data mining techniques as a stepping stone to understanding the nature of time in biology and medicine.
– Developed in vitro or in vivo cellular systems in which clock components can be altered by environmental pressures, molecular biological techniques or perturbation with various stressors.

B. Accomplishments/Planned Programs ($ in Millions)

FY 2012

FY 2013

FY 2014
Synthesized the minimal set of genomic, proteomic, transcriptomic, or epigenomic input data required for the creation of a predictive algorithm.

FY 2013 Plans:
– Define spatio-temporal components and signatures by creating experimental test platforms and assays that will stress and perturb the system to confirm contributions of temporal regulators.
– Initiate the development of algorithms designed to predict pertinent time processes active in biological systems (e.g., sleep cycles, metabolic cycles, and disease outbreak cycles).
Refine temporal signature networks and libraries that dictate temporal process regulation for determination of minimal datasets necessary for validated models.
– Develop and validate algorithms of temporal processes associated with developmental processes in prokaryotic and eukaryotic systems.

FY 2014 Plans:
– Experimentally validate canonical spatio-temporal episequences, and develop a minimal dataset for accurate predictions of temporal processes such as cell cycle progression, metabolic cycles, and lifespan.
Refine predictive algorithms of the progression of biological time.
– Develop and test the predictive model or algorithm against a blind panel to predict doubling time, cell cycle progression, metabolism and lifespan metrics.

Title: Biological Adaptation, Assembly and Manufacturing

Description: The Biological Adaptation, Assembly and Manufacturing program is examining the structure, function, and informational basis underlying biological system adaptation, and the factors employed by the organism to assemble and manufacture complex biological subsystems. The unique stability afforded biological systems in their ability to adapt to wide extremes of physical and endurance (e.g., heat, cold, and sleeplessness) parameters will be examined and exploited in order to engineer stability into biological systems required for the military (such as blood, bioengineered tissues or other therapeutics). A key new antibody technology will develop the ideal antibody master molecule for use in unattended sensors that maintains high temperature stability and controllable affinity for threat agents. Applications to Defense systems include the development of chemical and biological sensors; tools for strategic military decision-makers involved in information operations, and improved warfighter battlefield survivability.

FY 2012 Accomplishments:
Combined stability and affinity enhancements to producemaster antibodiesfor testing in an existing biosensor platform to demonstrate advanced capability in terms of robustness and potential for multiplexing.

B. Accomplishments/Planned Programs ($ in Millions)

FY 2012

FY 2013

FY 2014
– Explored and refined foundational assumptions on the utility of the Freytag and other structures for narrative analysis, including determining relationships between decomposed narratives and neuropsychological mechanisms, and between narratives and behavior.
Developed decomposition frameworks and initial cluster of neurobiological mechanisms to better understand their relationship.
– Developed tools to link analytic frameworks, neural mechanisms, and environmental variables to particular narratives.


Let us pause here to understand the Freytag narrative analysis, literally the art of controlled tragedy being modernly applied to all of our lives through biological systems management. For It is much easier to brainwash a brain that is built by the brain-washer…


Title: Biological Adaptation, Assembly and Manufacturing, continued…

FY 2013 Plans:
Develop sensor suite technologies based on neurobiological mechanisms to measure narrative effect on individuals/groups in real-time.
– Study generalized findings in relation to distinct sub-groups to elucidate potential differences across varying cultures.
Incorporate findings about the neurobiology of culture-dependent and culture-independent variables into models and simulations of narrative influence.
– Refine sensor suite technologies.

Title: Quantitative Models of the Brain*

Description: *Formerly Mathematics of the Brain

The Quantitative Models of the Brain program will develop a new mathematical paradigm for understanding how to model reasoning processes for application to a variety of emerging DoD challenges. Critical to this endeavor will be determining how information is stored and recalled in the brain and developing predictive, quantitative models of learning and memory. Using this understanding, the program will develop powerful new symbolic computational capabilities for the DoD in a mathematical system that provides the ability to understand complex and evolving tasks without exponentially increasing software and hardware requirements. This includes a comprehensive mathematical theory to extract and leverage information in signals at multiple acquisition levels, which would fundamentally generalize compressive sensing for multi-dimensional sources beyond domains typically used. New insights related to signal priors, task priors, and adaptation will enable these advances. This program will establish a functional mathematical basis on which to build future advances in cognitive neuroscience, computing capability, and signal processing across the DoD. The quantitative models of learning and memory will also lead to improvements in the training of individuals and teams as well as advances in cognitive rehabilitation (e.g. PTSD).

FY 2012 Accomplishments:
Developed detailed mathematical prior-knowledge representations and associated models for imaging and radar applications.
– Exploited the new theoretical measurement framework together with novel forms of prior knowledge in order to minimize resource requirements and maximize information gathering, from sparse sampling.

B. Accomplishments/Planned Programs ($ in Millions)

FY 2012

FY 2013

FY 2014
– Demonstrated the utility of new compressive measurement theory via improvements in imaging and radar applications.

FY 2013 Plans:
– Identify fundamental bounds on performance and cost associated with linear and nonlinear signal priors.
– Demonstrate novel reconstruction algorithms that incorporate both signal and task priors to enable improved reconstruction quality and/or reduced measurement resources.
– Demonstrate visible imaging using 10x fewer measurements than reconstructed pixels.
– Demonstrate RADAR imaging using 10x less bandwidth than a conventional non-compressive system.
– Exploit the benefit of adaptation in order to achieve additional reductions in performance and/or measurement resources.
Exploit the benefit of information-optimal measurements within a signals intelligence application.

FY 2014 Plans:
– Demonstrate hyperspectral imaging using 100x fewer measurements than reconstructed voxels.
– Explore application of compressive sensing concepts to alternate sensing modalities such as X-ray imaging.
– Investigate the potential gains available from compressive sensing within a video application.
Leverage advances in neuroscience and neurological measurements to develop predictive, quantitative models of memory, learning, and neuro-physiologic recovery.

Title: Physics in Biology

Description: Understanding the fundamental physical phenomena that underlie biological processes and functions will provide new insight and unique opportunities for understanding biological properties and exploiting such phenomena. Physics in biology will explore the role and impact of quantum effects in biological processes and systems. This includes exploiting manifestly quantum mechanical effects that exist in biological systems at room temperature to develop a revolutionary new class of robust, compact, high sensitivity and high selectivity sensors. Finally, the quantum phenomena uncovered will be exploited to control the attraction of insects to humans with the potential to completely eliminate insect bites and thus the transmission of parasitic, bacterial or viral pathogens.

FY 2012 Accomplishments:

– Developed theory and performed simulations for the transduction of the magnetoreception signal on the visual field.
– Developed concepts and initial designs for sensors inspired by biological quantum effects.
– Developed a general theory for photosynthetic transport, governed by a single parameter, that shows that it is an example of a quantumGoldilocks effect‘, i.e., the degree of quantum complexity and coherence is ‘just rightfor attaining maximum efficiency.
– Formulated a new concept ofexcitonic circuits” (that concentrate and direct excitons as in photosynthesis) and designed generic circuit elements.

B. Accomplishments/Planned Programs ($ in Millions)

FY 2012

FY 2013

FY 2014
Verified that molecular vibrations, and thus quantum effects, are essential to describing olfaction.

FY 2013 Plans:

– Develop prototype synthetic sensors that utilize biologically inspired quantum effects and model their performance.
– Demonstrate the ability to control quantum effects in biological systems by reorienting magnetoreception through the radical pair mechanism using radio frequency fields.
– Demonstrate the biological and evolutionary advantage of quantum effects in photosynthetic systems.

FY 2014 Plans:

Demonstrate prototype quantum biological sensors against their equivalent state-of-the-art sensor and quantify the increase in sensitivity, selectivity and other performance metrics.

Explore quantum physics-based mechanisms of mosquito bio-sensing related to mosquito attraction to humans for novel, vector-born disease protection against diseases such as malaria or dengue fever.


Primer – short pieces of DNA that are made in a laboratory. Since they’re custom built, primers can have any sequence of nucleotides you’d like. [http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/labs/pcr/]

Primer  – A short oligonucleotide complementary to target DNA and acts as the leader for DNA extension. Also refers to short oligonucleotide used to primer reverse transcription of RNA to DNA in reverse transcription reactions. See PCR Glossary. [http://www.changbioscience.com/res/res/rPrimers.htm]

Primer A short nucleic acid sequence containing a free 3′ hydroxyl group that forms base pairs with a complementary template strand and functions as the starting point for addition of nucleotides to copy the template strand. [http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK21607/def-item/A7744/?report=objectonly]

Primer – A nucleic acid strand (or related molecule) that serves as a starting point for DNA replication. [http://www.bio-medicine.org/biology-definition/Primer/]

Primer   Small fragment of single stranded DNA used in PCR reactions or sequencing. It hybridize to a complementary sequence on the template DNA. [http://www.rothamsted.ac.uk/notebook/words/primer.htm]

Primer – Refers to a small set of nucleotides of DNA, typically 18 to 24 base pairs in length. And a primer can be used for a multitude of other experimental processes. You can use primer in PCR to target a locus to allow for amplification for further analysis. [http://www.genome.gov/glossary/index.cfm?id=163&textonly=true]


Please download and share this insanity and distortion of nature with all you can. The report has another 300 pages!

This is war on the micro-scale, a scientific dictatorship on the cellular and epigenomic level.

And you are its as of yet un-transcripted, reprogrammable enemy.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Saturday, August 29th, 2015

Elysium: A Pre-Movie Preview

In one week, it shall be delivered upon us.

Yet another Hollywood blockbuster portraying the future as if it doesn’t already exist in the present…

That’s what we have to look forward to in Matt Damon’s new feature roll.

It’s the plot that never gets old:

The wealthy live away from, obscured from, protected from, at the expense of, and above the means and geographical location of the poor in their compartmental slums, separated by some barrier to keep the poor poor and the wealthy wealthy. Brave New World, Cloud Atlas, Upside Down, and so many “dystopian” others – all representing the allegory of the real world that never stops being promoted and cleverly re-created on the big screen.

Add some science fiction and a bit of transhumanism into the mix, and you’ve got Elysium.

“Elysium or the Elysian Fields (Ancient Greek: Ἠλύσιον πεδίον, Ēlýsion pedíon) is a conception of the afterlife that evolved over time and was maintained by certain Greek religious and philosophical sects and cults. Initially separate from the realm of Hades, admission was initially reserved for mortals related to the gods and other heroes. Later, it expanded to include those chosen by the gods, the righteous, and the heroic, where they would remain after death, to live a blessed and happy life, and indulging in whatever employment they had enjoyed in life…” (Wikipedia)

“The good receive a life free from toil, not scraping with the strength of their
arms the earth, nor the water of the sea, for the sake of a poor sustenance.
But in the presence of the honored gods, those who
gladly kept their oaths enjoy a life without tears,
while the others undergo a toil that is unbearable to look at.”
— Pindar, Odes (2.59-75)

“And they live untouched by sorrow in the islands of the blessed
along the shore of deep-swirling Ocean, happy heroes for whom
the grain-giving earth bears honey-sweet fruit flourishing thrice a year,
far from the deathless gods, and Cronos rules over them”
—Hesiod,Works and Days (170)


Will Transhumanism make
demigods fit to enter Elysium?


It’s bad enough to watch the for-profit and expendable commodities called the common people pay to watch a science fiction version of their own lives… but as a former Hollywood sound designer, what really pisses me off about Hollywood productions such as this is the incestual nature of who is presenting it. It goes beyond that surface sleaze portrayed in magazines and alternative news. For the royalty of America are not princes and dukes, but are instead the actors, producers, and directors.

Blood is the missing link, exposing Hollywood for what it is…

Will you go pay $8-14 dollars to watch royal blooded Matt Damon (one of the wealthiest celebs in America) portray an impoverished man bent on destroying the very barriers that allows that lavish wealth to prosper at the expense of the impoverished? Will you then believe somehow that Matt Damon is on the side of the poor billions – a good guy using his celebrity for the causes of the common blood – just because he starred in a movie portraying him as such?

Will you sense the irony of your own disposition as one of those people not allowed in Matt Damon’s real world Elysium on Earth – his ruling class and bloodline family? Do you understand that you’ve been made to love your servitude, just as Matt Damon’s cousin Aldous Huxley wrote so long ago in his ‘Brave New World’?

Apparently, you like it so much that you’d actually pay to go see your own servitude portrayed to you as entertainment on the big screen!!!

Ironically, the only way you’d get angry enough to do anything about or even learn about your enslavement as portrayed in the movie would be to boycott the entertainment industry all together – to stop supporting and watching so that you have time to learn and think! For the movies always show endings where the good guys (people) win, tearing down the powers that be. And this brings the powerful and subversive tool of hope into the minds of the impoverished multitude who watch movies or read books instead of claiming their own freedom. Of course hope is the greatest tool of power and elitism, creating a state (body politic) of inaction. Hope is the act of not doing what you should do because you hope someone like Matt Damon will come along and do it for you. But of course he is just promoting hope so that you don’t act against his wealth…

Let me tell you about your royal celebrity, Matthew Paige Damon:

“Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are cousins, BOSTON – It seems Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are more than childhood pals and Hollywood collaborators.

According to the New England Genealogical Society, they’re also cousins. Tenth cousins, once removed, that is.

Society researchers dug up evidence that both Damon and Affleck are descended from William Knowlton Jr. He was a bricklayer (Mason) who came to the U.S. from England in the 1630’s and settled in Ipswich.

The Society said Friday that Affleck has lots of other famous relatives, including 16 U.S. Presidents – Barack Obama among them – and the late Princess Diana…”


Here’s Matthew Paige Damon with his cousin John Lithgow, both of whom attended the elite Harvard University:

John Lithgow, Matt Damon
Hollywood award shows are just that – cousins giving cousins awards.

Here’s Mathew Paige Damon with his cousin Michael Kirk Douglas (son of Jewish Issur Danielovitch Demsky – stage name Kirk Douglas).


Other genealogical cousinly relations of “Mathew Paige Damon” include Clint Eastwood, Anthony Perkins, Glenn Close, Eldred Gregory Peck, Katherine Houghton Hepburn, Edward Montgomery Clift, Henry Jaynes Fonda, Alexander Rae (Alec) Baldwin, Mark Hamill, Kevin Bacon, John Christopher (Johny) Depp, Jr, Maria Shriver,  Johny Carson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ron Howard, Tom Hanks, Christopher Reeve, Mathew Avery Modine, Justin Randall Timberlake, Mary Frances (Debbie) Reynolds, Carrie Frances Fisher, Molly Kathleen Ringwald, Christina Applegate, Jo Raquel Tejada (Raquel Welch), Lyndsey Adams Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac), Mary Chapin Carpenter (Country), David Van Cortlandt Crosby (Crosby, Stills, and Nash), Glenn Miller (Orchestra), and names like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt), Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Bush, John Forbes Kerry, Barack Obama, Richard Nixon, James Monroe, Martin Van Buren, Ronald Wilson Reagan, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Howard Bush Dean II, Sarah Louise Heath Palin (Sarah Palin), Robert Joseph (Bob) Dole, Winston Churchill, John D. Rockefeller, John Jacob Astor IV, Lance Edward Gunderson (Lance Armstrong), William Henry Gates III (Bill Gates), Robert Ludlum, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Howard Robard Hughes and the Wright Brothers, and countless congressmen, governors, generals, and other political, military, actors, authors, poets, and the signers of the constitution and declaration of independence, etc…

Stephen Warde Anderson’s listing of his own famous cousins is seemingly endless:

Take just one family line from dozens listed there:

Perkins Line:
From John Perkins and Judith Gater:
Samuel Adams
Jane Appleton Pierce
Millard Fillmore
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Robert Wood Johnson
Lillian Russell
Endicott Peabody
Ransom Olds
Hiram Bingham III
Calvin Coolidge
Charles Coburn
Thornton Wilder
George Grant Blaisdell
Melville Bell Grosvenor
Robert Goddard
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Martha Graham
Kay Sage
James Watson
E. E. Cummings
Hiram Bingham IV
Tennessee Williams
Humphrey Bogart
Bette Davis
Cpt. Charles Butler McVay III
Robert Ryan
Anthony Perkins
Montgomery Clift
Louis Auchincloss
David Bulkeley Langmuir
James Coburn
Ray Bradbury
Alan Shepard
Bill Walton
Sam Waterston
Christopher Reeve
Edie Sedgwick
Kyra Sedgwick
John Lithgow
Suzy Chaffee
Brad Hall
Stephen King
Kurt Russell
Steve Fossett
Bill Gates
Will Lyman
Cary Elwes
Halle Berry
Matthew Modine
Oliver Platt
Jeff Corwin
Liv Tyler


But I’m sure both Damon and Affleck got famous
because of sheer talent and unplanned luck, right?

I mean, that’s why they didn’t end up waiting tables, right…
like all the common blood wannabe actors who go to Hollywood?

Nothing to see here…

Nothing to do with bloodlines…


Genealogy Sources:






So, I have a question to all of you commoners out there like myself: You gonna go see yet another movie where rich bloodline cousins portray someone like you, but who would just as soon see you dead? You gonna pay good money to watch the true life story of your life presented as science fiction, where the poor battle to eat and feed their children and work their fingers to the bone, enslaved by the bloodline upper-class? Will it entertain you? Or will it make you want to become a champion of your fellow debt slaves out here in the real world?

The real underlying theme of this movie and hundreds like it is simply that there can be no wealthy upper class who hoards what others need unless there is the unequal and opposite class of impoverished common blood people. For there is no black without white, no wealth without massive levels of poverty.

And while the millions are entertained in movie houses across the world, the billions continue to starve –  those who would and probably should kill for the $10 bucks you just wasted on a movie whose massive budget alone could have fed the world, twice over.

And hey, Mr. Damon, I never heard back from you on your blatant snow job and misinformation campaign called “Inside job”. You had the chance to change the world – to help conquer Elysium for real in the real world out here by exposing the true financial happenings of the great banking crisis and government investment wealth and control (governance) of those banks. But instead you and your blood cousins are probably still laughing all the way to the bank – enjoying proceeds from a completely incomplete documentary designed to hide the one thing that explains and is behind everything.

Here, I’ll re-post those again for you, so that you know what true activism looks like…

What else is there to say here?

I can’t force you to take your kids to the park instead of paying for a celebrity’s plastic surgery and the Hollywood mind control empire through movie ticket sales. I can’t make you not accept biometric implants that make using your debt-inducing credit card easier at the pumps. And I certainly can’t tell you something you don’t want to hear…

But maybe, just maybe, one of you actually gets it out there. And maybe it will spread. And maybe the real and modern Elysium actually will be destroyed.

And maybe hope is not just a four-letter word…


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Thursday, August 1st, 2013

Social Media – The Simulation Of Action

Ironically, on this journey of learning and deep comprehension, the hardest lessons to learn are that the teachers are barriers to learning.

The alternative radio is an outpouring of sophistry mixed with overinflated egos that will not deflate no matter how sharp the pin-prick. The alternative news share quotes that aren’t real, as if all evil men hell-bent upon taking over the world have some insatiable desire to monologue their plans within books and speeches. Speculation has become science, and half-truth has become the spoken word. And in the place of reality has been created the simulation of reality – the “meme”.

But it is our magnetic attraction to like-minded people that really describes our addiction to social media. Be it for dating, information, conversations with friends we’ve never actually met or seen, or for simply spying with permission through Twitter and Facebook, the social media has if nothing else created a dangerous disposition for all good people.

A meme is “an idea or element of social behavior passed on through generations in a culture, especially by imitation” (World English Dict). And with the advent of the social media, including Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Email, Forums, Internet Radio, Internet TV and Youtube, and all of the other interconnected social forms of communications out there, the process of “waking up” that is so often espoused by all of us egotistical “truthers”, “patriots”, “Warriers for Truth”, “Info-warriers”, “Birthers”, and other descriptive falsities are in fact just memes – a flock of parrots parroting over the truth.

I have even heard various definitions of the word “truth” from meme-land, going so far as to say that “the truth is what you make it”. But of course, this meme is also parroted, bringing in the “New Agers”, the “Energy” and “Light” bringers, the religious cults, and the mystics.

But the word truth is one of the few words in both the English and Legal dictionaries that doesn’t alter or change.

TRUTH. The actual state of things. 2. In contracts, the parties are bound to toll the truth in their dealings, and a deviation from it will generally avoid the contract; and even concealment, or suppressio veri, will be considered fraudulent in the contract of insurance. 3. In giving his testimony, a witness is required to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth; for the object in the examination of matters of fact, is to ascertain truth.

Imagine if when asked to tell the truth “so help you God” in a court of law, you asked for the definition of the word “truth”… you would not, unless you were really clever! And yet out here in meme-land the truth is relative to the ideas being discussed, and apparently the spoken word of alternative shock-jocks is the word of truth, listened to by “truthers”, and parroted to others creating the meme of truth without fact. Fallacy has become truth, because fallacy is an unfamiliar concept.

The sheep on my farm are white; therefore all other sheep must also be white.

So let me tell you now what I have come to realize as the actual state of things…

The social media, from email to government’s political discussion boards to radio and television to SYPE, Facebook, and Twitter, has ruined the people. Social media has created a simulation of reality, where even the most vicious of crimes go unpunished, children are raped and abused, innocent men go to jail without harming another soul, and where the most corrupt are placed in power.

Social media’s greatest contribution to mankind is that it creates a helpless population who don’t understand why their tireless ranting, raving, and complaining doesn’t change the world. Of course, the answer to this is simple if only you stop and think about it for a moment… Here is the simple truth: Nothing will change in the real world if all of your intention and effort is being focused in the artificial simulation of the real world. Social media is the artificial world.

Let’s take just one of the many stories that are being passed around now within social forums:

“GUILTY! Final Verdict is Rendered in First Common Law Court Case against the Vatican and Canada for Genocide

Pope, Queen and Canadian Prime Minister found Guilty of Crimes against Humanity and Sentenced to Twenty Five Year Prison Terms –

Court Orders them to Surrender by March 4 or face Citizens’ Arrests


Pope Benedict will go to jail for twenty five years for his role in Crimes against Humanity, and Vatican wealth and property is to be seized, according to today’s historic verdict of the International Common Law Court of Justice.”

The Brussels-based Court handed down a unanimous guilty verdict from its Citizen Jurors and ordered the citizens’ arrest of thirty Defendants commencing March 4 in a Court Order issued to them today.”

All of these memes about arresting the queen, the prime minister, the Pope, or for that matter any social media news about actions taken are nothing but whimsical imaginary things, promoted in the artificial construct of the social media… these are all simulations of reality that never see fruition, because these things are played out in the fictional world of the social media.

In this heavily promoted “non-violent” and “peaceful” resistance society, we the people who sit on these people’s grand juries don’t seem to realize that the only way to make their decision have authority under law is to violently and non-peaceably carry out the verdict of that decision, break into the Queen’s castle and the Pope’s Vatican City, and forcibly remove these people to answer for their crimes. Sorry folks, that’s what law is. Either do it all the way, or enjoy your servitude.

As if the queens court system would allow the queen to be arrested under it… LOL!

It’s like living in a fantasy world, and each new idea creates a new twist to the plot that never has any actual ending, because the social media stops people from actually BEHEADING the queen or the Pope or the presidents and instead keeps us in a dream state of socially interconnected nonsense! Welcome to your self-created and perpetuated Matrix – Facebook, Infowars, Youtube, and now SKYPE – the fantasy world of social media ideas that never create action.

I mean, I would think that your collective asses would be getting tired from sitting around all day writing fiction, memes, and virtually endless novels and court filings about what you would do to save the world if only you had the nerve to detach your asses from your chairs? Social media is the great in-activator, and is really just a birds eye view and historical wikipedia of our transition into total tyranny and slavery. That is why social media was invented and so well funded by governments and corporations – not to connect the people to the world but to disconnect the people of our country by making them interconnected in their minds. This is the Matrix, its just instead called SKYPE. Meanwhile our wealth, productivity, land, property, and  illusions of freedom and sovereignty are being sucked out of us like a bunch of parroting batteries that do nothing to conserve our own power but to swquack on websites and forums without actually doing anything.

This realization, it seems, is the true state of “waking up”.

This realization is, unfortunately, the dark truth of our generations. And our future ones will be interconnected in ways we can barely imagine, until the real world is but an inconvenient disposition of the actual truth.

What’s even more disturbing is that we do all of this social media activity within a government and DARPA-funded mega-corporate structure, which provides us with the free or inexpensive technology, storage space, and forums for which to conduct our collective simulation. We have come to rely on this structure as if it were our own, which it is not. My WordPress site will only be here as long as government or WordPress allows it to be part of this Matrix, at which point my digital footprint into the hearts and minds of men in this artificial construct called the Internet will be permanently disappeared.

Our Matrix of social memes relies entirely on government’s opinion on whether that social media is accomplishing its goals – to keep the anger of the general population directed not at the real problems and the real people creating them, but instead to the artificial construct of forums, email blasts, radio shows, and other media that deflect any real change that might happen in the real world. We are literally sitting around throwing virtual darts at digital pictures of politicians and the elite. And that is the true goal of allowing social media to advance.

If we are all watching TV or Youtube, listening to radio or other opinions about the simulated real world, then who is left to actually watch and take care of and act against tyranny in the real world?

In my humble opinion, the social media interconnectedness we see coming to fruition today is the end of the first step of a long and incremental process towards the implementation of the trans-humanist agenda. When you understand why this is so, you will understand what unplugging from the Matrix (self-induced mental slavery) really means.


–Clint Richardson (Realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A World Without Gray – Episode 3 – For Land And Country

Episode 3, for your listening enjoyment. This is my interview with Vicky Davis, writer and researcher of ChannelingReality.com

I highly recommend that you read the following information (below) before or after listening to this interview, for I believe it is one of my most important research projects yet in uncovering the true nature of the United States. Also, please watch the two videos at the end, for a glimpse of the future of mankind and America…

Download here: https://realitybloger.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/awwg_e3_02072013.mp3


For Land And Country


What does it mean to you when someone says “fight for your country”?

For some, the concept of just what a “country” is becomes blurred between two completely different things. While the conversational term for country usually defines the living people, the physical land, and the fictional government together in one neat package, the fact is that these things are quite different from one another, and are only connected through ink and consent of those living people as a “body politic”.

The “land” – the real and tangible thing we call home – is indeed not legally the “country”. Living men are also not legally the country.

The country is in fact a reamed folder of legal papers, notarized and signed by the appropriate members of a corporate “federation” called the United States. It’s borders are demarcated within this paperwork, but these too are not part of the actual physical land. It sets its own rules, changes those rules with the signing of a pen, and does so without the will of the people.

The land and the living people who inhabit it are called a country – a body politic – but only in a legal sense. The people, in order to inhabit this artificial country legally as “residents”, must also become artificial. They must become persons through contract so as to be part of (citizens) of this legal “country”.

“A “federation” is by definition an unincorporated entity, but a “federated” entity is corporated. A “union” of states is not a corporate entity, but that the “United” States is a corporation.”

Confused? You are supposed to be.

Instead of taking my word for it, I wonder what the government, the courts, and the Supreme Court thinks?

“Persons dealing with the government are charged with knowing government statutes and regulations, and they assume the risk that government agents may exceed their authority and provide misinformation,” –Lavin v. Marsh, 644 F.2d 1378 (9th Cir. 1981), 644 F.2d, at 1383.

“Whatever the form in which the government functions, anyone entering into an arrangement with the government takes a risk of having accurately ascertained that he who purports to act for the government stays within the bounds of his authority, even though the agent himself may be unaware of the limitations upon his authority.” –Federal Crop Insurance v. Merrill, Supreme Court, 332 U.S. 380

From the West LegalEdcenter’s Securities Litigation Report:

Link: http://corporate.findlaw.com/finance/cftc-sees-dodd-frank-reforms-essential-to-reduce-future-risk.html

“International Coordination”

Twenty-first century finance knows no true geographic borders. Money and risk can move around the globe with a touch of a button. Sober evidence of this was AIG’s swaps affiliate, AIG Financial Products, which had its major operations in London. When it failed, the U.S. economy and taxpayers shouldered a tremendous burden.

The current debt crisis in Europe is but a stark reminder of our interconnectedness. Moreover, it is precisely during times of heightened market uncertainty that transparent pricing of risk is essential. While European leaders are working to avert a deepening crisis, it is critical that we implement the Dodd-Frank Act to protect the American public.

We are actively consulting and coordinating with international regulators to promote robust and consistent standards in swaps oversight. We are sharing many of our memos, term sheets and draft work product with international regulators. Building on these efforts, I will be traveling to London to discuss derivatives reform as well as issues relating to high-frequency trading.

We also will work with international colleagues on memoranda of understanding for access to information and cooperative oversight. We also have a long history of recognizing foreign regulatory regimes. The Dodd-Frank Act authorizes the CFTC to recognize foreign regulatory frameworks that are comprehensive and comparable to U.S. oversight of the swaps markets in certain areas. We also anticipate seeking public input on the application of Section 722(d) of the Dodd-Frank Act, which says that the law doesn’t apply to activities outside the United States unless those activities have a direct and significant connection with activities in, or effect on, U.S. commerce.

So, let’s get this straight… The Dodd-Frank Act was a tool by Congress to prohibit one of government’s regulatory corporations (the Commodities Futures Trading Commission – CFTC) to act outside of United States jurisdiction as long as the activities to be regulated are outside of the United States? Yes sir. But the reality of what this means is even more shocking. For when the term “outside of the United States” is utilized here, it is referring to United States borders (remember, they are paper borders created by treaty and international agreements). This is where “Inland Ports” and “Foreign Trade Zones” come into play. This is how your “country” (both the land and the government) is incrementally being pulled out from under your feet – while American Idol agonizingly plays in the other room – through contracts, treaties, and international agreements.

If we were to look at a true representative interactive map of the borders of the United States, it would actually look like a U.S. shaped slice of Swiss cheese. Incrementally, as each Inland Port and Foreign Trade Zone is implemented, a new hole in the middle of the United States appears, where U.S. laws are non-existent.

Let’s take a land-locked state like Colorado for example. As there are no oceans (international waters) touching any of Colorado’s borders (the land), there is only one way to create an Inland Port in this state. The state must become a virtual body of water.

When an Inland Port is created, it becomes an international jurisdiction under international Maritime Law. And since Maritime/Admiralty law is the “law of the sea”, the land must become a port among a body of water in legal terms. Thus, as a port receiving trade through trade-routes, the land now becomes international jurisdiction. it’s brilliant really, when you stop and think about it. Suddenly a port pops up in the middle of of the land, with no water around it whatsoever. And yet it falls under the law of the sea!

So how is this accomplished?

Perhaps you’ve heard of the controversial NAFTA Super Highways…

You see, the rest of the United States (the land) becomes a “land-bridge” over virtual (paper) water between these ports and zones, and the roads and highways now outside of the United States called NAFTA represent international virtual waterways under international Admiralty Law going from Inland Port to Inland Port. Thus, the whole structure of ports and highways are under the law of the sea – outside of the United States. Why start a limited corporation in the great state of Colorado when you can move 10 miles away into an unlimited Foreign Trade Zone? Why hire American workers with all of their demands and minimum wages laws when you can hire foreigners living in these Foreign Zones? After all, anyone can live and work in the Zones without being a United States citizen. And with no U.S. labor laws, health insurance, or pension funding requirements for retirement, why hire American when you can hire Chinese, Indonesian, or Indian at a fraction of the cost? It’s just on the other side of the Highway you know…

In the middle of America…

So now let’s get back to government’s opinion:

“The House and Senate Reports accompanying the legislation virtually compel this conclusion, explaining as they do that “a foreign government’s . . . employment or engagement of laborers, clerical staff or marketing agents . . . would be among those included within” the definition of commercial activity. H.R.Rep. No. 94-1487, p. 16 (1976) (House Report); S. Rep. No. 94-1310, p. 16 (1976) (Senate Report)…”

“I had thought the [507 U.S. 349, 369] issue put to rest some time ago when, in a slightly different context, CHIEF JUSTICE Marshall observed:

“It is, we think, a sound principle, that when a government becomes a partner in any trading company, it divests itself, so far as concerns the transactions of that company, of its sovereign character, and takes that of a private citizen. Instead of communicating to the company its privileges and its prerogatives, it descends to a level with those with whom it associates itself, and takes the character which belongs to its associates, and to the business which is to be transacted. Thus, many States of this Union who have an interest in Banks, are not suable even in their own Courts; yet they never exempt the corporation from being sued. The State of Georgia, by giving to the Bank the capacity to sue and be sued, voluntarily strips itself of its sovereign character, so far as respects the transactions of the Bank, and waives all the privileges of that character. As a member of a corporation, a government never exercises its sovereignty. It acts merely as a corporator, and exercises no other power in the management of the affairs of the corporation, than are expressly given by the incorporating act.” –U.S. Supreme Court, Bank of the United States v. Planters’ Bank of Georgia (1824) 22 US (9 Wheat) 904, 6 L.Ed 244

See also Alfred Dunhill of London, Inc. v. Republic of Cuba, 425 U.S. 682, 695 -696 (1976) (plurality opinion).”

(Source: http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=us&vol=507&invol=349)

According to Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, under the definition for the word “corporation”, it states:

“Chief Justice Marshall describes a corporation to be “an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law. Being the mere creature of law,” continues the judge, “it possesses only those properties which the charter of its creation confers upon it, either expressly or as incidental to its very existence. These are such as are supposed best calculated to effect the object for which it was created. Among the most important are immortality, and if the expression may be allowed, individuality properties by which a perpetual succession of many persons are considered, as the same, and may act as the single individual, They enable a corporation to manage its own affairs, and to hold property without the perplexing intricacies, the hazardous and endless necessity of perpetual conveyance for the purpose of transmitting it from hand to hand. It is chiefly for the purpose of clothing bodies of men, in succession, with these qualities and capacities, that corporations were invented, and are in use.”

(Author’s Note: It is important to note here that technically the corporation of the United States or portions thereof can be “conveyed” to foreign hands, including the United Nations. Remember, this is all on paper, through treaties and agreements. And it wont likely make the nightly news as it happens piece by piece, port by port, zone by zone… This can all be done while never changing the corporate charter name of “United States” or of states, counties, cities (municipal corporations), and districts.)

And this legal definition goes on to state:

Corporation: “Nations or states, are denominated by publicists, bodies politic, and are said to have their affairs and interests, and to deliberate and resolve, in common. They thus become as moral persons, having an understanding and will peculiar to themselves, and are susceptible of obligations and laws. Vattel, 49. In this extensive sense the United States may be termed a corporation; and so may each state singly.”

And Bouvier’s Law Dictionary, 1856, defines the word corporator as:

CORPORATOR. One who is a member of a corporation. 2. In general, a corporator is entitled to enjoy all the benefits and rights which belong to any other member of the corporation as such. But in some corporations, where the rights are of a pecuniary nature, each corporator is entitles to those rights in proportion to his interest; he will therefore be entitled to vote only in proportion to the amount of his stock, and be entitled to dividends in the same proportion. 3. A corporator is not in general liable personally for any act of the corporation, unless he has been made so by the charter creating the corporation.

(Author’s Note: This means the American people can be made liable for United Nations debt or funding, and that the United States is a member- i. e. not a “sovereign” entity – with only a “vote” in world affairs, including its own.)

Note here that the United States is a “member” of the United Nations, and of the International Monetary Fund (World Bank).

Can you put the pieces together?

And of course when Bouvier’s defines the United States, it says:

UNION. By this word is understood the United States of America; as, all good citizens will support the Union.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The name of this country. The United States… 5. The United States of America are a corporation endowed with the capacity to sue and be sued, to convey and receive property.

Again from the Supreme Court – near the year of the founding of this “country”…

“If Congress, previous to the Articles of Confederation, possessed any authority, it was an authority, as I have shown, derived from the people of each province in the first instance. When the obnoxious acts of Parliament passed, if the people in each province had chosen to resist separately, they undoubtedly had equal right to do so as to join in general measures of resistance with the people of the other provinces, however unwise and destructive such a policy might and undoubtedly would have been. If they had pursued this separate system, and afterwards the people of each province had resolved that such province should be a free and independent state, the state from that moment would have become possessed of all the powers of sovereignty internal and external — viz., the exclusive right of providing for their own government, and regulating their intercourse with foreign nations — as completely as any one of the ancient kingdoms or republics of the world, which never yet had formed or thought of forming any sort of federal union whatever. A distinction was taken at the bar between a state and the people of the state. It is a distinction I am not capable of comprehending. By a state forming a republic (speaking of it as a moral person) I do not mean the legislature of the state, the executive of the state, or the judiciary, but all the citizens which compose that state and are, if I may so express myself, integral parts of it, all together forming a body politic. The great distinction between monarchies and republics (at least our republics) in general is that in the former, the monarch is considered as the sovereign, and each individual of his nation as subject to him, though in some countries with many important special limitations. This, I say, is generally the case, for it has not been so universally.

But in a republic, all the citizens, as such, are equal, and no citizen can rightfully exercise any authority over another but in virtue of a power constitutionally given by the whole community, and such authority, when exercised, is in effect an act of the whole community which forms such body politic. In such governments, therefore, the sovereignty resides in the great body of the people, but it resides in them not as so many distinct individuals, but in their politic capacity only. Thus A. B. C. and D., citizens of Pennsylvania and as such together with all the citizens of Pennsylvania, share in the sovereignty of the state. Suppose a state to consist exactly of the number of 100,000 citizens, and it were practicable for all of them to assemble at one time and in one place, and that 99,999 did actually assemble. The state would not be in fact assembled. Why? Because the state in fact is composed of all the citizens, not of a part only, however large that part may be, and one is wanting, in the same manner as 99 is not a hundred, because one pound is wanting to complete the full sum.

But as such exactness in human affairs cannot take place, as the world would be at an end or involved in universal massacre and confusion if entire unanimity from every society was required; as the assembling in large numbers, if practicable as to the actual meeting of all the citizens, or even a considerable part of them, could be productive of no rational result because there could be no general debate, no consultation of the whole, nor of consequence a determination grounded on reason and reflection, and a deliberate view of all the circumstances necessary to be taken into consideration, mankind has long practiced (except where special exceptions have been solemnly adopted) upon the principle that the majority shall bind the whole, and in large countries, at least, that representatives shall be chosen to act on the part of the whole. But when they do so, they decide for the whole, and not for themselves only.

Thus when the legislature of any state passes a bill by a majority, competent to bind the whole, it is an act of the whole assembly, not of the majority merely. So when this Court gives a judgment by the opinion of a majority, it is the judgment, in a legal sense, of the whole Court. So I conceive when any law is passed in any state in pursuance of constitutional authority, it is a law of the whole state acting in its legislative capacity, as are also executive and judiciary acts constitutionally authorized, acts of the whole state in its executive or judiciary capacity, and not the personal acts alone of the individuals, composing those branches of government. The same principles apply as to legislative, executive, or judicial acts of the United States, which are acts of the people of the United States in those respective capacities, as the former are of the people of a single state. These principles have long been familiar in regard to the exercise of a constitutional power as to treaties. These are deemed the treaties of the two nations, not of the persons only whose authority was actually employed in their formation. There is not one principle that I can imagine which gives such an effect as to treaties that has not such an operation on any other legitimate act of government, all powers being equally derived from the same fountain, all held equally in trust, and all, when rightfully exercised, equally binding upon those from whom the authority was derived.

I conclude, therefore, that every particle of authority which originally resided either in Congress or in any branch of the state governments was derived from the people who were permanent inhabitants of each province in the first instance and afterwards became citizens of each state; that this authority was conveyed by each body politic separately, and not by all the people in the several provinces or states jointly, and of course that no authority could be conveyed to the whole but that which previously was possessed by the several parts; that the distinction between a state and the people of a state has in this respect no foundation, each expression in substance meaning the same thing; consequently, that one ground of argument at the bar, tending to show the superior sovereignty of Congress in the instance in question, was not tenable, and therefore that upon that ground the exercise of the authority in question can not be supported.”

(Source: http://supreme.justia.com/cases/federal/us/3/54/case.html)

This important opinion tells you one very important thing… You do not now or did they then live in a true idealistic republic! If you are a citizen, you are nothing more than a part of the whole citizenry (in this case equality is a bad thing, for it takes away your rights). You are the State – a tiny piece of the jigsaw puzzle made up of equal size citizens. The people and the State are the same thing. “Distinct individuals have no power or sovereignty – only the state does as a body politic of all the people combined. This literally squashes the theory that in the United States all men are kings of themselves. This is just a falacy to be shelved with all the other “free country” myths out there. And the State creates these treaties and agreements with Foreign entities with the legal presumption that you don’t give a damn!

You aren’t fighting it, if you even know about it, and so the plans for world governance and the conveyance of the United States lands into United Nations (NWO) hands goes on unhindered.

For some clarification, here are the Bovier’s Law Dictionary definitions of a “Republic”:

REPUBLIC. A commonwealth; that form of government in which the administration of affairs is open to all the citizens. In another sense, it signifies the state, independently of its form of government. 1 Toull. n. 28, and n. 202, note. In this sense, it is used by Ben Johnson. Those that, by their deeds make it known, whose dignity they do sustain; And life, state, glory, all they gain, Count the Republic’s, not their own, Vide Body Politic; Nation; State.

REPUBLICAN GOVERNMENT. A government in the republican form; a government of the people; it is usually put in opposition to a monarchical or aristocratic government. 2. The fourth section of the fourth article of the constitution, directs that “the United States shall guaranty to every state in the Union a republican form of government.” The form of government is to be guarantied, which supposes a form already established, and this is the republican form of government the United States have undertaken to protect. See Story, Const. §1807.

Yet another common fallacy squashed by the constitution itself!

Some how the people of the United States have mixed up the notion that the “United States” government – the central government of Washington D.C. as a federation – is supposed to be a republic. But this is not what the constitution states at all. The only requirement of the United States Federal Government laid out in its constitution is that the United States corporation in Washington D.C. must protect the already establish form of government of each individual state. Remember, the citizen is subject to two forms of government, one the state and one Federal.

On this, the Supreme Court state its opinion:

“The people of the United States resident within any State are subject to two Governments: one State, and the other National; but there need be no conflict between the two. The powers which one possesses, the other does not. They are established for different purposes, and have separate jurisdictions. Together they make one whole, and furnish the people of the United States with a complete government, ample for the protection of all their rights at home and abroad. True, it may sometimes happen that a person is amenable to both jurisdictions for one and the same act… It is the natural consequence of a citizenship which owes allegiance to two sovereignties, and claims protection from both. The citizen cannot complain, because he has voluntarily submitted himself to such a form of government.–The Supreme Court, 92 US 551: “U.S. v Cruikshank”

While you may live in a republic within your individual state, you do not live in a republic called the United States. The distinction here is absolutely key, and the tempering of fallacious considerations of the intent of the national government

And if “Common Law” is your bag, you should know that in the same case the Supreme Court stated its opinion about the Common Law:

“It is a rule at common law (the reason applies in equity and other civil law cases) that if a party can plead a fact material to his defense, and omits to do it at the proper time, he can never avail himself of it afterwards.”

Now why would anyone in their right mind agree to such a sinister and offending rule as this? And why would anyone submit to this?

Can you imagine…

You: Oh yeah judge, I forgot to mention that I have a video tape and 20 witnesses that saw me 1,000 miles away from the scene of the crime at the exact time of the crime.

Judge (as his gavel smashes down): Inadmissible! Guilty as charged!!!

It goes on to say:

“The law rather chooses that a party should incur a risk of this nature than leave a door open to endless litigation upon pretenses the truth of which it is very difficult to discover.”

God forbid we should have long litigation in order to discover the truth!

This is called the “justice system”, by the way. And the only thing common about common law is that it is commonly tyrannical just like any other legal system. Even if you had a good experience in court by a judge who seemed lawful or constitutional, this does not dismiss the fact that at any time this type of “opinion” can arise. It’s a rule that a judge may choose to follow at his whim. And while a man acting as judge may certainly consider late evidence, he certainly is not required to. Law means nothing to a corrupt politician or judge. And it is certainly a fallacy to overlook the rules just because once you had a good experience. The fallacy: This judge acted fairly and constitutionally, therefore all judges act fairly and constitutionally.

In this particular case, believe it or not, the “person” harmed was actually physically dead, but since the defendants did not claim this fact within the discovery process, this fact actually had no bearing on the case. The fact that the person was dead was not considered when doing wrong to that person. Image how that felt to the defendants when those words were uttered by the judge, who were no doubt thinking… Why in the hell would this fact even need to be mentioned???

It states:

“II. The death of Doane has been alleged for another purpose.

It is said that the decree is to restore to Elisha Doane, which was impossible because Elisha Doane was not then in being. Admitting that upon this record we are to take judicial notice that Doane was dead at the time of pronouncing the decree (in which I am by no means clear), yet if this was the real reason why the plaintiffs in error had withheld the property or its proceeds, they might themselves have said so. They have not, and as each party generally makes the best of his own case, we are to presume that did not in fact constitute their reason. In this case it could be of no avail but at the utmost to prevent the allowance of interest until a demand actually made. It never could destroy the whole beneficial effect of a decree given in rem, and when the parties who make the objection were in court and parties to the very decree complained of. I think nothing can be more evident than that if the decree be not totally void, the administrators are entitled to the benefit of it, at least until it is set aside for error, if there be any error in it, and such a remedy is now practicable. If a scire facias was necessary before execution could have been obtained out of the court which passed the decree, it could be for no other reason than that the other party might have an opportunity to contest the validity of the letters and the existence of the administration, if any such objection could be supported. Such an objection might have been made here. It has not been made. There is therefore, I conceive, no principle of law or justice which forbids giving effect to the decree upon this ground.”

You: But judge, the victim was already dead before I had anything to do with her!

Judge: Inadmissible! Guilty as charged!!!

Ok, extreme I admit. The point is that the possibility – as a rule – is that at any time a judge can dismiss crucial evidence that would prove your innocence without considering it.

But listen to what was stated even later in this case:

“A court of justice, indeed, ought at its peril to take notice of its own jurisdiction, and it is not often that cases of such doubt arise that a judge can be at a loss on the subject. But it may happen and does sometimes happen that innocent and serious doubts are really entertained. Is a court therefore, because its judgments may be finally dissented from by a superior tribunal, to be considered as flying in the face of the law, so that parties before it shall not only be protected in disobeying it but punished for their obedience? If this be the case, the old maxim cedunt arma togae (let arms yield to the toga – modern: let military power give way to civil power) will very ill apply to courts of justice. Instead of being the peaceful arbiters of right and the sacred asylum of unprotected innocence, their very forums will be the seat of war and confusion.”

Why is this all so important to the establishment of a New World Order Government?

Well let’s see… so far the Supreme court has allowed corporations to be people with rights, allowed these corporations to merge and acquire each other to establish monopolies and trusts,  allowed these corporations not only to clone life but to create new genetically altered life and then patent that life-form as a novel (unique) property of the corporation and government, it has ruled that children can be vaccinated without parental consent, it has allowed the United Nations to claim a part of the City of New York as international land immune from U.S. law, and seems to not be at all concerned with the thousands of Presidential Directives and Executive Orders that have allowed everything from martial law in America to unmanned drones for the use of killing Americans abroad and spying on them nationally.

Now why in God’s name would I put my trust in this body of “Justices” to do the right thing in protecting me or my country or to  combat the implementation of world governance? They are, after all, appointed by the same president and congress that is allowing it to happen in the first place! They aren’t even voted in by the people who suffer their opinions!!!

So what does it mean to you to” fight for your country”?

Well, you better start comprehending that your country and your state is in the control of a rogue government, and that to save the land the government must not be allowed to expand globally by expanding its ream of paper to include all of the United Nations as it’s master.

The “United States” is in the process of becoming  nothing more than an admiralty law-based “land-bridge” between oceans and countries, a port of call for the world government and its corporations built with your taxpayer money.

And all of this proving the pen is mightier than the sword, simply because the people will not wield the sword as their fore-fathers supposedly did.

In our interview, we discussed that in order to create a new World Government, the current borders of the United States must be destroyed. It is, however, important to state that the individual state governments and borders need not be demolished simply because the Federal government and borders are abolished. It is in fact the contractual nature of the individual states to this central government which is the cause of the loss of individual state sovereignty. As individual republics, under a new United States “union” the country would be no less grand.

Is it only me that feels this way?

…whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness… all experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

–Constitution of the united states of America

“Whenever the ends of government are perverted, and public liberty manifestly endangered, and all other means of redress are ineffectual, the people may, and of right ought to reform the old, or establish a new government. The doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power, and oppression, is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind.”

–New Hampshire Constitution, Article 10 of the Bill of Rights

“All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority and instituted for their peace, safety, happiness and the protection of property. For the advancement of these ends, they have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may deem proper.”

–Kentucky Constitution, Kentucky Bill of Rights

“All power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority and instituted for their peace, safety and happiness. For the advancement of these ends they have at all times an inalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think proper.”

–Pennsylvania Constitution, Article 1, Section 2 of the Declaration of Rights

“3d. That Government ought to be instituted for the common benefit, protection and security of the people; and that the doctrine of non-resistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive to the good and happiness of mankind.”

–North Carolina Constitution, November 21, 1789

All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit. The faith of the people of Texas stands pledged to the preservation of a republican form of government, and, subject to this limitation only, they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient.”

–Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 2

“Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by rule of law.”

–Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, United Nations (paying lip service to this decree with despicable arrogance and confidence as it subsumes all other constitutions!)

So what part of this aren’t you comprehending?

And just what do you think the 2nd amendment is for?

Better listen to the show now folks, and start to grasp exactly what’s happening in a local, county, district, state, and national government near you. For right this very second, government is doing all of the above for you, on paper, handing over the “country” to a global corporate federation, making the above options of abolition obsolete and unlawful with each treaty and contract your representatives sign, conveying the land to foreign interests…

And remember, just because you don’t see it doesn’t change the fact that it”s happening…

This is what you are truly fighting:

And the future of food (just replace metal powder with protein powder):

Truth is so much stranger than fiction, and so much closer to science fiction than imaginable.

In closing, I can only say that no matter what your “country” means to you; no matter how you define it – I think now would be a good time to start fighting for it while it’s still recognizable as such, and while we still have a resemblance to natural humans.


–Clint Richardson (realitybloger.wordpress.com)
–Monday, February 11th, 2013