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  1. Hello Clint. I’ve been listening to your interviews for some time now and was wondering if you could get back to me on a subject regarding apple ipads, an 11 year old and a bank based here in the uk (plc). Many thanks and keep up the good work.

  2. Patrick McGilvery

     /  April 25, 2013

    I heard you on Deanna’s show today and you mentioned a recent decision by the US? supreme court dealing with Grand Juries. May I ask the case this was in?

    • Hi there… here is the info I received:

      I am writing you because this may be the most important US Supreme Court case ever decided, it alone can certainly save our Nation if we act now … “United States v. Williams”

      In a stunning 6 to 3 decision Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the majority, confirmed that the American grand jury is neither part of the judicial, executive nor legislative branches of government, but instead belongs to the people. It is in effect a fourth branch of government “governed” and administered to directly by and on behalf of the American people, and its authority emanates from the Bill of Rights.

      Realize what this means – the people can take back the New York Republic within 90 days if we organize a Common Law Grand Jury in every NY County.

      COURT SUMMARY: The Common Law Grand Jury is an unalienable right of the people a forth branch of government created and administered directly by and on behalf of the people. It is separate from the courts functioning by its “own will” above the government serving as a referee between the Government and the people”.

      It is an investigative body acting independently with unhindered power to indict criminal wrongdoing and investigate merely on suspicion that the law is being violated, or even because it wants assurance that it is not.

      It needs not identify the offender it suspects, or even the precise nature of the offense it is investigating. It swears in its own witnesses, deliberates in total secrecy and Its indictment cannot be challenged. In short it has a duty to seeks out injustice and rectify it.

      So what does this all mean?

      Just to name a few things – we can turn back the “political and judicial clock” to 1789, we can indict criminals including judges and politicians, we can reinstate the real duties of the Sheriff, we can reinstate the “Elected Committeemen”, we can get our armories and malitia back, we can force compliance to the Third Continental congress’s (2009) Articles of Freedom, we can stop Agenda 21 …

      FIND OUT MORE listen to our Monday night conference call click > –

      To read more – Common Law Grand Jury Rules – How to save our Republic and Grand Jury Status (US -v- Williams) go to >

      We are organizing 25 people in each of New York’s 62 counties across the state to become Grand Jurist.

      We are traveling the state giving presentations, we will be in Warren County this coming Saturday and in Staten Island next Saturday for info go here >

      To help organize your county send an e-mail to with your (1) name, (2) county, (3) email, (4) phone and we will post your info here – Read the instructions below the list of names and then call me (845) 233-6560. We are planing to organizing 25 people in each county in 30 days.

      Thanks for listening

      John Darash
      (845) 233-6560.

  3. Bob Burton

     /  June 30, 2013

    Hi Clint.
    I have been trying to contact you with no luck.. Bob Burton here… I beat the malicious Prosecution Against me in Florida… There have been dozens of other like paramiltary raids.on those around me… We are hopefully beating the malicious charges against them as well… Looks good so far.
    I believe we can pull this off with very few people and pick up the masses as we start to have effect. Sorry for the delay… My dad’s death hit me right during the prosecution.. They would not let me leave the state to be by his side.. It was a blow.

    I have the County Commissioners in My county and a few orther counties starting to hear our message. I call it “Operation Little Domino” because we are hitting the smaller counties first . Call me ASAP… xxx-xxx-xxxx at any hour.. I will answer

  4. Al

     /  July 12, 2013

    Hi Clint, I have always been a big fan of your work – I have quoted the Pike 3 World wars letter frequently – until I heard Michael Collins Piper say that it was one of several oft quoted internet hoaxes. – After biting back tears and feeling that hot sticky sensation at the back of my neck – that Piper is wrong etc. I did some checking and it appears that Piper was correct ….. grrrrrr

    The site below is worth a read … I hope you can prove Piper wrong but …..

    • This fake or embellished quote thing is a plague of the internet, and many of the most popular documentaries use those quotes without verification. Often, they change the entire history of a subject, and can make bad men seem good and good events seem bad.

      As for this particular quote, it is ironic that you mention this. I was hesitant to utilize it for this very reason – that I could not verify it. And it is used all over the place by the most prominent researchers. The word Nazi is particularly troubling in its entimology…

      NAZI – “1930, noun and adjective, from German Nazi, abbreviation of German pronunciation of Nationalsozialist (based on earlier German sozi, popular abbreviation of “socialist”), from Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei “National Socialist German Workers’ Party,” led by Hitler from 1920.

      The 24th edition of Etymologisches Wörterbuch der deutschen Sprache (2002) says the word Nazi was favored in southern Germany (supposedly from c.1924) among opponents of National Socialism because the nickname Nazi, Naczi (from the masc. proper name Ignatz, German form of Ignatius) was used colloquially to mean “a foolish person, clumsy or awkward person.” Ignatz was a popular name in Catholic Austria, and according to one source in World War I Nazi was a generic name in the German Empire for the soldiers of Austria-Hungary.

      An older use of Nazi for national-sozial is attested in German from 1903, but EWdS does not think it contributed to the word as applied to Hitler and his followers. The NSDAP for a time attempted to adopt the Nazi designation as what the Germans call a “despite-word,” but they gave this up, and the NSDAP is said to have generally avoided the term.”

      So if the Masons and Pike planned that the NAZI party would exist for WW2, this would certainly verify that the quotes were feasible. So the question becomes how did Pike know the Germans’s would be known as NAZI’s?

      Here is an interesting research, from this website:

      They cite the fact that Adolf Hitler banned and persecuted Free-Masons in his Third Reich. Yet, they fail to point out that not all Free-Masons were treated as enemies of the state. In fact, the vast majority.

      “In Germany at the time the Nazi’s came to power (with the aid of numerous Freemason High Financiers like Henry Ford) there existed nine Grand Lodges and Orients.

      Three Grand Lodges were were known as ‘Old Prussian Grand Lodges’, which were large, well organized, and contained the bulk of all Freemasons in Germany. Six were called ‘Modern Grand Lodges’, which were small, isolated, with only a few thousand members each.” (source)

      In fact, Adolf Hitler and the Nazis owe their rise to power by the very generous assistance of Freemasonry:

      “It was the ‘Old Prussian Grand Lodges’, which contained the High Command Officers, Industrialists, and Royal Houses who had always banned Jews from joining and which was fiercely nationalistic and reactionary in it’s politics that the American and British Grand Lodges recognized as being ‘regular’. The ‘Moderns’, the ones that allowed Jews to join? ‘Regular’ Freemasonry said they were ‘irregular’ and ‘clandestine’. In other words they did not recognize the Grand Lodges that allowed Jews to join as being Freemasons or Freemasonry what so ever. ‘Regular’ Freemasonry is trying to hoodwink their recognition of the anti-semitic National Grand Lodges and their non recognition of the non anti-semitic International Grand Lodges.

      The Nazi’s shut down the ‘Modern’ Grand Lodges whose membership was heavily jewish, liberal, and ‘international’, but allowed the ‘national’ Old Prussian Grand Lodges to carry on after their Grand Master’s sent formal written oaths of alliegence to ‘Mein Furher’, changed their name to ‘The Frederick the Great Association'(Frederick the Great being German ‘Regular’ Freemasonry’s founder and principal patron.), and removed any obvious Hebraic wording from it’s rituals. When the war was over ‘regular’ Freemasonry operating under the guise of ‘The Frederick the Great Association’ changed their name back to what it was before Crystal Nacht. You won’t see any of this mentioned on any of those ‘Is it true what they say about Freemasonry?’ or ‘Difficult Questions about Freemasonry’ web sites that ‘regular’ Freemasonry has mirrored all over the net.” (Ibid.)

      Interestingly enough, Free-Masonry was the common bond that tied Adolf Hitler to the West. The Prussian lodges, named after the leader of the 2nd Reich (Frederick the Great), were the only lodges that were recognized by American and British Free-Masonry.

      “The Scottish Rite had its beginning in France, when in 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established in Paris, a chapter of twenty-five so-called High Degrees which, including the three symbolic Degrees, these High Degrees were called the Rite of Perfection. In 1758 these Degrees were taken to Berlin and placed under a body called the Council of Emperors of the East and West, and in 1762 Frederick the Great of Prussia became the head of the Rite and promulgated what is known as the Constitution of 1762. In 1786 a reorganization took place in which eight Degrees were added to the twenty-five, and the name changed to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. By this Constitution, Frederick resigned his authority as Grand Commander and provided that the government of the new system of Degrees should rest with a Council of each Nation, to be composed of nine Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Thirty-Third and last Degree of Freemasonry. Source: AASR, Orient of Texas.” (ibid.)

      What is this fascination that both Communists and Fascists have with Free-Masonry? Perhaps the question would be better stated if we asked what fascination Free-Masons have with Communism and Fascism?

      I have documented how Freemasonry were behind the Russian revolution (Communist); the French Revolutions (Socialist); the American Revolution (Capitalist) and now the Nazi Revolution (Fascist). In fact, I would venture to guess that Free-Masonry has been behind almost every revolution since the 1400s (when it was organized by the “dethroned” Knights Templar, the Bankers of Europe).


      So at the very least, while the this quote is not verified, the background for it makes it plausible and undeniably likely that the Masons were behind the planning of all or most wars.

      Thanks again for the comment. Trust me, I have spent many hours trying to verify quotes. And so I spend more time verifying than writing, which may very well be the purpose of putting so many false quotes out there – to waste valuable time.


  5. Alim

     /  July 25, 2013

    Why do you use background artwork that makes it impossible to read what you wrote? What snse does that make?

    • Opinion noted. Try copy and paste if it doesn’t suite your psyche. Or explain to me what you think prevents you from reading while everyone else seems to have no problem? Thanks.

  6. Isaac

     /  August 21, 2013

    How do i withdraw my membership to the united states?

  7. Jeff

     /  September 28, 2013

    Helo Clint- MORE COMMON CORE REPORTING! I have been successful utilizing your articles to wake people up. Here in FL gov Scott set fourth and executive order against PARCC testing citing the constitution. More please! 🙂

  8. Bob Burton

     /  September 29, 2013

    Common Core is the latest Parroting rant of the lost Republican… Governor Scott is an Unregistered Foreign Agent… he will tell you anything you wnat to hear .. But he is a former board member of Associated Industries of Florida AIF which represents “Secretly” the most corrupt corporations on the Planet and which is the State Affiliate of national Association of Manufactures. NAM.. AIF and NAM are the secrt link between the State and the multinational Corporations which are why you have Common Core.. AKA ” Best in Education” under Reagan… tracking it’s roots back to the Ford Foundation and Taylorizm…. But if you talk about these subjects you will be ejected from the debate by the false ” patriots” in Florida who are on the payroll of the enemy yet are telling you they are just another concerned citizin. You must wake up before you can wake others up Jeff… Otherwise you are a part of the problem. Google my name and Whistleblower, Water Czar.. Project Mayhem etc… I have been raided many times to keep you in the dark.. But we are going to see your “Run Hide Rick’ My wife is termanaly ill. yet that coward POS continues while she fight for your freedom… Scot is up to his eyeballs in the Corporation nation… Florida Under him and the several preceeding Govs is the most corrupt state n the nation… Just look at the december 2010 state wide grand jury Report… and stand with us …

  9. Jeff

     /  September 29, 2013

    Good morning Bob- thank you for your reply. Also thank you for all of the whistleblowing you and your wife have done. I wanted to alert Clint about FL Gov Scott’s executive orders regarding Common Core and it’s testing and I have suspicions to the effect that you mentioned above. I am very aware of Agenda 21 and am awake to the numerous puppets, groups, and corruption. It would seem that the news of Scott’s executive order would have gone viral, yet no mention in mainstream and alternative news. I am looking into your story… Very interesting to say the least. Are their any updates since 2011?

    The big story in my county is the killing of the Indian River. Ian Lake O discharges and Scott has done nothing but pass a law to legalize the dumping of crap in our waterways.

  10. Bob Burton

     /  September 29, 2013

    Yes you can google ” Whistleblower Bob Burton Released from prosecution by state… and Bob Burton WCTV etc… We are assembling for Talahassee… The media is following our story and we are feeding them the whole story now…. Our whistleblow was not environmental… What nam and AIF are doing is using the environmental movement to cover for the land grabs not by the UN as the fake Agender movement would have you beleive… But by the UNGC multinational Corporations… we have been present at over 15 raids in the past year… The Tea party and the other patriot groups are standing against what we are doing even though their side will confiscate all of their land and resourses. My Email is… We have people comming from Ga Alabama Tn and as far as Miami Dade in Florida… What this has to do with Clint’s Corporation nation is… the UNGC Corporations are the beneficiaries of the CAFR funds.. They as well are the ones who were bailed out and were responsible for the housing bubble…One of our operatives actuall tought classes to Secret serises on the issue. We do need support in Florida..

  11. James Farrell

     /  October 14, 2013

    Back around 1987, I read Carlos Castaneda’s books .He spoke about a
    group of Sourcers (Rosy +?) whos intention was to rule the world.

    For twenty – six years I have wondered who this group might be. I wonder no
    more— thanks to your genius.

    Thank you,

    • Well my friend, I’m glad I could help. But please never assume you or I know everything about this. Never end your search, for it has no ending. And the more you look, the more you see that all of these groups are connected. Keep learning, for when you stop it then becomes dogma.


  12. art pritchard

     /  December 19, 2013

    Have you read Lysander Spooner on these topics? He has a writing on the constitution of no effect. Art

  13. Gretchin

     /  January 5, 2014

    Clint, I am not able to get to The Illusion of Investing in Our Future.

  14. Bob Burton

     /  January 6, 2014

    OK sounds Interesting ! I want to see it !

  15. james

     /  January 9, 2014

    Hey clint thanks for your awesome information, but im in dire need of help! and just like me some of us are having trouble on starting the process of becoming a free man, can you give us a step by step instruction on how we can cancelled our contracts? also i looked into the UCC1 form and im confused on how to fill it out. thank you

    • I did not go the UCC route, as it is “commercial” in nature.

      I suggest the first and largest step is to cancel your social security attachment. To do that, form SSA-521 is an official form that kills the original application, and I would label the whole process as fraud since it was created before the age of consent.


      The application is what is monetized into the trust. Separating yourself from the application, not just the number is key.

      When that is accomplished, anything your “number” is attached to is now invalid. Driver’s License, Passport, Voter Registration, Selective Service, etc. To these I would send letters of demand that require acknowledgement of the cancellation, if no response, a second demand. If no response, silence is consent and establishment of contract (or end thereof).

      Now create your own passport after creating your own ID. An ID is simply a notarized paper affirming who you are. What you aren’t, then, is a citizen.

      First step would probably to get a copy of your birth certificate that is sealed (with plastic or wax seal)

      This is not legal advice.


      • Clint, I went to the Socialist Security office today and asked for form SSA-521. The beaurocrat told me that form was only to request cancellation of an application to receive disability or retirement benefits. She and her slave-master, uh, supervisor said that form SSA-521 would not cancel my original application for a Socialist Security number and card. She said I needed to go to the IRS, inc.™ to have my beast mark disassociated from my personhood. This woman is one of the crabs who pulls down any other crabs trying to climb out of the bucket. She asked me, “What do you want me to do; just delete your number from everything associated with you?” “Yes”, I replied. “But, what about your credit cards, your bank accounts?”, she asked. When I told her i didn’t have, want or need those things, she became upset and had a disdainful look on her face. She told me she was done with me and to leave.
        Anyways; have you had success with form SSA-521, telling them they are fraudulent crooks for signing up children to life-long commitments who can’t even sign a book of the month club membership contract? Did you fill it out online or did you go into the SSA office?

        • I have chosen a different path, which is to not attack the branches but the root, which is the whole person. But I do have friends that have successfully utilized that form, yes. But that does not kill the fictional person, and so is not a solution. There is more to it than I though. If you are interested in the path I will be following, listen to my rdio archives with KW here:

          Search for “KW” and listen to all shows from earliest date.


  16. Erick

     /  April 17, 2014

    Republic broadcasting drops a lot of your second hour show the corporation nation. Wednesday April the 16th is a good example. left me hanging for hour two of Daniel and it drives me crazy. I need to learn to get out of the system also and I’ll take my chances.
    thanks Clint.

  17. Hi Clint, I am writing this to thank you for all the information regarding the rights of the people versus the government regarding chem-trails which I am also seeing over my Country, Canada .I would like to some advice on how to submit my letter of non-consent to the Court Clerk. I am 70 years of age and am not very good at this as far as knowing what to say in a letter regarding non-consent to what our governments are doing to our environment but I would love to be able to do something in this regard. I am also very computer illiterate and I know for certain I will most likely not be able to find my way back to this page to see your reply. I would like to know how to go about having other people also hand over a letter of non-consent to this spraying chemicals into our atmosphere. It causes me great concern for my children, grand children and great-grand-children, as for me, my time here is very limited but if I can do something to stop these criminals from destroying our planet I will be happy to do what I an. If you could possibly send your reply to my email it would be greatly appreciated because as I said earlier, I might never find this page again. I happened upon it by pure Providence. My email address is— Hopefully we can get an enormous amount of people to do this and hopefully put a stop to this atrocity. I am grateful for your article you put on here, I read the whole article which took a long time as my vision is limited but it was so very informative and I had to read it from beginning to end. I want to thank you for all the information you put forward. I pray many young people read this and get off their duff and get involved with giving a letter to the Court Clerk and maybe we as a people united can put an end to this destruction of our beautiful planet. Why can’ we let Nature take care of Nature instead of playing God and all in he name of greed of government and big companies. I will leave you with this and pray I will hear back from you. Not sure what it means when it asks for website???

  18. karri

     /  May 2, 2014

    Have you read The American Constitutional Law by Henry Cambell Black the guy who wrote Black’s Law Dictionary. If not, its a must read and very informative as it explains the realities of the constitution. Its free from google. It mentions how the constitution is nullified when the people decide they want to revolutionize the country. The opposite of being in a state of emergency. In other words it works both ways. As we become more mature in our human and spiritual understanding we must realize that as a maturing species, we must stand up for what is right for our species and for all life on earth and we must do this deliberately and consciously. Aiming for peace, love and acceptance, rather then war, hate, and comformity. We are no longer playing in a school yard, this is real life and we must begin to act as doting parents to eachother and life on earth and to protect earth and eachother viciously, as would a mother bear or sibling to sibling. This is a time when bullies can no longer be feared or accepted and they must be exposed for who they are and what they unfairly do, including their insecurities that cause them to want to control and not play fair and we must help them learn their lessons as we also must learn ours. By doing so, we help them to grow in awareness and to show them, there are no sides, and that we are just one species of humans here to care for one another and the earth as whole.

    • maggie13mae

       /  May 4, 2014

      Where do I find the American Constitutional Law by Henry Campbell Black. It is okay, just realized I could find it on Google so I will definitely read it and in response to your letter below, I totally agree with you. It is my opinion that the government appears to be able to do as they please disregarding the Constitution. Our forefathers must be riling over in their graves. I say this as a Canadian because we have the same sort of happenings in our government here and we as a people have to do something about it. Life as it is today is becoming very disheartening, I feel we are headed for a police state and that is indeed frightening. Being a Senior I can see so many undesirable changes it concerns me for future generations. I thank you for writing back, it is much appreciat Date: Sat, 3 May 2014 16:52:59 +0000 To:

  19. Clint I posted a link to your school week radio shows and none of the links worked… just a heads up. I am sure it is THEM…

  20. Just sort of watching what you guys are talking about…. Look at ” Best in Education” under Reagan…. “Taylorism” under Rockefeller… and much more… I used to have tons of material on the subject…. Common Core you will find is a very insignificant step in a long process of very evil things.. Ill send some more “title” leads and names as I think of them… If I find any of my old stuff I will send it too… I Think I purged most of it that was not pertinent to what I am working on… I am down to three file drawers… man you would not believe the work in just reducing it… My files go back into the seventies on Corporatism and corruption.

  21. Kimberly A. Whitake

     /  May 7, 2014

    Hello Clint I sent you an email and have yet to have a response, so I am leaving you a message here just in case you didn’t get my email. I am very interested in organizing with you based on information that you provided in your article The Only Way We Can Stop Geoengineering‏. thank you …Kimberly

  22. I have Skype but am unsure how to use it Clint. Maybe yu can explain it to me and we can chat.

  23. Kimberly A. Whitake

     /  May 8, 2014

    You just long into your skype and add in contacts and send over a message and wait for a response

  24. Re: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
    As you know, this is the annual report filed by municipalities. The struggle is to glean the essential information from it in order to help the “common man” understand the numbers and their significance. Do you or anyone else know of a resource that critically “picks-apart” a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and separates the wheat from the chaff? The goal is to translate all of the smoke and mirrors into the basic information people can understand.

    • From personal experience, I’d say that no there is no easy way to read the CAFR. It is purposefully set up to report different things differently in different places. And what is reported is not explained unless you go to the notes section. And so I stick to my belief that nothing worth doing is ever easy, which is why nothing is ever done.

      However, – has an old tool he created that allows you to put numbers in and get results. I’ve not used it myself.


  25. Clint, do you think that Jim Willie (of the Golden Jackass) may be right when he says that he thinks that the Bank of England (so called), is simply going to mid-wife the new financial system known as BRICS, which will be gold based – and no better than what the World is suffering from now? Maybe worse! That BRICS is just another subterfuge?

    • There is nothing in government that is not subterfuge. It is all fiction.

      That said, I think that assigning value to anything, including gold, is dangerous, because it takes away the appreciation of things of real value, such as the family, the land, and if you will God (moral codes). I consider gold bugs to be just that – cockroaches that think they can hide in the walls or in the forest hoarding metals while they do nothing to improve their own situation or that of their family and fellow man. They have no code except survival, which sounds horrific to me. No offense to Mr. Willie, but his knowledge seems wrapped around shiny objects, not around life. Personally, I believe gold is but a worthless hunk of bacterium extract (bug poop), that will be worth nothing unless it can be turned into something. There’s so much of it out there that as a commodity, our miniscule personal stashes are not needed by those who control. So like anything else artificial, the official value of gold is only what we believe it to be. I’d rather have a lifetime supply of toilet paper than a hand-full of gold.

      In the end, we will get what we deserve, which is what we are willing to fight for. In America, apparently that is shiny objects, smart chips, and no inheritance or rights to land.

      Proverbs 16:16 – “How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!”

      Ecclesiastes 5:10 – Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless.

      Ecclesiastes 7:12 – “Wisdom is a shelter as money is a shelter, but the advantage of knowledge is this: that wisdom preserves the life of its possessor.”

      My advice? Don’t listen to the tales and advice of anyone selling gold, and don’t trust anyone claiming to be an “economist”. The economy doesn’t exist in nature any more than the market value of gold does.

      Whatever you or we collectively can be made to believe is money will be the next currency. The object of fiat or substance is insignificant; anything can be money (mammon). It’s the faith we are convinced to put into it that matters, and that ultimately defines our own fate – the belief in money.

      And I must add here that I don’t understand why an advanced, computerized, digitally connected world would choose paper over something digital. If I were to predict the future, it will be bar-codes and smart chips for us all. No chip, no work, no buying or selling, and no citizenship. No government in its right mind (evil that is) would wish to see a new paper currency as opposed to a completely computerized one – which makes working, buying or selling impossible without the chip/mark. We are being transformed with our smart phones to be digital currency ready. We carry the chip with us in our phone, in our cars, and in our tablets.

      So why would they need gold to back anything in the digital realm?


  26. Thank you for this reply. You seem to be the only person who realises what we are actually facing. I have not been buying gold! In 1974 I was in a room full of other travellers, all talking about how things were and what was coming. I knew nothing about it all, being from South Africa. Someone said that if ever the Bush family got into power in America that would mean the end for the World. I had no idea who the Bush’s were and so it meant nothing to me. As I was leaving the room someone said, in my left ear “When the time comes, buy silver, not gold.”

    That was mysterious and I took not much notice, except that I never forgot that strange message. I have no idea who it was who said it. I did not know any of these travellers and thought nothing more about it – but remembered all the same. I went off to my hotel and that was that. Anyway, buying gold has always seemed pointless to me, not only because you can’t eat it, but lavatory paper seems a lot more practical and useful. Food even more so.

    I have always wondered why anyone would not realise that gold is obviously what the bankers have always, always gathered unto themselves – so they must use for their own ends.

    At least silver has uses. Gold is, and should be, only for spiritual purposes – so it seems to me. It is so strange that they gather it and gather it – yet it is not useful! WHY do the bankers gather it? Why do governments gather it? What is it about gold that makes the money mad, or power mad, gather gold??? There is something strange or even sinister about it.

    Thank you very much Clint. GOOD advice and GOOD information. I do not always understand it, It seems incredibly convoluted and complicated.

    My Father used to say, “Trust in the Lord and keep your independence.” as you do.

    It is the best possible advice.
    thank you again.

    • In the Bible, the tree of knowledge was the tree of concepts. And suddenly mankind realized after biting the apple (partaking of false concepts) that they were naked for the first time. With concepts comes the loss of innocence. The value of gold or anything else is a concept. So when your father said to trust in the lord, he was really telling you not to trust in the concepts of man – to keep your Innocence – and to value everything and everyone equally in nature. Names, titles, and values are not natural.

      If you think about it, the concept that anything is more valuable than anything else is the root of all evil. It is the root of racism, the root of usury, the root of war, and the root of money. It is the root of status, of pedigree, and it is the root of the claimed authority of kings and queens over all others – the value of blood.

      Gold, or any other thing in the universe, can never be consummated as having a monetary value without dire consequences. It’s value is in its use, not in its hoarding and utilization as a monetary instrument. The concept of monetary value equals the concept of competition (fiction against reality). It takes away the will to share and to be charitable, and it re-presents all things as artificial, where the name (noun) of that thing is respected more than the thing itself – as a valuable commodity or as a worthless thing. This is conceptualization. It is the true form of evil, for it oppresses the natural good in all things in lieu of its artificial value. The concept of value is purely of mammon. And ultimately, life becomes less valuable than death.

      Name = death.

      Evil is the opposite of livE.

  27. I see that I did not say that it was in INDIA in 1974 that I had that strange encounter.

  28. Do you know about this idea for a money less World from Michael Tellinger, called Ubuntu?

  29. Pete Hurley

     /  March 25, 2015

    Hi Clint, great interview with JD Moore (Red Pill Reports, TFR) today, thanks. As far as getting a Declaratory Judgement, “solution” = “end of contract” and settlement: check out KW on MyPrivateAudio (Talk Shoe, 3 shows) and listen to this BlogTalk ( ). HighFrequencyRadio Approx 1/31/15 “BC and Agency” episode. Truth and peace

  30. Corey

     /  June 10, 2015

    Welcome back to the your registered office, hope you enjoyed some time off as a registered agent 🙂 We have pasts that are quite the same. I graduated in CA with a communications degree and was working for a big radio station in Los Angeles from 1999-2005. I now live in Utah laugh at the workers permit aka college degree that collects dust in my moms garage. Quick question. I want to make a donation to get your hard copy and terms for the new book. Can I donate that thru your corp nation pay pal? I guess it would be the temp insanity on yahoo? If you posted this info elsewhere i missed it. Or Should I wait till your contact info is posted on your books webiste?
    Finally if your ever in Southern Utah and want to blaze a fat one. I invite you stay in Veyo Utah and show you gunlock dam and the awesome veyo pool.

    • Hey Cory… thanks for the offer. I have not decided quite yet how to do this non-commercially and so I will get back to you on the gift thing. I have to be careful. Probably better to wait so I don’t get donations and that mixed up. I will certainly take you up on the rest if I drive down that way again. Thanks,


  31. Frederick - the human side

     /  June 13, 2015

    Dear Clint,
    I wish I had my youth back so that I could execute the root to freedom from your vantage point of youth. I’m 76 yrs old. I never understood what I had learned about the movement toward one’s freedom. I had been trying to argue IRS issues while in my younger age. At one point thru the course of my correspondence with FOIA request one letter I received was that I OWED $1million dollars to the government and I was to pay taxes on it. Well, as you probably assumed, I didn’t know what to do next. Here I am at 50 years later I finally know most of the WHYs. My question to you may be foolish, but what can I do at this late age of my life can I do to remove the stigma of my strawman. Is the UCC-1 the answer of my trek?

    • I don’t believe the commercial code is an answer to becoming non-commercial. Commercial code only applies to commercial entities and legal existences (persons, places, and things).

      The answer is not within. The answer is to go without.

      Please follow my website at STRAWMANSTORY.INFO and you can download my work when it’s done for free. Unfortunately the answers can only be found by a deep process, and of course I certainly don’t have all the answers. I can only show you the sources. You will have to put the words into action. But government cannot give you what you seek, because what you seek is reality. Government can only offer you legal fiction.

      The commercial code, when used by a United States citizen, governs the citizen. When it is used in a trust, then the man controls the person through the trust. But you have to become a man again, be reborn. And at that point, where your blood is no longer legally corrupted, you may if you choose operate in commerce. But why would you? Once private, who would in their right mind and knowledge wish to go back into mammon?


  32. Anabel

     /  August 31, 2015

    How about an article on discharging student loans( that have been transferred and seem to be are administered by the IRS/D).
    They refuse to provide evidence of a lawful debt (but keep saying the sl contract is proof and referred the matter to the complaints dept).

  33. larry pendleton

     /  September 19, 2015

    i am having trouble seeing your links. it seems the web has blocked access to those sites, can you tell me how to get around them.

  34. Eric

     /  September 21, 2015

    I’ve been listening to the radio show lately and one thing that I appreciate, among others, is the fact that you’re not always soliciting for funds.
    So anyway where can I find a current address to send a donation?

  35. Tim Boyd

     /  October 15, 2015

    Thank you for all your hard work on many fronts. At this time I am particularly interested in helping to stop the crimes against humanity in the form of geoengineering. i just finish reading your article dated March 16, 2013; I wish I had seen it 3 years ago. I am wondering if the advice you offered, the seed you planted, has grown and flourished? I would hope that people would have taken your advice and started flooding the courts with letters of non-consent all over the country. Maybe I am getting in the game at a late stage, but it doesn’t seem like a lot of progress has been made in stopping geoengineering so maybe we need some renewed effort…
    Any words of wisdom? Or any groups you can point me to in the interest of helping to save our sorry asses? We have allowed apathy and inertia to become too firmly rooted in our daily lives and it may well be too late to salvage the earth and humanity, but I am hopeful, so if you have any words of encouragement or a direction to point me in, I would love to jump on the wagon. I don’t have a lot of resources except time and determination, and a strong desire to turn back the tide of evil posed by the controllers.

    Thank you,
    Tim Boyd

    • Greetings Tim. I got a bit frustrated at the whole “movement” and figured out that most of it is fake, controlled, and therefore stagnant. I have nothing to offer at this point, mostly because my research lead me to more foundational things. Getting people organized in a money system is like herding cats. I have told hundreds of people I’d help if they take the reigns. No reigns apparently exist.

      I would suggest attempting to act locally, but never forget your status as voluntary subject to that which is spraying you, which we call U.S. citizenship.


  36. I fired off an email to you today Clint about (among other things) whether there is one RSS feed to get your whole radio archive onto a podcast app. I know there are separate ones for each archive entry or page but I’m fairly tech stunted and cannot figure out how to get the whole archive feed listed in one big RSS. I’m not even sure this is possible, but I’ve subscribed to other services where it is possible. Thanks in case I miss your response to this.

    • bob Burton

       /  November 9, 2015

      Hi Clint … Long time… From that Time both my father and my wife Kathy have died … But I am back in the fight with something much better than Cats to herd… I was never interested in “educating the public” I think more that we should recruit those who are under attack and will do what little it takes to save their own skin… I will take some reign … But just as you … I am tired … But not yielding .
      Looking Forward Bob Burton

  37. Elsie

     /  April 18, 2016

    Dear Clint.
    I am finding out more and more information. And this is new to me.I have 3 children who all have birth certificates. I was not aware of any of these things. Can I go and get their statement of live birth and get them out of the system? Please pray for us.

    • The birth certificate is the creation of a legal entity only. If the implied contract is never used, confirmed or ratified then the certification (tax) cannot be enforced. If you have already enrolled them in school under that legal name, then this is a use and confirmation. But they are still under age and cannot confirm it themselves till the age of consent. I’d be more concerned about correcting your own record before you try to correct theirs. A public person cannot really have private children. Delivery is abandonment.

  38. Matt O'Connor

     /  May 7, 2016

    Hey Clint, been trying to contact you for a while in regards to that short film. Any chance you can hit me up about it when you get a chance? Cheers!

    • Hey Matt… you committed the cardinal sin in the “business.” If you want to know why I decided I didn’t want to work with you I’ll be glad to speak to you personally so that you don’t make the same mistake twice.


      • Matt O'Connor

         /  May 9, 2016

        Okay, I would love to hear this. Please let me know when you get a chance.


      • Matt O'Connor

         /  May 11, 2016

        Hey Clint,

        Let me know when you plan on reaching out — I will set aside time for us to connect. After more than a year of radio silence on your end, I have to admit that I’m not confident I’ll get the opportunity to speak with you directly.

        In regard to a cardinal sin, if you’re referring to trusting someone I considered a friend and colleague, then yes, I made a mistake. We have worked together amicably; having exchanged our professional skills for each others’ projects a number of times. I asked you to help me out with some work and you agreed to said work, receiving payment as a gesture of friendship and my appreciation (a small amount for the task, sure, but payment none-the-less) and all the media on a hard drive. You chose to keep the payment, the new hard drive, and not deliver any work in return.

        I did not see that coming from you. You could have chosen to respond that you changed your mind, time commitment was too high, or it was not a good fit for you, and returned the hard-drive at very least. It would have been absolutely no worries and I would have continued on pursing other avenues. Instead, you chose to break off all contact with me for over a year… Leaving me to A.) be concerned for your well-being (another mistake apparently) and then B.) continually wonder if you had just “taken the money and run”, but I refused to believe you would do that.

        You’ll have to forgive my frustrations here, but receiving no response to my calls/emails/texts and being genuinely concerned for your wellbeing, and then to see this message suddenly… I imagine one could understand my point of view and the conclusions I’ve drawn here. Perhaps you have a really great reason for you actions in this matter, and like I said: I would love to hear it.

        For the record; if you do indeed wish to inform me about the magic of drawing up and signing contracts — save your breath. Having worked in the “business” a number of years now, I do utilize their magic on a frequent basis with clients, etc. I treat my mates with respect and integrity, and am not ashamed that I thought of you as a friend. I continue (and will continue) to work with friends in this regard on small, personal projects such as these, perhaps to my detriment, but I can honestly say this is the first time I have misjudged someone in this context. It may happen again, but I can take the hits on small amounts in exchange for knowing when something should go right between friends and, of course, which of these friends I will continue to work with.

        I don’t expect you to return the payment or even my property for that matter. I respect the work that you do — as I figure it comes from a good place of wanting to do right in the world; which makes this all harder to understand. Please spare me your expert opinion though, as if I don’t get the “business”… You’re not above me, nor I above you, and I assure you, I get it.

        I’ve said my piece here and if you’d like to contact me to explain your actions, I’d be happy to listen.


        • Matt, I did not see this response until now. Apologies.

          I chose to spare a public spectacle revealing how you wronged me by giving credit for my work to another, the worst of the worst professional sins in that business, and asked you to contact me privately, which you obviously chose not to. Instead, what, are you trying to belittle my character on my own site? A friend is something more than the guy you call up to use his profession practically free when you need your mistakes fixed. I took responsibility for Walter Burien and his project, and for the fact that he never paid you to my knowledge, nor myself in any way, not a cent. But I offered my services for free in the first place, and hired you on his behalf to help you get some experience and credit. I then tried to repay you the only way I could for Walter’s issues, by taking on your project to sound design, which was 1,000’s of dollars of work. There are no emails or messages but one from quite long ago, to which I responded. As I informed you, your envelope and hard drive are still sitting in the same sealed envelope you sent them in, waiting for you to pick it up. I haven’t opened it nor do I intend to, and I don’t want your money. Whatever money you sent to fix your project’s UNFIXABLE sound production is still sitting there sealed up. I warned you about production sound and its importance. Editors cannot fix bad production. I don’t take money from just anyone, and your sudden disparagement of my professional skills is pretty lame, after what I did for you freely and with good intent, and to which you decided to give credit to another.

          How many times have I stated this… that all of my work is free. I take pride in being able to say that. But it is not free to be credited to someone that didn’t create it. That is the ultimate disrespect.


  39. Ri-chard

     /  May 23, 2016

    Let me know when you new book is ready. I would like to use it for word play with T.J. he is my new sport – when I have time.

  40. Arlene

     /  July 4, 2016

    I’m interested in obtaining your book, as mentioned on Inside The Eye. How do I do so, please?

    • Download for free at

      Instructions on obtaining a printed book are there if interested. If not, enjoy.


  41. oats

     /  July 10, 2016

    I had RBN playing Friday July 1st while I was working and I heard “in defense of humanity” with those
    2 Jewish women talking about Law.

    Some point in the show, some chap calls in to tell them about your book ! I thought , fabulous – Clint has finished his book!!!

    But instead of supporting you, Angry (Ingri) shut the caller down . She said literally “that book is too long, buy my friends book instead, and mentioned
    2 authors”.

    Sad. I’m sure you are gone from RBN because of nonsense like that.

    • It would be more accurate to say that I am gone from the patriot movement, the so-called truth movement, because of the nonsense and white lies it is built upon. Ingri is supposed to be a friend, but true colors can’t be shaded.


  42. Deborah

     /  September 2, 2016


    Thank you for researching the truth. I need some assistance in suing a judge and prosecuting attorney in a false accusation restraining order case.

    Thank you deborah wiersma

    • I wish you well on that, if your intent is right. Why not just restrain, i.e. turn the other cheek, if the order is only demanding that which you would have done anyway? I don’t generally get mixed up in cases like this, but will offer any help I can within reason.


  43. Daniel B

     /  September 3, 2016

    I am the type of man who will never giving up and I have been unlawfully incarcerated, held in contempt, more than once, and Need to save my home.

    I would like to receive some DVD’s and CD’s on this information….
    How Can I contact Tim turner and do one on one?


    Daniel Borsotti

    • Greetings Daniel… Turner was arrested several years ago, sorry to say. I don’t recommend these process to anyone unless they are thoroughly proficient in the legal law and language, which is a handful I can think of. I would probably recommend you speak to an acquaintance that can help with mortgage and note issues. Email me for info. -Clint

  44. Caleb

     /  August 19, 2017

    First thank you for all of your hard, i appreciate it. So to the question what do you make of this Heather Anna Tucci-Jarraf case, Randall Beane case and this TDA they talk about? Thanks once again for all your work and time.

    • I say show me. Stop talking about the magical account under the illusionary rainbow and point to it. Show me it exists.

      Otherwise, I’m not going to waste my time.

      The reason I am so disappointed in this so-called Truth/Freedom/Liberty movement is that its participants seek none of what it titles itself as, but instead seeking rewards of remedy, reparations, and anything else in mammon (monetary valuation). As long as you seek the money and rewards of the legal matrix simulation, you will remain beholden and chained to it. Where else will you be able to spend such fictional account money than inside what causes you to be unfree?

      It’s a lie. And even if these accounts do exist, they are still 100% based on lies, false valuations set by governments and banks, on paper that has no intrinsic value. They are inducements to contract, to keep you plugged in. For if everyone returned to Nature (Reality), these Billionaires would be holding nothing at all, because none of us common goyim would respect their form of currency, and it would hold no false charge of power.

      Liberty from the system is not wealth acquired within it.


      • Clint:

        Per the Mammon aspect, amassing wealth has been a driver for well over 30,000 years. I do note a very small percentage of the driver 4500 years and back and a very large driver over the last 200 years with the onset of the industrial revolution and then easy instant communications.

        Well, as we both know, the massive scope and size that government developed into in the last 100 years is well beyond 99% of the populations view. The takeover by the government gang and their cooperatives was only possible through the well thought out masterful entertainment of the population. That included the majority of government employees. Even though they are part of the machine; get their handsome paycheck and benefits from the machine, most, 95% honestly do not know the actual scope and size of the machine’s takeover of it all.

        Let’s toss a hand-grenade into into the silence by bringing forth the data of the scope and size of it all. Their own raw data that is compiled by the Federal Reserve each year through their Z.1. report that gives the showing of wealth held from the Local and Federal Government; the private sector; and Banks, Insurance, and Brokerage.

        The link to the “Raw data” tables is shown in a short one page article I posted –

        Gov Pensions 16 trillion dollars+, corporations and the private sector in debt to government investment capital 23 trillion dollars +.

        Keep in mind that the Banks, Insurance, and Brokerage industries wealth shown is primarily government investment capital held and invested by them for institutional government funds.

        Bottom line here, is that when you look at the raw data, you will now understand truly why Gorbachev for Russia in the 80’s and then China in 2000 went democratic. They looked at the numbers and said to themselves: “Government in the USA has more control over the people and is making 5-times as much.. Time to go democratic, they wrote the better blueprint for communism under the mask and behind the curtain of a free market capitalist system. Government in the USA owns and controls everything!”

        Additionally, government really does not want the population to have a cognitive thought as to the scope and size of the government takeover, so you will notice in the raw data tables the will “offset” their total wealth shown with liabilities extended out 30-35-40-45 years to make the “net” offset to a zero sum.. Standing wealth shown is what is important here.

        The population in the USA let this happen over the last 100-years as they were masterfully entertained 24/7 365 by government and their cooperatives in and as the takeover took place. Did not matter if good entertainment; fear; chase the carrot; sports; holidays; the nightly news; or the weather. All that mattered was to keep the population participating in the endless loop of distraction that government created and 100% controlled the content thereof. If they maintained 100% control of what was spoon fed the population through mass media where it resulted with 95% of what the population saw, that other 5% was in all light non-consequential, especially in light of the stringent anti-intelligence operations taking place to mute-out that 5% that was not 100% under their control.

        As we all were chasing those carrots being dangled in front of us at different points in our lifetimes while running on that treadmill, I guess we did not notice that noose tightening ever so methodically around our necks. A good article that makes that point is entitled: The Price of Free Corn, and it can be viewed here:

        Again, we allowed it to happen to us. Greed and Opportunity has always existed but in the last 70-years, the ability for government to control the mass communication that reaches most of the population virtually instantly was the big difference that allowed the takeover to take place as quickly as it has. It is all about controlling information management. Government now has a 100% lock on that arena in the institutionalized world. The 5% that bypasses the government control, again it appears is of no consequence.

        What is going to change this all for a positive outcome to the population?

        I really don’t know. I am kinda leaning towards an Earth event of unparalleled proportions. Had its impact on the dinosaurs a few million years ago and seriously changed the world back then..

        Keep in mind, government as of 2018 has pulled off the takeover already. So, the big question is what will be staged to happen before the population actually figures it out and gets a slight tad bit aggressive in retaliation?

        My guess is staged “hyper-inflation” going into 2019 / 2020 culminating in 2022. If that is their game plan, which at this point I think it is, they can suck out easily 100-trillion dollars + in value from the world markets and our pockets with their advance position plays and orchestrating all events as it progresses. After massive hyper-inflation if it happens, the end result come 2024 will not be a pretty sight if this falls into play.

        WWIII? Maybe..

        Walter – CAFR1

  45. Zina

     /  March 4, 2018

    Hi Clint,
    I’ve been listening to some interviews with you on podcast and I freaking love how your brain works!
    Do you have your own podcast ? I tried to search for your name but nothing came up on podcast.
    Sending you Lots of love and best wishes for more inspiration and more information 💕💗
    You are cool and I just love every word you say!
    I read few pages of your book Strawman but slowly as it’s not that easy to read on screen.
    I think I will order your book instead of having it saved on my screen 😊
    Keep the great work up it Clint, the world needs you 💗

    • Greetings Zina… and thanks for contacting me. Appreciate the comments.

      All my radio shows are at:

      There’s hundreds of shows there, and the most recent are first. My last show was Red Pill Sunday School, about 20 episodes.

      Just on a mental sabbatical right now.

      Take care…


  46. Yaaqub and Surah

     /  October 26, 2018

    Yahuah is the greatest and Yahusha Ha Mashiac is His Reign,

    We expect you are still laboring in the field.

    We are a family of 4. We died to the system in 2014. We denied any further welfare and refused to further participate in section 8 housing.

    We walked out of our front door with no money, no documents, and no corporate identit. We walked for years even had another child along the way.

    We did not know about these proceedures when we came out. Just now learning that there is more we must do.

    We had received a Revelation that welfare and SSN were wicked, so we stopped using it. We gave the number back and wrote a letter to denounce the SSN and to furthermore express our adherence to the covenant with Yahuah in Yahusha Ha Mashiac.

    I am writing to see if you are available to help us with the steps to this formal way to remove our signatures.

    If you are available we would really like to meet and speak with you. We really appreciate your labor, May Yahuah increase you.

    In Service,

    The House of Yaaqub Yasharal

    • Greetings sojourners… I always tell people that I am asking no one to follow me, but the Word of God (Jesus Christ) as the example. This is a deep and meaningful thing, not to be taken for granted, and requiring full devotion to the Law. The Law, as it were, can be said to be in simple terms to remain wholly in Truth in all things, not the truths of men or what is man-made, but rater an avoidance of all that is of man. Truth means original, if you will, as that which is of Nature, not of man. I cannot give you advise, only to tell you that I believe the final step for you would be to obtain a death certificate for the legal person you are still able to be attached to in surety. Otherwise it sounds like you are on the right path. Would be happy to speak to you, just email me.


  47. derek

     /  December 14, 2018

    clint, my brother, you have done such excellent work and i, derek, do appreciate all the effort. you know the black’s have an expression.. the 5% nation.. those who discover and comprehend the actual truth of our existence..
    you clint have exceeded even the 5%… you are in the 2%.. its an honor to have read your work..
    as you are taking a well deserved break you may want to check this out..
    usufruct..this is everything thats going on.. they know about the creator…and in the system itself is the relief we need, but it is hidden..
    check out boris, who very much believes in the ‘good will towards all men’ christian ethic. at for more incite into the subject..

    me, myself and ‘i am’ still at work at this… as ‘i am’ one with all.

    blessings to you, and your family.. brother.. derek

    • Thanks derek, much appreciated. I hope the 5% finds each other soon.


    • Clint is not in the 2% Derek, he is in the 120th of 1%

      Recently (The last 5-years), one thing kept tearing severely at me, the several very large elephants in the room that were going seemingly totally unnoticed by 99.999% of the population.

      I kept asking myself: “How could the mention of the CAFR (our local Government’s Statement of Net Worth) be so effectively held back from simple mention on ANY syndicated news media outlet for the last several decades. Also, how could the 5%+ of the population who got the word about the government’s takeover of the wealth, who passed on that suppressed news to all of their associates from 1999 till 2010 as to what was taking place, and then with the effective blackout of mention by the syndicate, after a few years that 5% come 2018 misses the importance of what that caught a glimpse of in the 1st place?

      After chewing on this for several years, I finally caught the complete cognitive picture of what is taking place, and why I and many others where having such a very hard time in wrapping our minds around what was actually taking place as the primary controlling and driving point.

      Well, the simple answer and all of those elephants in the room this month came into clear and obvious sight. The answer revolved around two issues:

      1. For Government to consistently expand in the taking, managing, and securing of the massive collective wealth of the USA over the last 80-years to where virtually 100% of the wealth, productivity value, and secured debt of the population AND all corporations was then locked in by Government, it REQUIRED the masterful and absolute entertainment of the population into designed and well directed distraction and control. We are talking the primary; enforced; and massive effort of no equal taking place as of the end of WWII and the organized plan to put the greatest wealth the World has ever known under a complete consolidation and under the absolute control of our own Government.

      Done so on this massive scale while maintaining with great effort applied, no cognitive though to any consequence that would halt or impede the takeover of the wealth ongoing and moving forward for absolute securing by Government.

      To do so required locking in control of any entity that had the ability to reach the masses quickly and efficiently. That was done.

      The hard part for myself and others to get a grip on was how could this be possible? To maintain a complete blackout for so many decades, it would require such an effort, resources, and cooperation of so many, again how could it be possible?

      The answer came to me after digesting a discretely presented report the Federal Reserve puts out each year called the Z.1. report. The Z.1. report, and most importantly of all; The raw data in which the Z.1. report is compiled from, shows the “collective” wealth of Federal Government; Local Government; The private Sector; Insurance; Brokerage; and Banks.

      Let me not mix any words here, the Z.1. report raw data is the MOST IMPORTANT information that you or any other individual will ever get their hands on. Digesting and then understanding the raw data as to ownership established and investment capital utilized by collective government, flips the minds and comprehension of the US population to establish what has developed in the USA, is almost exactly opposite to what we were told our government was and the intent of what our Government implied it was doing.

      Here is a link to the 2015, Z.1. report raw data –

      The numbers are in trillions of dollars so add the zero’s to the numbers shown. An example of collective wealth data numbers shown, for Local and Federal Government is Government’s Retirement funds totals. The total there is 16.4 trillion dollars as of 2015.

      Here is the nuclear bomb aspect of no equal after the data is digested, and how collective Government’s investment capital is utilized: Collective government has structured itself to fund by their investment capital utilized and ever growing funding as an investment, the majority (85%+) of the population’s debt (mortgages, loans, credit cards); the primary Corporation’s debt (corporate bonds, equity ownership, cash loans); and the availability of Government’s primary investment capital held, to be utilized by the Insurance, Bank, and Brokerage entities (70%+ held by those industry groups is Government’s investment capital).

      Here is a very important bit of information to take note of: The extensive raw data shown in the tables of the Z.1. report after being digested, establishes the complete takeover by government of the wealth of this country.

      The tactic used by government, to in so many words, wash the showing of total wealth accumulated and currently held by government, is to then project 45-years + down the road per anticipated liabilities to “wash” the showing of “standing” wealth held today by government.

      So, keep in mind now, that almost the entire standing wealth of the country is, has, and as it appears will continue to be managed, controlled, and owned by our own collective government. Additionally, the debt owed by the population AND most large corporations, a debt that locks in the securing of the productivity value ongoing from the population and those corporations is in its largest part under the control of and for the benefit thereto of Government through the utilization of Government’s massive institutional investment capital.

      All that we do, the population, our businesses, our net ownership, our standing wealth when compared to collective government’s wealth, what clearly comes to mind, with myself being the age of 63-years old, is what I was taught about Russia and Communism back in grade school per; under communism, the government owned everything, including the people. With that sated, that brings into play number two.

      2. Absolute control and enforcement. Do most law enforcement officials know this is going on? No, they do not. They are in the same boat as the general population and just have their own specific job guidelines they are trained to follow. In fact, most have never looked at the massive amount of wealth their own departments generate both directly and indirectly.

      The court systems, they on the other hand have a pretty good idea as to Government’s behind the scenes wealth generation and systematic takeover. Here corruption is allowed if not openly promoted. The legal system in this country has devolved into nothing other than racketeering in almost every aspect and with ever increasing reach. Many individuals in the USA who were adversaries to what has been taking place within Government over the last several decades, have been targeted on many occasions for in so many words, elimination and were.

      I am a very strong believer that more severe crimes take place from courts than are committed by the population.

      One aspect of absolute control and enforcement towards and on a population is to promote an illusion and fallacy as to what to expect from courts and legal systems, thus the targeted victims can be fleeced of eliminated more efficiently. Our syndicated media takes care of that job by shows and network programs that are so far from the truth as to how things operate, but extremely effective in creating the illusion of some sort of fair play when in reality there is none.

      We are all controlled; managed; and systematically conditioned 24/7, from all directions and with specific design intent masterfully applied. We think there is randomness in our choices. This is far from the truth. In reality we are maintained on a programmed loop that takes place each and every year with very little change. Only the promoted illusion that things are progressing and new events are taking place when in fact it all is a designed presentation of control and reflex conditioning.

      So in ending here, the scope and size of it all is the hardest thing to let sink in. The conditioning we are saturated with, if we actually grasped the scope and size of what is taking place right in front of us, it in so many words triggers a self destruct short circuit mode in our brains based on the implied normalcy we are saturated with when in fact there is nothing normal within the programing loop we are saturated with to accept..

      The foundation block we all need to hold closely on to? Well, government needed to keep track of their own takeover and collective wealth amassing.

      The raw data from the Z.1. report is right there. No speculation; conspiracy theories; tin-foil hats, just THEIR OWN, Government’s own accounting passed on to the Federal Reserve to keep track of it all. But just as is the case with the CAFR – and never a mention by the syndicate, the same applies to the Z.1. report.

      So, it is up to you, all of those you’s out there to share with one another


  48. bryanp21

     /  January 17, 2019

    Greetings brother, we haven’t spoke in a while and i would like to touch base with you.
    Recently a lot has happened, not good, but the cream rises to the top. Just would like some advice and feedback from you.
    Thank-you 😎

  49. Mr B

     /  May 20, 2019

    Hey brother your post is misleading, that strawman isn’t yours… It doesn’t belong to you. It’s not your property.


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